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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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they'll be ready in about three weeks. thanks for joining us at 5:00. lester holt is next with "nbc nightly news." >> night, folks. tonight it's war. donald trump declares the shackles are off, unleashing a furious tirade on the highest ranking republican, speaker paul ryan, and on senator john mccain. while his campaign trains its focus on hillary clinton, trump trains his fire on his own party. race against time for the rescuers desperately trying to reach families cut off, trapped by flood waters after hurricane matthew. rivers rising around them. tonight, new dramatic rescues and a jaw-dropping view from the air. crisis mode. a major announcement amid new fears about exploding smartphones, as the company now clashes with apple. the high stakes showdown at the supreme court. and heart risk. breaking health news tonight. an alert for millions of americans who take calcium supplements. "nightly news" begins right now.
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from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. with his campaign losing ground and his party locked in a civil war over whether to even support him, donald trump has proclaimed the shackles are off. the republican nominee lashing out today and making it clear that any republican who isn't with him will pay a price. a brand-new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll taken after sunday's debate has hillary clinton with a nine-point lead over trump, 46-37, in a four-way match-up. to get back on track, trump appears to be reverting to the combative unscripted candidate we saw in the primaries. already today, demonstrating that nothing is off limits. nbc's hallie jackson has details. >> reporter: throwing red meat to his supporters, a donald trump tweet storm, hitting fellow republicans and hillary clinton. so nice that the shackles have been taken off me, trump writes. the last 15 months, apparently trump chained down.
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>> they're rapists. >> he's not a war hero. >> you got to see this guy, oh, i don't know what i said. >> reporter: a senior adviser says a new campaign ad out tonight previews the unshackled final four weeks. >> hillary clinton doesn't have the fortitude, strength, or stamina to lead in our world. >> reporter: the sharper attacks on clinton and her husband seen by strategists as a sign of steve bannon's influence. trump's campaign ceo and until recently part of conservative outlet breitbart. some supporters are feeding off it. signs like these. shirts we can't even show you. one woman today calling for revolt. >> if hillary clinton gets in, i, myself, am ready for a revolution. >> don't say that. >> reporter: mike pence trying to tamp that down. with trump unleashing. clinton's campaign calling his behavior unhinged. the impact on republicans -- >> the fact is, i can't -- seriously, i cannot vote for either one. >> reporter: after 2005 audio of trump's sexually aggressive comments surfaced
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friday, troubling even one of his highest profile supporters, new jersey governor chris christie. >> i've known him for a long time. and i'm really upset by what i heard, but in the end, this election is about bigger issues than just that. so, you know, at this point i still support him. >> reporter: our new polling shows after sunday's debate, more republicans now want down-ballot candidates to support the top of the ticket, so does mike pence. in an exclusive interview with nbc's kelly o'donnell. >> is the party in crisis? >> i think -- i think the country's in a lot of trouble right now. >> but republicans fighting republicans -- >> i don't find myself thinking a whole lot about party right now. i find myself and donald trump finds himself thinking mostly about america. >> reporter: tonight, trump's expected to target not other republicans like he did online, but hillary clinton, and among other topics, her leaked campaign e-mails. bottom line, a top aide tells me, buckle up. lester?
