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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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from y-m-c-a camp counselor... to wanted man. judge for the first time -- d a three girls ouching at least inappropriately while he worked m-c-a. sam/2shot good morning,nd a inappropriately while he worked at the embarcadero ymca. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> we're uncovering a social media aspect to the alleged crime. nbc bay area's sharon katsuda is lion dt the courthouse. i understand you just talked to a parent. what did they have to say? have orter: that's right, porta. one of the parents told me that the suspect tried to get in contact with the daughter through snapchat. the judge did keep the bail at
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$5 million today. evan blanchard appeared in court about a half-hour ago, facing several counts of child molestation and lewd acts upon a child. investigators say this happened while he was a camp counselor this past summer. the y says it does thorough background checks. one parent who wants to remain anonymous said her daughter helped other victims come forward. >> i talked to my daughter. she had told me that she had been pushed inappropriately on the swings as well as tried to be contacted by social media at 11:00 at night on a saturday, asking if she was in bed. >> at this point there are -- there's been a stay-away order issued against three 12-year-old victims as well as one adult. we have charged the defendant with ten felony counts and three misdemeanors. >> reporter: investigators say most of the crimes happened when
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blanchard was on field trips with the alleged victims. in court, attorneys for blanchard requested the video and audio tapes from the investigation from prosecutors. and the next preliminary hearing is set for november 4th. reporting live in san francisco. sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news. >> okay, sharon, thank you very much. new details now, good news to report from the fire lines of the loma fire. the people who couldn't return == their homes for days finally can. a few hours ago all the evacuations were lifted for the surr fire, all the roads reopened. early in the morning we reported that the fire is now up to 90% containment. ned thro is more progress on that front. they expect to have it fully surrounded by saturday. in just a little bit over a week, almost 4,500 acres of land burned and menacingly, 12 homes destroyed in the process along with 51 other structures that othestill threatened right now. it's entirely possible that some
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if the families who lost their homes will learn about it or see the destruction for the first d of super today. questght of all the damage done here, a request now for badly needed money. the santa clara board of supervisors approved a request for mutual aid. basically funds to help rebuild. bob redell is live outside the meeting right now. oard we're talking about a good y nk of money here. would it go to agencies or homeowners or both of them? >> reporter: what is unusual about all this, sam, is that it's unusual for the santa clara board of supervisors to proclaim a local emergency. .he last time the county did such a thing was for a different south county fire. it was about 20 years ago according to the county's top executive. during its regular board meeting that is going on right now, the board is expected to extend the proclamation of a local emergency for the loma fire. this is a procedural move that will allow the county and people affected by the fire to apply
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for disaster aid from the golden state and uncle sam. the county may need the money to bñlp fix roads damaged by the fire fight and rehabilitate the county land scorched by the fire. the county tells us there are about 150 people, county residents who may have been affected and this will help make them available for government money to fix their homes and fix their reports. >> reporter: what would happen if you didn't have this proclamation? >> it would mean all the residents are on their own. and that's not really fair. so this will give them a chance to apply for funding for rebuilding, from the state and the feds. >> reporter: calfire still investigating the cause of the loma fire, though there are reports it started with a single structure. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob. west.urricane matthew has made
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on the d in haiti. the u.s. national hurricane stoter says the category 4 storm tcue landfall in the country's western region this morning. gabe gutierrez has more on the developing story. >> reporter: matthew is slamming into the southwestern tip of the peninsula in haiti. this is the strongest hurricane in the atlantic in almost a decade. the big concern is here is up to 40 inches of rain are forecast which could trigger deadly floods and mud slides in a country still struggling to recover from a devastating earthquake a few years ago. matthew is churning in the caribbean. it already triggered flash floods in jamaica. now eastern cuba is bracing for a direct hit, so is the bahamas and the u.s. east coast is bracing for the outer bands and the impact of this colossal storm as the track shifted a bit
