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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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oc: of the hosuetrt:3 bob/live sam/ as you see, a very close call there. that is in san jose, a fire burning brightly. bob redell is on scene. students at a san francisco school return to class one day after four of their peers were shot on campus. >> and the debate is set for the final showdown. you know the characters at this point. hillary clinton and donald trump squaring off, the third and final presidential debate is set for tonight. "today in the bay" starts right now. good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get straight to that forecast right now, halfway through our workweek. >> did you notice the chill this
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morning? i had to put on an undershirt this morning. >> i thought it was just your brawn. >> stay warm. >> i thought you had been working out a little bit. >> my goodness. let's talk the forecast. yes, it is cold this morning. that's the point i'm trying to drive home. we are expecting temperatures to stay a little chilly this morning. as you get the kids ready this morning, 40s out there, but clear skies. no problems over any area bridges. highs today closer to 80. mike, you're looking buff. >> maybe a mock turtle. today a good flow 06 traffic. i want to take you down to the south bay. there's a crash 101 southbound at 280. everything is out of the lanes. chp should be leaving the scene. i'll check out the live camera. i didn't see anything last i checked. we'll look at a nice drive time for the east bay. approaching the bay bridge toll plaza, 14 minutes. folks at the speed limit from
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highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. >> thank you, mike. new this morning, four people right now without a place to live after a fire destroys a south bay home overnight. that house is near hill dale and meridian. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is at that home. we understand there were people inside that home as it was burning, bob? >> reporter: there were four people. good morning, sam and laura. the fire just left the scene. you can see the restoration company is out here, they're boarding up the garage. the garage is where the san jose fire department believes the fire started. when it started about 11:00 last night, this is what it looked like. you can see the flames emanated from there and spread to a good portion of the rest of the house. there were four people inside. we know at least one person was elderly. three of those people were able to get out on their own. it was a neighbor who helped rescue the fourth person, we
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believe getting them out of the back of the home. the fire started at about 11:00 last night. the fire department had it knocked down. it was a third alarm which meant they had to call for backup. you had the first, second and third alarm. they did get the fire knocked down. the garage destroyed as well as the car parked in the driveway. we know the damage to the inside of the house is moderate at best, severe at the worst. four people okay after this home fire in the sbra on ensalmo and hillsdale. we'll hear from a neighbor coming up within the next 30 minutes. live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. 4:33 right now. we're hours away from the third and final presidential debate. as you can see, the finishing touches are under way this time in las vegas. the latest poll has hillary clinton with an 11-point lead
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over trump heading into tonight's debate. yesterday donald trump campaigned in colorado. hillary clinton has been in las vegas since last night preparing for the debate. in the meantime, nbc bay area's mark matthews is actually in las vegas as well. he'll be reporting live from there on our newscast later this afternoon. coming up at 5:30, "today in the bay's" tracie potts will join us live from unlv with a live preview of this final debate. school is going to be in session today after a very unsettling afternoon yesterday at san francisco's junior dan school for equity. this follows a shooting in the parking lot that injured four students. police say four men in hood i cans approached the victims in the school parking lot about 3:15 in the afternoon when someone started firing. one female victim is in critical condition. three male victims suffered non-life-threatening injuries. investigators say the shooters were targeting one of those students and the shooting was
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not random. 4:34 this morning. this story we actually brought you live breaking news yesterday on "today in the bay." a driver found two brothers, lance and chance lar argall and chance mouler early along sir francis drake boulevard, they were trapped in a car after crashing into a power pole and two trees. their friends are in disbelief. two families are mourning their death. >> we've all been crying all day. we're trying to be there for each other. >> still having trouble wrapping my head around this and trying to figure out if they're really not here with us. >> investigators say mauer was behind the wheel and may have been going too fast. the coroner is running toxicology tests to see if alcohol is a factor. >> a big loss for that community. a bit of a pickup in our temperatures. >> a little surge has more
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sunshine in store for us. anthony slaughter will deliver the good news. >> you won't feel it until later. this morning it's kind of cold out there. the wednesday forecast coming up after this. some folks are done with work for the day. the overnight road crews just cleared from this shot. 880 at 66. we'll show you the update for san jose coming up. busted for prostitution and other illegal activities as dozens of people are rounded up and arrested in a bay area wide sweep. it's who was rescued that also has our attention this morning. they prey on our children, spending billions.
