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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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right now at 11: wild and noisy. dramtic playoff win. so whatbaya happens next? =jess/2-shot= good evening andhanks for beinga aguirre.=raj/2-shot= and i'm raj math. the giants are doing it agai.aking the b area for a thrill ride. get ready -- thiould lastor the next 4 weeks. =boxes= they are doing it again. giants taken the bayç area for thrill ride. get ready this could last for
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the next four weeks. nbc bay area terry sweeney joins us from city hill. terry, is your seat belt on, are you ready? >> reporter: i am ready. i got ready, but watching tonightn] game several hundred truly loud crazy fans for eight innings. they were frustrated. they worried and they wondered.: in the ninth inning of a scoreless game of all people connor steps up to the plate and they wondered no more. >> youç don't have this much delirium without a whole lot of build up. near at&t park there were eight inning ofç frustration. people with their hands on their head with disbelief. he did it. he did it. they did it. he was on fire andç giants bac weren't. some turn to the baseball gods. some just turned away if just
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briefly. it was÷ú definitely a nail bite then came the three run homer. >> he did it. >> i knew it. i toldç my friend right over here. >> i'm his friend. >> i told him. >> did he say ahead of time. >> i never said that. he pulled that out.ç actually, no, he didn't. >> then came the final out. and the giants are going toç chicago. >> it's an even year. we have to win, right? >> i think she might be right. the giants goç to chicago, the play on friday night there's going to be one more game here in san francisco over at& highlights of tonight's wild game. live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> that guy had his arm around you like you guys were best friends. to go, do it now before prices get really high
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and the series starts in chicago as we mention on friday and shifts to at&t park next zvmond. here is the deal right now on stub hub, the cheapest standing room only for game three in san francisco 120 bucks. a live look÷ú out in chicago, standing room only tickets starting at just under 150 bucks. get those tickets now while÷ú they're somewhat unaffordable. the unlikely hero tonight, connor, this guy never really panned out for the giants until now. we're doing to hear fromç him about 15 minutes when collin joins us live from new york. >> they were at the crosswalk and they still got çhit. two women walking when a car ran into him. a location on bay street. a street with a deadly past. nbc live is east palo çalto. nothing has been done to fix the situation on that street since the last time there was an accident. >> jessica some improvements
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have been made. policaúp)e investigating this collision that happened sending two people to the hospital and making neighbors angry. police say a driver hit two women who are in their÷ú 20s around 8:20 tonight. this is near chavez elementary school. the victims were in the crosswalk. officers say they were conscience and alert when emergency crews took them to the hospital. they have neighbors calling for changes. has a deadly history. was hit and killed. the city added some crosswalk lights but neighbors say it's not enough. >> we need lights on every( single crosswalk. we need buttons. we need something has to happen around here this is just insane. it's going to keepf happening. >> the driver who hit the woman or the two women tonight stayed at the scene officers say they arrested him onç suspension of driving under the influence.
