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tv   Today  NBC  October 26, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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in the bay." back at 7:25 with another local update. >> sunrise starting a little later. we'll see you for the midday news at 11:00 as well. >> can't wait. good morning. the battle for florida. trump and clinton making last-minute pleas in the sunshine state where a new poll has trump up by two points. >> you put her in as president, you're crazy. >> donald trump is attacking everything that has set our country apart for 240 years. >> as those accusations of trump's inappropriate conduct with women lead to this candid exchange. >> you are fascinated with sex. >> you know what, mr. speaker, i'm not fascinated by sex. but i am fascinated by the protection of women. >> this morning trump's campaign manager joins us live to talk about it all. midair mystery.
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a british airways flight from san francisco to london forced to make an emergency landing after every member of the crew suffers an unexplained illness. so why were none of the passengers affected? the investigation into what happened. breaking his silence. >> they were trying to make something out of everything they could. >> former congressman gary condit speaks out 15 years after the chandra levy scandal. this morning what he's now saying about their relationship, her visits to his condo, and the investigation into her still unsolved murder. ♪ and cleveland rocks. >> at the wall, good-bye! >> the indians hammer the chicago cubs 6-0, grabbing an early lead in their historic world series showdown. >> the 2-2. indians win game one! >> game two tonight, and we're about to surprise two very lucky fans with the hottest tickets in town.
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today, wednesday, october 26th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. did you stay up at all? >> to watch the pitches? sure did. wouldn't miss it for the world. >> he, as my 15-year-old son would say, is a beast. what a great game he pitched. good morning for cleveland, not such a good morning for chicago. >> it's early, it's early. >> a lot of baseball to play. we'll have more on the world series in a little bit. let us start on this wednesday morning with the state of the race, november 8th, now just 13 days away. all this week both the trump and clinton campaigns have been focusing on florida, crisscrossing that battleground state with multiple events each day. >> this morning a new bloomberg politics poll has trump pulling
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ahead there narrowly, 45% to 43%. clinton is making two more stops in the sunshine state. trump spends his morning in washington, d.c. at a ribbon-cutting for his new trump hotel and then heads to rallies in north carolina this afternoon. >> as we mentioned, we'll talk to trump's campaign manager in a moment live, but first nbc's hallie jackson kicks off our coverage. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: hey there, matt, good morning. donald trump's team sees his visit to his hotel, one of about a dozen visits properties this campaign, as a tangible sign of his leadership, but a head scratching way to spend his 13th to last day before the election for a nontraditional canndidate, certainly an unconventional strategy. today more of a commercial than a campaign stop, the gop nominee using his presidential spotlight to spend time promoting his brand instead of his policies,
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attending a ribbon-cutting for his new d.c. hotel. he's also opening up a new line of attack against hillary clinton. in an interview with reuters tuesday, donald trump slamming her position on syria. >> with her you'll end up in world war iii. she doesn't know what she's doing. >> reporter: that statement coming as he starts to pump the brakes on big dollar fund-raising. his top finance adviser pushing back on a "washington post" story suggesting he's halting those efforts though another high-level source acknowledges a slowdown. trump in tallahassee promising a throwdown. >> did you see where biden wants to take me to the back of the barn. >> reporter: reacting to the vice president saying this -- >> i wish we were in high school and i could take him behind the gym. >> i'd love that. mr. tough guy. you know, he's mr. tough guy. >> the point i was making is he is trying to dumb down. he's insulting everybody in the neighborhoods i come from. >> reporter: trump also sounding proud of his scrappy spirit in newly released audio from interviews he did two years ago,
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discussing his childhood with a biographer who now supports hillary clinton. >> i loved to fight. i always loved to fight. >> physical fights? >> yeah, all kinds of fights. physical -- >> arguments? >> all types of fights. any kind of fight, i loved it. >> reporter: another recently unearthed video shows trump saying something very different in 2008 about his 2016 rival. >> i think she's a wonderful woman. i think that she's a little bit misunderstood. you know, hillary is a very smart woman, very tough woman. >> reporter: with just under two weeks to go, trump is sharpening up his latest attack against clinton, pointing to insurance rate hikes some consumers will see next year under the health care law. >> obamacare. >> get rid of obamacare. >> reporter: clinton, seeming unfazed, now holding a solid lead nationally and a smaller one in key swing states like florida. >> pay no attention to the polls, don't get complacent, because we've got to turn people out. >> reporter: comfortable enough to check out an adele concert
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overnight. and tweeting about her endorsement from colin powell, calling him a decorated soldier and distinguished statesman, she's still facing fallout from a new wikileaks release of stolen e-mails account. one e-mail after president obama learned about her use of a private server. >> at the same time everybody else learned it from news reports. >> reporter: a top aide wrote we need to clean this up. he has e-mails from her. they do not say already this morning a small group of protesters has gathered outside donald trump's new washington hotel. over on the west coast what you could call a more dramatic protest. his star on the hollywood walk of fame smashed with a sledgehammer today. not the first time his star has been vandalized. but it damage may last a bit longer. >> all right, hallie, thank you
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very much. kellyanne conway is donald trump's campaign manager. kellyanne, good morning, good to see you. >> good morning. great to see you, thank you. >> you're in washington, d.c., so is the candidate. as it turns out he'll be presiding over a ribbon-cutting at his hotel. these last 13 days matter so much and a candidate's time is like precious gold in these final days. what does it say that donald trump is choosing to spend any of those minutes promoting his own hotel and his own brand as opposed to getting out there and really asking people for their votes? >> well, he's doing all of the above, savannah, 12 stops in florida over the last two and a half days. you see it reflected in that new bloomberg poll where he's ahead of hillary clinton by two points, even though she's outspent us 8-1 on the air in florida. he's making a pit stop here in washington and his underbudget, ahead of schedule hotel is really remarkable. it shows americans the tangible accomplishments of donald trump. he's somebody who builds things, he's somebody who fixes things. hillary clinton went from being
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dead broke to being a quarter of billionaire. how did she do that? did she build great hotels? did she hit the powerball? none of the above. she sold access. hillary clinton has time to go to an adele concert and everybody else thinks that's really cool. donald trump stops off to unveil an incredible stunning piece of architecture and new hotel, first-class hotel, and everybody's hair is on fire. i think you'll see today the tangible accomplishments of donald trump. >> so instead of being out there over these next 13 days and maybe he has time to do all of this, but instead of just talking about e-mails and obamacare and syria and driving home the issues, you're comfortable this morning with donald trump, the real estate developer, the salesman, the pitchman out there. and that's one of the images that's going to be on tvs all day long. >> he can do all of the above, matt. hillary clinton took five days off to prepare for one debate and everybody looked at that as some kind of noble exercise with 23 days to go.
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nobody covered that as where is she, why doesn't she campaign much, where is she hiding? this man in public view will be with his family, true family business here, an amazing accomplishment, for a couple of hours and everybody is questioning it. he has been in florida for two and a half days, 12 stops in the state of florida, went all over, dotted the map of florida. today will go on to north carolina, tomorrow ohio and then we'll be in new hampshire, maine, so he's got the most active campaign schedule of the two candidates by far. by the way, she's got all these super surrogates like both obamas and former president clinton. he's doing this virtually on his own. >> and that's a separate discussion about why that might be, but let's talk about what he's saying on the trail, kellyanne. one thing he says a lot to his supporters, we're winning, don't believe the polls, the media is dishonest. i guess my question is if you look at the polls, i'm looking at the nine last national surveys there were, there are some that show a tight race, there are some that show a very wide race. why doesn't he just level with
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his own supporters who adore him and say, you know what, the polls are all over the place. get out there and vote for me. why does he have to construct this whole thing about a rigged election and polls not being reliable unless they support him? why go through all that rigmarole. why not just level with his supporters and say we're in a race here and i need your vote. >> he does tell them to vote. in fact all over florida the last couple of days we saw people in lines in some places two or three hours -- >> but his big pitch is how the system is so corrupt and broken and rigged and there might be voter fraud and, boy, we can't trust the election. my point is why not just lay it out straight for your voters instead of constructing this whole reality where everything is a fraud. why not just say, look, we're in a big battle here. >> do you hear what hillary clinton -- are you aware of what hillary clinton and joe biden say about him in a given day? it's unbelievable. and then they put tens of
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millions of dollars behind the politics of personal destruction and negativity. >> fair enough but that's not an answer to the question. fair enough but if you don't mind answering that question. >> yes, it is. you're asking me why he talks about a rigged, corrupt system and the presumption of the question is that he's the one that's being most nasty out there. it's not even a close call who's running the nastiest, least uplifting -- >> that's not the implication i meant to say. >> that's his argument. >> on the rigged, corrupt system, he is not -- he's talking about people being left behind. he's talking about the forgotten man and forgotten woman, that the system does not work for them. savannah, they agree or we wouldn't even be competitive in this race. 75% of americans want to take the country in a new and different direction. he is their voice. if you look from the outside in saying why do i never get a break. >> if you're out there and saying we're winning when the polls, and we have the sheet in front of us show otherwise, and then you get to election day and you don't win, you're driving home this point that it must have been rigged. i told you we were winning and all of a sudden we didn't win, isn't that going to take the
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trump supporters and send them down the road angry thinking they got ripped off? >> and is that fair to them? >> no. no, no, the trump supporters, if they're angry at anything, it's angry at washington, angry at wall street, angry at the fact they're now opening up their mail boxes and they're getting whacked with these premium increases. in new hampshire this morning i get an e-mail, 14%. got something from a young, healthy man yesterday, his premium will be doubled. you see the news reports, you're responsibly covering them. 25% premium increases. americans can't afford this. this thing called obamacare and it's not working. hillary clinton owns it. donald trump has a plan to let you buy your insurance across state lines, block grant medicaid to the states and certainly allow you to buy more patient centric free market health care savings plan accounts. he believes in a different path from obamacare. this is what's motivating people to stand in the lines, to come to the rallies 15,000 strong and
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to then stand in line to vote. so he has momentum and enthusiasm. those who want to say the election is over aren't paying attention to the fact that voters deserve their voice and to exercise their choice and most of them will do that in 13 days. >> we certainly support the voters' rights to exercise their choice, no question about it. kellyanne, thank you. really appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. thank you both. let's talk about a growing controversy involving thousands of u.s. soldiers ordered to repay enlistment bonuses during the iraq and afghanistan wars. this morning defense secretary ash carter vowing to resolve that issue. in an exclusive interview with nbc news, carter said the government needs to do the right thing by our service members. >> i was in the middle east and there are people there in harm's way doing necessary work for the united states. i think what's important is every single service member deserves the respect and the treatment that they deserve. they have made a commitment to us. we need to keep our commitments
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to them. >> you can see much more of that conversation with secretary carter tonight on "nbc n"nbc ni news"" with lester holt. also this morning an investigation is under way into an emergency landing by a british airways flight to san francisco. the plane was forced to divert to vancouver after its entire crew, but no passengers, reported feeling ill. here's morgan radford. >> reporter: emergency landing, after a mysterious illness strikes three pilots and 22 crew members, leaving passengers in shock. >> why was it just the crew? you know, what's happening in the cockpit? >> reporter: liz keller was one of 400 passengers on british airways flight 286 headed from san francisco to london monday night when the plane was forced to land in vancouver. >> i looked at the tv screen and i saw that we had done a complete u-turn. i was just like what's going on here? >> reporter: passengers were confused when first responders rushed crew members to the hospital. >> when i got off the plane, i could see the firemen were
7:15 am
there. everyone just looked a bit confused and a little unsure of exactly what was happening. >> reporter: none of the passengers were sick and all of the crew members were later released from the hospital. the cause of the illness still a mystery. >> if there is any type of emergency, you depend upon that cabin crew. if they're lethargic, they're not mentally capable or physically capable of assisting passengers in any type of emergency situation, then that puts passengers' safety at risk. >> reporter: british airways sent passengers a letter apologizing for the inconvenience and offering new flights and hotel rooms. a journey still ahead with questions still lingering. morgan radford, nbc news, los angeles. another big story has a lot of people talking this morning, the start of the world series. the cleveland indians took game one last night in their historic matchup against the chicago cubs. nbc's ron mott is at progressive field in cleveland. it must have been a fun scene there last night, ron, good morning.
