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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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threatened her and put a gun to her head. >> reporter: a terrifying home invasion robbery here on the peninsula. i'm bob redell. i'll take you live to hillsborough coming up in a live report. no more on campus parties. the greek system at uc berkeley is getting proactive in the wake of several recent reports of sexual assault. major changes coming to this year's surfing competition. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. i don't know if it will be quite hot enough to get out there for surf's up. >> 80s yesterday. warm temperatures as we head through the afternoon. patchy low clouds on the coast and temperatures in the 50s and 60s outside. should see numbers in the low 80s around the tri-valley. 78 in san jose, close to 70 in san francisco and then for the weekend, more clouds and more cooling and a chance of rain.
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a look at that in the seven-day forecast. to see what's happening with your commute, here is mike. >> smooth drive on the roads right now. no major issues. maybe a couple of slower trucks as they clear overnight road work. i'll call out the bart status. you might have heard us talk about the delays. the b.a.r.t. police checked things out because one of the station agents thought something was going on, but nothing. no delays resulting. only a delay getting that station open. 35 trains on time. you'll also be on time as you're driving through the tri-valley. at speed, 22 minutes grant line road to the dublin interchange. now to frightening moments for a hillsborough woman. three armed men break into her home and hold her up at gunpoint. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell live with details. we're hearing from her husband about this very frightening ordeal. >> good morning to you, laura and sam. hillsborough police are asking the victim's neighbors to check their surveillance cameras to see if they might have video of
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the suspect coming and going to her house in hillsborough. this happened just before midnight on wednesday night at a home near marlboro and whitwell roads. three men wearing gloves and black hooded sweatshirts who entered the home through the garage door that was open and the interior door that was unlocked. one man held the woman at gunpoint while the other two stole jewelry and other items. we spoke with the woman's husband who didn't want to be identified. >> they pistol whipped her, threatened her and put a gun to their head. >> i've been here 28 years and i can count on one hand the times we've had a crime of this nature happen here. >> reporter: hillsborough police tell us they do have several leads in this case but no arrests. a captain tells us this home invasion robbery is strikingly similar to what took place in nearby portola valley. investigators have not been able
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to establish a definitive link between these two crimes. bob redell, "today in the bay." at 5:02 right now, there will be no parties at cal berkeley. a voluntary suspension of all on site social activities for sororities and fraternities. the presidents of the fraternity council sent a suspension to the chapter officers of the greek system. they decide it will last until they can re-evaluate risk management practices at a meeting tomorrow. an open police officer accused of engaging with a prostitute and tipping her off about confidential vice operations is expected to be arraigned. this is the latest scandal for a police department that has been operating under a cloud of controversy. 26-year-old ryan walter house faces two felony of justice
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charges along with a misdemeanor prostitution charge. investigators say he was tipped off by a police officer. oakland mayor libby schaaf is outraged, especially because the city is obviously already dealing with another sex abuse investigation right now. >> it is incredibly disturbing that in light of what happened this summer, any officer could think it was at all acceptable to engage in this type of behavior. >> so the other case that has garnered so much attention in recent weeks involves a teenager named jasmine that led to several bay area police officers being arrested at multiple departments. officials say those two cases are not related. a shakeup to report in that police sex abuse scandal that's entangled several departments. late yesterday evening attorney pamela price says she's no longer representing the woman at
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the center of the case. the case involves dozens of east bay officers. in a statement she said she believes jasmine deserves a second chance at a first class life and she would never abandon her in that effort. however, effective immediately, price will no longer be representing her as her attorney. 5:05 right now. maybe you were among those caught in it about a:05 last night. some say it was the worst traffic jam they've ever endured. a massive backup at highway 101. it happened after an vv camper started spewing flames between redwood city and san carlos. didn't just bring traffic to a standstill. >> it's absolutely crazy. >> couldn't have happened at a worse time. it's commute hour. everybody is trying to get home and this happens. really tough backup. all lanes closed for more than an hour. northbound didn't get going for at least two hours.
