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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 3, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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county sheriff'separtments shallow aven body fod in a right now at 11:00, the sonoma county sheriff's department is exhuming a human body found in a shallow grave discovered by a landscaper on the sonoma state campus. we're looking live this morning. in the last hour and a half the sheriff confirmed they do not know who this person is nor how they died. thanks for joining us. i am kris sanchez. >> i'm sam brock. we know, kris, definitively as of this morning that it is a human body. we go back out to the sonoma state campus as you are watching them exhume the body live. all efforts are focused on recovering it, and also any clues about how the body got there. in the woods, 200 yards away from a main campus parking lot. >> "today in the bay" bob redell
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is live there. you just received surprising information about how long the body may have been there. >> reporter: good morning, kris and sam. the sonoma county sheriff's office tell us it's not been long that this body has been out there. they wouldn't define whether that's days or weeks. in a couple of hours the detectives will start to exhume the body to figure out who the person was, how did they die and why did they end up in the woods behind me. armed with dirt sifters, metal detectors and other forensic gear. sonoma county sheriff's detectives venture into the words on the northwest edge of sonoma estate to excavate a body lying in what's been described as a shallow grave. a landscaper made the discovery just after noon yesterday under a cluster of trees. >> a portion of the body is exposed but you cannot tell if it's a man or woman, whether they're clothed or whether they're lying on their back or
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stomach. >> reporter: the person's hair is visible through the dirt and appears to lack much, if any, decomposition. >> we feel this is fairly recent. it's not like there are bones like a burial site or animal bones or anything like that. it's -- it appears to be human. >> reporter: the sheriff's office doesn't know of any missing persons or suspicious activity that would connect to or explain the dead body. last night sonoma state used e-mail to alert its students, including criminology major destiny ortega. >> as a woman, i am terrified. >> reporter: what will you do differently? >> not park on this site at night. i am parking here right now because my classes are nearby, but i don't know. >> reporter: this is a live view from our helicopter of the sonoma county sheriff's own helicopter, which, until a few moments ago, had been flying over this crime scene taking pictures just to give detectives a better sense, a better lay of
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the land. if you're not familiar, this is in the northwest quadrant of sonoma state university, just on the edge of parking lot m. and it does butt up against the rohnert park expressway. they say it's possible someone came off the expressway to dump the body. reporting live in rohnert park, bob redell. the district attorney confirmed this morning that the 19-year-old will be charged with murder. zachary quinn was in court hours ago for his first appearance since miss flo douglas died. he lived across the street from her and targeted her. beating her and robbing her. she clung to life or four weeks but on october 8th she died.
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new at 11:00. months after a san jose economics professor was killed by gunfire in the streets, there is news of an arrest. police have arrested eddie ruiz of san jose in connection with the shooting death. the shooting happened in late july near the corner of willow and first streets in san jose. police say this surveillance video from the area helped lead them to ruiz. the professor worked as evergreen county college in san jose and foothill college since 2004. it was the 29th homicide of the year. big waves are reaching the coastline right now. not too far away, skies look beautiful. but, in pacifica the waves are growing and could reach 20 feet later today. rob mayeda is watching the forecast along with the waves-cast, i would say. >> the waves around the pacifica pier at times crashing to the bottom. the view from point reyes right
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now. white water on the shore and waves 10 to 12. the view from the weather underground camera at ocean beach, 66 degrees and mostly sunny skies. wave heights, we expect that will get higher during the day. right now 8 to 10 meet offshore. the northwest swell approaches. that will bring the possibility of waves, breakers about 20 feet and higher on the coast. the high surf advisory through 5:00 tomorrow morning. it's powering up big waves. pretty energetic and windy storms offshore. for the weekend, changes will include a return to some rain. as you see that coming back onto the board here along with cooler temperatures. we'll see less rain from the stronger storms we saw in october, but some of this likely will impact some of our weekend plans. i'll have a time line of the weekend rain coming up in the full forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. you can also get the forecast right at your fingertips anytime you are away from the tv.
