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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  October 9, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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. >> but cheeseburgers were more important to him back in the day. that's all right. i can relate to that, lorenso. good to have you on the show. we had a good game today. oakland raiders at home for the second time this season, taking on the chargers. and boy, did the raiders get off to a good start. they forced three turnovers in the first half, four total in the game.
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perry riley was signed last week, forces a fumble from gates and then rivers threw two interceptions, one to smith, one to joseph. >> yeah, it was big by smith to show his range and he ran under, threw the ball underneath, a low ball. but the rookie, we wanted to see a young guy, got a pick at a crucial time. despite all the turnovers, raiders trailed by one at the break. third quarter, hunter henry. >> oh, my god, hunter henry, no pun intended, but that was a bigtime play by fillip rivers so he could bounce back and throw the ball. >> gordon having a much better year than his rookying season. >> he's starting to play a lot, running well. >> next, raiders drive carr to a wide open cooper. run, young man, run. first td of the season. it's about time. >> there go that man, mamma. if he's even, that's 89, that
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is. if he's even, he's leaving. he's a bigtime play maker for the raiders. >> 64 yard touchdown, first of the year and derek says, yep, i'm making everyone happy on this offensive line, as well. later in the third, 24-19, gordon fumbles the ball, recovered by the rookie, joefgs. fourth and 2, the raiders go for it. karlter crabtree, it paid off. >> my god, turnovers in the national football league is a premium. but how about the hands of crabtree. this guy has hands that's unbelievable. if he touches, he's going to usually grab it. >> two-point try, carr hits cooper in the end zone, 27-24. silver and black fans going crazy. fourth quarter now getting in the end zone. >> let the big fellah eat. i like to see that. >> there we go, talking about
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food again. what about rivers, the gates, 4-yard score, chargers down only 3 low. late fourth quarter, 3rd and 1, gordon stopped short of the first down. in comes lambeau with a 36-yard field goal. it was a chip shot. what happened? >> trust me, san diego charnelers find a way to lose ball games, but kudos to rivers, see the way the guy can drive the ball down the field. this was a great game and a great win for the raiders. it was an old fagds shoot out. the raiders improve for the first time since 2002 and now tied with denver broncos. kerk carr, two touchdown pass, cooper had 138 yards on six catches and the td and the rookie joseph got his first interception of his career. let's hear from the silver and
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black. >> a little wild west out the there today, a couple times going at it, back and forth, our guys hung in there and made enough plays to go home happy today. that's what the idea is, come out with a smile on the face and celebrate being tied for first place after five weeks. one thing, we don't give up. we showed that numerous times, and we really don't want to be in that position, but it just so happened to be, and we got to keep continue to get better each week and not put ourself in those predicaments. >> it's nice, but the road goes through denver. i'll always pay their respects to them because that's what they've earned. we've earned absolutely nothing yet. we've earned four win in five games, which is a great feeling, feels very nice, really nice, but we haven't done anything yet. >> my goodness, what a game. what a game for the silver and black. they had to come home and bounce back because their only other
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home game of the season, they were embarrassed by the falcons. but that didn't happen today. let's get to our dodge player of the day, brought to you by the dodge challenger, this car was made for driving in california. visit to learn more. that player is amare cooper. take a look at these back flow, 138 yards on 6 catches. he averaged 23 yards a reception, plus his first td. longest catch was 64 yards. targeted 12 times in the game. it seemed like they made an effort to make sure he got into pay dirt today. how important is this, to get your best receiver to get his first td of the season? >> it was absolutely amazing. couldn't come at a better time. you look at this team, they're good. probably one of the worst teams in football, but only recordwise, but as far as the worst team, as far as looking at their losses, kansas city, up by
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fwun. indianapolis, 76 seconds left to win it. you go down the line, look at their losses, beating drew brees in new orleans, saints up by 13 with 6 minutes left. this was a must-win and cooper was stellar. he saved his best performance for the chargers. think about 23 yards a carry. that is unbelievable. what he was able to do, but you got to give carson credit because car knew to go to cooper. and you saw these two hook up for big plays and you saw that in the performance. >> i agree with you. san diego won in four, but that doesn't reflect the talent of this team. they've lost a couple games they should have won and came to oakland looking for a fight today. after today's game, raiders and broncos tied in first place. kansas seattcity chiefs played less game because they're on a bye this week. they're coming off the horrible loss for the pittsburgh stealers.
