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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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morning, seeing a whole line of showers coming through the bay area, but light so far, rob. >> the rain intensity has been light to moderate. we've seen bands move through, a few after midnight. a break around the south bay. offshore you can see the radar starting to fill in once again with more showers coming our way. right now it's the north bay seeing the first line clear through from santa rosa to napa. the new band of showers will be part of your morning commute. highs today in the mid to upper 60s, also focusing z toward your evening commute, daytime totals mainly less than .25 inch of rain. lighter rain for the first half of the day. as we approach the numbers from 5:00 to 7:00, that's when the focus of the storm will begin to approach the coast. i think it's the evening commute that will see more issues with the rain. >> folks should leave early and get only the roadways and allow more time this evening. we have to allow a little more time through hayward. we have this cash. you'll notice the green highlighting changes on our
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maps. damp at least through the try city area south of hayward this morning. we have this crash which just cleared to the shoulder. an earlier track causing slowing south 880 right around whipple. whoops, i put the wrong roadway here. mass transit, trains on time, no delays including the ferry system. >> we call that graphics on the fly. mike, thank you very much. as rob just mentioned a second ago, we are seeing light rainfall this morning, you know who is looking at it firsthand is our own bob redell. >> we call this reporter on the go and we feel like we're in the back seat with you. i'll try not to have a back seat driver. where are you? northbound 101, up towards san francisco. >> reporter: still northbound 101 just past sfo heading into south san francisco. for natalie the past half hour driving this stretch of the peninsula we have not seen rain, maybe a few drizzles here and there, but nothing affecting the
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morning commute which you can see is pretty light as we're only entering the 5:00 hour. as we go to our nbc bay area weather app and you check the live doppler radar, you can see the future forecast, the green blobs moving in from the southwest over the pacific into the bay area. this not happening until a couple hours from now. you can definitely see the green getting into the north bay and the city slightly into the peninsula. south bay not so much. keep in mind if you're hitting the roads later this morning for your ride to work, there is going to be wet weather out there. make sure you're driving safely especially with the roads being slick. this being only the second real storm of the season. our driving skills for many people, driving in wet weather probably aren't as home as we should be given we've had months of dry weather leading up to this. live northbound 101 in south san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> glad you have your seat belt
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on, bob. as the new storm moves in, there are concerns about flooding and erosion. this is video from the loma fire where neighbors were worried about the burn areas. the santa clara water district says they'll have sandbags available for anyone who might need them. several other counties are also offering sandbags. we'll continue to track the rain all morning. both on air and online. stay connected with our free nbc bay area app. you can follow the interactive radar and set weather alerts for your neighborhood. all new this morning, authorities are investigating the skdiscovery of a body not f from hilltop mall in richmond. after midnight a pedestrian was found dead near the hilltop drive on-ramp to eastbound i-80. no word on how the body ended up there or what kind of crime, if any, was committed. we're reaching out to richmond police to try to get more information. we'll keep you updated. video from a bay area based
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coast guard crew making a massive cocaine bust on the high seas. the members of the ship seized 5600 pounds of cocaine from the makeshift self-propelled submarine. it happened off the coast of central america. the crew detained five smugglers on board that craft. the crew is only returning from its most recent mission so far this year the team has helped seize more than ten tons of cocaine. more clues in the hit-and-run in the south bay. the driver of this white acura left a bicyclist in critical condition on monday. it happened along fremont avenue about 10:30 in the morning. the bicyclist was only blocks away from fremont high school when she was hit. investigators say the car showed damage on the front windshield and possibly the front bumper and passenger mirror. something giving our legal folks food for thought, higher percentages of blacks and latinos are criminally charged in legislator county than any