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download our nbc bay area news app and click on the weather tap for alerts and also live satellite radar on your smartphone. a jarring experience for a city leader who became the target of violent crime in the city he serves. he's now telling his story. richmond vice mayor eduardo martinez was robbed at gunpoint. he says the robber drove up, flashed his weapon and robbed him of his wallet and phone. it's a moment he says he will never forget. >> it was a minute. i was terrified. that was when he seemed to have gotten agitated. i thought, uh oh, he could possibly shoot me. >> luckily he was okay. a nearby surveillance camera caught the suspect's stolen car leading the officers to arrest a 32-year-old richmond man. a three-year battle to shut
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down an historic medical marijuana dispensary in the east bay is up in smoke. federal prosecutors in 2013 sued to close berkeley patients group which opened in 1999 and claims to be the oldest continuously running dispensary in the nation. the suit claimed bpg was operating too close to a day care center. the dispensary eventually moved and remained open. a judge on tuesday dismissed the lawsuit. >> this is a huge victory for sensibility and it's a huge victory for the patients of this community. >> berkeley leaders are hosting a news conference today to talk about the decision. [ cheers and applause ] and an eruption of cheers last night. that was the fiem out of an epic game 7 of the world series, scene at a sports bar nowhere near wrigleyville.
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they greeted the end of an 108-year long curse. fans not afraid to show their emotions. >> today in the bay is at wrigley field this morning. >> reporter: wrigleyville still rocking. game went into extra innings. i'm not sure the party will ever end as chicago celebrates the cubs' world championship. >> the cubs win the world series! >> reporter: finally, history. >> most amazing game you could imagine. >> reporter: like most everything this team does, it wasn't easy. >> into left! the wall. it's gone! tie game! >> reporter: a blown lead, a rain delay. and an extra inning. >> game 7. is going to the 10th.
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>> reporter: the cubs and their fans have waited 108 years for this. more than a lifetime of frayi s frustration and futility washed away by the champagne and celebration that stretches from cleveland all the way to wrigleyville. >> i am the happiest person alive. that's what happens! >> reporter: they're no longer the loveable loser, the butt of jokes or the answer to a trivia question, the curse has finally been broken. there is no more waiting for next year because this is the cubs' year. >> i can't believe we're finally standing, after 108 years finally able to hoist the trophy. >> reporter: cubs nation. overwhelmed and overjoyed. after spending more than a century in baseball purgatory. now the team and their fans enjoying a bit of baseball heaven.
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that is the latest from here in chicago. i am jay gray. back to you. >> you have family in chicago and cleveland. so you won either way. >> i think i come out on top. i'm going to side with whatever family member is celebrating right now. you have to feel good for the people of chicago, cubs fans or not a cubs fan. >> it was exciting. >> catching up on our sleep. up next. san francisco ups the ante on the millennium tower. the social media headquarters that could become an active social scene. the barrage of projects at facebook that could transform the profile of the menlo park campus. >> we saw a chilly start to the morning. now los gatos temperatures climbing into the mid 70s. well above the 68 average we see this time of year. more on the high temperatures, surf advisory and rain in the forecast when we come back. who says i shouldn't have a soda everyday?
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my doctor. my dentist. definitely my wife. wait, i know what i want. make sparkling water at home. and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water.
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=rs 4= =cont vo(ad-lib numrs) a check of the markets this morning as investors are being a battle cautious, the days before the election. want to wait and see how everything turns out. right now the markets, as far as the dow jones, up 12. the s&p dipped 3.5. nasdaq down close to 30. uber is updating its app. >> scott mcgrew, soon you'll be able to go to more than just a destination. >> uber is rolling out a new version of its app. in the new version you'll get to see soon, you'll be able to go to an actual person, not just a destination. if your friend enables it, your uber will go wherever they are. your friday night bar crawling
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problems solved. new technology that will be in future additions of ford cars. including the ability for you to take over steering if you're doing it wrong. there we go. many cars will already automatically brake if you're too close to something ahead of it. the fords now, if they detect you've gotten too close, no matter what, it will go around, take over steering. steer you around it. turns out most people overcorrect in aen paic situation. that's how they end up in a ditch. new fords will also automatically stop when you are backing out if you get too close to something. kris, you know how your car beeps at you? now it will beep at you and say never mind. i'm taking over. all happening today. south bay will show support for those protesting against the
