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tv   NBC News Special 2016 Election Night  NBC  November 8, 2016 4:00pm-11:01pm PST

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from nbc news, decision night in america. here is lester holt. >> here we go, ladies and gentlemen. welcome to decision night in america here at nbc's democracy plaza. it is 7:00 p.m. in the east, polls have just closed in six states. we have our first projections up on the face of 30 rockefeller plaza. nbc news projects that donald trump will win the state of indiana. we project, donald trump will win in kentucky as well. vermont goes to hillary clinton. the projected winner in vermont. we're watching virginia. the polls have closed there. too early to call, clinton however leading in virginia. georgia, also, too close to call. and south carolina, too early to call. trump leads in south carolina.
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all night long watching the race to 270 electoral votes. here is how it stands based on the calls. trump with 19. clinton with 3. we map it out on the ice for you in democracy plaza. the map will fill in with a lot of red and blue before this night is over. again, 270 its the magic number that will elect our next president. come on inside, we say a big good evening. i'm lester holt alongside election night team, savannah guthrie, chuck todd, tom brokaw. savannah, whatever happens tonight. history will be made? >> we have an unconventional candidate against an unprecedented candidate. this election has changed so much about our politics, it up-ended every assumption, redefined what it means to be a republican or democrat in this country and it will be very exciting to see who turns out tonight. who shows up to vote. what that coalition might look like for hillary clinton or donald trump. i think we are in for a cliffhanger on the senate side. who is going to control the senate by end of the day. >> chuck, set it up for us
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tonight? >> we will learn a lot early. look, we are learning something now. the quick indiana call means that republicans came home. you know it was three weeks ago before comey, indiana was neck and neck. and the fact we can call a poll close, a sign, republicans came home, mike pence's home state. look at virginia and georgia. we may be talking about the story. the southeast corner of the united states over the last 12 years we have seen this battleground map change and now welcome georgia to that battleground joining florida, virginia, north carolina the atlantic seaboard. spending a lot of time tonight, in how quickly those races get called will tell us how long this night is going to be on the presidential front. >> tom, a lot of big themes that will extend far beyond 2016 we'll be watching tonight? >> this country has been simmering for some time. this election is not going to end all of that. the question -- does it boil over depending on who wins? i think that is the real test for who ever wins this race. also the test for the country. they have to figure out how they
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want to come together. there is a lot of absence of confidence in the institutions of governance. 54% of the people said recently they would defeat every member of congress, republican or democrat alike. who ever wins tonight, going forward from here is going to have to find a way to reach across the lines to the red state or blue states because there are a lot of each. however you look at the map. and get them to work together toward a common goal. that's the big, big challenge, lester. >> hallie jackson in the newsroom here with a full team working on reporting the story. hey, hallie? >> hi, lester. our team of correspondents blanketing the country coast to coast, not just polling places and election watch parties but in key battleground states. of course campaign headquarters. i will be digging through exit polls here. and this is the engine room of our election center the we have our vote watch unit here led by cynthia mcfadden, pete williams checking for voting irregularities, legal issues that might pop up. political unit with pollsters diving into all right data.
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consider this home base, we will be bringing you all the coverage for the next seven hours, maybe more. lester. >> okay, thank you very much. keeping a close eye on clinton and trump election headquarters. manhattan's pretty small town right there. all located a short distance from each other and us here in midtown. let's check in with them now. starting with andrea mitchell at clinton headquarters. hello, andrea. >> reporter: good evening, lester. this is the night that hillary clinton has been waiting for. she is in a midtown hotel with her husband of course former president clinton, and other close friends and family. but they're hoping this will not be a nail biter. but we have learned they have written two speeches. they're hoping of course it is a victory speech that she declares and she is able to finally shatter that glass ceiling. and the convention center here has a glass ceiling. so that is the symbolism of what they're trying to do and hope to accomplish tonight. the real issue -- what happens in north carolina? they see north carolina as the tightest of the battleground
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states. they say they're confident. but where they have gone in the last 24 hours tells the story. we were at 1:00 this morning at a rally in north carolina. raleigh, north carolina. earlier in pennsylvania. pennsylvania, former pennsylvania governor ed rendell telling me it is not a done deal. they can't take pennsylvania for granted. so therefore, that big extravaganza with both obamas and clintons in front of the independence hall in philadelphia last night. and earlier in the day, she went to pittsburgh. so that tells the story about just how nervous they are. they dent waon't want to leave anything on the table and again hoping she can finally achieve the goal that she has sought, so hard, for 18 months and in fact for decades earlier. >> andrea mitchell at clinton headquarters in manhattan. katie tur at trump headquarters in new york. hello, katey. >> hey there, lester. donald trump is watching the returns come in at trump tower. surrounded by his family and his close aides. the campaign says that they are
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confident. they're already touting a record turnout from what they call a white republican counties in new hampshire and in michigan. but i spoke to a couple new hampshire source whose tell me they're not as confident as the the donald trump campaign. they describe the state, tense, close, sickening. i spoke to multiple sources inside and outside the campaign, absolutely everybody believes this is going to be a tight race. they're focusing on four states. their core four, as kellyann conway puts it, ohio, florida, iowa, north carolina. from there they will look to michigan, a blue state that they hope to turn red. and get donald trump the presidency. but this is a campaign, lester that has conceded from the beginning that they're the underdogs, the infrastructure, the money, the electoral map was never in their favor. >> katie tur tonight. katie, thank you very much. let's talk now about some of the results we ticked off at the top of the hour. i'm particularly interested in
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georgia. chuck, too close to call. georgia is considered a deep red state. >> well it has been. a the clinton campaign talked about investing it, they said "well you, know what, we need to put more, takes more time to make georgia competitive." obama flirted with it. now looks like firmly battleground. talked to republicans they were surprised in the last weekend, surprised the clinton campaign didn't make more play for georgia early, the same way the democrats talked about michigan. trump discovered that michigan is a problem for the democratic side. but here's what we are, i am going to keep an eye on. outside of atlanta, kalb county, romney won by double digits. college education split in this electorate. if she carries georgia, we'll see the evidence in kalb, doesn't have to carry kalb, but has the to be a swing. to win georgia. we'll find out out. >> fascinating watching where the campaigns go, what they're
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worried about or what the other side makes them think they should be worried about. thinking of the to do list that has so many things left off of it. >> absolutely. you are going to hear chuck talk about the suburbs all night long. that ultimately might be one of stories that emerges here. whether or not hillary clinton can pull more of the married white women, might have traditionally voted republican into her corner if she can that's potentially a fact tr that could be decisive. and they have all kind of once again, gone to the same battlegrounds and yet we are starting to see the glimmers of new demographic battle grounds, as i just mentioned and also new geographic battle grounds. chuck talked -- georgia, airs aiairs -- arizona got a late visit from hillary clinton. i think we are going to see a lot of that kind of conventional thinking about politics and the map. potentially up-ended tonight. >> tom? >> what you see tonight -- what chuck was talking about.
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tro this country is changing at warp speed. look at the hispanic vote. republicans rejected the hispanics, going back, pete wilson ran hard against mywards in california. republicans said we lost a constituency that belonged to us. these are family oriented people. they're very faithful. they work hard. we have given them to the democrats by our attack on them. look at women taking a more prominent place in politics. not just in the congress of the united states, the number of governors around the country, number of women, heads of corporations, big bankers, half the law school classes now are filled with women. here is one of them. and doctors as well. so, that is a changing map, that is going on out there. and these two candidates have been running behind the curve in my judgment. and not reaching out to figure out how they're going to get ahead of the constituency that is out there looking for somebody who can deliver to them
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the future that they know that they could have. >> all right, chuck, walk me through the states that really could determine this thing tonight. >> yeah, look, i think we know. we have talked about florida. i kind of want to build on this larger point here. we know that i think -- and just in this respect. if clinton wins this election she is going to win it because of this southeast corridor. and if donald trump wins this election it will be he overperforms. that's what is going on here. we have seen the growth states. the diverse states. the southeastern states are becoming more diverse. the difference in georgia, north carolina, florida, virginia. isn't going to be african-american vote. going to be hispanic vote. up here there isn't a lot of hispanic vote in michigan. isn't a lot in pennsylvania. that is what has given trump real chances in both michigan and pennsylvania. iowa, ohio. we are seeing, by the way, the map may look very similar to 2012 when it is all said and done. i want to emphasize what tom said. there is a lot going on
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underneath in the state maps are going to look a lot different. once we start seeing real numbers come in. for what it is worth. very little actual vote is in. keeping a huge eye for instance on florida. because we are seeing more vote come in right now in florida than anywhere else. but again, 2% in. so, as you can see all coming from essentially one semirural county. >> yeah, right now. a lot of what we are dealing with is anecdotal conversation what has been happening in the states. let's go to kerry sanders, begin to sweep around battleground states. kerry in florida. what are you seeing there? >> well, the polls closed at 7:00 where i am. inside there is about a half dozen voters still inside. about a men out before they close the polls they made an announcement. two people literally sprinted inside. the reason they're still inside voting is, while it is the presidential election that everybody is watching, of course, the vote itself. the ballot is rather long. so it can take up to 20, 30 minutes for some people to actually vote here. remember, florida has two time
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zones. so while the polls have closed here, as you go out to the panhandle, the polls are still open for, well, till 7:00 that type. then people can, continue to vote as long as they have been in line. it is likely that we are going to have a pretty long night here because of how close things are. i am along the i-4 corridor. while it is all indications are that the real determination of who is going to take the state will be along this corridor, as you were just talking, the hispanic vote may actually turn this state and interestingly it is those puerto rican whose have moved along the i-4 corridor that are really likely to perhaps determine who wins or loses here. consider this fact, since they have had their economic problems on the island there, about 7,000 puerto ricans a month have been leaving that island and many of them coming here, in fact, with the current projections we may wind up having the largest puerto rican showing here not in new york where they are still the largest group of hispanics.
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>> how much have you seen here of the ground game that we hear so much about -- this getting out the vote effort? >> well the ground game on the democratic side has been much stronger than on the republican side. hillary clinton's teams have actually gone door to door and had people in cars bringing voters out to the polls where on the republican side it's been a little bit more of people being self-motivated to come out. i think it will be very interesting. because donald trump made it very clear that he thought his supporters would just show up at the polls because he saw such huge crowds and many of them of course showing up in the state. we'll see whether that translates into the votes that he thinks will result. >> kerry sanders. thank you very much. let's move on up to north carolina, a part of the country, chuck was circling. rehema ellis is there. tell us what you have seen there throughout the day? >> reporter: well i can tell you the polls are still open here. early this morning when polls
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did open. it was a long line of people here. later on not so much. it was steady. officials say it has been like that statewide. they say it is primarily because there has been a record all-time early voting here in this state. with 17 voting days before today. it's added up to 45% of registered voters here in north carolina who cast their votes before this day. making this a tossup state for clinton and for trump. i can tell you what happened when i talked to some folks who came out of there who had voted. the republican and clinton voeers alivo voters alike were happy they voted and more than that they're relieved this is over. >> all right, rehema ellis for us, polls close in north carolina at 7:30 eastern. 15 electoral votes there. tammy leightner at a polling place in manchester, new hampshire, have seen a lot of movement there, tammy over a week or so. notoriously hard place for pollsters to predict. what are you seeing?
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>> you know, lester, new hampshire still a wild card the we have been speaking with voters all afternoon. i can tell you one thing, this state is divided. now, keep in mind this is where trump got his start. this is where he won his first primary. also, something to keep in mind. 40% of the voters here are declared, undeclared, both making a push here. trump has been here nine times. president obama was here yesterday campaigning for clinton. i can tell you that they are beth making a run at the state. one other thing we want to mention, lester the crucial senate race. i can tell you tonight when the polls close everybody is going to be looking at new hampshire. to see one, who is in the white house. and two, who takes control of the senate. lester. >> tammy, thank you very much. we are here in our nbc news election center. barely getting started. await more poll closings. we are going to dig into the exit polling coming up. see what we can glean from that. we are learning some very interesting things about what voters are thinking. stay with us as we cover the
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final hours of this historic battle for the white house between donald trump and hillary clinton. two parties, two candidates, and one prize. decision night in america continues right here on nbc. i used to blame the weather for my frizz. turns out my curls needed to be stronger to fight back. pantene's pro-v formula makes my curls so strong* they can dry practically frizz free.*á because strong is beautiful.
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democracy plaza. welcome back from our nbc news election center. hallie jackson in the newsroom. she and her team have been digging into exiting polling we are getting. what have you got? >> lester, looking at three big themes tonight. the first character for each of the candidates. remember this entire campaign, each candidate has tried to paint the other as basically unfit for the presidency. take a look at these numbers of honest and trust worthy. you can see voters nationwide, found 60% of them rather found hillary clinton to not be honest or trust worthy. so that means, 6 in 10 voters feel this way. look at donald trump, his
4:19 pm
numbers are roughly the same, little higher. this is still clinton again. for donald trump, it's 64% of people who feel that way. so what does this mean? it means there is still a considerable character problem. no matter who ends up in the white house. we want to talk, the trump numbers behind me. another team tonight. hispanic voters. heard chuck talking earlier this hour, how key the latino vote will be. right now we see hispanic voters breaking for hillary clinton, not so surprising, what we are watching whether trump underperforms mitt romney in 2012. right now no indication he is. remember, still early in the evening. these are our early exits. which means we are waiting on west coast figures to come in. the final point i want to make sheer, we are closely watching what happens with college educated white women. this is kind of a swing group. went for barack obama in 2008. mitt romney, 2012. look where they're breaking right now. for hillary clinton by 8 points. she has flipped that group from last cycle. but take a look at where trump is doing better. it is with the noncollege
4:20 pm
educated white women. he is up over hillary clinton by 24 points according to our early exit polls. this is decisive for him. and it illustrates, guys this is not so much a gender gap that we will be talking about tonight, more of an education gap when it comes to white women voters. >> all right, hallie, let's turn to savannah. struck by numbers, honesty. trump and clinton viewed the same by voters. she was the one that seemed to be labeled with the truth issue. >> by the way, donald trump has made a meal out of that. called her crooked hillary for the better part of the general election. what is interesting how remarkably stable the negative ratings are. they haven't gone too much hyperor too much lower. let's be clear. they're astronomically high for both candidates. the two most unpopular presidential candidates in history. they have very high negatives. but in a sense they're kind of washing each out since they both viewed unfavorably by voters by the way even by some of their supporters. >> the gap matters.
