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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 30, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> reporter: cal fire making progress on the loma fire in the santa cruz mountains. residents desperate for information on whether their homes survived. i'll have the latest coming up. students were just in shock. >> so much pain this morning. on his way to work, tragedy strikes. remembering a beloved school resources officers who touched hundreds of students' lives. to world says good-bye to shimon peres as an olive branch is extended between long warring parties. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good friday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we're hoping friday sticks to its friday light motto. right now you are tracking a crash in fremont. >> we have a crash, a relatively minor crash meaning no injuries reported, but it was blocking a fast lane. we'll show this to you on the
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map. this is southbound 880 through fremont. no slowing has shown up for the last few minutes. we'll track it. just south of the shot traffic volume is pretty good. pictures are moving again. anthony that flag at the bottom of the flag gently moving. what do you have for the forecast. >> we'll see winds pick up later this afternoon, not overly gusty, but by this afternoon, a little breeze out there. temperatures will be cool this afternoon. you may need to hold on to that jacket as we get into the afternoon and evening hours. right now in the 50s for the most part. here are our daytime highs, 69 for santa rosa, 76 in fairfield, 73 frin wall it in creek. we have a chance for rain on sunday. we'll talk about your weekend forecast. the latest on the loma fire. the newest numbers we have from the wildfire still moving aggressively in the santa cruz mountains. >> the fire has scorched more
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than 4,000 acres. that's 6.5 square miles, 34% contained. more than 1900 firefighters are on the ground trying to put out the flames. eight homes have been destroyed. >> let's go live to the command center in gilroy where we find bob redell. for the first time, residents had an opportunity to meet the firefighters face-to-face battling to save their homes. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and kris. this being friday, the first full day this fire has been burning. it was last night that the people who have homes within the boundaries of the loma fire were able to meet with cal fire leadership. this meeting taking place at loma prieta elementary school. there was applause for the firefighters, show of appreciation for what they've done to try to put the fire out that's been burning since monday. there was some frustration and concern. some of the people have not yet been able to go back into the fire zone to see if their homes are still standing or if theirs is one of the eight that have
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burned to the ground. >> we're smack right in the middle of the fire. we don't even know if our stuff was destroyed. >> we know the area around it has burned, so we're hoping that we have a home. >> reporter: cal fire told those residents at the meeting that they are trying to get them back to their property sometime next week. residents also have another concern. they're worried about the heavy fire equipment that might be damaging the roads. some of those roads are private. cal fire promised they would fix whatever they break. back out here live at base camp at christmas hill park in gilroy, you can see fire crews are getting ready for chow time before they're sent out on the front lines. these are exhaustive, long, 24-hour shifts. they come here to recharge, to get sleep, to clean up and get their food. this is something, a process that's been going on. this is the fourth full day of fighting the fire here back up there at the mountains, the santa cruz mountains. there will be a briefing at 7:00
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with cal fire leadership and they will perhaps have an update on the progress they made overnight. live in gilroy, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you very much. as we have found out all week cruelly, things can change in an instant. stay informed with our nbc bay area app and follow up on facebook and twitter to get the latest updates in your news feed. using a position of authority to force a student into sexual relations, that is what police say a south bay middle school teacher did. he's facing serious charges. david graham used to work at harker acted me, a prestigious private school in san jose. investigators say graham sexually assaulted the student back in 2007. he was her algebra teacher. a friend of the alleged victim contacted police last week. a community in mourning after losing a beloved police officer, a friendly face in the hallways for years and a father of seven. >> officer ken zink was on his way to work when he was killed. he was a well-liked school resource officer at helms middle school in san pablo.