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other racial group. that's the conclusion by the santa clara county district attorney's office which finds latinos represent almost half, more specifically, 45% of all criminal defendants in the county. 10% of people charged are african-americans. 24% of all defendants are white. asians represent 9%. the d.a.'s office plans to conduct further study on the reasons for this disparate. crime fighting is a rough job, but someone has to do it. san francisco police have a new weapon. dog walkers. after a rash of home burglaries, the south san francisco police department is enlisting dog walkers and anyone who walks during the day to keep an eye out for suspicious activity. >> i have not personally, but i know several of the dog walkers here that have, yeah. we all kind of know who comes here on a daily basis. >> there's only a couple of us and hundreds and thousands of them out every day. so the more eyes the better. >> officers say they don't want community members, however,
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intervening in a crime. they just want them to report it. if you're interested, contact the south san francisco police department. the last spark before winter. fire pits at a san francisco beach are about to be extinguished. today park rangers at ocean beach are lighting the last symbolic fires of the season. they're going to be at the fire pits at 10:30 this morning. the san francisco fire department is going to be joining the rangers, out there teaching preschoolers about fire safety. the no-burn season officially begins next tuesday. beach fires won't be allowed again until the end of february. 5:06 right now. for baseball fans, it is officially game on as the chicago cubs managed to split the first two games of the world series in cleveland. >> the competitive fire still alive and well here. king james and his cavalier court attending last night's game. they had some jackets on there. a little chillier in cleveland, hoping to spread his championship mojo to the hometown indians. chicago's kyle schwarber had other ideas. he was out all year with a torn
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knee, comes back for the world series, and so far has been lighting the world on nair. he went 2 for 4 last night, drove in two runs to give the cubs a 5-1 win. schwarber is providing a huge mental boost to the team as he returns to the world series roster after being injured at the very beginning of the season. they now go to wrigley for the first time in seven decades for a world series game. so much excitement. game three is in chicago tomorrow night. >> perfect for a friday night. we're in thursday morning right now which we've been anticipating all week because of the rain that's going to hit us today. >> we're seeing some of the breaks in the rain around the south bay and san francisco. you see the light rain approach in the next 20 minutes. scattered showers from santa rosa into napa. not non-stop rain but mild temperatures today, mid to upper 60s for highs. notice the rain will be increasing in coverage towards 6:00. the evening commute and certainly tomorrow morning's commute will see isolated
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downpours rolling through, probably more impacted by this first storm as we go into the weekend. that's the third storm of the week lining up saturday night into sunday. then we've got a fourth one by next tuesday. we're hoping the timing works out. looks like most of halloween on monday will be dry. that rain will make a comeback late monday night into tuesday. >> we're watching that key board and monitor for the changes. looking to toward my keyboard to give you updates on the roadways. correctly marked with no more slowing now that the crash has cleared, southbound 880 at whipple road. the earlier traffic break took a toll on the speeds. there may be damp roadways around the bay in places where we had the green highlighting over here coming out of the altamont and toward livermore, there's a crash still blocking one lane west 580 at north flynn. the speeds clear up on the approach and no problem once you pass greenville toward the dublin interchange. we'll talk about your travel time as welcoming out of the area, just 23 minutes. minimum from grand line pass to the dublin interchange, and
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highway 84 cutting through. you have the construction vallecitos at isabelle. other than that, everything moving well. coming up, we'll show you how cable car operators are preparing for the rain. ==rob//wx wall==
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a look at the radar this
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morning showing areas of light to moderate rain across the bay area. the storm has a bit of a subtropical boost provided by hurricane seymour to the south of california. how that will be increasing rain rates across the central coast coming up. we're looking over here to all the drivers moving well. highway 4 to the maze, 13 men us. a great drive around the east bay. on the peninsula moving well, at speeds from van ness in san francisco down to sfo in san bruno. 11 minutes. we are speeding right along, mike, to the election. only 12 days to go at this point. millions of americans have already cast their vote as time is running out right now for the presidential candidate. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us from washington, d.c. this morning. break down the early voting numbers for us and what does it mean for the candidates? >> reporter: it's huge for the candidates. typically democrats have led in early voting, they get more people out sooner.