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neighbors believe the lack of adequate lighting. the scene is clear, but the investigation andv: community reaction continues. reporting live in east palo alto. nbc bay area news. >> it's called a gun vault in the sheriff's department thinks the growing problem across the bay area. the sheriff's office tweeted out this photo today. these gun vaults that you see here will bezv placed in all vehicles of deputies. the goal is pretty straightforward to provide a safe and discrete place for guns to be secured while the deputies are off v:duty. it comes after a number of recent incidents involving handguns stolen from law enforcement vehicles. among them last year when the gun stolen from azv parked car an off duty sfed ral agent was used to kill kate on san francisco peer. last year our investigative unit stolen from law enforcement around the bay area. to see our complete investigation, go to our web on investigations. com and click
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>> great to settle a wrongful death suit brought by the family of contractor killed. two engineers were inspecting when they were st$e- and killed. trainee it turns out was operating the train that day and the investigation found that the operator who was suppose to be supervisingu! that training wast present and they had been texting. most of the threats are pranks with some are very real. it's happening here. the creepyu! clowns are sweepin the nation. tonight there's more threats in west county and there's also confrontation with the clown. todayd%9 conquer, cheryl herds in concord with these bizarre details. >> like you said, some law enforcement officialsç are calling it a hoax, so-called hoax became very real for a young woman sitting right here in this bus stop. and we are learning tonight that this clown thread÷ú is really enough for school and police officials to alert parents and
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istricts. >> tiffany said she found out that the clown she and her baby girl encountered at this bus stopv the road and water world parkway was anything but peaceful. he smiled he said, he took her hand and he grabbed it. look like he wanted toym kiss b he didn't. martin said she kicked the clown and he ran away. >> this clown doesn't have any facial make up on. >> police said this is÷ú the city's first creepy clown incident, but -- >> we take this case very serious. >> and so is the entire country. creepy clown threatens thezv violence are sweeping the nation on social media. clowns are popping up here in the bay area, but no threat of violence is associated with it
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so far. police department put out this alert tonight warning parents about the social media phenomenon. the similar alert÷ú that was gin to parents at two schools. hercules middle school. >> our students are frightened v then. they're confused and it's something we have to deal with furiously. nbc bay area news. >> the two candidatesko of the open u.s. senate seat squared off tonight for their only debates. state general campbell harris, sanchez dualed over herç varie of issues from crime to terrorism, they want your vote. they had share by both candidates. >> she was taking his money÷ú a her campaign to fly around in first class air fair and first class hotels and taking trump's money. >>÷ú your time is expired. >> you've got to show up when you're the chair of
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antiterrorism task force at least once. >> both democrats are trying to replace retired democratic senator. now to developing story off the coast of florida, the powerful and deadly hurricane matthew is triggering largeç scale evacuations after inflicting heavy damage in haiti. at this hour, it is approaching miami. millions of people in that region are÷ú either leaving tow or honkering down. you see it here, long lines for gas and other supplies. hundreds of schools haveç cancelled class indefinitely. here at home an arrest has been made in an alleged sexual assault on the stanfordd8 campu. the assault happened two weeks ago inside of dorm room over the weekend campus police set out safety alert reporting that another alleged rape happp' in another on campus dorm. many students say they've been required to participate in sexual assault and they also add, it's not just about÷ú
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awareness. >> i think it's a matter of culture and i don't think that necessarily changes right away. >> last month governor brown  rape sentencing law inspired by the case former stanford students brock turner. >> this is the first time we this. >> air bnb is suing hometown of san francisco and both sides are heading to federal court. coming up, we'll tell you what'v behind the lawsuit and what it could mean for you. also california may be cutting back on conserving the serious concern over water use, even as wezv approach the rainy season. and plays an unlikely venue...f =jeff/ck= >> plus one of the biggest acts in the world is in the bay area playing an unlike venue for a good cause. >> and good evening i'm jeff, mostly clear in san francisco what you can expect for tomorrow morning's forecast and the latest on the path of hurricane matthew.