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the chp says the rv was transporting model rockets from a hobby show when one exploded. everyone made it out safely and no one was cited. this morning a man in the east bay recovering after being assaulted brutally for telling a group of guys that lived near him to be quiet. casey pless spoke exclusively to nbc bay area says this started when he confronted young men for being loud near his home near walt disney elementary. that's when one of them, a martial arts fighter, started kicking him. >> they proceeded to kick me in the face and body. >> a neighbor of his heard that attack and stepped in. all four suspects have since been arrested. at 5:06 this morning. it's going to be a long road to recovery for a san francisco police officer shot in the head while in the line of duty. officer kevindowns is in a rehab
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facility. police say officer downes is paralyzed in one of his arms and his leg. the department says they found two dozen rounds in the bushes where the suspect was hiding. they're reviewing body camera video from several of the officers involved. you mentioned this at the beginning of the show. changes coming. for the first time, one of the most dangerous surf competitions in the world is going to be co-ed. six women surfers will jump in the waters off half moon bay for titans of mavericks. organizers say it's about time. the women's event will be held on day one of mavericks which begins november 1st. the push began when the california coastal commission adopted a request by a female activist. >> it's amazing that we're going to have -- we're actually going to see women from around the world coming to maverick and
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putting it on the line. you've got to put it on the line when you see that monster wave standing up in front of you, who is going to second-guess who is going to go? >> it takes some guts. >> takes some girl power. >> i would say so, my friend. the opening ceremony is going to be held at maverick beach near half moon bay. yeah, i'm still going to stay in the shallow end. >> you're not part of that. >> i'll watch from the show. >> get binoculars. we can see closely the weekend is at hand. looking at nice weather. >> the waves staying offshore. i might be tempted to try five or six-foot waves, but not the mavericks. you can see the swell offshore about six feet, northwest wind to 20. we'll wait for stronger storms to bring bigger waves our way. right now we'll see low clouds on the coast. 70s for most spots inland. near 80 inland today. the weekend looks dry but stay tuned. sunday night into monday is when
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our next chance for rain returns to the bay area. mike? >> if you're on the roadways, looking good right now for your drive. no major delays. a little slows of west 580. the crash in concord cleared from highway 4 around 242. looking toward the drive times. south bay at the minimum drive time, maximum speed at the limit from 101 where it splits with 85 to where it joins with 85. a quick look shows light traffic through the area. coming up, sharing the stage once again, but for different occasions. the charity event that brought donald trump and hillary clinton for some good laughs. samsung gets the ultimate burn coming from the president. sam? >> scott, i've got a new way here to thwart bike thieves. invention that will literally smell away anyone trying to steal your ride.
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==rob weather== here is a view of san jose right now. temperatures in the 50s on our way to upper 70s this afternoon. we'll talk more about cloudy changes and rain back in the seven-day forecast coming up. no major issues for the roadways right now. we'll just talk travel times. north bay just eight minutes from highway 37 in novato to the
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richmond-san rafael bridge. over in the east bay, no problems approaching the bay bridge toll plaza as well. back to you. 5:13 right now. to decision 2016 this morning. donald trump and hillary clinton blitz battleground states today after sharing what some are calling some awkward jabs last night. >> it was not comfortable to watch. "today in the bay's" edward lawrence joins us live with more on the charity dinner that brought what's been a serious campaign, but these were very pointed shots they were trading right next to each other. >> reporter: some of them, sam and laura. you sort of had that krang face sometimes when some of the jabs were being made. the good news out of all this, it did raise $6 million for children there in new york city. this is meant for republicans and democrats to laugh. well, just look.