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>> reporter: what a night, matt, good morning. the cheering was very loud and so were some of the moans and groans. if this first game is any indication, these players and these fans are going to go all out to make sure they finish on top. on a crisp, fall night in cleveland, a classic opening game of the world series. the indians now one victory closer to ending one of baseball's driest spells, whetting their fans' ravenous appetite for a championship. here and in chicago, every pitch, every catch, savored or soured. ingagony and ecstasy powered by lifetime of hope and disappointment. >> i'm hoping for the best! >> reporter: even 104-year-old indian superfan, known simply as nana, couldn't resist pushing her bedtime back to enjoy the historic matchup, surrounded by generations of her own tribe. >> i think we're the better team overall and will come out on top.
7:17 am
>> reporter: win or lose, fans on both sides are infected with pride. >> it's something to be emotional about. >> reporter: at least the reward for remaining ever faithful, some longer than others, all never doubting their commitment. >> amazing, i love it. it's a great day to be in cleveland. >> reporter: though 68 years have passed since cleveland last donned a baseball crown, they were at least in the fitting room occasionally, striking out three times in the world series since 1948. on tuesday night next door, consolation. the man they call the king, getting emotional collecting more jewels. lebron james and the cavs honored with their championship rings. nana wasn't around when the cubs last won in 1908 so ending that streak for their fans is a dream long repeated with a chance after 71 years of finally coming true. here's a step that will put a smile on all the faces of cleveland indian fans. the team that wins the first
7:18 am
game of the world series has wron the past six championships 17 of the past 19, so certainly good news for cleveland, not so good for chicago. matt, savannah, back to you. >> thank you very much. just another footnote. corey kluber struck out eight of the last nine. >> he was really pinpointing his pitches. they told me to say that. >> you can cross that one off your list. >> i love it, it's just so great. can't everybody win? >> no. >> don't forget, we're giving away tickets to tonight's game in cleveland and another one in chicago. has been flooded with creative entries from superfans of the indians and the cubs. we're going to surprise the winners of our first pair of tickets coming up in just a little while. >> let's take a look at the weather this morning. >> by the way, they're going to move the start of the game tonight to 7:00 because of impending bad weather, so we'll take a look at that in just a little bit. look at what's going on here in
7:19 am
the northeast in new england. from massachusetts all the way to kentucky, 32 million folks under some sort of frost advisory or freeze warning. big area of high pressure dominating. look at these temperatures. 30 in binghamton. 39 in new york city. harrisburg, p.a., 34 degrees. it's 37 in boston. the next several days look how chilly it stays. low 40s in binghamton, 50s in new york city, boston in the 50s as well. but we finally start to warm up as we get toward the end of this week. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. that can help you keep your brain sharp. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp." get to know us at
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right now we're waking up to 50s across the bay area with a few patches of low clouds across san francisco, the east bay and north bay. for the afternoon, mostly 70s inland. in fact, mid 70s around san jose. upper 60s from san francisco to low 70s in oakland. the main makes a comeback. this is a short break. rain thursday and into friday. more rain on sunday with some wind, too. another system expected to are a rooif by tuesday. breaks between the storms but an active seven days ahead. and that's your latest weather, guys. >> all right, al, thank you very much. for the first time in 15 years, former congressman gary condit addresses the disappearance and death of washington intern, chandra levy. what he's now revealing in a new interview. on the day he plans to cut the ribbon on a new hotel in washington, has the campaign been good or bad for the trump brand? first, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up, is justin
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it gives me a lot of confidence. pronamel is all about your enamel. helping to protect your enamel. suspeed a very good morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a chp officer is in the hospital this morning and a suspected car thief in critical condition after a chase led to a police shooting. it unfolded yesterday on montana street in capital avenue near san francisco's ingleside district. police say authorities following a stolen car approached the driver when the driver struck and used his vehicle to drag a chp officer. another officer opened fire. the injured officer suffered head and road rash jishs but is expected to recover. police have not identified the suspect, but neighbors say he grew up in the area. let's check the forecast for today. a little break in between storms. >> the warmest day we'll see.
7:27 am
outside low clouds but not as much wind and rain as yesterday. we'll finish the afternoon in the upper 60s around san francisco, mid 70s into san jose. more rain due in tomorrow into friday. another break we think for saturday. rain again on sunday, and there you go, another system by tuesday of next week which we hope will mean halloween trick-or-treat time should be mostly dry around the bay area. >> all lanes clear northbound 880 and 98. the earlier car fire is gone. a slow drive across the san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge. these are your typical patterns, typical slowing for the peninsula. look at the drive times sfo, 92 through san mateo, up to a 14-minute drive. down to speeds in the 50-mile-per-hour range. back to you. thank you very much. i'll be back with another news update in about half hour. join us for our midday newscast starting at 11:00 a.m. have a great morning everyone.
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we're back at 7:30 wednesday morning, the 26th of the october, 2016. there's a lot of smiling faces out on our plaza on a chilly day. just 41 degrees out this morning. wintry. i think that's wintry. >> a lot of those people didn't have to stay up too late. the game wasn't one of those marathons or anything like that. we'll get outside and say hi to them in a little while. let's check today's headlines. busch gardens tampa bay has closed it's congo river rapids ride. the move is being made out of an abundance of caution as investigators look into tuesday's malfunction on a similar ride in australia. that accident killed four people. as we mentioned, the cleveland indians beat the cubs
7:31 am
last night and take a 1-0 lead in the world series. game two is tonight. as al mentioned, because of a threat of rain, the start time has been moved up one hour so it starts at 7:00 eastern time. hillary clinton is spending another day in florida, courting early voters in that battleground state. donald trump heads to the nation's capital for the opening of his new hotel before rallies in north carolina tonight. and here is today's campaign moment. newt gingrich clashing with fox news's megyn kelly. >> if trump is a sexual predator -- >> he's not a sexual predator. you can't say that. >> i'm not taking a position on it. >> you can't say that statement. i'm sick and tired of people like you using language that's inflammatory that's not true. you want to go back to the tapes of your show recently, you are fascinated with sex and you don't care about public policy. >> me, really? >> that's what i get out of watching you tonight. >> you know what, mr. speaker, i'm not fascinated by sex. but i am fascinated by the protection of women and understanding what we're getting in the oval office.
7:32 am
i think the american voters would like to know -- >> that's why we're going to send bill clinton back to the east wing because, after all, you were worried about sexual predators. >> the american public is less interested in the deeds of hillary clinton's husband than they are in the deeds of the man who asked us to make him president, donald trump. we're going to have to leave it at that and you can take your anger issues and spend some time working on them, mr. speaker. thanks for being here. >> and you too. >> so i'm not sure they'll be at the same cocktail party in the coming days. >> 13 days until this election is over. >> that's an extraordinary exchange. i honestly think after watching it that megyn was making a reasonable and rational point but it got out of hand real quickly. >> it's interesting to see the passion on all sides. >> that exchange went pretty viral pretty quickly. other news, some new revelations tied to the disappearance and death of washington intern chandra levy. although he denied any involvement and was quickly dismissed as a suspect, speculation was rampant then that congressman gary condit was
7:33 am
somehow involved. well, now 15 years later, he is finally speaking out and nbc's joe fryer has more on that story. joe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the shachandra levy scandal end the political career of gary condit. now after 15 years he's sharing his thoughts in his new book "actual malice." he sat down with dr. phil to talk about the book, and dr. phil gave us a preview. >> why is it after all these years he's finally deciding to speak out now? >> because he feels like he was tried and convicted in the court of public opinion. >> reporter: in 2001, the married congressman was accused of having an affair with government intern, chandra levy. >> does he address the question about his relationship with chandra levy? >> most certainly. he addresses it with more candor and transpair aens than he ever has in the last 15 years. >> you developed a friendship
7:34 am
with her and saw her outside the office, correct? >> i saw her one time at a restaurant and she came by my condo once. >> she came by your condo once? >> maybe twice. i think it was twice she came by. >> okay. >> but once again, i want to make this clear. there's nothing unusual about someone coming by my condo. a lot of people did. so people have made some speculation about that being something special, but -- >> well, were the police making something out of that? >> they were trying to make something out of everything they could. >> reporter: a development shocking to condit considering he helped launch the investigation. >> when chandra went missing, her father called my home in california and he was, you know, extremely concerned about her whereabouts. >> was he calling just because you were his congressman or was he calling because he knew you had a relationship with chandra? >> he knew that i was her congressman and she had come by the office.