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that's in about eight minutes. giant " air-bnb " headingt
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legal =raj/2shot= st san francisco. ai air bnb is waging a legal battle against san francisco. >> they're suing the city in hopes of blocking a new law thav will weed out illegal rentals. >> whether the lawsuit could impact everyone in san francisco. >> guys that includes people who at the heart of this issue is the housing crisis in san francisco. the supply is too low and what is available, is just too mxqensive. air bnb leaves its platform gives people to earn extra money. city leaders think too many people arezv turning their shor
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term rentals to illegal hotels judge will weigh in on the legal battle. >> instead of working with the city, what they did is they simply went ahead and sued. >> how would you describe how air bnb has handled the >> arrogant. david says air bnb and other home sharing web sites like it should be forced to take responsibility for their thousands of usersym who contin to break the law by renting out their homes online without first registering the city. >> it doesn'tç matter that you are -- or a $25 billion like air bnb. you have to play by the rules and that's really what thiszis ultimately about and that's why san francisco is not going to be intimidated by what is essentially a tactic on the part of thisv: company. >> for over a year and a half now anyone in san francisco wanting to rent out their home
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short term is going to get a permit from the÷ú city. our investigation exposed how that registration process has largely been ignored. in may, we revealed that at leastç 82% of hosts are breaki the law since they failed to register with the city. >> folks have been robbing residents of that housing and air bnb$.'d has been driving the getaway car. >> after our investigation other members of the board of supervisors allowed the cityym charge home sharing companies up to a thousand dollars per day if they allow unregistered users to continue to post their rentals air bnb fought back, slapping the city with 18 page lawsuit that accused san francisco of violating the company's first speech. air bnb also argued it would be a significant burden to verify whether all of its users are registered with the city. the newç penalties were suppos to take effect in july, but san
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francisco put that on hold after the lawsuit was filed. >> this is the first time we have ever taken a stepç like this. >> david owen heads policy strategy for air bnb and says the registration process is too complicated. but when users fail% to register san francisco launched companies including air bnb to get stuck with financial penalties. owen disagrees. >> why dosyou believe that's unreasonable. it's not that simple. it's a new activity. new economy, and the city can and should be able7 develop a simpler, much more innovative process to enable folks to rent out their home for a few nights out of the year without going throughç a process that takes six, eight weeks. >> the city says registering only takes about half as long. >> if people get to ignore city laws that they simbly don't like, isn't that a recipe for disaster. >> i think it's unfair to say that. we have been at the table and
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spent significant amount of time identifying issues, working on solutions and being part of the dialogue. in fact, are committed to continuing that process. the current rule simply don't p work. >> our investigative unit went undercover this past summer to show you how easy it is to find and rent out homes on air bnb that are no( registerd with the city. last year san francisco found nearly 2,000 homes were taken off the market permanently in order to be÷ú advertised as short-term rentals on air bnb. >> if they're able to get part of this ordinance thrown out. what do you thiny that can mean for san francisco. >> at the crux of the housing crisis is this question of willç san francis san francisco continue to have a middle class. if the court rules again the city and says basically say, you city government have no way of protecting the housing stock,
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there will be no middle class in san francisco. >> you think this one lawsuit could carry that large of ìáhp &hc% >> absolutely. it's unclear when the judge can issue, if you plan on renting out your home short term, there's another big change on the way. theç $50 registration for host will spike to 250 in november. that's because san francisco just realized its enforcement program is costing more than it's bringing zvin. last year taxpayers had to shell out over $400,000 to keep things going. so san francisco is raising its prices. you can log on to ourym web sit right now and click the investigations tab to watch all of our reports in this series, including hidden camera investigation,zv that's nbc bay guys, back to you. >> thank you. if you have a tip for our investigative unit. give us a call, 888996 tips oru you can send us an e-mail directly to the unit at nbc bay >> jeff, we're starting to see
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some of the effects of matthew >> indefinitely is at this hour. a huge change for florida as the latest path of this hurricane which could beç devastating haa florida land fall. as we get a look right now it has winds of 115 miles per hour asç dominican republic, also cuba. now it continues to set its sights on florida potentially as a category four storm. itnb looks like it will be parallel to south florida, 8:00 tomorrow night. and making a land fall near cocoa beach, titusville orç daytona beach sometimes here on friday morning, which winds that could get 130 miles per hour. if you want more updates on this, we know you're effected bp this family members in central florida. we'll have full up ddates on nb bay we haveym relatively benign forecast tomorrow morning. not much in the way of fog.
