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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 13, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it was a real shock when all of a sudden his hands were all over me. he started encroaching on my space. >> talk about your october surprise, bombshell reports from a handful of women, all claiming donald trump touched them inappropriately. e trump campaign comes out firing, denying all allegations. we have late breaking details on the u.s. military tomahawk missile strike in yemen. developing overnight, two boston cops shot, both in critical condition. we have new information from the police chief. >> a powerful category 4 hurricane churning in the atlantic ocean. "early today" starts right now. good thursday morning, i'm ayman mohyeldin. >> i'm francis rivera.
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in less than 24 hours, so many developments as we're following this this morning. donald trump's presidential campaign finds itself in the middle of a firestorm. at least four women have come forward with new allegations against the billionaire candidate accusing him of inappropriate advances, groping, and more. just days after the republican presidential nominee insists in a debate that he had never engaged in such behavior. the "new york times" interviewed two women as they described public encounters during which trump grabbed or kissed them inappropriately. and here is jessica leeds' account. >> it was a real shock when all of a sudden his hands were all over me. he started encroaching on my space. and i hesitate to use this expression but i'm going to, and that is he was like an octopus, like he had six arms. he was all over the place. if he had stuck with the upper part of the body, i might not have gotten -- i might not have
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gotten that upset. it's when he started putting his hands up my skirt and that was it. >> the trump camp vehemently fought back against the times article with this letter demanding a retraction. but that wasn't the only accusation brought against trump. the palm beach post published a report of a woman who said trump groped her at his estate, and then a staff writer for "people" magazine said while interviewed trump, he shut the door with hind us and within seconds, he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat. a former miss arizona has also come forward, sharing her experience, saying one that involved trump walking into her dressing room at will. >> our first introduction to him was at the dress rehearsal and half naked changing into bikinis. to have the owner waltzing in when we're naked or half naked
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in a physically vulnerable position and to have the pressure of, you know, the people that work for him telling us to go fawn all over him, go walk up to him, talk to him. >> that's behavior trump himself acknowledged in a 2005 interview to howard stern. >> i will tell you, the funniest is that i'll go backstage before the show and everyone is getting dressed and ready and everything else. no men are anywhere, and i'm allowed to go in because i'm the owner of the pageant and therefore i'm inspecting it. is everyone okay. is everybody okay, and you see these incredible looking women. and so i sort of get away with things like that. >> and nbc news spoke to another wom woman, a former miss utah, she said when she met donald trump, he kissed her. it did not feel like an assault, but it caught her off guard. >> i remember walking her over.
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my dad was confident and admired donald trump, so he introduced himself first and then he introduced me. he turned to me and embraced me and gave me a kiss on the lips. i remember being shocked and because i would have just thought to shake somebody's hand, but that was his first response with me. i remember i was very young. i remember feeling kind of embarrassed like wanting to turn and almost wipe my mouth like what just happened. >> four former contestants in the miss teen usa pageant told buzz feed news trump intentionally walked into dressing rooms when they were naked when he owned the pageant. nbc news has not confirmed any of the allegations, and this morning, the trump campaign is firing back, saying they're drafting a big lawsuit against the "new york times," and that of the women interviewed by nbc. in a statement, trump, quote, wrote, quote, i don't know
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anything about her y i don't even know who she is. she claims this took place in a public area. i never kissed her. i emphatically deny this ridiculous claim. >> now, hillary clinton is hitting trump for the new onslaught of allegations. >> we don't know. we have heard for months what he thinks about people, how he treats people. this latest incident about, you know, how he treats women. well, he doubled down. i think he has shown us who he is. now, the question for all of us is who we are. >> and she was attacking him for his current scorched earth campaign strategy, one that the "wall street journal" says is a ploy to depress voter turnout. >> it's important for me to stay confident and auptd mystic because that's how i feel about america. now, look, i know donald trump
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has taken a very different tone. we have heard it in both debates, and his campaign has said today that he's going to, and i quote, run a scorched earth strategy, whatever that means. that's how desperate they are. >> clinton's remarks come as the campaign finds themselves with her own distractions, facing her latest batch of e-mails released by wikileaks. 1700 were released, including john podesta's account. the u.s. government says russia is behind the hacks. podesta agrees while also floating a possible tie to gop operative roger stone. >> mr. stone had advanced warning in the trump company of what assange was going to do. >> reporter: stone tells nbc, that's not true, saying he never knew specifics and neff met with wikileaks founder julian assange. he did concede he had made prior
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communication with wikileaks. >> i have a back channel communications with wikileaks. they don't clear or tell me in advance what they're going to do. >> a clinton spokesperson says the e-mail hack is tantamount to watergate. tweeting, the cyberattack on our campaign and the dnc is a modern day watergate. what did donald trump know and when did he know it? >> breaking overnight, two boston police officers are in critical condition after being shot late last night. authorities say they were investigating a call involving a man with a gun who was having a dispute with his roommate when police arrived, the man allegedly fired on the officers with an assault rifle. >> at that time, they were able to neutralize the subject, who was armed with some sort of assault rifle, who also had on a ballistic vest at that time.
