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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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a man is dead -- after pe bomb explodes inside an st bay clinic.police say -- the mabrought the explosive himself. =jess/2-shot= the ws at 11 star now. go evening d thanks for joining us, i'm jessica uir. =raj/2hot=and i'm raj thai. was itsuicide, a ddly mistake -or a planned attack? eitheray, there's aot of concern at this hour.=gfx= =boxes= nbc bay area's ter mceeney is in oakland w/ thedetails of this bizarre oryterry? =gfx= =jess/cu= ao developg at this hou..
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also developing at this ur... ur studentshot in a scol parkg, the search is on f four men -- that may be concted to that shooting.=vo/ra= this all happened at jun rdan school for equity in thexcelsior distric ofan francisco, right as scowas letting out. =boxes= nbc bay area's jean ellilive inan francio with more othe chaotic moments ocampus. =raj/gfx= (stop stop stop)
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=raj/cu= there'somnew marchg orders for the san francisco fire department. matory daportement-wde traini for harrassmernt. thisomes shortlafter our investiagtion offirefighters being invtated for harrassment.=vo= our investigati unit oained e memo -- oring the training. this comes after sevel high
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profile reports of harasent cases within the depament. as we first reported -- osecases include aninvestigation that ledohe transfer of an entir mmand staff at one statio amidallegations that a fema firefighter was harasseand hazed. =jess/gfx= (stop stop stop) =js/vo= are you ready to rume ? we are less than 24 hrs ay to the third and filpresidential debate.=jess/h set=as you c see, the finhing touches are underway ilas vegas. the latest nbc polgis hillary clinton an 11oint lead over trump heading into morrow night's debate. =vo= today --dald trumpampaigned in the battleground state coloradoa state wherhe has lost h lead in cent ys. mr. ump doued down on hiclaims of media manipulation. =sot= theedi you haveo remember,is an extensn of the hilly clinton campaign, it's an exnsion."@:07 =vo contiuesas for hilla clinton.
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the demicratic nomineeeft new york this afternoon --headed for hacked emails relead by wikileaks reveal an eay list of names that re suggested by mrs. cnton'team as a possible ruing matthat list inuded apple c-o -- tim cook and microft's bill gates. =jess/hset= you can watch the final presidential debate, righere on nbc bay area.coverage starts tomorrowt 6 o'clock. our own mark matthews ll ben las vegas to brinus livereports before, and aer, thedebate. =raj/1xvid=it's been a heartbreakg day inmarin county. and for many families -- it lbe a lo and painl healing process. two brothers and a frien-- died in this crash. it happened along sir fncis drake boulevard --near lagunitas. =gfx= nbcayrea's cryl hurd is a sir francis drake hi school -which is the alma mater twoof the victims. cheryl? =gfx= =jess//cu= severakids rescue and dozensof pimps and prostits
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arrested in the bay area--alpart of an eep to crack down on man trafficking. =vo= 'operation cross country' ran for three days this weekduring that time - autritieinvestigated hotels, tckstops, and street corne. this is a look at vid from asimilar sweeps acrosshe country. =rail=here in the bay area -ikids were rescued, 135 menarrested for prostition, d 63 men were arrested. this year's
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was theeh and largest version of thefbi-led initiative. =gfx= =racu=they trackedim down. a suspected serial arsont -- is behind bars tonight.=chy= fremont police arrestedcorey minhas' friday. hes facg two cots of ars. =vo= hwas arrted near e scene of what's believed to bethe 16th fire he's setincejuly. this was off warm sprgs boulevard. investigators were ablegather enough evideet the scene to lead them to mias. not suroringly -- neighbsre relieved.. =sot= no sup 'i feel ch safer now that they'veaught mebody..hopully he learned his lesn:09 =contvo=poce believe hiarson stintstarted over the summer. =jess/1xvid=the berkel church commuty came together tonight to support a chuh damaged by fire. =vo= eight different musicagroups played a benefit conce for thefirst congregational chch of berkeley tonight. fire tore through one o its main buildings and parof the sanctuary back on septemr 30th.
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it caused an estimatedwo million dollars in damagthe church used to host concerts, but can't anore. that's when the perfoers, and saint mark's episcopachurch chipped in traise money. =sot= "so when we madehcall both for them to rform and to me theyust respoed immediatelwith su generosi and gratitudwe're just sgrateful forthat." runs:9 oc: "gratef for th" ontvo=tonight's evt raised morehan fivehousandollars. =raj/vo= a group of heroes ing honed tomorrow in san francisco. mayor lee is hosting cerony at city hall for firsresponders -- who rescdozens of passengers frothe chilly bay waters- aftertheir boat overturnedear pier 45 during fleeweek.that rescue was caured on a go-pro camera.five adults and threehildern were taken to area hospils -- but all are ok. =sot= outcue=...the warningenowhere" trt=:20=jess/vo=
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then -- tarantulas crawng all over the peninsula. what's drawing so manof them to the area right now=rob/ck= (b ad b tease)
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cutting ties with wellsao. a pa of sanrancisco supervisors e now rollingut a proposal taht wouldnd business between the citand the bank.
