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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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5:00. lester holt is next with "nightly news." >> see you at 6:00. bye. tonight, the war, six days left, trump and clinton, blitzing battlegrounds, our new battleground map, can trump break through the clinton firewall? also tonight, president obama's sharp criticism of his own fbi director. deadly ambush, police officers executed, shot while defenseless, sitting in their squad cars, a massive manhunt to catch a cold-blooded killer. does a youtube video offer an intriguing clue to the motive? price shock. americans hard hit by the soaring costs of life-saving drugs, first it was epipens, now outrage over insulin. millions depend on it. why is it getting so much harder to afford? and game seven for all the marbles tonight. high anxiety in chicago and cleveland,
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history on the line -- who's it going to be? "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening, the polls are close and the battleground map is shifting tonight. but hillary clinton seems to be holding the inside track. leads in key battleground states offering her multiple pathways to victory next tuesday, while donald trump is busy carving his own victory lane through florida, tonight both campaigns are on the attack and focusing on an ever-shrinking map. we'll take a close look at the map on the state of the race with chuck todd in a moment. let's begin in las vegas with nbc's kristen welker. >> tonight the clinton team is getting some good news, new polls showing her with leads in the key states of wisconsin and pennsylvania. but donald trump has the edge here in nevada. with just six days until election day,
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clinton is sharpening her attacks. with polls tight in florida, hillary clinton adding a surprise stop today, and escalating her scorched-earth strategy against donald trump. last night showing a rare flash of anger at a protest rally. >> i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive dangerous vision and behavior of people who support donald trump. >> reporter: clinton reviving old attacks, looking to put the spotlight back on trump. >> by the time you add up all the people he's insulted, that's more than half the population of the united states. >> reporter: and letting her surrogates take on the e-mail controversy, president obama speaking out for the first time, seeming to take a swipe at the fbi director's timing. >> there is a norm that, you know, when there are investigations, we don't operate on innuendo, we don't operate on incomplete information. we don't operate on leaks. >> reporter: top aide humana huma
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abedin at the center of the fbi probe in new york today. scheduled to return to the campaign tomorrow. but today, clinton sending out six top surrogates, including the president with james taylor in north carolina. >> now we got to focus on some business. >> the president trying to energize his 2012 base, including african-americans. our latest nbc news analysis showing early voting among african-americans is lower than where it was at this point in 2012 in florida and north carolina. as clinton tonight is focusing on the latino vote. did you vote for hillary clinton or against donald trump? >> against donald trump. >> latino support critical if clinton is to win battleground nevada. >> they may get above 20%, a fifth of the electorate, they're energized to vote against donald trump. >> reporter: now clinton correspondenting on the obama coalition more than ever to get her across the finish line. kristen welker, nbc news, las vegas. >> reporter: this is peter alexander in the florida panhandle. in front of a sea of supporters in miami, donald trump today warning them not to take his late surge
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for granted. >> we'll pretend we're down. now we got to win, we got to win big. >> reporter: the republican nominee prone to ad-libbing in these final days, sticking to the script. >> she is the candidate of yesterday. we are the movement of the future. >> reporter: but trump's political future relies heavily on florida. now a razor-thin race. lose here and hillary clinton is virtually a lock for the white house. why trump is making his 16th visit in three months. in pensacola, trump's ground game is uncharacteristically visible. less than a week until the election, nearly 5,000 calls made today. but it's a duel with democrats. >> every vote is so important. >> reporter: trump's latest message, urging his backers to vote early and hers, to reconsider. >> this is a message for any democratic voter, who have already cast their ballots for hillary clinton. and who are having a bad case of buyer's remorse. >> reporter: at least
