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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 16, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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a microclimate weather aler the parts of th baarea a microclimate weather alert. the rain continues to fall over parts of the bay area. today we are keeping an eye on downed power lines, some flooding and potential mudslides. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us on this sunday morning. i'm scott mcgrew alongside meteorologist anthony slaughter. we have team coverage for you this morning tracking the impact of this latest storm. rick boone is in the santa cruz mountains. anthony is tracking the rain right now. >> we have seen rain all night long and one tathree ino three fell overnight. you can see in san jose we take a live look there. cloudy skies and look at these rainfall amounts. very impressive and over two inches.
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scots valley almost two inches and you head to los gatos little more than half an inch and san jose only 0.05%. up against the south bay foothills we're still looking at heavy rain even across the santa cruz mountains and that extends from gilroy and san martin looking at rainfall this morning. the futurecast shows that rain will be more widespread towards lunchtime and then we get a break as we head towards 2:00, 3:00 before another round moves in for tonight and the last and final round tonight. in the meantime, a cool day, scott. mid-60s across the entire bay area. we'll talk about how much more rain we can see and still a flash flood watch in effect through tonight and we'll go over that in 15 minutes. >> we'll get to some of that flooding right now, anthony. first it was fire and now floods and seems living in the santa cruz mountain you can't get a break. there's a new threat. let's continue our team coverage with rick boone joins us from santa cruz county where that
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flash flood watch is in effect. good morning. >> it is in effect, scott. you know, i'm not a weatherman, but i'll try to play one on tv right now. looking at our weather map, you see the big red and yellow and orange going on. that's the big baby coming towards us. i can feel it on my back at this point. we are not that far from the santa cruz mountains. we decided to pick this location here in felton because of the safety of the mudslides and because of the unstable land. but in this area, the rain is starting to pick up just a little bit. as we drove through the felton area, not too many high standing water. the power outages we know as of right now just over 100 people without power at this hour. people are riding up and down the street. but the rain is starting to pick up. you can now notice a massive amount is certainly coming your way. you check out our weather app and listen to anthony and you know it is something serious coming your way.
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the santa cruz mountains here to my right, that is where the big concern is at this hour and that's where that unstable land is there and this massive rain coming down is a headache and a major concern for a lot of residents this morning. we'll stay stable in this area right now and plepair for the massive rain coming up. i can feel it, it is coming this way. we will get back to you in just a moment. for the latest now, that's the latest in felton. >> we'll check back in with you. let's take you up to the north bay. flooded roads there. this is the situation in forestville early yesterday evening. also some road closures because of flooding. chp saw spinouts and crashes in the rain. slow it down. rain and strong winds giving san franciscans problems. a tent blew over, a pier closed for a time and on the roads, flooding. one man dropping off a friend said he hoped everyone would try
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to drive safely. >> don't drive right in the rain. they never drive right in the rain. it's california. >> pg&e said around 250 people lost their power. crews worked overnight to bring that back and we thank them for that. the rain and wind causing problems that airport. sfo 52 flights canceled so far this weekend. more than 200 delayed. san jose, one flight canceled and oakland one, as well. we're tracking that storm, as rick mentioned, you have the map and the interactive radar in there and set weather alerts for your neighborhood, as well. that helped you keep your family safe. the rain is an inconvenience to some, a danger to others. here's news that really matters. we're learning new details about the case of a san francisco police officer shot in the head friday night. officers tell us the officer is named kevin downs. he has been with the department two years. the police chief says downs is partially paralyzed after surgery to remove fragments from
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his brain. he was shot when officers responded to a call about a man causing a disturbance. those who know downs say he and his family have a legacy of community service. >> his oldest brother served three tours of duty in the military. and when kevin came back, he worked with a nonprofit that helped veterans with ptsd. so, very long, you know, commitment to public safety. >> our thoughts to his family this morning. this is a photo of officer downs from a website that he helped create. a nonprofit employing veterans in the agricultural industry. the suspect in the shooting is in custody at the hospital. we're following more developing news in the north bay. three people have been shot there. we know this morning one has died. police had given very little details now, but we do know it happened 8:15 last night on
