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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 8, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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on this saturday night campaign in crisis. donald trump the republican party turns on him after his demeaning comments about women. growing calls for trump to step aside on the eve of the second debate. could hillary clinton have been paid millions of dollars. how she plays the political game. the carolinas getting hit hard by deadly hurricane matthew. millions in the south facing catastrophic losses and a tough recovery. tracking russia's hackers. richard engel shows us
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the servers deep inside russia. who gave the orders? "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc world headquarters in new york. this is nbc nightly news with jose diaz balart. a fire storm is raging in the republican party and beyond. over comments about women donald trump was heard saying in the 11-year-old tape that came to light. trump's demeanoring language about women and his attempts to have sex with them has lead to a growing coerce of republicans calling on the candidate to get out of the race. as of this afternoon at least 19 gop elected first names called on trump to drop out. others saying they will not vote for him or condemning his comments. on twitter vice president joe biden said donald trump's words are demeaning and such behavior is an abuse of power. it's not lewd said biden. it's sexual assault. the new uproar comes one day before the
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second presidential debate. trump vowing, again, today he'll never get out of the race. we've got it all covered tonight beginning with katy tur here in new york city. >> reporter: good evening. trump is inside trump tower now. we're told he's doing debate prep, but the reality is, this campaign is in crisis. one snapper calling it their own hurricane as aids try to figure out how donald trump can weather this latest storm. 24 hours after the release of a 2005 conversation recorded on a hot microphone by "access hollywood" a program owned by nbc universal >> you can do anything. >> and donald trump is defiant tweeting "i will never develop out of the race. will never let my supporters down." his late night apology. >> i said it. i was wrong. and i apologize. >> reporter: doing nothing to stop the chorus of condemnation from turning into a
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cough any. >> he's not suited to be president of the united states. >> i can't look my 15-year-old daughter in the eye and tell her i endorse this person to become the president of the united states. >> my wife, my daughters, my mom, my sister, and all women deserve better. >> reporter: running mate mike pence initially reacted yesterday. >> donald trump is still standing stronger than ever before. >> reconsidered today. saying "i do not condone his remarks and cannot defend them." some say trump was bragging about sexual assault came eight months into his third marriage and while melania was pregnant. today she stood by her husband saying "the words my husband used are unacceptable and offensive to me. i hope people will accept his apology, as i have, and focus on the important issues facing our nation and the world." at a rally in wisconsin, some republican voters called for calm. >> i just think we need to stick together
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as republicans. we can't let hillary in there. >> reporter: for much of today the campaign and candidate were holed up inside trump tower after being disinvited from a wisconsin fund-raiser where house speaker paul ryan was supposed to make the debut appearance with the republican nominee. >> let me saying there's a bit of the elephant in the room. it is a troubling situation. i'm serious. it is. i put out a statement about it last night. i meant what i said, and it is still how i feel. >> reporter: panic among republicans fighting to hold their seats. the gop waiting to see how he fares in the second match against hillary clinton. bracing themselves for more releases. so far we have yet to hear from donald trump's children. the story is only snowballing as republicans across the party abandon trump by the hour. the latest john mccain condoleezza rice. donald trump heads to
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st. louis to the debate tomorrow. he has implied that the clinton marriage will be fair game. jose? >> katy tur, thank you very much. hillary clinton's campaign was dealing with revelations about her today. specifically leaked details of what she reportedly said in some of her highly paid speeches to wall street banking executives and other groups. we'll get details on that from kelley o'donnell. >> reporter: hillary clinton out of sight today. in debate prep in new york. trump's five-alarm crisis provides clinton cover from a new round of challenging e-mail disclosures. hacked personal e-mails belonging to her campaign chairman john podesta excerpts of clinton's paid speeches in 2013. today clinton opposes obama's transpacific partnership trade deal, to a brazilian bank clinton said "my dream is a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders." often criticized for
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secrecy, clinton told a trade association that to reach political comprise, people get a little nervous to say the least, so you need both the public and private position. former rival bernie sanders hammered for months. >> i think those speeches should be released to the american people. >> reporter: today sanders campaigned for clinton in pennsylvania. >> hillary clinton is the superior candidate for president of the united states. >> reporter: sanders responded to the hacked speech excerpts with a statement. "whatever secretary clinton may or may not have said behind closed doors, i'm determined to implement the agenda agreed to by her campaign." going into the debate rematch, a clinton advisor called the timing a gift. her team has decided she'll hold her first comments on trump words until tomorrow night waiting for one of the biggest audiences of this campaign. >> this is a man who called women "pigs"