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yesterday more than 300 students wrote messages and notes to him after learning he died. the principal says he learned every students' name and was seen as a friend. >> an unexpected accident. students were just in shock. >> there was a number of kids, he worked with them and their families. this is an officer that not only did it on his time, but also on his own time. >> the school has plans for a memorial in the next couple weeks so the students can honor him. officers on the wrong side of the law. two more officersism kated in the sexual misconduct scandal in the east bey will be rerained. ricardo peres and giovanni are accused of engaging in sexual acts with jasmine, who used to be known as celeste guap. the inappropriate relationships allegedly happened when jasmine was a minor. an update from the east coast. not surprisingly, no trains coming in and out of hoboken
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yesterday. investigators trying to figure out what caused the train to crash as it sped into the station during yesterday morning's rush hour. a young mother was killed and more than 100 other people injured. authorities say the train did not have positive train control or ptc, the safety system that uses gps and computers to monitor trains. >> year after year we'll continue to see accidents that could have been prevented by ptc. >> zernly herd a lot about it after the accident that happened in philadelphia as well. only 2200 trains in the country have that advanced braking system. it is 5:06 right now. seeing justice in person. the woman at the center of last year's bizarre vallejo kidnapping was on hand to see her kidnapper enter a guilty plea. matthew muller yesterday entered that plea in a sacramento
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courtroom. denise hoskins was there as was her boyfriend aaron quinn who muller tied up. police initially considered the whole report a hoax. as part of the plea, prosecutors are recommending a sentence of no more than 40 years in prison and dropping other charges including sexual assault. >> mr. muller took ownership of what he did today. he did not want to have a trial where ms. huskins would testify. >> muller, a one-time harvard trained lawyer is scheduled to be sentenced in january. aaron quinn's family and attorney are pushing the solano county district attorney to pursue charges against matthew muller. in a statement the different attorney said, upon receipt of all reports and evidence the district attorney's office will conduct a careful review in order to make a fully informed filing decision regarding the crimes allegedly committed by matthew muller against the victims. getting a little help.
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the spirit of sacramento is finally out of the water. an unusual sight in the delta. the former tour boat capsized earlier this month near bethel island. you can see the damage to the boat as it's being tugged along there after it spent weeks under water. it's on route to the army corps of engineers facility where crews will offload all of its fuel and oil. friday morning, still early. but changes when it comes to the forecast. we're approaching october. >> yes, we are. we are looking at temperatures -- cool this morning, temperatures in the 50s for the most part. as we go through the day, we'll see winds pick up especially by this afternoon. calm right now and blowing out of the northwest. a lot of the smoke from the fire is bushing towards morgan hill, gilroy, san martin. as we head towards about 4:30, winds at their stropgt evident, about 20 to 30 miles per hour at the coastline. and it will subside as we head to the evening hours. a quick burst of gusty winds
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this afternoon could lead to problems along the fire lines. good news, cooler temperatures for you. high temperatures back into the 50s and 60s at the coastline. mid 60s around the inner bay and low to mid 60s around the inner valleys. some rain headed our direction for sunday. that coming up in the full report. in the meantime, let's toss it to mike and rack the commute. >> not much of a commute right now. the volume starting to build more slowly on a friday. i've got this curious report at the bay bridge toll plaza. as you see the approach moving well, the live camera here doesn't show any slowing. the dlaz camera, there was a fire reported on the chp reports. i was going to say there's nothing going on. about three minutes ago i saw a fire truck approach the fast track area. we're still waiting for updates from the bridge crew and chp again. i'm trying to track what's going on. as you can see, the traffic is flowing nicely. >> something going on there.
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we'll check back with you. 5:09. the presidential election making history, not just on the campaign trail. an unprecedented opinion from a major daily newspaper is out this morning. >> plus a symbol of unity and a part of the world that is often divided. leaders gathering together in israel to say good-bye to shimon peres. ♪ saying goodbye to shimon peres.