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highway 116. officer os tell us the two survivors are at a nearby hospital, but we don't know any more detail. we're waiting for the sonoma county sheriff's office to figure it out. the names of seven bay area firefighters were added to the california firefighters memorial in sacramento this weekend. this memorial pays tribute to the more than 1,300 firefighters who have died in the line of duty since california became a state. 29 more names were inscribed and five were firefighters for the san francisco fire department. the six worked for fremont and a seventh for cal fire in the bay area. this is the 14th year. the public memorial has been held. it's touching, of course, even to bystanders. >> when you come to something like this and you see the memorial and you hear the music and you see the families and what they've lost and gone through, you really realize the sacrifice they make to keep us safe. >> the california firefighter's memorial is in capital park. we have a lot more ahead
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"today in the bay." bernie sanders back on the campaign trail. the california ballot measure standard is pushing for. also, a rescue at sea. why two men became stranded in the san francisco bay and we have some pretty amazing video, coming up. bridge toll plaza (adlib
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welcome back on this sunday morning. if you were to commute into work, don't wait for monday morning, do it now. here is the bay bridge toll plaza. it will not look like that monday morning. just days away from the final presidential debate. both hillary clinton and donald trump are preparing for decision 2016. it's been a dark week for the republican nominee. at least nine women have accused trump of inappropriately touching them. trump is taken to attacking his accusers. telling supporters the election is rigged. yesterday, he pushed the claim that clinton lacks stamina to be president into new territory. now, clinton, meanwhile, looking towards the future where trump
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fades into the background. >> at the beginning of her last debate she was all pumped up at the beginning and at the end, it was like, take me down. so, i think we should take a drug test. >> if we do our job in 25 days, donald trump will stop being on the news every single day. >> you heard donald trump there calling for a drug test for both candidates before the next debate. the latest nbc news electoral map shows clinton is leading in every battleground state. bernie sanders is back in the bay area this weekend. he held an event in san francisco in support of prop 61. and state senate candidate. sanders fielded a lot of questions about the presidential debate or race. you'll remember he bowed out after the democratic convention. when asked about trump's attacks on clinton, at first he tried to wave it off, but when pressed he echoed something the democratic nominee has said several times. >> i'm not looking back, i'm
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looking forward and i'm doing everything i can to see that secretary clinton is elected president. >> your feelings about donald trump's accusations? >> i think he's completely unfit to become president of the united states. >> in recent months trump has positioned himself as someone who admires and respects sanders. trump accused the clinton camp of killing sanders' chances of winning the democratic nomination. much more ahead. the raiders plan to move to las vegas and take another step forward tomorrow. why the raiders' owners say that plan still includes oakland at least for a while. and overnight, some of us dried out, but it has continued to rain across parts of the santa cruz mountains. round two continues this morning as we wait on round three that will move in for tonight. we're back to detail the rest of your weekend forecast. we are under a microclimatweath
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outside at theakland coseum. we continue to watch the weather. a microclimate weather alert. a live look at the oakland coliseum. the raiders will take on the kansas t kansas city chiefs at 1:00. anthony slaughter will let us know how soggy that game is going to get. that will come up in a few minutes. nevada has cleared the way for the raiders to leave to move to las vegas. the team's owner is renewing his promise to keep the raiders in oakland for a while. raiders' owner mark davis told espn the team will play at oakland coliseum for the next two seasons while the stadium is being built in las vegas. friday the legislature voted to use $750 million of public funds to build that stadium for the raiders. the governor is expected to sign off on the plan tomorrow. oakland mayor libby shaft says
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the city will continue to try to come up with a plan to keep the team. final decision will ultimately end up in the hands of the nfl owners. bay bridge is gone. cal trans blew it up yesterday. this is part of a year's long project to destroy the old east span of the bridge. cal trans says because the blasts are contained, marine life is not harmed. used more than 8,000 pounds of explosives to collapse that structure destroying it in less than four seconds. really amazing video to show you. this is from a chp helicopter. the view from the helicopter itself. a boat that crashed near the south end. two men on a rock stranded there. the helicopter crew called a coast guard crew to help and then the helicopter hoisted both men to safety. this all went on as winds gusted over 30 miles per hour. the men not hurt, happy to be on dry land. they have quite a story to tell.
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let's check in with anthony slaughter with a look. talk about the raiders, soggy forecast. >> most likely a rain delay if they get game in at all. it's going to be raining and coming down. so, good luck. >> okay. wow. >> so, if you have tickets, keep your fingers crossed and hope that i'm wrong. let's take a look outside. rain coming down in the south bay and just picked up in intensity over the last ten minutes. rainfall amounts over the last ten minutes. santa cruz mountains are the ones i want to focus on. they took the brunt overnight. felton saw over two inches of rainfall over the past 24 hours and boulder creek and scots valley. very impressive amounts here. look at scots valley and even gilroy, you get over that mounten and to the rain shadow effect, still manage about 0.75. and los gatos and san jose and that rain being felt across the south bay. more rain on the way.