7:35 am
he had no other contact in washington, d.c., so he called my home. >> was there ever a time that you weren't active in trying to help locate this young woman? >> no. i had made a commitment to dr. levy and mrs. levy that i would do everything i could to get the police engaged. >> reporter: it wasn't until 2010 that a man already serving time for sexual assault was charged and found guilty of levy's murder. but this year after a retrial was ordered, prosecutors dropped the charges against him altogether, saying they could no longer prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. now condit has co-authored "actual malice." >> this is an astoundingly candid book. this is not a spin book. he's very critical of law enforcement. he's very critical of the media. he's very critical of himself. >> reporter: condit tells dr. phil he kept gifts in his office and once gave levy a gold bracelet. >> kids would come in. i'd have 200 hats on two racks
7:36 am
and i'd say pick a hat. so she came in and she had a gift for me, which was chocolates. i opened by door, reached in and said we have one for you from the office, you're graduating, you're getting your master's degree. >> reporter: dr. phil says condit is a man at peace, but also a man with unfinished business. >> and the unfinished business is that no one is currently bowing held accountable for what happened to chandra levy, and that's painful for him. >> throughout this scandal, condilt has denied having an affair with levy. in this interview condit discusses the issue with more candor and transparency than ever before. it airs thursday on dr. phil. >> okay, thank you. mr. roker, check of the we ather. >> let's start out again and head out to cleveland, progressive field. as we mentioned, we are looking at wet weather moving in, although the heaviest rain should be over with by the time that everybody is home, but the
7:37 am
rain starts late at night. maybe a few scattered showers and 49 degrees. here's what's causing it, low pressure coming out of iowa, scattered showers, thunderstorms move through chicago late tonight on into tomorrow. cleveland will get its heaviest rain after the game is over, unless they go into extra innings, but there's so much cold air banked in over the northeast, we're looking at snow in the northeast. in the m we're looking at snow in the northeast. but in the meantime, anywhere from 1 to 2 inches, including cleveland through friday we could see up to 2 inches of rain in parts of new england. but look at the upper elevations of upstate new york and new england. winter weather advisories and possibly 3 to 6, even 8 right now we're seeing partly cloudy skies, a few low clouds and temperatures now in the mid to upper 50s. here is the view. at sunrise, san francisco at 58. should see upper 60s later this afternoon. most spots running low to mid
7:38 am
70s for high today. we'll see that around the south bay and tri-valley. tomorrow the main makes a comeback, especially late thursday i understand friday. plan for more rain for the second half o of the weekend and into tuesday as well. check out your weather any time day of the night, check out the weather channel. >> al, thanks very much. do you have what it takes to pull this off? that is called the pringle ringel. we'll tell you more about it. >> it's art is what it is. >> beautiful. but first, as donald trump cuts the ribbon on a new hotel in washington, d.c. today, is his brand taking a hit? we'll look into it right after this.
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we're back at 7:43. that's a look at the new trump international hotel in washington where that ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held today. >> donald trump's business empire getting a lot of attention in the presidential race. not all of it positive. three democratic senators want to see next year's u.s. women's open golf tournament moved from a trump course in new jersey. how else is the trump brand being impacted by this white house bid? nbc national correspondent peter alexander takes a look. >> reporter: for all his buildings and billions, donald trump's biggest asset may be his name. >> i built a phenomenal business with incredible iconic assets. >> reporter: the republican nominee's presidential pitch at
7:44 am
times a personal campaign, with frequent visits to trump properties. >> it will be one of the great hotels anywhere in the world. inside the light house right now is incredible suites. it's the largest winery on the east coast. i own it 100%. >> reporter: and again tuesday. >> we're at trump national doral and it's one of the great places on earth. >> reporter: but just blocks from his home in trump tower, nearly 400 residents at the trump place apartments have signed a petition to dump the trump name. >> all the things that the trump name brings up. >> reporter: trump helped develop the complex. it's owner telling nbc news we have a contractual obligation regarding the use of the name. adding, they may assess the continued use of the name at the appropriate time, but they have measured the doormen for new uniforms without the trump name and rolled out new carpets. what about trump's other properties? according to redfin and online travel booking site hipmunk his
7:45 am
condo sales and hotel bookings are down this year. but any drop may not be politics, instead an economic downturn. there are signs the trump name still sells. real estate sight zillow says august sales for trump's manhattan condos grew at a faster rate than the overall market in the last year. the trump organization that is privately held and doesn't share sales numbers tells nbc news the trump hotel in las vegas is having the best year in its history with record level results. >> the very people trump targeted as his customers, as the people who went to his hotels, his golf courses, bought his goods or his apartments are not the people who are supporting him in this election. it's a bit of a brand nightmare. >> reporter: earlier this month a protester spray painted graffiti across trump's brand new d.c. hotel, where the celebrity chef cancelled plans for a restaurant. more recently following trump's lewd comments about women, the susan g. komen foundation is considering relocating a breast
7:46 am
fund-raiser that was to be held at the mar-a-lago club in palm beach. a spokesperson saying the trump brand remains incredibly strong. adding we continue to outperform our competitors and are very enthusiastic about the future. but noticeably missing from its new hotel line targeting millenials, the trump name. instead calling itself scion, meaning descendant of a notable family. speaking of family, trump's daughter may be taking a hit. with women using the power of the purse, some now boycotting ivanka trump's line of products. the #grabyourwallet going viral. what if trump wins? >> if he were to become president, a lot of people would assign even more cache to the name. a lot of people might not. >> reporter: trump testing the old line that there's no such thing as bad publicity. for "today," peter alexander, nbc news, washington. >> all right. coming up, following in his footsteps, how coldplay's chris
7:47 am
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7:52 am
transportation company auto marked a major milestone tuesday completing the world's first commercial delivery, guys, by self-driving truck. there's no driver there. the tractor-trailer successfully maneuvered a 120-mile journey through the state of colorado. that is not easy. without any intervention from a driver. so the truck was carrying more than 50,000 cans of budweiser beer, hence the big budweiser sign there. reaction online was mixed, as you can expect. some excited that the future is here. others a bit nervous about the safety and fate of truck drivers' jobs. the creators of the vehicle addressed both in a blog writing truck drivers will have the opportunity to rest during long stretches of highway and when you'll see a truck driving down the road with nobody in the front seat, you'll know that it's highly unlikely to get into a collision, drive aggressively or waste a single drop of fuel. guys, i don't drive, i'm a horrible driver, so thoughts on this. what do you think? you guys all drive? >> i think it's cool, but i have to say if i were on that highway, i would be keeping a wide distance because it's kind of scary to see a big truck
7:53 am
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traffic toss tonchor good wednesday morning. we're seeing low clouds and pretty sunrise views. 57 in emeryville, 58 in the north bay. san jose seeing mostly sunny, 58 degrees. a nice sunrise across the golden gate bridge. 58 right now, partly cloudy. the low clouds, a lot less wind and rain compared to yesterday's forecast. san francisco upper 60s today. we'll see low to mid 70s inland across the south bay and tri-valley. the seven-day forecast has plenty of rain chances ahead. the rain making a comeback tomorrow. rain coming up saturday and then another round of rain for sunday. that is the third storm in the series. it looks like we'll see at least one more tuesday of next week with things looking mostly dry around trick-or-treat time on halloween. >> a pretty smooth drive around the bay. slower than most people would like. nothing really unnushl. here 680 is recovering. south of 242 past main street where we had an earlier disabled
7:57 am
vehicle. not so bad through lafayette once you get through the walnut creek interchange. typical slowing through san jose and not so bad pour the rest of silicon valley. southbound 101, the big slowdown, 18 minutes from sfo in san bruno down to san mateo and highway 92 and easing toward palo alto, slowing past the university lane shift. that's why you've got 36 minutes from 92 down to the great america parkway. happening now, stay current with the coming storms online any time on head to our nbc bay area app to sign up for weather alerts. the bwarriors' star showed p for the season opener, kevin durant. the rest, not so much. we spoke exclusively to mamma dur ranlt about the family's move to the bay area. a link to that interview from our home payable. in the twitter feed, a bay area 14-year-old used math to predict
7:58 am
the winner for this year's world series. see who he thinks wins it all. important step forward. the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. passes -
7:59 am
it is time for the pharmaceutical industry to stop ripping off the people of this country. the entire nation is looking at california. let's go forward together.
8:00 am
thank you all very much. it is 8:00 on "today." coming up, focus on florida. >> we're going to win the state of florida and we are going to win back the white house. >> i'm not taking anything for granted. i'm going to work as hard as i can. >> donald trump and hillary clinton battle for the battleground state as a new poll shows trump taking a slight lead. a look at how millennial voters could determine the outcome of this race. >> i heard many people say they're so frustrated, that they don't want to vote at al people say they're so frustrated they don't want to vote at all. >> aur world series give-away is in full swing. we've received thousands of submissions from cubs and indians fans. and this morning, we're going to
8:01 am
surprise the first winners, live. and following in their father's footsteps, coldplay's chris martin upstaged by his own two kids, at a fundraiser, as his daughter apple and son, moses, proves dad's not the only one who can sing. today, wednesday, october 26th, 2016. >> our first night at the big apple from the big easy! >> celebrating 62 years young on the "today show"! >> good morning from north dakota. >> celebrating our 26th anniversary on "today"! >> we are here because we love "the today show"! >> we're best friends, but i'm a cubs fan. >> and i'm a tribe fan. >> go cubs! >> go tribe!
8:02 am
>> woo! it's 8:00 on this wednesday morning, the 26th day of october, 2016. >> so somebody here didn't get the coat memo. >> it's chilly. it's chilly out here. >> mr. roker usually waits until like january. >> he does. >> a little brisk. >> by the way, it's halloween weather and we're going to get you ready, we've got creative diy costumes for the kids. apparently all of us, even the not-crafty among us can do these. and perfect make-ahead meal for trick-or-treating, beef stew. >> you know what's in that beef stew? >> what? >> bacon. and the next big food holiday? thanksgiving. we watch today's turkey trot. a search for a super chef with creative recipes, to share.
8:03 am
to nominate someone, go to we want to surprise them. you mentioned thanksgiving, and tamron starts to cry. >> i'm not crying. >> let's check the top stories of the morning. here's your news at 8:00. >> i'm andrea mitchell in florida, with you hillary clinton will campaign for the second straight day. trying to deny donald trump a path to the white house, in a state that he must win. even as trump starts the day in washington, d.c., at the opening of his latest luxury hotel. before heading to north carolina. hillary clinton and donald trump keeping their eyes on the prize of battleground florida. >> i feel good, but boy, i'm not taking anything for granted. i'm going to work as hard as i can. >> we're going to win the state of florida, and we are going to win back the white house. >> but with trump trailing clinton in most swing states, there's new evidence his path is narrowing. trump now hammering clinton over
8:04 am
the affordable care act, obama care, with reports of premium hikes next year. >> she wants to keep it and your numbers are going to go up, up, up. >> clinton acknowledging the law needs fixing. >> the costs have gone up too much. so we're going to really tackle that. >> and trump seizing on another stolen email from clinton's campaign chairman released by wikileaks. about when president obama first learned about her private emails. when the story broke he said he had just learned about it. >> the same time everybody else learned through news reports. >> but in the email released, long-time clinton aide sheryl mills writes, we need to clean this up, he has emails from her that do not say >> so in other words mills was saying obama, hillary had to know she was using an illegal server. but he claimed otherwise, so that means obama is now into the act.