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>> hallie jackson, thank you. hillary clinton, meanwhile, is facing new and potentially embarrassing revelations after wikileaks exposed more hacked e-mail from her campaign chairman purportedly. but clinton did get backup on the trail today from another one-time nominee, al gore, reminding key voters how florida cost him the presidency in 2000. we get more from nbc's andrea mitchell. >> reporter: tonight, former vice president al gore on the trail with hillary clinton for the first time, reminding voters how florida cost him the presidency in 2000. >> your vote really, really, really counts. >> reporter: both targeting millenials and former bernie sanders supporters passionate about climate change. >> we cannot risk putting a climate denier in the white house. >> the choice in this election is extremely clear. hillary clinton will make solving the climate crisis a top national priority. >> reporter: but all of it happening as a new batch of hacked e-mails from clinton
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campaign chair john podesta, released by wikileaks and not independently verified by nbc news, show clinton was reluctant to adopt one of gore's biggest goals, stopping the keystone pipeline. clinton first signaling support. >> not yet signed off on it, but we are inclined to do so. >> reporter: but in 2015, with sanders rising in the polls, clinton aides exchanged a flurry of e-mails about how to change her position on the pipeline without it looking manufactured and very political. weeks later responding to a voter's question, she switched her position. >> therefore, i oppose it. >> reporter: another e-mail showing contact between the clinton campaign and the justice department. clinton press secretary brian fallon writing, he was in touch with the justice department where he once worked, regarding lawsuits over clinton's e-mails. quote, doj folks inform me there's a status hearing in the case. the white house tonight denying any impropriety. >> this latest batch of documents demonstrates once again that hillary
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clinton is one disclosure away from potentially having this race flip flop once again. >> reporter: the clinton team blaming the leaked e-mails on what u.s. intelligence says is russian hacking. donald trump who has had intelligence briefings on russia's role, but denied it in sunday's debate today tweeting, clinton is unfit to run because of what wikileaks revealed. tonight, clinton getting attention for something she said to "the new york times." saying, i'm the only thing standing between you and the apocalypse. she's said that before. the campaign telling us tonight, it's partly tongue in cheek, but also serious. she does think that donald trump is unlike any other republican nominee. lester? >> nbc's andrea mitchell, thank you. now to the emergency situation unfolding this evening from the carolina coast all the way down to the caribbean. hurricane matthew is long gone, but its damage is lasting. in haiti, hundreds are dead and aid is only just now beginning to reach so many left devastated. here in the u.s., it's a race against time to save so many still trapped, surrounded by
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rising floodwaters. as nbc's miguel almaguer shows us from high above the flood zone. >> reporter: lester, good evening from just a few hundred feet above the flood stage where they call this an unfolding disaster. at least 30 people have already been killed in this storm. a death toll many fear will rise. tonight, the u.s. coast guard is running out of time. there are teams deployed desperately looking for those stranded by the rising floods. plucking 17 to safety. >> you can see the water flowing through buildings and houses and all the cars that are up to their roofs. you can just tell how much damage is going on down there. >> reporter: today, search teams reached elderly residents from this high-rise. the weak, fragile, disabled, carried to safety. >> awful. >> we're going to keep an eye on it. >> awful. >> reporter: in a town drowning in a river that burst its banks, a texas man watching this drone video spotted his twin brother's house and
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tweeted a plea to help his stranded sibling. >> i seen a boat in the far-off distance, so i flew it over there. >> reporter: the drone operator alerted rescuers. >> hey, there's a guy in the house right there. by that time, he was hanging out the window. >> reporter: a team came swooping in, ferrying chris williams and his dog to safety. >> it's incredible that it actually worked. >> reporter: this is hardly the only town in north carolina in trouble. that's clear from our view tonight. the network of rising rivers has everyone on high alert. the lumber river at a record high, pouring into surrounding communities. tina kelly left florida to escape matthew's rain and wind. but in north carolina, she became a victim of the storm's flood. >> we have been held up over here at a hotel with no power, no water, no food. >> reporter: tonight she's trying to get back home. grateful for what she has amid so much loss. miguel almaguer, nbc
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news, lumberton, north carolina. >> reporter: this is gabe gutierrez in haiti's southern peninsula where matthew's wrath is all-consuming. homes are shredded. food is scarce. this man tells us he had to race up the side of a mountain to escape the rising floodwaters. the u.n. estimates more than a million people like him are now in need of humanitarian aid after the category 4 hurricane ripped through here with 145-mile-an-hour winds. this church before the storm. this aerial picture from digital globe taken right after. i lost everything, except my 6-month-old daughter, this woman says. haitian authorities confirm almost 500 people have been killed, but one tally by reuters puts the death toll at over a thousand. there's destruction as far as the eye can see. aid is slowly trickling into this country but not fast enough for those in the most devastated areas. holly frew works with care, one of the largest aid organizations now on the ground in hard-hit jeremie. >> it's going to be a
