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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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from walnut creek. >> reporter: it all started with a phone call to detectives here at police headquarters. they told them they'd uncovered a package with two pounds of steroids inside. so detectives followed that package to an apartment less than two miles away and uncovered a lot more. jim saw the silhouettes first. >> i saw a couple of shadows go by my window. >> reporter: then they bust into his neighbor's apartment. >> they busted this guy and took him off to jail and that was interesting because that's the most excitement we've had at this end of the street for quite some time. >> reporter: seen here in his mug shot. >> very quiet, kept to himself. didn't socialize much. >> reporter: and he quietly set up a drug lab inside of his home. >> full blown steroid
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manufacturing plant. >> this package and a phone call from homeland security agents. >> a package they'd intercepted at sfo and it had come from hong kong and was headed to a walnut creek residence and contained two pounds of steroids. >> reporter: when detectives followed the drugs they discovered steroids in powdered and liquid form worth up to half a million dollars. >> and indications that he did have sometype of mail order business. >> reporter: and they found a mercedes paid in cash in his driveway and $35,000 stashed in the 36-year-old's apartment. >> my take is he was being pretty successful until we got him. >> reporter: he turned himself into the police this morning and then this afternoon posted a $720,000 bail.
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he'll face a judge in the coming weeks. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. also on the east bay a parent's nightmare. a nanny is accused of -- and saying a home surveillance camera caught perez treating a 6 month old baby boy violently. thankfully that baby was not injured. they arrested her while she was going to another child care job. the sinking millennium tower in san francisco. tonight the battle has gone to a whole new level. the san francisco city attorney claiming condo owners were kept in the dark. and live in san francisco and this is a huge step forward for the home owners, jodi. >> reporter: they say that is exactly right. the city attorney says before the developer had sold a single condo here they knew that this
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building had sunk more than it was ever supposed to in its entire lifetime yet they did not disclose it. the developer's been slap would a lawsuit and home owners say it's long over due. >> i love my place and love to stay here. >> reporter: she says she loves her millennium tower condo and view. she's giving herself a fresh coat of paint because she doesn't want to move but the building's sinking problems have left her constantly worried about safety. >> it's a situation that really makes us uncomfortable and nervous and sad on a daily basis. >> this is every home owners worse nightmare. >> reporter: today san francisco's city attorney says mission street development llc knew as early as february 2009 that the 58-story building was sinking farther and faster than anyone expected.
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but failed to tell buyers. >> buyer beware doesn't cut it. they must disclose details about known property conditions. the law is very clear on that. >> reporter: had you known, would you have bought? >> never would i have bought. >> reporter: condo owner says he's happy the city is taking action. and nina wants to stay in her home but she needs to know it's safe. >> we're now in a situation where we really don't know if there's an earthquake if we're going to be safe. >> reporter: the developer insists that the publicly funded transpay joint authority towers authority is the one that is to blame. now in a statement they say the lawsuit is nothing more quote than an effort by the city of san francisco to duck its responaunonsibilities and avoid paying for the harm caused by
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tjpa. the developer insists the allegations have no merit. reporting live in san francisco. i'm jodi hernandez. >> and so the sinking saga continues. we've been on the forefront investigating millennium tower. and you can see much more about the sinking and tilting and why it's been kept a secret for years. a frightening discovery on the campus of sonoma state university. a man's body was discovered. still no word on who he is. scott budman is at sonoma state this evening. how are the students reacting? >> reporter: well, raj, they were shaken up quite a bit. they tell us this was just too close to home. meanwhile, as you said authorities trying to figure out who this is and what happened. the body of a male was excavated from a shallow grave and brought
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to a coraner's truck after a day long sufearch, the goal is to fd out who this is. >> it's either an adult or possibly somebody full sized. not a child. >> reporter: the man was discovered wednesday afternoon in a shallow grave by a landscaper near campus. students here say the experience has been enough to shake them up sfwlp as . >> as a woman, i'm terrified. >> this part is a little secluded from the rest of the campus and people walk through here all the time at night for late classes. >> yeah, people are worried. safety, definitely yeah. >> reporter: the body has now been removed. officers say they hope to learn more about the man in the how ares ahead. and they will learn more they say because that body has been taken to the coraners and they hope to learn more via an autopsy later tonight. reporting live at sonoma state.