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"slobs" and "dogs." >> reporter: now her strategy includes debate. they have been urged not to go overboard as trump is in turmoil. they tell me that clinton's top election lawyer assured her campaign manager he believes republicans have no legal or practical way to remove or replace donald trump from the ballot. so tonight hillary clinton's team is confident donald trump is the republican opponent she'll face in november. jose? >> kelley o'donnell. thank you. you heard the latest revelations come as the candidates prepare to face each other in their second debate tomorrow night in st. louis. i want to bring in our political director and moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. >> right now you have every republican now deciding it's every republican for themselves. it's save the party. it's save the senate majority and the house majority. every republican i've talked to that isn't in trump tower has
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essentially said the presidential race is over. the question is can you save the party? what is the collateral damage? i think you'll see a more concerted effort from republicans in tough races to find distance, whatever it takes. a full unendorsement. condemnation with leaving out what they're going to do on voting. whatever they think they have to do to do you're going to see. i suspect if the debate performance on sunday night, which i still think it's 50/50 he shows up for the debate. if that doesn't go well, then anybody who hasn't pulled away from him by the start of the debate will likely pull away from him on monday morning. >> in his statement he said "i'll see you on sunday." clearly the debate, if he shows up, will be important for both as consequences of revelations of both the trump camp and clinton. >> it could have been a rough debate for hillary clinton having to do with what was revealed about her true feelings about trade and things like
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that. in a normal presidential campaign. that this is not a normal presidential campaign. what trump did is not a normalized event. this is about trump's character, morality, temperament, all of those things. did this disqualify him from the presidency in the mienlds of a lot -- minds of a lot of people it did. >> chuck will have more on this and a closer look at tomorrow night's debate on meet the press tomorrow morning. we turn to new devastation from hurricane matthew as it pounded the carolinas today bringing rains and dangerous flooding along with fierce winds. it's being blamed on 11 deaths in this country. >> reporter: tonight hurricane matthew is hitting north carolina. now a category 1 storm but packing a punch. stirring up surf and leaving streets flooded. police in fayetteville rescuing a mother and her baby from high water.
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>> come on, sweetie! >> reporter: the storm even shutting down races at charlotte motor speedway. matthew took aim at south carolina overnight. dumping torrential rain and unleashing powerful winds. strong enough to uproot trees. this one just missing krista sully when it slie sliced through the home where she was riding out the storm. >> we got up. it was scary. >> reporter: south carolina's governor today with a dire warning. >> it's still a very serious situation, and it is -- we are not out of the woods. >> reporter: close to the coast, matthew's furry isn't gone. i'm blake mccoy in north myrtle beach, south carolina. you're looking at damage from a possible tornado. tropical storm force winds are expected here into the night. >> reporter: the monster tomorrow has left behind a trail of destruction hundreds of miles long. >> i'm in savannah.
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fierce storm winds toppled trees like this and knocked out power to some 260,000 customers in georgia. here in chatham county nearly 75% of the population evacuated. >> reporter: today in florida, a clear look at the damage. roads are crumbling after a storm surge battered the area and swamped coastal homes across the region. >> we have our neighbors here with us. >> you get a little bit emotional talking about it, why? >> they have a complete loss. >> reporter: tonight matthew is still on the move. massive storm system wreaking havoc across four states and refusing to quit. the u.s. death toll from hurricane matthew here is appears to be at least 10. tonight hundreds of thousands are still without power. in north carolina where matthew dumped sheets of water, several dams are at risk of breaching and
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wilafayette they ordered mandatory evacuations and a curfew in effect. >> thank you very much. have we seen the worst of the storm in for more on where it's headed we turn to nbc meteorologist dylan dreyer. >> we're dealing with torrential downpours. it's along the coast of north carolina now. i want to show you the history of the storm since thursday, though. as it moved through the bahamas as a category 3 and strengthened to 4 and back to a 3 off the coast of fort pierce. it didn't make landfall until 11:00 this morning as category 1 hurricane in south carolina. it's a cat 1 with 75 miles per hour winds, and now focus on the heavy rain across eastern north carolina as the storm continues to move out to sea. it will eventually weak ton a tropical depression on monday. we have so many flash flood warnings in effect across north carolina and stretching into south carolina. we have already had reports of more than a foot of rain, and we could still see an additional 20 inches
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of rain, especially across northeastern north carolina over the next several hours. even though the storm is weakening, the rain is still a major threat, jose. >> dylan dreyer, thank you very much. millions in this country begin the clean up from hurricane matthew. the full extent of the devastation in haiti is emerging. it appears many hundreds of people have lost their lives there. nbc tammy lightener has the report. >> reporter: the loss is staggering. entire communities washed away. hundreds dead. countless injured. >> the storm was bad. ad as you can see, it took away everything. the houses and everything are gone. >> reporter: this woman says "i heard a boom and the roof came off my house and it was gone." many survivors have nothing left. tens of thousands are homeless. this government official said "there are 438 dead in my region. it's a catastrophe."
