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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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religion is the third most common trigger for hate religion is the third most common trigger for hate that's according to the most recent f-b-i data...from 2014. ==take vo== unit examined those numbers.we california that year. california cities report theirl statistics. reports involvedthe hate crimes vandalism, intimidation or assault. there were 22 incidents in san francisco, 14 oakland an11 in san jose. richmond reported zero hate crimes in 2014. ==jan/cu== now to a deling storywe've been covering all afternoon. and staff have been allowed tos regional medical center". a fire and thick smoke had forced
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staff to evacuate. ==boxes== joins us live from martinez ner with an update. elyce >> reporter: you can see them here behind me. there are fewer firefighters. but at one point there were 45 firefighters here on scene trying to get the fire under control. we saw patients waiting outside this hospital and for a short time they were turned away. it all happened while firefighters were trying to get this fire under control. it started around 2:00 this afternoon within an hour they were able to contain it, but there were significant smoke on the second floor of the contra costra medical center and operating rooms and about nine patients were in those rooms when the fires began.
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doctors stabilized the pasch nlpaschants and moved them to higher floors. a staff member was in the middle of her rounds. >> just the fumes. we did smell a lot of that, that triggered the alarm. and that building is constructed so it compartmentalizes and keeps the hazardous areas to the specific floor. >> well, a hospital spokesperson said they're transported to or asked to shelter in place. and labor and delivery and psychiatric wards. so far no reports of injuries and they're still trying to determine what caused this fire in the first place. a fire captain told me they think there may have been a malfunction in the boiler room.
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they don't think this was an intentionally set fire. it was most likely accidental. abc bay area news. thank you. tense end to the school day in fremont. a lock down at walter junior high and kennedy. spects began around lunch time. a group of men robbed a woman at gunpoint and fled towards the schor high. s/1xvio suspects were caught but s way re are still on the loose. orm lock downs were lifted at the end of the school year. hurricane matthew is moving after florida coast towards the carolinas. uth storm is on track to batter eets icarolina and georgia later this week. got first light revealed south florida was largely spared. empty streets showed the floridians did listen on the warnings and they got out of the way of the violent storm.
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millions of people are hunkering down. still, jeff ranieri tracking the hurricane. jess/ro you expect over the next who ares and how intense is the storm right now? >> we expect the worse to continue in the next six hours in savannah, georgia. 110 miles per hour. and there's 110 mile-per-hour winds, it's jusz real tightly wrapped around the core, so not all of this is wind speed that fast. you can see the heavy rainfall. as we head into saturday afternoon, myrtle beach and charleston. by sunday, it's off shore, continuing to hold its strength. by next monday it's down here parallel with florida and we could be talking about this by next tuesday as a tropical storm, winds of 40 miles per hour heading towards west palm beach or miami. still several days until this
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happened but it's certainly note worthy no doubt. we'll be tracking that for those of you with loved ones across who ast coast and a big pattern change. in about 40 minutes. well, the bay area is 12 d epping in to help people in the path of hurricane matthew and that means help in the form scottch. with more on that, tech reporter live at san jose international. >> reporter: well, from the air and on the ground, the bay area is reaching out to provide aid and tech support to hurricane victims. keke delamore is leaving home in the heart of the damage for as long as three weeks. >> when the water starts rising and so it's -- and they're going
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to be flooded out of their houses and they'll come into our shelter. >> tech help for victims is coming through the air. we found several companies working on drones to provide phone and wireless service from above to areas effected by natural disasters. >> and be able to deploy to emergency location and provide high band width communication in the aftermath of a natural disaster. >> reporter: at the same time a group of bay area tech executives are working to raise money together to help the victims. >> so i call all my sillicon valley execfriends to join this noble cause and since then the response has been tremendous. in terms of sales force, googles, amazon.