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world are in israel right now. they are there for the funeral for former president shimon peres. ==laura//boxes== today in the bay'sdwa d-c --nce is live in washington ed -- it was grand farewell for mr. peres. edward laurngs is live in wad this mornings. a grand farewell for the great liter. >> reporter: it was, sam and laura. in fact, the largest gathering of world leaders in 20 years. the funeral for shimon peres had ten eulogies including one from president obama. saying he was a noble statesman, one who created a very close bond with the united states. other leaders from around the world. prince charles was there representing the queen of
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england. mahmoud abbas was also in attendance there. you may remember peres negotiated a short-lived peace deal between palestinians and israelis. this is the closest he's been since benjamin netanyahu for quite some time. the israelis say they created a steel curtain, an iron or ring of steel to secure this funeral procession. some 8,000 soldiers were on the ground protecting all these leaders. the funeral ended about two hours ago, and folks are now headed back to their various airplanes or modes of transportation to come back to the united states and other countries. president obama should be back here later this morning. live in washington, edward lawrence. shockwaves from a traditionally right-leaning state. the arizona republican, one of the most popular conservative
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papers endorsing hillary clinton. that paper hasn't endorsed a democrat in 126 years. >> some subscriptions are being pulled by people. another newspaper choosing sides in the race, for the first time in the 34-year history, "usa today" is declaring donald trump unfit, erratic to be president. from donald trump, a new claim from hillary clinton and the fbi investigation into her private e-mail. >> they gave so much immunity, there was nobody left to talk to. there was noesh left except hillary. they probably gave her immunity, too? you think she got immunity? yeah, she got the immunity. >> clinton answered back with her own attacks seizing on a report that he violated the ban doing business with cuba in the 1990s. >> he put his personal and business interest ahead of the laws and the values and the
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policies of the united states of america. >> today clinton has two events in florida, and donald trump is in michigan. shifting gears and looking at business. wall stroot took a big hit yesterday. >> facebook asking millions of users to do more of something. for more on that, we turn to courtney reagan live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning, laura. wall street could tread cautiously today, the final trading day of the month. stocks fell sharply thursday with the banking sector under pressure, specifically shares of germany's deutsche bank. investors are concerned about the lender's ability to withstand a possible $14 billion fine from the justice department for missselling securities. the dow dropping to 18,143. the nasdaq losing 49 to 5
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nou,269. facebook wants you and other useders to streamline more video. a major ad campaign for facebook live in a bid to persuade people to embrace what many celebrities have. facebook live launched earlier. mark zuckerberg says they're a video first company. melinda gates is launching a project to get more women to join the industry and stay there. she's more than just the wife of microsoft founder bill gates, she worked at the company nor a decade and got her mba in commuter science. do you kn . i bet where you are in the bay area, there are a lot of jobs open that would like to be filled. >> and a lot of young girls are
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encouraged. very much so. thanks a lot, courtney. 5:17. driverless car revolution just got a jolt. california governor jerry brown signed a bill allowing contra costa transportation authorities to test the first fully autonomous vehicle. that's a car without a steering wheel, brake pedal, accelerator. the car will be tested in concord. it's been a jolt to many people's respiratory systems the last few days. we've been talking about air quality in the south bay all week. the overall air quality in van clara county is actually moderate. that's because of the loma fire. the wind may have helped out a little bit yesterday. stay indoors as much as you can. >> it's a little bit better yesterday. but certainly something to watch. >> that fire is still burning this morning. the good news, it's not going to be blowing across most of the bay. it will be pushing south through
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the mountainous areas just over morgan hill, gilroy. if you live in that area, that's unfor nat. that's the one place we'll have to deal with heavy smoke. good news is we've got rain on the way. so if this fire is still burning by sunday, mother nap tour will offer a little help for us. that is our silver lining here this morning. waking up to temperatures in the 50s across the bay, 56 in san jose. 54 for half moon bay and san francisco. later this afternoon it will stay cool. only talking 50s and 60s for half moon bay and san francisco. inner bay, mid 60s there for oakland, palo alto and inland valleys will see a good mix of 60s. gilroy up to 76 degrees. today, temperatures still comfortable. it will get really cool over the next couple days. tracking the area of low pressure. the cold front branging up light showers on the ban from the eureka radar. you can see behind it robust thunderstorms. that's what's going to move this
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way as we move toward sunday. today, dry and cool. breezy toward the afternoon. look what comes our way by sunday morning? showers and maybe even thunderstorms approaching as the main burst of rain pushes through. by 3:00, showers over the santa cruz mountains, san jose, towards livermore, the tri-valley. look what happens as we head towards the evenings hours. by 8:00 we'll be completely dry. sunday afternoon, the best time frame to see showers. the range will be anywhere from trace amounts to maybe about .25 inch, .50 inch. if we get caught with a good thunderstorm, maybe .75 inch. sunday is the day to watch. temperatures cooling off. back into the 60s for inland valleys. then we rebound nicely for next week. as i mentioned, we may have a chance of thunderstorms. we'll keep an eye out for that, maybe hear a rumble or two. let's check the roads. mike, what are you watching right now? >> watching the friday lighter volume. tracking a bigger issue at the bay bridge.