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you can see it all off shore and the widespread rain i was talking about that could cause the rain delay for the raiders game. this is going to be more widespread and move right into san francisco, the east bay, as we head towards the next couple of hours. the heavy rain right now still situated across the santa cruz mountains just north over scots valley and extends all the way over towards morgan hill and even gilroy, as well, this morning. put the futurecast into motion and show you what we're looking at as we head to about lunchtime. look how widespread the rain becomes. still widespread rain from the santa cruz mountains and places not seeing the rain right now. san francisco, you'll get back into this rain ban and even oakland near the tri-valley and brentwood it will become widespread. the bay won't see much in terms of rainfall this morning. but by this evening another round pushes in and we will dry out momentarily before this final ban pushes in. whenever we do dry out, that will determine if the raiders
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can get that game in because there will be some dry time this afternoon once that ban pushes out. then, tonight, the rain pushes back in. it should clear out for tomorrow morning. this is a look at the futurecast tomorrow at 6:00 in the morning. lingers showers and it looks like things will be tapering off as we head towards the afternoon hours tomorrow. we still do have the flash flood watch in effect for the next 1218 hours and in effect through this evening. whenever this rain does come to an end, this is when they will allow this to expire. we are expecting another two to four inches of rainfall in this location. so, as we saw just last night, one tathro three inches fell an this could bring the grand total up to nine inches because over the past two days three to six inches. this is a very prone area to flooding. now, we also have the coastal flood advisory in effect today that goes back into effect until 9:00 this morning. here's a look at rainfall amounts. here's what we're expecting on top of what we have already
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seen. another inch possible in those locations through the day today. and then we will round out the day tomorrow with maybe another 0.5. we're talking the rest of the bay area less than 0.01 for the east bay and peninsula. through the day today and that's where we have that flash flood watch. winter weather advisory went into effect at 5:00 this afternoon where they are expecting three to six inches of snow above 7,000 feet. you have to above the highest peak here. even lake tahoe, some snow. three inches there and from kirkwood over to truckee. yes, the winter weather really being felt across the bay area today and going to be cool. we're talking 60s for daytime highs today, scott. you notice the temperatures do climb over the next couple of days once we get rid of this rainy pattern. the 80s as we head towards thursday and friday. even san francisco will warm nicely and back into the 70s by
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next weekend. >> late october. all right, anthony, thanks. coming up, how they're bracing to grow legally and why they're not even sure that is a good idea.
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because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56. decide whether to legali 23 days from nowia will decide whether talael az marijuana for recreational yauz. prop 64 would give the graen lith and create gnaw taxes and regulation. is a good thing for local farmers? >> reporter: i was born and raised on this parcel. you can say he was born but
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earned his green thumb for another local crop. >> you come in and see the big sign that says wine, wilderness and waves. we always thought they should have added weed. >> reporter: every year he grows plants for the cannabis market. after years, farmers like o'neil has gone legit under the marijuana state regulations. >> feels good tamove out of the closet. >> reporter: this november, california voters will be asked to bring marijuana further out of the shadows. legalize recreational marijuana for the first time in california. and although o'neil has mixed feelings about the measure, he ultimately supports it. >> pretty hard for me to stomach the idea of voting against legalization. >> reporter: small cannabis farmers like ofear legalization
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will open the door for big corporate businesses to march in. in a preemptive move, a number of family farmers have banded together to form agricultural co-ops to compete against well-funded competitors. >> they can act like a really big player. >> reporter: he is organizing pot farmers under his brand. >> we have to find a way within firearmwo framework to survive and embrace this new feature of cannabis. >> reporter: near the town of willis, michael and joanna grow 40 different strains of medical marijuana on a scenic mountaintop. >> this blue powder looks incredible. i hope the cannabis community doesn't tear itself about. >> reporter: he believes national recreational legal -- >> we're trying not to think about whether it happens or not, just deal with the consequences.
