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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 10, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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weekend throwing 30 passengers overboard and investigators are trying to determine what caused it. details coming up in a live reporter. and a tragic turn of events for miss flo, a beloved community leader in san jose. how people will remember miss flo after she died after being beaten in her home and will e. what will happen to the man who beat her. "today in the bay" starts right now. i'm kris sanchez in for sam brock. a little sorter than sam. >> your hair is longer. >> he has a lot of hair, too. we know he's probably sleeping in. >> hope so. >> kris is joining us today. we're thrilled by that. rob is in. >> with have numbers in the 40s and 50s outside. cooling trend underway overnight bringing in fog and low clouds into san francisco, which means kind of a slow commute around the coast. half moon bay, visibility down to zero.
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52 in san francisco with some drizzle. for the afternoon, valley temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. a cooling trend that will take shape and lead to rain later this week. let's see what's happening around the tri valley. >> half moon bay, tough to see along the coast. zero miles of visibility. so far the speeds are moving well around the bay area. tri valley, a little minor fender bender in livermore. fog thicker up in petaluma, heading up towards the coast. also the golden gate bridge. dublin has smooth traffic despite a crash in this area, we don't see any backup, but again, i'll double check. back to you. >> i'm embarrassed by it. i hate it but it's locker room talk. it's one of those things. >> he has said the video doesn't
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represent who he is. but i think it's clear to anyone who heard it that it represents exactly who he is. >> the second presidential debate began with the candidates talking about the latest scandal, that footage released on friday showing donald trump talking about women in vulgar terms. trump says it is the usual locker room talk among men and accused bill clinton of being more abusive to women. trump even invited women who have accused bill clinton of abuse or harassment to sit in the audience as his guests. hillary clinton's e-mails brought up last night. clinton saying it was a mistake to have a personal server. trump said if he wins, he would investigate clinton and suggested he would put her in jail. >> hate to say it, but if i win i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. because there has never been so many lies, so much deception,
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there has never been anything like it. >> it's awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> yeah, because you'd be in jail. >> the night ended with a few minutes of civility with clinton saying she respects how donald trump raised his children, and trump called clinton a fighter who never gives up. this is only after they were asked to say something nice. there was reaction in the bay area. some people were frustrated that many issues facing americans were never discussed. >> it's a great form of entertainment but almost painful. a lot of this matters to a lot of us. i have massive student loans. a lot of americans have issues. >> democrats we talked with were not satisfied with trump's answers on the tapes released on friday. some local republicans tell us that trump did well last night. our debate coverage continues later in the newscast with a live report from
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washington. nbc news fact checked the debate and the claims made. the results a s ars are posted . find them for yourself at the search continues this morning for a catch sized boat in the san francisco bay. the dramatic boat accident sent dozens of people into the water. three of them children. we have more on the investigation now underway to find out what happened. good morning, pete. >> good morning. that investigation by sfpd started sunday night and it will continue today. they will use sonar equipment to locate that boat that is submerged underwater. it was quite a scene saturday when the boat capsized. >> coming in. >> get the life jacket. >> reporter: you can see life vests thrown into the water from nearby boaters.
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sfpd is conducting an investigation into what may have caused this boat to capsize. as well if the 30 passengers may have been too heavy for the boat. as far as looking for the boat, sfpd is confident there shouldn't be issues. >> it may drift with the tide, but if it's on the bottom it won't move terribly far. >> reporter: all the passengers were hospitalized and are okay for the most part. there was a 5-year-old on the boat and is still hospitalized, but he is described as being in good condition. investigators will also try to figure out if alcohol may have been a factor in the accident. sfpd says it could be a few weeks before they know who caused the accident. live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." tragic new details on a violent home invasion investigation in san jose. the elderly woman who neighbors called miss flo died of her injuries. now the suspect will likely face
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murder charges. 88-year-old flo douglas died early saturday morning. the retired beauty salon owner spent the last four weeks in critical condition. deputies arrested 19-year-old zachary quinn for that assault. he lived directly across the street from douglas and was caught on camera driving her car and using her credit cards. now that she's gone, friends and family have a message for her accused killer. >> tell the truth, in spite of what anyone else tells you, tell the truth for your own conscious. >> there's a gofundme account for flo douglas. it was meant to pay for herrion going care. now it will be used for her funeral expenses. the suspect is due back in court at the end of november. the oakland raiders keep winning on the field but will they have a new home field to continue though winning ways? today the nevada state legislature will meet for a special session to discuss a proposed stadium that the raiders could call home in las vegas.
