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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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us next. >> and join us back here at 6:00. bye, folks. tonight, trump's rigged charge. down in the polls, donald trump goes all in on unsupported claims about large-scale voter fraud. inflammatory accusations that have democrats and republicans pushing back hard. plus, new hacked e-mails from hillary clinton's campaign manager. new campaign trouble from wikileaks. isis showdown. a pivotal battle begins. richard engel inside the command center as americans and iraqis open a massive offensive on the islamic state's center of power in iraq. olympic star's tragedy. an american medalist's teenage daughter killed in the crossfire. tonight charges after a fatal encounter in a parking lot.
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and the doctor will see you now. instead of going to the doctor's office, they virtually come to yours. the future of medicine at work. "nightly news" begins right now. this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. we expect to hear diametrically opposed views at the height of a presidential campaign but usually not from the same sides. tonight that's what's happening as donald trump ramps up his fiery and unsupported predictions of large-scale election fraud, even as other key republicans, including his running mate, say it just isn't so. nonetheless, a rigged election has become the central theme of trump rallies as we head into the final three weeks of the campaign. whether it's meant to fire up the base or provide an excuse in case of defeat, it is raising tensions and fresh worries about the dark consequences of such talk. nbc's peter alexander
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has details. >> reporter: in donald trump's arsenal of accusations, it's become one of his most potent claims. >> it looks to me like a rigged election. >> a totally rigged election. >> it's a rigged election. >> this is a rigged system, folks. >> reporter: now facing a growing deficit in the polls and amid reports his family explored a trump tv network for after the election, today trump's pouring fuel on his incendiary allegation. on twitter, claiming large-scale voter fraud, questioning the fundamental fairness of the election. a message resonating with his supporters. do you think there's large-scale voter fraud in this country? >> yes. absolutely, positively. >> reporter: tonight chris christie telling nbc news -- >> i'm convinced that the election will be a fair one, and that the process will be one that will be accepted by the american people. >> reporter: running mate mike pence is softening trump's charge, warning voter fraud affects republicans and democrats. >> demand that our public officials are upholding the integrity of the vote, but do all you can to respectfully participate in the process. >> reporter: the democrats' take -- >> he's a big bully who's getting beaten and now he's starting to whine. >> reporter: ohio secretary of state,
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republican john husted, who oversees his battleground state's election results, is slamming trump. >> it's irresponsible to say the election is rigged. you shouldn't sow seeds of doubt unless you have some facts to back it up. >> reporter: here are the facts. loyola traced voter fraud and found it practically non-existent. just 31 incidents out of one billion votes cast. >> the rhetoric that mr. trump is using goes beyond just what's happening in the polling place. i think what he's trying to do is to send a message to his potential voters. >> reporter: the question tonight, will trump's message motivate enough voters in those key states that he needs to win? and tonight for the first time since donald trump's controversial comments about women in that 2005 hot mike moment with "access hollywood," we're hearing from his wife melania trump, here with cnn. >> i said to my husband that, you know, the language is inappropriate, it's not acceptable.