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>> hoping that it doesn't pass quite yet. i think that we could use a little bit more work. >> the purple one? >> as long as the smaller farmers are kind of grouped together and working as one, there should be a lot of opportunity. >> reporter: o'neil says regardless of the outcome, he will continue to do what he has always done, harness nature and the earth and grow. >> very powerful and magical thing. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. no matter how you feel about that proposition, yes, no or indiffere indifferent. you need to get our voters' edge guide. go to and put in your zip code and learn more about the issues in cannabis that are specific to your area. much more ahead "today in the bay." to keep your galaxy samsung 7 off the plane. the severe consequences if you do not follow the rule.
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the rounds of rain that anthony is talking about. we're inside of it right now. or right under it. starting to pick up like crazy and now also concerns are picking up. flashflood watches and power outages and potential for mudslides. i'll tell you more about storm that is behind me now that is now right above us. that story just ahead here on "today in the bay." woman: how do we protect them from $4 billion in new cuts to california schools? man: vote yes on proposition 55. woman: prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. man: not on working californians, not small businesses. no one. woman: instead, prop 55 simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. man: so those who can most afford it continue paying their fair share... woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving
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california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive. woman: vote yes on prop 55 [burke] hot dog. seen it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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the rain continues to fall e good sunday morning, everyone. a microclimate weather alert. the rain continues to fall over parts of the bay area. we will be keeping an eye on downed power lines, flooding and potential mudslides. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us, i'm scott mcalongside huge sports fan anthony slaughter.
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we have team coverage for you this morning. we have rick boone out getting very wet in the santa cruz mountains. we're going to talk to anthony. it's a raiders' game and i said, wow, that's amazing. >> let me just clarify. i don't watch sports like the average joe, so, rain delay, overtime, extra innings. i don't pay attention to that. >> will there be a rain delay at a football game. >> there will not be a rain delay today, even though it will rain. they play in the rain. >> we hope the raiders will have several grand slams. >> exactly. >> very good. let's talk about your weather. >> you can see, we are looking at the showers this morning, scott. a lot of the heavy stuff is still concentrated across the san jose and south of downtown and mostly from morgan hill to gilroy. the rain does become more widespread. by lunchtime, you'll see the rain to start the game and then push out of here by 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon as we get ready
7:30 am
for our next round that will push in for tonight. a cool, fall day across the bay area and jacket weather definitely in store. as you watch the game and get out to the and whatever you do as fares at as sports go, don't contact me. i'm the weather man. talk to scott. >> but a weather expert keeping us safe this morning and that's the most important thing. first fire and now possibly floods it seems living in the santa cruz mountains you can't get a break. there's this new threat and continue our team coverage with rick boone a flash flood warning in effect there and you say it's coming down now. >> yeah, it is, scott. it's even coming down pretty heavy over the past few minutes as you all just came in the second half of this show. and for the past half hour we've been here, you see some of the rain, hopefully our camera can pick up some of that. coming down pretty steadily and looking at anthony's maps and looking at our futurecast, still a lot more to come this way. this is one particular area of concern because as anthony
7:31 am
indicated, this is one of the areas that hit a lot of rain over the past 24 hours. a lot of high-standing water now starting to pick up. this is also one particular zone where there is a flash flood watch in effect for quite some time. as the road that we drove on, not too much of a difficulty getting down to that area, but you still have to watch where you're driving. now, there is another concern, well, two big ones. two big ones. the one is power outages. right now they're starting to pick up just a little bit. just over 100 power outages in the scots valley, felton area. but the bigger issue is the mudslides. that's over here in the mountains all due to the loa fire. the vegetation, the land, just a little bit loose. you add in all this water and you know what you got, a lot of mud. with mud you get a lot of movement and that is the big concern this morning. later on today when it gets a little safer, we'll head up on that mountain and see the conditions a little closer.
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folks are concerned how much of the water is going to come this way and really, really ruin their sunday because they may have to stay inside because this is the way it has been for the past few days. once again, as i'm talking right now, it is continuing to come down. it is not letting up. it had maybe a break. maybe for about, i don't know, three to five minutes. and that was it this morning. other than that, it's been going and going and going and looking at the latest weather maps from nbc bay area, there is, once again, a huge cell right behind us and heading this way. as andy has told you, it's heading more north to where we are. that big concern, once again, no santa cruz mountains not far from where we are. we are at the base of that area. in the meantime, live in felton, rick boone, nbc news. we are also seeing flooded roads in the north bay. this is forestville and also some road closures and ft. baker because of the flooding.