8:05 am
>> hillary going after trump. >> americans are coming together at the very moment when donald trump is making an unprecedented attack on our democracy. >> trump getting personal. >> you vote for her, you're crazy, okay? i'll tell you. she is the worst. >> a far cry from what he said about clinton in 2008. >> hillary clinton is a great woman. when i think that she's a little bit misunderstood. you know hillary is a very smart woman, very tough woman, that's fine. but she's also a very nice person. >> as newly released audiotapes of trump from 2014 recorded by a biographer who opposes trump's candidacy sheds light on trump's thinking. >> i don't like to analyze myself because i don't like what i might see. i don't analyze myself. >> both parties trying to bank early votes in florida. hillary clinton today celebrating her 69th birthday in florida. and she's gotten endorsement for her birthday from general colin powell, the long-time republican
8:06 am
who worked under reagan and both bushes and in a hacked email said that donald trump was a national disgrace. she took a little time off last night, going to an adele concert here in florida. savannah? >> andrea mitchell, thank you. new developments in efrs to collect reimbursements from thousands of national guard members who served in iraq and afghanistan. defense secretary ash carter has ordered the pentagon to suspend all efforts to seek repayments from affected california national guard members who may have received enlistment bows in newses, he said the defense department has a responsibility to treat people fairly and equitably and honor their service and keep their word. the video that will have you trying the pringle wringle all day long. and chanel is standing by, she's ready to surprise some worl super-fans, she's holding tickets to tonight's game right after this.
8:07 am
8:08 am
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8:11 am
♪ it's the perfect time to do snacking and trending. >> we're talking a little politics now. i think it is fair to say that we're all very tired of politics right now. >> yes. >> and the people are sick of seeing the ads. this is a political ad you might actually like. take a look. >> we've got room to put 2700 people in our jail and it costs us about $103 a kay. >> gerald really doesn't have any hobbies. >> last year's tax rate was . 169. we can take it down to .3838. >> is he always like that? >> yeah, all the time. >> you know i think i like helping around the house. >> please re-elect gerald. please. >> a local republican candidate in texas, gerald daugherty is running for travis county commissioner and his wife said please, please vote for him. >> that's cute.
8:12 am
>> and very wholesome. all right you know that social media craze taking the internet by storm? flip the water bottle. >> just because you're always showing me the video. >> that's so yesterday. check out the internet's latest internet obsession. it's called pringles wripgle. people are trying to construct a ring out of pringles. yesterday buzzfeed had the internet transfixed with this tutorial. thousands of people watched this dramatic performance i'm told. on facebook live. >> and then you flip it. >> this woman layering the chips on top of each other to form that wheel and after all of that work, you no he what happens? >> you take a pumpkin and crush them! >> pumpkin spice. >> why would you destroy art lyi
8:13 am
like that? >> or food. we could just eat it. >> are we going to practice? >> the clock is running, here we go first to justin timberlake, the tops in social media tuesday, all because of the now-deleted selfie. this is what justin posted on his instagram account. from inside a voting booth in tennessee. the state has banned the photographs from being taken inside polling places. initially officials said the incident was being investigated. yesterday they reversed themselves saying they misspoke and justin is in the clear. no investigation under way. next to ryan reynolds, he recently celebrated his 4th birthday. and so his wife blake lively took him to the restaurant chain where they fell in love and blake captioned the photo saying hey, reynolds, i like you a lot, just saying.
8:14 am
and ryan captioned a photo. special shout-out to our children for not ruining everything like they planned. >> do you cut away, give me a cut-away. >> this is deserving. >> i got this. >> i can't reveal. >> i've got one more story. here you go. >> and finally, chris martin getting upstaged at his own gig. but the coldplay frontman prontly didn't mind, his own kids, moses and apple stealing the spotlight. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> so apple, the mini-me version of her mom, gwynneth paltrow. the kids proving that talent really does run in some families. that's your pop star and now the big reveal. let's see how hoda did. >> i did okay, but -- >> did you look at roker's?
8:15 am
>> he's got a saddle. his is lopsided. >> and the leaning tower of pringles -- >> this is more my speed. hoda, you seem -- >> i need the pumpkin. >> you've done well. >> how about it. >> keep going. >> then there's pokemon go. tamtamron, we have our worl series super fan give-away, are you going to tell us more about that? >> 24 hours ago, we kick off the search for the biggest indians and cubs fans out there the prize, two tickets to a world series game. we received thousands of submissions, everything from full cleveland shrines to these triplets in their indians' onesies. and chanel is at a home just outside of cleveland to break the news they're going to the world series tonight. hey, lady. what's going on?
8:16 am
>> i don't know why i'm whispering because they can't hear me. we're outside of their house right now. let me tell you about this lucky couple, they don't have a clue that they're about 0 to go to the game tonight. we told them they were one of the top three finalists, we have a producer inside. they have their phones off. don't have tvs on, they don't have a clue, let me tell you about this couple. back in 195 they actually pushed back their wedding date so they could focus on their world series run at the time with cleveland. then take a look at these pictures, they made sure that they had a wedding location where they could take pictures in froth of chief wahoo. it gets better, for their first anniversary lee actually gave tim a 1948 world series team jacket so bottom line, this couple, they are all about the cleveland indians. and i have a little help, come here. we have slider here. and we actually have a high school marching band. st. ignatius high school marching band. are you guys excited?
8:17 am
>> yeah. >> here we go. this is so much fun. here we go. yes? >> they have no idea and there's a marching band on their lawn? >> no, they have no idea. >> i wouldn't answer the door. >> hi, are you lee. >> oh, my gosh. yes. >> are you tim? guess what, you're going to the game! come on down, this is all for you. you are going to the world series tonight. game two. >> she's speechless. >> she's speechless. >> this is amazing. >> how you doing? >> good morning.
8:18 am
>> is it too soon! >> is it too soon to ask you how you feel? >> fabulous. oh, my gosh, i am so excited. >> i was telling the viewers all about you guys. the fact that you pushed back your wedding day back in 195. you're all about this. what is it about this team that you love so much, tim? >> it's just fun, it's cleveland, it's just something that makes cleveland, having them in town, they've been just such a great thing to be involved with. so going to the games has been a big part of our lives. i think everybody in cleveland. >> let's dance. >> when is the last time you had a marching band in your driveway to wake up the entire neighborhood. >> they're going to the world series. give a round of applause, guys. >> now savannah, it doesn't get any better. where are you here? >> they're so awesome. >> i think i'm better now. >> you're going to the game tonight. make sure you let us know about your experience. >> i absolutely will.
8:19 am
i probably won't stop talking about it. >> you're shaking. i love it. guys, i'll send it back to you. >> in honor of -- amazing. >> she's dancing with the mascot. >> and then also they don't know we're coming, but they slept in their outfits. >> in honor of this fandom we're celebrating with milkshakes from cleveland's own tommy's restaurant. let's see what happens next. >> this is not our first tommy's milkshake. >> not even my 10th. >> i got to remind everybody, reminder to the cubs fans, our super fan give away is still going, we have two more tickets to hand out for saturday's game in chicago. a weekend game in chicago? head to to let us
8:20 am
know. hanging out in chicago if you don't have to work on sunday. how awesome. clear skies around the bay area. 50s around san francisco, into the north bay. upper 50s right now in san jose. our temperatures approaching midday should climb to near 70 by lunchtime and eventually mid-70s for highs today, which is above the average high of 72 in san jose. mid-70s south bay tri-valley upper 60s to low 70s san francisco to oakland. the rain does make a comeback tomorrow into friday morning, another break saturday. another storm midway through the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. : re and that's your latest weather. >> announcer: red, white and you is sponsored by amazon. now it's time for our special series leading up to november 8th, red, white and
8:21 am
you. this morning a group of voters getting a lot of attention from both campaigns, millenials. >> but efforts to court them may not be paying off. ronan farrow is in los angeles with that part of the story. hi, ronan, good morning. >> good to see you. a number of polls suggesting hillary clinton's support among those elusive millenial voters may bow sure surging. whether that's a trend remains to be seen. but under the surface of these numbers, there's a lot of anger and disappointment from a group of voters that could very well decide the future of this country. >> i have heard many people say that they're just so frustrated with, like, how the candidates turned out that they don't want to vote at all. >> young people are being left behind. >> we're voting for the party but none of us are very excited. >> reporter: meet the voting bloc that could make or break the election. millenials, that's 18 to 34-year-olds, now represent 69.2 million voters, almost as many as baby boomers. in the 2008 and 2012 elections,
8:22 am
they turned out in nearly record numbers, propelling barack obama to victory. but this time around could be another story. a growing movement dubbed nobody 2016 has taken off with a popular hash tag and hundreds of thousands of likes on facebook, reflecting a lack of enthusiasm for hillary clinton and donald trump. according to a recent nbc news/"wall street journal" poll of 18 to 34-year-olds, 70% have an unfavorable opinion of trump, while 46 of them dislike clinton. >> the majority of young people are skeptical about the voice they have in this election. there is a potential risk for young people to have a lower turnout. >> reporter: kay begginsburg directs a program at tufts university. she said candidates haven't sufficiently emphasized millenial voters. >> only 30% of millenials have been contacted by campaigns and outside groups. >> reporter: and they're not connecting on issues they care about, like climate change and college affordability.
8:23 am
>> how many of you think there's any chance we'll see an obama-style swell of youth voters this election? none of you. >> reporter: these students at the university of wisconsin madison responded to our call for millenial voters who feel fed up. some are frustrated with hillary clinton. >> i think it's definitely that she's out of touch. >> bernie sanders did a great job, but afterwards, the broader topics and ideas were kind of left out. >> reporter: august is the head of the college democrats. >> has it been frustrating for you as a student leader in the democratic party to deal with that negativity towards hillary clinton? >> you know, you run into that sometimes, but we're trying to change that. >> reporter: others worry donald trump is pushing voters away. >> they're bringing crime, they're rapists. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> the rhetoric is a huge problem. we've got a lot of problems with sexual assault. we see it with our friends. >> i think it's really going to damage our party in future years. >> for a lot of our members, mr. trump wasn't their first choice. he wasn't mine.
8:24 am
mine is a little more personal than me, it's my dead. >> alex is the son of governor scott walker, a candidate in this year's republican primary. >> do you think that those comments from trump have pushed away young republicans? >> absolutely. >> but you're voting for him? >> i am. >> reporter: some critics have labeled frustrated millenials apathetic or lazy. >> come on, millenials, i know we've [ bleep ] things up for you but we were counting on you to fix things, not finish the job. >> reporter: but on campuses around the country, students are fighting that perception. >> i know our generation is passionate because all of my friends of passionate. >> reporter: billy welsh and merriam coker saw mounting negativity and set about juggling midterms with registering students to vote. >> even if i made a few students excited to vote, that was my goal. >> how much negativity do you see about these candidates? >> so much. it's disheartening. >> i just worry it will be a lifetime of not engaging in our government. if people have a negative perception of voting going in, i
8:25 am
don't know how we can change that. >> reporter: an uphill battle they say is worth fighting. >> there's so many people who are uninspired and so many people who don't want to vote, like we're not going to do anything. the people that believe our generation is lazy, don't care about anything, we're unambitious, they're going to be right, but that's not true. >> reporter: the message as always is simple. >> if you're a young person, go vote. even if you're not a young person, go vote. >> now, what this all translates into on election day is a big question mark. young voters are registering at similar rates of 2012 but their data says there's vastly more negativity. the idea being if young people show this time, it may be to vote against a candidate rather than for one. >> probably a lot of voters feel that way. by the way, you can see more of our red, white and you series on i'm ...
