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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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runs=:02 =ake vo== another sh fired in tf trump and the gronlist of be careful what you wish for, mr. trump. >> another shot fired in the war of words with donald trump and the growing list of women accusing him of sexual assault or misconduct. this week, an 11th woman coming forward to share her story. good evening, thank you for joining us, i'm peggy bunker. we begin with the latest developments from the campaign trail with high-powered lawyer gloria allred, by her side, an adult film worker accusing the gop nominee trying to pay her for sex a decade ago. now she is the 11th woman accusing donald trump of inappropriate behavior.
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marion favro has more, and the latest from the campaign trail. >> well, jessica drake is now the 11th woman to accuse trumpñ of sexual misconduct, joined by her attorney, gloria allred, starting off the conference with, if trump tried to sue all 11 women, he would be subject to be cross examined. >> be careful, mr. trump, if you sue these women, the lawyers for the women will have the opportunity to depose you. >> jessica drake worked in adult pictures and met trump ten years ago at a golf tournament in lake tahoe. she alleged he invited her to his penthouse suite, and took two colleagues with her. >> in the penthouse suite, i met
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donald again, in the room, he grabbed each one of us and kissed each one of us without asking permission after grabbing us. he was wearing pajamas. >> drake said after she left trump, he repeatedly asked her to return to the penthouse and even offered her $10,000. drake said she stands in solidarity with women who share similar accounts about trump. from the beginning, however, trump has denied each and every allegation of abuse, accused the women of trying to hurt his campaign and of trying to gain attention. back to you. all right, thank you very much. well, with little more than would weeks ago before election day, the presidential candidates are vying for support in battleground states, with trump saying he will sue every woman with allegations against him, while hillary clinton said the recent allegations against trump will encourage her supporters to
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vote for her. more from washington, d.c. >> reporter: it was billed as a policy speech, donald trump in gettysburg, pennsylvania, laying out his policy in the first 100 days. like all trump speeches it t%to topics from the leadership of abraham lincoln. >> it is my hope we can use his example to heal the divisions we live for right now. >> to making mexico paying for a border wall. >> remember, i said mexico will pay for the wall. >> trump once again talked about the women accusing him of inappropriate touching or kissing. he is now threatening to sue. >> the events never happened. all of these lies will be sued after the election. >> all of this happened after an 11 accuser came forward saturday in los angeles. the clinton campaign, which polls show winning or within the margin of error in every swing state is trying to run up the
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clock. clinton is in pittsburgh campaigning with her running mate, tim kaine. >> you probably know people who are thinking about voting for donald trump. i understand that they need a president who cares about them, will listen to them. and i want to be their president, too. >> with early voting already under way in 34 states for clinton and trump, time is running short. chris pallone, nbc news. and two ballot measures next month will affect children in schools. it will tax the richest in california to pay for schools and the other would change how english is taught in those schools. chuck, a lot of parents who have school aged kids are certainly paying attention to these measures. >> reporter: peggy, a lot of parents are watching this, so are members of california's teacher association, as well as others, making a final push past
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proposition 55 and 58, the 55 would extend for 12 years, higher income on couples making more than half a million a year than individuals making a quarter million. >> are you ready to walk and phone and snap, post, tweet. >> a rousing rally this morning at santa clara cta offices. they say it would help to recruit new teachers and restore the cutbacks made in the great rece recession. >> it became harder to recruit after we did not get raises for over several years. if our salaries and benefits are not competitive teachers leave to go yes, selsewhere. >> ron untz, the former state gubernatorial candidate who led the effort? >> something like 70% of young
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latino english were being placed for years in the spanish only programs and were having a hard time learning english. >> but supporters of prop 58 says that california will improve the next generation of business leaders. >> we're competing with other world economies. why not give our students the tools to be able to close the deals in a language where they're doing business. >> on the higher taxes measure, that is prop 55. opponents say it would bring in no more than half the money to the education of the california school children, the rest would go to the general fund, there is disparity on the number of money spent, supporters spent millions, opponents just thousands. nbc bay area news. all right, chuck, thank you. and now the cleanup in oakland temperatucontinues toni