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lawmakers need to approve $750 million of funding for a domed stadium that would cost roughly $2 billion. even if the legislature says yes there are other hurdles. the nfl still has to approve the raiders move to las vegas. it's familiar territory for our san francisco giants. quiet right now, but hopefully they'll get a win tonight. win or pack up the lockers. a live look right now at at&t park where the ballpark will be jam packed tonight with 40,000 fans on pins and needles hoping for a win. >> the giants trailed the chicago cubs two games to none in the nlds, with the season hanging by a thread, they will turn to their ace, madison bumgarner. just last week mad bum put the team on his back to tossing a complete game shutout in the wild card showdown against the mets. he says his team is ready. >> everybody knows what kind of spot we're in. the only thing we can do is come in and win tomorrow.
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it's win or go home. >> we have a challenge ahead of us. we put ourselves in good position, taking care of business at home with the opportunity to close the series out in three games. and get back to chicago and prepare. >> the first pitch is after 6:30 tonight. if the giants win, and some say they must, they will force a game four tomorrow night. >> always dramatic. >> october. >> good day to grab a pumpkin spice latte and head to half moon bay for the pumpkin weigh off. >> that is happening the art and pumpkin festival in its 43rd year. these are live pictures from where the weigh-off is going to happen. it's a lot at stake. the biggest, baddest, fattest pumpkins will get the top prize of $30,000. weigh-off festivities begin at 7:00 this morning. the festival officially begins on saturday with the great
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pumpkin parade. >> those are amazing to see. little tricks, too. >> do your kids always wonder why the biggest ones are not orange? >> mine are usually like, hey that will make a lot of pie, mom. >> it will feel like fall as you head out to the pumpkin harvest festival this weekend. >> that says a lot, those pumpkins brought in by forklifts. temperatures in the 50s. 40s and 50s to start the day, 70s more post places inland. concord, walnut creek, livermore may be close to 80. low clouds lingering on the coast. turn your attention later this week. friday, saturday, sunday, you can see for san francisco and the valleys, rain making a comeback. we have a cooling trend starting today taking us through thursday. the second half of the week looks like quite a bit of rain
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returning to the bay area. >> we'll keep that in mind. plenty of time to make sure the wipers are in good shape again for that friday expected rain. right now roads are dry. roads are relatively clear. i need to take you up not towards livermore, that crash is cleared. over here it's richmond where we have a crash reported around cutting boulevard. the issue is the crash is on the shoulder, but reports that the person who caused that crash was swerving around in lanes, heading down towards the merge in golden gate fields, continuing possibly down towards the bay bridge and the toll plaza. no problems coming around the bend. i'll be on the lookout there. yous will be on the lookout if that's where you're traveling in the next few. coming up, the hurricane may have passed, but the damage remains. we take a closer look at the aftermath of hurricane matthew after a weekend full of vicious winds and flooding rains. and u.s. secretary of state
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at 5:13, more decision 2016 coverage now. the presidential candidates debated in st. louis. >> democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine was in sacramento yesterday. a large crowd was lined up outside the golden one center to hear him speak at the fund-raiser there. many people attending the event seemed confident they were about to see the next vice president speak. including the sacramento mayor-elect who dose esn't thine can bounce back from the most recent controversy. >> i think it's over. maybe it was over already. >> donald trump's running mate, mike pence, canceled a scheduled visit in new jersey today. happening today, debate between san francisco supervisor jane kim and scott weiner. both vying for state senate see the. tonight's debate is at 6:30 at the presentation theater at the university of san francisco. u.s. secretary of state john