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in a moment hidden for most in the room, donald trump finally shook hands with hillary clinton at the alfred e. smith found dapgs dinner in new york. the republican candidate started off his speech being political. >> hillary believes it's fightal to deceive the people by having one public policy oh and a totally different view in policy. >> after a round of boos, he got the message this night is about fun for charity. >> this is the first time ever, ever that hillary is sitting down and speaking the major corporate leaders and not getting paid for it. >> it's amazing i'm up here after donald. i didn't think he'd be okay with a peaceful transition of power. >> reporter: clinton did her part for the roast. >> getting through these three
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debates with donald has to count as a miracle. >> reporter: on the campaign trail -- >> then says today he will accept the results if he wins. that is not a joking matter. >> reporter: trump held a rally in ohio before the charity dinner. >> if i win! >> reporter: leaving the door open to challenging the results if they don't go his way. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. more trouble for tack cat that this morning. government officials confirm a california woman died last month as a result of a faulty air bag. the national traffic highway safety administration says the woman was driving a civic which was recalled in 2008 but the repairs were never finished. this is the 11th death in the united states linked to those
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air bags. the air bags will explode with too much force causing snap nell to spray into the vehicle. san francisco-based twitter has had hard choices this morning. >> it put itself up for sale and nobody bought it. >> nobody bought it which means twitter needs to figure out what its future needs to be. now the market street company has to figure out what to do and it could be cut. the company's stock fell hard over the past week or so after sales force said it wouldn't buy twitter. sales force said it wasn't a good fit. at which time are reports profits next thursday, and i think we are going to hear some fairly big changes then. president obama pushing people to hurry up and sign up for the affordable care act. one of the last things he's pushing as his presidency wrapped up. the president is in miami. history teaches us florida is very important. the president says he wants --
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>> they can change the name of the law to reagan care or they can call it paul ryan care. i don't care, about credit. i just want it to work because i care about the american people and making sure they got health insurance. >> now, one sound bite we didn't catch. he acknowledged there were problems with obama care, but he says you don't throw out the whole idea because of a few problems. he said if a smart phone had a few problems, you don't go back to rotary phones. then he added, unless it catches fire, then you pull it off the market. samsung burped again, this time by the president of the united states. let's check the news before the bell. landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> hi there, scott. good friday morning to you. wall street looks to end the week on a down note. futures are lower this morning. the nasdaq may move higher, that would be thanks to microsoft.
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they reported strong earnings last night. the stock could open at an all-time high. no economic data today. you want to look for more earnings from the likes of general electric, honeywell and mcdonald's. the dow having a two day win streak down to 18,162. the nasdaq falling four points to 5,241. nintendo, not impressing much of anybody with this new video game. it's called the nintendo switch. it's a device that can be used as a portable video game, something you take on an airplane, and something you can play on your television at home as well. you know it doesn't resonate when your stock falls as you unveil it. also, sam and laura, a company that deals with water will make its first trades on the stock market. i bring this up because we just know water is going to be the next big thing. they say it's not oil. we're talking 50, 100 years down the road, but water that people will care most about. >> a commodity. >> we're learning that firsthand
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in california for sure. thur. the kind of thing that puts a bad feeling in your stock when you find out the bike has been stolen. what about thieves equipped with bolt cutters or power tools. one inventor has the answer, called skunk lock. it emits chemicals so bad they induce vomiting. the skunk lock where anyone who pledges $99 should receive a lockerbie next june. >> interesting. so he's sick and still gets away with it. >> we need mace lock -- >> then you don't even want to ride your bike. >> no one wins in that situation. >> as we head into the weekend, everyone looking for another
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amazing forecast. >> yesterday we had numbers almost 10 to 15 degrees above average. even though the weekend is going to trend cooler, the weather is still pretty nice as we head to the outside. as we head into the weekend, more clouds and maybe a chance for rain in the north bay late. 59 in san francisco today, 52 in dublin. one of the cooler spots we're seeing with mostly clear skies to start. expected in the upper 70s around the south bay. peninsula temperatures in the 70s. half moon bay about 66. upper 60s to low 70s near san francisco. north bay, highs in the upper 70s with partly cloudy skies. in pleasanton, a high of 72 degrees. northernsome sonoma county may see showers sunday night. we do have another storm on the