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let's show you the south bay, the peninsula all at speed, nothing unusual. we'll jump right to the bay bridget self. we'll show you traffic flows nicely. notice the rush on the right side, that's where reports of a small brush fire on the shoulder. we can't see any smoke. we don't see any slowing. there may be that far, far, far right lane. that might be closed for temporary as fire crews arrived there. a small brush fire but doesn't affect most of your commute. folks don't seem to be slowing. we do see a smooth drive. 38 trains now reported on time for b.a.r.t. a nice smooth flow for all your transit systems. back to you. 5:21, coming up, bring back the ride. the push from riders after a new thrill ride was removed. this week our viewers asked for help in returning more than 28 grand. i'm chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. today the man accused of
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shoong rs happening today, he terrorized a south bay neighborhood for months. today the man accused of shooting at cars late at night is expected to enter a plea in court. investigators say michael lewis was targeting cars all summer. he has a long criminal history including charges of stealing money an assault. in this case lewis is facing
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attempted murder charges. in california go where you feel comfortable. jepter is no longer go into matter when using single stall public bathrooms. governor brown signed that bill yesterday. the changes you notice is signage outside rest rooms at starbucks and other public places. some cities including san francisco have had gender neutral bathrooms for years. now the rules apply to the entire state. restore the hospital horror. that's the scream coming from great america fans. the park pulled the plug on a controversial ride depicting a terrifying mental ward. now a petition is circling online to reopen it. more than 3,000 people have signed it asking great america and its parent company to reopen the halloween horror attraction at all of its locations. the ride called fear vr was closed after mental health advocates said it was insensitive to the mentally ill. spooky. nbc bay area responds saves
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viewers close to $38,000 this week. >> somewhere in there example investigator chris chmura got some sleep. good morning. we've opened 190 new cases in just the past two weeks and closed a wide variety of other . this week alone. christine in redwood city had trouble getting money from her father's estate which she says the state has held up since 1998. she spoke up and we reached out. soon she received a check for the full amount, $32,000. joyce in san jose was next. she spent six months trying to get a $3,000 energy rebeat. we helped put that money right back where it belongs, her bank account. $3,000. we also helped ray in alameda settle a dispute over furniture that festered since the spring. he's getting a refund of $2800. if you have a tip for us, please call us. the number is 1-888-996-tips or
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visit a heckler in the crowd getting the best of some of the best golfers in the world and did this in front of thousands, if not millions of eyeballs. >> at yesterday's practice session, they were getting grief from team usa fan david johnson. the european team challenged johnson to sink that putt pulling him from the crowd. justin rose sweetening the deal by laying down a $100 by the ball. >> johnson nailed it, doing an almost like a chicken dance there. johnson initially refuses rose' money. >> putting his money where his mouth is. up next, the investigation after the crash. what we are learning after a commuter train crashes into a station killing a young mother
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in new jersey. a teacher at a pris tedious private academy is booked on committing a lewd act with a child. i'm chuck coppola. you're watching "today in the bay." =laura/4shot=
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and i'm laura garcia-cannon. =4sho ad lib tosto weather good friday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get to the forecast. october quickly approaching. >> tomorrow is the beginning of october and we're finally going to start seeing some rain.
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some showers showing up on the radar as we head toward our sunday. it's all about the koogter weather as we head towards sunday. right now, not that bad. maybe a light jacket as you step outside. the gusts will subside as we head toward the evening hours. you may snead to hold on to the jacket even into the afternoon. '60s for most of us, low 70s for the inland valleys. a chance of rain coming up. let's talk to mike getting to work on time. >> i like the temperatures, by the way. ir have no influence on them. a little burst of traffic 101 through san jose. the bay bridge toll plaza where i'm watching carefully, we'll take the live look and show you the crowd starting to build. this is the later lighter friday build. reports of a minor brush crew.