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>> on the ground and in the air, the bay area is reaching out. and we heard from other companies that are helping airbnb providing free rentals and google providing $500,000 to the relief effort. nbc bay area news. thank you, scott. nbc is following the damage. fre's going to be with us live from daytona beach at 6:30. so, in about 20 in ammeminutes. protesters marched into the hall of justice to urge police to file charges in several deadly shootings. here with more on the demands and the new lawsuit filed by the fammole of a man police shot and killed. >> reporter: that's right and the district attorney's office in san francisco says they're still investigating four police shootings but demonstrators believe it's taking too long.
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at a rally today, mario woods' mother talked about her son and demanded justice. >> prosecute these officers who have taken the lives of our loved ones here in san francisco. >> reporter: woods was a stabbing suspect. police said they initially fired after he raised a knife at officers. demonstrators marched the to the hall of justice asking for answers from the d.a. he wasn't in, but his representative got an ear full. >> i don't -- >> reporter: the group wants updates on several police shootings investigations. >> what we have to do is make sure to get this right. we have to make decisions based on all the evidence, based on the full investigation. this as police enact reforms in a blue ribbon panel that has
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made recommendations. >> this mang was killed unnecessarily and unlawfully. >> reporter: an hour before the rally, a civil rights lawsuit was announced on behalf of a homeless man shot by police after allegedly brandishing a knife and his family saying he posed no threat. >> they claim he lunged at them with a knife but we know different. >> reporter: now we did reach out to the city's attorney's office who say they have not reviewed a suit but offered a comment saying in part that gongora posed an immediate and deadly threat and our officers' use of lethal force was necessary and justified. e.ey have witnesses that say it did not happen that way. well, tax delinquents from where you have been called out.
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from the tax board to the worst offenders. a tax bay family living in fear. i'm damian, a live report, next. and good evening, i'm meteorologist, jeff ranieri, currently holding on to 82 and mostly sunny skies. i've got the full break down on tomorrow's forecast. threw, notne, but thr ight foroe
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molotov cocktails at fear and confusion tonight for one san jose family. someone threw not one but three molotov cocktails at their home last night. here live at their home north of downtown san jose. >> reporter: the family says three of these were used. they're bottles of a mexican soft drink filled with flammable liquid. o carlos is still stunned as he describes the scene outside his home last night. >> when i saw the flames i really thought the whole house was on fire. he says three explosives were thrown but only two exploded. the third is now in the hands of
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arson investigators. >> it's very suspicious in origin and it's a an active investigation. >> the kids could have gotten hurt because they were the ones by the living room. so they were the only ones that were playing and it was really scary. >> reporter: in addition to two kids, her elderly parents also live in the home. they have no idea who would target them, saying they've never had an enemy in the two years they lived in the home. >> i mean that person has got to have serious problems. to the point he wanted to burn a house knowing there's people inside the house. >> reporter: the family says they didn't sleep last night and feel it may be more reason to be afraid. he ran to see if he could locate the suspect but he was unsuccessful. nbc bay area news. well, three weeks after she
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was shot in her own driveway, an arinda woman is talking about her ordeal. they shot her twice and pistol-whipped her husband. they're trying to arrest several people involved. she released a statement saying in part my sincere hope is that something good can emerge from this frightening incident and that the tremendous goodwill i have been privileged to succeed will help others. and people in businesses who failed to file made the list. compiled by the franchise board, they have the top 500 nonpayers who owe a combined $400 million. >> we don't put people on the list lightly. we send them a couple of letters and we contact you to resolve your personal income tax issue.
