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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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ahead -- as wineries and right now at 11:00, flames in wine country. an overnight battle lies ahead as wineries and home owners are hoping for the best. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for joining us. jessica aguirre has the night off. it is an active scene near yountville and it will stay that way until tomorrow.
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here's the latest. that fire burning close to home a few miles west of highway 29. but firefighters are gaining ground. here at napa at one of the evacuation centers. jean. >> reporter: the red cross opened this emergency evacuation center here at the cross walk community church but closed it when no one showed up. they left a number on the door in case someone does come by, they'll have someone to call. the evacuation orders are through the night as firefighters work to get that fire out. air tankers are part of an aggressive effort to stop a fire from spreading in napa county. flames started racing through a dry hill side at 4:00. cal fire issued mandatory evacuations for people living in campbell flats and creek. >> it did threaten one structure
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on clear creek road. sfwlr >> reporter: the it fire grew quickly to 53 acres. at the road block on dry creek road, those that live nearby hope for the best. >> it's never wracking but there's nothing you can do about it so you have to go see for yourself. >> and what stuff do i care about? >> reporter: he didn't have to evacuate but the flames have him thinking about it. >> take the pictures, bring along the wife and get out. >> reporter: cal fire says cooler temperatures and the lack of wind helped crews get a handle on the fire. they say the fire is 25% contained. the cause of the fire is under investigation and crews are expected to remain through the night. jean elliott, nbc bay area news. we've been following this fire since it broke out in the 4:00 p.m. hour. we continue to do so on hair r air and online. there's also a major development
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in the south bay. tonight, some good news. 100% containment. however, there's a new threat. cal fire says the priority is to brace for rain and possible mud slides. erosion is a common problem after wild fires. they'll be working to spread straw, seed and sand bags in critical areas to keep the damage to a minimum. rain is expected by friday. back on the water tomorrow morning, crews will salvage the boat that capsized over the weekend. we've learned this boat was over capacity. 27 adults and three children were rescued from the water when it tipped over on saturday in the san francisco bay. one of the people on board, a 4-year-old boy was released today from the hospital. now, this is the second time in five weeks that boat has capsized in the bay. well, new at 11:00, one of the highest rated schools in the bay area.
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three students at mountain rr view high were arrested for what they did on social media. here where parents are understandably concerned. cheryl. >> reporter: i know what you might be thinking but this situation has nothing to do with the creepy clown situation but it's very serious. police found out about the threats on sunday and put three juveniles behind bars today. it was college night at mountain view high school, but parents are getting an earful from their children about news of a threat on social media to their school. >> there was a post about like a threat to like shooting the school, like shooting the school up, i guess. >> they got wind of that threat on sunday when a person called in and told them they saw a disturbing toast on social media. >> we detained them and brought
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them in for questioning and they were subsequently arrested for making threats and conspiring to commit a crime. >> reporter: police are not being specific. they wouldobely say the post vowed to harm students and staff at the store. what it it if it turned ugly and they just unloaded some weapons. >> i think it's a very serious situation, but i heard by other students it was just a joke. >> reporter: parents we talked to aren't laughing. >> hopefully they take this as aern waing call and people are going to learn you're going to get in trouble if you do something like this. sfwlrks police say they will be charged but we don't know what thal arer be. i'm cheryl hurt, nbc bay area news. ♪ the clock is ticking. 29 days until the election.
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but this issue is likely to continue well past the election. major tur moil within the republican party and it stems from donald trump. house speaker paul ryan said he will no longer defend trump. instead he's focusing on keeping congress republican. this, after dozens of republicans reversed their endorsement for frump frump after the 2005 "access hollywood" video. >> our coaches know lot more about what happens in locker rooms than donald trump does. >> if they want to release more tapes saying inappropriate things, we'll continue talking about bill and hillary doing inappropriate things. >> the final debate is wednesday in las vegas. this week mrs. clinton will be in san francisco for tw fund raisers.