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way. it looks like for about thursday and friday. so the extended forecast, seven to eight days out. it's the next friday storm right now that could shape up to be the biggest in terms of rainfall. for the weekend, more clouds, should be rain-free at least in san francisco. for most inland area, we'll leave sonoma county in there. plan on rain monday and tuesday early next week. >> rob, nothing major going on right now. that's a great start to your friday commute. easy drive for the speed sensors, a little slowing over my shoulder coming out of the altamont pass. we have a little more slowing, now 24 minutes there. the slowing towards livermore, by the time you get to the heart of livermore and the dublin interchange, you're at speeds. a smooth drive on the transit lines. 35 trains on time for the b.a.r.t. system. no delays for anyone else. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, smooth flow of traffic. cash lanes starting a little
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backup. today getting off at treasure island, the severe off-ramp on the left side. we'll end with this live shot. tomorrow morning a new off-ramp on the right side. that's the new one where folks may be making last-minute lane shifts. keep that in mind. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. 5:22 right now. how much screen time does your child get every day? this morning experts weigh in on how much is too much and the impact it could be having on your kids. just this morning --hild
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development exr issued 5:24. do your kids like to play video game? this morning child development experts have advice, getting rid of parent guilt and teaching parents how to use media to their advantage. instead of trying to keep kids away from online games, apps, tv and social media, parents are encouraged to join the fun. these updated guidelines from the american academy of pediatrics represents a shift to making moms and dads media mentalists. >> we don't think of it as screen time. we think of it as how can we use media as a tool to suit our family's goals and values. >> previously the academy suggested no media before the age of two and a media limit of one hour a day for kids up to age six. they now say there's evidence toddlers as young as 18 months
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can learn and benefit from some forms of technology as long as parents are there to guide them. i don't know, got to play "mindcraft" now. from broken phones to faulty appliances to travel scams. nbc bay area consumer investigative center recovering money every day. >> at some point he does sleep. but chris chmura joins us with an update. a busy week. here are some of the cases our team is closing behind the scenes. we'll begin with deepak, he recovered money for billing glitch with his cell phone provider. pamela in the east bay got 100 bucks after a delinquent citation for a parking ticket she paid last year. don on the peninsula signed up for a 10% cash back reward credit card, but the reward didn't kick in. we helped him get that reward in place which put $250 back in his
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pocket. while we're here. let's check out the total. since we started back in may, we've returned $317,547.45 to viewers like you. we want to help you get money back, too. you can call us. the number is 1-888-996-tips or visit us online at have a great weekend. >> you, too, chris. scary moments for south lake college students who searched for a man who posed as an undercover officer to try to lure her into his car. at uc berkeley from sternities and sororities decided to suspend parties. i'll explain why coming up. good morning and a you forjoini
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your favorite words to hear, happy friday. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> you know what's better, happy friday payday friday. >> i like here is your lunch, but that's me. >> good day to go out to hundred westchester sunny skies headed our way. >> warmest day of the next seven. today probably a few low 80s around the tri-valley. this morning, mostly clear skies. we'll see numbers close to 70 in san francisco. expect the low clouds to make a comeback. 78 in san jose. meanwhile let's hope it's friday light this morning after a rough day on the roads yesterday. >> i think some of those folks just getting home judging by the
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problems we had on the roadways yesterday. we're reviewing those, looking at a nice clear roadway and clear speeds. the travel time towards the bay bridge, typical friday early, 14 minutes from highway 4 to the maze. at the speed limit for the eastshore freeway as well as the rest of the approaches for the toll plaza. it's your usual backup. we don't usually see the cash lanes this backed up at this time of morning. usually the fast track lanes that show the first slowing. we'll track it coming up. 5:31. after two weeks of reported sexual assaults, uc berkeley fraternities and sororities is suspending events. the attacks actually happened at off-campus party, but they're taking extra precautions. >> reporter: good morning. the two incidents happened at an off campus frat house. this was a voluntary move by the frats and sororities on campus.