4:21 pm
the fact that she is less unpopular than him. our pollsters will say you are right. but at this point, look at the difference of those negatives. that matters. >> stay with us. we are just getting started. we are minutes away from poll closings in north carolina and ohio. we'll characterize those races for you when those polls close. decision night in america continues right here on nbc. around here, i'm lucky to get through a shift without a disaster. heads up! you know what, don't worry about it.
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my bargain detergent couldn't keep up. it was mostly water. so, i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated, so i get a better clean. i mean, i give away water for free. i'm not about to pay for it in my detergent. tide. number one rated. it's got to be tide welcome back. that clock is counting down 7:13
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of the next set of poll closings. 7:30 eastern closings. north carolina, ohio, west virginia. i want to go quickly to chuck todd right now. how late do you think north carolina is going to keep us? >> yeah, what are you doing thursday? >> oh, come on, no. >> between the senate race and presidential. could keep us up, i think north carolina is that close. it is a state with very few swing voters. that's what makes like the country right now. it is going to make unifying hard. it is why it is such a polarized state. let's not forget north carolina. hb 2. the last battle taking place tonight in north carolina. >> ohio is going to close. historic battleground state. how large does it loom right now? >> it is interesting here. hillary clinton can win the presidency without winning a ohio. and she would be the first democrat to do it since john kennedy. no republican has gotten to the
4:24 pm
white house without ohio. much more important path to 270 for donald trump than it is for hillary clinton. >> this is what we talk about, the idea that she came in with multiple paths. thinking she had multiple paths. >> she does. always, the atlantic seaboard has allowed her to essentially lose ohio, lose iowa, and still have various paths to 270. because of what is going on, the atlantic coast. >> polls close in 5:30. stay with us. polls are going to close in more states. including north carolina and ohio. our decision night in america coverage continues here on nbc. i'm nellea thank you for joining us for this local news update. >> you still have 4 1/2 hours to vote here in the bay area and all eyes are on new york tonight.
4:25 pm
both presidential candidates hosting campaign watch parties in the big apple. >> let's begin with raj mathai. >> thisstarted to change. as they project states to go to donald trump, a loud round of boos. as they project states for hillary clinton, a lot of cheers and the cheering is coming from right over my shoulder. these are all hillary clinton's biggest supporters. many of her friends from around the country. that includes several people from the bay area. we'll be chatting with these bay area hillary clinton supporters as the night progresses. for right now, the intensity is starting to pick up as the early returns are coming in. it's a much different vibe now from the javits center as it is for donald trump headquarters. let's head 20 blocks north of us. mark? >> reporter: every time you hear these boos, they're cheering here at the trump center.
4:26 pm
we are here waiting tonight to see what happens. but earlier today we were just a few blocks from here at ps-59. this is where donald trump walked in this morning at 11:00 to cast his ballot. he came in with his wife, melania. there's largely democratic crowd. people had waited 2 1/2 hours to vote at this particular polling place. and there was a smattering of boos as he walked in and a reporter said we've seen this surge of latino votes in florida. early voters coming in. he said wouldn't it be ironic if donald trump loses florida because of what he said on the very first day of the campaign? remember the speech when he came down the escalator and talked about building the wall and, well, we'll see what happens. reporting from new york, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, mark. here in the bay area, we've had an unusual problem at one of the polls. marianne favro joins live in san
4:27 pm
jose to explain what happened. >> reporter: burnt toast caused a fire alarm to go off here in this building. that forced more than 300 election workers and voters to flee the building. the fire alarm startled people and forced them to evacuate in mid vote. election staff also had to stop preparing ballots for counting and everyone headed into the parking lot. election staff said the ballots were locked up during the evacuation and were safe. 20 minutes later the building was cleared and everyone filed back in. most voters went back in and finished casting their ballots and just a reminder, if you still have not turned in your ballot, you have until 8:00 tonight. you can come here to this office in san jose and you don't even have to get out of your car. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. now, for the rest of the day the nbc bay area investigative
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unit has your back. if you experience any problems at the polls, we want to hear about it. you can call our tip line. 844-nbc-vote. you can also file a complaint online on our website. that's at >> remember, you still have time to get out there and vote. 4 1/2 hours left. we, of course, will be back with another local news update in about 30 minutes. >> a full election recap tonight on nbc bay area news at 11:00 and stay up to date with election results on all of our digital platforms. have a good afternoon, people. so i got your test results back and it does show an allergy to cat dander. there are options, but the most effective course of action would be to remove the source of the allergens.
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welcome back from our election center. 7:30 in the east. polls have closed in three states including two very important swing states. take you through them right now. the state of ohio. too close to call. at this hour. north carolina -- too early to call. west virginia, nbc news projects when the votes are counted, donald trump wins west virginia. a state where his message played well. it is coal industry has taken a beating. hillary clinton, made a misstep there when she talked about putting coal workers out of a job. trump goes, gets west virginia. as we look at the race to 270. we move done to the ice there on democracy plaza.
4:31 pm
map filling in. clinton with 3, 19 to trump. at this early hour. nicole wallace joins our panel now. i want you all to react to some numbers we are seeing coming in from florida now. keeping in mind all the polls have not closed there. but we are getting some raw numbers. what are you seeing as we put them up, chuck? >> i am seeing, look, we have got, 40% already of the vote in. all early vote here. but here's what's not in. we only half about 5, or 6, no precincts in broward county at all. barely anything out of miami. what you are seeing now, watching the map. clinton up a point. what that is, that's where the vote is currently coming in. if you see any gray there, means we have had zero vote in from there. all that is telling you is who is leading in the county. as you see there, obviously it's the south eeast corner where th population is, miami, broward, palm beach. you see no broward. that's if she wins florida, she
4:32 pm
is going to win it down in south florida. the fact that she has a lead right now in the raw vote, before we have anything out of broward county, you are going to have a lot of nervous trump people. and a lot of very, very, excited clinton people. >> nicole. let me ask you. even trump said florida was must win. but then down the stretch here we saw, let's go to michigan. looking for other paths and suggesting they might have them. do they exist? or is this a head fake we have seen? >> so even some of trump's closest advisers, by mid afternoon today were starting to talk about what if? what if donald trump hadn't engaged in a month long battle against the kahn family, what if donald trump hadn't taken so long and never properly apologized for access hollywood, and the what if, the answer to the what if -- what if he focused instead on a strategy that remade the map where his economic message, direct line into people experiencing economic despair in upper midwest what if they had a real campaign could have targeted voters and turned out voters.
4:33 pm
then it wouldn't be a lights out moment for them if they come up short in florida. call this the checkmate state. i agree with that. but this story if they've comep short tonight will be about a campaign that was, was not lost at the beginning. they had the potential to take his economic message. take his outsider message and turn some states that really haven't been available to republicans they could have taken that message in a concerted manner with real traditional. maybe boring in trump eyes. turnout operation. could have done boring things. they could have done some of the nonsexy things like take away twitter. i think what they will talk about if they come up short how they might have been able to remake the map so states like north carolina and florida weren't do or die for them. >> did donald trump have his finger on the pulse, tom, of what americans cared about? >> any number of people. he ran a brilliant campaign from the ground up at the beginning. but he continued to run through the general election like it was a primary. that the voter turnout was much different in the reality than what he was seeing in front of
4:34 pm
him. 60% of the people who voted for him today according to the exit polls and the surveys that the we did, thought he did not have the right temperament to be the president of the united states. these are paem weople who voted him. any number of republicans went to him, you have to shift gears, change, be different. he has a very strong ego. he knows how well he did. giving them the trump act from state to state to state. but he didn't shift the gear in time for the general election. and he is paying a price for that in some of the states so far. now it's not over by any means. but they have got to scramble to win tonight. >> to your point, he was on to something and in so many ways is remaking republican orthodoxy. here is a guy who is saying he is against, against the free trade agreements. where free traders were, that was an article of faith in the republican party. some of the foreign policy of the traditional republican party. he completely up-ends. so, it is because of some of those positions, he is opening up a path to rust belt states that had been going democratic.
4:35 pm
and yet, there is always the flip side of it. what he did, i mean to nicole's point. it wasn't over before it started. this is an if ne winnable race republican year, history is on the side of republicans. on the other hand when he had his first announcement speech, disparaged mexicans and kind of put the battle lines down. if we see in florida the hispanic vote goes up and that ends up being decisive, a lot of people will look and say, boy was that lost on the first day? at the announcement speech. >> one of the early piece of this drama we will be watching what is happening in florida. want to get around to battleground states now where our correspondents are in ohio. which we as we know the polls close here a short while ago. too close to call. we have got -- nbc's chris jansing and jacob saberoth in pennsylvania. first to ohio and chris. providing the drama, as it always does, chris. >> boy, does it. i can tell you both campaigns are holding their breath right
4:36 pm
now. look, the heart of the rust belt you were just talking about this. the union workers who have been really responsive to donald trump's message. on the other hand i'm standing in cleveland, in cuyahoga county. a place where barack obama won twice overwhelmingly where the clinton folks were down at end of early voting now. they had hoped that there would be lines long enough to keep this place open after 7:30. but as you can see, the doors close. no one is here. there is some nervousness on their side. and a lot of confidence, more so than, in other states. i am hearing front trump campaign. having said that, if they're able to pull it out, the clinton campaign, it is going to be about the ground game. today they did something really interesting. lester. they took 400 paid staffers out of the offices. put volunteers in. sent them out canvassing four times. they knocked on the door once. somebody wasn't home. they went back, a second time. they belief that ground game can make up, one, two, three points.
4:37 pm
that's what they're holding on to. thinking there is a chance they could pull out ohio, lester. >> all right, chris, thank you. >> jacob in pennsylvania. not a coincidence the clinton folks ended in pennsylvania. and we know as watching florida it would be critical to a donald trump path. describe what you have been seeing on the ground, jacob? >> there is no doubt about it. as to the reason that the president and the secretary were here in philadelphia last night. there were 1686 election divisions in the city of philadelphia, lester. perhaps this is the one with the longest lines in the entire city right now. this is the main polling location for temple university in north philadelphia. some of the young folks told me they have been in line, three, four hours. somebody came by and dropped by pizza for the students. the line snakes around this way. all the way around. through this area. and down under the overpass. down that way. i have to till yell you, lester. central to obama and clinton's
4:38 pm
strategy to winning the area. with philadelphia. drive up the margins particularly amongst the young people you are seeing right now that have been waiting on this line for hours and hours and hours. they could potentially close the margins that donald trump is running up in the center of this state in the areas between pittsburgh, and philadelphia. we will be watching this. polls close. all the people on the line down to the overpass are more than likely, in fact, are certainly going to be let into this polling place. lester. >> well they are well-fed. good to see. jacob, thank you. hallie jackson in the newsroom and a look at exit polling. hallie, fascinating stuff coming out of exit polls. what are you looking at? >> how people feel about the federal government? listen, people don't like the federal government according to early exit poll. 2/3 of folks are dissatisfied or angry. keep in mind this does not mean we are a nation of angry people. only 22% say they're actually mad at government. let's dive into that slice of the pie though. you can see that of the folks
4:39 pm
who are angry with government, an overwhelming majority of them, 75%, broke for donald trump according to this early data. donald trump has run a campaign trying to tap into that voter dissatisfaction. you are seeing some of that reflected in early numbers. want to switch gears and talk little bit about a key swing state, chuck brought up earlier in the night, north carolina and the gender gap. another theme we are following. take a look at this -- hillary clinton. of men, most of them went for donald trump. according to some of the early exit polls. but basically the flim of p of . most women went for her. double-digit gender gap in north carolina. part of the reason the state is so close. potentially, reflection of what we have seen this entire campaign. >> all right, nicole, pouring through exit polling data on your own. going rogue, what are you seeing in there? >> so, savannah, matt were kind of enough to let me follow the mom vote this cycle. a year ago, i sent a note. want to look at one group and
4:40 pm
determine whether a republican can win back the white house, watch the mom vote. the last time it was done, was george w. bush in 2004 was able to tap into the security mom, some call them nascar moms. it is impossible for a republican to win the white house without narrowing the gender gap. what i am looking at so far, it does not look like, trump is on track to do that in enough swing states? >> going to go to the map here. going to show one of the counties that have the moms in it. in virginia. >> moms are everywhere. >> they are everywhere. >> i will the moms that i will -- >> my mom. >> quickly. loudon county. how loudon goes, so goes virginia. obama won virginia last time. won loudon. seven points. look at right now. we got a quarter of the vote in loudon. basically, you know, college educated, a pretty high income county. sort of the next suburb out of arlington and fairfax and northern virginia. and she is up by 16 points. essentially doubling. now you know why they were
4:41 pm
pulling out of virginia. >> before the break, show me where we stand in virginia. too early with clinton leading. >> still early. not a tuchb voon of vote in her. here we go. show you here. here it is. so far most of the vote has come in from republican areas. you can see arlington. we have ♪ ♪ vote -- no vote at all. the strongest democratic areas have not really come in yet. only, like i said, i showed that loudon, you brought up that. i was stunned that already she has a double digit lead out there. we still have more vet to come in. >> we need to got to a break. invite you to stay with us. more states. more calls. our panel. the man who helped orchestrate bill clinton's campaign to win the white house, james carville will join us. decision night in america continues right here on nbc. >> announcer: decision night in america is sponsored by amazon
4:42 pm
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welcome back. democracy plaza here on election night. decision night in america. just keep in mind we are 15 minutes away from 8:00 eastern. we will see a slew of poll closings. 16 states plus the district of columbia. we're back now from our election center, joining our panel is a guy who knows what it is look to help a clinton win the white house. james carville. hey, james. >> little nervous tonight. feeling good. >> where are the clinton nerves right now. looking at the same data we are looking at. >> i do know this, turnout in brow ward, fort lauderdale, dade, miami. city of philadelphia are all eye-popping. now what i don't know is what the turnout is in trump areas. i do know the turnout in the clinton areas, johnson county, iowa city is, off the charts.