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long road for rebuilding their livelihood. >> reporter: nbc's dr. john torres visited a clinic where the spread of cholera is now the biggest fear. >> since the hurricane, they've had 279 cases in the whole country, with ten deaths. >> reporter: tonight in this coastal city, the scale of destruction is staggering. and the people here have an urgent plea. help. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, jeremie, haiti. there is new fallout tonight over reports of exploding smartphones. samsung said it will no longer make or sell its troubled galaxy note 7 after the original and the replacement would get hot, smoke and catch fire. all of it coming as the smartphone wars went to the supreme court tonight. a high stakes showdown between samsung and apple. our justice correspondent pete williams has all the details. >> reporter: galaxy note 7 owners can't get rid of them fast enough. >> it's a manmade
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product, so you got to expect something to be a glitch. but this is really outrageous. this is ridiculous. >> reporter: after struggling to fix the problem, the world's largest smartphone maker today gave up halting all production of the note 7. users worldwide said the phones would burst into flames. replacements had the same problem. daniel frank says his caught fire in a restaurant. >> i think about my 8-year-old daughter, how often i hand my phone to her and say, play with this. you want to play a game, play with this. >> reporter: the only bright spot for samsung today is that the supreme court in a long-running battle with the world's other smartphone giant. apple says smartphones used to be clunky with external antennas and keyboards until 2007, when the iphone captivated the market with a sleek design, black translucent screen with rounded corners and a grid of colorful icons for applications. apple sued samsung for copying that patented design and said it's entitled to all the profits samsung made on smartphones. $400 million. samsung's lawyer told
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the justices today that a smartphone isn't like a scarf, where a design is everything. >> we are talking about products that have 250,000 patented features which is the opposite end of the spectrum from a counterfeited scarf. >> reporter: but justices seemed prepared to rule samsung would have to pay something for copying apple's design, just not all its profits, which tonight are taking a big hit. pete williams, nbc news, at the supreme court. federal prosecutors say they will file criminal contempt charges against controversial arizona sheriff joe arpaio, for disobeying orders to stop his immigration patrols. arpaio has been a lightning rod in the fight over illegal immigration. had previously been told by a judge to stop those patrols amid allegations of racial profiling. we get late details on this from nbc's gadi schwartz. >> reporter: a crowd erupting into cheers outside a phoenix courthouse after hearing federal prosecutors would be charging the controversial and self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in america, joe arpaio, for contempt of court. >> no comment.
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>> reporter: the charges stemming from a racial profiling case where a judge had ordered arpaio to stop targeting latinos during immigration sweeps. arpaio admitted his department continued the round-ups but said he didn't violate the judge's orders intentionally. the judge disagreed saying arpaio disobeyed because he thought it could help him get re-elected. and today, prosecutors say they have found arpaio and his staff engaged in multiple acts of misconduct, dishonesty, and bad faith. >> our position is and always has been that there was no willful violation of the judge's order. >> reporter: arpaio has made a name for himself by forcing prisoners to wear pink and live in canvas tents in triple-digit temperatures. he is an outspoken supporter of donald trump. so far racial profiling cases against him have cost arizona taxpayers nearly $50 million. today's announcement of criminal charges coming the day before early voting starts in arpaio's seventh bid for sheriff. gadi schwartz, nbc news.
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there's a lot more to tell you about tonight. ahead, new warning about a popular supplement taken by millions of americans. why it could pose a serious risk to your heart. also why a fast food chain is now sidelining its iconic mascot.
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we're back with important health news out tonight that will likely be of interest to millions of americans, men and women, who take calcium supplements. a new study has found
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that taking the supplements may raise the risk of heart disease. but eating foods rich in calcium may have the opposite effect. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: tonight a warning for the more than 40% of american men and women who take calcium supplements. in a ten-year study involving 2,700 people, half of them women, researchers at johns hopkins medicine found those who took supplements were 22% more likely to have calcium in their coronary arteries, a sign of heart disease. but here's what's surprising. those adults who consumed high amounts of calcium through their diet had no increased risk of heart disease. >> you think this is a serious risk? >> i do. in fact, i'm actually taking a lot of my patients off calcium supplements. >> reporter: dr. erin michos says often a supplement causes calcium levels to surge. >> and with that excess calcium in your blood may deposit into soft tissues, including the heart and its major blood vessels.
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>> reporter: like many women, 46-year-old christina is concerned about bone loss and takes a daily supplement. >> i believe that the proper amount of calcium will help to not only prevent osteoporosis, but also, prevent me from fracturing a bone if i should fall. >> reporter: but for most women, the supplement may not be necessary. researchers say the typical adult needs about a thousand milligrams of calcium a day. women over 50 and men over 70, about 1,200 milligrams a day. a healthy diet that includes dairy products, leafy greens, and fortified cereals and provide that. the supplement industry tells nbc news the product is safe and women should get their daily calcium through a combination of diet and supplements. but tonight researchers say a pill is usually no substitute for real food. tom costello, nbc news, baltimore. we're back in a moment with the bridge demolition that didn't exactly go as planned.