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kerry is making a trip to silicon valley to promote climate change today. he will take part in a roundtable discussion about new and innovative ways to promote and use clean energy. this is happening at the four seasons hotel in palo alto. kerry has been an advocate for the tech industry and its role for helping to solve of the greatest issues. and elon musk says he is about to unveil a new product. >> for that and more we go to la landon dowdy. >> stocks seem to be pricing in a hillary clinton win in november following last night's debate, and wall street is coming off a down week after the tepid jobs report it could be a quiet day today as the bond markets are closed for the columbus day holiday. on friday, the dow falling 28
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points. the nasdaq down 14. samsung's phone recall nightmare seems to be getting worse. reports say the electronics giant is suspending production of the galaxy notebook 7, amid reports that some replacement phones have caught fire. at&t and t-mobile stopped exchanging the phones for replacements after smoke from one device forced the evacuation of a southwest airlines last week. in a statement samsung says it is adjusting shipments of the phone to assure quality. and elon musk says he will unveil a new item on the 17th. he said it will be unexpected by most. tesla previously announced plans to announce a solar roof produced by solar panel maker solarcity. what's left of tropical storm matthew is moving out to sea but the recovery is far from
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over. flooded cities are trying to drown on and people downstream are keeping a close eye on the rivers where they live. the destruction stretches across five states. entire neighborhoods in north carolina are still underwater right now. some areas along the southeast coastline saw some rain. at least 19 people are dead because of the storm. close to 1,000 people have been rescued from floodwaters in the last 24 hours. >> i've never seen anything like this. the water got all the way up to my top step. then it just stopped. >> more than 1 million people are still without power. authorities say the floodwaters could continue to rise for another week or more. >> they have such a tough go of it there. we felt some summer return this weekend. now pal, and some rain coming this weekend. >> maybe winter for some. >> i didn't know if i could go that far. >> why not? beautiful weather in time for fleet week.
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low clouds and fog making a comeback. this is a sign of cooling changes today, and bigger changes ahead not far off in the distant future. by the end of the work week we'll see those changes. 40s and 50s outside right now. pretty view. the fog lit up by the low clouds and city lights there. 56 and low clouds into san jose. not much in the way of low clouds. 57 degrees. over downtown san francisco, look at that, towards the golden gate bridge, lots of low clouds 5 2 right now. should see 60 s around first pitch time, giants and cubs at at&t park. the familiar confines and the fog hopefully changing the odds for the home team today. drizzle and low clouds throughout the day today on the coast. temperatures near 60 today. inland spots seeing temperatures in the mid to upper 70s for san jose. peninsula temperatures mostly in the 60s today, mainly 70s
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inland. warmest places antioch, concord, walnut creek. here is the big change-up in the weather coming through the week. first, the onshore breeze will keep temperatures cool. by wednesday and thursday, a chance of rain in the north bay. interesting, this connection does go back to hawaii as we sometimes refer to it as an atmospheric river connection. thursday night and friday looks to be the wettest stretch of weather we'll see and more rain possible this weekend. some rainfall projections north of the golden gate could be measured by an inch or more over the next seven days. you can see how it place out in the seven-day forecast. for san francisco, late thursday into friday, the rain makes a comeback. plan for some rain next weekend. temperatures running quite a bit cooler. snow levels high with this event. maybe near 7,000 feet. much needed rain in the bay area. >> we need to be aware of those changing conditions as that week continues. so far things are moving well. we have the coastal fog rob was
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talking about. stuff to see in the area around half moon bay. keep that in mind. further north, we see that yellow. that's where the weather index highlights that area we're talking about. ground level fog, patchy conditions. the golden gate bridge, as you come down towards at&t park, hopefully the seagulls and fog will help the giants tonight. b.a.r.t., no problems there. columbus day service reported for muni. other agencies should have a typical schedule. double check getting over towards that site. looking towards the bridge toll plaza, a few cars waiting in the cash lanes in the right. one of those cash takers is not open for business. that should change in the next few minutes. the san mateo bridge, clear view, clear drive. >> you will be paying more for gas these days. prices at the pump have risen 4