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woulhe west. more immediately they're bracing in haiti for what could be a catastrophic event. hurricane matthew could have jerseating effects on the east coast. rob mayeda is tracking the latest. >> a major category 4 hurricane. winds of 145 miles per hour. starting to move away from haiti. on approach for a second plod inl in eastern cuba. the path will continue through the caribbean, the bahamas and very close to the florida coastline. this is where we're seeing the watches and warnings in effect. hurricane warnings up across the bahamas and watches in effect for the lower half of the florida peninsula down towards miami. here is the projection here. the high-resolution model where we think the storm center will be over the heart of the bahamas as we head toward late-night wednesday. by thursday just off the florida
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coast. then the storm tries to make an impact to the north. from south florida to the eastern seaboard, moving away from the usa but droppi dropping .5 inches of rain or more. we could be looking at storm surge, rain flooding and damaging wind gusts thursday night into sunday morning all the way up to long island. still tracking where the next center will go here. >> let's stay in the northeast certainow. a gas leak that exploded in new jersey and reduced several homes residenle today. this almost certainly would have been deadly, if not for the fact that officials evacuated the neighbors' residents minutes before this happened. according to our sister station theew york, wnbc, two homes were levelled entirely and a third was seriously damaged. you see just piles of rubble on aged in ck. this chopper video shows what's
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left of the homes in patterson, new jersey. livesears that at least a dozen other homes were damaged by the blast. several firefighters suffered ay.or injuries and witnesses say that their actions likely saved lives. and wick at home now. new at 11:00 a break in the case of a brazen crime in the east bay. tol-we have announced the arrest of a suspect of the crime in we nda two weeks ago. the woman was shot twice and the husband was pistol whipped by vid=dressed up in halloween unity masks. o be n't have any more "heormation at this point on who oe suspects are. jo> sam, a south bay community still waiting for the water to a turned back on at the truetown american mobile home park in san jose couldn't do asengs we take for granted in =te morning. hconstruction crew hit a line last night. >> it makes me very upset.
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hehave kids, and you know, i have to go to work. r back on ower. i haven't showered. >> crews are expected to turn the water back on sometime later kday. this isn't the first problem for residents. two weeks ago a work crew severed a gas line knocking out gas to 200 homes for three days. >> a sandwich hop after a car plowed through the window. pressandwiches on king road in san jose. investigators are looking into what caused the driver to crash into the store. all right. meeting on the stage for the first time. the vice presidential candidates ck.aring off for the first and ush toebate tonight. a look at the preps and the problems the respective running mates are dealing with. the new push to bring back plastic bags to the grocery stores here in california. google out with new and interesting devices.
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- and we've got a really catchy theme song! hit it! - ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - ♪ bargain market ... now it's stuck in my head. we saw some positive momentum in the markets earlier this morning, but not at the moment right now as investors digest the facts they're dealing with of a rising dollar. the dow jones in particular has dropped about 100 points this morning. we'll keep an eye on things throughout the day. google has new things to show you this morning. >> the headline is a new phone. but scott mcgrew, google has more planned than that. >> a whole lot more. starting with the phone. fair enough. google unveiled it at an event a couple of hours ago in san francisco, sam. a chocolate factory, in fact. here we see google's new phone, the pixel phone.
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many people's first reaction is that looks a heck of a lot like an iphone. that's a fair comparison. google points out the phone is so new it doesn't have a nervern number like an iphone p 7. it has have a headphone jack. google said it's about artificial intelligence. being able to talk to your device and have it answer back intelligently. apple has been working on that with siri as well. but google says it can do better, it can be a google for your own life, they say. help you find the e-mail, make a dinner res vatiervation. the dream conference begins today. this thing is massive. roughly one out of every eight people who are in san francisco right now will be at that conference. 830,000 people live in san francisco.