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but republicans were determined this year to make a dent in that, so they got more people out on the ground, more organizers, knocked on more doors than they did in 2012, and they think it's working. today both candidates out in battleground, early voting states. today hillary clinton and michelle obama team up in north carolina, an early voting stand. >> we cannot stop for a minute. no complacency here. donald trump says he can still win and he's right. >> an nbc target slooet mart analysis show 10 million americans have already voted with more democrats at the polls in eight battleground states, more republicans in three. florida is tied. >> they have lines going to the vo voters' polls to the booths, four blocks long in florida. and there are an awful lot of red hats and buttons and trump shirts. >> reporter: the latest national
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poll from suffolk university shows trump trailing by nine points. >> i don't pay attention to polls when they're good, and i don't pay attention to them when they're bad. >> reporter: o our nbc news battle ground analysis has them tied in nevada and clinton up by nine in new hampshire. >> remember, under budget and ahead of schedule. >> reporter: trump taking heat for diverting his campaign to open a hotel in washington. clinton claims he built it with undocumented workers. >> i'm running for president. would i do that? >> reporter: trump is in ohio today where so far more democrats have voted. >> reporter: we learned where hillary clinton will be on election night, the javis center in new york that has a glass ceiling that fig tefly she hopes to shatter that night. >> hopefully not physically for a demonstration. bad news out of market
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street. twitter will cut 9% of its workforce. >> scott mcgrew saying most of the cuts will come from san francisco. >> it's smaller and less spread out that bigger, high-tech companies. total workforce is less than 4,000. the number of people losing their jobs should be around 345. the news comes a few weeks after twitter was left at the alter by sales force and google, even disney. none of those companies wanted to buy twitter. twitter has a lot of problems that i'll list coming up at 5:456789 expect twitter stock to jump. employees don't like cuts, but wall street does. apple delays the release of its wireless air pods. you can think of this as good news. apple says we don't believe in shipping a product before it's ready and we need a little more time before air pods are ready for our customers. apple will show off new mac
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computers later this morning. we already know one secret, the macbook is going to have that strip above the keyboard, some sort of multifunction screen. microsoft also showing off a pretty cool device. out-appling apple. we'll show that after we say good morning to courtney reagan live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, courtney. >> high, scott. wall street could be in mind for another mixed session. futures are flat, slightly lower. we stim have an hour to go until the opening bell sounds. invaefters focusing on early earnings report. yesterday apple weighed on the tech sector. look for data today on unemployment and housing. it's also the heaviest day of earnings season today. we'll hear from the likes of ford, ups, twitter, google, amazon. some we've heard from, some after the bell. the dow rising 30 points to 18,199. the nasdaq falling 33 to 5,250.
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today is a new day. we'll see where the market takes us. back over to you. >> i mentioned microsoft, sam and laura. this is video of their new surface studio pc. it's got this enormous screen. it out-apples apple. it's got this knob that does different things depending on what you want to do. you pick up this wireless knob, put it on the screen. more pixels than a 4k tv. i totally want this computer. rob mayeda does, too. remember "tool time" with tim what's his name? [ growl ]. >> come on business and tech guy, get one. >> $3,000, should be available by christmas. >> i wonder if they'll have enough, supply and demand? >> probably not. >> sounds cool. 5:17. as we've been reporting all morning, already raining in many parts of the bay area, but there's a new wet weather
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solution for cable cars in san francisco. you may have not thought about the need for it. but they have a special type of crushed glass. it's being used in combination with a rubber-like adhesive that keeps the cable car operators from slipping. see what they have to do there? when they turn the cars around at the end of the line? in the past they had to do what they could and use duct tape. but now it keeps the operators safe as well as yourself. >> keep it on the rail. >> that's a tough job. >> no kidding. but talented. a talented system coming here. you're saying there's a subtropical storm seymour, boosting rain totals. >> off the coast of baja, california. it's very interesting, when you look at the water vapor satellite loop, how the moisture is being redirected towards california. there's the storm to the south and our storm is the one that's spinning off to the northwest
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corner. you see the northwest corner offshore. as the two factors come together, the subtropical boost will put two to three inches across the coastal mountains. the focus appears to have shifted farther south. it will be the central coast that sees the heaviest rain out of storm two. you can see because of that, flash flood watch around the burn area, for today into friday, they could see localized flooding with the heaviest rainfall in monterey county towards the central coast. east bay and north bay, widely scattered showers. we'll see temperatures staying pretty mild, mid to upper 60s. rainfall between now and 6:00, not expected to be too heavy. most places less than a quarter inch of rain. heavier rain will fall after sundown tonight. pretty mild outside. we've got tropical air working into the system. upper 60s for highs, as the rain begins to pick up in intensity
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this meechg. heavier rain for the friday morning commute. you'll see it there. by friday evening, the showers begin to shut down. as we time these out storms friday morning, break on saturday, more rain on sunday. on tuesday we'll see our fourth system in about ten days, every 36 hours another system comes on through. let's give you a closer view of that halloween forecast. we'll see the storm for sunday clear out and another storm on approach late monday night. hour-by-hour, ghostly cloudy skies into the afternoon. sunset comes up at about 6:12. trick-or-treat times early, 6:00 to 7:00, you should be fine. after 9:00 here comes the rain again for monday night into tuesday. you should also point out, high country the next few days, look for rapidly changing conditions. a lot of rain through about saturday. sunday highs in the low 40s which will set up quite a bit of snow across the high country. this forecast will take us through halloween into tuesday.