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you know the saying, if at first you don't succeed, well, a demolition
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crew had to try, try again to bring down a bridge today in arkansas. the explosive charges went off, but the stubborn bridge refused to budge. a boat tried to bring it down with cables. finally the bridge collapsed five hours after the blast. maybe you've seen the headlines, neighborhoods across the country on edge after a series of scares involving people dressed as clowns. the sightings are terrorizing kids and authorities are taking it very seriously. now as our kristen dahlgren tells us, it's led to a big fast-food chain to sideline its famous mascot. >> reporter: he is arguably one of the most recognized american icons. >> i hope your day is fantabulous -- >> reporter: but tonight ronald mcdonald is in hiding, the latest victim of the frightening clown frenzy. according to mcdonald's, their red-nosed mascot is laying low. the company being mindful of the current climate around clown sightings. sightings that have now gone global. scotland yard has
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gotten multiple reports of so-called killer clowns. >> i thought i was actually going to die. >> reporter: in australia, police are patrolling schools. tensions growing by the day as social media explodes with clown photos and threats. in detroit, a clown was spotted clinging to the back of a bus. in an 11-year-old in minnesota said he was chased by a clown carrying a butcher knife. three teens were picked up there. >> don't get caught up in this craze with this clown stuff. >> reporter: while most of the recent sightings are copycat hoaxes, psychologists say they are now treating anxiety in children of all ages as a result. in dartmouth, massachusetts, police put out this psa. >> remember, if you want to act like a clown, we have no problem treating you like one. >> reporter: a reminder that police are taking every incident seriously, in a creepy clown craze, getting out of control. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york. when we come back, how one soldier's dream to bring smiles to kids is now coming true all across the
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world. next at 6: she speak out for th
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===jess/vo=== the ondaoman sh in her own driveway. she came to death.t how close ===raj/vo=== plus,ew tenology th uses a to track down criminals. ===raj/next close=== next. sot i don't want any kidto be raid to go trk or treang, finally tonight, it's the world's most popular sport, but for underprivileged children, it's impossible to get in the game when there's nothing to play with. that's where the
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family of a fallen american soldier comes in with a dream that's inspiring america. here's our rehema ellis. >> reporter: at first glance, it's hard to see, but if you look closely, there's the name of a fallen soldier. >> pfc nick madaras. >> reporter: and a wish fulfilled. >> nick was very simple. give a kid that doesn't have anything a soccer ball. >> reporter: from iraq to afghanistan, honduras to india, soccer balls with the name pfc nick madaras are handed out by u.s. troops through the charity kick for nick. it began on the lawn of the american legion in wilton, connecticut. nick loved soccer. when he joined the army, he took his love of the game with him overseas. back home on leave in 2006, nick shared with his family hundreds of pictures of children in iraq playing with a few beat-up soccer balls. >> what did he tell you about those kids? >> they had developed their skills to the point just kicking whatever they could find.
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and he had also connected with them. >> reporter: soccer was the connection. nick returned to iraq. five months later, what his parents feared most happened. >> i looked right past the two army officers, it didn't even register. he just said, your son was killed in iraq eight hours ago. >> reporter: the family turned heartbreak into a mission. donations poured in. ten years later, 46,000 soccer balls have made their way to 28 countries around the world. for nick's dad, the reason to keep going is captured in one special photo. >> my little boy in afghanistan, with that soccer ball and that big smile. >> reporter: and that's exactly what nick was hoping for. rehema ellis, nbc news, wilton, connecticut. >> what a wonderful legacy he leaves. that's going to do it for us on this tuesday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching. as we say goodnight, a look outside at the
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famous rockefeller center skating rink, celebrating 80 years of fun with the season's grand opening today. have a good night everyone. i don't want anybody to be afraid of trick or treating. i don't want any kids to be afraid of living where they're living. >> speaking publicly for the first time but she doesn't want to show her face. the message from a various schoolboard member shot and robbed in her very own driveway. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for joining us. >> the school administrator is now sharing her story and calling for action. she was the victim of a violent crime in the usually safe
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community of arinda. nbc bay area's elyce kirschner joins us. >> reporter: as you can imagine, she is still recovering tonight, undergoing physical therapy after being shot in her own driveway. it's one of several violent attacks that have occurred throughout the corridor here. but carol brown wants to be very clear. she doesn't want the focus on her. instead she wants to raise awareness about gun violence. the bullets hit her hip and arm. >> i was literally an inch away from having that bullet penetrate my lungs. and i would have been dead immediately. >> reporter: now back in her arinda home, one of those bullets is still lodged in carol brown's baurody. she keeps her cane close by. >> i don't want it to


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