7:33 am
chp saw spinouts and crashes in the rain. slow it down. rain and strong winds give san francisco problems, as well. the weather caused the schedule change at the music festival on treasure island. a tent blew over and a pier closed off for a time and on the roads, flooding, again. one man going to drop off a friend said, he just hoped everyone else would drive safely. >> people don't drive right in the rain. they never drive right in the rain. it's california. >> pg&e reported 250 customers had their power knocked out and crews worked overnight to bring it back to the airports, as well. the rain and wind causing problems there. sfo, 52 flights canceled. more than 200 delayed. now, this is often the case, san jose one flight canceled as did oakla oakland. one flight. we track these storms. we stay connected with you on the nbc bay area app. this is where you can find the interactive radar. we're talking about flash flood
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watches and warnings. we sent out alerts to the app. download it as soon as you can. the death toll rising in north carolina after a hurricane matthew barrelled through the state. search crews found two more bodies in wayne and cumberland county yesterday. this is in the eastern part of the state. right now the death toll in north carolina alone is 26. 24 people confirmed dead in the country overall from the hurricane. several towns in that area remain under water. the governor there expected to release new recovery plans. but he says the state has a lot of rough days ahead. more than 3,000 acres have burned. 22 homes destroyed in nevada's little valley fire. firefighters managed to contain 20% of that fire, but dozens of homes remain evacuated. some homeowners have nothing to return to. dennis hoff, you may know him, the owner of the bunny ranch says the flames have taken homes
7:35 am
worth millions of dollars, including his home. >> 20 some homes all multi-million dollar homes gone. what are you doing about it? >> took in some rain saturday. high winds could flare flames up in hot spots making that situation worse. officials are still investigating the cause of the fire. so, ironically, both rain and fire in that area. we're following developing news in the north bay. three people shot. we know this morning one of those people died. the police have given us very little detail, though. we know this happened about 8:15 last night on highway 116. that's south. officers tell us two survivers are being treated at a nearby hospital, but we don't know ea whole lot of detail beyond that. we are also learning more detail about the case of a san francisco police officer who was shot in the head on friday night. officers tell us that officer is kevin downs. he has been with the department for two years.
7:36 am
the police chief says downs is partially paralyzed after surgery to remove bulletments from his brain. he was shot near, those who know downs say he and his family have a legacy of community service. >> his oldest brother was, served three tours of duty. and when kevin came back, he worked with a nonprofit that helped veterans with ptsd. so, very long, you know, commitment to public safety. >> this is a photo of downs taken from a website of a nonprofit he helped create that employs vets in the agricultural industry. the suspect in the shooting is in custody at the hospital. keep officer downs in your thoughts this morning. nbc bay area responds to a santa clara man who face a serious predicament. take a trip or cancel and pay
7:37 am
penalties. he chose the safe route leaving about $1,000 in limbo. then he called our consumer investigator. >> this is a story about the nagging questions in the back of a anybud anybody's mind. >> reporter: he owns a small limo company. >> fleet of one, two, three, four, five, six vehicles. look at the back, it holds 20 people. >> reporter: he scheduled some time to park it about a year ago. >> my wife and i wanted to go to europe and go to pairs and rome. perfect timing in november. but three days they were supposed to leave, terrorists attacked paris. he says news networks were warning people to avoid france. so, he did. he began to cancel his lodging, tours and flights. he says the airline was easy. it refunded his nonrefundable ticket immediately.
7:38 am
>> they knew exactly what happened and it was understandable. >> reporter: but his lodging booked on airbnb was a different story. he tried to get his money back from the host in paris, but -- the host on his second stop, rome, didn't offer a refund either. the dispute festered for months. now, he probably made a mistake here. he tried to negotiate directly with the host. he should have gone to airbnb right after the attacks. he said it offered refunds to users who requested them. spokesman nick shapiro said it empowers hosts to set and manage their cancellation policies, but in rare instances, emergencies warrant coverage. by the time he went to airbnb his window to apply closed. >> i almost gave up. >> reporter: then he reached out to us. we then explained to airbnb how he thought he should work things out individually.