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you may see flashing lights. it haven't seen any major disturbance, we're on edge for fires and there is a small one over near the bay bridge toll plaza. >> much larger version, mike. this morning we're getting a clearer look at the devastation the loma fire has inflicted in the santa cruz mountains. firefighters say that fire has destroyed eight homes. progress has been made. containment is up to 34%. more than 4100 acres have been burned. cal fire says most of the fire is holding at casa loma road. now to a disaster on the east coast. one person is dead and countless others injured after a new jersey commuter train plowed into the platform. it was breaking news we brought you yesterday morning right here on "today in the bay." now the investigation is under way to find out how this tragedy happened. "today in the bay's" jay gray live where it happened. jay, federal agents i understand
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still gathering evidence at that scene this morning. >> reporter: and will be for quite some time. it happened about 24 hours ago. most mornings 15,000 commuters pour through the hoboken terminal behind me. this morning only a handful, inside crews removing some of the debris and investigators hoping to understand what went wrong here. in just minutes the morning rush unraveled. >> i have heavy structural damage. major, major casualties. >> reporter: the train sped into the hoboken station slamming into and over the bumpers at the end of the track. >> it was just -- it was horrific. an explosion of concrete dust, electrical wire. >> the canopy collapsed. 34-year-old fab ola bittard
5:34 am
dekroon was killed. >> we heard people screaming, they couldn't get out. >> more than 100 on and off the train were injured including the engineer who is said to be cooperating with the national transportation safety board investigation into the crash. witnesses say the train never seemed to slow down. ntsb agents hope to get key data from the crash from the train's black box. >> from the event recorder we hope to get information such as speed and braking. >> reporter: investigators have access to the locomotive. but to this point structural damage to the station has kept them out of the rest of the train. agents have confirmed this morning they did remove the black box. they do hope to have access to those other cars a bit later in the day today. the ntsb expects to be on the scene here a week to ten days. that's the latest live in hoboken. back to you. >> thank you very much, jay. the man accused of kidnapping and murdering sierra
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lamar is expected to be back in court. anglo torres is charged in the case. her body has not been found. yesterday torres' attorneys argued for more time before the trial begins. the start of the trial has been delayed so many times in the past, but it may begin as soon as next month. a south bay teacher from a prestigious private school in san jose is behind bars, accused of sexually assaulting one of his students. investigators say david graham sexually assaulted that student back in 2007. "today in the bay's" chuck coppola joining us live from the san jose police department. >> reporter: the alleged victim now in her 20s reportedly told a friend a couple months ago about what she says happened. the teacher is 64-year-old david scott graham, a math teacher at harker school. the teacher was arrested on suspected misconduct. the alleged victim, a
5:36 am
13-year-old female student in 2007. a spokesperson told the "san jose mercury" news, this is the first time the school has been made aware of these allegations. we were shocked and deeply dismayed when report of the situation was brought to our attention. graham was taken into custody. he taught at harker for 13 years, placed on administrative leave. i'm chuck coppola, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, chuck. 5:36 right now. fremont police looking for this man who may have witnessed a hit-and-run. this is surveillance video from ac transit moments after the crash. officers are emphasizing he didn't do anything wrong, they just want his help. the hit-and-run happened wednesday in the irving ton area. officers found the woman lying in the street at fremont and union. she remains in critical condition. the disgraced ceo of wells fargo facing another grilling on capitol hill today.
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yesterday john stumpf testified before the house financial services committee. >> as you came out here and said, i apologize, the buck stops with me, then you should be fired because it stops with you. >> again, congressman, the board has that power. >> house members on both sides pressing the ceo to take more responsibility after wells fargo created as many as 2 million phony accounts, all of it without customer permission. >> did wells fargo employees steal from a million to 2 million other customers? yes or no. >> in so some /* some cases they did. >> congresswoman maxine waters wants to take this a step further. the california congresswoman says she's moving forward with legislation that would break up wells fargo. >> happening today, contra cost county workers locked in a bitter dispute. it affects some 1100 county service workers.
