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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  October 2, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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momentum. we're coming in with everything. everything rolling on all cylind cylinders. we know that atmosphere. it's an intense atmosphere. the most intense, grueling things. you just jump into a game seven and it's beautiful. >> the thing i think about is we're battle tested. the mets are going to be tough, tough, tough in new york and be amazing wednesday. october quest coverage starts monday all inway through wednesday. join us on csn bay area as we get you set for what we hope is a very long giants playoff run. monday and tuesday and wednesday before and after the game. here's a look ahead. >> thanks, guys. champagne celebrations galore. every year it seems -- we are talking about this every year.
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so rich how surprised are you that the giants -- a second half where they looked pretty bad. a lot of the second half turned it on at the right time. >> i didn't have a doubt they could turn it on. but i was surprised they swept the dodgers in the pitchers they faced in the series. kershaw who they never really beat in san francisco and today, mietau. and i was a bit surprised they swept the series. >> so now to new york, giants versus mets. 100 mile-per-hour flame thrower, they call him thor, but the giants got madison bumgarner. that's intimidating in october as well. >> if you look at the match up itself, it looks pretty even, but you have to take into account the mets will be playing at home, city field. they're going have to stay in a hotel for a couple nights. so, if you look at it on tape or
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you would say the mets probably have the advantage because the two starting pitchers should cancel each other out. >> but we did see may 1st with the syndergaard, bumgarner, mono imanue, giants win that game. thank you, rich. dave, back to you. >> all right. thanks. while rich arealia was watching the game, here at the hardly strictly bluegrass festival, showering people with champagne when he heard the news. that's a pretty cool moment. coming up, we got football highlight toas to get to. almost as many rings as fingers. he joins me to break everything down that happened with the 49ers and the raiders. this is xfinity sports center.
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♪ welcome back to "xfinity sports sunday." four time super bowl champ. ro romanowski. the undefeated ravens. that would be a very tough game to play. we're going to show you the second quarter where derek carr is going to find michael crabtree and crabtree had had had a great game. raiders led 14-6 at the half. fourth quarter, carr and crabtree connect again for the 14-yard score. cards going to try to chest bump jack del rio. and no. i'm not doing that. i'm not jumping up and bumping your chest. later in the quarter after
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deandre washington fumbles terence west. taking 27-21 lead. carr, six career game winning drives including four over time, including this. last september, carr, with a game winning pass to seth roberts to beat the ravens. so back to this game. carr hits crabtree for the touchdown. his third touchdown. you know they love crab cakes in maryland. they can't stomach much crabtree. crabtree happy to have great chemistry with his quarterback. >> he's been around for a while. [ inaudible ]. >> what do you think? >> i'll say yes. >> okay. yeah. it's no secret. you know. and like i said, i'm just grateful to be in this situation. thankful, blessed and i'm going to keep working.
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s sky's the limit for this team. >> this guy has been good wherever he'ser been. as a 9er they said he had his best hands and now he's having a sort of renaissance year with the raiders. >> i think he's even better as a raider. s >> we know this. he's our dodge player of the day. why is he so good, bill? is it the speed, the hands? >> i think there's a trust factor. derek has a lot of trust, that all he has to do is get it close to crabtree and he's going to come down with the catch and you're seeing it week in and week out. >> how important is that? is he better as a raider because -- >> i think he's happier. and you can just see the way he takes it field. the way he plays. that he's getting more joy out
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of the game and it is showing with making big plays out on the field. >> he is a great offensive weapon and now the raiders are playing with a certain -- do they have swag yet? >> oh, they got swag. >> especially when you gointo baltimore, right and harbaugh's team was undefeated. the old raiders couldn't have done that. >> when your quarterback goes to give a big chest bump to the head coach, who just doesn't do those kind of things, you can just see there's a lot of confidence with this football team right now. and to go on the road and win three in a row -- well, not three in a row. but three away games this year. it's really big. they've really turned that around. that is something this team has not been able to do for a long time. now that tide has turned. >> we'll have a little more raiders conversation later. and the 49ers taking on the cowboys
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at levi stadium. there is no dez bryant for dallas. he's out. but there was a carlos hyde playing. bouncing to the ice outside. 14-0, 49ers. cowboys would respond. dak prescott finding terence williams, 20-yard touchdown. scary moment in the third. bowman goes down with a non-contact injury. he was kartded off the field. he's going to have an mri on monday. dr. r orkromanoski. elliott rushed for over 100 yards. down a touchdown. last chance. tory smith. that's well short of the first down. the 49ers are now 1-3. >> we'll get a competitive group of guys and the guys in the