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controversial dakota access pipeline. rallies will be held in front of two banks. citibank and wells fargo. the group starts at the citibank at san antonio road in mountain view and march to the nearby wells fargo branch. earlier this week 12 dakota pipeline protesters were arrested after they refused to leave the citibank building in san francisco. just in, san francisco's city attorney is suing the developers of sinking millennium tower. a news conference just ended. it started at 10:00 this morning. city attorney dennis herrera says this is, quote, every home owner's worst nightmare. at issue, whether the sinking had been disclosed to potential buyers in 2009. several owners told us they were not told about the problems until earlier this year. if that's true, millennium partners could be liable. if you'd like to see some of our previous reporting and stories, search millennium tower on our
11:16 am home page. cocktails at company headquarters, comfy beds, plush hotel. if you want to spend the night there, facebook employees could be enjoying a different campus experience. the city of menlo park approved a facebook expansion plan that will not only add thousands of employees but likely a bar, restaurant and hotel as well. this is a rendering of what the expansion may look like. the blue print could add more than 6500 employees and a million square feet of office space. the bar, restaurant and 200-room hotel would be on the facebook campus and open to the public. the so-called constitution drive project calls for the social media giant to build 20 below-market units or pay $6.5 million into a dedicated fund for that kind of housing. bogus airplane parts have caused crashes and could put your safety in jeopardy. our investigative unit uncovers
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the problem all over the united states, including the commercial flights that we take. by law, all parts put into airlines have to go through rigorous testing and inspection and there has to be a paper trail. our investigative unit uncovered that's not always true. >> unapproved parts may not go through that. have no idea when or if they fail. >> if they fail? >> could be critical. >> catastrophic. it's an issue the faa takes seriously. our team found dozens of instances where these parts led to airplane crashes where people died. coming up at 11:00 tonight, our senior investigative reporter traces some of the parts to those accidents and shows us how easy it was for our team to buy bogus airplane parts on the internet. if you have a tip for our unit call 1-888-996-tips or send an
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e-mail to theunit@nbcbayarea. m >> if you live in east bay and notice the tap water may smell or taste different, the orinda treatment plant is getting an p upgrade. the orinda facility was built in 1935. it still has many of its original pipes. the facility is set to go back online in april. we were talking about big waves in pacifica. the sky looks beautiful behind you in san francisco, rob. >> we are seeing a combination of the warmest temperatures and clear skies in the bay area right now. the warmest weather actually out on the coast. we are seeing a lot of folks who probably want to enjoy the 70-degree temperatures from half moon bay into santa cruz. 59 in santa rosa. wind direction. winds offshore, good for clearing out the fog away from the coast. gusts up to 17 miles per hour. it's the wind direction which is really bringing around the clear
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skies to the coast. san jose has hazy sunshine, 63 degrees and mostly clear skies. into san francisco, a few high clouds currently 62. there is some of the white water. the waves about 10 feet right now. but some of the breakers around pillar point could get above 20 feet at times today. so the high surf advisory now through friday at looks like 5:00 a.m. we will see if it get extended a little bit. the highest waves between 2:00 and 7:00 this evening. look out for the threat of sneaker waves and unusually strong rip currents near the coast. the temperatures, if you're heading to the coast, numbers in the mid 70s around santa cruz and upper 70s possible today south of san jose. morgan hill and gilroy, upper 70s today. about 75 around downtown san jose. 76 in danville, antioch and concord today climbing to the low 70s. low 70s around the peninsula too. san mateo and the coast near 70.
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downtown san francisco. upper 60s. a few spots pushing close to 70. in the north bay. coolest start of the morning. napa and santa rosa in the low 40s. nice recovery, highs still reaching the low 70s this afternoon. satellite view showing you the clear skies. we'll see high clouds later on this evening. a week upper-level system. we don't think it will bring rain on friday but it will bring more clouds our way and the system behind it heading into saturday afternoon will begin to push rain back into the north bay looks like right around 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon there on saturday. rain totals this time around. highest in the north bay should be enough to measure for areas north of san jose but we are not talking inches of rain. really .25 inches or less for the north bay. hour by hour with the outlook. saturday morning just fine. the afternoon and evening you see the rain pushing out of the north bay. overnight and early sunday, a few lingering showers there. after that, by lunchtime skies
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clear. a mainly dry finish to the weekend. seven-day forecast. cooling saturday and sunday. and remember you get the extra hour of sleep saturday night. from the weekend, 70s today. upper 60s, saturday into sunday and then temperatures stay a little bit cooler but dry as we head towards election day next tuesday. aside from the one chance of showers late saturday, early sunday, mainly dry seven-day forecast. up next, a violent killing on a peninsula nearly five years ago. this morning, word of an arrest in that brutal crime. plus, running on fumes. as both candidates look to end their campaigns with a flurry of stops, we take a closer look at which states are squarely in the cross-hairs and which could decide the election as time ticks down. first, happening right now, your photo at the ballot will not be going viral.