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it wasn't mandated by the university. it's been a concern for students regarding their safety on campus. i took a look at the uc berkeley police department website. i want to read a part of the e-mail sent out by the fraternity and sorority councils. here is what they said. they said, quote, to the members of the executive board of the interfraternity council on behalf of our 1500 constituents, we wish to express our condemnation of the vial and unjust incidents that have recently occurred in our community. while we have no reason to believe these were committed by fraternity men on this campus, it is still disheartening and alarming that they have occurred on fraternity property. in response to this, you'll see beefed up patrols on campus. no eta as far as when the
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suspension will be lifted. the fraternities and sororities will be lifted discussed later today. frightening encounter and police are searching for a man who claimed to be an undercover officer and tried to lure a deanza community college student into his car. it happened in lot a at the college in tuper teen know. the victim said the man told her she shouldn't be walking alone and threatened to give her a ticket and told her to get in his car. police say the man was driving a black late model four-door bmw with heavily intoed windows and two passengers in the car. investigators in mountain view are searching for more possible victims after a man has been arrested on child molestation charges. 73-year-old donald lawrence was arrested in nevada. authorities say he once worked as an apartment manager in
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mountain view. police say the evidence only surfaced last month. 5:33. this morning a 4-year-old boy fighting for his life after he was inside of that car that crashed into a pole in san ramon. this happened just after 8:00 last night. police say the boy's mother who was behind the wheel hit that power pole. the 4-year-old was flown to children's hospital in oakland with a serious head injury and there were two other kids, 6 and 7 at the time inside that car. they were all taken to the hospital in an ambulance. at this hour investigators are still trying to figure out how it happened. 5:34. an exclusive peninsula neighborhood is on edge after thieves break in and hold a homeowner at gunpoint. it happened just before midnight wednesday night in hillsborough. police say three men wearing black hooded sweatshirts and gloves came in through an open garage door. one man held the female homeowner at gunpoint while the other two stole jewelry and other items. we talked to the victim's husband who didn't want his face
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shown on camera. >> they pistol whipped her, threatened her and put a gun to her head. >> i've been with hillsborough 28 years and i can count on one hand the number of times we've had a crime of this nature happen here. >> police say they have several leads in the case. so far no arrests. police also say the case is strikingly similar to a home invasion robbery in portola valley last week. now they have nothing that definitively links the two. a public apology for an act of vandalism that angered so many people. 19-year-old jared vance addressed veterans in danville. that's where last year he spray painted a veteran's war memorial. those who heard his apology says vance regrets what he did. new details on a shooting just outside a san francisco school. police announce two arrests have been made. police say both suspects are
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juvenile. it's still an active and on going investigation. the shooting happened you'll recall at june jordan school of equity. police believe four suspects who are not students walked into campus and shot and injured four students. all the victims are expected to recover. the motive is still unknown. sources say it may be gang related. scary moments yesterday at a san francisco skate park. the bomb squad was called out to reports of a suspicious device. that prompted a shelter in place for about an hour for people living there. the shelter in place was lifted about 9:00 last night. this comes after another square in san francisco yesterday where the bomb squad was called to investigate a car parked under highway 101 at interstate 80. this happened at 11:00 in the morning. police say a suspicious note was left on the car that included the word bomb.
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both freeways were closed and the shelter in place was ordered at the nearby hall of justice. after a three-hour-long investigation, the bomb squad determined the car didn't pose a threat to public safety. what a mess. more than 300 dallons of red wine spilled across the roadway in napa yesterday. firefighters say a truck carrying tanks of wine took a hard turn on southbound highway 29, a valve snapped a off that truck causing the wine to leak. firefighters stopped the spill before it went into a waterway. >> whose wine was that? the latest winter weather outlook is renewing drought concerns in california. noaa is predicting a weak la nina pattern. typical forecast pattern fogh el kno nino. noaa says the outlook could
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shift again. i'm hoping there's going to be a lot of snow in the sierra. >> we've seen a lot of rain already. >> and some snow. >> that's the interesting point. it is a week la nina. the numbers look good the last weekend, from 94% to 484% of average. last year was a very strong el nino. we've had an early start to the rainfall season and more coming up in the seven-day forecast. 70 in san francisco. 78 in san francisco. increasing clouds and a chance of rain showing up we think by monday and tuesday of next week. after warm days, cooler changes with more clouds heading into the weekend. >> looking at a nice smooth drive around the bay as you'd expect early this friday morning. no problems for the north bay. although northbound 101 approaching the robin williams tunnel. that's about it.