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>> they say the bad publicity works. >> and it's going to be beautiful this weekend. >> long-range forecast as you'll see in the 7-day forecast does keep the possibility of rain coming our way. so go ahead, sit back and enjoy this saturday and sunday. we did see cloud cover and it was as warm as 86 in concord. right now, 82 and dry air in place. we'll drop to the 60s by 10:00 p.m. tonight. tomorrow morning's forecast, nothing big here or disruptive. mostly clear for the peninsula to the south bay. let's get right to saturday's forecast. check out the hotter temperatures and this is the kind of heating event where not
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only the inland vallees heat up but the coastlines as well. and that will be good enoof push half moon bay to 73. back to concord, 94 degrees and morgan hill, 92, so maybe you want to head to the coastline. it's fleet week on saturday and sunday. and the most sunshine we'll be up to 77 by 3:00 p.m. if you like it cooler, sunday's going to be the day for you. and instead of 70s, we'll drop to the 60s and we'll have clouds but i still think kwoul rr be able to see the blue angels. you're a raiders fan, huge game with the chargers. temps expected in the 80s. i'll have details on the rain chance. well, in the air and on it water. we'll show you all the
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pomp and circumstance heading the into the final days of fleet week. national league division seriese
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co" whereou can ficoverage on all things giants. the national league division series. we've tweeted a link to the cove where you can find all things giants. and president obama signed a bill to change the so-called victory tax. the irs is now forbidden from taxing medals and other prizes won by athletes at the olympics. a decade-old conversation
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involving donald trump is "bwinup" social dia now to decision 2016, a decade-old conversation involving donald trump is blowing up social media tonight. the gop nominee is dismissing it as locker room banter. hillary clinton calling it horrific. this conversation happened back in 2005. donald trump was riding a bus with billy bush. their microphones are hot and trump is heard talking about how he tried to have sex with a married actress using words we can't use on tv. >> like a magnet. and when you're a star, let's do it, you can do anything. >> i'm sad to say i'm not surprised. i should be surprised and shocked. i'm sad to say that i'm not. >> in a statement to the washington post, trump said quote this was locker room
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banter. a private conversation that took place many years ago. bill clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course -- not even close. i apologize if anyone was offended. they will face off in their second presidential debate in a town hall meeting style. you can see the debate at 6:00 p.m. sunday on cozi tv. comcast 186. they are here and roaring into town. the blue angels, a true sign fleet week is underway in san francisco. we caught these images just after they took off from oakland. they're expected to attract a million people to the city. michelle roberts has a look at some of the highlights in this jam packed weekend. >> reporter: the blue angels put on an incredible show and everyone gathered for a front-row seat to the
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performance. >> it's powerful. it just gives me goose bumps. >> reporter: today thousands of people strain their necks to watch an f-22 raptor climb into the clouds. it made its fleet week debut on a perfect fall sunny day. >> it's our country, it's our navy, it's our military and they're doing a great job and our city, san francisco. >> reporter: today the parade of ships made their way under the golden gate bridge and people are encouraged to get a closer look on board. free tours run through sunday. stunt planes and fighter jets appear to defy gravity. and a watching was mesmerized by the skill and training required. >> i love the f-18s. amazing. the way they glide across. >> reporter: with more than a million spectators in the city
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this weekend, the city is activated its emergency operation center. today there was heavy police presence in the fort mason area where today thousands gathered to see and hear the blue angels sore above alcatraz. >> and all the sudden the show started. >> reporter: and the navy precision flight team didn't disappoint. >> it's even better than i remember from over 20 years ago. >> reporter: you can take as many pictures as you want from the ground but no drone fly zone. anyone caught flying a drone could face fines up to $10,000. i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> check it out. click on the story box on the front page. you can see the blue angels flying into. it's nbc bay still to come, they are in
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for a long night. hurricane matthew pounding the florida coast right now. a look at the damage done live from daytona beach next. and this is a situation where it's wack mole, we're waiting for him to pop up. >> police arrested him, charged him with sexual battery and closed his gym. but we uncover the new place the personal trainer opened up shop after clients accused him of disturbing crimes. when mexico sends its people... they're bringing crime, they're rapists.