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critics of donald trump looking for more damaging videos have started a gofund me page. the funds raised through the so-called trump sun lite campaign would go towards legal fees of anyone who leaks further footage of trump misbehaveing i. 5 million bucks is the amount quoted for "apprentice" employees. there is drama about their future and calling home. las vegas continue to clear the path. this is a live look at the oakland coliseum where they want a new stadium in oakland but it's nevada law makers who have making progress. laery, we've seen this political tug of war for decades. what's your response? >> oakland wants to keep the
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raiders, no public spending on a snuds system . this is an absolute dead bang winning opportunity. >> that's resort owner, steven with nguyen and sad news for oakland raiders fans. >> they have a lot of really loyal fans here in oakland. >> reporter: they say it would mean visitors, jobs and millions in business. ed aalson will put up 650 million. but this is not a done deal. >> we have a billionaire asking for a $750 million taxpayer handout. that's ridiculous. >> he says the raters are impoortant to the city and has
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hired a point man. layered say it's not destrakd. >>ads playards, all we can do is go out and compete aerv aech and every sunday pm. >> raiderser fans say raiders don't go. >> they're trying to take the warriors and they were trying to take the a's. we're not going to have nothing. we need them all to the stay. >> reporter: nevada law makers are going to be tat again tomorrow talking about this new stadium, but even if it they approve it, nfl owners have to give the go ahead to move the oakland raiders to las vegas. >> thank you, terry. well, tesla wants to get biller. now, if the city of vee meend agrud said, thal heirality hoef thap 3,000 jaup said and electric cars.
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fremont's mayor setds he loves this community pch frrbs. >> right now deslu's obviously the main tonened. >> but of course, with gloeth comes traffic concerns. that's where free maund's newest bart line comes to play. they'll discuss tesla's expansion plans thursday night. he was supposed to fix a dangerous problem but did not. more problems for the samsung note 7 smart phone. also an unlikely star is born. the internet buzz about the man with the red sweater. that presidential debate. and good evening, i'm meteorologist, jeff ranieri. dry conditions on the doppler radar but that will be changing this week as the pacific looks to become more active.
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southeast -- but there are stl prlems. in the st 24-houin hurricane matthew has finally pushed away from the southeast but there are still a lot of problems. just in the last 24 hours in north carolina alone, more than 1500 people have been pulled from roof tops or car tops. even tow the rain has stopped, the water levels could still rise. thousands of people are still in danger. rivers and creeks are well past its banks and won't crest until late this week. dozens of roesds and highways remain closed. bridges have simply been washed away. homes and lives torn apart.
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>> everybody's crying. everybody's scared. >> north carolina's reporting 11 deaths thus far in the wake of the storm. it's even worse than haiti. this is shot by a local there. it showed the coastal town of port salut ravaged by hard rains. the death toll in haiti is around 1,000 people. here at home a doneinated supplies for injured veterans was stolen. the u-haul was seen near scarcen street near the 58013 split. >> cases of water for the and the course is nearly 500 miles long.
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well, they're supposed to be safe. samsung replacement phones are now reportedly catching fire. now samsung is halting all sales. ian, this is a-- >> reporter: they're saying turn it off and turn it in. they've stopped forduction and this comes as some consumers are fed up with the problem. >> reporter: tonight another setback for sam sung and its travel phone. it's mend to save as a a sach replacement are reportedly catching fire. >> it gets hot when charging. >> reporter: he's had every generation of the note. he went to replace his note 7 just last week. >> they wouldn't let me turn it on in the store. >> reporter: the company posting an update alonging with the
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consumerer product safety kmish asking them to exchange them for a different type of phone. >> it's getting old. >> and tonight, samsung is reading more and we want to reassure customers that we are taking every report seriously. and rare rr willing to replace these phones. >> they ought thought the replacement saturday and exchanged it back tonight. >> just want to try something new, so i went with the samsung. >> and samsung's stock has fallen. and if you have one of these phones, we posted more information about the recall on our website. ian coal, nbc bay area news. you might not have heard it because of the roar of the blue
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angels. but theyeraciantly ran staes spots. and the agency is preparing for another pier improegz for saturday. is there are 14 more structures to go after that. they say all of the old piers are gone. and we're looking at rain pretty likely. >> our confidence is definitely on the chance of rain. and a second chance coming within the next seven days as well. we want to get tootoo to the firenations. currently 56 degrees, humidity up. that's rr exland news for firefighters at 80 and the temperatures dropping to 49 degrees by 6:00 p.m. this is what they need to help
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extinguish this fire. san francisco, not a drop in site. but that possibility of. >> and you can see an early look here when we do expect that to return. as we head 92 tomorrow morning's forecast, it will be dry but cloud cover is a lot thicker than we've seen. so, in 53, soech boy and 73 to start. and will drop through to about seven degreeds. no agdies across the south bah. for the peninsula, heading to the coach a cooler 63. palo alto a mild and 70. and out of the 80s tomorrow. down to 72 in pleasanten.