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cents over the past two weeks. industry analysts say retailers and refiners upped their prices in response to a rise in the price of crude oil. the highest average price for regular gas in the entire country is, as usual, here in the bay area. in san francisco right now, it's $2.92 a gallon. elsewhere in san jose, $2.80. oakland, the average is 2.79 coming up, remembering a bay area tragedy. the emotional ceremony to honor the victims of the devastating oakland hills fire. plus two officers on opposite ends of their careers giving the ultimate sacrifice. how communities are coming together to honor the palm springs officers gunned down over the weekend. it could be a difficult morninc
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island, following a weekend train derailment. crews spent this weekend removing undamaged cars could be a difficult morning commuted on long island following a weekend train derailment there. crews spent the weekend removing undamaged cars from saturday's derailment east of new hyde park. a 12-car train and work train were traveling in the same direction when they side swiped each other. 33 people were injured. a community is grieving after two of their officers are gunned down this weekend. palm springs continues to mourn their deaths, we're learning more about the man accused in the killing. people gathered for a vigil last night to remember two officers killed on saturday. they were responding to a family dispute at a home when a man opened fire. the officers were killed, jose
5:25 am
gilbert vega, a 35-year department veteran who was going to retire in december. and lesley zerebny who recently returned after giving birth. >> a genuinely nice guy. always there to help. >> people respected them. people loved them in the community. >> very tough. you know, i feel sad for him, for his family. for leslie's family. >> no reason for the loss. people say the gunman, 27-year-old john felix is a known gang member who had been arrested previously for fighting with police. he was wearing body armor and told his father moments before the shooting he wanted to kill cops. the d.a. says felix may be e eligible for the death penalty. 25 years ago the oakland hills fire devastated parts of the bay area. this weekend many gathered for an emotional ceremony to remember the victims of that fire. [ applause ] a memorial plaque was unveiled
5:26 am
and rededicated at the rockledge b.a.r.t. station in oakland it has the names of the 25 people who died in the firestorm. a phoenix rising out of the flames that hangs at the b.a.r.t. station was also brightened. the firestorm in 1991 killed 25 and injured 150 others. more than 1500 akers acres were destroyed. the state of washington will give $50 million to families killed in a massive mudslide two years ago. the disaster happened killing 43 people. victims claim the state knew how unstable the region was, but didn't share it with the community. the case was expected to go to trial today. coming up, a blistering second presidential debate. >> it is -- it's awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you would be in jail.
5:27 am
>> we have a full breakdown of the highs and lows from both presidential candidates coming up in a live report. and good morning, live here at half moon bay to show you which pumpkin is the leading favorite to win this morning's weigh-off. we'll have a live interview with the grower coming up. and seeing a lot of thick fog around half moon bay, and patchy low clouds across the peninsula. 56 now, also tracking rain chances ahead in the seven-day forecast.
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i'm laura garcia-cannon. =kris/4shot= and i'm kris sanchez in for sam brock. =4shot= good monday morning to you. thank you very much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm kris sanchez. a nice day to be in today. chilly out there. >> the low clouds making a comeback after a summer-like weekend seeing some 90s in the bay area. won't get there today. fog with reduced visibility. 40s and 50s right now. afternoon temperatures today in the mid 70s. so mild weather makes a comeback today. rain due in later this week. we'll show you how much and when in a few moments. to see what's happening in the peninsula, here's mike. >> we talked about that fog. we have seen a lot of fog on city streets over half moon bay. watch along the coast and the north bay. peninsula, word of a crash in palo alto. northbound 101 at embarcadero.
