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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 9, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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. on this sunday night, tim kaine in crisis as donald trump heading in tonight's crucial debate. he's looking for remorse about his demeaning comment about women. hillary clinton campaign says she's ready for anything tonight. gunned down after two beloved police officers are shot and killed. the suspects are finally surrendering after an all night standoff. flooding rain leaving thousands trapped in carolina. a traumatic rescue. the art of living. their memorie memory may be fading but it is giving them new
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meaning, "nightly news" begins next. >> good evening. after a weekend o f dozens of prominent republicans abandoned their nominee. the big question tonight is how will he handle himself in st. louis. president obama called trump an in secured person who "punks himself up by putting others down. the campaign fought back accusing his critic being righteous hypocri hypocrite. we begin with halie jackson. >> donald trump to st. louis. this photo of a campaign in crisis. next to trump is
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reince priebus and is devastated of the fallout of the nominee after this 2005 surfaced of ""access hollywoo hollywoo hollywood". priebus cancelling public aexperiences and raising questions how long they'll support the nominee. >> you are saying that the words are wrong, how about the action sns. >> well, the actions were even worse. talk and action is two different things. >> what trump is describing in that tape is sexually assault. >> that's what he's talking about. >> the one behind camera, kale kellyanne
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conway considers a quitting. mike pence making it clear that he wants genuine contrition for his run mate tonight and others are echoing that as they are considering withdrawing their support. >> i don't think going up to bill clinton won't solve the problem. people want him to talk about the future and deal of what's happening in the future. that starts with being humbled and po apologetic. >> millions of americans watching tonight. >> all i can say is this is going to be the saddest election in the united states history. we can vote for a liar or we can vote for a dirty grandpa that cannot keep his mouth shut. >> reporter: it is still a question of whether and how trump will go after bill
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clinton. i am told by a senior adviser that he will bring out leaked e-mails of hillary clinton expressed support of open borders, something that clinton campaign did not comment on. the other uncertainty is the pressure that trump faces hours from now. >> halie jackson, thank you very much. >> while there is little doubt of trump's comments about women will be a prominent theme. hillary clinton will have to face more questions about her husband's relationships with other women. her aids said, she's ready for anything." >> andrea mitchell has more tonight. >> hillary clinton heading into her debate. reports say trump's take will be a focus in the debate and
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sparking a response aiming at bill clinton's fidelity. >> bill clinton is ready at anything that trump is throwing at him. >> if donald trump wants to have a discussion about hillary clinton's record standing up for women, we welcome that. >> the mood about what top aids are calling trump's downward viral is not far from "snl" comedy. >> it makes me feel horrible and very depressed. i am sorry. it is a very, very sad day for our country, and for all women, minus one. tonight's debate stage is in a town hall of 40 undecided voters asking questions and two moderators interjecting with issues online. >> they can be repute by the voters on
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stage. the entire election comes down to tonight. you have a group of undecided voters who want to hear answers and policies and they don't want to see these candidates fight. >> even before the tape emerged. clinton leads by double digits among likely voters and by three points in florida. >> aids are calling tonight on uncharged terry, not only of the format but because of the trump's tape. that points by a pattern behavior by trump like his former miss universe, alicia machado. > >> i will be hosting it live with halie jackson at 9:30 eastern or you can switch over to msnbc. in southern california, a standoff
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that lasted all night ended this morning with the surrender of the suspect in a shooting deaths of two police officers in palm spring. a community and its police department are mourning the deaths of those officers. one just starting out and the other one is near retirement. >> steve patterson has our report. >> a night of sorrow in palm spring as the community is morning the deaths of two offers ki off officers killed in the line of duty. >> families joining the possession. >> we are thank you for everything that you do for us. >> community members lined the street. >> saturday afternoon, police say officers were responding to a disturbance call. the suspect opened fire killing the two officers wounding third. after a 12 hours
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standoff, the suspect surrender surrendered. >> he was wearing body armor and he had a lot of capacity of bullets. the suspect is identified as john fel felix. today, hello jeh vega 35 year veteran and father of eight and he was just two months away from retirement. >> a nice guy and always there to help. >> lesley zerebyn joined the force nearly half a here and a half ago, she just gave birth more fofour months ago. >> it is tough. two officers on the ultimate end at their careers giving the ultimate sacrifice. steve patterson, nbc news, palm springs in
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california. hurricane matthew has now stopped. in north carolina tonight they are in the middle of a flood of an emergency. miguel is there tonight reporting on the latest. >> today across north carolina, heart pounding rescue, nearly 1,000 in 24 hours, those rising flood waters, blocked to safety. the u.s. death toll from hurricane matthew at least 17. >> it got out of hand pretty quick. >> nearly half of the fatalities are from north carolina. she's an papanicking now. >> thousands are thankful to be alive. >> there could be some back roads where we had people swept away and i am praying that we are not going to find that to be. >> after nearly a foot of rain fell in some
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cities, flood waters are swamping neighborhoods. >> i have been trying to get to my house for about the past days. >> so much water. >> we must stay home and stay safe during this process. there are very dangerous conditions ongoing and we still have road ways that are flooded. >> after pounding the coast, matthew ripped apart piers and crumbled roads. >> oh my goodness, this is amazing >> some evacuation orders are still in place. >> we don't really know what they we can return, you know, to see what's going on. >> with more than one million still in the dark, water and gas are out in many area. florida and georgia and the carolinas, a
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massive clean up. the damage may top $6 billion. tonight, rivers and dams are still swoll swollen. these rescues may not be over. it is now all pouring into low lining communities and homes downstream. officials say rivers could burst their banks in the coming days and they have a close eyes on all the dams that could also fail. >> miguel almaguer. >> people in the storm zones need to be aware of massive hurricanes. doctor john torres has more on that tonight. >> hurricane matthew leaving more than floods and debris and health power outages. >> doctors say health is the number one
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priority. >> halifax medical center in daytona beach were flooded with patients the day after the storms. people were most at risk at injuries, sickness and deaths. >> after the hurricane, i think i is going to be injuries as people go out and start clearing debris and approaching power lines and trying to restore lives back to normal. >> as people line up to buy generators for their home, they need to watch out for carbon dioxide poisoning. >> 14 people were treated in jacksonville after they use a generator too close to the building. >> the generators is a lifesaver but it is like anything else, it is manmade. if it is used incorrectly, the results can be lee that. >> standing water, where there is
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standing water, mosquitos can breathe and that adds more of a concern to zika virus. >> if you are evacuated, don't rush to come home. make sure the area is safe. when using a generator, keep it outside. protect yourself from mosquitos and use bug spray and get rid of standing waters. >> take each event one day at a time and some time one hour of a time and don't let it overwhelm you. >> staying healthy and safe as life returns to normal. >> daytona beach, florida, doctor torres. tonight, of trump's comment about women and women sharing their own experiences with sexually assaults and improving the lives of is that ice-t? nope, it's lemonade. is that ice-t?