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you could see maybe a foot or more snow above 6,000 feet early next week. >> a treat for folks waiting for that. over here looking at a nice -- a pretty pleasant drive. no delays right now. we have an issue in the strie valley coming out of the altamont. the crash over on the shoulder, west 580 at north flynn. we see more slowing around greenville. the commute starting to build around the tri-valley. not a major concern. as we look toward westbound 580 approaching the eastshore freeway, looking at hay in the roadway. maybe it came from one of the pumpkin patches. they're pushing that over to the right shoulder. maybe a quick traffic break there. across the bay bridge right here in the middle, a seven-minute drive. slow a bit on the include. nothing unusual. san mateo bridge, nine minutes across the span. look at the conditions there. san mateo bridge moves well as far as traffic flow. we'll look at the bottom of your screen, some sheen there, damp
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roadways. back to you. up next, robbery suspect struck a popular peninsula mall still on the run. we're getting a sketch of what they look like. plus -- a $250 mistake when selling concert tickets. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds" next. when we're in an nbc bay area microclimate weather alert, we've made it easy to get the latest information on your smart phone. all you need to do is click on the bar that says weather alerts and that will take i you right to the information you need to know when you need to know it. i'm jeff ranieri. that's how you stay informed with the nbc bay area app. a peninsula mall oalert ts
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morning -- after t suspec welcome back. 5:25. a peninsula mall on alert this morning after two suspects with a gun and a knife held up the store. it happened at hillsdale mall in san mateo last saturday night. we've got some sketches of two of the suspects to show you. police say they were looking for a safe inside of the store but left without any money or valuables. call san mateo police if you have any information about the suspects. "nbc bay area responds" to a south bay man who learned trying to sell tickets on stubhub can be very costly if you're not paying attention to the details. >> consumer investigator chris chmura joins us with the story. good morning.
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dan of legislator had two cold play tickets for their concert at levi's stadium in september. he needed to sell them. he went to stubhub to do just that. dan told us he thought the process was really simple. he was surprised how easy it was. he uploaded images of the tickets. there was one thing the software didn't note automatically, that the seats were limited view, and that was printed right there on the tickets. well, when a buyer purchased the tickets and they noticed they were limited view, that person complained to stubhub and they canceled the sale. not only did they cancel the sale, but charged dan $253. that was the additional cost to the buyer to purchase another pair of tickets equivalent to the ones he thought he was buying from dan. dan was floored. he thought he did everything he was supposed to when uploading the tickets. unfortunately he did make a mistake. stubhub showed a screen shot of the disclosure section of the
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process where dan should have shared his seats were limited view. dan insisted it was an honest mistake, and stubhub ultimately agreed with him. so it refunded dan the $253 as a one-time courtesy. this is a good lesson for all of us. take your time when navigating a process like this, read through everything and don't skip any steps. by the way, dan went on to successfully upload and sell his cold play tickets on stubhub. if you have a consumer complaint, you can call us at 1-888-996-tips or visit tomorrow, leather furniture that's not completely leather and the questions you need to ask. have a great day. >> sometimes it's pleather. >> that's the best stuff. tomorrow you can ask chris yourself in person if you have any questions. he'll be there with telemundo's ellen fernandez at the san jose downtown farmers market between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
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we're expecting a strong weather system. rob mayeda in for kari hall is tracking it. >> we're tracking where the rain is now and where it will be next with three storms coming in over the next five days. the latest coming up. laura ad
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a very good thursday morning. here it is, rain coming to the bay area. rob mayeda closely watching the radar for us. when it will hit you. first we want to say good morning and thanks so much for
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joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> we always want to say good morning. i'm sam brock. thanks for being with us. we see a lot of green on the map. also smaller spots of yellow, rob. mostly light this morning. >> we did have a few downpours after midnight, earlier this morning. a break in the next half hour or so, we'll see the next line of showers across the coast and into the bay area. outside right now, not much happening in san jose, the peninsula, around san francisco and ocean beach, beginning to see more light rain moving in and scattered showers across the north bay. it will be light to moderate rain we'll see with highs in the mid to upper 60s. heavier rain focused to our south. a flash flood watch in effect for the sob ran no, sir fire burn area. that's where some of the heaviest rain will fall. >> the radar is green for you, it will be green for us indicating wet roadways right now. just green for the speed sensors, a smooth drive right now. an earlier craft on the