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the bay bridge toll plaza, mild backup and we'll check on that live camera in the next report. i want to give a chance for any backup to start forming there. very early on friday. 24-minute drive from grant line road to the dublin interchange. mild slowing out of the altamont pass. back to you. coming up, you've probably seen all the adds about a soda tax proposed by some bay area cities. groups against the tax claim the prices of other groceries will be going up. they're using bernie sanders to try to push their message. we'll tell you what sanders, however, has to say about those ads. how is this for a combination, drones and tasers? we'll take a look coming up in business and tech. god a tip for the bay area's biggestive unit, call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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anim ==robxvid== at 5:42, a quick look at your san jose forecast. highs in the upper 70s as we watch increasing clouds heading into the weekend and increasing rain chances in your seven-day forecast. a look at that coming up. travel times throughout the south bay, look at that, no
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problems for 101 -- 85 and 101 from where they split to where they join, just 20 minutes. no delays for the rails. trains on time. no excuse not to get to work this morning. back to you. happening today, former southern california state senator caldron is being sentenced. he's admitted to taking cash bribes and getting jobs for his children. he faces five years in prison, one of three state senators charged with separate crimes in 2013. leland yee was sentenced back in february for performing political favors in exchange for campaign cash. we talk about campaign issues. you may have seen soda tax ads that show senator bernie sanders against the proposed tax. the one cent soda tax is on the ballot in san francisco, oakland and albany. the ad says sanders opposed the measure in philadelphia.
5:44 am
he said he opposed that tax because it's too high. he's telling the soft drink industry to not using his name in their ads. he said he hadn't taken a position on the proposed taxes here in the bay area. the group behind the sinking millennium tower is changing how it's building another project. the new construction will run its piles all the way to the bedrock, something that wasn't done for the millennium tower. that caused the tower to sink and tilt. the new project at 706 mission was originally going to have matt and pile foundation similar to the millennium which did not rest on bedrock. in light of the millennium investigation, developers have changed their mind and are opting for the more expensive bedrock foundation. right before this building exploded in portland this week, a firefighter risked his life to get people out. it was a close call. lieutenant peter st. john is still in the hospital, both of his legs broken. officials say minutes after
5:45 am
construction workers hit a gas line, st. john and his crew were the first on the scene. as they got everyone out, the building exploded, throwing st. john across the street. listen to him describe the moments as the building blew up. >> all i know is that after an initial blast, i think i must have blacked out for a little bit. next thing i knew i was on the ground. >> st. john is getting a lot of praise. he says he's not a hero. as you said, dozens of people's lives saved as a result. fremont's downtown construction crosses a major milestone. here is new video of main street which was once capital avenue. this afternoon the city will celebrate the project. there will be food trucks and trick-or-treating for the little guys. construction in the area is far from over. there's more work to be done. stanford is set to inaugurate the new president later today.