4:45 pm
boulder, colorado. college towns. i think the story at the end of this night if i guess is going to be the clinton ground game. the logistical thing that they put together in the amount of money that they did, these numbers are beyond anything like i think chuck or none of us, nicole, think right now. >> is that a gift? >> yeah, a lot of people. a trump gift too. had something to do with it too. >> funny you bring this up. yes, she ran against somebody who had no ground game. who did nothing. >> i understand. >> what would have happened if she had run against somebody with a ground game. you see what i mean? is this a very different election or not? >> when political scientists study this. we will ascertain what a ground game means. you're right. he has none. they have hundred of thousand of people. i think they said 3 million touches on saturday alone. but, i mean, you know, this is, some extent. you have to say this is democracy at work. people out knocking on doors. people standing in line. people bringing pizzas. there is something kind of, at
4:46 pm
some level, something american about this. >> james, if it works out the way you hope. she gets the presidency. the country is still badly fractured. >> absolutely. >> she is a known factor the everybody knows of her. on the other side they didn't like her very much. they're talking about a target rich opportunity in the congress of the united states. so what does she do right away if she wins. we don't know that. >> the one thing is. once she getsen offi ein office more popular. much more popular office holder than candidate. i think, that what she has got to do is acknowledge the fact that all of this trump voters, people, they have something to say. they want to be heard. and i think she has got, i think a lot of democrats say, you know these people are really hurting. they're trying to say something. you know, she should reach out, and say, you know, you were sending me a messagen't i heard that message. you came out. when i say we are stronger together. i hope she says when i say together i mean everybody. i don't mean to be just like. >> should she go to red states and listen? >> i think so. i think, actually do.
4:47 pm
i think before she is inaugurated. i would love to see her go to some parts that were, heavily, trump areas. sit and talk to people. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> no, i mean. >> i mean it. >> yeah, good place. >> it's not a -- not a bad idea. there are a lot of places she can go. i do think there are a lot of democrats that are like these are our people. this its why a lot of us became democrats. yes, we want to win the election. and we have a great coalition. but -- you know, these people are, they're screaming that they want to be heard about something. i think, you know, my guess is that, she gets it. i just really believe that. >> what are your thoughts on the comey factor? the polls didn't really detect anything. when you got to this notion of republicans coming home. there was, we had a ten day stretch there where all the bad news was pointed in her direction. >> right. it was. politics, have become so tribal. people have become so hardened
4:48 pm
by it. i was very glad on sunday when i was talking to somebody on the phone. said my god look what happened. it had, robbie mook, it helped fund-raising a lot. they had started to see some declines before that. you don't know. but it might have motivated a lot of democrats. you don't know that for sure. >> i think you are right. i think we have to unpack this after the election. what it did that is immeasurable. it changed donald trump. you can't tabulate that effect. >> he became focused. >> he became focused. described by sources close to him that it was like a thunderbolt. that it struck him for the first time in, in many weeks, or several weeks, that he could win this thing. he gave up his twitter. he read from a teleprompter. he did all that boring stuff that i talked about a couple of minutes ago. you can never, i mean, i think the polls are hard to decipher because this was a time in elections when peach party goes home to their tribes as you
4:49 pm
said. but, you can never measure what the effect is of donald trump being disciplined for ten straight days. >> by the way, every tim he was disciplined for ten straight days there was a coinciding rise in the polls. >> exactly. >> disciplined for ten days. stuff he did on announcement day. the stuff he did, that gets back in the cake. that makes impressions that last on people. you know. ten days of discipline. going to help some. >> james, curious, what does bill clinton think of losing the bubba vote? i say this because bill clinton's map in 1992, these were his people. >> i -- i am very reluctant to talk about conversationize have with president clinton. but he is not happy about it at all. i can assure you that it is a topic that, that gnaws on him. >> people in arkansas. >> some people he grew up with. >> some democrats say that look, our coalition is growing. their coalition is shrinking.
4:50 pm
which is dtrue. a lot of people in the coalition. >> i will interrupt you. we have got a call here in south carolina. nbc news projects when the votes are in, donald trump wins south carolina. chuck? >> not a huge surprise. it is the one state though in the southeast corner down there that hasn't moved into battleground territory the i can tell you there are a bunch of democrats there that think with time it could. >> look at, go down the map. where things stand on the electoral count. the race to 270. 33 for trump. 3 for clinton. the night is still early. the map barely filled in. but there you have it right now. play the threes right now in the -- on your lotto numbers right now. see if it hits before 8:00. >> not encouraging that behavior. want to point that out. all right. we are staying with us. and minutes away from the 8:00 p.m. our decision night in america
4:51 pm
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me. ♪ the plot about to thicken. 7:30 until polls close in 16 states and district of columbia. we have big wins here. florida, pennsylvania on there. this is where my friend chuck todd begins to salivate now. he looks at his map. tell me what you will focus on here. >> tell you, florida, florida,
4:53 pm
florida. the part that the polls are closing in, of course central time zone area there. i till you this. we have 71% in. clinton pulled the lead in statewide. here is your swing county of florida. as hillsboro goes in tampa. so goes the state of florida. she has a ten point lead here, you can see, still a lot of vot to covot -- of vote in hillsboro. quickly show you the spread in miami-da miami-dade. 30-point spread. see if there is hispanic surge for her. looks like it so far. but this is just early vote. we don't know what election day voting is going. >> if this goes to clinton. a lot of eyes will lock on pennsylvania. >> becomes he has to win pennsylvania and michigan. if he loses florida. he need pennsylvania and michigan. can't just get away with one of them. >> this comes back to the same area of the country. move up from florida. >> her power center. really, really could be interesting. but it absolutely could. the fact that virginia, florida,
4:54 pm
talking to robbie mook earlier. florida, virginia, pennsylvania. he said that's their backbone to 270. they think they're going to within all three. they think once they do it is checkmate for donald trump. >> we have big ones again coming up. 16 states. district of columbia. grab a drink. grab a snack. hurry back to the tv. 8:00 p.m. poll closings, moments away. a lot of important states. florida, florida, florida, chuck said. our decision night in america continues here on nbc. welcombk to r connuingcovege ofg welcome back, everyone, to our continuing coverage of decision 2016. i'm janelle wang. >> i'm jessica aguirre. polls are closer in california in three hours.
4:55 pm
until then, all eyes are on new york and east coast where polls are closing right now. i want to give you a live look at both campaign headquarters. on the left is donald trump's. on the right, hillary clinton's. that's the javits center where nbc bay area anchor raj mathai joins us. he's headlining our coverage for us. raj? >> reporter: within the last few minutes, the mood in this room started to change. they turned on the jumbo screen here at the javits center. as they predict states to go to donald trump, a loud round of boos. as they project states for hillary clinton, a lot of cheers and the cheering is coming from right over my shoulder. these are all hillary clinton's biggest supporters. many of her friends from around the country and that includes several people from the bay area. we'll be chatting with these bay area hillary clinton supporters as the night progresses. for right now, the intensity starting to pick up as the early returns are coming in. it's a much different vibe now from the javits center as it is
4:56 pm
for donald trump's headquarters. let's send it over to mark matthews who joins us from midtown manhattan about 20 blocks north of us. mark? >> reporter: it is unusual that we're so close together on election night. both candidates within a mile of each other. it's truly amazing. take a look at our colleagues here. this is just one of two risers that have been set up for all of the media here to cover this trump event. an enormous interest in this election. we talked today with voters who told us they are standing in line for 2 1/2 hours at a polling place where half an hour was the longest they ever had to stand in any other election. earlier today donald trump threw a little reception for some of his donors at trump tower, and we went over to take a look. i'm glad we did. take a look at this video. the new york police closed off all of fifth avenue on the block where trump tower is located and then they put dump trucks nose
4:57 pm
to tail all of the way down the street. the barricaded sidewalks and dump trucks together was nothing i had ever seen. to any presidential visit in san francisco, you would never see that much security, but we're seeing it tonight in new york city. reporting from the midtown hilton, it is trump headquarters this evening, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> an interesting sight to see. thank you, mark. for the rest of the day, the nbc bay area investigative unit has your back. if you experience problems at the polls, call our tipline, 844-nbc-vote and file a complaint online at >> three hours to go before the polls close. jeff ranieri, what's the weather outside for those voters? >> great over the next couple of hours. clear conditions. we'll see temperatures drop to 70 degrees by 5:00 p.m. in that last hour of voting possible numbers will go down to 63 degrees here. really great weather from the north bay all of the way down to the south bay. in terms of your long-range forecast, a quick update on this. dry weather stays all of the way
4:58 pm
through friday's forecast. the possibility of some clouds building on saturday morning with some isolated drizzle. really the next best chance of rain coming in our forecast will be by next tuesday. looks fantastic if anyone has that last-minute vote to count in the next couple hours. >> we'll be back with another local news update in about 30 minutes. >> we'll have a full election recap for you tonight at 11:00. you can always stay up to date with election results on all of our digital platforms. we'll see you in 30 minutes. >> have a good afternoon, folks. with a break like this, we could do a cast or surgery. whichever's faster. surgery means recovery time. a cast will get you back out there right away, but it's bulky. and can it take a beating? how did you break it again? roller derby. hip-checked. there's a rematch next week. snarling clementine has to be there. that's me. okay. so what color should the cast be? orange.
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we are back on this decision night in america. it is 8:00 in the east. one of the biggest moments of the night as polls have just closed in a slew of states. 16 in all and district of columbia. let's take you through where things stand right now. florida, we have been watching that raw vote come in. right now too close to call in florida. pennsylvania. another big one. battleground state. too early to call. pennsylvania too early to call. new hampshire. too early to call. now we have hey bunch of states here in which there are projected winners starting with alabama. we project that donald trump wins alabama. in connecticut, hillary clinton, the projected winner.
5:01 pm
delaware, will also go to hillary clinton. district of columbia to hillary clinton. illinois, her home state goes to hillary clinton. as well as the state of maryland. and massachusetts also in the clinton column. mississippi, we projected donald trump wins in mississippi. new jersey, to clinton. oklahoma the projected winner donald trump. rhode island, hillary clinton. and tennessee, donald trump. let's look at the count right now in the race to 270. at this hour, based on the projections, clinton stands with 75, trump with 66. 66 in the race to 270. now, a couple others we want to mention right now. we are watching -- maine. too early -- actually. looking at missouri up there. but too early. maine is too early. but, clinton is leading there in mississippi. no, sorry, that was missouri.
5:02 pm
sorry. my bad there. missouri was too early. we got trump is leading there. the colors begin to fill in. the race to 270. savannah guthrie. watch big senate races. >> yeah, promise you a cliffhanger. the democrats are trying to wrest control. they have a pick up. one seat into their corner. they need four if hillary clinton wins. tammy duckworth congress woman senator from illinois. displace the incumbent. mark kirk, widely believed to be the most vulnerable in come bencome -- incumbent. tammy duckworth. wounded warrior. mark kirk one of thepub -- republicans to distance himself, after trump questioned impartiality of a judge that had mexican heritage. one of first. as we have seen in so many senate races. tammy duckworth, the democrat in
5:03 pm
the race tried to tie kirk to trump as much as possible. a deep blue state. the president's home state. so not a big shocker. but, if you are keeping score at home, we hope you are, the democrats have netted one. >> lot's bring in now -- our panel. james carville remains with us. we welcome in friend, hugh hewitt, host of the "hugh hewitt" show on salem radio network. >> i am happy senator rob portman is re-elected. a campaign built on civility, hard nosed politics, james did when he first within a state race in pennsylvania. educate the the country about the opioid epidemic, takes more lives than cash crashes do. love the fact that he has gone back. good signs out of indiana for todd young. that would mean two new war veterans in the senate. senator-elect duckworth and senator-elect todd young both
5:04 pm
comb battle veteran combat veterans. >> good you brought that up. lost vietnam vets. gap with little military. >> jason kantur. >> tom cotton. >> dan sullivan. >> dan sullivan. now starting to see the new generation, tom. >> the fact is this generation -- very impressed with. because they have come back and they say we want to be involved in public life. they're doing it not just by running for office. but they have got all kinds of foundations going on. they're running off to south america, africa, got any projects going there. because they're mission oriented. they were trained so well in the military. they came back. they wanted to use the skill that they were trained with there. and my own hope is that we can expand that for young people, the same kind of military training that they get, you can do in public service and other ways as well. and give them something to shoot for. the millenials are going to be the fastest growing, most educate the. most entrepreneurial generation we have ever had in this country. and we don't want them on outside looking in. we got to get them into the system in some way. >> want to bring in.
5:05 pm
actually. interrump interrupt. kellyann conway. great to see you. >> hi, lester. >> tell me what it is like. you have done everything you can do. now you like the rest of the country are waiting. what is it like? what are you seeing in the numbers so far? >> high energy here. i just was with mr. trump on my way down here. he is watching the returns. and we have a whole digital and data war room, not atypical. we are getting many different inputs from all across the country. trying to piece together our 270. we feel really good about the fact that we have kept this race very competitive with a political veteran who many advantages and a ton more money than we do. and i just think that the movement that donald trump has built has been able to grow the party in a very different way, be more pro worker, little less elitist. frankly a part that really represents change and not the status quo, we haven't always been able to claim that mantel. >> you said florida is a must win. put up the florida numbers.