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are you going to have a massive deportation force? you're going to have a deportation force. we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall. that's not america. we're all californians. i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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developing tonight, hurricane matthew making its way up the eastern coast. a live look at myrtle beach, south carolina. looks pretty quiet right now. some rain has fallen but get ready for more rain and heavy winds. >> right. here's a look at where matthew is headed. the storm's eye wall heads north. >> even though matthew has been down graded to a category 2 it's still a big threat. >> and live with what's happening and expected to develop. >> reporter: yeah, junel and jessica, hurricane matthew has moved past this area and headed north towards the carolina. sustained winds of 110 miles per hour. and people here in central florida are taking a sigh of relief as the motive, the mood
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has changed to assessing the damage. people living along matthew's path are bracing for what's to come. >> reporter: hurricane matthew is lashing florida at the eye hugging the coastline as it moves north, bringing with it dangerous storm surge that could reach up to 11 feet. >> unfortunately it's going to continue throughout the night. we are very concerned about storm surge. >> reporter: this was the scene on ormened beach as it pushed inland. hundreds of thousands are without power aftermath matthew. and they got out of the way of the violent storm. now a category 2, matthew is far from letting up as it pummels the northern part of florida before starting its march up the coast. >> we're still on the front end of this hurricane. we're not on the back end.
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so, we don't know how bad the damage could end up. >> they're now bracing for him the pact with land fall near charleston a real possibility. more than 300,000 south carolinaens to move north. >> and the best thing is to hunker down, stay in a safe place, don't move, don't try and move around. >> reporter: millions of people still in the path of the storm as matthew churns in the atlantic. >> reporter: here, more than a million people are still without power here in daytona beach. that's the main priority. and it could take a week to try to get to everyone without power. back to you. >> thank you. now many people in the bay area are worried family and friends in the southeast. we are following every
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development for you for continuing live coverage go to our website, and we'll have a full report on nbc bay area news at 11:00. shutting down in one city but a top bay trainer is popping up in another city. his former clients are accusing him of unwanted sexual contact at his gym. one of them is just 13 years old. >> they shut down his business in morgan hill but he hasn't gone away. >> we're talking about fitness trainer, david wolf smith. they first reported in april that police arrested him and they shut down his morgan hill gym. and we've learned he might have a new gym farther north. inside the walls of the wolf pack gym, men, women and their kids trained with david wolf smith. >> reporter: she's a former
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client who spoke to police about wolf smith. we agreed to hide her identity and disguise her voice. she described him as demanding. >> reporter: according to court records, five women and two teen age girls accused him of touching them inappropriately between 2006 and 2015. in police reports, one victim alleges he massaged her, completely nude three separate times. another said he wanted to get her measurements and alleges he pulled her underwear down and said it's okay, i'm your coach. i can do this. wolf smith now faces 13 sexual assault related charges and an empty gym. the city of morgan hill forced him to close at the end of june but it appears he may have plans to open a new gym here in san
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jose. in august, he registered a personal training business with the city. twice our camera found him at the address listed for wolf smith training. >> mr. wolf smith should never operate a personal training business, period. >> reporter: tim mcinerney is prosecuting the case. >> reporter: is this an uncommon move? >> i think it shows an extreme level of arrogance. i've never seen that. >> reporter: his wife sent us the statement saying he denies the allegations. she writes we are proud to our contributions to the morgan hill community. and says the police investigation was less than objective from the start and every man as the had right to support his family. mcinerney says the d.a.'s office is working with san jose police and it city to close down his new gym.
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>> it's like whac-a-mole, you know, we take care of him in morguan hill and he pops up someplace else. >> reporter: but this woman wants to know why authorities have to wait for him to pop up before taking action. >> reporter: former clients are wondering why he can apply for and receive a business license for a personal training business without any red flags going up? >> the city's business tax ordinance is strictly for revenue purposes. it's not intended for regulation. >> reporter: she manages the regulation committee. she says the city will issue a business tax certificate to anyone who pays the required business tax. >> it's not proof of anied a herance to city, county, state, federal regulations or requirements.