7:39 am
they agreed to give him a full refund for both canceled stays just shy of $1,000. >> i talked to you and within two days i got my money back. you're doing a great job. >> reporter: we wondered if airbnb would recoup from the host and airbnb said, no. it eats the costs on both sides so there's harm to neither guests nor its hosts. if you have a tip for us, please call the number is 888-996-tips or tell us about it on look for the yellow submit tip bar. from there you can share details and attachments like paperwork and photos to help us investigate. >> all right, chris, thank you. starting this weekend,s could get into big trouble for bringing that phone on the plane. air safety officials have banned the galaxy note 7 from all u.s. flights. this comes days after the phone was recalled for the second time. samsung has since just discontinued the phone after widespread reports the battery
7:40 am
can overheat and in some cases the phone will burst into flames. anybody carrying a phone, this phone on an airplane can face criminal charges, even jailtime. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up stanford taking on the irish and notre dame without their best players and the warriors took their show on the road to sin city. we have the highlights for you, next. we are under a microclimatweath
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outside at theakland coseum. sunday morning a live look outside as we are under a microclimate weather alrert. this is oakland coliseum. things will get a little messy and muddy when the raiders take on the kansas chiefs at 1:00 this afternoon. the warriors are in las vegas to play a preseason game against the lakers. but unlike the raiders, they're not going to stay in las vegas. golden state showed off its fire power against their rivals from southern california. clay thompson there leading the team in scoring 24 points. newcomer kevin durant chipped
7:43 am
with 17 of his own. two-time reigning mvp steph curry got into the action, as well. razzle-dazzle before hitting the three. the warriors beat the larkers 112- 107. the sharkz kicking off a five-game road trip in columbus. started fast, scoring two goals in the first period. that would be it until the third period when the bluejackets cut a lead on that goal. san jose able to add one more to hold on to the their win and the second game of the season, 3-2. >> i think we play well together and we a lot of talk and a lot of helping each other out. i think it's a key component to the success we had the last two games here. so, have to continue that and continue to the way we can play and not focus on who we are
7:44 am
playing against. meanwhile, stanford at notre dame. heisman trophy hopeful christian mccaffrey out with an undisclosed injury. but it didn't matter. trailed early by ten but scored 17 unanswered points in the second half to beat those golden. stanford wins 17-10. ahead on "today in the bay" the race for the white house cannot get any uglier, maybe it can. political analyst larry gerstin joins us live in studio to get us ready for the third and final presidential debate between. life and death. 600 dollars. of abuse. prop 61. important step forward. the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. passes - the ballot.this comine
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all right. this coming wednesday
7:47 am
presidential candidates hillary clinton and donald trump will engage in the third and last debate. the critical meeting will come with only 20 days remaining before the november 8th election. nbc bay area political analysis, this is the most critical. >> the last one. can't be anything more critical after the last one. yeah, particularly critical for donald trump. you know, look, since that first debate just three weeks ago, trump's campaign has plummeted. been in a freefall. wednesday night will be his last, best chance before a huge audience to revive his campaign with little precious time. >> that's right. assuming we don't hear something amazing like we did just before this next debate, what does he have to do to change his narrative here? >> look, first, he has to take the debate attention off himself. >> good luck with that. >> yeah. his persistent defense about the allegations concerning his
7:48 am
sexual comments and advances have only brought more accusations and more anger, particularly from women. second, he has to attack clinton on substance of issues. take your choice the economy, foreign trade, taxes, terrorism. any of those topics would be good places and safe havens for trump to show that he knows something. attacking bill clinton for his past is not going to help because, guess what, bill clinton is not running for president. third, he has to control his temper and watch his body language. trump has been giving the appearance of a person just out of control. a lot of that comes with the way he comports himself. >> for sure. in football we call it a prevent defense. you're ahead, just run the clock down. hillary clinton not out of the woods here. >> absolutely not. she's leading to be sure. we know that. all the polls are showing that. her supporters are not as enthusiastic as trump. which means she could see a drop
7:49 am
different o off in votes. first she needs to avoid intimidating behavior. simply put, stay on message. maybe that's a little bit of that defense you were talking about. second, discuss those robust issues that clinton is so good at explaining. remember, she's a policy, she can talk on just about anything. and, third, give the people a reason to vote for her. and not simply against trump. for this, clinton's got tatto s some emotion and her passion about a vision for a better america. she needs to show people where she wants to take them. >> something bill clinton was much better at doing. much, much better. so, i mean, we've seen some national polls that seem like they're quite distant. we've seen that some of the most critical states it looks like they will go hillary clinton's way. assuming nothing crazye happens is this over? >> nothing crazy in this
7:50 am
election year. this campaign has already provided a treasure-trove of surprises ranging from trump's ability to wipe out 16 challengers to clinton's great difficulty in putting away bernie sanders. there could be something, scott. there could be terrorist attack, another major economic culaalam or another political scandal. so, really, the next three weeks they're going to be filled with uncertainty. the faint of heart would be well advised to go on a vacation and watch a three-week movie marathon. >> netflix. >> anything to avoid this mess. a lot of people are going to be biting their nails. >> a lot of people have finished. they have done their early voting and they say there is nothing to convince me to regret an early vote. i made my decision. >> early voting big this year. bigger than ever and we're talking about 1.25 million people who have voted and 11 states have early voting right
7:51 am
now. later this week, up even more. by the end 37 or 38 states will have robust early voting. and this is where the democrats have the edge. because they are so good at the ground game. getting those early votes on. this is something the republicans don't have this, particularly with the trump candidacy. so, what the democrats want to do is talk bout football is run up that score with early voting. and they've done it in the past and this year they may do it better than ever, which puts the republicans in a bind. they have to come from behind. >>y gerston. we'll be right back.