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>> authorities say the wounded officers are now in critical condition. the police chief credits two of the responding officers with saving their lives. >> developing overnight, the united states strikes back. the navy launching multiple tomahawk cruise missile strikes against yemen. top defense officials telling nbc news this is in response to two separate attacks on u.s. ships. >> lucy is in london for us following the late breaking details. >> guys, the pentagon says thee were limited self defense strikes to protect its ships and crew in what is an important strategic waterway in response to missiles fired in the direction of the u.s. rebel ship, in defense of the huthys, which has been waging a war since 2016. the saudi campaign has been extremely controversial. it claims to limit air strikes to military targets, but there have been several documented instances of disproportionate
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civilian casualties. including this saturday in the capital. 140 people killed. i spock to one family who lost relatives in the attack, one that human rights watch described as an apparent war crime. washington is seen by some as being complicit in these kinds of attacks because of its support for saudi arabia. that's the perception on the ground, which is what may have prompted the houthi rebels to turn their weapons against u.s. forces. >> lucy, thank you for that. still to come, it has nothing to do with halloween, but find out what americans are most afraid of. >> first, the death toll from hurricane matthew is rising. north carolina's governor confirmed 20 deaths so far as the flooding disaster there worsens. tens of thousands remain without power. matthew is being blamed for at least 39 deaths in the united states. and today, bermuda is bracing for a direct hit from hurricane nicole. now a category 4 storm. this is what it looks like from
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the international space station. meteorologist rafael miranda has been tracking this throughout the morning. >> we're looking at the potential for the strongest hurricane to pass over bermuda, approaching with 130-mile-per-hour winds. now closer to home, we're dealing with another storm in the northwest, very heavy rain from seattle down the shore into northern california, and very strong winds as well. in fact, we have high wind warnings in effect for gusts over 75 to 80 miles per hour. along a look the coast. 72 in san diego, and 90s as you head into the desert. and that's a look at your forecast. >> thank you very much. >> a twitter tirade from a u.s. senator over the wells fargo ceo's departure. >> plus, new details on a deadly
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it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. how do you respond if your kids heard donald trump's version of locker room talk. >> thank you guys. have a good day. >> we don't disrespect women in no shape or fashion in our locker room. that never comes up. you know, and i have a mother-in-law, a wife, a mom, and a daughter. and those conversations just don't go on in our locker room. i don't know what that is. that's trash talk. >> tom brady earlier, and the cavaliers lebron james. two sports icons giving two sharply different responses after being asked about donald trump's defense of his 2005 comments about making unwanted advances on women as locker room talk. the discussion going way beyond the political arena.
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>> everyone is expected to weigh in. >> leading the news, a shocking turn of events as the national transportation safety board said a connecticut plane crash appears to be intentional. tom costello has the details. >> it happened right on main street in east hartford. a twin engine private plane engulfed in flames and smoke. on board, a flight teacher who said his student pilot intentionally crashed the plane. the leading theory is suicide and the two had been arguing with the student said he no longer wanted to fly the plane. >> neither of the occupy nlts had the ability to control the plane. >> the owner of the american flight academy was seriously burnt, now in fair condition. the student, a 28-year-old ux died. a jordanian national, he earned his pilot's liceant in the u.s. a year ago. hiname was not on any terror
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database. the two were on final approach to the airport when the plane went down near the aircraft engine plant. agents are searching the student's apartment and the flight academy. so far, no link to terrorism. >> that was tom costello reporting. >> just ahead, australia's parliament called donald trump, quote, a revolting slug. but here's the thing, that's not the worst part of it. >> and congratulations go out to bob dylan. the icon, he has now won the 2016 nobel prize for literature. just moments ago, the swedish academy said dylan created new poetic expressions in the great american song tradition. congratulations. did you say 97? yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh...