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eastshore freeway, one at hilltop getting onto the freeway. we'll talk about that police activity coming up. the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on, 14 minutes from highway 4 down the eastshore freeway to the berkeley curve. this greets you, just a couple of minutes and this backup farmgs. >> greeting of traffic and also a greeting of light rain. some areas of the bay are definitely seeing precipitation right now. we're covering this latest incoming storm from different angles. >> let's start off with bob redell out on the roads to show us what's going on. looks like you're in san francisco now. >> reporter: it's been bone dry since we left the south bay at 4:30. good morning, sam and laura, heading up 101. now we're on lombard getting ready to get on the golden gate bridge. we haven't seen rain in the past hour except for a light drizzle here and there. if you look at our weather app, you can see where the green is
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indicating the rain is in the north bay. live in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> a clean windshield there, bob. thank you very much. that's a look from san francisco. now let's head to pacifica. >> pete suratos joining us live there. people there are worried about beach erosion. >> reporter: of course that's always a concern for folks when the rain hits. right now we're on the pacifica pier, the water will jump over the seawall. the waves are fairly normal. but when it's strong it will hit the bottom of that walkway over there. as i mentioned, when it rains -- >> the rain coming, a lot more of this stuff will start breaking away like it always does. >> reporter: the homes on esplanade drive evacuated and red tagged. residents could feel the water shaking their whole apartment.
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then you had another nearby apartment complex so close to the edge of the cliff that its owners decided to tear it down. there have been repairs to different parts of the popular promenade damaged during the el nino storms last winter. there were seawall issues. just a couple weeks ago, the city council here in pacifica voted unanimously to move forward on 12 more repair projects that will cost upwards of more than $3 million. >> look for the funding, go for the grant. we have to worry a great deal about our city infrastructure for one thing and the safety and health of our citizens. >> reporter: here on the pacifica pier you can see the waves reach as high as 15 feet. that water will hit this pier area, and it's something the city will continue to monitor as the storm comes in. we're live in pacifica, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, thank you very much. let's continue our coverage right now, as we mentioned, erosion concerns in pacifica. there are also erosion concerns
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and flooding concerns elsewhere. this is video from the loma fire where neighbors are worried about the burn areas. the legislator valley water district says they'll have available sapd bags for anyone who might need them. several other counties are offering sandbags. >> we'll continue to track the rain. you can stay connected with our free nbc bay area app. you can follow the interactive radar and set weather alerts for your own neighborhood. a mystery at the beach. this morning marine biologists will try to find out why a blue whale died and washed ashore. it was found near thorton beach in daly city. it is a rare discovery because the species is endangered. the last blue whale discovered in the area washed ashore back in 2010. all new this morning, authorities are investigating the discovery of a body not far from hilltop mall in richmond. the chp is not providing a lot of information, only saying this happened a little bit after
5:36 am
midnight where a pedestrian was found dead. no word on how the unidentified body ended up there or what kind of crime, if any, was committed. we are still reaching out to richmond police and trying to get you the latest information. happening today, a south bay father accused in the deadly beating of his own child returns to court for the first time in almost two months. san jose police in august arrested matthew zabala who is facing murder charges in the death of his six-week-old daughter. doctors say she suffered a fractured skull and multiple broken bones. that's not all for zabala who also is fashioning separate charges tied to suspected domestic violence. later today he's scheduled to enter a plea. 5:36 right now. two san francisco city workers have being called heroes this morning for stepping in to stop a bloody knife attack on market street. footage shot just after tuesday's stabbing shows police officers holding down the suspect identified as a 37-year-old transient. police say the suspect asked the
5:37 am