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130,000 people attend this conference. >> brings in a lot of money to the city. >> it has. when the center shuts down for a long time next year that will be a real issue. >> didn't they bring in a cruise ship last year so people could stay there? >> like the olympics. >> a mobile home in the parking lot for us. >> sounds about right. >> 11:14. facebook's launch of a separate marketplace section for users to buy and sell items easier didn't go as planned monday. some users of the section were able to post drugs, animals, adult services, weapons and even body parts, which violates facebook's commerce, police and community standards. in an e-mail to "usa today," facebook's director of product management apologized saying a technical issue prevented the company from identifying posts that violated its policies. tightening things up there. happening today, a story our
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investigative unit has been working on very closely. as san francisco tries to prevent another millennium tower debacle. the building department is expected to discuss issues related to soft soils. that topic is pertinent right now by recent findings by our investigative unit showing the tower has sunken more than a foot and tilted since the project was completed. we talk to experts designing an election system set to be hacker proof. right now almost every voting system used in america, including machines used here in california, were developed after the hanging chad debacle during the 2000 presidential election. the fbi and president obama say those systems are now vulnerable to hackers. but we found technology available here in silicon valley that could fix those vulnerabilities. >> i will not rest until we see the systems deployed nationally,
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because all the votes have to count. we're not resting. we're watch dogging every moment. >> san francisco and los angeles have already committed to building these new systems. the trouble is, they won't be ready until the next presidential election. find out how this new technology will work and what officials are doing in the meantime to keep the election secure. if you have a tip for the investigative unit give us a call at 1-888-996-tips or send an e-mail to what's going on tonight? all eyes will be on farmville, virginia. it is the vpnominees' turn to debate. this as nbc's survey monkey online poll shows hillary clinton has maintained a six-point lead over donald trump nationally. nbc's andrea mitchell reports.
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>> reporter: donald trump in colorado late monday. responding to the tax bombshell showing his $916 million loss in 1995, spinning it to his advantage. >> i understand the tax laws better than almost anyone, which is why i am the one who can fix them. >> reporter: hillary clinton says the losses prove trump is not the business whiz he claims to be. >> what kind of gene just loses a billion dollars in a single year? >> reporter: ratcheting pressure on trump to release his tax returns. >> i think we need a law that says, if you become the nominee of the major party, you have to release your tax returns. >> reporter: for the republican nominee, the controversies are piling up. new york's attorney general ordering the trump foundation charity to stop fund-raising because it is not properly registered in the state. trump also under fire after suggesting veterans who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder are not strong enough.
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>> they see things that maybe a lot of the folks in this room have seen many times over and you're strong and you can handle it but a lot of people can't handle it. >> reporter: trump's campaign insisting the comments were taken out of context. one veteran's group argued his words could discourage people from seeking help. the vice president weighing in. >> i don't think he was trying to be mean. he is just so thoroughly, completely uninformed. >> reporter: meanwhile, clinton is ramping up her outreach to hispanic voters. for the first time appearing on the cover of a latino magazine joined by her husband. >> well, that was andrea mitchell reporting there. as for the vice presidential debate, you can watch it live here on nbc bay area. our coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. tonight, right after the "nightly news" with lester holt. bring back the bags. plastic bags could be returning to a store near you. two measures are on the november ballot. one aims to overturn a ban that
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governor brown just signed on clastic carry-out bags. the second measure would direct the current 10 cent carry-out fees to fund environmental projects. today is your chance to tour ships in the san francisco bay. >> yesterday the navy performed a live evacuation exercise to show how officers evacuate ships in case of an emergency. the blue angels join in the festivities midweek. fleet week runs through sunday. >> you know what, you might actually be able to see the ships. even from far away. >> and the blue angels. >> look at the live shot, rob. things are clearing up. >> if you ever catch a blue angels' show you want to see the high altitude show, not the low show. the rooftops will be the place to be. right now low to mid 60s across the board. getting clearing skies from north to south. and this is why we love living
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in the bay area. look at that view from tiburon to the south. 65 degrees, partly cloudy skies. and sunny view there across the golden gate bridge. it's 63 degrees. partly cloudy conditions. another bridge view from hayward, looking to the west. still a bit cooler there. some of the east bay microclimates are seeing the upper 50s. tri-valley, temperatures right now in the low 60s. san jose kind of lagging behind in terms of sunshine. overcast, mostly cloudy. the view shows you the patches of low clouds lingering into the afternoon with partial clearing towards the coast. today very likely the coolest day of the next five as high pressure builds in and we'll see the temperatures climbing heading towards friday and saturday. today areas south of san jose, mid 70s in the forecast. mid 60s around the peninsula and around san francisco. for the coast, highs only in the low 60s towards half moon bay.
11:21 am
for the north bay. highs in the mid 70s. second half of the week we're talking about a significant change in the weather. instead of areas of low pressure coming through, which at times brought some snow in the sierra over the last couple of days, different pattern taking shape starting wednesday and thursday. rain for the pacific northwest. that will continue into about thursday. then the change will be thursday night into friday. instead of the next storm impacting us here, we'll have high pressure sending that away from us. a few high clouds coming by. by saturday we're talking about summer-like temperatures for a day, yes, just in time for fleet week. the numbers starting to climb not just for the valleys, including san francisco. saturday could be close to 80 before the sea breeze turns back on around sunday. if you are picking days to head to fleet week right now, looks like saturday will be the warmer of the two days around san francisco. but the warming temperatures will continue in the valleys for a little bit longer. mid 80s.