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a djudge says no to ballot selfies and the aclu says it will not file an appeal. trump's california communications director calls danville his home. he's working pro bono for the billionaire candidate. on our facebook page read the interview with the man putting his life on hold for team trump. more news in two minutes. murder case near fe years old.
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==rai word of arrests this morning in a peninsula murder case nearly five years old. police in foster city say two southern california men have been arrested in the death of 71-year-old clause vactar. authorities have never fully revealed how he died but they say the two suspects knew the victim and that this was not a random act of violence. we turn now to decision 2016. we're almost there. five days to go. americans will be choosing the next president of the united states. and as nbc's jennifer johnson shows us, the candidates are targeting key battleground states as they make that final push to win over voters. >> reporter: donald trump predicting a win in tossup florida and mimicking his aides. >> stay on point, donald, stay on point. no sidetracks, donald.
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i have been watching hillary the last two days. she is totally unhinged. >> reporter: courting the latino community is clinton in arizona hoping to pluck that state away from trump. >> arizona has only voted for a democrat for president once since 1948. >> reporter: that was in 1996 for clinton's husband. she celebrated a big win this morning. the chicago native watched the cubs win the world series. clinton heads to north carolina today where the democrats are concerned about low voter turnout among african-americans. >> she is counting on black women driving the vote. so that's really who she has been hitting in ohio, in north carolina and michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin. >> reporter: trump also heads to north carolina as his camps predicts victory. >> we knew that a share of the electorate in each of the blue states have already decided to vote against hillary clinton, and it's our job to make sure that they have reasons to vote for donald trump. >> reporter: president obama not concerned about the fbi's latest
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investigations into the e-mails. change for her in miami candidates staging rallies in north carolina tonight where clinton is pulling slightly ahead of trump but well within the margin of error. >> if you still have election questions, we have time to help you check out the voters' edge guide. go to and put in your zip code to get the details on candidates and issues specific to where you live. it's non-partisan. a south bay person accused of inappropriately touching female clients. a local woman calls it a nightmare. she adopted this little dog just to have it taken away from her by force. her story is coming up next. happed
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the u.s. is the beacon of freedom around the world. those of us who served in the military are very proud of that. i believe very, very strongly in our country and what we stand for. i went to iraq in 2004 to fight for freedom. for generations, our troops have sacrificed for our freedoms. one of the most important things we do is vote - to protect that freedom. i'm tom steyer. let's make the people we're so proud of, proud of us. please. vote. vote. vote. vote. about whatreally haened fitness traier. of a uth bay da new questions this morning about what really happened
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inside of the gym of a south bay fitness trainer. david wolf smith accused of inappropriately touching more than a dozen female clients. >> liz wagner has the information. >> reporter: david wolfsmith's attorney says even though his client opened a new gym this summer the personal trainer is not actually seeing clients there. we obtained this flier advertising his services and spoke with an insider who has a different story. personal trainer david wolfsmith faces 22 sexual assault related charges for allegedly touching female clients inside his old gym in morgan hill. but it's his new gym, located within the walls of this security company in san jose that's causing more controversy. >> severe danger to the protection of the public. >> reporter: the santa clara county d.a.'s office says wolfsmith should not be training any clients because the allegations against him are so serious. wolfsmith was sent back to jail
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last week after a judge granted the prosecutor's request to increase his bail. in court his attorney said just because his client has a license for a personal training business it doesn't mean he is conducting any business. >> there has actually been no personal training done there between my client and women -- >> they're lying. >> reporter: this woman is an employee of rfi, the company that's renting space to wolfsmith for his new gym. she asked us to hide her identity. was he training clients in his facilities in san jose. >> there are a couple employees who signed up. >> reporter: he obtained a business license in san jose and we received this from a second employee. it's a flier advertising personal training services and a chance to get a tour and meet the trainers. is this flier real? >> yes. >> reporter: his attorney said the facility houses his gym
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equipment but it's just sitting there. this employee says that's not true. >> it's a training facility. it's not there to store his stuff. he has completely remodeled the inside, installed a shower over there. >> reporter: wolfsmith's attorney says the new information is inconsistent with what he knows. plus, he says wolfsmith has the right to conduct business to earn money. his attorney says his client is innocent. wolfsmith's wife calls the allegations speculation and unfounded rumors that have impacted the personal training business. >> thanks, liz. if you have a tip for our e investigative unit call us at 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail at there are 1200 human trafficking cases reports in san francisco last year.