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>> thank you. want to tell you about another homicide investigation underway tonight. this one's in oakland. a burning body reported right off of bankroft. new information about the murder of a local college professor. this arrested this man, eddie ruiz in connection with the shooting of economic professor. it happened july a couple blocks away from washington elementary school. they say this surveillance video recorded around the time he was shot is what led investigators to arrest ruiz eight months later. and he was a professor. the man accused of brutally beating an 88-year-old woman during a home-invasion robbery is officially charged with
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murder. he was charged in court after the victim, flo douglas died from her injuries. plaus kurts say he targeted her, ran sacked her home and savagely beat her in september. she clung to life for four week businessfore dying. just into our newsroom, another former oakland police officer is facing criminal charges sinked to an ongoing sex scandal. several law enforcement agencies have been taint bide the allegations that officers had improper associations with the teenager. now 19 years old claims she was underage for part of that time. the contra costra county is filing charges. alameda has already filed charges against eight officers.
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the pipeline has got to go. >> today activists protested in front of a mountain view city bank office on san antonio road and walked to the wells fargo. they're asking the banks to stop financing the dakota pipeline, saying it will contaminate the water for a nearby reservation. th police arrested some of them to get them off that property. one of the most anticipated games of the season for the warriors. like usual, a soldout crowd heading inside the oracle arena this evening. kevin durant and the warriors taking on k.d.'s former team at the oklahoma city thunder. >> want to take you inside the arena. colin resch joins us court side. both teams have had this game circled on the calendar. and so have fans. they want to see that. >> reporter: yeah.
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you'rer exactly right and of course they want to see the match up with k.d. and russell westbrook. but let's hope it's a better game tonight than the warriors-home opener. and kevin durant, the biggest story of the off season in the nba. and that meant leaving his long-time teammate and that dynamic duo, russell westbrook. that's a thing of the past. how will they greet each other? are we making this a biggerer deal than it really is? we probably are. durant spent time deflecting any and all questions about westbrook. >> whenever i get a one on one no matter who's guarding me, dre, rush, steven anybody, i try to be aggressive and make a
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play. it's not one on one game for me. i'm just trying to help the team win. >> reporter: he said over and over this morning. it's just another game. we'll find out. coming up later in sports, he's a huge warriors fan and the biggest bout of his career, andre ward will join me courticide at 6:50. >> and it's not just another game. we'll see you later in the news cast. >> dead and still voting? our investigative unit looks the number of people still voting. i'm meteorologist, jeff ranie ranieri. a lot of blue sky down to san jose. i have details on our next chance of showers and hotter weather in about six minutes. the agency th prides rideto the.
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outreach is th contractthat pro the fbi raided the office that provides rides to the disabled. it's called out reach. now vta is in emergency mode as feds investigate. damian tre yian has more.
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>> reporter: the county provides 25 daily rides to the disabled, but when vta investigated, they felt it needed to act. >> at the completion of the audit, our staff shared this information with the santa clara county district attorney and the fbi and we're looking forward to the results of what they're investigating. >> reporter: cindy chavez says it uncovered the evidence of fraud and filing of false claims. >> today we were informed that the fbi executed a search warrant at the offices of vta contractor outreach and escort ink. >> vta was in the middle of a one-year transition period with outreach after terminating its contract. now it's scrambling to work with an independent contractor. 7,000 people throughout santa clara county rely on this
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service. >> and while all of this is getting unwound and dealt with, you will remain our focus. >> reporter: they say the same drivers and cars will pick up those customers but asks for patience over the next few days. >> and the phone number for outreach is not working and the kwu company did not return an email from him. with the marijuana issue looming large, berkley is celebrating its own victory, a legal case over marijuana. the berkley patients group has been fighting the federal government's attempt to shut them down. berkley city hall has been an ally in the clinic's long fight with the feds. >> they've been an exemplerry company for 17 years and finally this fraudulent lawsuit by the
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federal government is over. >> berkley has long supported them. it's known as the longest operating legal marijuana store. and the thought that dead people could cast a vote has only fanned the flames. steven stock has been looking into the issue since the last presidential election. >> let's put this in perspective. there are nearly 18 million registered voters this year. back in 2012, we cross checked the voter rolls and found 25,000 potentially dead californiaens still on the voter rolls. we revisited that same list again this year to see if anything has changed. 83 potentially dead people were listed as dead during the 2012 presidential race. this year we found only one name
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listed on the death reggestry but still remaining on the voter rolls in santa clara county. four years ago contra costra county had nearly 120 names that matched the death index on the rolls. and we actually found eight of those people who actually voted or more likely someone voted in their name after the record showed they died. again, this is a very, very small perspentage of eligible voters. they say it would not tip a national or state-wide election but could have an effect on a small town race somewhere and it points to the need to keep up with voter rolls and to modernize systems throughout this state. they told us they looked through the names we sent them and follow up next year. >> thank you very much. if you have a tip for steven or the investigative unit, give
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us a call or you can always send an email to the all that rain is making a difference. we got word that near lly a quarter of california is out of the drought. the report from the u.s. drought monitor says these are the best conditions since 2013. october's rainfall was triple the amount we normally get here in northern california. >> we're getting a break from the rain for at least a couple of weeks though, right? >> at least from any big storm system. i did think with the drought changi changing, we wanted to give you a quick look at how we're doing on a map view and it's the northern extreme section that's out of the drought and we made headway with el nino last fall and winter and north bay peninsula, san francisco in abnormally dry.