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thursday, friday and then into saturday could see numbers closing in on 90 degrees to start the weekend. there you go. snow earlier in the week in the sierra and cool temperatures today, and then 90s in reach as we start the weekend. notice sunday into monday the sea breeze comes back and we cool off. overall outdoor plans look great. the upcoming weekend for the coast and into the valleys. >> looks pretty warm. thanks, rob. >> thank you very much, rob. up next, it's become one of richmond's largest employers in just a few years. now a food delivery service has hit a bit of a rough patch. the problem at blue apron that has nothing to do with delivering food. nearly two tons of marijuana hidden in a shipment of cucumbers seized at the border. an estimated street value of $1.5 million. you can see the pictures on our home page. trending on twitter. taco lovers rejoice. it is national taco day. it's also taco tuesday. head to our twitter feed to see
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which restaurants are offering special deals. more news and maybe a little lunch, after the break. they prey on our children, spending billions. addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them.
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now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56.
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pretty much mirroring how things work in silicon valley, this was a wildly successful start-up that just grew overnight. the company is in richmond and trying to improve the record of work place safety and violence. >> blue apron.
11:26 am
terry mcsweeney has more from richmond. >> blue apron ships 8 million ready to prepare meals to people across the united states every month. many of those from here at its richmond facility which opened in 2013. one year later, the rapid hiring of workers forced the company to use temp agencies for staffing. and according to blue apron. some agencies didn't screen workers properly. three times police responding to the company for bomb threats and assaults. blue apron says we quickly ended our relationships with the staffing agencies and took proactive steps to slow our growth, including closing our marketing department. there have been safety problems. the cal osha website lists them all and has fined them $20,000 for improper storage of chemicals and training
11:27 am
violations. they say they've never had a final violation. we managed to speak to a worker tonight. >> i am very happy to work there. >> this employee has only been at blue apron for a few weeks. >> people come to work with great attitudes. whatever they got to do that's outside of the work site is outside. when you come to work it's all smiles. >> that was terry mcsweeney reporting. place say blue apron is moving in the right direction and the number of calls is down quite a bit from last year. >> a new report, sam, shows the worst traffic in our area. highlighted in blue, three of the top ten spots are in santa clara county. what's the most congested zone in the britis >> the traffic between silicon valley and the bay bridge is
11:28 am
really the connecting point for most of the congestion that we see, most of the congestion delays. getting b.a.r.t. here next year, even though it's not all the way to downtown san jose, it will be a big, big traffic reliever. >> that's right. you heard it. south bay leaders say more mass transit who help. >> a faster commute possibly connecting b.a.r.t. to the central valley. even if b.a.r.t. isn't on board. supervisor scott hagerty says he wants to extend b.a.r.t. to livermore and connecticut it to the ace train running to stockton. >> we've formed a, working group with san joaquin county. and we are working along with business groups. we hope to move the project along. >> meantime, hagerty says b.a.r.t. has spent ten years and $12 million on an environmental
11:29 am
impact plan with no real progress. the agency has made no comment. coming up, why some people think a woman and her stroller might have something to do with package thefts.
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surveillance video. =sam/2-shot= a new twist to whas you never know what you're going to discover on your surveillance video. >> that's true. this is probably to the dismay of many. a new twist to what's become a typical neighborhood crime. jean elle has more from san francisco where a baby stroller is raising eyebrows. >> she spotted the package. >> reporter: they checked their home security camera when a penalty kill package disappeared. >> my brother-in-law was pretty upset. >> reporter: the video shows a woman pushing a dog and a
11:32 am
stroller in bernal street. she checks the stoops and then scoops his his package. >> just like here, you can feel certain things towards a woman. oh, she is with a baby carriage, right? and so it was very, very disappointing to see that. >> reporter: jacob installed the cameras because he works in the industry and because his street seems to attract criminals. >> we are tired of stuff happening on our street. and, you know, we talk to neighbors a lot. my next-door neighbor, his car got broken into. the other neighbor's car got -- also stole some stuff. >> a growing number of neighbors are setting up surveillance. they're hoping someone will recognize the woman and call police before she fills her stroller up with someone else's belongings. >> that was jean elle reporting. that story was -- i should say the package was for a relative visiting from lithuania.