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next up a trip to oakland to take on the silver and black, and the chargers, they're in trouble. they've suffered a lot of serious injuries this season. they're 1-4. this may not be their year. what are you anticipating in sunday's showdown between the chiefs and raiders. >> anytime the chiefs and raiders get together, you'll have a hard-hitting, physical game. two teams that can't stand one another and you're looking for revenge. you look at the quarterback, alex smith, he wants to show the league he's ready to take that next step. but you've got young car. and you heard him, you've got to be thrown denver, still the king on top. you've got to realize, the kansas city chiefs have been in the playoffs the last couple years. this is a game, the raiders get to show are they ready for the next step, ready to take that stage. and this is going to be that match-up that you want to see? >> well, one thing is for sure. jack believes in this team. he doesn't care where they are on the field. doesn't care how big the moment is. if it's fourth down or not, he
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believes in this young team. and derek car, boy, has he taken his game to another level. just like lorenso neil, one heck of a football player. when we come back, we'll talk a little baseball. big game tomorrow at att park. it's win for the giants or call it a season. guess who's on the mound. 0 mad bomb. baby, we've got things to talk about. hang with us. >> oh, my.
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. welcome back. dodgers and nationals, nlds game 2, bottom of the 4th. dodgers up 2-0. two on for washington. jose takes rich. then murphy singles the right center. tray turner comes in after that hit.
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nationals win 5-2 to even this series at a game of feats. things are getting interesting. what about the rangers at the blue jays? bottom of the 6th. toronto down one with the bases loaded. lucroy allows a passed boy. luwinsy scores, and we're tied at 6. bottom of the 10th, 2 on for rustle martin, possible ending double play, but odoor throwing way wide. that's not good. the former a josh donaldson hits for a fly and blue jays win 7-6 in extras. sweeping the series and advancing to the alcs. the giants and cubs resume their nlds series tomorrow as the series moves back to at&t park and the g-men find themselves in an uncomfortable yet familiar position, facing elimination. it's winner go home for the wild
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card winners and won't be easy against the cubs team that won 103 games in the main season. marietta won more games in the regular season with a-team but garner has the more impressiveer at 2.78. bumgardner hasn't won an elimination game in his last 23 years. >> he has a history. that's what you like about what's going on now, to find in a way to win that game, they had to win and moving on, that's, you know, experience. it's so vital to draw on. and if you doechb that, you may not have that belief, that you can do it. well, they know they've done it. >> you know, there hasn't been a whole a lot of talk because everybody knows, you know, what kind of spot we're in. the only thing we can do is come
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in and win tomorrow. that's win or go home. so the only thing we can do is focus on winning tomorrow. if we do that, we get to do it again and so on. >> it's all about believing. if there's doubt in there, no question. i'll talk to them. but i don't think there is. in fact, i know there isn't. you know, we played pretty good baseball. i thought in chicago, lost 1-0. you know, we came back as soon as they scored that second game. their pen did a good job on us, but it comes down to you keep fighting. it's pretty simple. >> can't wait for the game. lorenso promised be front row seats. >> anything for you, baby. anything for you. >> a pair of players with bay area ties had big games sunday and one made headlines with achieving a major career milestone. that's next. plus. >> i'm peggy from the nbc bay
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area studios. coming up immediately, donald trump and hillary clinton clash in the second presidential debate. this controversial comments about women front and center tonight, we have complete coverage. also, dust off the umbrella. we are tracking rain in the forecast. that's coming up on nbc bay area news after xfinity sports sunday.
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all right. neil said he would beat me up if i did not go around the nfl. so we're doing it right now. tom brady season debut after serving 4-game suspension. he hit bennett three times in the end zone today. >> it was amazing watching brady do what brady does. he was unbreebl, threw for over 400 yards today. >> yep, that man was very good. 406 yards to be exact. all three touchdowns to bennett. new england wins 33-13.