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fremont lice arrest "corey followup and a suspected serial arsonist is behind bars this morning. fremont police arrested corey minhas on friday facing two counts of arson. he was arrested near the scene of what's believed to be the 16th fire he's started. investigators say evidence gathered at the scene led him to minhas. police believe he began starting those fires over the summer. dozens arrested across the bay to crack down on human trafficking. operation cross country ran for three weeks. authorities investigated hotels, truck stops and street corners. this is a look at video from similar sweeps across the country, a map of where they've all been happening. here in the bay area six
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children were rescued, 135 women were arrested for prostitution and 63 men were also arrested. this year was the tenth and largest version of the fbi-led operation. five decades later, never-before-seen photos unveiled to the public. >> featuring the black panther party. the black panthers turn 50 this saturday. members are celebrating with a new book and photo exhibit called "power to the people." both feature the works of photographer stephen shaems. the exhibit's curator says the photos will show a different side of the panthers. >> a lot of people see the panthers as a militant group who had guns and shootouts with the police. i was well aware they had community programs, breakfast programs, food giveaways. i think the images in the photos
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will change what people think about them. there's a book signing at 6:00 at cal's graduate school of journalism. truth and beauty is unveiled on the san leandro technical pus to somewhat mixed reviews. satellite images sw the aa
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of the city now underfire as in iraq the battle for muscle is intensifying. satellite images show the area
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of the city now under fire as coalition forces advance on the isis stronghold. iraqi and kurdish forces are trying to take iraq's second largest city. the pace is starting to slow as iraqi sforss push towards larger villages and encounter more civilians. what a moment of strength. a berkeley community came tok to support a church badly damaged by fire. eight different groups played a benefit concert for the first congressional church of berkeley after fire tore through the building last month causing $2 million in damage. the church used to host concerts, but it can't do it anymore. that's when the performers in nearby st. mark's episcopal church chipped in to raise money. >> when we made the call for them to perform and to come, they responded immediately with
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such generosity. we're so grateful for that. >> an amazing effort. they've got a long ways to go. the event did raise more than $5,000. mailboxes are the hot topic at saratoga city council meeting tonight. the city is discussing an ordinance to require new housing developments to include locked mailboxes. according to the u.s. postal service, across the country about ten arrests are made every day over mail theft. a group of heroes is set to be honored later today in san francisco. mayor ed lee hosting a ceremony for the first responders who rescued dozens of passengers from the chilly bay waters after a boat overturned near pier 45 during fleet week. that rescue was captured on a go pro. some people were taken to the hospital. everybody is doing fine now. a 55-naked woman is standing tall in the east bay. it's a statue, she's called truth is beauty. she's on the san leandro technical pus. it's drawing controversy and
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it's next to the b.a.r.t. station. some say it should come down because of the nudity. the statue will be lit up on a nightly basis. daredevil eating gone a little awry. a bay area man had to be hospitalized for three weeks because of a food challenge. we don't know where he lives specifically. we do know he ate a ghost pepper, the hottest pepper in the world. stay away from that. as a result he's the subject of a medical journal report out right now. the pepper an inch-long hole in his esophagus. acid from repeatedly throwing up also played a big part in his injury. the san francisco er team who saved him wrote about the medical treatment to warn other hospitals about how to treat this sort of incident. like you said, maybe don't take a bite of a ghost pepper. >> it burned a whole in his esophagus. >> those are dangerous. >> our digestive tracts are not
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really built for two-way traffic. >> a little chilly to start the day here. >> it's going to be nice. even though it's going to be nice, i don't think you'll have to turn on the ac. still in the 70s as we get towards the afternoon hours. it will still be nice. you've got clear skies this morning in san francisco this morning. it is chilly. you'll definitely need a jacket or some kind of extra layer. 52 right now in san jose. 47 in livermore. chillier there than it was yesterday. 48 in palo alto. back to 79 for livermore, 76 for walnut creek. staying cool along the coastline. a little warmer than it was yesterday. 71 for santa cruz and 67 for san francisco. clear skies to start the day. we'll end the day clear. more rain continues to fall for seattle, portland, dealing with
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this rain for about a week and a half non-stop. they're used to that. here at home we'll stay dry. it will continue to be nice. look what happens on sunday. storm system off the coastline. we could see showers as early as sunday evening across the north bay. monday morning that commute looks wet and sloppy. this is going to begin another wet pattern as we head towards next week. it will be nice until then. temperatures warm a little bit for tomorrow. that's when i've been feeling the ac. then we begin a cooling trend as we head towards the weekend. more clouds by sunday, and i think the inland valleys will start to see the showers widespread by monday and tuesday. the north bay may see them as early as monday. showers pull into the baby monday. let's talk about what's pulling on those roads. >> speed sensors showing a pleasant drive. an incident just popped up near the dublin interchange. i'll check on that in a next couple seconds. we want to take a live look at
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san jose. 101, the 680/280 overcrossing. even the chp has left the scene. a good number of cars, but no slowing here. we saw the sensors moving well, all green. also green here. at speed in the north bay from highway 37 in novato all the way down past the san rafael bridge to the golden gate bridge. add those together, 19 minutes. transit with no delays and looking towards the bay bridge with no delays. smooth drive oakland into san francisco. in business news now, looking increasingly like volkswagen will have to fork over billions over the emissions scandal. landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you both. wall street could be poised for a slightly lower open. futures are mixed. the markets posting gains thanks
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to positive earnings from netflix and goldman sachs. the nasdaq having its best day in three weeks. look for data today on housing and earnings in the likes of morgan stanley and american express. the dow rising 75 points to 18,161. nasdaq up 44 to 5,243. a federal judge says he's strongly inclined to approve volkswagen's record $10 billion settlement over the emission scandal and will issue a final ruling next week. they've offered to buy back vehicles from users in the u.s. volkswagen will have a dedicated person at each u.s. dealership to handle the buyback. apple expected to unveil a new line of computers next week. this would be the first major update for the mac since 2013. apple will introduce new versions of the imac desk book,
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macbook air laptop, back book pro and a monitor. back to you. >> thank you very much, landon. president barack obama and first lady michelle obama wrapped up quite the evening last night with their final state dinner. >> what's good diplomacy like without good food and wine. they welcomed italy's prime minister and his wife to the white house. the foursome stopped for an official photo. some of the guests included gwen stephani, georgio armani and mario vitali. a late rapper nominated to the rock and roll hall of fame, gunned down over a quarter century ago. is it a changing market? a survey shows about one-half of home buyers in the u.s. are under the age of 36. you can find that report on our facebook page.