5:06 pm
show you. we have it too close to call. but clinton with a 49-48 lead. what are you seeing in the numbers does it worry you? is there a path without florida? >> we have seen the same thing with our internal polling in florida, lester, we never had donald trump or hillary clinton at 50% in any of the polls. that's happening. not because the other party candidates were growing their electoral vote. they weren't. their vote share was actually shrinking in the case of a jill stein or gary johnson in most states. it is really just how divided the country and the states are. florida is always a very tight, even in, in the year 2000, all came done to florida. when you look back, george w. bush had been the nominee for a couple year. cleared the field for him. he had the entire republican infrastructure behind him. all the elected officials. his brother was the governor of the state. he within by 527 votes. went all the way to the supreme court. let's remind ourselves how tight
5:07 pm
of a contest florida always is. we are hopeful as the the panhandle, closes they vote a whole extra hour because they're an hour behind time zone wise. that we will be able to catch up with her. hillary clinton thanked a big early vote in florida. but we saw that, mitt romney was losing early vote in florida by 167,000 votes or so. we cut that number almost in half to about 88,000. >> do you in vee henvy her grou? >> i don't envy much about her. i would say they have a so fi sophisticated ground game. running for president for eight years sense she lost last time. one could argue she should have put us away a long time ago. you have the ground game, all the money, all the king's horses, all the king's men, all the current sitting president who is incredibly popular and first lady incredibly popular, a former president who is popular just happens to be your husband, lots of celebrities. i think the great reluck tangs
5:08 pm
-- reluctance, to go there with hillary clinton, who says if i am one of 70% of americans who want change, take in a different direction, how can i vote for hillary clinton? are has been a great reluctance. >> we have a call in the senate race. marco rubio, projected winner in florida. what do you take from that? >> i think that's terrific. a great senator. and, florida is looky to have him. he would work very well with president donald trump. so, i'm glad he got back in the race. and i am very happy that floridians put hem ovim over th. >> kellyann. this is chuck. interesting to seat performance between donald trump and marco rubio in florida. basically overperforming you by three points. a good 150,000 votes more than donald trump. was rubio a help to you? is this a case where -- you're right now if you win this, rubio
5:09 pm
helped -- helped pull you across the finish line in florida? or how do you read it? >> well a great ticket to have trump rubio on the same ticket. ill tells people that they're two people who want to improve upon obamacare, they're two people who want to defeat radical terrorism, create economic growth, more jobs. and they're very similar in many ways. certainly policywise. we would hope, perhaps he can help us. i do, i back to an earlier point though, chuck, too. there are senate races, particularly governor races to night where we are running ahead of the candidates in the states. hasn't been a lot of talk about that. talk about the reverse many time. in the four states that have governor races in the last polls we were ahead of republican gubernatorial candidates. we look to think we are helping some of those. >> kellyann. great to have you on. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> katie tur at trump headquarters in new york. katie, what do you have? >> hey there, lester. spoke with a gop source in ohio, high level source tells me they believe it is going to go down to the wire in ohio.
5:10 pm
but they do have a bit of good news. they believe that donald trump didn't come in with such a deficit the way romney did in early voting. they believe that he could potentially make good numbers up in two counties. west ohio and -- the clinton team on the other hand, is also feeling quite good about the state. a state that donald trump visited 26 times. a state that he was leading with many, many of the polls to say that they started to feel very confident in. but now the clinton campaign is saying that they are feeling pretty confident as well. they're optimistic. they're saying that no one wins in ohio. without putting in the work. without a ground game. i spoke to my gop source. asked them. what sort of ground game did donald trump have in addition to the rnc. the trump campaign heavily relying on the rnc ground game effort. the source said, i have no idea. again a race that is very, very, very close. and that gop source believes it could go, so late into the night, that potentially they
5:11 pm
went be able to make a call tonight. maybe well into tomorrow as well. lester. >> all right. right now we have it down as too close to call. katie tur. thank you very much. talk about it if you can. republicans coming home you. were one that a few weeks ago you were calling for donald trump to leave the race. what transpired? >> well he didn't. i wanted him to withdraw. i think mike pence would have won easily tonight. he didn't. i voted for him. he is running. amazed to see donald trump wracking up states on the electoral college map that go down in history. never thought he had a prayer of getting nomination. never thought we would be talking about this tonight. he changed the issue set in the race. but he is running behind the senators. i want to go back to that. significant where there are portman is a lot ahead of him in ohio. rubio is called. put florida away. and, and todd young is probably doing better in indiana. mike pence. if dr. joe heck gets the same bump over donald trump in nevada that rubio got over donald
5:12 pm
trump, joe heck could be the next senator, dr. general joe heck in nevada. >> going to say interestingly enough. rob portman thought at the beginning that trump would help him. down in that corner of ohio. appalachia, comes together with west virginia and kentucky. and in the end, then, portman was helping pull trump. >> consider this, guys. there may be a presidential, somebody who ran for the presidential nom natiination whl be giving the victory speech tonight. marco rubio. >> interesting. maybe the only one who ran for president this cycle. >> the senate, getting back into the race as well. may have saved the senate for the republicans. >> little marco as he was called by the man who is at the top of the ticket. and, so it is sweet revenge for him. >> president obama went to florida. shamed marco rubio by name. how do you call some one in the primary, a con artist, and say you are supporting him. the direct quote from the president, come of on, man. marco rubio prevails. asking kellyann conway will we
5:13 pm
have coat tails for donald trump at the top of the ticket. >> we have seen nothing surprising or nothing significant in projections. i think that will change in an hour. i advise people to stick around. going to be different an hour from now. right now everything that we have seen is not surprising, imminently predictable. >> stay with us. a lot going on. we we'll check in. very interesting exit polls you will want to see our decision night in america coverage continues here on nbc. pizzas to france. oh hey! i'm just keeping the seat warm. but not for the president. for you! you can be president of whatever you want. like president of your own salon... i look good. or your kid's little league team...foul ball! or president of whatever this is! get the domains, websites, and 24/7 personal support to be awesome online. get your dot com domain at godaddy dot com. hey potus!
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5:15 pm
outside view of the crowd on democracy plaza on this big, big night. hallie jackson in the newsroom. she and her team digging into the exit polling. >> lester, here is what w >> no matter who ends up the president-elect of the united
5:16 pm
states half of americans are going to wake up with deep concerns about that candidate and that is what we're being driving voters to the polls. take a look. people who voted for hillary clinton, 20% of them voted for her because they didn't like donald trump. same goals for donald trump voters, nearly 30% of them voted for donald trump because they didn't like hillary clinton. that's three times what we saw in 2012. so you can call this the nose holders vote, somebody casting their ballot but holding their notes in doing it. key swing states are the first one, florida. these are the early exit polls, they're breaking more for hillary clinton, she is outperforming where barack obama was in 2012. donald trump underperforming where mitt romney was. i want to take a peek at ohio. specifically union voters. what we are seeing from these early exits is that donald trump's message on trade, on the
5:17 pm
economy, seems to be resonating and we see that here. back in 2012, more union households voted for the democrats. but donald trump has reversed that trend in ohio. he is appealing to more union voters. about half of them, outperforming hillary clinton by 6 percentage points there. interesting stuff given that donald trump's message throughout much of this campaign was aimed at working-class voters. >> nbc's kristen welker at the hillary clinton headquarters of the jacob javits center in new york, kristen? >> good evening. secretary clinton fighting to make history tonight. she's watching returns with her family at a hotel here in new york. her top campaign officials telling me they are feeling confident heading into tonight, feeling good about a robust ground game that they have built up. one official tells me they've knocked on 2 million doors today alone. they also feel good about the way that secretary clinton ended this race, one saying she ended
5:18 pm
it on the exact note that she was hoping to, arguing that she will be a unifying force if she is elected and talking about why she will be the most qualified president despite all of the divisive rhetoric and that e-mail controversy which dogged her to the very end. the states they're watching closely, michigan that reliably blue state where donald trump has been making serious way, north carolina, and florida. she's preparing two speeches tonight but hoping she'll deliver a victory speech. >> peter alexander at the hilton down the block. >> i spoke to a top source close to donald trump who tells me they're feeling very good right now, touting what he describes as epic numbers. the turnout specifically in white republican counties in michigan and new hampshire right now. this source close to donald trump is now predicting victory in states like ohio, iowa, north carolina, new hampshire, and the 2nd district of maine. gives you a sense of the confidence they have right now. they look at the lower than
5:19 pm
normal african-american turnout in places like michigan and north carolina that this think will have a benefit. bottom line this source says right now is i'm going to be realistic, you've got to be lucky but this race is going to be a lot closer than most americans may have thought. >> peter, thanks very much. run over to the map here. >> look, the turnout, the fact is everything has higher turnout. i'm going to give you an example of how trump territory is turning out in much bigger numbers. florida, hernando county, mitt romney won it by 8 points. you see the total vote over there. i'll show you here, the total vote as you can see, about 87,000 total on this. now let me take you to 2016. and our map here. i'm going to show you hernando now. all the vote is not in. plump is winning it by a whopping 29 points and there is more votes, that's good news.
5:20 pm
that is a big deal. let me take you -- >> so he's increased the number overall and he's getting 30% more of 10,000 new voters. miami-dade. 80% in. there's still 20% of the vote. add this up, you've got basically 1 million votes right now in miami-dade. they didn't top 900,000 during barack obama. she's winning by 30 points. barack obama won it by 24. the point is, good news for both of them. their bases are up. she is winning bigger among more voters. he is winning big among a smaller group of new voters. >> and our obsession with florida on election night continues. >> hernando, good news for trump. miami, great news for trump. >> a quick break but a lot more of our coverage. the race to 270 electoral votes well under way. our decision on the america coverage continues here on nbc. see me. see me. don't stare at me.
5:21 pm
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5:22 pm
we have got poll closings in another 7:30 or so. as we look at the map there on, on arkansas. will be the next poll closing. look at the map there. i want to talk briefly if i can, savannah, chuck, about every four years we are confronted with the way we elect presidents, this electoral college. the 270 number. florida put it in our face. and we always visit the idea. why do we do it that way?
5:23 pm
>> the constitution says so. that doesn't make it any less odd. for a lot of people watching the election and shows like ours. they're hearing about national polls. that's not how we elect a president in this country. as we learn distinctly in 2000. win the popular vote but not win the electoral college. so basically, our founders set it up. that each state has a certain amount of electoral votes. it's based on population. you have got to reach that magic number of 270. >> why you may not have seen candidates come to your state? >> it is. there is a bug in the system. you have an even number of electors, you can win in a tie. way too easy to win in a tie. ridiculous to create a constitutional crisis under that. >> lester don't get chuck started on the electoral college. >> used to be a big defender of it. i will tell you this. go explain it to somebody overseas. and when you no longer, the great american democracy, you can't tell them it is one person, one vote. it is like, well, it is, let me. you are just like by the time you are explaining what have i done. it is very difficult.
5:24 pm
when it is difficult to explain your own voting system to somebody overseas, maybe you need a new one. >> the playing field we have, right, james? >> look. it may not be the system we want. but the system we got. that's what we are going to have tonight. going to go through with it. >> that's huh we roll as we say. stay with us. polls about to close in the state of arkansas. bill clinton served as governor before winning the white house himself. we'll have that and more on decision night in america coverage right here on nbc. this is a decision 2016 update from nbc bay area. >> thank you for joining us for this local news update, i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm janelle wang. you have 2 1/2 hours left to vote. at 8:00 p.m. the polls close.
5:25 pm
the polls have shut in over a dozen states across the country. you're looking at two of the places where all eyes are on those returns. on the left, donald trump headquarters at a hotel in midtown manhattan. on the right, the javits center about two miles away where hillary clinton and her supporters will watch the results on this election night. >> back at home, a steady crowd of voters have been showing up at polling places all day across the bay area. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us live at the santa clara county registers office, a toast problem led to a problem for voters today, marianne? >> yes, jessica. burnt toast set off a fire alarm that forced more than 300 voters and poll workers to evacuate this building. and we were there when that alarm went off. [ alarm bells ] >> reporter: the alarm startled voters mid-vote. they joined election workers and
5:26 pm
evacuated into the parking lot. but staff said the ballots were always safe. >> the last people remaining in the building were actually our staff. and we made sure that the ballots were locked up safely before we left. >> reporter: 20 minutes later the building was cleared and most of the voters came back in and finished casting their ballots. if you still have not cast your ballot, you can come down here to berger lane. people lining up, they have been pouring through, hundreds of drivers dropping off their ballots at this box. this will remain open until 8:00 tonight. back to you. >> thanks for the update. running into my problems at the polls? our nbc bay area investigative unit has been hearing from local voters today. investigative reporter bigad shaban tells us what voters have been facing. >> we've been taking calls and e-mails from viewers all day. a breakdown of some of the
5:27 pm
problems we've been hearing about. east san jose a polling official called our investigative unit to let us know volunteers were campaigning for several candidates and handing out flyers too close to a polling station. a county inspector was sent to investigate. the problems with actual voter registration are what's behind most of the tips we're getting. some of you telling us despite registering to vote, your name wasn't listed at the polling station. also a veteran called to say he and other vets received an inpatient care at the va in san francisco are unable to vote. the va tells us counselors have been working for months to help register patients. for the rest of the night the nbc bay area investigative unit has your back. if you experience any problems at the polls we want to hear about it. call a tip line, 844-nbc-vote. file a complaint on our website at we'll be taking your calls and e-mails throughout the night. back to you. >> okay, thank you begad. the weather is cooperating.
5:28 pm
>> it has been beautiful all day long as you'll see in our weather underground sky camera network. sunset from tiburon to san francisco, looking magnificent. as you get a look with just over two hours left at the voting locations to cast your ballot, clear skies here at 7:00 p.m. and 63. then eventually by later on tonight we'll drop down to 58. in terms of that long range forecast, we stay dry all the way through friday. possibility of a little bit of drizzle by saturday morning. we'll have more updates at >> okay, thank you, jeff. we'll be back with another local news update in 30 minutes. >> see you then. you're 9 hours and 45 minutes into your quest. and the silver sword of garmúz is finally within reach. but now the one who needs an energy-orb is you. well good news. because jack in the box now delivers through doordash. so you can get all your favorites delivered right to your door. like my sriracha curly fry burger, with two tacos, halvsies and a drink. all in a munchie meal. saving the universe is hard.