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but what about the next guy? first quarter of that colts game against the bears, frank gore, the former 49er moved ahead of the legendary jim brown in tonight's place on the nfl's all time rushing list. nearly every retired player ranked in the top zbraen 15 is in the hall of fame. gordon needs 417 yards to move into the 8th past the great former dallas cowboys running back tony dorset. of course, brown was playing when there was only 14 games in the regular season. but anytime you're in the same company as brown, you're thinking hall of fame. in your opinion, is gore a future hall of famer? >> absolutely. i call him the ageless wonder. he doesn't fumble the ball a lot. you see what he did in san francisco, 1,000 yard seasons back to back, back in the day. this guy's been consistent. yets, a little older but without
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a doubt, gore will be in the hall of fame. >> raiders are 4-1. are the raidthers real deal? >> they're finding a way to win in the national football league. if you can win in this league, it's winning to win. you take it. are they the real deal? absolutely. they beat the saints, the chargers, the baltimore ravesens. they're beating teams they put in front. >>and everybody's talking about atlanta falcons. that was stale great game. >> neil played 16 seasons. he could have played 32 seasons. but he wouldn't give up the hamburgers. we'll see you a little bit later. later. you're 9 hours and 45 minutes into your quest. and the silver sword of garmúz is finally within reach. but now the one who needs an energy-orb is you. well good news. because jack in the box now delivers through doordash. so you can get all your favorites delivered right to your door. like my sriracha curly fry burger, with two tacos, halvsies and a drink. all in a munchie meal. saving the universe is hard. which is why i make ordering late night easy. delivery through the doordash app.
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new from jack in the box.
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capsize on the bay -- sending 3. ===peggy live pic=== plus: get ready for rain. we're tracking a big change in the forecast this week. but first. ==sot== runs 0:06 "donald trp is not charge the law in thicountry- becausyou'd be injail." =terry contvo= teions high frothe very start. ===terry contvo=== tensis high fr the verystart. hillary clinton and donald trum second presidential debate -- ae which issue was the rst onhe agenda. show open the ws at nine star now. good evening, i'm terry mcsweeney. ==peggy/2-shot== and i'm peggy bunker. thanks for joining us for this special edition of nbc bay area news. we begin wi thpresidentiadebates ==terry re==candidates tonight. thcontroversy or donald trump's vulgar comments... addrsed right at e beginning. ==terry/boxes==
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we have team coverage of the debate... beginning with nbc bay area's marianne fav -- with a breakdown of the showdown in st. louis.maria ==terry/boxes== nbc bay area christ smith continues our coveragerom >> and he has said that the video doesn't represent who he is. but i think it's clear to anyone who heard it, that it represents exactly who he is. >> the candidates also responded to questions from the audience of undecided voters and those submitted online, including questions about the rising costs
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of health care. >> we have to repeal it and replace it with something absolutely much less expensive and something that works, where your plan can actually be tailored. >> i want very much to save what works and is good about the affordable care act. but we've got to get costs down. we've got to provide some additional help to small businesses. clinton and trump also addressed everything from their energy policies to how to handle the refugee crisis in syria. and in the end, they were asked to talk about the one thing they liked about each other. >> i respect his children. his children are incredibly able and devoted, and i think that says a lot about donald. >> she doesn't quit. she doesn't give up. i respect that. >> the two candidates also addressed who they would like to see fill the open vacancy on the supreme court. trump said he would like to see
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someone with the same perspective as the late justice sculeah. but clinton said she would like to see someone with a much different perspective. in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. christy smith continues our coverage from san francisco. and christy, you spoke to both republicans and democrats here in the bay area about this. >> that's right and there was a strong turn out tonight at debate watch parties tonight. not surprised, no one told us the debate changed their opinions. some said they wanted to hear what donald trump had to say about those tapes. others say they were disappointed what he called up bill clinton's past abuse of women. we went to a party in san francisco. it brought out young voters. some told us they wondered how the dialogue even got to this point between the candidates. they say it felt more like entertainment, but hillary clinton's answers did seem to