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and still under a moderate to severe drought but still a lot of time ahead to potentially makeup more of this dry weather with those storms coming our way. san jose, we have high clouds moving across. that's after a high of 75. temperatures eventually drop down to the 50s by midnight tonight. tomorrow, mostly sunny sky coming our way and yrv pushed the forecast up to 80 degrees. morgan hill looks like our warmest at 80. san jose, 75, up to napa, 78. and half moon bay, 70. watch out near the coastline. waves from 7 to 10 feet tomorrow. we still have the chance of showers throughout saturday. a slight possibility by 9:00 p.m. and that will bring in an early chance on sunday 's forecast. as we get a look at the timeline of this, it's a very weak storm system the way we see it now with spotty showers early on sunday morning.
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from 9:00 onward, we are looking at a dry day. no big rainfall coming our way this weekend. just a little here and there. if you're a late going or up early, you may get a little something. >> we'll see you soon. well, if you think your drive home from work is getting longer, you're probably right. up next, the new and frustrating news about bay area commutes. new analysis bybc newsevealsnea
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happening now on our home page, new analysis reveals that nearly 33 million votes have been cast as of today. the most early votes are being cast in fll forida followed by north carolina and georgia. the giants will likely look for a closer during the off season. man: in cities big and small, newspapers all over say it's time. woman: time to legalize and regulate
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marijuana in california. man: time to "vote yes on prop 64." woman: it's "better for public health, for law and order and for society." man: "it makes sense to regulate and tax" marijuana. woman: "prop 64 would bring discipline and oversight." man: "prop 64 is the first step toward a rational drug policy." woman: "it's time for a new approach." man: vote yes on 64. okay. so, how is it your commute? is it long? there's been a surge in mega commute for more and more workers. a new 5-year study by joint venturer sillicon valley found one way 90-minute commutes have nearly doubled. 2011 it was 3%, now 5.3%. commuters are driving from san
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jose and joaquin county. the average comutor spends 20 minutes. and five days until the big day. it's not just about trump and clinton. california's ballot is filled with all those propositions. prop 64 would legalize pot for adults. 57% of likely voters would say yes on 64. the the prop 55 would extend the education and health care tax and the cigarette tax is headed for passage, so is prop 63. and with 17 propositions on the ballot, even the governor says it's confusing. >> there's so many propositions, they're hard to remember. and i was saying to get something ammanic.
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>> he's always been blunt with us. prop 53 would require voter approval before the state could issue bonds for projects more than $2 million. governor brown sees prop 53 as a major drag in getting big projects done like reservoirs, bridges and toll roads. we invite you to stay with us for the continuing coverage of next week's election and with mrs. trump and clinton in their headquarters in new york city. doubling up. people in three bay area cities will vote on a proposed soda tax. the businesses hoping to get turned down. huge waves are pounding bay area beaches. why some people in pacifica say it's not as bad as last year.
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remember this guy? he's the drug company big shot who raised the price of a lifesaving pill by five thousand percent. said he wished he'd raised it more. prop sixty-one targets drug company price-gouging to save lives. the drug price relief act will save californians nearly a billion dollars a year. join the california nurses association and aarp and vote yes on sixty-one. the drug giants won't like it. and he'll hate it.