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stats. a man on a bus grabbed me, i am twelve. with the #notokay. in the nicinitial hours, 50 responses per minute, one by one survivors with sexually assaults added their voices. >> at church camp, a male reached in and grabbed my vagina, i was twelve. >> male classmate flips my skirt up and i screamed and slug him. the teacher tells me it is not okay to make these things up. #notokay. >> at 30, kimberley ross is compelled to share these stories. >> it is an opportunity to teach our children how to
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behave. >> a lot of people, it is the opportunity to take a little bit of power back by saying i am going to talk about my story and i am going to receive support from the public and people and realizing that i am not the only one that this happens to. >> the strengths and supporting numbers reached to mariam in pa pakistan. >> it is not okay when you have so many stories that you don't have enough characters to tweet. >> stories that's so painfully private that is collectivity powerful. >> kelly oxford tells us, yes, this opens the discussion but the discovery is so many people are fed up and speaking publicly about their trauma is bigger than any political campaign. up in the case, political campaign. up in the case, more and i use what's already inside me to reach my goals.
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that program was started last month from at&t of a global recall after a series of incident of note 7 battery over heated or caught on fire. at&t says they'll no longer exchange the song for a new note 7 after reports of similar problems of replacement phones. there are increasing concerns about clowns or at least people dressing up in clown costumes or engaging in scary behaviors. we get more tonight from kristen. >> 7-year-old justin
3:52 pm
bob mueller shows what happens when he says some one dressed in a clown costume grabbed him. >> he jabbed a knife on my arm >> the latest of a clown scare across the country >> the frenzy started in carolina in august. >> a clown last seen in august. >> it is spreading to more than two dozen states. new york, residents spotted a clown on a bridge of which turned out to be a bb gun. >> the facebook page of police now post laws about shooting clowns. after these threats showed up on instagram.
3:53 pm
it came up at a white house's press briefing. >> this is a situation that local authorities are taking it seriously. >> while the man many are seeing responsible for our fear of clowns, steven king tweeted "it is time to cool down the clown hysteria." a nation on alert over clowns that are anything but funny. nbc news, new york. and up next, bringing out the inner artist in these senior and w artist in these senior and w s and why it iliberty mutual se when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie?
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the word "granny does graffiti." an unusual art program in denver is all about bring eing out artistic people with memory loss. >> more tonight with joe friar. >> mary good, a grandmother of 35 who loves her mark. >> i really love to draw. >> usually with a paint brush or pencil. >> when we were kids, she would write our names on our lunch fax and it was always in a very artistic manner. >> i am not expecting the mona lisa. >> lately, she's flexing those art muscle with memory loss. >> mary had been
3:57 pm
diagnosed with alzheimer. >> her sadness is erased through art. who could have imagined her next canvas would be a wall? >> keep going. >> is that enough? >> demographically these seniors do not get the profile of a graffiti artists. it is a new idea at the access art galleria in denver calls "granny does graffiti." >> by introducing something new, sometimes that opens different channel in the brain and we get a glimpse of the person that's still there. >> for mary, msg, triggers thoughts of her high school days. >> it is so much more for her than just plain-old paining and
3:58 pm
bringing back memory. >> this is a lot of fun. >> mary can continue to leave her mark. joe friar, nbc, denver. >> granny does graffiti. that's nbc news for sunday. up next, football night of america. the giants taking on the packers. i will see you all week long on msnbc, i am kate snow. from all of us here on nbc news, have a great niepgt. night.
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nbc sports, home of the olympic games, the nhl, premier league, the chase for the nascar sprint cup, and primetime's number one show, "sunday night football," only on nbc. lambeau field in green bay, where tonight, "sunday night football," pits the hometown packers against the hot topic of conversation around the nfl this week, odell beckham jr. and his new york giants. ♪ for the giants, this season started with promise. >> first win right here. ♪ >> but hope has gi


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