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water was restored to homes last night at about 11:30 p.m., families were without water since yesterday morning when a pipe cracked and the water main buckled as you can see there, sending lots of money, the ramp partly flooded, and parts of montana and oakland collapsed causing a big sinkhole. you see all the rubble here, garbage people putting it out on their street. people in the neighborhood say this is the third time in the last five years that east bay mud crews have had to fix bursting pipes. and this meant marking 50 years since the founding of the black panther party in oakland, a movement taking a stand against police brutality nationwide. tonight, a gala dinner will be held, christie smith is live at the party at oakland museum. christie? >> reporter: yeah, good evening, the event will be under way at 7:00 here in oakland but this
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week there have been already a number of panels and seminars about the history and impact of the black panther party. now today, outside of oakland city hall there were speakers and music, of course, this all put together by former members and they're marking that 50 years ago a movement began as young people in oakland felt the need to stand up and support the african-american community. now at the same time, an exhibit opened at the oakland museum earlier this month all power to the people offering a historical perspective. the panthers, some with armed patrols, drew criticism and backlash with police. today, a former organizer told us about the journey. >> there is a gladness and sadness because so many that started off are not here. so it's very hard for us to take accolades, and people -- we're saying the work still needs to be done. >> now, the exhibits at the
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museum were planned independently at the other events. one former member says he believes that the issues they brought up decades ago are castilstill very critical today and he believes their actions may have influenced current activist movements. all right, christie, thank you so much. take a look, a huge plume of water shooting into the air in santa clara ñiovernight. this after a car, a driver hit a hydrant and then crashed through the wall of the pizzeria. happening at the corner of homestead and wooden road. firefighters had trouble shutting off the flow of water. here there is a large window to replace. the driver ran what on foot. police say they found the driver a block what near his house where they arrested him. in redwood city, this time a
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similar crash, the driver being chased by the police, the black mercedes hit an appliance store. a witness heading to the express store to buy something there said as he pulled up to the front of the store all he could see was dust everywhere. the damage was heartbreaking for him, he was part of the crew that actually built the show's store room. >> we spent a lot of time here making the show room really nice and installing all the cabinets and appliances, polishing the concrete floors. it busted a water main, and the place did flood, it's devastating, how much work it will take to bring it back to that standard. >> that is thomas ober, who said the officers at the scene said the driver hit the building going 80 miles an hour. we have reached out about the suspect. and coming up next, at 5:00, the bay area inmate brought back to jail tonight after somehow escaping earlier this week. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> a very visible supporter of colin kaepernick's decision to kneel during the national anthem, this time singing it. also snaps during the flame, an unlikely story of recovery for these two little kittens. good morning, i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter, did you see all the clouds today and the change in weather? we have storms in store for you and a series of storm systems this coming week. we'll be right back to explain. a warning for parenta
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childr in s carlos tonht. o 11-yearld girls rerted a suspiciousncounter wi a ma==take rai= thencounterappened yesrday ternoon, ar well, a warning for parents in san carlos tonight, two girls saw a suspicious incident near laurel and cherry streets, near the main shopping area there. the girl said the man asked if he could buy their scooters, well, they got on them and rode what, but later they saw the man who asked if they wanted to have some fun. he is described as a white male in his 50s, gray hair, blue eye, average build with green pants and blue shirt. and back behind bars, a man who escaped from a minimum security system in evacuate back in custody tonight, he was arrested at a home in richmond, the rehab workers took him back into custody without incident, he is serving a three-year
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sentence for evading a police officer while driving recklessly. he could face much more time for this week's escape. and two and a half weeks after a hit-and-run driver slammed into back of a horse trailer near concord, the suspect in that case is also in custody, the chance, the horse here, was severely injured in the crash. the driver pulling the trailer was also hurt. but first, the vets didn't think chance would survive the accident, but now he is recovering but cannot be ridden again. the police say the tips led them to a man in the martinez jail. the suspect is also wanted for picking the hit-and-run driver from the scene of the crime. and we've seen headlines over colin kaepernick's kneeling at the national anthem. last night, the performer joined the protest.