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-- those waves poundingur aches rig now. a l of anprle a taking nice... right now, 6:30. take a look. right now a lot of people are taking notice and precautions. it is on. high surf advisory along our beaches until tomorrow evening. >> here live from pacifica and is that pier still open given the waves? >> reporter: it's been open all day. it didn't reach quite the level they would have to.
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and there are signs reminding people they can break over the wall. beautiful sunset, waves from 10 to 15 feet at their highest. >> the waves a little big for this beach. >> reporter: a little big means about 10 to 15-foot waves. today, dozens of surfers welcome the swells and some struggles with the rough conditions. >> because it's a little on the large side, like all through here it's all crashing at once. >> reporter: the coast guard is warning surfers and swimmers to be on the lookout for two-story sneak waves. >> they're only a sneaker if you're not watching. >> it looks like they're catching pretty good waves. >> reporter: ann hicks and her two kids enjoyed the massive wells from a safe difference. a couple miles north in pacifica. >> a lot of people have moved away because they can't sleep.
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>> reporter: she says she welcomes the sea spray splashing in her backyard. >> this is paradise. absolutely. >> reporter: there's a buffer between her living room. >> repair, not panic and flee when the water gets rough. then it's a remarkable paradise. of being this close. >> just up the street her neighbors don't have the same sea wall protukz. this is what one of the cliffs looked like in january last year and this is what the same cliff looks like today. >> pretty soon we'll have beach front property. >> reporter: there are people walking their dog along the beach that have to climb up on the rock when the big waves come in. the coast guard wants to remind people to stay back if you'rer going to be near the shore line. >> yeah, those waves can be
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powerful and pull you in. so the question is how long are they going to stick around? we check with meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow we should see things taper off. if you're even planning on heading out saturday and sunday, you'll want to watch out before you dip your toes in the water. and a wind whipped waves from nine to ten feet for the entire coastline and a few isolated spots with the 15 to 20 foot breakers. a high surf advisory and no matter where you're at tomorrow morning, this rough surf will be in place. and while it wasn't a big deal for a lot of the surfers. they're used to it. and they can be so dangerous. we're talking about the rip currents and sleeper waves. we could see these large swells every 16 seconds. i'm back with another forecast
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in about 15 minutes. and don't forget you can get your forecast anytime at your convenience. download our nbc bay area app. download the weather tap. that way you get live alerts right to your smart phone. ♪ as you probably know the election is next tuesday but millions of votes have already been counted. many in the key states of florida and north carolina. african american turnout is down. there are concerns about voter intimidation as well. the justice department announcing it's sending election monitors to four north carolina counties, including one being sued for removing thousands of names from voter rolls. the candidates say the stakes have never been higher. >> just a few days ago donald trump was init dorendorsed by t official newspaper of the ku
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klux klan. >> hillary clinton has engaged in massive far reaching criminal conduct and equally far reaching cover up. >> now there's no evidence to support mr. trump's allegations. the back and forth the two candidates go and even milania trump campaigning today in philadelphia saying as first lady she would focus on combatting online bullying and work as an advocate for women and children. no comment from san francisco mayor ed looe about future opportunities. his name emerged as a name for cabinet post in a hillary clinton administration. asian american members of congress have already met to submit their recommendations to clinton's transition team np d.c. website "the hill" says lee's name was floated. and on tuesday, voters in three bay area cities will decide whether to add a new tax on
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sugary soft drinks. they've all proposed soda taxes on the ballot. and here with what's become a bruise of a campaign battle. >> reporter: on the front lines of this election year battle over soda is a high school student named -- >> i'm a high school student. -- >> reporter: on a recent s saturday. he took the campaign to the streets of san francisco's western edition. >> so you plan on voting yes? >> reporter: prop v would impose a new 1 cent per ounce tax on soda distributors. the weight of this contentious campaign is reflected at every doorway. >> we'll think about it.
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>> reporter: the soda industry has poured $19 million into defeating prop v, while michael bloomberg has spent $5 million on pro soda tax campaign in oakland and san francisco. two years ago berkeley became the first city in the nation to pass a soda tax. they say it's needed to confront rising rates of diabetes. >> the number one vehicle for sugar in our diet is sugary bev beverages. ie soda. >> reporter: in san francisco's mission district, adel's market has produce so lush it elicits song. but past the isles of groceries are coolers filled with soda.