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5:30 pm
we are back with more coverage. we have a call to make. this is control of the house of representatives. nbc news projects that republicans will retain control of the house of representatives. now quickly take you outside. where we have got a call from the state of arkansas. and as we move up the building, nbc news projects that donald trump will win in the state of arkansas. of course the state that hillary clinton was for many, many years the first lady. we're back with our panel right now. and, chuck, you are going over --
5:31 pm
>> nicole and i. >> he is -- you can tell. >> that's right. >> she worked in florida before she worked for president bush. back in, back in the day when we were both young bucks. we were just both sitting here, what's out in florida. 91% in. i think trump is leading by 60,000 votes. and -- we're both noting, like why is the clinton kaccampaign feeling good, and trump not feeling good. what is out. gainesville has then't come in. college town. you have a lot half of the broward vote hasn't come in. half of palm beach. and 15% of miami-dade. and as we showed you, she is winning miami-dade by numbers that are landslide like for miami-dade. >> why do we care so much about florida? because for trump it is a, close to a must win as there is. it's not that he can't put together 270 votes without florida. becomes exceedingly difficult. >> for me it is deja vu.
5:32 pm
>> ptsd. look at tom. i can't go there. >> talking about. >> you have seen the movie. >> florida, florida, florida. at one point. bill dalien one ear, karl rove in the other ear on the phone saying what is going on. if you don't know. how do i know? >> back to 2000. >> florida, florida, florida. the late tim russert, miss on nights like this. >> could be. >> the bigger story is both, both bases came out. you know, the fact is everything came out. it just may be she has a bigger base. >> and just a record keep now. ohio too close to call. florida, too close to call. pennsylvania too early to call. so those are big ones hanging out there right now. we want to go to andrea mitchell. hillary clinton headquarters here in new york. are they -- are they feeding into any of this. watching these numbers, the way we are? >> you can imagine how much they're watching it. boiler room, war room, looking over at peninsula hotel. few blocks from here. both clintons have now weighed in on the speech that they hope
5:33 pm
they will be delivering. two versions as we said. one is a victory speech. and the so speech writers were in, in the hotel. with both bill and hillary imagine having both editing your speech. now the speech writers are going back to work making some changes. so we have all been edited by editors and producers. pretty high powered team of bill and hillary clinton editing. the thing to report is that my democratic sources, this is not campaign sources, these are democratic party source in michigan telling me, they're getting a little nervous in michigan. because the democratic areas of detroit and flint are not showing the kind of vote that they had wanted to see. obviously early. but raining. they're a little worried about this michigan could be tight. as you know. both hillary clinton and donald trump were there yesterday. it would be far more important for donald trump's path, his, he really wants to flip a blue state. not critical for clinton. but of, still like to win michigan. they lost it as you know, in a
5:34 pm
surprising upset by bernie sander, trader to a big factor there against clinton and for trump. lester. >> andrea. thank you. joining us from clinton headquarters, former michigan governor, jennifer granholm. great to have you on. >> great to be on. >> watched you on msnbc, earlier today, you couldn't wipe the smile off your face. >> i know, it is democracy. >> earlier now, you are starting to see raw vote totals, watching florida, how is your level and campaign level of confidence right now? >> i think we feel really good. because as chuck was saying, there are still huge sectors of electorate that have not come in. a lot of that, are our people, whether it is broward county, or, you know in michigan. as you know in many of these states. that we count on. a lot of the urban areas come in later than the rural areas. so we are feeling really good still. >> all right. now, we talked about florida being a must win. that is according to the trump
5:35 pm
folks. but without it he may, made you defend pennsylvania. look where the clinton cam ppai ended yesterday. how do you feel about pennsylvania? >> good about pennsylvania. in fact, we think -- between pennsylvania and virginia, and north carolina. again, it is still early. you have got to see the rest come in. we are feeling really good about the ground game we have mustered. what we are hearing on the ground. anecdotally, and in the numbers. we know what is out there the everybody just take, on my side, take a deep breath. it is going to be okay. and by the way, can we not all just celebrate that it is record turnout in democracy. people really love this country and care about it. >> come on something has to be making you nervous right now, what is it? >> michigan always makes me nervous. because that's my, that's my state. and i am concerned about the numbers in detroit and flint. but i do know that a lot of that
5:36 pm
is made up for by the very large, for exam pull, arab-american community that is in michigan and deerborn. president clinton visited. there is huge turnout in that community. if there is a diminution in votes in detroit, we have made up for it, i think with the votes in the arab-american community, the latino community, and frankly we had banked, 50,000 of the absentee votes. so we still, i mean, still close. closer than anybody wants it to be. but i feel very good about michigan anyway. still makes me nervous though. >> governor, always good to talk to you. >> until it is in. >> thank you for joining us. savannah, senate call here. >> state of indiana, deep red. republican hold for the senate. we have congressman young todd young going to the senate, evan b bayh, former senator from indiana, vying to got his seat back. what an interesting story. because, this is -- a case where it is really not expected to be
5:37 pm
a battle ground. for a moment it seemed it might be. because of the strength of evan bayh's connection to the state of indiana. lot of democrats were excited. hey, maybe make this competitive. >> -- an outsider? >> too much of an insider. way too much insider. somebody who lost his indiana roots. somebody who barely had an address in indiana. >> couldn't remember the correct address. got a court avenue confused. >> deep indiana roots. it wasn't enough. so we see that indiana hold. that's a red state. stays that way. doesn't alter our ultimate senate map. we have one democratic pickup on the record i believe. so far. but one of the races we were closely watching, it had potential to be competitive. >> interesting thing about, young/bayh, got whipsawed by his prior job. working for the u.s. chamber of commerce. came out against him. been away a while. assumed he would go back. >> he is a democrat from another era. >> okay. a centrist democrat that just didn't fit this democratic
5:38 pm
party. he thought, "oh, look, donald trump is unpopular, maybe i can sneak back into the senate." >> never forget when he left the senate he, he penned this op-ed. you and i were covering the white house then if i don't love congress. i think there are better ways to serve. here in 2016. trying to get back in. no dice. >> no dice. >> mentioned karl rove. this is don rumsfeld's known/unknown. republicans hearing from all over the country. fearing cheered by the senate seat and marco rubio and down ballot races. >> hallie jackson and exit polling and what women voters are saying. hallie something we continue to focus on in the race. >> lester, started talking, a year and three month as go. the first primary debate for republicans. the first question to donald trump about his comments about women. here on election night. take a la look. 51% of voters across the country are bothered a lot by donald trump's treatment of women. watch what happens to this
5:39 pm
purple section of the pie when we dive into how this breaks out. of those voters who say they were bothered a lot, look at how it breaks down. eight in ten say they voted for hillary clinton over donald trump. not particularly surprising when you look at the fact that they say they're bothered by women. certainly notable that hillary clinton made her closing argument, part of it on trump's treatment of women. and for these voter, lester that is something that has resonated. >> i want to continue on what you are talking about. kate snow joins us from king of prussia, pennsylvania. talking with women voters. kate. >> hi, lester. we are in the collar counties outside of philadelphia. the suburban county. outside of philly. and these counties since 1976, have really predicted the way the state of pennsylvania will, will go. so that's why we are here. we got a lot of trump supporters here. behind me. wanted to talk to a few women over here. all hillary clinton supporters. if i can barge in for a second.
5:40 pm
jennifer, you voted republican until recently. today you voted for hillary clinton. >> definitely. >> why? >> because she is -- knowledge bum. the most qualified canned date running for office. and i agree with a lot of things she stands for. >> we were talking about the exit polling. a lot of it is showing that women, many women were turned off by donald trump. is that part of what, what motivated your vote? >> definitely. i think that the derogatory things he said, and to the media, have been like repulsive. and also, reproductive rights are important to me. off a sheila and vicky, wearing white and lace, what's that about? >> callout to the suffragettes who called for the original women's votes. such an historic day having a female candidate for a major party. we wanted to kind of recognize that. >> if she wins tonight, you told me you are in your 30s. you are millenials. what does that mean for you if hillary clinton pulling this off? >> it is just such an important
5:41 pm
event. i've will be so impressed if she wins and so happy. because of what i value. and, she really -- you know, epitomizes that and can speak well on that. just an incredible candidate. >> thank you guys so much for sharing a little bit. appreciate it. you know, lester the thing is, as i said, these counties really can be important in the way that pennsylvania goes. we're checking in with all the offices here in terms of the four counties. turn out does seem to be pretty high according to both the democrats that i talked to and the republicans that i have talked to. talking long lines. i just talked to the delaware county, chair of the democratic party who thinks they're going to be counting votes here for a long time. after the official poll closing. polls closed here at 8:00. they think there are people in line, lester. they may be at it until late, late tonight. >> yeah, suspect so. kate snow. thanks again. pennsylvania. too early to call. we'll take a quick break. check in with more of our correspondents. fan out across key battleground
5:42 pm
states. what they're seeing and hearing on the ground. when our decision night in america continues here on nbc. alexa, where's the nearest jewelry store? [alexa]: i found one 3.2 miles away. alexa, wikipedia wolf spider. [alexa]: wolf spiders are robust and agile hunters with excellent eyesight. alexa, how many minutes are in 18 years. [alexa]: there are 9,460,800 minutes in 18 years.
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5:44 pm
as we come back to our election center from a break. election center from a break. watching maurk ing marco rubio, comments to the crowd with his family. we'll men toonitor that. chuck todd has moved over to the map here.
5:45 pm
he is trying to figure out where things stand as we await states. >> a little bit. we need to remind people here, virginia, we moved too close to call. now, the numbers have been creeping up. still a lot of northern virginia vote still to go. as you know, loudon, as loudon goes, so goes things. that's the good news for clinton. but as we told you, and i want to make sure see if i get campbell county here just right. get this just right. this was a question whether he would do well with evangelicals. the numbers are big for trump in trump territory too. those two. nicole you were sharing with me. steve shales who ran florida for obama in '08 and '12. everybody's vote totals have been shattered in the state of florida. record turnout in florida in the red county and in the blue counties. now we'll see how this balances out. explains why, we are seeing, some of the battleground states. virginia was something that a lot of people felt, she is doing
5:46 pm
well in northern virginia. he is doing well in trump country. >> all waiting with bade ed breh for when polls close in michigan. clinton folks were rushed in to defend what they felt was a sizable lead. kevin tibbles, a trump watch party in grand rapids. how are they feeling tonight? >> listening to you, lester, talking about how michigan all of a sudden seems to come into play here. people here in western michigan which is where grand rapids is, you are right that hillary clinton campaign had to come in here yesterday. but of course, being a gop rally here this evening, they were all out after midnight last night. because donald trump made one of his final stops here. grand rapids all of a sudden is on the map with regards to this election campaign, lester. they were also listening to the fact that, in the democratic areas, in and around detroit
5:47 pm
people are saying the turnout was not very good. while here in western michigan, which there are very strong republican pockets, like the one i am speaking to you from, they're saying the lines were down the street when they got there this morning. they are very sort of encouraged by what they -- say, they saw on the streets here in michigan today, lester. >> all right, stay in the middle east -- middle east? the midwest. kevin, thank you very much. kelly o'donnell. paul ryan's headquarters in jamesville, wisconsin. midwest. hey, kelly. >> good evening, lester. this is unusual. house speaker, paul ryan is in the room here. he is over my left shoulder milling about with some of the guest whose have come to his headquarters tonight. for paul ryan, really a three-level night. his own house race which he expects to win easily, kind of a position for the future of the party. will he be and continue to be the highest ranking republican in elected office. of course, if donald trump were to win that would put him in the
5:48 pm
second spot. and what happens next for the congressional majority? it is expected the house will hold its majority. what will happen on the senate side. and how will congress have a partnership with the new president whomever that is. but it is a bit unusual. i guess it is a since of how paul ryan expects his own personal night as a candidate to go. he is here in the room. greeting supporters. hugs directly behind me. talking with folks who have been a part of his life here in jamesville. i am told he will speak fairly early this evening. reflect on his own race. not wait for the whole night to resolve itself. he'll have plenty to say about all that in the next few days. lester. >> paul ryan. and what his future is like. no matter how the thing shakes out tonight. >> nobody gramled more publicly or painfully with their endorsement of donald trump than speaker ryan. people who were long-time, paul ryan, staffers and advisers and sort of, had, had come into and
5:49 pm
out of the presidential race in '12, romney ticket, reamend ama advisers hoped he would take a stand against a nominee many establishment republicans thought stood for everything that paul ryan had worked for. paul ryan is one of the architects of modern conservative policymaking. he is an expert on the intricacies of budget making and conservative solutions for education and poverty. whatever you think of the idea, he is one of the chief architects for the conservative thinkers group. when he endorsed donald trump it was a set back to the never trump wing of the gop, which at that pin the h that point had unrealistic expectations. he has the job of being the top wrangler and the gop caucus was pro trump. reality he is dealing with whether trump wins or loses. a lot of rumors, just rumors, sort of an undercurrent, additional anxiety for all of us hand wringing establishment
5:50 pm
republicans that he may be in a little bit of jeopardy in terms -- >> another thing. especially the other thing about speaker ryan is that he has not given up his own presidential aspirations. that had to be a conflict in his mind. play the part of leader of the house republicans, try to keep that intact. same time, keep his eye on the far horizon. if trump does go down, then he is obviously going to be the front-runner. if trump wins tonight, would we still believe there is a possibility that he could do that. then, paul ryan has got a handful of trouble. not just with the people who are in the house with him. but with the new president of the united states. as well. >> don't you think he has trouble no matter who wins tonight. >> no win proposition. >> it is. if trump loses there will be a lot of people who look hard at paul ryan and other establishment republicans, saying where were you if you had been more enthusiastic for our nominee maybe we would be having a different result tonight. >> paul ryan maybe has the worst job in washington. >> the worst night for him. this tightness.
5:51 pm
>> we are going to take a break. a lot coming up. in a moment take a lay of the land. where does the map stand? which states are still in play? which poll closings are upcoming. stay with us our decision night in america coverage continues here on nbc. changes to make things right. first, all customers who have been impacted will be fully refunded. second, a confirmation will be sent when new personal or small business checking, savings or credit card accounts are opened. third, we've eliminated product sales goals for our retail bankers to ensure your interests are put first. we're taking action. we're renewing our commitment to you.