49-year-old man to borrow his pocket knife and attacked the knife owner for no reason. mta workers driving by saw the incident unfold. they got out of their truck and tackled the attacker. >> there was a gentleman lying on the street right over here who was fairly injured. almost looked like six or seven emts around him with a giant crowd gathering. >> the mta cited the workers for their bravery. the victim is expected to fully recover from his injuries. this morning, the search for a chinese sailor has been suspend suspended. he was attempting to sail halfway across the world in a journey that began in san francisco. the 50-year-old sailor set sail bound for shanghai. u.s. coast guard released this video of his boat spotted near hawaii on monday, but he was not on board. he hasn't been heard from in over 36 hours. the sailor was attempted a non-stop transpacific sailing record. japan's prince, the younger
5:38 am
brother of a former emperor died today at the age of 100. he was famous for chain hept history. he suffered pneumonia back in may and was hospitalized for that condition. change may be coming to the skies above to quiet some of the airplane noise heard from the ground below. the faa wants to cut down the noise over the south bay, peninsula and parts of santa cruz. complaints have been higher since flight paths over sfo changed last year. the committee will hear recommendations in palo alto that may alter those flight paths. a final decision is not expected until next month. time to check the microclimate weather alert this morning. how do we dress the kids? >> discretion for rain, but not really chilly this morning. low 60s out there. no rain in san jose. a few light showers north of san francisco into the north bay. you can see a few areas of rain
5:39 am
around bo dag go bay. the system well offshore. that will approach this evening which will bring heavier rain totals after 6:00 tonight. between now and 7:30, bay area rain totals probably less than a quarter inch. nothing too heavy during the day. high today mid to upper 60s, high snow levels in the sierra. kind through the late evening commute, south bay and especially as we head towards tomorrow morning, that's when the heavier rain will arrive. we'll see clearing into friday afternoon. more rain comes midway through the weekend. that's the third storm this week, saturday night into sunday and a fourth system on approach for halloween night heading into tuesday of next week. these storms coming in almost every 36 hours or so. >> right on schedule so far. we're looking over here. you're on schedule for your drive for the morning, earlier crashes have cleared out for the east bay roadways. focusing the south bay over the santa cruz mountains. one crash reported over the right shoulder. stay over to your left, to your
5:40 am
fast lane if you can. know delays coming in towards saratoga and no delays through the silicon valley either. look at this, 101 and 85 pretty much at speed. that earlier slowing, 101 around 680, 22 minutes from 85 to 85. that will change as well over the next few minutes. music is a huge part of the bay area. this week emd we're going behind the scenes with legendary local musicians. >> among themmed to shaw, aka too short, one of the pioneers of west coast rap who started business with a friend selling music to drug dealers. >> so he said let's sell it. we went to go sell it. we went to -- i was like where can we sell it? let's go where people have money. where is that? dudes right down there at the park selling drugs. they've got money, no doubt. we went up to them and we only had one tape. >> his success even surprised
5:41 am
his first big record label. it's not just too short that we're talking to. we'll hear personal stories from hughey lewis, carlos santano an kilani. all part of our series, "bay area revelations." it will air this sunday after sunday night football. coming up, a discovery protecting part of the bay. how ancient chinese poetry saved angel island. fewer characters this morning at twitter as the company let's employees go. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech. ==rob//wx wall==
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right now we're taking a look at the long range view on the radar. more rain starting to cross the coast and turning heavier at times as we approach the evening commute. how much rain you can expect coming up. >> and you expect a little slowing west 580 out of grant line, over towards 680 and the dublin interchange, 27 minutes. just a little build there. no problems for the peninsula although one minute slower from van ness down to sfo. 12 minutes for that drive. it is certainly not the kind of business news that we want to be reporting on. twitter today saying good-bye to some more than 300 workers. >> twitter will cut 9% of its staff, mostly in sales, as it
5:45 am
tries to figure out what to do next. this is not the first time twitter has gotten smaller. it cut about the same amount of workers this time last year, but the pressure is on for ceo jack dorsey so explain where twitter goes from here. jack's got a list of problems. i'm going to tell you about just three. first, it put itself up for sale. while a few companies came calling, nobody proposed. second, more people are using twitter each month but the growth is painfully slow. facebook caught the world by storm. twitter caught the world by rain sprinkles. twitter stock is under its own ipo price. all tech companies use stock to entice and pay workers. twitter is going to have trouble doing that. you want to take about pie, let's talk about pie. tesla turned in its financials to investors and it was pie. i was thinking boston cream pie. our graphic artist likes
5:46 am