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>> life is already expensive and paying more taxes, that's going to prevent them from buying any other things. >> reporter: prop v opponents have labelled it a grocery tax. >> i don't think i have a right to tell the customer what to put in their baskets. they have the right to buy whatever they want. >> reporter: but on the street, lender is discovering victory no matter how sweet are won one voter at time. >> i think we're going to vote no but i'm going to test it and see. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. okay. if you still have election questions, you still have time to check out our voters edge guide. go to put in your zip code and get all the details about the issues and the candidates specific to what you care about and where you live. still to come at 6:00 a delivery driver's mistake and it
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was caught on camera. bought san jose man has trouble getting them to cover the damage. plus making headlines but not for his cooking. why this local celebrity chef is in trouble with the law. a well knn y area ef -- iin hotn
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pa coun. celebry chef chael carello-- sen a well known bay area chef was arrested in napa county. celebrity chef michael chierrela was arrested for dui less than three miles from his restaurant. and he had a controlled substance with him. he's developed more than 10 restaurants. when was the last time you got nearly 4,000 likes on your
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facebook page? two sheriff's deputies getting a lot of love on their facebook page for helping anthony. he was hospitalized when they stopped him for a traffic violation and during the conversation learned he didn't have a bed and slept on the floor. they surprised anthony with the bed, sheets, and pillows and the biggest thing was the friendship. >> just a few minutes ago we had a spectacular sunset. >> all across the bay. this is the san mateo bridge about 10 minutes ago. our producer wanted everybody to see this at home. thanks, adrian, for getting this cued up for us. the sunset's going to be happening even earlier. 2:00 a.m. on sunday. set your clocks back saturday night. so, tick talk, don't forget
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those clocks. we have more in about 10 minutes. a delivery driver does damage but doesn't pay. i'm consumer investigate chris chmura. see how nbc bay area responds next. to a san josman who spent one y-
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...even thgh it w caughtn and tonight we respond to a san jose man who spent a year trying to right a wrong even though it was all caught on camera. >> here with the story and the surveillance video. >> last october, an on-track delivery truck backed the to a tree in charles lee's front
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yard. this is the video he showed us. there's the truck, the tree. and that branch is going to come crashing down. charles says he paid a professional service $80 to clean up the mess and looked to on track to reimburse him but they wouldn't. the company told him the drivers are independent contractors and he would have to seek it from the driver. well, eventually he gave up and called us. we reached out to ontrac and a week 1/2 later it cut him a check for $80. if you have a consumer complaint, the number is 888-996-tips or visit back to you. okay. thank you, chris. all right, did you watch -- >> who didn't? >> more than 40 million people watched last night's world
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series. >> they finally ended the drought. no more curses of the goat. they're finally world champions after 108 years. it is almost 9:00 in chicago. people are milling about, stopping by, taking pictures at wrigley field. they want to soak in the magic of the chicago cubs. fans ecstatic, of course, waiting for the team at wrigley field. tomorrow the city will essentially be shut down. rahm emanuel promises a parade that 108 years awaited for. >> that's going to be a party. closer to home, another cubs related story. draymond green dade little trolling on twitter. following the game, green tweeted man, 3-1 sucks. draymond's tweet was not so subtle jab at cleveland for losing the world series after
6:47 pm
being up 3-1 just like the warriors who blew a 3-1 lead to the cleveland cavaliers. >> it sucks. clearly. happening too frequently. it's crazy. >> draymond's in the news every day. >> he should have his own reality show. >> oh, he's going to soon. that tweet generated more than 120,000 retweets and many responded with lebron wearing his championship ring. take us outside. it's beautiful. >> nice night for us. currently a little bit of high cloud cover and throughout this weekend, a speed bump coming our way where we have the possibility of a few spotty showers. a high definition camera in san francisco and you can see it's clear at the lower levels and 69