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and i was surprised because that is not the man that i know. and as you can see from the tape, the cameras were not on, it was only a mike. and i wonder if they even knew that the mike was on. because they were kind of a boy talk and he was lead on, like egg on from the host to say dirty and bad stuff. >> reporter: the clip melania trump is referring to was report the on an "access hollywood" press tour bus in the presence of others. "access hollywood," of course, is owned by nbc universal. lester? >> peter alexander, thank you. tonight, police and federal agents are investigating the firebombing of a republican party
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office in north carolina over the weekend. as the tone of the presidential campaign becomes divisive and evening corrosive with 22 days until the election. we get more on that from our justice correspondent, pete williams. >> reporter: tensions have been rising all year in a campaign that's seen undertones of violence. the fbi and atf are helping police investigate saturday night's firebombing of a county republican party office in hillsborough, north carolina. no one was hurt, spray painted on a nearby wall, "nazi republicans, leave town or else," and a swastika. the president of "the arizona republic" it endorsed hillary clinton last month, the staff's been getting death threats, even the students who sell subscriptions. >> people are spitting on them, calling them vile names. today somebody called and said that if we sent somebody to knock on his door, he would pour boiling water on him and sic his dogs on him. >> reporter: the sheriff of milwaukee county wisconsin, david clark, a trump
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supporter, lit up social media over the weekend, tweeting that instead of complaining about big government and media, it's pitchforks and toorchs time. today he says he's advocating political change, not violence. but some talk this year has been ambiguous. the "wall street journal" interviewed a trump supporter last week in ohio who said if hillary clinton is elected, she should be, quote, taken out. >> it sounds like you're saying that it would be acceptable to assassinate a president? >> if she's corrupt, why should she be able to stay in office? answer that question. >> reporter: the secret service won't talk about specific cases, but says it investigates all credible threats. al baldasaro, a new hampshire trump supporter, said agents called him after he said hillary clinton should be tried for treason, convicted and executed. on sunday, an online appeal asked for donations to help republicans reopen that firebombed office. the money was raised by a massachusetts democrat. pete williams, nbc news, washington. hillary clinton is facing new trouble of
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her own tonight on two different fronts, both of them involving e-mails. one is the continued leaking of e-mails illegally hacked from her campaign chairman. a new batch published by wikileaks late today. the other separate situation involves continued fallout from her use of a private e-mail server. new disclosures from the fbi today sparking yet another firestorm her campaign is working to put out. we get all the latest on all of it from nbc's andrea mitchell. >> reporter: hillary clinton heading out to practice for wednesday's final debate and now facing yet another unexpected firestorm over her private e-mails. first, notes released today from the fbi e-mail investigation, quoting an fbi agent accusing a top state department official of proposing a quid pro quo to resolve a dispute over whether a clinton e-mail should be classified. the notes say, in exchange for marking the e-mail unclassified, state would reciprocate by allowing the fbi to place more agents in countries where they are presently forbidden, specifically iraq. in rare agreement, donald trump and speaker paul ryan jumped all over the charge.
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>> klinen and her cronies have sacrificed your safety, your family's safety and your country's safety, as though it meant nothing to her at all. >> reporter: the problem with that story line, the fbi and the state department say it never happened. >> there's no quid pro quo. absolutely not. >> reporter: in fact, both sides say it was an fbi official who brought up the question of placing agents overseas. separately from the negotiation over classification. no linkage, no quid pro quo. second, and the really challenge for clinton, another set of e-mails, those stolen from her campaign chairman john podesta, and released by wikileaks, the u.s. says, with help from russia. the wikileaks trove, not authenticated by the campaign or nbc news, include alleged transcripts from her speeches to goldman sachs. revealing clinton changed her positions on trade, immigration, and wall street when she became a candidate, exactly what bernie sanders suspected. >> you gotta release the transcripts. let everybody see them!
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>> reporter: now clinton says she'll be tough on wall street. >> we still have to crack down on the big banks. >> reporter: but as a highly paid speaker, clinton appears to have told the bankers, the people that know the industry better than anybody are the people who work in the industry. but for all this, clinton is now 11 points ahead in our new poll tonight, and now expanding her campaign to red states, like utah, texas, georgia, even arizona, where michelle obama will campaign this week. the democrats hoping to win decisively and put to rest donald trump's talk of a stolen election. lester? >> andrea mitchell tonight, thank you. overseas now to a major assault under way in the fight against isis. american forces assisting iraqis in a long-awaited offensive to take back the city of mosul. the center of the islamic state's power in iraq. our chief foreign correspondent, richard engel, is in iraq, taking us inside the command center for this major operation. >> reporter: the battle to drive isis