raspberries. part of their profit was goofed up after elon musk september out an e-mail telling employees to speed the line and cut costs. he said it would be awesome to throw a pie in the face of the naysayers on wall street. he got the pie that he wanted. stocks were mixed wednesday. apple had a tough day because of declining earnings. the dow would have been 30 points higher thad apple not weighed it down. lots of stuff happening laura and sam today, google and amazon report their profits. apple is going to show off new macs. a chinese company, version of ups starts trading on the nyse this year. biggest ipo of the year. international news right now. activists in the philippines are demanding an end to the presence of american troops in that country. hundreds of left wing activists
5:47 am
marched to the u.s. embassy in manila backing the call for an independent foreign policy. last week a philippine policeman rammed left wing protesters and ran over some of them at an anti u.s. rally at the american embassy in manila when it turned violent. you may recall this wild police chase in fresno. two people have been arrested, a third still on the run. that's a dash cam video you're looking at inside a madera police officer's car chasing an suv. someone in the car opens fire as an officer is taking someone on the ride-along. after all these years researchers think the hiv dubbed patient zero did not start the spread of the virus in the u.s. he was just the first case reported. in a new study scientists checked samples of blood taken from patients years before hiv was found responsible for the
5:48 am
1980s aids epidemic. they determined hiv was already circulating widely in new york in the 1970s clearing patient zero's name. they suggest the virus made its way to san francisco around 1976. happening today, a group demanding oakland port developers ban the box in their hiring practices will rally. the box refers to the box in job applications that asks about criminal history. rally organizers believe port of oakland developers discriminate against ex-convicts looking for work. they want port commissioners to pressure developers to top using that in the application process. angel island is getting the funding it needs after all. san francisco assembly members made that announcement. angel island was headed for demolition until chinese poetry was found on the walls in the '70s. now the historical significance of the island is going to be preserved in a new exhibit that
5:49 am
will officially open on november 5th. two south bay students on a trip to d.c. today, competing in the masters, science, technology, engineering and mathematics competition. one student from fremont and one from san jose will be competing against 20 other students. they'll have a chance to win $100,000 in prizes. good luck to them. 5:49. weather and traffic always together. so far the storm is making its way to the bay area, dry in some parts. >> really the outer frang of it. the main focus on the central coast into southern california. in the evening commute you'll notice the rain picking up. a mild start to the morning. as you grab a rain jacket or umbrella, starting off at 60 degrees. a mild weather system as it brings rain across the bay area. around the peninsula a few light
5:50 am
scattered showers and more showers across the north bay crossing the coast around bo dag ga bay. you can see the focus of the showers along the central coast. tonight and tomorrow morning is when we'll see heavier rain totals adding up. some of the coastal hilltops in blue could pick up closer to a half inch of rain. light to moderate showers at times today and highs in the mid to upper 60s. things will change. notice futurecast showing yellow and orange, indicating more downpours. tomorrow morning chances are you'll see rain having a bigger impact which could show ponding on the roadways. we catch a break as we head into friday evening and saturday. how this will play out many step day forecast, more rain due in on sunday and then our fourth system in the series coming in towards tuesday of next week. thesis stems coming in every 36 hours, we've been saying. hierp you go, rain the weekend,
5:51 am
a few scattered showers saturday, mauer rain on sunday. we're keeping a close eye on the halloween forecast. as things stand right now, during the day right now we'll see increasing clouds and approaching sunset which is about 6:12 in the evening, things dry aur round the evening. by 10:00 rain making a comeback. that will set the stage for more rain as we head into monday night and tuesday. if you head to the high country, rapidly changing conditions. snow levels near 10,000 feet. through saturday we'll quickly crash down to 6,000 feet. that means heavy snow at times. by the time we get through sunday. our rain totals add up over the next seven days. maybe three to four inches. some of the hilltops in the north coast, snow totals will rise once we head into the weekend and early next week. some places around tahoe could see about a half foot of snow as cooler air arrives monday and tuesday. >> maybe rain on halloween might
5:52 am
keep the shenanigans down. smooth easy drive for the peninsula. south bay we'll talk about that in a second. standard flow of traffic as well as a build south through hayward and union city. i-80 eastbound toward the carquinez bridge. richmond pd, we talked about a body found, and the investigation continues. you're getting back into the mall. travel times, coming through the area. slowing highway 4 through hercules, 17-minute drive from there to the bay bridge toll plaza. the rails on time. as the rain comes in, we watch the ferry system. this i a whole slowdown right here, northbound 101 at 680, a little more traffic earlier in the commute. back to you.