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=sot= oute=...antheir workerstrt=:09 =contvo= supervors "hn avalos" an"jane kim" want the diric attorney to investigatall banks... after wel fargo admitted it opened up 2 llion unauthorized accounts, without the stomer'knowledge. wells fargo says it haalready provided full refunds to all customsaffected. =jess/2shot=a federal investigatr says his agency did itsjob the problems insi wells fargo could have bn fixed a long time ago.=r/2shot= tonight he's speanexclusively to liz waer- of our investigative unit.this investigator viewed whistleblower cases f osha. liz? =pkg= outcue=...i'm liz gner" trt=4:36 =raj/gfx=if you have a tip forour investigative unit, ive us a
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unit" at nbc bay areaotom. =3shot= ad lib here's rob mayeda wi your microclimate
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forecast thanks rob =jess/chy= an eating contest gonwrg. pretty powerful storms out here in the pacific, they are going to make a turn to the north, so clouds coming our
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to see rain coming back into the picture by monday of next week. >> not bad. welcome in the rain again. thanks, rob. well, it's an eating contest gone wrong, the damage done by a ghost pepper and how it took a
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bay area man to the hospital for weeks. and now we have jimmy. hey, guys deleted from the show, david spade. do not change the channel. and happening now on our twitter feed, it's all in the eyes, a new lie detector test scans your eyes to determine if you're lying. the technology was on display this week at a police convention in san diego. the test works on the premise that when you lie it requires more mental effort. and on our home page target pulling all clown masks off the shelves and on line. this is the result of creepy sightings and threats across the country. we'll be right back in a moment.
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all of this with the global warming and the - a lot of it's a hoax. it's a hoax. it'll get cooler. it'll get warmer. it's called weather. we need some global warming! we need leaders who get it. so that we can move away from coal and oil to clean energy. i'm tom steyer. if you want to do something about climate change, you can. please. register and vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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daredevil eating gonerong.a bay area m had to behospitalized for threwee ... because of a food chaeng daredevil eating gone wrong, a bay area man had to be put in the hospital for three weeks because of his food poisoning. he ate a ghost optionor erpepper, can is the -- which is the pepper that is the hottest in the world. he repeatedly threw up and the acid played a part in the injury. >> keep your eyes on the trail, tarantulas are roaming many bay area hiking paths, including the stanford dish. october is the mating season and hikers say this year they're everywhere. one woman in fact told us she
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saw four of these guys today. >> oh no they're like right in front of you. they just kind of -- >> oh. >> it is a little spooky especially with halloween around the corner. the drought may have caused the number going up. they are harmless to humans but they do have fangs, it's a good idea to stay clear. and this statue is called truth is beauty and sits on the san leandro campus. it's right next to a bart station, some riders say it should come down because she is naked. the artist says it is meant to represent self-empowerment. the statue will be lit up every day. and a current 49ers has thoughts on the current situation with the team. stay with us.
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a win, no that is what we're preparing for. that is what our focus is on. we want to make sure this week we're having a good week of practice with everybody on the same page. >> colin kaepernick talking
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about the next game it will be his first start at home in a year. there is still support, roger craig won three super bowls with the niners. >> he says don't give up on this team at least not quite yet. >> you think kaepernick has the best chance to win right now? >> i think he is experienced, he knows how to win and is talented enough. it's just a matter if everybody comes together getting the timing and getting it back. i thought he played well ran when he had the runs. so the main thing right now is you know getting the proper you know protection and type of things to help his guys get on track. i can remember in 1988 we were 6 and 5, and same thing happened to us. you know but we took on the ownership of our team and we went on and won ten games, 10 and 6 going into the playoffs
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and won the super bowl that year. 10 and 6 record you know i don't buy into the season is over. it's not over. >> the glass is always half full with roger. >> not over. okay, we'll be right back in a moment.
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a pair of adorable bular-- busted in santa clara county. the sheri's check it out. a pair of adorable burglar, busted in santa clara county. the sheriff's office posted this picture on twitter today. deputies found two puppies running around after responding to a burglary alarm call. >> they're like labradoodles? >> adorable yeah. >> thank you for joining us on this tuesday night, have a great night. >> we'll see you tomorrow. good-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- david spade, the kids from "stranger things",


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