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the last contract expired in june. in a statement issued earlier this week, the union said workers will walk off the job friday if a deal can't be reached. three drifters accused of killing three people could learn official charges. 24-year-old sean angold has pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against the two other suspects. on the stand this week, he talked about being high on methamphetamine when all three suspects robbed and killed a 32-year-old backpacker in golden gate park. two days later angold says they shot and killed a man walking his dog near fairfax in order to steal his car. it is a fight right now over affordable housing taking place on the peninsula. that sounds familiar. but this is a particular case where san francisco is asking the city of brisbane to rethink the baylands development project. it wants brisbane to add more than 4,000 housing units to the already 7 million square fight of office space planned right along highway 101.
5:39 am
opponents say all of that housing would ruin brisbane's small-town charm. they say it could be dangerous for residents because the baylands is contaminated. a final decision is expected in the spring. we move now to a story made in the silicon valley, we're calling it high-tech pizza. >> zoom pizza says it's the only restaurant in the world having robots to make the pizzas, they're used for squirting and spreading the marinara sauce. >> the robots enable people to do what people do best, create fast, problem solving collaboration. >> zoom restaurant still has actual people tossing the dough and adding the special toppings for you. >> i was going to say the robot is not going to make the pizza like uncle sal used to. 5:39. heading into the weekend. big changes in the forecast. anthony slaughter tracking some rain this weekend. >> only humans can toss that dough. to see a robot, i don't know how
5:40 am
that would go. work on it. we've got 50s across the bay this morning. not that bad. the winds will start to pick up as we head towards the afternoon. you may need the jacket especially as you head towards lunchtime. by lunchtime, winds from about 20 to 30 miles per hour at the coastline. even this afternoon winds will be gusty in the south bay and our tri-valley. gusts through the altamont pass. winds relax this evening as the sun starts to go down. here are high temperatures today, comfortable at 71 in san jose. 68 for palo alto. only 60 in san francisco. tracking a storm system that will bring rain for sunday. we'll talk about that coming up in a little bit. mike, what are you tracking? >> delay on the rails, and also watching the bay bridge toll plaza. there's your look at the bay. the bay bridge toll plaza, a fire truck that should be off to the right shoulder, reports of a little brush fire there. getting across the bay, we'll have delays. it's from the peninsula into the east bay. 20-minute delays by the b.a.r.t.
5:41 am
system regarding sfo heading towards the pittsburg and richmond lines. some sort of equipment problem. we'll track that and give you the details. 20 minutes, a tough way to start off in that direction. oakland towards san francisco, no problems reported. back to you. thanks so much, mike. 5:41. is it too early to plan that holiday menu? maybe not if you want crab on the table. a special study is under way. new this morning:
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u-s trpcould be go back to iraq.
5:44 am
to help reclaim iraq'sare needed second largest city, mosul, from isis fighters. american soldiers are needed to reclaim the second largest city of mosul. it will be used to train iraqi troops. there will be an announcement later today. the operation is expected to begin in a few months. the unrest continues near san diego this morning. the mother of an unarmed black man killed by police is calling for more peaceful protests. pamela bange said her son alfred olango was joyful and not mentally ill. el cajon police shot and killed olango after he pulled an object from his pocket and pointed it at police. that object ended up being an e-cigarette. his family and friends say the shooting is unjustified. >> this killing we do not believe is justified and we believe we must proceed with civil rights because it is very clear to us that he was attacked
5:45 am
and he was not given the opportunity to live. >> police have not named officers involved but say they both have more than 21 years of experience on the force. >> when the big one hits, every moment counts. now california is moving a step closer to getting an early warning system. governor brown has signed a law to pay for it. the key to the system is sensors which would detect the shaking and automatically relay warnings via the internet, cell phone and the news media. san mateo senator jerry hill says even a few seconds' notice could be critical. >> there's little things. the b.a.r.t. trains can stop, the caltrain can stop. the manufacturing equipment, it can stop. all these things are phenomenal. just for someone to be able to duck and cover. >> the amount of warning time is going to depend on how close someone is to the quake's epicenter. emergency officials hope to have that system up and running within two years. a new law could mean
5:46 am
retirement help boost for millions. governor brown signed a law to allow workers to join something called secure choice. more than 7 million workers are automatically enrolled once it's signed. similar to a 401(k). the state treasury site says the law will hemp workers whose jobs don't currently offer retirement plans. what is next for hundreds of thousands of students in limbo after the sudden closures of corinthian college. this morning the department of education is under fire for how it's handling the situation. the education department is pursuing debt collection against nearly 80,000 former students. senator elizabeth warren wants the department to focus on debt relief for students instead. it's considered a staple for the holidays typically, especially here in the bay area. will local dungeness crap make it to your table this winner? the department of health has
5:47 am
started testing crabs along the coast, looking for acid that virtually shut down crab season last year. so far this year test results are normal. crab season is scheduled to start in november. on the 5 lkt for recreational fishers and november 15th for commercial crabbers. one of the hottest bay area music festivals set to kick off. >> hardly strictly bluegrass is kicking off later today in golden gate park. thousands of people are coming out for that. it's starting with a concert for about 3,000 san francisco middle school students. in all, more than 100 acts will perform on seven different stages. it concludes on sunday with cake on the swan stage, meaning this year fans will be able to have their cake and listen to it, too. >> i love cake. such a great local band. >> the song. that's the song "cake by the ocean." cake is "you e're never there."