11:33 am
turned out it was souvenirs he was planning to take back home to europe. not a huge monetary loss but the victim flew home empty handed. a very busy time in san francisco this week. it's been a hectic and violent time with five homicides in the past few days. here is a map showing all five locations where people have been killed. tenderloin, south of market and bernal heights. four people shot, one stabbed. one of the deadly shootings near f a nightclub with a history of crime. the end up club on 6th and harrison. >> it's open all hours of the day and night. and it's been the site of issues for the police department for some time. >> investigators are looking to see if any of the homicides are related. happening today, san francisco's supervisors discuss recent findings and recommendations made by the city's blue ribbon panel on law enforcement. panel members issued conclusions earlier this year, determining
11:34 am
racial bias is an ongoing problem in the police department that must be addressed. the panel suggested more oversight of officers. sfpd has been taking measures to reform the culture. no more sunshine for the rainbow crew. we are learning new details in the crew of thieves that hit pricey union square stores. more than a dozen members named for their brightly colored hair have been arrested. investigators say in san francisco alone the crew stole $200,000 worth of merchandise. sfpd says it's not over yet as there are likely more criminals associated with the rainbow crew. helping images can track down this bank robber. this man in a cal hat believed to be six feet tall with a medium build. if you know who he is, take a look and contact livermore police. more crime news now of the
11:35 am
bizarre variety. a south bay man accused of stealing and torturing neighborhood pets. he is scheduled to enter a plea in court today. robert farmer accused of abducting almost two dozen cats. authorities arrested him last year. they say surveillance video clearly shows him snatching a cat from a san jose front yard. officers say they found a dead cat inside of his car when he was arrested. it is an ugly incident at a football game that now appears to be life threatening. a baltimore ravens fan is in a coma fighting for his life after police say the two raiders fans attacked him during sunday's game. scott smith and andrew nappy, both from new york. police say the pair attacked the ravens jan joseph bauer because he allowed a woman to cut in line at a refreshment stand. >> now we have a family with a victim fighting for his life. >> police say the men struck the
11:36 am
victim in the back of the head and that he suffered a brain injury. they're facing assault charges. it's going to be a closed-door session of the oakland city council as they discuss a potential transaction to keep the oakland coliseum in oakland. there has been a lot of twists and turns to this. last month an investment group led by former 49er ronnie lott made a bit to buy the coliseum along with the oracle arena. it's a deal that mited actually keep raiders in oakland. the city rejected the bid but now it's possible the terms have changed. more harsh words from the leader of the philippines to says he doesn't care about human rights. president rodrigo duterte said you can go to hell. some 3,000 suspected drug dealers have been killed in just three months. last month duterte publicly apologized for cursing at
11:37 am
president obama over the same issue. a death that horrified the nation. a boy who died in the back seat of his father's car. the dad said it was a horrible accident but authorities say he did it on purpose. the trial for this case in georgia just started. >> reporter: a father who decided he didn't want to be a daddy anymore. a man leading a double life. those are prosecutors' claims. justin ross harris in a georgia courtroom this morning on trial for a crime that to any parent is unthinkable. accused of leaving his 22-month-old son cooper stropapd in his child seat in his suv on a sweltering 90-degree day. in opening statements prosecutors say harris wanted out of his marriage and from being a dad. alleging the 35-year-old was leading a double life. seeing prostitutes, messaging
11:38 am
women for sex and sending lewd texts to underage girls. >> messaging on the morning of the murder that he needed an escape from his son, five minutes from getting just that. there is nothing more malicious than what was done to this child's body. baking in that car for seven hours. >> reporter: a 16-person jury was seated monday. four alternates. 11 have children. they'll hear the defense present its opening statement this morning. ross' attorney previously said cooper's death in june of 2014 was unintentional. >> the truth is, cooper's death was a horrible, gut-wrenching accident. >> reporter: harris's ex-wife leanna who divorced him after cooper's death is a witness for prosecution and defense. her attorney says she believes it wasn't deliberate. >> she has never changed her mind that she things this was not intentional, that it was an
11:39 am
accident, not negligent. just an accident. >> reporter: if convicted of murdering cooper harris cob sentenced to life. the trial was moved almost 300 miles from where cooper died because so many potential jurors knew of the case and the defense argued had already made up their minds. janet shamlian, nbc news. >> tough jury to sit on. >> unthinkable, the outcome, regardless of what got them there. a public memorial service will be held for arnold palmer later today. >> thousands are expected to attend the service that will be held in pennsylvania where the famed golfer lived. vince gill is expected to sing and legendary golfer and palmer's former rival but friend jack nicklaus expected to speak. palmer died a week ago at the age of 86 from heart complications. >> warmings of the big one. many folks on edge for the last week. the reason why?