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draw more support. we also checked in at a republican watch party in the south bay and in the city, we spoke with two who support hillary clinton. >> i thought it was very unprofessional and sort of, you know, like this man isn't really an issue here. his wife is the candidate. you know, address her behavior. frachkly, that's what we as voters are concerned about, and that's not what i heard about. >> it's a great form of entertainment, but it's almost painful because a lot of this matters to a lot of us. i have massive student loans. a lot of americans have serious kbrugss. >> trump has obviously engaged in bad behavior, but when you compare his bad behavior to clinton's bad behavior, there's no comparison. >> and republicans also gathered in large parties in the bay area, including san francisco. with those watching on both sides seem to agree on, is they hope that undecided voters are
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paying close attention to all this and do finally make a decision. reporting live in san francisco, christy smith, nbc bay area interviews thank you very much. this debate getting so much attention and also reaction on social media. our political analyst joining us now, great to have you here. the big question for tonight, the candidates, had you had they do? >> let's look it in terms of substance and style. first, trump. look, his substance was better than he was before. he was talking about health care, isis. he got away from the bad tape issue as fast as he could. he gets credit for that. as far as the style goes, he was pretty ugly at some points. he hovered over hillary clinton. he interrupted an awful lot. so the style doesn't get him very far. let's look at clinton and see what happened to her. her substance was slentd, particularly when she rattled off all the things she'd done over the last 30 years. it was quite a moment. as far as the style, she was the only one that looked at the
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undecided voters and i think there was a bit of a connection there than donald trump. that's the difference in terms of substance and style. >> and in terms of connecting, the format set for undecided voters, if that's even possible after a year-long campaign, do you think either candidate won anyone over. >> here's an opportunity they both had and only one took and that's the deal with the muslim woman and the two african americans. donald trump, if anything, chased them away. hillary clinton embraced them both in terms of diversity and the idea of working together. so i think he had no opportunity to expand his base, and i think she did well with hers and perhaps a bit better. >> we appreciate your insights. thank you so much for our "newsroom" tonight. we'll talk to you again soon. >> today, the president weighed in on the vulgar comments from the donald trump. >> that tells you a couple things. it tells you he's insecure enough that he pumps himself up by putting other people down. >> the president called trump's comments disturbing and demeaning. mr. obama was speaking at an
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event in chicago. >> well, tonight's debate getting a lot of attention on social media and people have been weighing in all evening and the trump audio controversy on our facebook page. log on to post your comments, as well. >> and tonight, fall out for former host of access hollywood, now the today show, billy bush in the wake of the trump audio scandal. nbc confirming that billy bush is being suspended from the today show. it's unclear if he will ever talk to the broadcast. there have been calls for discipline. when the audio was revealed on friday, nbc sources nish initiallyicides bush would stay on the show. the change in that decision came late this afternoon. >> juvenile details tonight in the dramatic boat accident, that sent several people, including children, into san francisco bay. >> tonight, san francisco police expected to use sonar equipment to search for the boat as the
9:29 pm
investigation into what went wrong continues. boone has juvenile details from san francisco. >> yeah, juvenile at this hour, it could be weeks before we know who may be at fault in this accident that could have had a deadly outcome. a day after this privately owned 34-foot cabin cruiser boat capsize charged with 30 people on board, sonar crews will begin searching for the vessel fully underwater. >> the focus of the investigation now is keep eboats out of the area. >> teams will dive late sunday evening and monday, determining its location. >> it may drift a little bit with the tide, but if it's on the bottom, as we skpukt, it's not going to move tarnly far. >> there were 30 passengers on board and now being determined if there were enough life vests of each passenger on the boat. on sunday, all passengers hospitalize reside better. and even a 5-year-old on board has improveed a good condition. >> there was a ton of people in
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the water. started throwing life rings. >> nearby boaters rescued everyone, even tossed life vests into the water. >> there was a lot of people in the water. a couple kids in the water. >> investigators are still trying to figure out if alcohol was connected to this accident. >> we're looking at all possible aspects so we can determine as best what happened. >> and as for who will be paying to raise that boat out of the water, investigators will be looking to the boat's owner or their insurance company to pay up. in san francisco, rick boone, nbc bay area news. >> still ahead tonight a somber anniversary in east bay, a trivia unveiled today. 25 years after a deadly fire broke out in the oakland hills. >> and after a spectacular weekend, we watch the fog roll in across the coast line this evening. good evening. i'm back to talk about a cooler monday on tap, plus larger changes, some that include


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