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degrees by 11:00 tonight, we drop down to 59. as we get you to tomorrow's forecast, cool with a little patchy cloud cover with the south bay 50 degrees, peninsula, 52 and the tri-valley, 58. and the east bay begins at 53. not too foggy of a start and as we head through the day tomorrow, we have warm temperatures up even a few more degrees. wait until you see the microclimate forecast for the south bay. morgan hill, 80 degrees tomorrow in november. it's just so hard to believe after the fact that just weeks ago we had cold 50s and 60s and all that heavy rainfall. so, enjoy it. morgan hill and gilroy, it will be a little cooler with the wind coming off the bay. 75 in cupertino. and pretty much a 10. a light wind out of the north at
6:49 pm
4 miles per hour. 77 in danville. and the coast getting up here. 70 in half moon bay. waves will still be 7 to 10 feet. but gorgeous, gorgeous day. for belmont, 73. san francisco also seeing numbers go up a degree or two and that makes all the difference in the city. the mission, 72 and embark daro, 70. and 68. and are the north bay, 73 in mill valley. and napa, that's going to be the spot to be tomorrow, nearly 80 degrees. and humidity at 45%. so the air is going to feel dry. and the area of high pressure that brought us the warm air the last few days going to stay in place tomorrow and eventually push to the east saturday morning and that's going to allow a cool front. we think it's going to start to
6:50 pm
fall apart once it hits the north bay. we're looking for the changes to begin by saturday, 9:00 p.m. trace amounts to about 1/10th of an inch. we still can't rule out a spotty shower down to the south bay. then as we head throughout most of sunday, we'll gradually get sunshine and dry weather all the way through thursday of next week and looking great for election day as well. as a side note. and you can see for the inland valleys, down to 69 degrees on sunday and back up to low 70s throughout next week. i've done my job. i cleared out election day at home so you can do your thing. >> very nonpartisan of you. very well done. >> just go out and vote. excellent reminder. sunday night the raiders are national tv. tonight, it's the warriors on
6:51 pm
national tv. >> reporter: we've got a lot going on oakland's andre ward. he just told me he can't wait and he's ready for tonight's game. we'ller be right back. warriors andhunder,ut it'sbeing
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you ready? the game is between the warjures and the thunder. but it's being billed as durant versus westbrook. >> and colin resch is court side with the bay area's best boxer and huge warriors fan. colin. >> reporter: yeah, here with andre ward. obviously the biggest fight of
6:54 pm
his life is coming up in two weeks in las vegas. gone up in a division to middleweight and we're going to talk about tonight's game because you are a huge warriors fan and you have something in common with both kevin durant and russell westbrook. >> westbrook, we're both jordan brand and obviously durant, he's obviously playing for the w warriors and we're friends and part of a management company, rock nation. obviously i'm rooting for my home town team, pulling for k.d. but i know westbrook isn't going to make it easy on them. >> reporter: you know both these guys personally, do you not? >> i know kevin durant a little more than westbrook but i know westbrook a little as well. >> reporter: he's giving you what he's giving us, nothing. >> i think to give him credit, what he has said, he's going about it as a professional and
6:55 pm
trying to defuse and deflect like he's supposed to because he's trying to focus on basketball. westbrook, him and durant have been going through issues. and i know he would love to come in here and do the same thing but we have a great team and they're going to battle. so i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: people expect you to be angry in two weeks. we all know about his knockout history. how do you approach them? >> just like i do every championship fight that i've had. i prepare myself mentally and physically and i believe in my ability. i'm definitely fighting a great accomplished champion and you have to ackbaunowledge and resp that and know you're there for a reason. >> reporter: you said you spent your entire career to get ready for this point. >> these big moments later in
6:56 pm
your career, you don't get ready for them in a typical training camp. these are moments you prepared for since you were a kid. and i've been boxesiing a total over 20 years. different opponent, same stage and i'm looking forward to giving the fans a tremendous fight and i want to come back to oakland, two division champions. >> reporter: and we expect him to do so. the great andre ward two weeks from now. we'll send it back to you. >> it's pretty cool and don't let the smooth looks fool you. andre is a monster inside that ring. >> i want to see it now. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. we hope to see you at 11:00. >> bu-bye. ===end of sh!==
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bill murray's victory party in the cubs locker room. we're coast-to-coast with chicago's hometown stars slel brating the world series win. >> now on "extra." ♪ >> bill murray's champagne shower. amy schumer rooting in the stands, celebrity grand slam as cubs make history. beyonce goes country. the backlash today over surprise appearance at cmas. as carey and brad take aim at candidates. >> you're a


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