5:52 pm
>> 7:30, more polls closing. arizona. new mexico. more on the latino vote. want to go downstairs right now.
5:53 pm
jolene kent out on democracy plaza. a pretty sizable crowd now, watching our coverage, watching these numbers come in. jolene. >> lester, that's right. out here on democracy plaza, where situation here is very electric. i want to take you through the crowd here. show you some of the voters. we have a lot of clinton voters over here. we have trump supporters behind us. what we find is about, 50% of this country, 60% of this country believe that this country will be divided when we wake up tomorrow. and so, this is an area. oh, oh no. we have got a voter from arkansas as well. lester, what we want to till you is, yeah, right here. okay. so here in democracy plaza. a lot of action. a lot of voters from all over the country here. and we'll send it back to you in studio. >> jolene. thank you. if you are in the neighborhood come on down. democracy plaza. big tv's there.
5:54 pm
be careful when you walk. we mentioned this coming hour -- arizona, new mexico. still watching florida. >> want to show you really quick. florida. less than 100%. 100,000 votes. georgia don't have a lot of vote in. north carolina, you can see here, clinton narrowly ahead. still a lot in. and virginia too close to call. wow. the backbone states of the battleground are all too close. >> help you didn't make a dinner reservation. going to be here a while. >> we are going to be here. >> ]. fast. >> polls about to close, minutes from now. a lot of news to got to. don't want to miss a this is a decision 2016 update from nbc bay area. >> welcome back, everyone, to our continuing coverage of decision 2016. i'm janelle wang. >> i'm jessica aguirre. let me show you a live picture of the santa clara county registrar's office where people
5:55 pm
are still dropping off their ballots into that locked box right there. they're cutting it close. now just two hours away from the polls closing. you can see there's still a line of cars. from the west coast, we go to the east coast to the jaf vit centers where nbc bay area anchor raj mathai is headlining coverage from hillary clinton campaign headquarters. >> good evening from new york city. we are at the jaf vits center in midtown manhattan. the energy level continues to rise and so do the supporters of hillary clinton. it's a vip invite only guest list. you can see hundreds of them are on the convention floor here. among the big-time supporters is the bay area's own jeff bly, attorney in san francisco, former ambassador to australia. it's expected according to our sources if hillary clinton wins tonight that he'll be at least offered a role in the clinton administration. we chatted with him a short while ago. >> we're all on pins and needles. we don't know what the vert is until the american people vote
5:56 pm
and they decide. we've got hours and hours of this. i'm just trying to keep myself occupied. i've been running around all day. >> we'll all be waiting for a long time. it's not just jeff fleisch. there are a lot of other bay area residents here in new york city and possibly could be asked to be part of a clinton administration. so that's the latest from here. now about 20 blocks north of us, nbc bay area's mark matthews joins us from donald trump's headquarters. mark? >> good evening, raj. a big crowd gathering here at the midtown hilton. very excited and tense also, watching the returns come in from florida. let me show you people lined up outside to vote that we saw in new york today. huge crowds. people are telling us that it was triple the number of people that are coming out to vote in this election. and down in florida we are also seeing very long lines. particularly among latino voters. tonight i talked with a couple of well-known trump supporters,
5:57 pm
lynnette hardaway and rochelle richardson. you've probably seen them at trump rallies opening the crowd, talking up donald trump before he speaks. i asked them what the turnout in florida particularly means for donald trump. >> i think it helps him. i think it helps him. immigrants of this country that did it the right way, they want everybody else to do it the right way. >> if they did it the right way, everybody else should do it the right way. i think it helps donald trump. >> we're looking at a live picture of trump supporters gathering here watching the returns. the story from florida, well, it's the whole enchilada. if trump wins florida, he's well on his way. if he loses florida, it's hard to see a path to the white house. reporting from new york, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, mark. the early election results and opinions are flying around social media at a breakneck pace. >> scott budman is here. all eyes on that second screen tonight. >> absolutely, janelle and
5:58 pm
jessica. it's going to be that way all night. let me show you data from twitter headquarters. this is showing the number of tweets that we've seen through the day. as the polls are starting to close, more people are starting to tweet. we're seeing the volume just go up and up and up. the second map that we've gotten from twitter, a little messier, it shows where the tweets are coming from geographically. the east coast polls, we're starting to see a lot of those shut down. we're seeing most of the tweets there. as our polls close, we'll start to see more out here on the west. back to you. >> thanks, scott reserve another update in about 30 minutes and a full election recap tonight at 11:00. how an allergy to cat dander. there are options, but the most effective course of action would be to remove the source of the allergens. he's got a name. it's herbert. as long as you live with herbert, you're going to have the respiratory symptoms. and i'll have the joy that only a kitty cat can bring. okay, well there are some things we can do to minimize the impact. allergy shots, a nasal steroid...
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we are back now from our election center here at 30 rock in r new york city. it's or9:00 in the east, 6:00 i the west. polls have just closed in 14 more states. take a deep breath as we take you through it. nbc news projects hillary clintonct will win in her home state of new york. and now we have a slew of trump calls starting with texas. trump is thes. projected winner. in kansas, trump wins. louisiana, trump is the projected winner. nebraska, donald trump. we project that north dakota will go to donald trump as well as south dakota and wyoming, all those in the trump camp.
6:01 pm
let's look at the 270 now, the race to 270. here's where they stand. donald trump at 137 electoral votes. hillary clinton with 104, based on those b projections. some other places we're watching, michigan, we've talked about how close things are, too close to call right now. arizona, another important state where clinton has made some ground up, too early to call. colorado, too early. minnesota, right now we have it listed as too close. moving over to new mexico right now, too early but clinton leads in new mexico. andco finally, wisconsin, wheree visited in the last half hour, it's too early to call. take a look again now at florida. florida is too close to call. look at the. numbers there. very, very close. a differenceos of roughly 140,0 votes. >> we will not call this before tonight. >> you think florida will keep us from -- >> we will not call this tonight.
6:02 pm
please put up the ohio board because the margin, it's so ridiculously tight that it's sort of emblematic of the battleground states right now. >> 2700 votes. >> 2700 votes there in ohio. still a lot of vote out there but 37% reporting. iin feel that that 2700 tells y, virginia, which we'll be here a while, north carolina -- >> let's look at north carolina. all right. 3700-vote difference right there in north carolina. >> and that'sor with 3 million votes cast so far. >> the bottom line is, turnout has been shattered on both basis. we've been telling you this. blue counties, red counties. >> and there's the red and blue states as they stand right now based on the projections. joining our panel is eugene robinson, political analyst with "the washington post." what do you want to say about all ofy this? >> ?gee, what can you say? we're going to be up for a
6:03 pm
while. >> we have talked soo much in te last several weeks, the last several months that the polls have been relatively stable in all of this. > the polls were relatively stable thatel showed hillary clinton with a lead but a slim lead and things could break either way and what we're seeing tonight is what we've been talking about all year, how divided the country is, how acrimonious may not be the right word but it's close. this election was -- >> those are the states that trump hast won so far. >> to the extent to which it was a base election and now we see both bases totally mobilized. >> we use that word split but you're talking about people seeing throughe an entirely different set of lens. i mean, we covered the political conventions and we heard two just incredibly different visions of this country. >> you know, i had a really interesting observationll comin from the trump campaign a couple
6:04 pm
days ago where he said, you know, it's funny, we never are in the same place even when we're in the same state, meaning the clinton people and he goes, i've never been in a race where there's one voter they are fighting over. >> exactly. >> it was not that. they were fighting between voters whoht were thinking abou voting and not voting. that's what we're seeing here, is sort of a balance by extreme. >> but that's the difference between where d the traditional battleground was. i mean, everything you learned in politics is, okay, in the primaries you're going for the base but in the middle it's the swing voters and we're all trying to persuade the same people and this didn't just start with thisus year but it's really about turning out your base, getting the most number of people who support you to these polls. and just to do polls 101, yes, we've seen remarkable consistency in the poll and, chuck, back me up here, one thing polls o need to do is mak ane educated guess about who wil actually show up and that's the x factor tonight.
6:05 pm
>> the other x factor is -- and we've said this all along -- it's a country that's not deeply in love with d either one of the candidates so they were moving back and forth a lot, especially in the last week or so, we saw hillary clinton way out in the polls and then comey makes his original announcement, he goes down, and then he makes the announcement on sunday and she seems to be making a comeback in the last 48 hours and then as we're seeing tonight, something that looks to be very tight as we go deeper into the hours and a lot of people thought that we would have to. so i think it's a real manifestation of the country saying it's got to be one or the other, i'mo not sure it's goin to make a big difference to me. they are theirme core groups. donald trump has his passionate supporters. so doess she. the bulk of the country is still angry and the big issue for most americans is change, shake it up, how are we going to change this country to get itng workin again and neither one of them has been able to deliver on that in a persuasive way.
6:06 pm
>> let's go to florida right now. kerry sanders is and things are tight there, kerry. >> reporter: they are really hanging on to the edge here. we're here at the darren soto election headquarters and he turns out to be the first puerto rican-american elected, a lot of latins have supported him who have since w moved to the unite states. for those looking at the different hispanic groups who may have influence today, remember, puerto ricans are born with a u.s. b pass board, they comehe to the united states, if they decide to live here, they can register to revote. it turns out that there's been a swell of a hispanic votes in th state. it's too close, as you know, to call whether this is going to be a donald trump victory or a hillary clinton victory but the folks that i spoke to here just a short time ago said that they are going to be crying.
6:07 pm
they will either be crying tears of happiness if hillary clinton wins in this state or they'll be crying tears of sadness if donald trump i wins. that's just a snapshot in one room in florida but a lot of people hanging on the edge right now. as chuck todd said, it's going to be ang long night before we know which way florida's going. >> i'm looking at the map right now and 92% is in. chuck is at that map right now. where are the remaining votes going to come esfrom? >> i'm looking here. right now,. if you're the clintn people, you're very happy about broward county. there still appears right now this isow only early vote that essentially was dumped in. we expect about another 400,000 out of there. if she wins that by 40 points the way she's winning its here,i don't know if that quite makes up the gap. there is some miami-dade vote. not a lot.t. this has already shattered records here. there's still another 10% of the vote out. there's already moret. total vo
6:08 pm
in miami-dade county than we saw before. let me take you to hillsborough. this hasgh tightened up. it's clinton plus six. obamasi won it by a point. so this is something here to keep an eye on. soon look, there's a chunk of ve down here in south florida. but there's still a lot of trump country. here and it's so -- you can't sit here and say for sure, look, it's about 135,000 difference right there. i think she can get 100 out of it out of south florida. can she find another 36,000 somewhere else? we'llwh see. let me take you, by the way, to virginia. this is going to look very familiar to folks because we essentially have 68%. if you followed the virginia governor's race or obama/romney, she's closing the gap as the vote a totals come in. this is the big one. fairfax county, very little vote.
6:09 pm
we have still something like 80% of the vote still to come80 in. it's going to be a big clinton county. this iss likely enough to put hr over the top but i can tell you this, we've been here before, brokaw brought up jim webb to me. it took until fairfax county until jim webb won the race and fairfax was counted until mcauliffe won. the pointwo is, until we see northern virginia vote, that is why this thing -- and i tell you, virginia looks like it's back smack in the battleground and those bigtl leads were essentially a myth. >> andrea mitchell is at hillary clinton'sil headquarters here i new york where the crowd is certainly taking this in. there's been a lot of confidence at the clinton camp but there's got to be fingernail biting right now. >> reporter: you're right. terryt. mcauliffe is the govern for virginia.
6:10 pm
tim kaine, former senator as the running mate. they actually took money out of virginia, advertising. they were that solid,ad they thought, in virginia. this is going to be as close as it looks like it's going to be, that's not good news for them. broward county is their big hope. i was just talking to a top clinton official here who said we are s still waiting on browa, there's more votebr to come in t florida is obviously that close. north carolina, they did get a break in that the county board in durham county extended voting hours when there wasg some votig problems there. that's part of the research triangle where they knew they had a t solid vote to come in. still hoping on north carolina. michigan is making then nervous, not getting the vote out of flint. this thing is getting so close. you justlo showed the numbers i ohio as well. all of the information at your fingertips, you reported nebraska, the projection for
6:11 pm
nebraska for trump and i checked. that's four out of five congressional districts. warren buffett mades. a promiseo hillary clinton when he endorsed her. he said, i am going to deliver omaha because nebraska is like maine where two congressional districts are counted separately. he said he's going to go door to door today in omaha turning out the vote. i wante to know what happened with omaha. is it going clinton or too close to c call? >> andrea, as you were speaking, we were running the numbers. cannu we go back to michigan? is it a double-digit difference here? 71. 7171 and that's 12% in. 16 electoral votes at stake in michigan. the trump folks forcing the clinton folks to try to defend michigan and it's going to provide a certain amount of drama. katy tur, before i go to you, i want to bring in ohio. the word is. ohio is going to b crazy close and that's what it appears to be right now.
6:12 pm
trump right now with a lead and the difference of 162,000. katy has been covering the trump campaign from the very start and joins us now. what's the feeling inw. the roo? >> reporter: well, the feeling in the roomhe is obviously very exciting, as you can see behind me. the feeling atd trump headquarters and trump tower is very upbeat. they believe the longer this night t draws out, the better i is for them. you were talking about a few states that they've been paying close attention to. virginia, interestingly, for it to be close is quite interesting because the trumpes campaign pulled out their efforts about three weeks ago and if you can hear me y better with the stick mike, pulled out their efforts from virginia three weeks ago. if it's close there, they are certainly going to feel good about that. ohio they put a lot of focus on. the gop believes it's going to be down to the wire in ohio. potentially they say they won't be able to call until tomorrow. but also michigan. that's the state that the trump campaign is really looking to after they get to their core four. that's's florida, north carolin ohio and iowa.