8:26 am
==topvo== a c-h-p ofcer is in t hospal this mning - and susp a very good morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a chp officer in the hospital this morning and suspected car thief in critical condition after a chase led to a shooting. it unfolded yesterday on montana street and capital avenue. police say authorities following a stolen car approached the driver. that's when the driver struck the chp officer and dragged him. another officer opened fire. the injured officer suffered head and road rash injuries but is expected to recover. police have not yet identified the suspect. neighbors say he grew up nearby. let's check that commute right now with mike to see how things are rolling out there or not. >> they are rolling. a couple of cars have trouble rolling. in fact, this is where you might
8:27 am
be sliding. just a note coming off-centerville, richmond, around the bend and heading towards racetrack here. oil has been spilled in the fast lane so we have to clean that up. that will be an issue coming down and around the merge with east shore freeway. typically not the major commute spot so that's an unusual slowdown there. typical through san jose, cupertino and sunnyvale there and slower drive as well. peninsula palo alto jamming up here to university. back to you. >> thank you very much. another local news update in half an hour. we'll see you back here then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning, everybody. it's 8:30, it's wednesday morning, 26th of october, 2016. we have made it, middle of the week. i think people are starting to really get into the halloween spirit. >> who's ready for halloween? >> yes! >> everybody? all right, we've got you covered. we have costumes. >> oh, look at this, look at this. >> is that the cutest little
8:31 am
bubble bath ever? and the baby is cute also. and we've also got an easy-to-make meal for halloween night. >> oh, yum. >> awesome. >> you can make it ahead too, which is great. >> and of course today's fun is just a precursor for our big halloween extravaganza. no hands, but trust us, what are you doing? you don't want to miss what we've got planned, our big costume reveal. here's the deal, you've got to come to the plaza dressed in your favorite costume. it is going to be an awesome halloween on monday. >> very cool. also just ahead, we're going to catch up with the legendary don rickles, unlocking his secrets to long life and being so funny. >> i love this series, you get to sit down with all your heroes. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> let's start off at what we're looking at for our friends out west. another big storm coming into the pacific northwest and northern california. this one is going to bring rain all the way down into southern california as well by the time we get into thursday night and
8:32 am
friday morning. you can see thursday to friday central and southern california get involved. we've got some tropical moisture adding to the risk of some flooding rains. rainfall amounts generally 1 to 2 inches, but locally could be as much as 3 to 5 inches in northern california and even parts of southern oregon could see upwards before that storm arrives, pretty nice day taking shape around bay area with sunshine, san francisco, upper 50s for now and upper 60s heading through the afternoon. should see mid-70s around south bay and tri-valley today and clouds on the increase heading towards the evening and rain on the increase during the day on thursday into friday. another storm arriving for sunday bringing wind and rain and another system to follow that into tuesday of next week.
8:33 am
don't forget, get your latest forecast. check out the weather channel on cable. meantime, today's living legends, our ongoing series this morning. one of the most beloved comedians of all time, mr. don rickles, invited me to his malibu home for some funny and frank talk. for more than half a century, comedian don rickles has making folks laugh. >> will you welcome don rickles. >> for his sharp, quick-witd tongue and approach to comedy, his jokes transcending time. >> i'm a catholic, you're a jew and, sammy, you're black. i'm sorry. >> today there's so much political correctness. could you succeed doing the act you did when you first started? >> i think they're ready for a guy like me because i'm never hurtful. it's always something that's sarcastic but fun. >> what is your ancestry? >> honduran.
8:34 am
>> i'm in the business 25 years, i don't have a joke for a jerk that's honduran. >> it got to a point where it was a badge of honor to get insulted by don rickles. >> thank you. sometimes. >> what did you have for dinner? fish? >> tell me about your relationship with johnny carson. >> when the light went on, he became magic. i used to look at him and say, wow, this man is something else. >> rickles appearing more than 100 times with johnny carson, creating some of the most iconic moments of the '60s and '70s. >> two of the biggest moments i remember on "the tonight show" involved you. when he throws you in the tub. did you know he was going to do that? >> no, no. >> you're fully clothed. >> yeah, right. >> in the other, he had the cameras follow him from his studio -- >> and the great line was johnny
8:35 am
carson. >> they know who i am. wait a minute. why are you -- why do you always do that, johnny carson. they know who i am. >> that was the big joke. i know i'm johnny carson, i don't need you to say it. >> you've been performing for over 50 years. >> yeah. >> during the heyday of the rat pack, frank sinatra kind of helped make your career. >> he was a great man, got rest his soul. he treated me like a kid brother. anything i said, he would laugh. the best thing was ronald reagan, his inaugural, that's the highlight of my life really. >> he's sitting there looking at the program going where is he saying he makes fun of me? where does it say that? and frank said if you don't have ri rickles, you're not going to have me. i cherish that. >> unlike some comedians who have literally file cab nelinet jokes, you don't have that. >> i've never had a writer for what i do. i'm proud of that. it's always me doing me. >> you haven't thought about
8:36 am
retiring? >> unless a truck hits me, you know. i keep going because, first of all, i have a great wife and wonderful family. >> at what point do you think about your wife, barbara, and how important she was and is to your career and your life? >> she's -- >> is that part of the secret. >> someone that cares genuinely about you good and bad so i'm completedly devoted to her. she's my life, she really is. >> here you're 90 years old and going strong. >> the younger people are coming to see me. i'm very flattered with that. >> you're mr. potato head in one of the most beloved series of movies, "toy story." my favorite line is, hey look, i'm picasso. >> i don't get it. >> you uncultured swine. what are you looking at, you hockey puck. >> what's the matter with you, al? you watch that stuff? >> i'm a lonely man. >> give yourself a break. who watches this?
8:37 am
you're a grown man, snap out of it. >> it doesn't get any better than this. 90 years old, still going strong. he's going to take the stage performing alongside our buddy, regis philbin in, a series of shows out west. they sit on stage, regis talks with them, don insults the audience. >> that's amazing. >> you were in heaven, al. totally in heaven. >> he can't stop smiling. up next, halloween in a hurry. last-minute ideas for great homemade costumes. your kids are going to love these. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
today's parenting team is sponsored by johnson's. discovering wonders with parents and babies. >> all right. we're back, it's 8:39. today's parenting team, this morning halloween in a hurry. if you have not come up with a
8:40 am
costume for the kids yet, fear not because we have quick and easy ideas. abby larson is here, she's the founder of style me good morning. >> hi, good morning. >> miss clever clogs. we have such cute, cute things. you swear that those of us who aren't crafty can do it. >> they're cute but actually like afternoon projects. >> okay, good. >> i promise. >> let's start with the babies. this is adorable. we've got holt with his dad, jason. >> this is so simple. you have felt and you have popcorn but the best part is that it secures itself to the baby carrier so you don't have to lug your kid around from house to house. and the real showstopper is that hat. it's just a white infant hat had a whole bunch of popcorn glued to it. >> so cute. we've got alera and her dad, allister. >> it's a red onesie and decorated the front of the
8:41 am
bubble gum machine with some felt and like the popcorn hat, we have a black infant hat, whole bunch of palm paompoms on >> it's so cute. let's do our toddler set. 2 to 3-year-olds. >> yes. >> we have ariana and emma. this is great if you think they won't want to walk. >> this is perfect. this is just a red wagon. we covered it in some fabric. we did that so when we blue up all the balloons we could glue them to the fabric. add some rubber duckies. this one is super, super simple. >> adorable. and i love the next one. we have our little hot air balloon. >> this is my favorite of the bunch. this is our hot air balloon, most popular costume for sure. looks hard. >> it does look hard. >> it's a basket with a base cut out of it and this is just a huge latex three-foot balloon. fill it with helium. that's a basket net and a floral
8:42 am
wreath that's keeping it waugt. >> what do you see, buddy? he sees himself. graham, good job. next we have the 4 to 6-year-olds. >> yes. >> a little shark. >> this is armon and he is a shark. i love this costume because it's so easy. it's just a gray hooded sweatshirt with felt on the front and we used that same felt to make the teeth on the top. add some googly eyes, maybe a fin in the back. good job. >> and then an awesome little girl with an umbrella. >> this is ava. this is raining cats and dogs. how cute, right? >> ava, look out that way. >> these are stuffed animals collecting dust in my basement. used fishing wire to attach them to the umbrella. all you need is a coat and some boots. >> we've got the 8 to 12-year-olds now, the tweens. >> yes, our girls. >> jordan is our little pinata.
8:43 am
come on, jordan. >> these costumes are great. they're for any age, any gender. this is a pinata, it's time consuming, but it's hot gluing crepe paper to clothing that you already have. so a long-sleeve shirt, some pants, maybe decorate a cool baseball hat. this one you can keep simple or go all out. >> and jordan's sister, ryan, is so cute. she's an instagram post. >> how timely, right? this one takes 24 hours. you need to send a screen shot of your instagram post to your print shop. >> is it expensive? >> no. once you get it back it's snapety snap so glue that poster to a foam coreboard, cut out the center and you're good. >> can we get all of our beautiful models out one more time? if i want to get the step-by-step instructions. >> on style be or >> okay, great. >> how cute are they? >> come on, guys, let's get a last look at you.
8:44 am
and if you're there, head to our parenting team page to take part in our next challenge. it is all about raising siblings, so log on and share your best advice for building a really good relationship from the first days to the teen years. here once again, our beautiful models, so cute. coming up next, we have a delicious and nutritious dinner for trorick-or-treaters. we can make it ahead of time too. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
we're back now, 8:46, with "today" food and a make ahead meal. this is clota mckenna, a restauranteur. it's so nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> we were just talking and asked if you celebrated halloween.
8:47 am
>> i loved it. i especially love fall. i love cooking in fall as a chef. yeah. >> you also told me this is your favorite fall recipe, so let's get -- it's a beef stew. >> it's a beef stew. can i just start by saying i've been cooking this for 16 years. it's my beef and wild mushroom stew. i'm irish, if you haven't guessed, right? >> you're not from around here, i know that. >> so i'm adding in my guinness into it as well. >> let's look at the ingredients here. >> so simple to make. beef, bacon, mushrooms, some guinness and then for my ghoulish potatoes, we need peas for the eyes, et cetera. >> they're very cute. you're sauteing and you have the bacon in here. >> i've got my bacon and shallots in here. you need two pans and this is a make-ahe make-ahead. >> why don't you cut the as i would say shallots, why don't you cut them up? >> i love them whole.
8:48 am
they become like juicy pillows. >> okay. they do, because they absorb all of the gorgeous flavor. okay. can you pop my beef in here? >> of course. >> the reason why i brown them up is because i want to intensify the flavors. >> how long does it take to get from this to this? >> three or four minutes. we do it for a couple of reasons. we want to sear in the flavor and also get that texture. >> so most of this happens in one pan to begin and then you transfer into something you're going to put into the oven. >> exactly. so you can make this three days before you eat it. you're so helpful, matt, thank you. oh, that goes in here. >> sorry. i almost messed up. by the way, we also have our tasters downstairs. >> what do you think? >> a lot of great textures in here. >> this is delicious. >> so the mushrooms, i've got oysters, chest nuts, portabello, but you could use regular mushrooms. you want to get them browned as well.