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that report just released. it found there were 499 victims of human trafficking identified by 15 different agencies throughout the city in 2015. of those victims, roughly 20% of them were minors. the report also says that california has one of the highest rights of human trafficking in the country, along with states like new york, texas and oklahoma. there are more than two dozen cases of the zika virus in san francisco, none of those cayss h cases have been transmitted locally. 25 people have been treated. the first case of zika was reported back in march. some mosquitos are believed to spread the virus which causes symptoms like fever, joint pain and red eyes. but the virus has been also linked to birth defects. authorities investigating a violent armed robbery that happened yesterday in mountain view. the man was armed with a gun and a knife. he approached two people and demanded money and then he punched one of the victims before taking off in a car that was parked nearby.
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more crime news, this one a little out of of the ordinary. armed robbery at a 7-11 in downtown san jose. police say it's especially disturbing because the gunman was dressed up as a security guard. he also had an accomplice acting as a lookout. this happened last august. a pet adoption nightmare now. this is a story we first reported in our 6:00 newscast yesterday. a woman says she brought home a dog, only to have an animal rescue group take the poodle back by force. and now the fight is on. here is nbc bay area's jodie hernandez. >> i find it incredible that i could love a dog with all my heart and soul and be told it's not enough. >> reporter: she calls it love at first sight. she adopted this one-eyed poodle from a rescue group called halo
11:35 am
that was holding an adoption fair at petsmart. she told the rescue she has a full-time job and no other pets. after paying $300 she took him home, renaming him blinky. >> i fed him. i loved him. i knitted him a little jacket. i bought him a jacket. >> reporter: but three weeks later she says a representative of the rescue group came to shwater's house insisting he needs a stay-at-home mom. >> changing his name, letting him sleep on the sofa. i turned him into a couch potato. i didn't realize that during the day i should have enrolled him in aerobics. >> reporter: what happened next has left her devastated. >> i let her hold the dog when she asked to and her and her friend went running out of the house with the dog.
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>> reporter: the adoption contract says they have the right to remove the animal if the owner misrepresents himself but she says that wasn't the case. >> i told them i'll protect him until i die and unfortunately i couldn't keep my promise. >> that was jody hernandez recording. we reached out to the rescue group, but they did not return our phone calls or e-mails yesterday nor today. kris, houng w long is your commute? there has been a surge in so-called mega commutes for more and more workers. the problem is getting a lot worse. a new five-year study by joint venture silicon valley finds that one-way commutes of more than 90 minutes have almost doubled for people living outside the bay area. it's now 5.3%. most megacommuters are driving from san francisco, alameda and san joaquin counties. the average commuter is spending
11:37 am
113 minutes per day inside their car. if you're not going by car but by bike, bicycle safety groups are asking caltrans to fast-track safety near the scenes of two recent deaths. both fatalities involved pedestrians. two other people suffered serious injuries in the same location since the start of last year. critics say the ramps need new traffic signals that require drivers to stop. in 90 minutes south bay leaders will help to break ground on a new $50 million medical facilita medical facility. it will house one of the largest psychiatric health divisions here in the bay area. b.a.r.t. is no stranger to, shall we say, interesting ads at its stations. a new underwear ad is a bit too extreme. even for b.a.r.t. >> it says it won't be displaying a particular ad for
11:38 am
spinx. the ad features a slime word for the female genitalia. a nod to the now infamous video of donald trump using graphic words. they've decided to go with a different ad. >> coming up next, a new name you'll see on the front of the all bay area store soon. a delivery driver does damage but doesn't pay. i'm investigator chris chmura. see how nbc bay area responds next. a lot of sunshine and temperatures along the coast today. expected to climb into the 70s. you may want to venture out. seeing the wave heights approaching 15 to 20 feet breakers. weekend rain in the forecast when we come back. ==sam/rail==a new afrdable hoing
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development -called laguna mmons en happening right now, a new affordable housing development called laguna collins opening in fremont. a 64-unit property located on fremont boulevard. half the units will house low-income families. the other half set aside for homeless and veterans.