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locker room fought to the end and that's why the locker room is so great. we're all in this together and like i've always said the beautiful thing about the nfl is we have a beautiful game next week and we just happen to have one last night. >> had a chans at the end there, down on seven. can't convert that fourth down play. so, frustrating. >> the team wins their opener. shut out the rams and drop three straight and now you have nuvar bowman, you defense leader one of the best players in the nfl being carted off the course. this is tough times right now for the 49ers. >> it looked like an achilles tendon and you hate to see that. i hope to god it's not but it really looks like it. >> what is the deal with this 49ers team? this defense, which was supposed to be very imposing is now,
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after pitching a shut out in week one, has now gotten worse and worse and they lose at home to a dallas cowboys team that they were up 14-0 on. >> they were. and it's almost like they were playing not to lose. and when you play not to lose, you know what happens? you tend to lose. you know, they're playing hard though. you got to give them that. they have not given up. they're not giving up on the coach. the coach hasn't lauost a team t but you wonder if that could happen down the road. >> half that stadium was blue and white with cowboys fans. is that a factor at all when you're playing at home. >> it doesn't register. but when i was a raider and when i was a bronco, i tell you what, opposing stadiums that we went into, we had a lot of fans in
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opposing stadiums. >> not a factor but you notice it. as a player, you notice it. we're not done on the gridiron. when "xfinity sports sunday returns," we look into the landscape of the afc and nfc west. coming up immediately after xfinity sports sunday, you've seen the highlights, but we're going to show you how the fans celebrated the win today. plus we're tracking rain across the bay area. plus, wild pigs tearerizing a south bay neighborhood. after xfinity sports sunday.
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welcome back. "xfinity sports sunday." we're going around the nfl. ben roethlisberger, antonio
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brown. 15-0, pittsburgh. later in the quarter, roethlisberger looking deep for brown, finds him. steelers win 43-14. ouch. if you're from kansas city. and the undefeated broncos. first and 10, trevor siemian. siemian, whipped to the ground. yikes. injuring his non-throwing shoulder. he did what if return. fourth quarter, second and three, paxton lynch finds emmanuel sanders. denver remains undefeated. winning 27-7. so the broncos are 4-0 in the afc west. the raiders right there at 3-1. raiders will host the broncos november 6th in their first meeting and they have seven remaining home games and they're
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3-1. so, bill, is it relalistic that this raiders team could win the division? >> it's going to come down to them. they got to go to denver and beat denver and denver's going to come here and they got to be able to beat them here. they played well against them last year there and beat them but then the broncos beat them here. so, it's one of those things where you can't split it. i think you got to win both those games and let them know that the raiders are back. >> the raiders when they play at home and have seven games left, is that a good home field advantage? i mean, the raiders have a great fan base. i know people have argued that stadium might not be the best place to play, but the fan base is terrific. >> it is. and it's a special place to play as a player. when you were at the coliseum
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where the crazy raider fans go bezurk, they love their team. they're passionate about the raiders and now that the raiders are winning, i tell you what, they may have to open up the upper deck because they're going to want to have more people in that stadium. >> how impressive is it going back to back east coast road wins? >> i can't say it enough. this is a game i was scared of. i thought they could win it. but i was scared because they played a team tat was hot, 3-0. and they know how to win and joey flacco's a really good quarterback. he's won a super bowl, but they took it to him today. fl this is a team -- you know how you always told me you have to get used to the fact that you're good. the culture doesn't just change right away, but it appears the the culture is changing.
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they're now sort of expecting it. >> they do. and when you get good and you got good talent in all the positions, you go into football games knowing if you play raider football, you're going to come out with a win and when you're good and you know you're good. going into games like that, it's real powerful. >> all right. so the raiders are playing really well. the 9ers not so much. how are people the niners have to play against doing? >> seahawks at jets. rustsell wilson for the score. and seattle take as 7-3 lead. later in the quarter wilson's going to find a wide open mackle voy. his first career catch is a 42-yard touchdown. he could not have been more open. the seahawks win this one 27-17. rams and cardinals. i mean, who are these rams?
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fourth quarter, arizona up three. carson palmer is sacked. palmer hit in the helmet on his way down. so, he didn't return. he's diagnosed with the concussi concussion. don't know if he'll be cleared to play thursday against the 49ers on a short week. case keenum to brin quick and that would be the game winner. rams are winners, 17-13. and they just win three straight. they have a tie breaker advantage over seattle. that doesn't mean anything right now, having a tie breaker but they are really the first place team, the l.a. rams and getting back to the 49ers, blaine gabbert was great in their first half of their game. he put them perfectly and then in the second half, he made a costly error where he miss timed and misthrew a ball to troy smith and it ways costly.