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seven states allow voters to change their earlier absentee ballots with restrictions. trump today again attacking the media as dishonest. even targeting nbc's katy tur. >> they're not reporting it, katy. you're not reporting it, katy, but there's something happening, katy. >> reporter: the fiery campaign rhetoric is now spilling over. in mississippi, a 111-year-old black church burned overnight. what police call a hate crime. "vote trump" spray-painted on the side. >> we feel that the quote that was placed on the church is basically an intimidation of someone's right to vote. whatever way they choose to vote. >> reporter: tonight the trump campaign is condemning that church burning. here in florida to give you a sense of how close the race is, we did the math. more than 4 million early and absentee ballots have already
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been cast and just 9,000 votes separate registered republicans from democrats. lester? >> peter, a lot of math being crunched. that brings us back to the map. our brand-new battleground map with six days to go. chuck todd's at the wall. chuck, what has changed? >> the math and the map. this is the current nbc news battleground state projection as you can see, it's gotten more competitive. but hillary clinton is still over 270. some of the moves we made, north carolina, went out of her column and into toss-up. but as you can see, while things have gotten better for trump, he still can't, he can win all the battleground states, sweep out west, florida, north carolina, ohio and he still would come up short because he's got to break through what we've been calling the big blue wall, pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin. today he didn't get good news of the first, there's a new poll out in pennsylvania, five-point lead for her, quinnipiac poll holding steady. trump still stuck at 43%. in wisconsin, when i did this last night, i indicated it's possible wisconsin could be the pivot state. well, the gold standard of polling there is marquette university. they came out today, hillary clinton up six points. that's almost identical to the size
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of lead and victory margin for barack obama in 2012. bottom line if they don't break through this big blue wall, he doesn't have a path to 270. >> chuck toll, thank you very much. you can see i'm with nicolle wallace, a veteran presidential political campaigns. six days to go. are you sitting there as chuck todd did, with the map and the numbers? >> they are and certainly in the case of the trump campaign, which admitted they haven't built the kind of infrastructure that normal campaigns build, they're getting a lot of their information from newscasts like this. here's the cold, hard truth for them. the best-case scenario, if they do everything right, they lose with 266 electoral votes, if you know that the wind is not at your back, structurally the race is almost out of your reach, they got their break friday and everything we've seen so far looks like it might not have been enough. on the other side, if you're the clinton campaign, you don't want to make any mistakes. that's why
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they've got all their big guns, president obama was out. all of her super surrogates will be out in force. leaving no stone unturned. nicolle, thank you. to the power struggle. up and down the ballot, beyond the presidential race, there is a big fight for the senate under way. the question of which party has control hanging in the balance. the impact is going to have far-reaching effects, starting with the next president's supreme court pick. there are many races that are currently polling within the margin of error. nbc's hallie jackson has more on that. >> reporter: for monthsi been all about trump and clinton. but these are the names that could really change government, by either helping republicans keep control of the senate, or propelling democrats to a majority. the power to promote the next president's policies or push back. the gop is looking for star turns from names like marco rubio in florida. >> we have a tough fight of our own. >> reporter: the congressman joe heck is in his own fight in nevada. a race that reflects what's happening all over. candidates trying to tie their opponents to the top of the ticket.
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>> my opponent continues to support somebody who has been deemed untrustworthy by the majority of americans. >> reporter: that's the argument that senator roy blunt is making in missouri. in the fight of his political life against a democrat whose ad went viral. >> i'm jason candor, and senator blount has been attacking me on guns. >> in north carolina, senator richard burr had to apologize after seeming to joke hillary clinton should be shot. >> it's got a picture of hillary clinton on the front of it. i was a little bit shocked at that. it didn't have a bulls's eye on it. >> reporter: if those candidates pull out wins, republicans will probably keep control of the senate, but if democrats come out on top, it will be a rise to power fuelled in part by women. like maggie hassan in new hampshire. katie mcginty, slightly ahead in pennsylvania and tammy duckworth in illinois. all but assured a victory after this debate moment. >> i had forgotten that your parents came all the way from thailand to serve george washington.