11:42 am
some people see shades of the epipen price hike controversy fwh a decade long price surge for another life-saving drug. it's insulin. some 6 million diabetics absolutely need it to live. now it costs up to four times more than it did ten years ago. even though insulin has been around for nearly 100 years. >> reporter: prices are set by the pharmaceutical companies at whatever the market will bear. increases in prices over the last few years is because companies are recognizing an opportunity to raise prices. >> three drug makers produce insulin and there are no generic options to keep the prices down. each of the companies that make it say they are now working to try to lower the cost. kris, a consumer alert this morning. millions of dehumidifiers are being called because they can catch fire. this recall involves 3.5 million dehumidifiers. they're sold under more than 50
11:43 am
different brand names including ge, honeywell and sun beam. so far there have been 38 reports of smoke and fire incidents causing nearly $5 million in property damage. no one has been hurt. if you own one of the units the cpsc says you should unplug it right away and contact the company for a replacement or refund. nbc bay area responds to a man trying for a year to right a wrong caught on camera. >> chris chmura is here with his story. >> reporter: last october an on-track delivery truck backed into a tree in charles lee's front yard. the security camera was rolling. this is the video he showed us. there is the truck. there is the tree. they're going to collide and the branch is going to come crashin down. charles says he paid a professional service $80 to clean up the mess. and he looked to on-track to reimburse him. but the company wouldn't. charles said the company told him its drivers are independent contractors and he would have to
11:44 am
seek reimbursement from the driver. charles didn't think that was right. he spent a full year trying to convince on-trac that it should reimburse him. eventually he gave up and called us. we reached out and a week and a half later it cut charles a check for $80. on-trac did not respond to our request for comments. if you have a consumer complaint call us at 1-888-996-tips or visit a long-time bay area market is being sold. it will soon be taken over by safeway. the five bay area stores are being sold for an undisclosed price. founded in 1929, the first market opened in berkeley. it's since expanded to two stores in berkeley, one in los altos, san anselmo. the shoppers are sad to see it go. >> it's really an excellent store. it really is higher and above,
11:45 am
beyond other grocery stores. >> many of the stores will now be renamed safeway community markets. the sale is expected to be finalized in the next six weeks. >> kind of sad there. the small neighborhood markets are always what gives the communities some character, you know? >> yeah. hopefully they'll still remember your name as you walk in. rob mayeda, hopefully they have umbrellas stocked toward the front of the store this weekend. >> saturday afternoon people may be running for those. changes coming up for the weekend. outside right now, a lot of sunshine and high clouds over the golden gate bridge. temperatures earlier in the 40s and 50s. right now, 62 degrees approaching lunchtime. san jose, low 60s with mostly sunny skies. over to the east bay. oakland, hazy skies there. call it golden state sunshine. big, big game coming up tonight. oklahoma city thunder coming to town taking on the kevin durant
11:46 am
led golden state warriors. mid 60s by 7:00, cooling into the low 60s towards 9:00 tonight with patchy low clouds. if you're headed to the coast, the story continues to be the high surf. not from a storm bringing us rain today but it's had a lot of wind offshore. that's fanning a 10 to 15-foot swell towards the coast which arrives late afternoon today. waves coming up a little bit. we could see potential for 20-plus foot waves out near pillar point and the north coast through 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the weekend forecast. the wave heights come down, you want to keep an eye on the marine forecast. we could see another surge of big waves. a trend through the 60s right now. low to mid 70s around san jose and santa clara valley. close to 75 in los gatos.
11:47 am
danville, 76. walnut creek close to 72. belmont to san mateo, close to 70, half moon bay and san francisco today, lots of sunshine. you'll notice high clouds approaching around sunset. for the north bay, despite the chilly start. nice day ahead as you see the temperatures topping out in the low 70s today. speaking of high clouds, we'll see more of that during the day tomorrow. friday is a dry day with overcast skies and saturday increasing clouds, and the timing of this particular system has sped up a little bit. earlier we were thinking saturday night into early sunday morning. now it looks like saturday afternoon. the system will be light in terms of rainfall. by mid-morning sunday skies begin to clear. rain totals light compared to what we saw in october. less than .1 inches in san jose. increasing high clouds. cool-down for the weekend.