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by all account a beautiful start here. 50 degrees expected. 49 for the east bay.ç down as low as 47 for the peninsula. the south may be getting a little bit of choice out here and 52 degrees. forecast does have warmer temperatures in it i think we're going to win out with chamber of commerce weather here. look at this in the south bay, 79 degrees. we'll get up toç 80 here. by no means is that close to record setting heat. you go up to 7 the. look at this in san francw3do. instead of 60s, we'll push up to 70 tomorrow. for the north bay east bay and for the tri valley, a few isolatedb low 80s, r pleasant tn 79. right north bay, we'll have santa rosa. the heat starts to goç by frid and also on saturday. that's when we see this area on hot high pressure build in. but the way that it's moving in,
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it will have drier offshore will increase the fire threat and get our temperatures up. not too hot here in san francisco with 74 by saturday. you'll see on the interior valli] we will go high as high 90 degrees on friday. the heat won't last long by next tuesday, we're down to÷ú 76 degrees maybe some rain fall between october 15th and 20th. still looks good at this point. >> that could be plaintidf& playoffs games. >> that could get interesting. >> we'll stay on top of it. still ahead, u 2 in bay area and rocking it for a good çcau. >> and we have jimmy. >> do not change the channel. over the giants dramtic playoff happening now, hashtag believing our twitter feed still buzzing over the dramatic playoff win tonightzv in new yo. fans are posting creative tweets
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and connor who hit the game winning home run. and on our home page, researchers discovered !ú new fault line in southern california. they say it runs parallel to the sanandres fault and may be taking some of its strain. we're back in a moment. the fall from grace continues f
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changes for the embtled silicon =vo= based in palo alto -- isp -- shutting down facilities and laying off 340 employees. in a statement to stakeh blood testing start up based in palo alto is shutting down facilities andzv laying off 340 employees in a statement to stake holders ceo elizabeth holmes says the company will focus on rebuilding after÷ú
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several investigations into its practices. to develop what its claim the first blood test that could diagnose diseases from aç sing drop of water. >> six years in counting in the california drought battle. there -- tonight there's both good news and bad news the wateb conservation slipped for the third consecutive month in august. the good news in the bay area, among the strongest for surpassing the 20% savings goal say thanks largely to folks cutting back. southern california saying the water like beverlyshills increasing their water use compared to last year. that should not come as surprise. big google search tonight. who is connor, we'll findç out next. he joins us live from new york, stay with us.
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someone is a prowhen they go and down celebration in the clubhouse and they remain clean and untouched. >> he's e"ñ a different jacket on right now. we don't know what happened. >> you're doing to introduce us to the man of the hour, connor, huh? >> reporter: yeah, you bet iç .
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i talked to him right after it. it was amazing, you know, i didn't think it was possible for madison and his legendary post seasonu! status to grow. i was wrong. he did it again the unlikely of heroes emerges. sp)rq pitching rule, we expecte center guard, lived up to the hype. top six, he went looking for his tenth strike out victim. he finishedym with 11 in the ga. the giants were putting bats together after span reported the first giants hit off center curtis taking a bite of the wall, amazing play by granderson. it stays scoreless into the night when this happened. with two on, bring him home connor, the first post season shout of his career in this his first post season game. he does whf$ñ he does. pop up to end it. a complete game, four hit shut
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out. post season era on the road. drops toç 0.50 giants win it 3. caught up with a man of the hour in se÷ú sell bra toir. >> you were preparing for three run game winning homer. >> i mean, i just don't. i don't have÷ú a lot of words, u know, for what ççhappened. >> it's all use to this now. >> i think the most impressive thing for me is that -- with all the hype going under theç game, everybody talking about this past post season success. then he goes out and throws a complete game shut out, it's pretty ÷úincredible.
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>> the giants move on to the series to take on the cubs in chicago. we'll be back with more news right after this. some heavy hitters in town
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toniht... "u-2"ocking the w =natsvo= runs 0:03cause.
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nats of concert u-2 -- part of the 4-day dreamforce event in san heavy hitters in the house tonight. u 2 rocking for a good cause. part of the fourht daydream for event in san francisco. tickets tonight range from $1,000 apiece to million dollars corporate sponsorship allç raising money for ucf, we spoke to the host, sales force ceo mark. >> i think everybody knows that -- they don't do events like this! this is really a gift that they're giving to san francisco. for the love of our city and the love of our children. >> great cause.ç yes, the edge of the whole game. he says this -- ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ashton kutcher, issa rae,


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