5:48 am
>> making me hungry. we are going to look at some cool temperatures to start the day. we've got cloudy skies across the bay area. the peninsula cam almost looks like the aurora lights. anybody else with me? >> oh, yeah, whatever you say. i'm eating cake. >> all right. let's talk some weather. we've got temperatures that will be nice and comfortable across the bay area. 60 degrees? san francisco. 71 the high for the tri-valley. gusty winds across the peninsula, 66 there and 73 across the south bay. the reason our winds are going to start to pick up this afternoon, we have a storm system barreling towards the coastline. you can see showers ahead of it with the cold front, not overly impressive. i don't want you to think we're going to get all of our rain that we need for the month all at once. this system is going to bring some showers, though.
5:49 am
and it is going to be enough to get the ground wet and maybe more in some cases. you can see as we move towards sunday this is the main band that will come through. a quick band of rain. santa rosa by 3:00 done with the rain. pushing into san francisco by the afternoon hours, down in the south bay, the santa cruz mountains as well. this is for sunday afternoon. by 9:00 we're done with it. we may get a little bit of burst of a residual round two of rain as this cold front passes through managerially in the day for your monday morning commuters. so this time as we meet back here, you may be running into wet roadways, mike will be standing by with that morning commute. you can see this is what we're expecti expecting. it looks like the computer is backing off of how much we will actually see, but it does look like we're still guaranteed to see at least .1 inch across most of the bay area and maybe higher amounts because we have a clans of seeing thunderstorms with
5:50 am
this cold front as it passes through. that will be for sunday. in the meantime, temperatures cool off, back to 75 for tomorrow. we rebound next week, the first full week of october. san francisco, 60 degrees today and the chance of thunderstorms pushes in for sunday right around lunchtime. let's toss it to mike. >> you're talking about cake and rain, i'm thinking. ♪ chocolate rain look it up on google. smooth flow of traffic on the road. b.a.r.t. was talking about a 20-minute delay, equipment problems. sounds like a couple of trains moving slowly. also the richmond station. but they're recovering now. let me show you the bay bridge toll plaza. the live look out there. we do see that traffic is filling in all these lanes. finally cash lanes are back in. fire crews still reported just off to the roadway in the brush, small fire, some smoke reported there. you see a smooth drive on the approach to the bay bridge.
5:51 am
a later lighter fld commute. a burst at 680, a fender bender 237. we'll talk about that next. we're going with a little gaga this morning. along with the nchl, singer lady gaga confirmed she'll headline the super bowl half-time show in houston in february. what will she wear? this will be her second consecutive year perform rg at the super bowl. she gave a memorable rendition of the national anthem you may recall here in santa clara. reports say the performance is the reason she was chosen to headline the half-time show. quite the per normer. >> those outfits, too. can't wait for that. what a remarkable recovery this has been. beating victim and giants fan brian stow talking to peninsula students about his inspiring comeback from near death. >> two weeks ago we showed you his emotional return to santa clara valley medical center. that's where he spent lit ramally years from a savage
5:52 am
beating outside dodger stadium in 2011. today he'll deliver a message of kindness over bullying. >> it's time for dodger baseball! >> oh, yes. even giants fans can acknowledge the legendary work of this guy. those words immortalized by vin scully, the voice of the dodgers for decades. this sunday he's broadcasting his final game, and it will be where else? in san francisco at at&t park, at the epicenter of this rivalry where the giants and dodgers are wrapping up their seasons. scully says he will not be doing any postseason games. comcastsportsnet will take the third inning of the telecast on sunday. the giants are in the heat right now of trying to clinch a wildcard spot, so the game means a lot, too. one game ahead of the cardinals and one game behind the new york mets. two of those teams are squaring off in the wildcard game.