5:31 am
sounds like someone hit some debris in the roadway. we'll double check, sounds like lanes are clear. not clear, bay bridge toll plaza. there you go for a monday morning. >> birtter battle to the end. last night's presidential debate was filled with contempt and personal attacks. the night ended with donald trump supporters saying he did better than at the last debate, despite being on the defense all weekend over that videotape where he admits to groping women. >> tracie potts has a full recap and some reaction for us. good morning. good morning. reaction coming from a couple of those instant overnight polls. not the scientific ones that we'll get to solidify things in a couple days, but they give us a snapshot of what people were thinking. in both, hillary clinton won. one by 5 points, the other one
5:32 am
by 20 points. >> okay. the most -- >> how you are feeling? >> i feel great. >> we won the debate tonight clearly. >> reporter: both sides spinning victory after a debate that dealt with the videotape. donald trump more than a decade ago saying he kissed and groped women against their will. >> you bragged you have sexually assaulted women. do you and were that? >> no, i didn't say that at all. >> have you ever done those things? >> women have respect for me -- i will tell you, no, i have not. >> facing women who accused bill clinton of sexual misconduct invited by donald trump. hillary clinton shot back. >> shows exactly who he is. >> reporter: and her deleted e-mails. >> there's no evidence that anyone can point to at all, anyone who says otherwise has no basis, that any classified material ended up in the wrong hands. >> reporter: each accusing the other of lies. >> it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you would be in jail. >> reporter: the debate make
5:33 am
news. trump rescinding his muslim ban, admitting he paid no federal tax force an unspecified number of years and breaking ranks with mike pence on syria. >> he and i haven't spoken. we disagree. >> were clear policy differences on taxes and healthcare. >> obama care is a disaster. >> if we rip it up and throw it away, what donald is not telling you we turn it back to the insurance companies the way it used to be. >> reporter: a soft end to a tense debate. clinton saying she admires trump's children. he called her a fighter who never gives up. now, the republican party that over the weekend said they were putting on hold victory efforts for donald trump put out a statement after the debate saying they thought he showed strong leadership. >> thank you very much, tracie potts live from washington. our debate coverage continues later in the newscast. we'll have another live report from washington. nbc news fact checked the debate. the results are posted online.
5:34 am
see for yourself at the search is on this morning to find the boat that flipped in the san francisco bay this weekend dumping everybody into the water. sonar equipment is being brought in. the 30 people on board, including several children, were rescued off that privately owned 34-foot cabin cruiser which capsized near pier 45. saturday investigators started to look for the people. today they will look into the number of people who were on board, whether it was too m and whether there were enough life vests for everyone. >> teams went diving last night, today they will try to locate the boat at the bottom of the bay. >> it may drift with the tide, if it's on the bottom, as we suspect, it won't move terribly far. >> all passengers who were hospitalized are now better. most have been released. even the 5-year-old boy on board who was most seriously injured has improved to good condition. an 11-month-old baby girl is recovering this morning after
5:35 am
being shot in a hoecme in petala over the weekend. the shooting appears to be an accident. authorities say the child is expected to survive and they add they don't plan on arresting anyone at this time. further north, a boy stabbed numerous times at a school play ground. deputies say it happened saturday at the sheppard accelerated elementary school. the boy was skateboarding when several classmates attacked him. no word on the boy's condition. the fbi is now on that creepy clown case. the clowns that have been posting threatening messages on social media against schools including here in the bay area, and others across the nation. oakland unified school district says the fbi hat technology to find the people posting those threats. the district went into lockout mode on friday because of those threats. there have been threats and clown sightings across the country.
5:36 am
in michigan, a 7-year-old little boy says a clown tried to grab him. >> he had red hair, a red nose. he dragged the knife on my arm. >> there have been clown sightings in san jose as well and police departments here and across the nation say they're taking this seriously. it's 5:36. happening now, the top gourds are rolling into half moon bay for the annual pumpkin weighoff. bob, what is the biggest pumpkin you've seen so far? is it a good year? >> it could be. we could maybe break the ton mark again which happened two years ago. we'll know for sure at 11:00 a.m. the weighoff starts at 7:00 a.m. on the main stage here at half moon bay. at 11:00, we usually have the final three. the leading favorite is this pumpkin here, grown by this lady here, cindy toback.