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>> reporter: some businesses, like massage parlors, require perm permits. he says they routinely culaborate with city departments to close businesses. the system is work sng. >> the city was not aware, they will be now. >> reporter: now authorities in san jose tell us they've taken no official action, say they've not been able to verify if client clients are going to wolf smith's gym. >> and now here's a tip for the investigative unit, give us a call 1-888-996 tips. or online nbc bay the unique tree found in california's longest running wild fire. now to a follow-up on the lomaff
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destruction-- cal reays it a follow up on the loma fire, after a week 1/2 of destruction, cal fire expects to have that fire fully contained tomorrow. the blaze is burning northwest of morgan hill. and a dozen homes destroyed along with 16 other buildings. investigators are looking into whether a marijuana grow may have been links to that fire. and california's fire season has claimed a state treasure. want to show you a photo of the nation's largest madrone tree. and the giant mudrony is badly burned. it's in the joshua creek canyon ecological reserve.
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experts say it is doubtful the tree will survive. well, if you have to go in deloris park, you can go. a controversial open air urinal is staying for now. a judge has dismissed a lawsuit asking for that urinal to be removed. it was part of the major renovation project. opponents argued it violated privacy laws. no surprise here. some of the richest people live right here in the bay area. forbes released the list of the richest americans. facebook ceo and co founder, mark zuckerberg and oracle co founder, larry elson. ceo of alphabet, larry page. >> i'm not related to any of them. >> me either. >> we can all enjoy the beautiful weather for free.
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>> 24 hour temperature change from 7 to 14 degrees hotter across the bay area right now. we're tracking warmer temperatures this saturday and sunday. and the next chance of rain in a few minutes. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. today some of the cases we have quietly closed and the money we have saved. next.
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♪ ♪ jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off.
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class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. and we show you the success nbc bay area responds tackles your complaints every day. we show you the success stories right here. >> but we only see a small slice on tv. consumer investigator chris chmura has a look at the other
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complaints. >> we're right about 2,000 cases right now. 1949 since we debuted on may 28th. that works out to 500 new requests for help each month. we respond to everyone and resolve many of them. here are the recent cases we have closed in the background. we settled an international airline complaint for kim saving her 15$1577 and michael needed help that left him $650 in limbo. and pamela in the north bay asked us to jump in when she had difficulty returning one of those as seen on tv products and the $89.87 is where it belongs in angela's bank accounts. we've just surpassed the $300 thousand mark. the total as of right now stands
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at 308,$715.87. the phone number is 888-996-tips or nbc bay okay, she's already made history and now the oldest working park ranger got another reward. she got the presidential medal of honor for her service. but you may remember four months ago someone invaded her home, beat her and robbed her. they took her medal. today, congressman mark honored her curage. >> as her representative and representing this area and a friends, i want to do this small rec recognition. >> and white house replaced the presidential coin taken from her home. >> congrats to her.
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the blue angels are in town and we need clear skies. >> the raiders playing on sunday. a lot of stuff happening and we're going to deliver on the clear skies, especially on saturday 's forecast and there really is something for everyone as we look out towards the next seven days. let's get you to the microclimate weather and a beautiful shot from san francisco. we had high clouds move in, warmer temperatures increasing. unfortunately the pollution in the atmosphere. look at the colors it's reflecting off in the lower layers. magnificent tonight. i thought it would be fitting to give us a few of napa's current temperature. we will see temperatures down into the 50s by 11:00 p.m. tonight. so, for tomorrow morning, not too much as you wake up to start. the thick fog stays well off shore. so, just a few patches expected and 52 degrees, san francisco.