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from its iraqi stronghold mosul got off to a raucous start. hundreds of iraqi armored vehicles race to the front lines. in most places isis pulled back. but not always, sending at least seven car bombs to attack iraqi and kurdish columns. this is the defining battle of president obama's war on isis, and it's being coordinated here in this joint operations room. iraqi officers on one side, their american advisers on the other. the americans control the skies, have about 5,000 troops in country, and have been launching artillery and air strikes to back up the iraqi advance. while the americans weren't authorized to talk to us, the iraqi ground commander says so far coordination is working well. >> the american and the iraqi, one team. >> reporter: this base, qayyarah west, is now home to hundreds of american troops. they're working hard
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to fix the runway dug up by isis backhoes. as soon as the holes are filled in, american planes will land here, to support iraqi troops in mosul. taking mosul is such a high priority because mosul is isis's last stand in iraq, the biggest city it holds. a symbol of isis power, attractive to would-be terrorists. we will liberate mosul, god willing, a soldier told us. but there are signs this won't be easy. isis is very literally pursuing a policy of scorched earth. iraqi commanders say today they don't plan to actually enter mosul itself, but to take a village nearby. here isis set an oil well on fire. it was a deliberate act of sabotage. and many commanders fear that isis may have even worse in store for mosul itself. isis torched the oil fields it used to fund its terrorism, rather than see them
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go back to the iraqi government. isis could fight to keep its capital in iraq, or just burn it down. the iraqi government said in all today was a successful first day. what we saw was a tightening of the noose around mosul. the worst violence could come when troops reach the built-up areas in the city center. no sign exactly when that could happen. lester? >> richard engel, in iraq, thank you. staying overseas for a moment, as we see new and shocking images out of syria. the video shows a boy hanging from the side of a building that had just been hit by an air strike in aleppo. his legs pinned in the rubble, his yellow t-shirt with the words "don't shoot" written on the front. rescuers were able to free him, carrying him down to safety. back at home in kentucky today, three men pleaded not guilty today for a shootout that tragically left an olympic sprinter's daughter dead. police say 15-year-old trinity gay, daughter
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of olympian tyson gay, was hit by a stray bullet when gunfire was exchanged in a lexington restaurant parking lot. the gay family released a statement, saying trinity will truly be missed and asking for prayers and privacy. we turn now to a dramatic rescue caught on camera in florida when an suv went off the road and burst into flames. police and several complete strangers leapt into a race against time to save the driver inside. nbc's kerry sanders now with the riveting details. >> almost in the water. >> reporter: cherokee down an embankment and the driver is trapped. >> is there a fire extinguisher something? hurry, hurry, throw it down to them! >> reporter: a chaotic race by good samaritans to save a life. flames spark, fears of an explosion. >> you will live. you will not die! >> reporter: despite the danger, tom climbs through the smashed back window to free the driver. >> then when i got to the very front with the flames on the windshield, smoke coming in the compartment, there he was still in his seat belt. >> come on, come on!
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>> woo! >> reporter: the stunned driver was inexplicably combative. police tase and handcuff him, trying to control him. >> hold on to each other, let's go! >> reporter: civilians and police officers lock arms. >> make a chain! >> reporter: and pulled tim moteel up the hill to safety. moteel says he has no recollection of the accident, seeing it for the first time when we showed it to him this afternoon. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: police tonight investigating what happened. a driver alive thanks to a group of total strangers who just wanted to help. >> god bless you all very much. thank you. >> reporter: kerry sanders, nbc news, miami. >> an incredible moment. still ahead tonight, the revolution in medicine, doctors able to diagnose you from hundreds of miles away. now even when you're
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at work. also, how a major store chain is taking a stand against those clown scares across the country.
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back now with what's being called a big leap forward in health care. last year alone about 20 million people received some form of remote care, known as telemedicine. it allows doctors to diagnose patients from miles away, by computer. and it's being offered by more and more workplaces. but is it good medicine? our rehema ellis has the details. >> reporter: this is
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the future of medicine. >> how long that's been going on? >> there's something "star wars" about all this. >> this is very "star wars." >> reporter: dr. jack heads up a telemedicine command center at miami children's hospital, where they treat hundreds of adults and children over the computer every month. is it good medicine? >> in appropriate cases, telemedicine is exactly what's needed. >> and now even where you work, inside a private booth at school district headquarters in west palm beach. a technician connects an employee with a nurse practitioner, 80 miles away at that command center, using high definition scopes and cameras to check ears and throat, temperature and blood pressure. it saved jessica christiansen. >> i would have tried to ride it out. >> reporter: when she was nauseous on the job and reluctant to leave, she walked down the hall for a telemedicine visit. covered by insurance, she paid $15. she was told to get to a hospital right away, there diagnosed with a severe infection.