5:37 am
you taped it, you measured it. what do you think it will weigh in at? >> well, it's estimating in the high 1700s. when we lifted it up, it was so heavy. i think it will hit 1900, 2,000 pounds. >> which would be a washington state record. >> yes. >> personal best for you. >> yes. yeah. washington state record is currently 1792. i think it will crush it. >> what did you do to get it to be this big? what's your secret? >> i just did everything right this year. i looked at what the people who are better growers than me have been doing. and i emulated that and tried to take it to the next level and go above and beyond. there wasn't a weed in my patch this year. i was doing a lot of experimenting with different things. >> it's more than just water. do you put seaweed in there? some people do that? >> there's a lot of science behind it i tissue test every
5:38 am
three weeks. >> what does that mean? >> i take five leaves from my plants, i send them into a lab. >> you're that -- >> looking at the dna or the -- >> no, looking at the major and minor nutrients. i can custom tailor a fertilizer program. >> she's a beauty. thank you very much. good luck to you. we should know. this her first time here. >> i'm so excited. >> good luck to you. we'll know again around 11:00 a.m. you can see some other growers behind us. for reference, the half moon bay record is over 2,000 pounds. that was set two years ago. the world record, 2323 set in germany back in 2014. >> wow. >> bob redell, "this week in baseball." >> that's amazing to hear what she does. >> to say i did everything right this year, wouldn't that be amazing to say? >> i'm lucky if i water my garden. think i can bring back that dead
5:39 am
plant? >> 5:38. >> did you make it out to any of the fleet week events in san francisco? if you couldn't, we have a glimpse of some of the festivities you might have misse missed. >> the blue angels always put on a spectacular show. this year may have been one of the best of the best. the famed pilots took to the skies this weekend. people arrived hours early just to get a glimpse of the guys in action. >> i saw them fly over the bridge, that's one of my favorite parts. it's pretty, and i also like how loud they are. >> adorable. the blue angels are done for this year's fleet week, some events are still going on today including the annual ship tours. micro climate forecast now with metrologist rob mayeda who is in today. finally feeling a little like fall for that pumpkin festival. >> especially with all the fog and misty skies on the coast. 40s and 50s to start the day. you can see the drizzle around
5:40 am
san francisco. visibility zero right now in half moon bay. highway 17, highway 1 this morning, low clouds which will be there throughout the day. all day sea breeze keeping temperatures much cooler than we saw this weekend. mostly 70s inland. 60s closer to san francisco. 70 in oakland. check out the seven-day forecast, three of the seven days brings rain back into the forecast. temperatures include cooling for midweek. rain chances on the increase friday and sticking with us through the upcoming weekend. noise and sunny for fleet week. different story for next weekend. mike? >> also, as you mentioned, that fog along the coast in half moon bay, zero miles of visibility, down to feet. bob redell is out there, he was running into giant pumpkins, but they were on main street, not i 92. towards the tri valley, a little bit southbound 680 near sunol boulevard.
5:41 am
that is building for the tri valley and for the castro valley, towards the san mateo bridge. we'll show you the golden gate bridge, rob talks about that fog and mist. not a major problem. up in the north bay, more fog in petaluma. >> foggy start out there. coming up, a massive recall the that is pulling nearly 1,000 pounds of ready to eat lunchi e lunchibles off the shelf. and what a preservation team found at the winchester mystery house that will send chills up your spine. - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
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welcome back. very good monday morning to you. it's 5:44 right now. a live look outside. foggy in some parts of the bay area. as we look live at the golden gate bridge. a look at changing forecast coming up with rob mayeda. it's 5:44. american navy ship targeted in the middle east. two missiles were fired at a navy destroyer in the red sea near yemen. >> happened last night. those missiles missed the ship which was conducteding routine operations in international waters. the missiles came from a territory controlled by rebels fighting the yemeni government. saudi arabia led air strikes killing 140 people attending a
5:45 am
funeral on saturday. fighting in yemen began last year. 26 years later, the doors are closed this morning. the trump taj mahal casino in atlantic city is no more. it shut down after ongoing strikes by union members. the strikes began on july 1st after a bankruptcy court judge aloud the casino's former owners to eliminate benefits. the union wants health insurance and benefits restored. 3,000 workers are now without a job. more bad news for samsung regarding that popular smartphone that catches fire sometimes. new reports say that samsung is halting production of the galaxy note 7 smartphone. the phone was recalled originally after some reports of devices catching fire while charging. now the replacement ones may have the same problem. a southwest airlines flight in kentucky had to be evacuated because of smoke coming from one of those phones. the tech world buzzing this morning over tesla's next big thing. elon musk says he is about to