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>> this is lawrence, she opened her jackets to reveal a "black lives matter" shirt and took to her knees to sing the national anthem in miami, performing for last night's preseason miami heat game. on her facebook page, she took the opportunity to show that black and brown people matter and have the right to protest. players and coaches stood with their arms linked as they have during other preseason games. and coming up next, getting to and from the island and treasure island just got a whole lot easier, we'll show you why. and hey there, we're looking at cloud cover across the region, we don't have any rain just yet but it is coming and quite a bit of it. we have the full forecast coming up after this. very first drive today. =take v
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the ramps opened is morning, well, the new on and off ramp to treasure island seeing the first drivers today, opening today replacing the tight turns and hair-raising merges that drivers will cope with. if you have done it before you know just what we're talking about. the exits at vista buena and treasure is on the right. and if you're a cyclist or walking or jogging you can go all the way from the east bay and treasure island. and a rare sight at the jail
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in millipedes this week. we have the story on nbc bay area. >> reporter: not often that inmates are treated to barbecue chicken. today is one of those days at the elmwood jail. >> we're happy, my partner and i are helping cook, we're going oh, can't wait. >> reporter: barbecue was a thank you from the deputies to inmates in the industry program at elmwood. the inmates built these for a charity run. >> barbecue for them and give them some food. >> reporter: it was an opportunity to witness the help from the guards and deputies. relations between guards and inmates have been strained, even before the beating death of inmate michael tyree last year,
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three guards are facing murder charges from that incident. inmates say things are changing. >> things have changed over the year, a lot of it is for the good. >> the cops are trying to be more understanding. >> we have been working on it for a long time. they said a couple of years, i think that is great. our reforms have been in place for a long time even before we had the death in the jail. >> the usual cheese sandwiches gave way to a better lunch as two sides on the opposite ends found a common cause. damion trujillo, nbc bay area news. and probably not barbecuing weather, but we have rain coming. >> yes, rain on the way for monday. you work monday through friday, get ready for a slick, wet week. we're talking about storm systems impacting the bay area, right now looking at clear
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skies, high thin clouds out there, dry skies, mostly sunny, a good mix of the skies, from the peninsula you see the picture perfect out there, post card perfection in san francisco right now. 62 degrees, cloud cover the story. we're not tgoing to see rain tomorrow, but cooler, inland valleys looking at mid-70s like the trivalley and also the south bay. we'll see 70s. another repeat of what we saw today. lots of cloud cover, again, temperatures staying pretty mild. the storm system to the north kind of losing steam, fading what. this one to the north, making way for the storm system moving in for monday. again, sunday, a dry day. here is the micro climate forecast, 72 for cupertino, again, a nice mix of clouds along the peninsula as well. low 60s, 70 along palo alto, 72 napa, 60 in oakland, cloud,
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afternoon of mix of sun and clouds. mid-70s counexpected from liver and san ramon. and rain will return as soon as monday morning, now for monday morning, across north bay, that is where it will stay through lunchtime. looking at 1:00, the rain spreading into the east bay and peninsula along with san francisco. so monday evening commute for most of the bay area will be slick. monday, the system stalls out and fades what, bringing another round of rain before it does for tuesday morning and that is going to be more widespread than actually monday. tuesday, the rain fizzles, then we get ready for the next storm system moving in as soon as wednesday night into thursday, this one could be around until friday, and bring us more rainfall. look at this, only trace amounts of the south bay. quite different from what we saw that last storm, brought up to a foot in the santa cruz mountains, this time around, we'll see higher mountains
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across the north bay where we see a whole inch of rainfall. as we head towards monday and tuesday, we do it all over again as we head towards thursday and friday. the system later on in the week could bring more rain and could also bring more wind with it. stronger, and moving right over the bay area. so it will be something we track, even in san francisco, cooler temperatures, low 60s. but wednesday will be a nice day, looks like the break will come, give us a cahance to dry out and warm up. coming up, an unexpected reversal when it comes to screen time and kids. listen to what doctors say, they say it's healthy for young kids to spend some time. this is good news for parents. the advice has beethatchildren o
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well, screen time has been a hot topic for parents for years. screen time for years, that is, the advice is that children under the age of two should not have any screen time, period, but now that is changing. the experts say that for children 18 months or older, video chatting is okay. now their reasoning is that starting at 17 months toddlers can recognize faces and even learn other video chats and learn some words from those chats. now kids two to five no more than an hour per day of screen time is recommended, say the doctors. children older than six years can have more but no device s
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within an hour before bed. it's recommendations from the academy of pediatrics. and two kittens were in danger, and stopped this man in his tracks. because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians... every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is.
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because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56.
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this is "pyro" and nny. all right, two kittens in the wrong place, wrong tame but rescued by a brave trafficker. meet pyro and manny, take a look at these faces, they barely survived after being around a controlled burn in north dakota. the kittens were here around the brush pile when it was set on fire. photographer took the pictures, and then heard the cries for help. >> it was very hard to get close to it that is why i was surprised the cat was even in it. because i had to shield myself with my jacket, to even attempt
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to grab her. >> he used a stick to pull them out, their paws were burned, but now he is thinking of adopting the little kitten. all right, we'll see you back tonight at 6:00. on this saturday night. 17 days as the candidates hit key battle ground states. donald trump vows to sue his accusers. another one comes forward with a claim of sexual misconduct. inside the battle. the iraqis are in the lead, hundreds of u.s. troops are not far behind. tonight new insights on the campaign against isis. digital danger. they make our lives easier, it turns out household devices linked to the internet are easy targets for the hackers that want to bring down top websites. and the chicago cubs are one win away from reaching the world series. tonight suspense and superstitions.


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