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>> if it wasn't for them, it could have been a lot worse for me. >> reporter: it's expected by next year, 75% of large companies will offer some kind of telemedicine. doctors say it's meant for non-emergencies. >> there is absolutely no substitute for the primary care physician. i see telemedicine as an adjunct to the care you're getting. >> reporter: it's modern medicine. the doctor can see you now, even when you're not there. rehema ellis, nbc news, miami. when we come back here tonight, what's that falling from the sky? the major american city that nearly forgot what rain is, until today. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even mer-mutts. (1940s aqua music)
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alerts on anything at all? not only that, you can act on that opportunity with just one tap right from the alert. wow, i guess we don't need the kid anymore. custom alerts on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade. tonight the white house is touting good news on american education. tonight the white house is touting good news on american education. president obama today
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spoke at a high school in washington, to announce high school graduation rates have reached a record high of over 83%. the continuation of an upward trend and improvement across all ethnic groups. a major american retailer says enough is enough of the creepy clown craze. with just two weeks until halloween, target has pulled many clown masks from stores and its website. this as scares involving people dressed up as clowns continue to keep communities across the country on edge. now to a big event making a lot of news in los angeles. as you know, traffic here is nothing new. people are used to that. it's not national news, except when the reason behind it is that it rained here today for the first time in 165 days. the first measurable rainfall here since may, making for slick roads and disbelief on social media from angelinos who couldn't believe it was actually raining. and by the way, it cleared up after a few hours. when we come back, are you feeling stressed out over the
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finally tonight, have you been feeling more anxious as this seemingly never-ending campaign season drags on? a psychologist recently coined a term for it -- election stress disorder. if you're suffering from it, like millions of americans seem to be, harry smith has some ideas to cope. >> reporter: if you feel like the presidential election is driving you nuts, you're right. >> day in and day out, constantly. it will drive you crazy if you pay attention to all of that. >> i'm concerned hillary will win. very stressed. >> we have a trump running in 2016 in america, that's very stressful and worrisome. >> reporter: really? the american psychological association says fully half of us say the election has been a very, or somewhat significant source of stress. a pew poll says more than half of americans are disgusted with the campaign. disgusted. >> if you use things like social media, facebook as a
5:58 pm
distraction, you go to your facebook feed, people are posting about the election. so you're never, ever getting away from it. >> reporter: no wonder a hotel in boston is offering an election escape package. they'll block the news channels from your room and snip the election coverage from your newspaper. >> whether you're for trump or hillary, either way, you should feel refreshed and have had a break from the election. >> reporter: in des moines, it's clear the election has gone to the dogs. online, people are pleading for it just to be over. >> used to be halloween was my worst fear of the scariest day of the year. now the election is. >> reporter: for those who are truly stressed, the good news is that the election is just 22 days away. the bad news, even when it's over, it won't be over. harry smith, nbc news, new york. and that is going to do it for us on this monday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and goodnight. ==raj/take vo==
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right now at: an illegalassaultc an attempted ambush on baarea p ==raj/2-shot== the news at 6 starts now.good e ==jess-smathai. the news at 6:00, starts right now. i'm raj mathai. the suspect's assault rifle jammed as. in a vallejo starbucks. that has taken another tragic twist'. we're now learning he's the
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father of a 2-year-old shot hours earlier in nearby city. jodi hernandez spoke with police. this is such a complicated case and making sense of it all, it just doesn't make sense. >> reporter: police believe however this was a premeditated attack. they say the suspect actually drove by this starbucks about six minutes before he walked in and in their words, tried anasinating two police officers but the man's family said what took place is the act of a distraught faulther who wanted to die himself, not harm others. >> he's smart. he's just the best little boy you could ever imagine having. he's like my best friend. >> she's edevastated by the shooting that left her


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