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and for the south bay, 57 degree squaz few high clouds. there's a key reason and it has everything to do with the wind as we head through saturday's forecast, it's going to shift more to a northeasterly direction. it's not overly gusty. it's the fact that the wind from the direction will completely cut off the it ocean sea breeze. this means temperatures warm up not only inland but at the coastline. if you've been dieing to get to the beaches, this is probably your last weekend for a while the way things look now, to head on out. so, half moon bay, 73 degrees. and palo alto, 87. san francisco in the 70s as well. as hot as 79 in the mission. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, temperatures in the low 90s for livermore. that's my warmest forecast for saturday. and we'll pop up to 92 in walnut
6:49 pm
creek and 90 expected in fremont. a lot of stuff happening this weekend, so i wanted to get a deeper look at the fleet week air show forecast. mildest temperatures, clearest conditions. you can see by 3:00 p.m., 77 degrees. little bit of fog may move in by 5:00 p.m. when temperatures will drop to 73 degrees. as we look in the evening hours, you can still do fleet week and head home, get the tv set up for mlbs game number two in chicago. it will be a cool game, clear skies, winds 5 to 12 miles per hour. no big problems expected at the game. this is what you want. we've been talking about the chances of rainfall. it looked like we might have seen a chance of rain next wednesday. and a better possibility by next friday of 60% chance in san francisco. note this is interior valleys,
6:50 pm
cool temperatures down to 75 on wednesday and we could see a couple storm systems develop after this. it's quite a ways out but it is called a forecast. >> something to look forward to. >> beautiful sunset by the way. gorgeous night. >> so good. >> thanks, jeff. colin kaepernick reportedly making more off the field headlines which could effect his status on the field.
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let's get to sports and fallon smith is in the comcast
6:53 pm
sportsnet newsroom. and we're going to start with colin kaepernick. >> to put it mildly, things are really bad right now for the 49ers. they've lost four consecutive games and they rank dead last in the nfl and through five games, blaine gabbert a passing rating of 69.6. that's not very good. but changes may be coming. but first we have a developing story out of santa clara. the 49ers and colin kaepernick are trying to rework his current contract. and reportedly giving him the ability to opt out and test free agency. with gabbert's struggles, they'll reehavingvaluate their quarterback situation. and christian ponder has the most locker room support ahead
6:54 pm
of gabbert and kaepernick. and he was asked about it during friday's press conference. >> up until last night you had unwavering support for blaine. the fact that you're acknowledging -- >> you're going somewhere where you shouldn't be going. i said our entire offense didn't play well. that has nothing to do with unwavering support. when our offense is ncht playing well, i'll be honest and say that. >> at the beginning of the season, gabbert will be starting and right now it doesn't seem like you're saying that. >> i said last night don't read into anything else. we didn't play well offensively. we need to reevaluate everything we're doing offensively. our entire offense didn't play well, so we need to get something straightened out offensively. >> well, all right.
6:55 pm
to the silver and black, lutavious murray has been ruled out of sunday's game. they try to modify his foot ware to relieve the beenpain but the should be in good hands with rookies washington and deshard. and red sox, indians. lebron james hyping up the crowd before the game. 1-0 cleveland, then this happened. a laser to right. there's confusion at first. it's ruled a home run but they hit plexiglass in front of a camera and they take a 2-0 series lead. game two, blue jays-rangers. jays up 2-1. see you later. deep for the solo shot makes it 3-1 toronto. then later in the inning.
6:56 pm
edward encarnacion, and a post season record. they win 5-3, taking a 3-0 series sweep. all right. update right now, the dodgers won in their series and right now the giants and cubs game is still scoreless. we'll have a report from wrigley tonight at 11:00. coming up tonight at 11:00, donald trump finds himself at the center of a new controversy we talked to republican leaders to see what they think about this new issue tonight at 11:00. >> that's going to do it for us. hope to see you back here at 11:00. >> bye. see you then.
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. the kardashian show stamps down production. are kim's days on reality tv over? now on "extra." >> extra, extra. extra, extra. >> "keeping up with the kardashians on hold as the first family reality tv, are they rethinking the future? the shocking about kim's bodyguard. >> his ex-wife's claims about domestic violence. new couple alert. sean penn all over a mystery woman. he's 56. she's 24. who her famous father is. trump versus clinton, round two. before sunday's showdown, secretary clinton openeder


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