11:48 am
clouds fill in saturday into sunday. system bringing the rain mainly for the north bay saturday afternoon and early sunday. then sunday afternoon looks dry. as we again look at oakland for a big game coming up. raiders hosting the broncos. sunday night football on nbc. coming here to nbc bay area this weekend. game-time temperatures in the low 60s. big game. big matchup. afc west, the raiders taking on the denver broncos. >> the division rivalry. healing cancer patients with the power of touch. >> he totally realized how important it is. >> up next, the way one bay area medical center is using massage to help fight cancer.
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just an old faied way torelieve no medication, no needles,
11:51 am
an old-fashioned way to relieve the pain and nausea caused by cancer treatment. we're talking about a massage. >> jean elle has more on a study that could help make the healing touch part of the treatment plan. >> you have to fight in here. you have to fight for your life. >> reporter: julie lockwood is fighting aggressive leukemia in san francisco. 11 rounds of chemo and a bone marrow transplant take a toll. >> on the days that the chemo hits you, you are -- your body is devastated. there is zero energy. you don't want to eat. you don't want to get up. i am a very vivacious person, for me to not want to do 30 laps in the hall and meet everybody. something is wrong. >> reporter: lockwood says a very human treatment feels right. >> when somebody comes along to do something just for you that relieves it, you totally want that. you totally realize how
11:52 am
important it is. >> reporter: massage therapist tim cowan says massage can help to relieve the side effects naturally. >> the digestive system worked a little bit better after the massage. they felt more inclined to eat. >> reporter: bone marrow transplant patients pay $40 for a massage. they started a crowd funding site. >> there is a release of endorphins that quiets the release of the side effects of the nausea and pain. >> reporter: dr. kwan says patients who get a massage use less medication to address the side effects of chemo. the healing hands funds won't just provide free massages. it will fund a study. dr. quan is hoping the results will help make massage a part of all her patients' treatments for free. lockwood says it's the best medicine she can ask for.
11:53 am
>> i truly believe the power of the human touch can heal. i love my massages. >> reporter: jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> that's cool. we will be right back. the curse is er.==sam/2st==
11:54 am
11:55 am
pain andeartache cubs fansin taf the curse is over. >> that's right. the billy goat curse, done! over. did you watch it last night? after more than a century of pain and suffering, cubs celebrating the elusive world series title.
11:56 am
>> sorry about that. >> years of pent-up cheering coming out there. that is the deafening sound of 108-year world series drought, yes, a lot of people were crying. cubs' fans at the bar on delores in san francisco were screaming, cheering, waves flags and show their emotions. there is crying in baseball and it is okay. the final out recorded in what will go down as one of the most exciting games in the history of major league baseball. among the fans was a pregnant woman two days overdue who immediately left the bar after the game. she waited for the series to be over and then went straight to the hospital. >> everyone here wants me to name it cubby. but we'll see. it's a girl, so i don't know. >> my grandma lisa is watching at home in chicago. she has never seen a cubs win for the world series in her life. my great grandfather was a
11:57 am
peanut vendor at wrigley field. this is amazing. >> early this morning the cubs arrived to a hero's welcome. that is anthony rizzo clutching the world series trophy. an emotional thing for the players and fans. we kind of know how it feels. a little closer to home. big night tonight at oracle arena. kevin durant and the new team take on the team he left. the oklahoma city thunder. the warriors have gotten back on track with three straight wins following their opening-night blowout loss to san antonio. the thunder are one of two teams that have yet to lose, along with the cleveland cavaliers. >> sports world just got a whole lot more interesting this week. >> not too much crazy in the weather front, rob. >> 70s mostly everywhere today. high surf to watch out for along the coast. >> thank you so much for joining us. you can get your news anytime of day at see you at 5:00!
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man: in cities big and small, newspapers all over say it's time. woman: time to legalize and regulate marijuana in california. man: time to "vote yes on prop 64." woman: it's "better for public health, for law and order and for society." man: "it makes sense to regulate and tax" marijuana. woman: "prop 64 would bring discipline and oversight." man: "prop 64 is the first step
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toward a rational drug policy." woman: "it's time for a new approach." man: vote yes on 64.
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♪ ♪ >> i swear they're still partying there. that will never get old for me. cheers. the crowd is still going nuts. one of the happiest days in my husband and family's life. so full of emotion. i'm wearing my husband's hat that's like 25 years old. smell it, natalie. >> do i really want to? >> it smells like the beer he had 25 years ago. >> i think so. and my


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