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>> reporter: senator mark kirk forced to say he's sorry for those racially charged remarks. >> what republicans are hoping for, that enough voters will split their tickets to help republican candidates. >> and underscoring how much is at stake here, more than $344 million has been pumped into just the top five most expensive senate races. an extraordinary amount of money, lester. >> hallie, thank you very much. to the deadly ambush in the early hours of des moines, iowa. police officers targeted, shot and killed while sitting in their squad cars. that triggered an all-night manhunt. authorities tracking down a killer. a suspect who is in custody and a youtube video may hold some clues to a possible motive. we get the latest from nbc's blake mccoy in des moines. >> reporter: with guns drawn, officers canvassed the iowa neighborhood where two of their own had just been ambushed, fearing they could become the next target. >> officers been shot, we need medics. >> reporter: it was
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1:06 a.m., when police, responding to a call of shots fired found urbandale officer justin martin shot dead in the front seat of his squad car. a rookie officer, this was his first year on the job. 20 minutes later, two miles away, des moines sergeant tony beminio was found shot in his squad car. a husband and father. he died at the hospital. >> they were seated in their car, they didn't have a chance to defend themselves. >> reporter: police moved quickly to identify 46-year-old scott michael greene as their suspect. he turned himself in hours later. greene is well known to police in the area, posting a recent run-in with officers on youtube after being asked to leave a high school football game for holding a confederate flag. >> you grabbed me. >> i escorted you outside the stadium. >> reporter: greene lives here with his mother, who neighbors say was trying to evict him. >> we never would have guessed that it would come to this, that he was that -- unsettled.
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>> reporter: this year nationwide 115 officers have been killed in the line of duty, a five-year high. 16 in ambush-style attacks like the ones today, and earlier this year 6 in dallas and baton rouge. for those who knew these officers, heartache. >> the men were just doing their job, it was senseless. >> reporter: a law enforcement source tells us the suspect has a history of mental problems, but investigators are trying to determine exactly what set him off this morning. tonight condolences are pouring in. president obama, hillary clinton and donald trump among those offering words of support. lester? >> blake mccoy, thank you. still ahead, the outrage over insulin. why costs for the life-saving drug used by millions, including many children, has soared 400% in recent years and how patients can fight back. also, we're in chicago and cleveland for the two most exciting words in sports -- game seven.
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we're back with outrage over the soaring cost of a life-saving drug. six million americans need insulin to survive. and just like we've seen with the epipen, another must-have medicine, the price of insulin has risen some 400% in the last decade. although the drug has been around for nearly 100 years. nbc's jo ling kent went look for answers on why and what parents can do. >> now she and her dad are -- >> the kara family fights every day to keep 6-year-old dorian alive.
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his type i diabetes demands at least a dozen shots of insulin daily and the cost has doubled in the last five years. >> how does that make you feel? >> it makes me feel like i'm paying somebody for my kid's life. >> the karas now spend about $1800 a year after insurance, on insulin and supplies. >> that's half a car payment of a brand new car. >> the price of each insulin drug has shot up as much as 400% in the past ten years. desperate patients are pleading online saying they can't afford the insulin they need to live. >> prices are set by the pharmaceutical companies at whatever the market will bear. increases in prices over the last few years is because you know companies are recognizing an opportunity to raise prices. >> drug makers blame insurance companies saying more patients have high deductible plans, meaning they must pay more for drugs out of pocket. rebates and discount cards are available, but patients don't
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always qualify for them. >> i'm paying attention and i guarantee you every single mom out there is. we all know what's happening. >> all three insulin makers tell nbc news they're working to make insulin more affordable. sanofi says it has increased the price in almost two years. "consumer reports" recommends, if you don't have insurance, check prices at walmart and costco. contact patient assistance programs like tiffany found a savings card on the drugmaker's site. cutting the family's cost by $600 a year. >> i have to sell my house, sell my cars, we're going to keep our kid alive. >> karas and millions of others making whatever sacrifices necessary for the life-saving medicine. jo ling kent, nbc news, midlothian. texas. we're back in a moment with the brewing controversy over the new starbucks cups.