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fast forwarding today, the man accused of planting bombs in new york and new jersey that wounded 31 people last month is set to be arraigned in a new jersey courthouse. the man who is recovering from gunshot wounds from a shootout with police will appear from a hospital bed via conference. the official prince tribute concert takes place tonight in minnesota. performers include stevie wonder, christina aguilera, and chaka khan. >> later on today, jeff rossen reports on a crime wave hitting mainly women across the country. thieves stealing wallets and bags from cars while the owners are pumping gas. >> fallout continues for wells
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fargo as their ceo abruptly steps down. landon dowdy has details on that and how it sparked a twitter tirade. she was telling capitol hill that she had more to say. >> john stump is out, retiring effectively immediately. tim stone will take over the top job following the high-profile scandal over sales at the bank, 2 million fake accounts were created. the banks failed to tell customers in whose names those accounts had been set up. it wasn't enough for elizabeth warren who gave him a particularly hard time during the hearings on capitol hill. then she went on a twitter tirade, saying first, as i said, wells fargo ceo shz resign, return every nickel he made in the scam, and face the investigation. he is 1 for 3. if wells fargo's john stumpf is
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leaving with his ill gotten millions, that's still not really accountable. third, a bank teller would face criminal charges and a prison sentence for stealing a handful of 20s from the crash drawer, and four, she went on to say a bank ceo should not be able to oversee a massive fraud and walk away to enjoy their millions. not holding back. >> a mouthful when it comes to those tweets. landon dowdy, thank you. >> just ahead, we reveal this year's top earning dead celebrity. plus, barry gibbs's tonight show duet with barry gibbs. you're watching "early today." os on medicare part d. from one-dollar copays on select plans to rewards points on all prescriptions, it's easy to save big at walgreens. ♪ just stop by walgreens. ♪
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celebrities. michael jackson, who passed away un20 un2009. he's still raking in $825 million, this year alone, which is more than any celebrity dead or alive. the rest of the list includes charles schultz as well as arnold palmer and of course prince. albert einstein and david bowie are also on the list. >> everybody would do that, but it make s sense when they're iconic like that, everybody wants the memorabilia. >> i know that michael jackson owned a lot of other music rights so he's getting royalties off those as well. >> just ahead, australian law makers called donald trump a slug, but that not all. you're watching "early today." more "stay" per roll. more "sit" per roll.
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this morning, donald trump's campaign is fighting back against a slew of sexual assault allegations, while hillary clinton's team pounces in an effort to shore up early votes in battleground states across the country. >> it's not all smooth sailing for the clinton campaign as they push back against the latest batch of weeked e-mails wikileaks. >> this trump said these allegations are distracting from hillary clinton's e-mails, but he's having to deal now with women from different parts of the country who are accusing him of inappropriate conduct. he's now demanding a retraction from the "new york times," threatening to sue the paper. we start today, we'll tell you about both, but we start today with some of those accusers. >> and he was like an octopus, like he had six arms.
4:27 am
he was all over the place. >> jessica leeds tells the "new york times" that happened when she sat next to donald trump on a plane. pageant contestants also coming forward. >> he turns to me and embraced me and gave me a kiss on the lips. i remember being shocked. >> several women now making allegations including one in south florida where trump rallies today. nbc has not verified their claims. the trump campaign denies any of it ever happened and questions while these women waited years until weeks before the election to report it. >> he doubled down. he doubled down on his excuse that it's just locker room talk, and i gotta tell you, after he said that in the last debate, the most amazing thing happened. athletes and coaches started speaking out. >> trump says the allegations are distracting from leaks e-mails from hillary clinton's aides. the latest wikileaks documents show conversations that trump calls anti-catholic and downplaying terror. >> the wikileaks e-mails show
4:28 am
the department of justice fed information to clinton. she deleted the e-mails. she has to go to jail. >> the clinton campaign calls it a faux controversy pushed by russian hackers, determined to get trump elected. here in washington today, there's an anti-trump union that wants to protest the treatment of workers in las vegas. >> thank you. >> and this morning, the 2016 election is making haynes even in australia, of all places, after a state parliament there unanimously passed a motion bashing donald trump. >> condemns the misogynistic hateful comments made by the republican candidate for the president of the united states, mr. donald trump. c, agrees with those who find him as a revolting slug up fit for office. >> wow. >> let that be a reminder that the world is watching what is happening here very closely. >> i'm frances rivera.
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>> i'm new allegations -- againstdonalg
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forward claiming htouch them ap . new allegations against donald trump, women coming forward claiming he touched them inappropriately. plus a sex trafficking bust in the south bay. the exclusive video of the sting operation. a storm is abrewing. clear for now but rain definitely on the way. we'll tell you what to expect as the situation stem moves in. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning everyone. happy thursday and thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock this morning. >> good to have you here as well as the rest of the team. welcome to thursday morning. rob has a look at the changing forecast for us. >> this time tomorrow morning, very busy around theth


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