11:40 am
they shouldn't be any more. plus -- >> several complaints about hotels. i'm chris chmura. nbc bay area news responds to protect your next trip. straight ahead. seeing big changes from yesterday around this time when we had clouds and light rain. partly cloudy skies right now as we track a summer-like warmup heading back to the bay area. we look at that when we come back. if you've had trouble booking h.
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=laura/2shot= nbc bay area responds to something a lot of people have encountered. trouble booking hotels. if that's an issue that you have found, you're no tt the only on >> consumer investigators chris chmura here with a simple trick which could prevent problems. >> good morning. the hotel headaches we've helped to heal run the gamut. being charged too much. not getting what you pay for. guarantees that fall through. in each case there has been a third party involved. a travel agent or website. sometimes the extra layer is helpful. sometimes it complicates matters. research whether you can eliminate the middle man. contact the hotel directly to make a booking. use their website or call them on the phone. the old fashioned way. it's true that some websites may offer lower rates than the hotel's own website or call
11:44 am
center, but not always. our research has shown rates are often equal no matter where you book. even if a third party is cheaper, call the hotel on the phone and ask the reservations office to match the rate. the answer may surprise you. i speak from experience. it's worked for me a couple times. call us at 1-888-996-tips or visit tomorrow morning, protecting yourself when buying a used car. have a great day. thanks, chris. a sudden threat of the big one is steadily declining. after a week of several small earthquakes, the san andreas fault line is quieting again. scientists say there was an earthquake swarm last week, more than 100 small earthquakes around the salton sea in southern california but there hasn't been much activity in the last few days and the risks are
11:45 am
going back down. to the relief of sam brock. >> the percentages are still an 85% chance of something major in the next three years. thank you. >> weather is more pleasant. >> the sun is coming back. san francisco -- >> beautiful. >> a few hours ago you needed an umbrella. now you need sunglasses. 64 degrees. on our way to mid 60s. the sea breeze keeping temperatures down and the golden gate bridge looking photogenic before noon. closer to downtown, 63 degrees. partly cloudy skies. and sunshine. another bridge commute here from the san mateo bridge from the haywa hayward point of view to the west. 58 degrees. some cool temperatures. upper 50s to near 60 in hayward. 67 around pleasanton. now the skies are starting to clear around san jose. 65. some of our south bay microclimates around where the low clouds are taking longer to break up around the saratoga hills. 50s.
11:46 am
64 around the almaden valley and 67 in san martin. 64 around los altos and redwood shores 65 degrees. a pretty view from san bruno mountain to the east. 64 degrees and partly cloudy skies. a bit breezy. around san jose airport, northwest winds at 14 miles per hour. notice the wind direction on shore. gusts of 14, closer to napa and novato. that's the sea breeze which will help to keep the temperatures down for another day. minus the light rain showers we had yesterday, from now through thursday, most of the action will be in the pacific northwest. pretty energetic pattern deflected to the north by high pressure strengthening over the next couple of days. gradually clearing skies around the bay area during the day with mild temperatures and get werre for a chilly night. nice day around the south bay. highs in the low to mid 70s. mid 60s from the peninsula around san francisco.