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the overall death toll remains unknown. some estimates it is thousands. at this hospital, 25 pashltds, including children, are suffering from cholera. a problem health officials fear could get worse. food and drinking water are scarce. american aid worker holly said people are desperate. >> the critical need is food. there's been so much wind damage and flooding damage that people have lost everything. a lot of people just have the clothes on their backs. >> reporter: at this shelter, this mother says, i haven't had anything to eat in days. today helicopters carrying food and water arrived. residents lined up for bags of rice. the future for haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere, is still uncertain. tammy lightener, nbc news. still ahead tonight we go to russia where richard engel found the place where the hacking
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down. >> reporter: 20 states have so far reported attempted break ins of their election system. the fbi suspecting a cyber attack on the u.s. elections may be underway sent out an alert warning flagging the specific ip addresses used in two of those attacks. in arizona and illinois. a security firm called threat connect then found the next clue. >> we found that six of the eight ip addresses used in the attacks were owned by a company called king servers based in russia. >> reporter: we decided to follow that trail back to russia to the remote run-down city of bisque. the small iberian city is not where one would suspect an attack against the united states election might be launched here. we found the one person involved identified so far, he wasn't what we were expecting either. vladmir runs king servers and admits his
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servers were used for the hacks. in the two-room apartment that is his office, he said he doesn't know who was involved in the hacks. he rents server space unanimously. >> translator: in our business these days, people don't ask a new client what he's doin doing. >> reporter: it's like if somebody buys an umbrella at a store and uses it to hit someone. is the seller respondent f-- responsible for that. >> reporter: this leading investigative journalist believe believes a campaign is underway with orders coming on high. >> reporter: the heart of the crime less than? >> yes. >> why target as many alleged russian hacks have so far, hillary clinton, he believes it's putin's revenge for intense protests against him when clinton was secretary of state. >> putin said she -- >> translator: he
3:50 pm
blames her for creating protests? yeah. >> reporter: russia denied involvement. whatever the motive, what is clear is that hackers used companies like kings servers, which more often host pornography because they ask no questions. richard engel, nbc news. siberia. and up next the struggle at sea. the baby whale little dakota's nose was quivering in fear. because it knew an ordinary tissue was near. the fiery tissue left her nose sore and red. so dad slayed the problem with puffs plus lotion, instead. puffs have pillowy softness for dakota's tender nose. with lotion to comfort and soothe when she blows. don't get burned by ordinary tissues. a nose in need deserves puffs, indeed. now get puffs plus lotion in the squeezable softpack. so i thought it thanks might be times, dad. to talk about a financial strategy. you mean pay him back?
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this. most times it's the mother on the look out for her young one's safety. when a baby hump back whale released its mom was stranded on the sand bar off the coast of australia. it seemed to do everything it could to push her into deeper waters. the mother eventually got more help. this time from mother nature when a rising tide helped her get back to sea. in southern japan a spectacular eruption of a long dormant volcano. it's the first time in 36 years that mount aso erupted. it sent a plume of ash nearly seven miles into the sky spewing debris across nearby towns. no injuries reported. so far, at least, no evacuation orders have been issued. when we come back, we'll show you how kids are finding su
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finally, tonight for so many people young people across the country getting a college education is still a difficult dream to accomplish. in south florida, an unusual partnership between private enterprise, a university and local school board is giving many the chance to stay in school and realize their dreams. >> aaron willis. >> reporter: for aaron willis walking to accept his high school diploma was an act of determination. a victory. >> i jumped up and hollered! >> reporter: four years ago he was shot in the back while riding his bike home. >> if i was down for ten more minutes i
3:57 pm
could have been dead. >> reporter: the random shooting left him paralyzed. >> i felt like everything below my waist was gone. >> reporter: aaron is one of 250 kids under 19 shot in the city of miami since 2012. a grim reality so common in many of america's largest cities. >> if you're a young latino or black boy grouping up in urban america your chances of making it to college are reduced. >> reporter: aaron's dreams of going to college is coming true this year thanks to a priv privately funded scholarship. they helped me out. >> reporter: educators from florida international embed in the toughest high schools in miami. the mission to motivate students. >> many times they have dreams and ambitions but they are cut short. >> reporter: students get their hands on science, learn a trade, and get help
3:58 pm
with everything from filling out college applications to finding financial aid. it's working at miami northwestern senior high where the graduation rate jumped more than 18% since the partnership began. this fall the education effect moved into an elementary school to train teachers to target and help high-risk students even sooner. >> okay, boys and girls -- >> reporter: parents hope the early intervention will prevent their kids from becoming a statistic like third grader jonathan lewis being raised by his father. >> i want them to be responsible. to be somebody in the community. be more than what i was. >> reporter: a step in the right direction for a new generation. important and inspiring life lessons for this new generation, often still facing old obstacles. that's nbc nightly news for this saturday. i'm jose diaz balart from new york. thank you for the privilege of your time. good night. .
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