6:13 pm
if they lockwa those up, they a going to look towardshe michiga. it's a state that they've been to 13 times since the convention. three times in this last weekend alone. it's where donald trump essentially ended his campaign.n he took the stage there at 12:30 this morning to a packed room of thousands of people that were stille streaming in as donald trump arrived. he left a little bit after 1:00. they believe that his job's message is going to cut across all demographics in michigan. they believe, chalso, that the african-american vote is not going v to turn out for hillary clinton in the same way that it turned out for barack obama. and they are saying to me that they have seen record turnout in a couple ofn towns in gop counties. they are pointing to that as a very good sign. they also are believing that there is flat turnout in flint, michigan. so the camp -- the trump camp is feeling quite upbeat now. they are n cautiously optimisti but feel that they have a chance to pull this off.
6:14 pm
lester? >> katy tur, thank you. let's go to ohio. chris jansing is in cleveland watching that very tight race. chris? >> reporter: yeah. and both sides are very nervous, i can tell you this right now, and both feeling like they have an opportunity here. if you're going to watch what's going on,t' you've got to look where i'm standing, which is in cleveland. i spent the day at a polling place p there. it was very telling. there was a burst around lunchtime but in the morning when you would expect a lot of people, later in the day when you'd expect a lot of people as folks go home from work, there was not a big turnout. the director of the elections board e here in cuyahoga county said i still think we'll get up around 67% but the reports that were coming in weren't that there were't lines, weren't tha there was any big last-minute rush and i will tell you, one thing to look o at from the exi polls is the economy. very important to people here in the rustbelt and who is better at handling it. donald trump beating hillary clinton in the exitng polls by
6:15 pm
four points. i want bfo to tell you one anecl story as i was speaking with folks in this largely african-american voting place. iac said, are most of your fries andds family voting? and more than half in this unscientific survey said to me they knew people who weren't voting and i thought it might be about the tenor of the race. they saidra it wasn't that at a. they felt as african-americans that theca resurgence in the economy had not impacted them, that they were not being served by washington. so watch this vote coming in in cuyahoga county and that reaction in an unexpected place. >> chrisex jansing, thanks. when we come back, we'll talk with senator rand paul who nbcho projects has been re-elecd in kentucky. our election night continues here on nbc. i laugh, i sneeze...
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6:18 pm
welcome back, decision night in america. look at the map. those are the battleground states. if i had to title this, there's a reason they call this the battleground states. >> they sure are. michigan, less than a thousand votes. virginia, basically we're looking at 3 percentage points and climbing. florida, less than a percentage point. ohio, now watch, let me take you to new hampshire. this one, 200 votes at this point. a difference there. let me take you down to north carolina. look at this one. we got about 20,000 votes out of more than 3 million cast. i'll take you back to florida one more time, as you can see, where, again, still waiting mostly for broward county. as soon as that gets in, we're going to feel comfortable going one way or another but it will take a long time. colorado, i want to show you this, about 100,000 vote
6:19 pm
difference. only 32% in. she's winning but not by big numbers. a lot of people thought colorado like virginia was somehow going to end up being out of the battleground. >> savannah, either side can feel -- it's suspended animation. >> i think there's real jitters setting in at the clinton headquarters and hope on the trump side. if you look at colorado and virginia, these are battlegrounds and yet these are two states that i think back in august the clinton campaign stopped really spending money in feeling like these were in the bag and when you look at polls recently from these states, they showed clinton with a healthy lead and look where we are right now. i mean, of course everything -- the caveats are there. we're waiting for some northern virginia counties that would be expected to go for clinton big and that may make all of the difference but i think what's incredible here is just how tight all of these races are. >> we're going to take a break and check in on all of the races still too close to call.
6:20 pm
where things stand right now, who's ahead, don't go anywhere. our decision night in america continues here on nbc.
6:21 pm
looking at democracy plaza here in new york city. there you see right now where things stand on the race to 270. donald trump with 137. hallie jackson in the newsroom with what else we're learning about the mood of the electorates and more exit polling.
6:22 pm
hallie? >> lester, we're here in the middle of our election center talking with our political unit and specifically talking with our poll tsters. you look ready for me here. bill is one of our folks. bill, when we talk about this being a nail biter, what are you seeing in these places where it's too close to call? ho how much of a nail biter is it? >> it certainly is in a number of states and the reason is simple. we've seen some of the largest divisions between urban america and rural america. donald trump is winning white college men in a margin we haven't seen since ronald reagan and hillary clinton is winning african-americans and latinos. there's two different americas and we're watching them fight each other to a draw in a few of these states in ways that, again, reflects enormous division, much bigger than we've normally seen. >> fred, turn around here in your chair. you're seeing the same data that bill is.
6:23 pm
is this an example of how divided the nation is? are we in for a night that's going to go past 3:00 a.m.? >> what i'm noticing in my study is an even bigger gender gap, that trump is doing better with male voters that romney did four years ago and mrs. clinton is doing slightly better with women voters than obama did four years ago which is making for a very tight election. >> freddie, bill, thank you. we'll chat more about these key swing states of michigan and florida. this is our working newsroom. this is the engine room of our election center. the notebooks are out, the binders are out as these guys dig through the data. lester? >> hallie, thanks very much. one of the things we've not talked about a lot in this campaign is the historic nature of hillary clinton's campaign. she's not made a big deal about it but as we see her perform with women voters, how does it play? >> you know, it's very interesting because in 2008, one of the things that the campaign concluded was that she didn't
6:24 pm
make more of the historic nature of her candidacy the way that barack obama had with his candidacy as the first african-american. i think they dabbled in making it a possible appeal to voters but it never really caught on that way. if she were elected tonight, of course it would make history but i just don't see that as a point of emphasis in the campaign as much as you might think it would be. >> we're going to take a short break. we'll be back more with nbc election control in a few minutes. this is a decision 2016 update from nbc bay area. >> good evening. thank you for joining us for this local news update. i'm janelle wang. >> i'm jessica aguirre. the polls here still open for about another 90 minutes. we want to take you outside, a
6:25 pm
live look at the santa clara county registrar voters office in san jose. there has been a steady stream of cars dropping off their ballots. you can see some in the background. you can see the voter monitors there. we'll continue until 8:00 tonight to vote. >> we have a team of reporters in place tracking tonight's big races. let's begin with the presidential race and raj mathai in new york city at hillary clinton headquarters. >> good evening again from new york city. we are at the javits center in midtown manhattan and the energy level continues to rise. and so do the supporters of hillary clinton. it's a vip invite only guest list as you can imagine. you can see hundreds of them are on the convention floor here. among the big-time supporters is the bay area's only jeff fleisch, attorney in san francisco, also the former ambassador to australia. it's expected according to our sources that if hillary clinton wins tonight that fleisch will be at least offered a role in the clinton administration. we chatted with him a short while ago.
6:26 pm
>> we're all on pins and needles. we don't know what the verdict is until the american people vote and they decide. we've got hours and hours of this. i'm just trying to keep myself occupied. i've been running around all day. >> we will all be waiting for a long time. it's not just jeff fleisch, there are a lot of other bay area residents who are here in new york city and possibly could be asked to be part of a clinton administration. so that's the latest from here. now we'll send it to about 20 blocks north of us, mark matthews joins from us donald trump headquarters, mark? >> raj, we've been hearing a lot more cheers tonight. not only when texas went for donald trump but when states are too close to call. this crowd erupts. they are sensing it is going to be a very close race. now in contrast to the tension going on here earlier today, about 8:00 this morning, we were at ps-59 waiting for donald trump to vote at his polling place. two women walked in, took their shirts off, and started
6:27 pm
protesting against trump. these are women from an international protest women's group based in paris. they came here to demonstrate against trump. they certainly disrupted ps-59 for a short time. but just another odd day. it started strange, and top night it is turning into a very tense race here in new york. reporting from new york, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> okay, mark, thank you. back at home we've seen long lines at polling places. we also found some other glitches. >> senior investigative reporter stephen stock is here with an update. >> alameda county had machines break down at a couple of locations, the ac transit lobby in oakland, the machine that counts the ballots as they're filled broke down around 8:00 and was not fixed until 3:00. officials say it's a common problem and they had a backup plan in place.
6:28 pm
>> if for any reason that scanner isn't working, the voters still vote and put it in the ballot box, which comes down here and we tally that as well. >> that happened at least in one precinct or a couple of precincts? >> a couple of precincts but that's normal. we have 820 precincts out there. >> similar problems with vote-mounting machines were reported at other polling locations and the they were taken care of. >> okay, thank you stephen, we appreciate the fact that you're monitoring it throughout the evening for us. we'll have another local news update in about 30 minutes. >> and a full election recap tonight at 11:00. see you then.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
we are back now from our election center in new york. this is a very tight race between hillary clinton and donald trump. many states right now are too close to call, as i think we you a suspected. it's going to be a long night. let's go through some of those states and show you where things stand. as we look at the national popular vote, trump at 50% and florida continues to be too close to call. 141,000-vote difference there. michigan, it has emerged as an important state. 28,000-vote difference. that's too close to call. ohio, too close to call. you see the difference there. that could go way, way into the night or early morning. north carolina, too close to call.
6:31 pm
56,000-vote difference. let's look at georgia. hillary clinton drawing close there down the stretch. that is too close to call. you see the difference on the screen there. new hampshire, new hampshire right now is too close to call. 1700-vote difference. 22% of the votes in. and pennsylvania, this is where hillary clinton wound up her campaign with that big rally with the obamas last night, 156,000-vote difference. 15% of the vote in. and the guy that's watching tma minutia of all of this is chuck todd. >> we have 94% in for florida. most of the vote left is in miami and broward. there's more vote in broward left than dade. she's winning this 67-31. the bottom line is this. how much vote is left and what percentage does she win it by?
6:32 pm
if there's 400,000 votes left, okay, and i'm just going to do it this way, if there's 400,000 votes left and she wins it 70-30, she'll net -- she'll net 140,000 votes. that's assuming all that. now, let me go back to where florida is. oops. sorry about that. show you the total vote here in florida. it's about 140,000. my point is this. i don't know if there's enough vote left for clinton to win and i don't know if trump can hang on. we are looking at a florida -- i don't think it's going to be closer than 537 votes, nicolle, but it is going to be less than a percentage point at this point. we just don't know. >> and then it gets down to what was your strategy without florida. each of them had one going into this, she going into this had more roots. >> right. no, him with florida and it's a straight shot, it's -- he can do michigan. he doesn't need both michigan
6:33 pm
and pennsylvania. keep in mind, we still have north carolina sitting out there too close to call, new hampshire too close to call. i can tell you this, if you're the clinton campaign, because of the way the rest of the map looks, you don't want to see florida go red yet. >> and nicolle, if you're the trump campaign right now, you're starting to feel signs of life? >> well, you're saying, i told you so in that this was a lot closer than any of us -- i'll put myself in this category myself alone than i thought and that the polls reflected. i think that the polls showed hillary clinton with an 85% chance of winning. this doesn't feel like that kind of night. and trump supporters -- and i know this because i have several of my family is divided generationally between trump supporters and clinton supporters, they felt there could be a brexit effect. we don't have enough information to know if that's the case but if she wins, she won't win it running away and if he wins, he
6:34 pm
will prove everybody wrong. >> we knew we weren't going to have a call this early in the night. it was going to be close but -- >> the clinton camp thought they did. i have to say, the clinton campaign for the last 72 hours has been projecting a lot of confidence. >> but here's why. the trump campaign didn't have the same turnout operation as the clinton campaign and we saw some of the demographic roots and i think what everybody underestimated was the trump -- the rural vote coming in as high as it did. and you know what, i think we have to start to say maybe it was whether -- we didn't have our weights correct and we didn't realize that he was going to bust through the caps, essentially, of what -- turnout caps in those ruby red counties and even in -- >> you know, from the beginning, donald trump has been running from the ground up, not from the top down. he tapped in to all of those people feeling disenfranchised. i was looking at iowa the other day. it used to be a very progressive
6:35 pm
state and a state of harold hughes and dick clark. now it's a very conservative evangelical state because they are uncomfortable with the shifts. they moved to the right and donald trump came along and tapped into all of that by going down at the bottom level and working his way up. the fact is that he is astonished everyone from the very beginning of all of this, including the last 48 hours, however this turns out tonight it's going to be so much closer than anybody could have realized going in. >> we ought to bring up what's going on with dow futures right now. >> yeah. >> all of the stock markets around the world are in a crater. >> margin calls. >> yes. >> i've had a note from somebody saying they are beginning to sell off because it went the other way in the last 24 hours, by the way. >> when everybody thought she was going to win. >> yep.
6:36 pm
>> popular website where people could put together their own electoral maps, call 270 to win and as far as i can tell, it's crashed right now. i think everyone is -- they are starting to -- >> how does this work? there's no florida. what's the map? >> talk to the master here. he can walk you through it. let's go to rehema ellis. >> reporter: absolutely, lester. we're at a watch party for patrick mccrory and joining me is dallas woodhouse. this is a toss-upstate. how are you feeling? you've got butterflies in your stomach? >> i feel more nervous than a fish at a fish fry. no question about that. however, we are in a great position at this point in the evening. urban areas tend to come in sooner and mr. trump looks like he's well on his way to win. the governor just went up.
6:37 pm
normally when you go up more than halfway across, you don't go back down. i will tell you a couple of things. we were up as republicans 100,000 votes, over 212,000. the democrats were down 22,000. >> reporter: that's early voting but now you've got the voting today. >> right. but republicans win election day. democrats win early voting. and they did win early voting. >> reporter: and that's what you did in 2012 and in 2008, barack obama took this stage. you think that trump is going to take it? >> doi believe that we're going to win. trump, burr and mccrory tonight. close races. >> reporter: they are cautiously optimistic here. >> thanks very much. let's go to miami right now with a family who is nervously watching these results in florida where things are extraordinarily tight. >> reporter: lester, i'm here
6:38 pm
with several families at this local watch party in miami. many of the people you see behind me are undocumented. some are voters and, as you can imagine, the mood here grew incredibly tense as these results started to tighten like many latinos across the country for many of the voters here, their main motivation was what they call the trump effect or the trump factor, mainly, the republican candidate's stance on immigration that crystallized the issues for so many latinos and as you have been covering throughout the night, we have seen record turnout by latinos in several battleground states here in florida, a 75% increase in early voting by latinos compared to 2012. but just the fact that donald trump appears to be leading in the polls now just brought back the issue of immigration to a gathering like this one you see behind me. it is not the only issue latinos care about but it is a very personal one and you can see it
6:39 pm
right here. many of these families holding hands. they even held a prayer not too long ago as they anxiously await these results and fear their families could be split up if donald trump in fact wins the presidency. >> mariana, thanks. i think it's time to revisit -- it's time to revisit the -- >> the what if map? >> yeah, the route to 270. and florida was such a big part of it. >> let's, for now -- and we're just going to do it. we're not projecting anything. we're just going to give it -- trump's leading there. he's leading in georgia. he's leading in north carolina. he's leading in ohio. he's sitting at 248. let's assume arizona he sits at 259 there. he's not leading in new hampshire. we do have this nebraska situation. i don't know why we haven't -- >> it's split. >> it's split but he's already got those, that we're aware of. >> that is sitting out there. >> nevada is sitting out there.