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a new kind of lie detector test that scans the eyes to determine whether someone is telling the truth or maybe not. that story is on our twitter page. the truth of the matter is, we will be back in two minutes. ♪ music
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because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56. a proposal that wouldnd continuing coverage, cutting ties with wells fargo. a pair of san francisco supervisors are rolling out a proposal to end business between the city and the bank. >> this scandal proves that banks like wells fargo can be too big to fail. they're certainly failing us and their workers. >> supervisors john avalos and jane kim want the district attorney to investigate all banks, this after wells fargo
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admitted to opening over 2 million customer accounts without their knowledge. wells fargo has provided full refunds to all the customers affected. the ceo resigned last week. in the meantime a wells fargo whistle-blower says she turned to the government for help. a former federal investigator says if osha did its job, the problems inside wells fargo could have been exposed sooner. investigative unit's liz wagner has the story. >> we talked to an investigator for osha. he says in 2010 his agency received a complaint from a wells fargo employee in napa valley. that employee claims she was fired for raising red flags. she turned to osha. the investigator darrell whitman says no one investigated her complaint. whitman says the agency assigned it to him six months later so he could close it after she filed a lawsuit. the agency doesn't have to pursue cases.
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whitman says osha should have conducted an investigation before ka troen filed her lawsuit. whitman says back in 2010 osha failed to give details of the case to banking regulators. one more note here, catrone's federal lawsuit was dismissed when the judge sided with wells fargo. you can watch our full investigation online right now. head to >> we'll look forward to that. thank you very much. if you have a tip for our investigator unit, call 1-888-996-tips, or send us an e-mail to one of the most well-known rappers, the late tupac shack cure could be headed to the rock and roll hall of fame. >> headed for induction along with janet jackson, pearl jam and 16 other artists. roughly five nominees are chosen. in order to be eligible, artists have to have released their first recording at least 25 years ago.
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this is his first year of eligibility. a cool start, but a sunny finish. where in the bay area we'll see spring-like temperatures today. >> that's right. we're tracking 70s later this afternoon. rain is on the way. it should return by next week. we'll detail the forecast coming up. what's kicking in right now, this is the dublin interchange. things are stacking up on the approach. we'll talk about 580, the flow and what's going on coming up. an explosion inside a bay area health clinic. the reason investigators believe a patient might have brought a pipe bomb inside. !!bob/vo
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!!bolivesam/vo !!bob/vo !!bob/livesam/vo plus-- students at a n francisco school return an overnight regs queue as flames consume a home. i'm bob redell. details coming up. students returning to class one day after four of their peers were shot on campus. >> the debate is sget for the phenyl showdown between hillary clinton and donald trump. "today in the bay" starts right now. the mid point of your week. good morning. welcome on this wednesday. i'm sam brock. >> good welcome is okay. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get to the forecast. we welcome back a bit of spring today. >> it will start off a little chilly. 40s and 50s out there.
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more 40s than we saw yesterday. we will see another nice day. temperatures a little warmer, back into the mid 70s. there are the chilly temperatures. 49 in livermore, 48 in palo alto and 45 in napa. later this afternoon, most places that were in the low 70s yesterday back into the mid to upper 70s, closer to 80 degrees today. that warming trend continues for tomorrow. there is rain on the way for next week. we'll talk about that and the weekend forecast coming up. >> the approach to the dublin interchange, the travel times have kicked up for westbound 580. 680 up to 25 minutes. that's increased by about four minutes over the last few. the reason why it's at the very end, we'll show you the camera we had in dublin. there's the car dealership there in hopyard. two big rigs block the slow l


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