8:49 am
that pops over here. here we go, get the good stuff in. >> let's say you're not a guinness fan. what can we substitute? >> you can use beef stock if you want. >> let's do it your way. >> will i give you the honors? >> yes, absolutely. >> pour in the guinness, matt. >> i love guinness, by the way. i really do. >> so do i. >> then i've got an herb bundle. i -- >> you grow your own herbs. >> especially rosemary. so i've got rosemary, thyme, bay leaf, pop it all in. >> lid on it how long? >> it goes in the oven about two hours. you could pop it in your slow cooker. >> look how great it looks when it comes out. >> what kind of potatoes do you use? >> russet potatoes, keep the skins on and they come out like this. it keeps it flowery and drier.
8:50 am
it's important that you put warm milk into it. the reason why you put warm milk is the potatoes become much creamier. >> i love mashed potatoes. >> and then some lovely fresh nutmeg and you mash those all up together. >> a little pepper, a little salt. >> and a little bit of mashing action like so. then you could make this ahead as well, but i'd make it the day beforehand. it doesn't freeze particularly well. >> and the fun part, you're going to make ghoulish mashed potatoes so you put them in a pastry tube. >> you can pick this up in any supermarket and then just clip off the top. the trick before you start piping is you get it very, very tight and then cut it off. i'm going to start you off and you're going to finish it. so you want to get a nice base and then you get smaller and smaller. >> you know who i can see doing this at all?
8:51 am
>> who? >> al. >> that's right. make a little potato michelin man. >> for your kids, you can put in carrots or peas. look at this. >> mine looks more like a tornado than a ghoul but that's all right. >> and then you've got your little eyes. voila. we've got a ghost. it's ghoulish and freaky. >> and it tastes how, guys? >> ghoulish. >> fantastic. thank you so much. happy halloween. >> happy halloween. >> if you want this recipe or a lot of other recipes, go to we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. i'm going to make another one.
8:52 am
8:53 am
all right. we are back, 8:53. is this your first birthday since you have a new knee? >> it is. in honor of that, we're going to do a little bit day action. let's thing on the smucker's jars and find out who we are celebrating today. first up, a happy 110 birthday to louise schaaf. this soccer fan is from norwood park, illinois. she's got four grandkids, 10 great grandkids and 7 great great grandkids. that's fantastic. anthony is 100 years old, a retired photographer from new orleans, louisiana. worked for the city's newspaper
8:54 am
for 48 years. hoda, you probably saw some of his pictures. >> i may have. >> happy 100th birthday to clara barker, a talented quilt maker. loves to give quilts away as gifts. leslie is celebrating 100 years. he says his secret to longevity, never stop moving. he mows his own lawn. way to go. philip middleton also 100 years old. this los angeles dodgers fan a little disappointed, but they still got a lot further than the yankees or the mets. from atlanta, georgia, worked for 50 years as a building general contractor. and a happy 100th birthday to bertha goff also from atlanta. just last year bertha adopted a kitten. let us know about the folks in your life who are celebrating special birthdays. just head to and make sure you include a photo. >> all right. by the way, when you're on our website, we want you to nominate someone you know who has a
8:55 am
creative thanksgiving day recipe. this is for today's turkey trot. we may just surprise them with a visit from one of their favorite celebrity chefs. >> very cool. >> what's coming up? >> colin hanks. he's got a great sitcom. and we're going to ask him about his dad and david s. pumpkins. >> i missed this. >> it's an snl skit. >> we have a challenger for you, hoda. we have a family in that's going to do the pringles challenge. the dad i'm ... ==topvo== within theaste
8:56 am
defenseepartmt a very good morning. 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. within the last hour defense department requested a suspension of the recovery of bonuses paid to thousands of national guardsmen for reenlisting. many of those soldiers are based in california. some are now being asked to repay tens of thousands of dollars because they were actually ineligible to receive the bonuses. the white house says the defense department is nickel and diming service members who happen to be
8:57 am
the victims of recruiters trying to hit incentive targets. defense secretary ash carter says the pentagon should stop collection effort as soon as it is practical. also recommend agnew debt relief program. only congress can halt the entire collection process. happening now, pete talking with national guard members getting reaction. he'll join us with live update at the midday news at 11:00. when it comes to elite eateries, top tier restaurants in the guide. the restaurants that made the list are on our facebook page. good luck getting reservations now. another update coming up in half an hour. hope to see you then. have a great morning.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take" colin hanks from one of the most famous families to starring in his own sitcom. then we're having a haunted house party with freaky food and more. heading home for the holidays? we've got the secrets to get the best travel deals, coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to a wednesday morning, october 26, 2016. i'm al along with tamron and dylan. >> good morning, bud. >> it's getting all halloweeny out here. >> it feels like it in the air. >> brisk out. >> and we have our big reveal monday. >> i think the weather has a lot
9:01 am
to do with it. once you hit a day like today, it's like, okay, i'm ready for all the fall holidays. >> which is good, because pumpkins don't go bad. >> but the squirrels get them. >> true, true. >> i don't have a lot of squirrels at my apartment. >> me either. but in texas, and when i lived in chicago, we put the pumpkin out and it's like -- >> if you carve it too early, the teeth start curving in. >> let's think positive. >> happy halloween. >> before we had digital cameras, the closest thing you had to a digital camera was a polaroid, the instant gratification. >> you saw my instagram. >> and you are very excited. >> so yesterday i put on my instagram account, i bought a polaroid camera over the weekend. and so, you know, we have the little one down in the orange room that gives you the instant picture, but it's not a polaroid. i'm so obsessed with this and i can't bring myself to take the first picture. >> you haven't taken any? >> no. >> you have the film? >> is it a refurbished one or a
9:02 am
newer version of a polaroid? >> because the company went out of business. they licensed the name. >> i will tell you this. i'm embarrassed to tell you how much it cost because i thought it was vintage. i paid a lot of money for this camera. so, okay. >> but you haven't taken a picture? >> no, i haven't. >> so i'm asking you guys, send me what you think i should take as the first picture, use the #todaystake and maybe i'll show up at your thanksgiving dinner. >> there are very few things i know but i don't think you're showing up. >> i might. this is so special to me. i'll pop up in the delivery room with dylan, run out. no, that's too much. >> that's a little disturbing. >> it's going to get disturbing because it can't go on social media, it can't go anywhere. >> you can take a picture with your digital camera. >> you don't think there's something a little bit special? >> i love the idea of analog. i think analog is making a big
9:03 am
comeback throughout all of our lives. people are writing notes more. vinyl records have made a big comeback, they're here to stay now. >> and i have my personalized thank you cards for my baby shower, it was handwritten, every single one. that's something that's missing nowadays. >> that's so classy. i love that. >> people are obsessed about that. almost as obsessed as dylan and i are about david s. pumpkins. >> i still don't know what it is. >> okay. before we show the video, back track. you both are obsessed with this. >> it's the funniest skit i've seen in a very long time. >> it's a take-off on disney's hotel of horrors kind of thing out in disneyland but it's a cheesier version. and tom hanks sells this thing. check it. >> i'm david pumpkins. >> i know, but like who are you? >> i'm david pumpkins, man. >> yeah, yeah, and david pumpkins is?
9:04 am
>> his own thing. >> and the skeletons are? >> part of it. >> why are you a part of this ride? >> to do this. ♪ >> what's my name? >> david s. pumpkins. >> any questions? >> yes! >> happy halloween. >> any questions? >> it's the best thing. >> you know, it has grown on me. when i first saw it, i thought it was kind of funny. my daughter said this is the funniest thing. i started watching it and i've become obsessed with it. >> what makes me laugh is watching you guys laugh. >> one of the great things, we've got colin hanks here and we're going to ask him -- >> i asked tom hanks about it.
9:05 am
he said on paper it didn't really make sense. when i first did the rehearsal, it didn't make sense. and then when i saw the suit, then it was complete. >> in fact the suit is sold out. there's a david s. pumpkins suit, what they use, and now it's gone. >> i wanted you to go as david s. and us the people on the side. that would have been a great monday thing for us. >> well, we've already got our ole -- >> you've got the voice down. >> any questions? he's kind of a throwback to the guy who used to harass jack benny. oh, mister? yes. i love it. rita wilson, tom hanks' wife, said there might be a little david pumpkins in my future. i can just call him up and go bring it, i need a little david s. pumpkins today, honey. wow. >> with the slaps. >> complete with the sound effect. >> any questions? >> oh, it's my favorite. i could watch it all day. >> do you like tacos? i love tacos.
9:06 am
free tacos, did you hear about this? the major drama heading into game one of the world series was not whether the cubs or indians would win the first game of the series, but whether or not we would all get free tacos. >> how does this work? >> taco bell promised all of us, that means you at home, we are all family now. if one player stole a base successfully during the series, they would dole out free tacos. >> wow. >> that day? >> well, it's coming up. so the drama went quickly, though. so the indians star stole the base and now here's the payoff. there's a taco. you can pick up your free doritos loco taco at participating taco bells november 2nd between 2:00 and 6:00. >> next wednesday? >> next wednesday, 2:00 to 6:00. we're not taco bell and we're going to be there. >> we're going to have a taco countdown clock. >> they probably planned it for a week later so that everybody
9:07 am
kind of forgets about it. >> that's going to be my first picture with my polaroid, us eating tacos. >> any questions? >> clearly had too much coffee this morning. >> okay. now, we talked about this earlier, but the pringles rippi ringle is a new snack craze. a netflix writer posted her photo of this creation. without using any adhesive or anything, you build a ring of pringles. people posting videos. >> why not? >> so we tried it earlier. >> hoda did well. she got like half a ring, as did al. >> it's easy to get the half ring. >> it's the whole technique to build the bottom, the base. >> so we decided let's see if we can get somebody on our plaza. so we got a family from our plaza, greg, lisa and reagan moresman from louisville, kentucky. greg, you're an engineer, right? >> greg's a ringer. >> have you ever tried anything
9:08 am
like this before? >> i have not. >> do you like pringles? >> i love pringles. >> do you guys want to start and we'll see how you guys are doing during the program. >> i love that we're going in this -- do we have music? >> is there a pringles jingle? >> a ringle jingle. i'm feeling tingles. >> are you single? >> yeah, pop you can't stop. >> that can get annoying if you're just playing that over time. >> we'll keep an eye on our pringles family. just ahead, we teased you with a sneak peek yesterday. now lady gaga is giving us a million reasons to love her even more. wait until you see what happened to her. al, you've got to get in on this car pool karaoke. i can see you guys together. >> any questions? >> after this. >> see, you' at progresso, we are passionate about our art. and our art is chicken soup. which is why we are now using 100% antibiotic and hormone free
9:09 am
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start your day with crunchy whole-grain flakes... and real strawberries. special k. eat special. feel special. of being there for my son's winning shot. that was it for me. that's why i'm quitting with nicorette. only nicorette mini has a patented fast dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. every great why needs a great how. we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift
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9:12 am
all right. greg, lisa and reagan working on the pringles ringle. how's it going, guys? it looks a little bit like a pringles saddle. i like that. >> all i can do -- >> okay, that's a big move, that's a big move. >> you're getting close. >> dad, you're an engineer so there's a lot of pressure, right? >> it's like an edible jenga. i like it. >> okay. we'll keep an eye on our family, awesome. meanwhile keeping an eye on lady gaga and james corden. we talked about she'll be in the car pool karaoke with him. last night we had a chance to see it. james corden also showed off some incredible fashion choices of his own. we love him. here it is. ♪ mistaken for love ♪ it wasn't love ♪ it was a perfect illusion ♪ it was a perfect illusion
9:13 am
♪ mistaken for love ♪ mistaken for love >> with me, i just never really worry about who likes it or doesn't. kind of the point is to be unfashionable. >> see, i thought you looked great in this. i thought this was particularly strong for you. >> i mean, i think i looked all right in that look. >> now, which outfits are your favorites? >> i mean my favorite was the queen dress that i wore to the vmas. it was the same year i wore the meat dress, but i wore that earlier in the night. >> the good thing with this one is you've always got a snack. gaga, look at me. if you can't take me, how do you think they felt at the vmas. >> i really think you should take this off. >> now this, i love it.