5:46 am
unveil a new product. he tweeted this weekend there will be a product unveiling next monday. caught a lot of insiders off guard. musk says this will be a separate product from another unveiling that will happen on the 28th involving tesla and solarcity. experts think possibilities include a new vehicle or improvements to the autonomous driving feature. only working a six-hour workday what do you think? for some workers in sweden, that's a reality. it's all part of an experiment underway right now. the orthopedic department of the hospital, this is the one that's participating. six-hour workday means nonstop surgery and no lunch break. so far the reduction in working hours resulted in more productivity. the critics say a 30-hour work week is expensive. if the experiment is successful the system will become permanent. >> i will be tracking that study. the cancer drug that treated
5:47 am
former president jimmy carter's melanoma has been shown to help patients with another cancer, advanced lung cancer. keytruda unmasks tumor cells so they cannot hide from the body's immune system. the latest trial included 305 patients with laung cancer. keytruda lengthened survival rates. promising news for women who have been treated for ovarian cancer. an experimental drug can delay the time it takes for the cancer to grow again in some patients. the study involves women with recurrent ovarian cancer with the brca mutation. the company that makes the drug may apply for fda approval by the end of this year. there's a nestle recall to warn you about the foodmaker is recalling its drum stick ice cream cones in 16 count variety packs and 24 count vanilla packs. they're good. those are bad.
5:48 am
the products tested positive for listeria, which can cause fever and diarrhea. they were sold at stores throughout the country. hopefully you're not sending your kids off to school today with craft lunchibables. the usda says the lunchables have wheat and soy which are known allergens but kraft didn't put that on the packaging. it is a monday morning. as you are making lunch this morning. speaking of allergies, millions of trick-or-treaters out there would appreciate your participation in what is quickly becoming a new holiday tradition. >> is called the teal pumpkin project. here's how it works. to keep things safe for kids with food allergies, you can hand out toys or non-food items and let everyone in your neighborhood know by putting out
5:49 am
a teal pumpkin. nancy gregory says this makes the holiday less scary for parents. >> you have safe options for kids with dietary restrictions. >> gregory says to remind your children not to snack while trick or treating and inspect the candy before eating. >> that's a good point. so many candies have nuts. >> i always test my kids candies. >> i test a little too much of it. that's the problem. a new discovery at win of the bay area's historical landmarks. >> the preservation team opened up a sealed off attic at the winchester mystery home. the room was boarded up after the 1906 earthquake because the owner, sarah winchester, was trapped in the room and allegedly thought spirits caused the quake. the preservation team found item the not touched for decades,
5:50 am
like a pump organ, a cutch, several sewing machines and paintings. it was turned into a new attraction now at the mansion called sarah's attic. >> she has robbed me of a lot of winks of sleep. sewing machine? that's where it is. >> okay. >> i've been meaning to fix this hem. it was in the attic the whole time. rob, you know i'm a freak about the creepy stuff. >> halloween weather maybe. ghostly cloudy skies. >> a bit of a ghostly forecast. >> we do. cool temperatures around the bay area. foggy start. so much it's getting tough to see around half moon bay towards santa cruz. visibility at times, less than a quarter mile. you can see the fog over downtown san francisco. drizzle, a 53 degrees. 46, patchy clouds there. there's the view from above the low cloud layer. 56 degrees currently. san jose, 57. partly cloudy skies. san francisco, there's a view of
5:51 am
the fog. 5 2 degrees and fog. we think the giants back at home, madison bumgarner on the mound, low 60s first pitch time and low clouds a big part of the story today. you could have drizzle at times with those low clouds. at the coast, high clouds coming up, combining with the sea breeze to keep temperatures running much cooler than this weekend. 70s around san jose, 60s up san francisco. drizzle around half moon bay, 70s to maybe near 80s. after today, trending cooler as progressively stronger systems bring more clouds our way. by thursday, looks like we'll see a system bring rain to the north bay with origins here out towards hawaii. we get this pattern set up, sometimes referred to as an atmospheric river. we think that will evolve from thursday night into friday. friday looks to be the rainiest day of the work week.