5:53 am
>> a couple more friends out there. coming up next, the fires are out. the one thing you will not be able to do at the beach very soon. also, got a consumer question? "nbc bay area responds." so does telemundo. you can ask your question in person. our consumer team chris chmura and arlene fernandez will be at the downtown san jose farmer's market. you can ask them questions in english and spanish between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. happening now, uber for school kids. a new ride sharing company for parjts who need help getting their kids to class and practice, a new company called zoom. read about it on our facebook page. our second in a series of storms hitting the bay area. be sure to download our nbc bay area app on your mobile phone to get push alerts on major road closures. we'll be back here in just two minutes. ==sam//fullscreen
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election d... s until ==sam//2 shot==however -- milliy cast their blo the scramble is on. only 12 days until election day. candidates are trying to woo last-minute voters. millions of people have cast their ballots. an nbc target smart analysis shows more than ten million americans have voted. >> with more democrats at the polls in eight battleground states and more republicans in three, meantime florida is tied. the late of the national poll from suffolk university shows
5:57 am
trump trailing by nine points in the sunshine state. >> they had lines going to the voter's polls, to the booths that are four blocks long in florida and there are an awful lot of red hats and buttons and trump shirts. >> we cannot stop for a minute. no complacency here. donald trump says he can still win and he's right. >> in the meantime trump is taking heat for diverting his campaign to open a new hotel in washington. clinton claims he built it with undocumented workers. >> the last flickers of flame and the final spark before winter. fierp pits at a san francisco beach are about to be removed. today park rangers at ocean beach are lighting the last symbolic fires of the season. they'll be at the fire pits at 10:30 this morning. san francisco fire apartment is going to be joining those rangers. they'll be there teaching preschoolers about fire safety, then the no-burn season officially begins next tuesday.
5:58 am
beach fires won't be allowed again until the end of february. a:57. fishing nets designed to catch sword fish are reeling in a lot more than that in the california coast. endangered animals have been caught and killed inside the nets. the fishermen say the impact is overblown and they cull the nets a necessary tool. tonight at 11:00 p.m. bigad shaban takes us off the coast to show the real impact. he's obtained 25 years' worth of government records to find out just how often sea life is being killed. >> these are invisible curtains of death placed into the ocean. everything that swims into it becomes its victims. >> other states, even the united nations, have taken steps to ban or restrict the use of the nets. why is california allowing it and what is at stake for the fishing industry off other coast? we'll investigate all that coming up tonight at 11:00. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call
5:59 am
1-888-996-tips, or send us an e-mail to right now at 6:00, back-to-back storms heading this way. we're tracking rain into the bay area. something we'll see a lot of in the next couple days. this morning we have live team coverage as we prepare for the sto storm. >> reporter: i'm bob redell. preparing for the wet weather to move in. a dreaded trip to the dmv just got worse. i'm live in santa clara. "today in the bay" starts now. a very good thursday morning to you. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we have a lot to get to. lili will be talking about the dmv. >> in a good mood for being at the dmv. >> the line is short right now. >> let's give computers something to feel good about this morning. the heavy rain probably not
6:00 am
until later tonight. >> what rain is falling now is very light, enough to get the windshield wipers going. as you see here on the radar view, nothing showing up in shaig other than a few sprinkles into san francisco, things are drive. a few more scattered showers around santa rosa. this system is well offshore, cranking off the central california coast, tapping into tropical moisture to the south. rainfall totals during the day, this is more so for the afternoon. bay area locations a quarter inch or less. we will see heavier rain. highs today mid to upper 60s. here are the areas to watch, south bay, 101 into morgan hill. tomorrow morning's commute is when you can expect heavier rain making a bigger impact. >> the south bay has had a break the last couple storms. we're looking at changes today. right now looking at the standard build for 101 in 680. no


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