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> welcome back on this sunday. rain falling across the south bay and you can see on the lens, yes, it's happening right now. want to recap the rainfall we saw the past 24 hours. focusing on the santa cruz mountains, the most impressive rainfall amounts from felton and over one inch of rainfall fell and even close to three inches in places like felton. gilroy less than 0.75 but more than 0.5 for los gatos. just in the last few minutes, we've seen the rainfall pick up and only 0.5 of rainfall so far. here comes more rain pushing onshore right now. a lot still off the coast but heavier bands starting to push into scott valley and even over near evergreen and south san jose we're seeing heavier rain there, as well.
7:55 am
now, the futurecast does show the rain will continue to intensify and become more widespread as we head towards lunchtime. this is 11:00 in the morning. san francisco seeing the showers. same deal for oakland and vallejo and antioch and the santa cruz mountains and south are going to continue to see this rain until 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon. then we get a break this afternoon. just a couple of hours before our next round of rain pushes in for tonight. that will most likely move to the south and east bay and eventually wrap up with this rain tomorrow morning. we still do have a flash flood watch in effect for the next 12 to 18 hours depending when this rain does come to an end. we're looking at the area across the santa cruz mountains where we could see an additional two to four inches of rainfall and coastal flood advisories in effect today from the north bay into san francisco and down towards half moon bay and monterey, as well. now, as far as the estimated rainfall that is coming our way on top of what we have already
7:56 am
seen. again, we are expecting some locations like scots valley and san martin could get another inch of rainfall just today alone. but look at the rest of the bay area. maybe 0.1 or 0.25 for the north bay and san francisco and san jose. now, switching gears. we have some winter weather to talk about. this is a winter weather advisoried for the sierra all the way down towards yosemite where they're expecting three to six inches of snow above 7,000 feet. everything else should be rain. winds and tomorrow morning should gust anywhere from 45 to 50 miles per hour. at tahoe, tr urtruckee two to t inches of snow. our highs today for the afternoon. 6 5i7b sa 65 in santa rosa. once we get of the rain tonight, we get back into a drier pattern and temperatures do warm up nicely. in fact, we will return to the 80s as we move towards next
7:57 am
weekend for our inland valleys. and same deal for san francisco. temperatures going back into the 70s as we head towards thursday, friday and saturday. once we get through today flash flood watch and some time to dry out before our next rainfall arrives, which could come in about two weeks. let's just get through today. >> get through today and then the forecast looks lovely as it always done in san francisco. rick boone out in felton. and he is watching that mudslide area for us. he's in the town right now but a little later he will drive up into the mountains and keep an eye on it. we're not going to be on air for much of the day because of sports and things. we have an nbc bay area app that you can use to keep your family safe. no 5:00 or 6:00 newscast tonight, instead a football game and special edition of nbc bay area news later and then, of course, 11:00 tonight. but, again, nc
7:58 am
have a great, somewhat damp, sunday morning.
7:59 am
8:00 am
accuse donald trump of sexual misconduct -- >> he grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me. >> trump keeps denying the stories, all of them. >> the stories are total fiction. >> this morning my interview with vice-president joe biden. >> what he said is a textbook definition of sexual assault. >> and with the republican nominee for vice-president mike pence. now that trump says the shackles are off, how damaging has this episode been? the latest numbers from our brand-new nbc news wall street journal poll. the great american divide. we go to one county that's all in for trump. >> hillary has so much stuff against her. do


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