9:14 am
not ideal for driving. >> of all of them, that's the best on you. >> which is really a compliment. >> processed bacon on his stomach. gaga later asked "friends" star matt leblanc a burning question many people had on their mind. >> the question goes to matt. >> oh, okay. here we go. >> matt. >> yes. >> who would you rather, monica or rachel? >> the great question! >> uh, i'd have to say i would -- i would -- i would go -- i would have some -- i would have me some phoebe. >> that's a great answer! >> that's tough on the spot. >> see, i'd go with chandler.
9:15 am
hey, let's check in with the pringles family. oh, look at this. look at this. this is getting good. >> where do we go next. >> dad is outnumbered. >> is it like jenga where if a pringle falls off, you have to stop? >> no, you can keep going. >> who is the engineer in this family? it seems like mom's got it going on. >> this is exciting. the tension is building. >> it looks like a swan. >> it does. like when you go on the cruise ships and they do the swan out of the terrycloth towel. >> we're going to check weather. i think we have time to get the weather. are we going to weather now? >> oh, no. >> how do we break away from this? >> i just keep seeing different
9:16 am
things. >> can we put a split screen up, put a map up and this at the same time? >> like msnbc, the split coverage here. a box in a box. >> the tension is building. >> it is funny how fascinating it is to watch. >> there we go. >> you can see strong storms coming into the pacific northwest. there's also a big system coming across the great lakes. it's going to be bringing some rain later to cleveland. in fact they have moved the start of the game to 7:00 just in time. in fact there you go tonight, 49 degrees, first pitch about 7:08. >> you can stay up for the ending. right now we got partly cloudy skies, 50s and low 60s around the bay area. numbers in the mid-70s around san jose, upper 60s san francisco. the clouds will be back tomorrow
9:17 am
along with rain into friday morning. we should catch a break on saturday. another system arrive more wind and rain. halloween looks mostly dry. another storm of rain on tuesday of next week. the mooresmans are very close. >> they were plucked from obscurity on the plaza. >> that's right. how do they go back to their lives after this? >> after doing this on live tv. >> how do they explain their day to their friends later this afternoon? >> we'll call them for you. >> we've got a quick shoutout. if you've ever stared inside your fridge and no idea what to make, joy bauer wants to help you out. we want you to submit photos -- >> oh, my gosh. >> -- of what's in your fridge and joy will come up with healthy dishes for you to cook. >> al, focus. >> post your photos. we've got some ideas for your halloween bash.
9:18 am
you'll have creepy creations that will have your guests floored after these messages. here's a little healthy advice. take care of what makes you, you. right down to your skin. aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion with 5 vital nutrients for healthier looking skin in just one day. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results®
9:19 am
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9:22 am
was? >> i think a little too narrow on the base. >> so you're ready to give it another try? >> absolutely. >> they're going for it one more time. if you want to phone your kids in college, you can do that. >> thank you, al. so if you want to decorate your home this halloween but don't have time or the budget to go all out in a small space, we've got some great ideas for you here with some creepy ideas you can put together in no time. maureen, good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> this is a bath mat turned into something pretty creepy. >> this is our eerie crime scene and this is so much fun to do. my son laid on the ground and we used first aid tape to create our body outline. you can do this in any small space. you can do it on the bath mat or directly on the floor. just use a tape that isn't heavy adhesive. so masking tape or first aid tape. so it's easy to put down and easy to take off.
9:23 am
>> the mirror is pretty cool. >> this is a transparent adhesive, a self adhesive. you can use it for privacy on a window treatment or door treatment. just cut it out in the shape of a ghost. with a little water, it goes on like that. and this is cheesecloth. you can find this in the grocery store, just tattered with some scissors or a sharp knife. i like to hang this over the mirror or across doorways, for a spooky effect. easy to take down, no imagine on the walls or mirror or anything like that. >> the bath soap is also interesting. >> so here is our potion. this is so simple to do. this is just soap. we took the label off the front and we have all these nice little plastic creepy things. i've got spiders and ants. i have some glow in the dark eyeballs so a nighttime bathroom visit makes it interesting to find your soap and i use a chopstick to push it down there. and don't use hand sanitizer. they will eat through all these
9:24 am
little plastic things so do not do that, so just hand soap. and then you can take any cheery bathroom and make it dark and grim by adding black crepe paper flowers. >> how did you do this? >> this is just twirled around a little wire. we have dark candles in place of your light or white and then just dark dish towels. they're in season right now, black and orange. you can find them in almost any store and they're neutral so you can use them all year long. >> i love this, in and out, done. very, very cool. so we promised on a budget and quick. >> and easy to take down. >> i love that, maureen, thanks a lot. maureen will be back with spooky chips and dip and some scary sips of something that's bubbling over, but i hear it's tasty. we'll have that a little later for you. also tv's newest sitcom's colin hanks is here. the preview of "life in pieces." and we'll ask him what he thinks ♪ i found a better deal on prescriptions.
9:25 am
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9:26 am
. a c-p officer iin the hospital ts morning -nd a spected car thief in critil con ==ramap== oting. good wednesday morning, it is 9:26, i am sam brock. a suspected car thieve is in critical condition. all of this unfolded yesterday afternoon on montana street and capitol avenue. authorities followed a stolen car and attacked the officer. another officer opened fire. the officer is expected to be fully cover. the suspect has not identify him officially, though neighbors say he grew up in the near by neighborhood. a recovery of bonuses paid
9:27 am
2,000 of national guard men and women of reenlisting. some are asking to pay tens of thousands of dollars because they were in eligible to receive those bonuses in the first please. the service member who happens to be the victim of recruiters. ash carter says the pentagon should stop the collection effort as soon as it is practical. the reality is only the congress can hold the entire election congress. one day speaking from the break from the rain. rob mayeda is going to join us for a look of your weather right after this. wx
9:28 am
weatr toss traffic traffic a very nice day taking shape around the bay area right now with clearing skies with 60s and low 50s with sunshine. upper 60s to mid-70s for highs. 70s and upper 60s to low3@5 70 towards oakland. rain fillingl6ñ again later
9:29 am
tomorrow. on friday, we'll see some break of action on saturday before another system bringing wind and rain on sunday, mike. >> all right, we are easing up for our traffic. things are going great. a motorcycle crash is reported now. nor this is causing quite a distraction, a slow drive in san jose. a live look showing you the compression towards fremont. we know the jam is right by tesla. thank you very much, that's going to do it for us, right now we'll see you in 30 minutes for more news.
9:30 am
he's a proud descendant of hollywood royalty. colin hanks has quite an impressive trail all on his own. he has shown comedic chops alongside jack black in "orange county." was a sinister serial killer in "dexter" and was an off-beat police officer in the tv series "fargo." >> now colin is back for season two of the hit "life in pieces." take a look. >> what? what is that music? are we listening to the funeral home station? >> no. we're listening to my prototype.
9:31 am
yeah. it's turning lark's cries into soothing music. may i present cry tunes. >> it's seen u.genius and i wan >> you're going to need one. >> colin, good morning. thanks for being here. >> thank you for having here. >> the show pieces together four different stories into each episode. is that hard to get used to? >> no, no, no, it was pretty easy. one of the reasons i did the show was because of the structure, the fact that it would have four different segments. each have a beginning, a middle and an end. when you put them altogether it tells the story of this extended family. i thought that was really engaging and interesting and it makes the scheduling a whole lot easier so i can get home to the kids. >> you were talking about your wife and kids with us in the break. you had a chance to go to one of the series games and it changed? >> it changed. this may actually change it too, we'll wait and see. i don't know, either way. >> friend offers you a ticket.
9:32 am
>> friend offers me a ticket. i say i would love to, but i'm going to be coming back from new york into chicago. maybe, i don't know. wife says no, no, no, and then last night i get the text saying you can go and now i don't know if she even wants me to come home. >> a mind trick. >> i'm so kwutz econfused as too do because it's very delicate to play this. >> if you have an accidental layover in chicago. >> now we're talking. >> being a dad of two and married, does this affect how you play this role? >> yeah, a little bit. i mean my character, greg, and his wife, janice, we have a young baby in the first episode. we are introduced to them while she is giving birth. so a lot of our story lines in the first season was being new parents and trying to get acclimated and all that sort of
9:33 am
stuff. as you will find out, it's a bit of a challenge. but there's a lot of comedy and a lot of really fun stuff there. we have more of the same this season as well. >> this is perfect too with everything that's going on. we talked a little bit about politics, having a family sitcom, something so relatable. >> yeah. >> is that part of the reason why you signed up for this? >> well, yeah. there was definitely something to be said about the fact that here's a show that actually has every generation represented, from the grandparents to their sons and daughters to their sons and daughters. it really is a multi-generational family, so we're able to play in all of those different sand boxes. it's funny and it's sweet, but it's funny. that's the big goal. >> that's the most important part. >> yes, exactly. >> now, i hate to do this because of course you're an actor in your own right, but your dad was here recently. we are obsessed -- >> you just want to talk about pumpkins. >> david s. pumpkins. >> what did you think when you
9:34 am
first saw it? >> well, so i had heard about it. i didn't watch live, unfortunately, i was -- i had a prior commitment, so i heard all about david s. pumpkins, and then i saw that. and i said, oh, gee, wow, okay. and then i watched it. and now it's like it's this whole -- you can't get that suit anymore online? >> no. >> but you know somebody. >> i know a guy i think that can get me that suit, so i just need to dress my two kids up in the skeleton outfits and we'll go from there. it is really -- you know -- yeah. welcome to my life, al. >> your mom says she might actually ask him to do a little david s. pumpkins. >> not when i'm in the house. that ain't going to happen. that ain't going to happen. >> do you see your dad in the character? >> oh, absolutely. >> the slaps and all? >> well, i don't know about the slaps. the slaps, that's one thing. but like for some reason, him
9:35 am
going like this, that is just seems like a very dad thing. >> very natural thing. >> so, trust me, as surreal as it is for all of you, it is five times more surreal for me. >> do your kids find you as funny as you find your dad. >> well, i'm never going to show them that. >> that will lower the bar. >> yeah, exactly. >> colin, thank you so much. you're awesome. >> thanks for having me. >> catch the season two premiere of "life in pieces" tomorrow night. up next, easy costumes, festive foods and spooky sips. more hollywood entertaining is coming your way and we're going to be back what a lovely home you have. is this your family? yea, that's my daughter, my son, and that's my... hey, kool-aid man! ...husband. oh yeah!!! [ crashing ] [ electricity crackles ] hey at least you got your homeowners insurance through progressive. by bundling it with your car insurance you saved a ton! yeah.