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>> when the game's on the line and you're marching down the field, you got to find a way to get it done. you saw that on the other side of the bay. you saw the raiders do that. you saw derek carr do that. with crabtree. they needed to do the same thing. gabbert didn't get it done. >> last week there were people saying you know what maybe colin kaepernick should give it a shot. chip kelly said he's underweight, he's not ready, gabbert's my guy. should that conversation should still be on the table? >> absolutely. this is a guy that took the organization to a super bowl. you have to put that on the table when you have a quarterback that is und underperforming. >> are you saying you'd make a change now? >> ib would make a change. i said it last week. >> you'd make a change now? >> i would make a change now.
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>> gabbert looked really good in the first half. not good enough for you? >> not enough plays. >> thank you, bill. good job, as always. the giants needed a sweep of the rival dodgers to clinch a wild card spot. all the best plays for thum weekend as xfinity sports sunday continues.
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♪ welcome back to "xfinity sports sunday." the giants knew if they swept the dreaded dodgers, their arch rival, they'd be in the playoffs, they'd be a wild card. they'd control their own destiny. bottom sixth. up one, madison bumgarner. and conor gillespie scores.
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clutch on the mound, giants win 9-3. saturday. that was friday. saturday was a block party. and making his at&t park debut. out dualed clayton kershaw. who would have bet on that? striking out six, pacing the giants to a 3-0 win. you got friday, saturday, how about sunday? third inning, chase utley passing the dodgers and conor gillespie sells out to a making a spectacular catch over the railing. i mean, that was beautiful. october quest will be beautiful. we get you ready for wednesday and wednesday before and after the game and for every giant post season game, october quest will be in your home for dodgers post season baseball. that will wrap things up. i'd like to thank bill
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whe t fog is movinn... after some light rain earlier today. a live look at san francisco right now. take a look at this fog rolling in after light rain earlier today. did you get some?
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we're tracking another round of rain tomorrow. the news starts right now. good evening and thank dprou joining us tonight. >> it's been a while. the rain is back in the bay area. falling across the north and east bay today. let's take a look at the rain in vallejo on the left. east of fremont on the right. people are saying did this really happen? it did. >> we did not get it. for a recap of today's rainfall and what's in store for the work week ahead. i know tarry got some. i got nothing. >> we had a little bit in san jose and a little bit along the peninsula and you'll notice the showers moved through and now across the seair oaus with lightning and thunder around one time. and rainfall mostly across the north bay. santa rosa gautd 1500th of an inch and concord a 10th of an inch. and get down into the south bay,
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you'll note astrace for san jose and 300ths of an inch for san francisco. so, we did get a little bit of something, even where we didn't see a whole lot of it and we're going to see more cloud cover for you tomorrow. the future cast does show we're going to be mostly cloudy and rain will develop for you at least tomorrow morning and then we'll stay in the north bay around one time. showers back into the main part of the bay area from san frirvgo to the east bay and down to the south bay as we head towards the evening rush hour. we'll talk about this batch of rain and a recap of today pfsz cool numbers. and see if there's warming heading our way the next couple of days. >> well, rain certainly could have played a role in this deadly crash. they say the accident happened around 12:50 p.m. as the rain began to fall. a woman west of martinez took a
9:29 pm
turn at 50 miles per hour and lost control of this car. >> came around it curve, lost control and then hit the soenter median and then bounced off, started losing control, fish tailing and spun around and hit a tree on the right shoulder. >> now the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. the woman has not been identified. they're reminding drivers to we extra careful as the rainy seizeben begins. that rain the best possible gift for firefighters in the santa cruz mountens. that's now more than 70% contained. 12 homes have been destroyed. the flames burned about 4500 acres to this point. kwung structures remain threatened. evacuations were lifted yesterday. tonight, concord police are investigating a shooting outside their own police department when
9:30 pm
despatchards went outside to take a look, they found bullet holes. do they have any idea where this came from? >> reporter: not yet. concord police are saying anyone who would shoot at a police department is a dangerous person, but they haven't got any threats and it's unclear what the motive is. they found two bullet holes outside their police department. the other on a column on the front door. >> we're still looking into whether it was the intended target or whether this happened to be somebody in the vehicle driving by shooting at another person or another vehicle. >> reporter: he says they do not believe this is tied to antipolice sentiment in different parts of the country. >> officers who were inside of the building heard it and said


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