5:46 am
mark -- >> glad you got that one. >> the university's 11th president. the inauguration will take place at 11:00 this morning. stanford has been celebrating the reunion homecoming with more than 10,000 alumni and guests visiting to the campus. to the new president, i apologize for butchering your name. >> it's a tough one. a new perk for united plus members. now your miles can get you tickets to a warriors game because of a new partnership between united airlines and the team. united becomes the warriors's official airline. the warrior's new san francisco stadium. >> i think it's a great marriage, something weave been working on for a long time. it will help get that arena done. >> the partnership begins this season. here is your chance to get to know some of the men and women serving with the san jose police
5:47 am
department. have coffee and doughnut and take time to get to know the officers. it's happening at 8:00 this morning. kind of playing into the stereo type there. >> let's talk about what's happening around the bay. san jose's uninsured and homeless will get a chance to see a doctor, get a haircut and showers, all of that for free today. that's happening at st. joseph's cathedral on market street this morning. in richmond, another cease-fire walk against gun violence. that happens tonight. it starts at harbor way and mcdonald avenue at 7:00. special treat for children battling cancer at stanford hospital. a celebrity chef there, mi ming tsai will show them healthy food that can give them strength. he'll be at the ronald mcdonald house in stanford at 3:00 today. not quite terminator, but the robot revolution is here. >> my purpose is to interact with humans. >> pepper, the four-foot-tall
5:48 am
robot came to santa clara's internet of things as to how we might shop in the future. using a combination of tech, voice and recognition software to interact with people. the makers hope the robot will be appearing in several store chains soon and eventually even in your home. pepper seems so sweet until pepper takes your job. pepper does want to be your frie friend. this next device, not so much. >> scott mcgrew, the company that makes tasers warrants to put them on drones. >> that's right. that's going to be controversial, you know that, laura. it would be a way for police officers to capture a suspect who is hiding without using gunfire. the "wall street journal" reports taser, the company, is in talk with police agencies about the idea. there are obviously a lot of concerns. at this point it is just an idea. spacex says it's narrowing down the cause of that explosion that destroyed its unmanned
5:49 am
rocket on the launch pad. the focus is on the fueling process which is not a huge surprise considering that's what was happening when the rocket blew up. the rocket was hit by a sniper bullet, have largely been thrown out. take a look at this. this is a super sonic airliner that's going to get you from new york to london in less than four hours. think concord, but smaller, about 40 seats. right now it's just and idea. a high tech company called boom technology, as in sonic boom, is hard at work to get it ready for test flights. like the concord, these planes will not fly super sonic over yours house. >> that's where we're starting, new york to london, san francisco to tokyo, seattle to shanghai, all kinds of routes that are mostly over water without worrying about the sonic book. >> they've been able to attract some of the top talented from aerospace. real success forry. blake will be my guest on "press here" after "meet the press"
5:50 am
come sunday morning. this is a real thing. they're working on it out of the denver airport. we'll see some test flights fairly soon. >> pretty cool. >> scott, thank you very much. get ready to get scared. virtual reality style. the new halloween attraction at universal studios in orlando. everything you're seeing isn't actually real. it's all in your head, or technically it's on the vr set. these are haunted houses, escape rooms and virtual reality video games you can play with your friends and family any time you want. by the way, nbc bay area's parent company, nbc universal also owns universal studios. >> i look scary enough when i come here in the morning sans makeup for you guys. there's your virtual reality. you guys are good sports. >> we do have halloween, by the way, not to scare anyone. >> speaking of laura. >> i know, thanks. >> you're talking about pumpkins and getting them picked before the rain comes. >> for most of the week end we should be just fine.