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anywhere from skakt in oakland and the that's the rarvg and it does show this bull's eye. and what you want to know is the muzens aa reds and oranges is heavier raflg that looks like it ktd home uch by alth:30 in the morning on friday. from what we know right now, we are expecting a friday morning commute to be the worst. we still have timeout before this gets here. and we'll likely hoelgzn to to scattered rainfall and by sunday morning, a second stsm will move in. >> friday morning,ic loos like you need to put on your ridar. so, this is what we see from the first form on face and nos
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yauchsh under one inch in the north way. and we definitely will have a few changes on the timing and intensity. sglo you can see it will be windy and for the entire valleys, we'll go from sfiev tomorrow to 66 on friday was forecast. friday, frooitd, frooit. frrl you, jfl. up next jimmy fallon. feed: ==reveal== kraft hez has recled 'lunchables' ham and american hang right now on our twitter feed, kraft hines has recalled lunchables cracker stackers because of undeclared alergens. it decontains wheat and soy. and a bald eagle in florida managed to get wedged in the
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front of a car. you can check out that picture on our page. life and death. 600 dollars. of abuse. prop 61. important step forward. the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. passes - the ballot.mincing wo
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the possible hatcrime in s city. the mayor of richmond is not mincing his words as he reacts to a possible hate crime in his city. a seik man was aic ttackeattack. >> reporter: richmond mayor says he'll push for justice after learning this man was brutally attacked, allegedly by two visiting refinery workers.
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85-year-old dustin out of louisiana and 31-year-old chase little of texas were arrested on felony assault charges last month. an i.t. specialist says they targeted him as he drove home from work, hitting him through his car window and when his turbin fell off, cutting his hair with a knife. >> i think the fact that they ripped off this yaem's turbin and what other justification is for for that, other than a hate crime? a promise made by presidential candidate about muslims, mexicans and women are giving some the green light to lash out. >> at least people may have come from a part of the country that tolerates that kind of thing. they may have come from donald trump land or something like that. but we don't tolerate that here. >> locales say they want justice. they pray people will chusz tall
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rpsz and respect over here. >> by the six are targeted. well, fraud and a series of lies. those allegations are the basis for a new lawsuit files against a high profile sillicon valley company. a hedge fund wanted to tell them and its founder, elizabeth homes. just days ithaz laid off puns of urvgers. calls that security fraud. the fupd had invested nearly $100 million and the wall street journal quotes a spokesman as saying this lawsuit is without mayorere the san francisco based company is still considering a
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bid. last week twitter was rumored to being close to fielding betwine google and disney. well, did you see this? one of the biggest stars from last night bfs debate. it's ken bones. >> what steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs. >> he was one of eight members to take that away. little did he know it would make hame social media sensation. he wept from 20 knitter follower and the 30. we're back in a moment with the latest on colin kaepernick and some of the highest profile warnings were on the stanford campus tonight.
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when mexico sends its people... they're bringing crime, they're rapists. are you going to have a massive deportation force? you're going to have a deportation force. we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall. that's not america. we're all californians. i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible
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for the content of this advertising. blaine gabbert...and
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start colin kapernick. also -- kaepernick... no 49ers' head coach chip kelly still deciding whether to bench blaine gabbert and start kaepernick. ginsburg says kaepernick's decision during the national
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anthem is dumb and disrespectful. others have sited racial insdwri injustice and racial brutality as the reasons for their ongoing protests. tonight the stanford graduate school of business giving the warriors its prestigious entrepreneurial company of the year reward. this showing andre iguodala and kevin durant on kacampus acceptg the reward. past winners are google, and amazon. it is fast. the winning pumpkin from this year's weigh in. it's like the super bowl for pumpkin growers. they prey on our children, spending billions.
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addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56. the annual pumpkin weigh-
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>> 1,910 pounds. >> she is happy. that's the winner of the annual pumpkin weigh in in half moon bay. a teacher from washington state grew that pumpkin.
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she and her giant gourd will lead thebate for pumpkin parade and the popy's name is of. tus and then put on display in las vegas. that is a foot tfrmcon. that's going to do it for us. are we going to get rain? >> it looks pretty locked in for friday's forecast. down to 69 degrees inland. we'll have more updates tomorrow but everything points towards friday. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- taraji p. henson. david harbour.


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