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tonight history is on the line and before it's over, there might
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not be a fingernail left unchewed in all of chicago or cleveland. with the indians losing game six of the world series last night to the cubs, it will all be decided with the most exciting two words in baseball -- game seven. we're in both cities tonight, along with millions of nervous fans. >> reporter: in the ron mott in cleveland. where last night's bitter pill went down with a thud. >> we're ready for it tonight. >> reporter: making matters worse, a cubs w flying atop the rock and roll hall of fame. so is cleveland still believe-land? >> i'm still in believe-land, until the bottom of the ninth. >> reporter: the locals are ready to send their visitors packing. >> cubs, get out of here! >> reporter: no one knows the stakes better than the king, lebron james, who took the nba crown in game seven. his words of advice? live in the moment and the game will play itself out. >> they have won the world series. >> reporter: but the indians and
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their fans have been here before. game seven, 1997. they walked away crushed. >> it's going to be a night to remember. >> reporter: tonight they hope to become champs for the first time since 1948. >> reporter: this is kevin tibbles in chicago. wave your arm if the kibs are going to win. after 108 years of losing, fans are delirious going into game seven and biting their nails. >> right now my heart is pounding. >> i think it's all over this place. i see you're bleeding cubby blue here. >> reporter: for stressed-out cubs fans winning poses new challenges for psychologists. >> in some ways people aren't going to believe it, it's so different from what they're used to. they'll wake up tomorrow thinking this was a dream. >> i'm nervous. >> reporter: you're supposed to be at work today? but don't worry, folks, the team has published a letter you can give your boss. because -- it's kind of a big deal. at wrigley field, kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. at progressive field, ron mott, nbc news, cleveland. our version of team coverage.
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a new controversy for coffee giant starbucks over its brand-new cups, they're green and feature a design which the company says is meant to symbolize unity in a time of division. but the backlash on social media was instant. some accusing starbucks of political brainwashing and others assuming these will replace starbucks' traditional red holiday cups, though the company says they'll only be around for a limited time. when we come back, a follow-up to one of our most beloved stories ever. two unlikely buddies who prove friendship knows no bounds. >> announcer: "nbc nightly news" is brought to you by pacific life. helping generations of families achieve long-term financial security. for over 145 years. san francisco pice shoand ho
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killed. ===take === raising eyebrows===vo===t where poodle. the accutions of imal ap and the woman o apted the dog. finally tonight, an update to story that has touched so many of you about two unlikely friends. one a 6-year-old boy, the other, a world war ii veteran. we have followed them over two years as life's changes tested, but could never break their bond, and now that bond will live on through the kind of memories that can last forever.
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boyd hooper of affiliate care-steph in minneapolis has the story. >> the changing of the seasons. the circle of life. >> he's been extra quiet. extra snuggly. >> grown-up metaphors, while emmet richner only knows. he's lost his best friend. the viral video relationship between world war ii veteran earl and his preschool next door neighbor. >> i love him. >> charmed a nation. >> did you find a worm? >> nope. it's a bug. >> but a friendship that survived a move and then erlin's declining health was destined to come to an end. >> he said so we're just going to have to wait a really long time and then we'll see him again in heaven. >> emmet you amaze me. >> this conversation recorded just days ago by emmet's parents on one of his final visits. >> you're such a nice boy. >> it felt like a good-bye. >> listen to your mother and dad,
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because they're going to give you the best advice they can. remember that. >> okay. >> and he wasn't afraid to hold his hand and he wasn't afraid to hug him. >> earlen was his friend and he was with him. >> i told you he was fast. >> i'm super fast. >> emmet and earlen showed us that losing a friend isn't as sad as missing an opportunity to make one. >> emmet and earlen. friends forever. >> i hope that one thing that emmet will take from it is that you stick with the people you love until the very end. and i'm really proud of emmet for doing that. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> boyd hooper, nbc news, farmington, minnesota. >> friends 'til the end, so lucky to have had each other. that's going to do it for us on this wednesday night, i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. right noat 6: an pleasant surprg
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charged double -eve our water bill is salutely ridiculous. >> an unpleasant surprise. the bay area community getting charged double even though homeowners insist they're not using more water. the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> skyrocketing water bills in the east bay. this is happening in president anton. their bills have doubled. in one case, a $700 water bill
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ballooned to $1500. what's the explanation there? >> the city says people here are using more water, but many residents tell us it's not the usage going up, just their water bills. >> barbara cunningham took down her halloween decorations today, but she says what really scares her is her latest water bill. >> our water bill is ridiculous. >> she's not alone, this site shows more than 100 nearby residents who say their bill shot up by as much as 100% from two months ago. >> we don't feel like we did water our yard properly and take care of things the way they should be. >> water bills have gone up. local water provider zone 7 raised rates in january.


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