5:51 am
nothing scary about the forecast for now. but next week two big chances of rain making a comeback. clear skies in san francisco. 59 degrees. no fog in the forecast. san jose clear skies. the trend of the morning around the valleys right now, 55 degrees, should see highs approaching the upper 70s around san jose. still near 80 south of downtown around campbell and saratoga: upper 60s to near 70. palo alto in the 70s. lot of 70s from oakland into the north bay. closing in on low 80s around the tri-valley. cooling with more clouds heading into the weekend. looks like a dry forecast for the trip to and back home from the high country. stay tuned on the coast. north coast especially, not monterey. late sunday we'll see a chance of showers. futurecast jumping into the end
5:52 am
of the weekend, the next rain chance for the bay area starts to move southward as we head monday evening into tuesday. better chance of rain tapping into tropical moisture out of the south thursday and friday where rain totals could add up in southern california as well. the crept thinking next seven to eight days, higher rain totals in the north bay, more rain chances setting up over the next seven days. for now the weekend looks dry. plan for more cooling and clouds. rain chances monday and tuesday into next week, but for the far north bay sunday evening, might see a few sprinkles before the real rain arrives monday and tuesday. >> sprinkle watch, traffic lighter on our friday. a little through hayward south 880 and northbound 101 north of 680. your typical pattern, about a
5:53 am
20-minute travel time for 101. 85 from san jose into mountain view. approaching the bay bridge, at the limit as well for the upper eastshore freeway down into the maze. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza -- we filled in the toll plaza. it was slower to come, but still here. we're looking back to your travel times. one more shot as you're coming down through the north bay, we have a little slowing out of vallejo. back to you. thank you very much, mike. 5:53. a bold move by uc berkeley. we'll show you how the university is planning to fight back against sexual violence. it will have a huge impact on the greek life. first, happening right now, a new mom in massachusetts calls it a complete shock. she had no idea she was pregnant. but now she's got a newborn. how the stomach ache she thought she had turned into an incredibly unexpected arrival. the weekend light show, the orion and meteor shower peaking this weekend. where the best places are to catch all the action on our
5:54 am
twitter page. =1xvidbox=a dangeroutyphoon is g
5:55 am
5:56 am
towards hong kong thmorning.. happening now, a dangerous typhoon is heading towards hong kong this morning. the city braces for impact, heavy rain and floods have arrived, stranding many residents yesterday. a video posted to facebook captured flooding in the wong chai area.
5:57 am
the typhoon is expected to make landfall later this morning. 40,000 homes are without power after a strong earthquake shook japan overnight. it was a 6.6 magnitude quake that struck a small town in western japan, but it could be felt in osaka and hiroshima. at least seven people injured, one seriously. two homes collapsed. television footage shows roof tiles knocked look. the presidential candidates hit the road today. donald trump visiting north carolina and pennsylvania. hillary clinton will travel to ohio. last night they poked jabs at each other during a charity event. >> hilly believes it's vital to deceive the people by having one public policy -- >> boo -- >> -- and a totally different policy in private.
5:58 am
>> the charity dinner is an event that's a tradition. a white tie affair in new york city benefiting catholic charities. in some cases the humor got laughs more than groans. >> amazing i'm up here after donald. i didn't think he'd be okay with a peaceful transition of power. >> all the jabs apparently paid off. the dinner raised some $6 million for children's charity. that will make anyone smile. we could use some levity right now. but some fear quite the opposite, that divisive rhetoric and occasional violence plaguing the trump campaign could spill over on election night. while authorities insist there are no credible threats at this point, some bay area police agencies say they're prepared to mobilize. santa clara county supervisors addressed those concerns yesterday. they san jose they don't want to see a repeat of what happened back in june when a melee broke out at a trump rally in san jose. >> i think a lot of people in the aftermath of that said how
5:59 am
could you whiff on that? how could you not anticipate something like that? >> supervisors say law enforcement will be proactive before election day, monitoring social media and other outlets. just a reminder, if you need to register still in california, it's not too late. you have until monday, october 24th. for more information on how to register and the local races impacting you, visit and click on decision 2016. >> right now at 6:00, no more parties for now, the voluntary steps uc berkeley is taking in hopes of preventing sexual assaults at fraternity and sorority parties. >> reporter:. >> were you stuck in this? some are calling it the worst backup that they have ever seen in the bay area. the items inside that burning rv that forced firefighters and
6:00 am
drivers to keep their distance for a long time. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good friday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we talked about those traffic fiascos yesterday. mike, this happened after your shift ended. >> but i still sent it out on twitter. >> rob is keeping us updated on the weather forecast for the weekend. >> another warm day today before we see more clouds and a few changes midway through the weekend forecast. this morning, not much in the way of fog. in fact, mostly clear skies, 50s from the north bay into the south bay and 78, still above average. mid 60s into half moon bay and close to the 80s again today around the tri-valley. >> that stuff we're talking about, that happened yesterday, calm on the roadways, wait until you see that video. looking at a nice smooth drive, easy start to your build. no probl


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