5:53 am
>> i so want to go to that game. feels good to use that rio open one more time. olympic superstars were at the white house early yesterday. simone biles and hundreds of other members of the olympic team squeezed into the east room to meet the president and first lady. president obama thanking them for their accomplishments in rio and presenting, it looks like a surfboard there, simone biles gave to them. she was happy to see such a diverse group represent the country. >> one of the wonderful things we love when we see our olympians is everybody is from all kinds of different backgrounds and shapes and sizes, although all very good looking. >> also there to represent the south bay, marty malloy, she took two bronze in 2012, trained in judo at san jose state. great girl, too. coming up, the future of
5:54 am
self-driving stars. the big step governor brown took that will make the bay area the center of the movement. happening now, the head of yosemite national park is retiring amid employee complaints that he created, quote, a hostile work environment. on you can read about what the employees call a corrosive culture there. fleet week right around the corner in san francisco. on the facebook page, how the city is prepping for the festivities. get your rooftop spot. we'll be back in two minutes. the driverless car revolution
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
just got a jol.. californ bill allowing thcontra costa tr the driverless car revolution just got a jolt, testing the first fully autonomous vehicle, a car without a steering wheel, brake ped dam steering. it will be tested at a u.s. navy weapons station in concord. in california, you go where you feel comfortable. gender no longer to matter when it comes to using single stall public rest rooms. changes you'll notice, the signage outside rest rooms at some restaurants. starbucks and other public places. some cities including san francisco have had gender neutral bathrooms for years. now if rules will apply through the entire state. it is yet another first,
5:58 am
laura, in this election season. the arizona republic, one of the most popular newspapers in arizona is endorsing hillary clinton. that paper hasn't endorsed a democrat for president in 126 years. in the meantime, the most circulated newspaper in the u.s. is now picking sides in the presidential race. for the first time in its 34-year history, "usa today" is declaring donald trump unfit, erratic and ill-equipped to be president. that comes as the candidates are trading very new and personal attacks. from donald trump, a new claim about hillary clinton and the phish investigation into her private e-mails. >> they gave so much immunity, there was nobody left to talk to. there was nobody left except hillary. they probably gave her immunity, too. do you think hillary got immunity? yeah, she got the immunity. >> clinton fired back with her own attack, seizing on a "newsweek" report that trump's company violated the u.s. ban with doing business with cuba back in the 1990s. >> he put his personal and
5:59 am
business interests ahead of the laws and the values and the policies of the united states of america. >> today clinton has two events in florida, and donald trump is in michigan. some touching momention on friday, dignitaries from around the world are in israel right now attending the funeral for former israeli president shimon peres. >> president obama was among those who delivered a jeweulogy. house minority leader nancy pelosi in attendance. shimon peres died tuesday at the age of 93. palestinian president mahmoud abbas and president benjamin netanyahu have barely spoken during the past seven years, they briefly chatted at the ceremony. >> maybe that will pave some new ground. 5:59. homes burned, more acres scorched this morning. our live coverage of the loma
6:00 am
fire continues. >> cal fire telling us the loma fire did grow overnight. i'm bob redell, i'll have the latest numbers coming up. >> it's unexpected, an accident, students were just in shock. >> remembering a dedicated police officer. a community is mourning the officer, ken zink, the father of seven killed while riding his motorcycle on his way to work. south bay teacher behind bars. what authorities say he did to one of his former students. "today in the bay" continues right now. you made it to friday. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> now you've got to make it through your day. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's make it at least through the morning commute or get a jump on it and check in with mike. >> pretty easy as far as volume goes because it's friday. we are are looking at a crash on westbound 237 in santa clara, slow on your approach to lawrence


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