5:52 am
probably more chances of rain heading into the weekend. big changes in the seven-day forecast. the rain estimates could be 200 to 300% of average for this time of year. that's having an impact on the seven-day forecast. friday there's a chance of rain. we'll see that with cooling temperatures throughout the week. mike? >> we'll keep that in mind for the changes. right now watching for the subtle changes in speed sensors. in south bay, a little north of 101. peninsula, that crash at embarcadero, not presenting a problem. up in the north bay, road weather index indicating more dense fog over here in petaluma. definitely have seen that affect our view of the golden gate bridge. the bay bridge, not much moving around. cash lanes are starting to back up, but things have eased off over the last couple minutes.
5:53 am
i expect more traffic to employee through. low clouds hovering around. san mateo bridge, we can see across the span to the peninsula side. half moon bay, zero miles of visibility on the coast. coming up, the hurricane may be over, but the devastation left behind is still overwhelming this morning. we'll take a closer look at the southeastern shore this morning after hurricane matthew whipped up over the weekend. first happening now, a couple posted their hospital bill showing a $30 charge for skin to skin contact with their newborn baby. that's stilt going viral. right now why one hospital claims that's not exactly right. and the nbc news politics team has been working to fact check the presidential debate. see what they uncovered so far on we'll be back in two minutes.
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5:56 am
police officers... gunned down while protecting their in southern california the community came together to pay respects to two police officers gunned down while protecting their city. one was starting her career, the other months away from retirement. the community gathered to remember jose gilbert vega and lesley zerebny. both were killed when responding
5:57 am
to a call about a family disturbance. a third officer is recovering. zerebny was only on the force for about a year and a half. she just returned after giving birth to a baby girl four month ago. vega was a 35-year veteran of the force. he was set to retire in december and was working overtime on his day off at the time of the shooting. >> it's a real genuine nice guy. he was always there to help. >> people respected them. people loved them in the community. >> very tough. you know, i feel sad for him, for his family. for lesley's family. >> the suspect, john felix, was arrested sunday morning after a long standoff with police. he is a known gang member and will be charged with murder. what is left of tropical storm matthew is now moving out to sea, but the damage left behind is far from repaired. flooded cities like the one you see here and people now trying
5:58 am
to dry out. the people living downstream are keeping a close eye on their rivers which are still on the rise. the destruction stretches across five states, and entire neighborhoods in north carolina are still underwater this morning. some areas along the coastline saw a foot of rain. 19 people were killed because of the storm. close to 1,000 more were rescued from floodwaters in the last 24 hours. >> i've never seen anything like this. the water got all the way up to my top step. then it just stopped. >> more than 1 million people are still without power. authorities say the floodwaters could continue to rise for another week or so. hurricane matthew unearthed old civil war cannonballs in the sand at a south carolina beach. rising tides made it difficult to get to them. the bomb squad will detonate the cannonballs once the ocean levels go down. 25 years ago the oakland
5:59 am
hills fire devastated parts of the east bay. this weekend many gathered for an emotional ceremony to remember the victims of that fire. [ applause ] a memorial plaque was unveiled and rededicated at the rockledge b.a.r.t. station in oakland. it has the names of the 25 people who died in the firestorm. in addition, a phoenix rising out of the flames that hangs at the b.a.r.t. station was also brightened. the firestorm in 1991 killed 25 and injured 150 others. more than 1500 acres were destroyed including nearly 3,000 homes. i remember driving over the bay bridge when that was happening. >> it happened so fast. >> yeah. at 6:00, did you watch? the gloves came off and the insults flew in the presidential debate. >> it's with him and the hateful campaign he is running. >> she has hate in her heart.
6:00 am
and a boat filled with families sinks to the bottom of the san francisco bay. this morning the search for the boat and the reason it went under. and a live look outside. no rain just yet, but changes are coming and soon. your full forecast right now on it "this week in baseball." e.e.e.e.e.e.e. e.e.e.e.e.e. "today in the bay." >> a summer-like weekend which is great for the outdoor activities this morning a different story. low clouds, misty skies around san francisco. 40s and 50s to start the day. we should start the day in the mid to upper 70s inland. close to 80 in the warmest spots. check out the rain estimate. next seven days, big rain coming back toou


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