11:47 am
north bay temperatures in low 70s. 70s for now around walnut creek, concord, antioch and the tri-valley. later this week, big changes as the high gets stronger. just strong enough right now to take most of the rain chances off to the north. by the time we get into friday and saturday we'll see the high build more strongly across northern california, even as heavy rain falls from portland northward. by saturday we may see offshore winds which we think will start to warm up the coast as the temperatures start to climb from the 60s and 70s today to close to 80 on saturday. then we'll see the sea breeze making a comeback for the second half of the weekend. valley temperatures too, notice the numbers starting to climb. 80s by thursday. then breezy. we'll have to watch out for maybe some dry, gusty winds at times out of the north. friday into saturday as high pressure builds. you see the temperatures starting to climb on up. mid and upper 80s in spots on
11:48 am
friday. a few areas could be close to 90 degrees. between the temperatures we're seeing today and the start of the weekends, almost 15 to 20 degrees of warming. if that's too much, things do calm down and cool off heading towards next sunday and monday. a little bit outside the 7-day forecast, looks like the next best chance for rain if you want to plan out far in advance of wednesday next week. in the meantime, watching for a summer-like comeback as we head to the weekend. >> something for everyone. >> a little bright sun. now bright lights. the problems associated with them. you've probably noticed the new l.e.d. lights across the bay bridge. the health problems that mean are experiencing as a result.
11:49 am
11:50 am
a growing medical concern now that could be right over your head as you go about your day. you may notice utilities
11:51 am
installing new streetlights. >> doctors and the american medical association are warning the l.e.d. lights, some may be right over your house, could contribute to everything from distracted driving to insomnia and obesity. nbc's tom costello has been looking into it. >> reporter: america overnight, blinded by the light. from sleepless seattle to the city that never sleeps. new l.e.d. streetlights which are popping up and keeping people up. changing the look of l.a. from mellow yellow on the left to bright white on the right. but the american medical association warns there is another glaring difference. >> we see l.e.d. lighting as a potential health problem. people have sleep disorders which can lead to all sorts of other problems when they're exposed to a lot of blue light. >> reporter: an ama study suggests blue light may raise the risk of many things but l.e.d. lights are 50% more energy efficient and last up to
11:52 am
five times longer. that cost savings could power 5.8 million u.s. homes for a full year. the ama says it's important to keep the lights a warm glow of 3,000 kelvin. not the 4,000 during the day light bright. they warn it's not an appropriate solution for all applications nor is it supported by the current body of research. in gloucester, massachusetts, they're turning down the temperature on their 2800 l.e.d. lights. >> we didn't want to choose and install an l.e.d. streetlight that had serious potential health risks for residents. >> reporter: l.a. also turned down the temp a bit. seattle kept its 50,000 streetlights burning brighter than the ama recommends. there is less exposure from a streetlight than you have from your laptop computer, your
11:53 am
desktop computer or your cellphone? >> washington, d.c.. >> it shines into our bedroom window. >> reporter: maggie is considering getting new curtains. >> it's like the alien abduction scene from the movies. >> tom costello reporting. the department of energy insists the lights by themselves are not dangerous. >> communities need to decide just how bright is too bright. back with more news right after this.
11:54 am
11:55 am
11:56 am
my mom is best known for being on the tv show "full house." >> "the voice" ramping up blind auditions last night including among the final selections the daughter of a familiar face. "full house" co-star's daughter natasha was among those trying out. >> for uncle jesse ever aged? >> he doesn't. not at all. >> yeah. look. her mom is friends, of course, with the co-stars. she performed her rendition of the elvis presley classic. you heard her there. she did so well, she turned adam levine's chair and got a hug from him. we'll see how far she goes. >> she'll never wash those clothes again. >> candice cameron, she was a teenager on the show "full house." >> now she has a teenager.
11:57 am
>> she grew up on the show. >> where does time go? around san francisco today, good location today. the sun. golden gate bridge looking nice. 65 degrees. low 70s outside. after mid-week we see pretty big changes. san francisco could get close to 80. lots of sunshine. good news for fleet week. when it gets close to 80 in san francisco, it feels a little hot. then the sea breeze will pick up and cool things off. a return to summer-like temperatures across the inland valleys. could see 90s. the same week that we had snow in the sierra. welcome to fall. roll roller coaster temperatures are the trends. offshore breezes. should push the fog away. sunday if the sea breeze comes back you may see some low clouds creeping in. >> could be kind of stormy tonight. 6:00 p.m., the vice presidential debate. watch it right here on nbc bay
11:58 am
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