9:36 am
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9:39 am
guys, we have breaking news right now because the pringles ringle is complete. you guys are -- i can't believe you did it because we toppled last time right before we went to the commercial. so were there any secrets that you learned from the first time that you did this time? >> i think it's a young, steady hand is what the secret was. >> so you want me to put this one on top? >> yes, do it. >> i could mess up this whole -- so just over 12 minutes to complete it. we have a $100 amex gift card for your fantastic performance and pringles will give you a year's supply of pringles. >> wow! >> so maybe not salt and vinegar flavor, but we'll get all the other flavors that you guys like. congratulations. >> it was great fun. >> do we have a pumpkin?
9:40 am
aren't you supposed to smash it? i'm not going to mess up your work. al, back down to you. >> that is impressive. we're back now and entertaining expert maureen has great ideas to help your guests have a good, ghoulish time this halloween. >> you are back. you look so cute. >> smarty pants. >> you got it. >> so last-minute ideas. anyone can celebrate this holiday. i love to really get into it, but you don't have to spend a ton of money. this is a centerpiece right from my backyard. branches i spray painted black. >> you killed some birds. >> i got some birds and filled the vase with candy. it's so simple. it makes a big statement. and then when it comes to drinks, this is the only season we love to get things smoking. this is food grade dry ice. see how tiny it is? i'm using a metal tong. fun, fun, fun. >> you don't want that to touch your lips?
9:41 am
>> you never want to touch exposed skin because you can get burned. these are not ball jars, you're fine, you can drink this. it's a carbonated beverage. simple centerpiece, store bought cake. we just drizzled a little red on top of it and then we're just going to -- you don't kid around. >> you go psycho when you cut a cake. >> it can be spooky without being too scary. and this is just a vanilla layer cake that we went ahead and turns into a freaky effect. >> so freaky. >> simple things with your food as well. we have some witchy guacamole. we have dips with salsa here. that is our taco jack-o'-lantern dip. halloween can be healthy, too. here's some healthier choices. these are our candy corns made of pineapple and clementines and a little whipped cream. we have tangerine pumpkins. kids can get involved making these cute jack-o'-lanterns and our monster apples and strawberries.
9:42 am
>> you have games for the kids? >> of course it's not a party without games. we've got some very festive kids over here doing our games. this is what we call ghost nose. it looks like you've already got started. do you want to play it? hands behind your back. you have to try to eat the doughnut without it falling off. so we're using a broomstick. come on, get in there. get in there. you've got it. this is why it's called ghost nose, it gets all over your nose. he's tricking you. so underneath you have a table cloth -- you're a good sport. did you have a doughnut? so we have the table cloth on the ground or use a shower curtain or black disposable table cloth because you see what happens. >> i didn't do anything. >> and then our last game is our cauldron. this is our cauldron toss. we have two different kinds of ping pong balls. oh, good job. so we've got a pumpkin toss and eyeballs.
9:43 am
transform your own ping pong balls with a sharpie for a fun time for the kids. >> i love this. this beats bobbing for apples. i'm obsessed with that doughnut thing. >> she's going back in. while you go in, i'm going to go do some weather. she's going back in. let's show you weatherwise what we've got going on. sunshine reigns supreme out west, some rain moving into the pacific northwest. heavy rain in the great lakes. in fact they have moved the world series game up an hour to 7:00 so they can avoid that rain. they'll be watching that. we've also got an autumn chill in the air. mountain snows tomorrow up through upstate new york, parts of new england. wet weather in the northeast. record highs building up through the plains and more heavy rain from central and southern california into the pacific northwest. that's what's going on around the country. we are seeing less winds and a lot less rain than yesterday.
9:44 am
mid-70s around san jose around the tri-valleys, upper 60s to low 70s. notice the rain makes a come back tomorrow into friday's morning commute and we'll get a break on saturday and another storm arrives for sunday. rain off and on a back on again, we think by tuesday of next week as the pattern stays active in the seven-day forecast. >> so wrong, so very wrong. that's your latest weather. up next, you want to know the best day to fly home for christmas? how to get the best hotel deal. find out when we reveal the secrets of holiday travel. she's doing a limbo and doughnut at the same time. secrets of holiday travel coming secrets of holiday travel coming up next. secrets of holiday travel coming up next. i had a wonderful time tonight. me too! call me tomorrow? i'm gonna send a vague text in a couple of days, that leaves you confused about my level of interest. i'll wait a full two days before responding. perfect! we're never gonna see each other again, will we? no-no. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant?
9:45 am
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9:48 am
with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella adds a smile to any morning. one jar; so many delicious possibilities. nutella - spread the happy! once halloween is behind us, we all turn our attention to the holidays and booking those flights and hotels. of course everyone wants a good deal so we're going to spill the secrets to saving yourself some money, time and hassle with the help of jackie gifford. good morning. >> good morning. >> nice to have you here. >> thanks. >> i can't believe we're talking about the holiday season. it's very overwhelming. but when is the time to start
9:49 am
booking your holiday travel. >> here's the good news, if you haven't booked your ticket yet, don't worry. according to hopper, an app that's all about fair prediction, prices in october are not going to fluctuate that much for thanksgiving travel, but come november 1st, that's when we start to see the increase. so it goes up about $1.50 on average per day till thanksgiving. so you want to jump on those fares right now. same thing goes for christmas and new year's really. again, on average $1.50 per day up until the holiday. so if you see a fare that you like, go for it. another, an insider tip, if you're really looking for the cheapest fare possible, travel on the holiday itself. so thanksgiving morning, christmas morning, those are the most affordable fares out there. >> okay. so there are a couple more days left for the procrastinators, but it's time to start booking it. >> it's time. >> and once we get to the holidays, are there certain days that aren't good to travel on? >> yes, there are definitely days to avoid. with thanksgiving, it's really the wednesday before and the sunday after. those are the peak travel times. those will be the busiest days
9:50 am
at the airport and also the most expensive fares. for christmas and new year, it really depends what day of the week it's falling. this year christmas is on sunday, new year's is on sunday. if you go to they basically have the whole calendar mapped out saying which days are the best days to pry in terms of price. they're saying the 26th, a monday, and the second, a monday, will be the worst days to fly inspect ter terms of pri >> what websites and apps lieu like to save the most money? >> there are owe many apps out there. we talked about hopper and they're all about fare prediction. you go on the app, enter your dates, say where you want to go and set a watch alert. they'll tell you, look, maybe you should wait another week because the price will go down $100 or actually you want to jump on it right now. google flielghts is a one-stop shop so they'll spit back all sorts of flights and prices but they added some really cool
9:51 am
features. they have a tip box so it will pop up and say, hey, actually you can save $20 if you wait a couple days or if you switch airports, fly into ft. lauderdale instead of miami. they also actually -- it depends on your route, but they might even set an alert and tell you, you know what, your flight is going to increase so now is the time to buy. they're looking at historical data. >> i just tried that and it said change your dates and you can save $54. wherever you can save is great. >> totally. >> you also say to think outside the box once you get there where to stay. >> when it comes to hotels, think outside the box. we're talking about things like airbnb. over the holidays people are traveling so you might be able to stay in somebody's home or apartment because they might be gone. you might be able to live like a local. bed and is an incredible resource. also think about extended stay hotels, apartment style accommodations in big cities because these are really used by business travelers. and business travelers aren't really traveling around the holidays so places like the roost in philadelphia, hollywood proper in los angeles, aka here
9:52 am
in new york city here and around the country are really great resources. >> and finally, when it comes to some of the destinations that maybe you wouldn't think about staying at during the holidays? >> yes. there's some bargain destinations out there. no surprise, they're in the big cities because these are where there's a lot of rooms, inventory to fill. according to expedia, some of the destinations in december that you can find great bargains, new york, orlando and las vegas. las vegas, the cheapest rates all year are in december. according to trip advisor, there are other places you can go, like chicago, los angeles, san diego, austin. these are awesome places to visit. if you can get a great deal over the holidays, do so. >> wherever you can save money, the better. thank you so much. i still can't believe we're talking about the holidays. it's so nice to have you here. we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
♪ ♪♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.]
9:54 am
take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
9:55 am
>> look at dylan. stop trying to smell the wine, okay? >> i'm drinking this for you. i'm drinking this for dylan. >> "project runway" coming up. we've got some great ideas. country singer -- >> he's awesome. >> new workouts and jennifer o'neill, a lovely actress. wonderful, wonderful woman. >> don't they look beautiful? >> we're very autumnal. >> we'll have more after your local news
9:56 am
=trx atk ck traffic maps the day is starting off with low clouds and eventually partly cloudy skies and mild temperatures today with upper 60s to mid-70s in land and any chance of showers today mainly after the north and sonoma county.
9:57 am
the warmest day is 70 in san jose. tomorrow, a come back, plan on more rain on sunday and another round of rain due by tuesday of next week. see what's happening now with your wednesday's commute with mike. >> spots we are watching here and shootoouthbound 680 coming . early crash at walnut creek and the interchange. meanwhile, we are looking at northbound 101, this is a tough drive, still. almost an hour now. in lanes at the monatague parkway. mike, thank you very much. you can stay up to date online and if you download our apps, you can get our alerts.
9:58 am
kevin durant will show up for the season opener. the rest of the team, is not so much. the dubs had a lot of workm"h-o after being blown out last night. we'll have everything on our home page. and a 14-year-old predicting the world series, we'll see you in 30 minutes.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ i want to be >> hi, everybody. so flglad you're with us for wis day, wednesday. national day of deployed. honoring all the brave men and women who either risk their lives or have risked their lives to fight for our country and for all the freedoms we take for grarnted. >> and all the families back home missing and loving them. we honor all of you today and hope you have is a great day, yes. a great show.


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