6:40 pm
so that's what is sitting here. this assumed michigan. you just flipped michigan here. now, let's give her new hampshire for now. there is some work there. and then you look -- >> she's over the top. >> he would be over the top with michigan at this point. she needs one of these states. let's put back north carolina. that would do it. but as you can see here, now michigan -- take michigan and it's a different situation. this is what we're staring at. it doesn't take long, by the way, and we know there are interesting things on twitter. it doesn't take long to get you to 269. i could do it right here by simply moving colorado and then you would have -- i don't know why we have three extras. i think nebraska has gotten messed up here on our map so we will neutralize them. but this should be red. the point is, this is precarious. this map is suddenly 50/50. >> you're doing exactly --
6:41 pm
>> this is no longer -- if he sweeps those two and ohio and we're looking at michigan too close to call and suddenly we could be sitting on michigan, colorado. i mean, it's going to be a long night. if you're a junkie, it's going to be a fun night. we're dividing up this map in ways we haven't seen. 269, 269 is in play. this feels a lot like 2000 brokaw. >> are you okay, tom? >> yeah. i brought my old script with me so that's okay. i can just go back to that. >> i may need to borrow it. we're going to take a quick break. we're continuing to monitor those states that are too close to call. you will want to stay with us. our decision night in america continues here on nbc. [tv debate chatter]
6:42 pm
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that's democracy plaza outside our studios here in new york on what is a dramatic night that has even more drama on top of it. the popular vote, trump ahead, 49-47%. but folks, this is a night about the battleground states. we knew it would be but it's far closer than many imagined. florida right now, too close to call. 139,000-vote difference. clinton was forced to defend down the stretch, a 50,000 vote difference, too close to call. ohio, perennial battleground state, too close to call. you see the difference there. north carolina right now at 84,000-vote difference. too close to call. same story in georgia, a state that clinton was hoping to turn
6:45 pm
blue, very close there as well. too close. new hampshire, look at new hampshire right there. 1300, 1400 votes separate the two of them. and pennsylvania, also too close to call. the state that hillary clinton made her big finish last night. a lot of drama here on this night and in the race to 270, here's where things stand. based on the projections we've made so far, 137 in the trump column, 104 to hillary clinton. and there's the map right now unfolding on the rink below us. a lot of gray still unfinished which will tell the story when they are filled in but right now they are not and the biggest one hanging out there, literally, is florida. >> i hate to say, this looks good for trump. >> in florida? >> in florida. i think with what's left -- it depends on how much is left and nicolle remembers this mythical box, it switches. but as the broward vote has
6:46 pm
continued to come in, we're now at about 75, 80% of the broward vote is in and she has not narrowed that gap. there's not a lot left. one precinct in miami can be -- can have 100,000 votes in it. so that happens in those big counties so you don't know for sure but i don't think -- she needs, as i said -- she's still behind 140,000 votes. she needs to hope there's -- i keep saying, 400,000 votes remaining and wins them 70-30 or wins them 65-35 but i don't know if there's that much votes left. >> what about the too close to call states? >> we have a way to go here. north carolina, there's too much vote out to say. i take the republican party spokesperson dallas woodhouse's word for it that you'd rather be trump than clinton but if you go to virginia, it's narrowed to like 11,000 and this one is now
6:47 pm
starting to look like she is likely to end up getting what she needs here. we're still waiting for fairfax and northern virginia. she'll likely win virginia but by the smallest of margins and we have to wait to see if these folks turned out. but virginia is trending her way, narrowly, okay, but we -- it may be michigan. >> michigan. >> michigan is going to be the linchpin. if he wins florida and north carolina and ohio, we're going to be sitting here waiting on michigan. >> and nobody was talking about michigan five days ago. >> let's go to hallie jackson now. hallie? >> reporter: i'm joined by filmmaker michael moore who has spent months diving into the mind of the trump voter. you're a hillary clinton supporter but you have predicted what we are seeing with donald trump, particularly in michigan, for months. >> well, back in the summer i
6:48 pm
wrote an essay called the brexit states, michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, that the working class that has been so abused and attacked and their livelihood taken from them over these last couple decades. they are at the point where they are so angry and full of so much despair that i could see they would use the ballot box as an anger management exercise. >> you call it a middle finger to the establishment. >> yes, only to find out a month or two from now how regretful they are going to be because he's not only going to blow up the system, he has no idea how to rebuild it. >> so when we talk about a state like michigan which came on late in the game as a really important battleground, when we're seeing what we're seeing there tonight which is this state that is incredibly close and essentially a turning point for donald trump, you're a guy who knows michigan pretty well. are you surprised by that? >> not at all. this has been my fear. i've been trying to tell people
6:49 pm
we have to put special focus on michigan, ohio, pennsylvania. these are the people i grew up with. i know what's going on here. they are being manipulated by a con artist. that's what donald trump is. he has not told them the truth. he's not going to bring your jobs back and he is really -- he's the -- he's a dying dinosaur. his way of doing things and that old -- that's the old america. we're into the future right now. >> michael moore, thank you very much, former bernie sanders supporter, now a hillary clinton supporter. lester, back to you on the other side of our election center. >> hallie, thanks. up next, a live report on the ground in which is perhaps the most surprising battleground in the whole election. plus, four more states are closing, including nevada. stay with us. why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance...
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6:51 pm
as we come back from a break, this is a picture ivanka trump tweeted out showing mike pence and family and staffers watching returns here like the rest of us, trying to figure out where this is all leading. let's go to katy tur at trump headquarters. katy? >> reporter: quite confident in where they stand at this moment. they still believe this is going to be a tight race but it's looking even better than it ever has, frankly. their eyes are on florida right
6:52 pm
now. two of donald trump sources are telling us, florida operatives are telling us that it's a nail-biter but that they will win it. they are holding their breath and waiting on more results from broward county. a source in virginia tells us to watch out for virginia beach. they believe they could see quite a bit of turnout in that area. after they go from florida, north carolina, ohio and iowa, then they are going to go on and keep their focus on michigan. if they can turn michigan, they are going to feel very confident about this race. they have said for quite a while now that they believe michigan is a state that is particularly susceptible to donald trump's message, his job's message. they believe it's one that cuts across demographics, one that won't matter what race you are. you'll want to vote for jobs rather than vote along party lines and they believe they are going to be able to do that. >> let's go to angdrea mitchell at clinton headquarters.
6:53 pm
>> reporter: they are about as nervous as every other democrat around. look, this place is so down, they are playing videos and also coverage. now there's a cheer that's gone up because they see some movement in virginia. virginia is critical, as you know. they were waiting to see what was happening in fairfax county and in richmond. but the fact is that the results in michigan and ohio and in florida are really depressing the mood here. that's the first cheer i've heard here basically all night, anything other than an east coast state like rhode island or connecticut performa. the fact is, they are going to have to look back at what they didn't do. they had a 2-1 spending advantage on air, on television. a 5-1 advantage, pulled money out of virginia and colorado and
6:54 pm
they have a lot of thinking to do about what is happening here tonight if this thing does go against them. >> andrea, in that crowd, we heard them applause a minute ago. let's put up virginia. >> first time that she took the lead and that's what they were looking at. >> move forward there. >> there it is. she took the narrow lead and i can just tell you, my own history of doing this, we know where this is headed but, wow, it's close. >> she had to work for it. >> that's right. >> we're quickly approaching 10:00 p.m. in the east and 7:00 p p.m. out west. our electric this is a decision 2016 update from nbc bay area. welcome back to our continuing coverage of decision 2016. i'm janelle wang. >> i'm jessica aguirre. we'll get to election coverage
6:55 pm
but breaking news, a live picture of contra costa county, our nbc chopper on its way to martinez. there's been a high-speed chase which ended on a crash on highway 4. it's right there at the 680 interchange with 4, about 45 minutes ago. eastbound lanes, highway 4 closed, we're told the sheriff's deputies were pursuing a suspected stolen car, spike strips stopped the suspect. one person in custody at least no word on injuries. we have a call to investigators for more. we'll bring you updates online at just over an hour left to vote. our nbc area investigative unit have been hearing from bay area voters all day and what issues bay area voters are facing stephen? >> we've been taking your called and e-mails. a break down of some of the problems, east san jose, a polling official called to let us know volunteers were campaigning for several candidates too close to a polling station. a county inspector was sent out to make sure she stayed back 100
6:56 pm
feet. alameda county had problems with machines breaking down. most complaints we received involved actual voter registration are some reports despite registering their name was not listed at the polling station where they went to vote. most folks were able to fill out a provisional ballot, however. also a veteran called to say he and other vets receiving in-patient care at the va in san francisco are unableo vote but va tells us counselors have been working for months to help register patients there. our investigative unit will be here all night, so if you experience any problems at the polls, we want to hear about it. call our tip line, 844-nbc-vote or file a complaint online at let get insight into this big election. our political analyst is here. nationally, early projelkss are the republicans will keep control of the house, what about the senate? >> senate's up in the air. the democrats are hopeful that
6:57 pm
they'll gain five seats. if they gain five seats they take control. that's important to us in california. simply because the party in control gets the chairmanships of all the committees. particularly for dianne feinstein, she will automatically be restored to her chairmanship that she had previously. >> let's talk about the latino vote. because we're obviously in west coast, but east coast hispanics we thought were coming out for hillary clinton that does not appear to be the case in florida. >> early voting latino vote went through an incredible surge, more than double what we saw last time around. democrats thought that would continue day-of voting. republicans have seen that it hasn't. that's put florida in a precarious position for the democrats. and a great opportunity for the republicans. >> some of the results are in from the east coast and the midwest. it's a really tight race between donald trump and hillary clinton. now as the votes and the polls close and everything shifts west, which candidate is benefitting? >> at the moment, it looks better for trump than anybody ever thought.
6:58 pm
that big blue wall they talked about on the east coast, including virginia, north carolina, florida. it's crumbling. the question is whether the democrats can restore a wall in michigan, in pennsylvania, in places like that. if not, grump may rumble right through it. >> and it really always comes back to that wall. one way or the other. >> absolutely. >> it's coming back to a wall. >> he may be building a wall earlier than we thought. >> yes, exactly. back with another local news update in 30 minutes. >> larry gersten will be with us and more at 11:00. have a great night, folks. with a break like this, we could do a cast or surgery. whichever's faster. surgery means recovery time. a cast will get you back out there right away, but it's bulky. and can it take a beating? how did you break it again? roller derby. hip-checked. there's a rematch next week. snarling clementine has to be there. that's me. okay. so what color should the cast be? orange.
6:59 pm
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7:00 pm
welcome back, everyone. it's 10:00 p.m. in the east and 7:00 p.m. in the west. . the polls have closed in four more states. let's take you through what we have. as you look at the vote total, looking at the state of iowa, it's too close to call. nevada, too close to call. utah, too early. keep in mind, that's a three-way race with mcmullin in the race there in utah. montana, nbc news projects donald trump will win in montana. . and we can look where we stand now at the race for 270. and here's where it stacks up
7:01 pm
now. based on the projections we have made so far, trump with 140 and clinton with 104. we're also watching where things are close, the state of pennsylvania as we take a look right there at the map. but if we can move out, i want to show you what is happening in pennsylvania because we want to go to our correspondent there, kate snow, who is with both trump and clinton voters. . kate? >> reporter: lester, yeah, we are right outside of philadelphia, montgomery county, which we said earlier is an area that you need to watch in pennsylvania. and it's interesting, we're in a bar, obviously. we've got a lot of trump fans here. i was talking to lisa before. you were telling me that you didn't want to put a sign out in front of your house because you're a business owner. but now, how are you feeling right now? >> i'm so excited. i am just beyond excited because now you can say this is the guy i wanted, this is a guy who spoke his mind and who is going to fight for us. >> reporter: why did you vote for him? you've been working for him as a
7:02 pm
volunteer. why? >> yeah, because he, again, is going to take our country back. . there are different things as a business owner you want to just -- taxes, obamacare, there are all of these -- >> reporter: you said to me earlier you felt like he says the things that other people don't say out loud? >> no. they said he said this about women, he said that. what has he said that i don't hear other women saying about men? you know, women talk about men all the time and have said worse than he's ever said. >> reporter: let me pivot over here. how are you feeling? you're watching the tvs in here. the sound isn't up. how are you feeling? >> a little nervous. i'm surprised about florida being so close. i don't want it to go back to a bush/gore thing where they have to recount the votes but i think
7:03 pm
it's going to come down to florida. >> everybody is nodding. nobody wants a recount. myself, included. i was in tallahassee for a long time. tell me why you think this county might go for hillary clinton. . >> i'm actually from illinois but -- >> reporter: okay. you're from philly. we've got a mixed crowd in the bar. why did you vote for her? >> i did not vote because i'm not american. >> reporter: thank you so much, appreciate it. lester, i would say it's very loud in here, there's a deejay playing behind me so folks can't really hear all of our coverage. we've got it all on the screen. people are but yglued to the screens. we're hearing the lines were so long in some places, people are still voting. even though polls closed technically at 8:00, two hours ago, people are still in line.
7:04 pm
>> kate, thanks. another projection coming in, i'm told it's new mexico. nbc news projects that hillary clinton will win the five electoral votes in the state of new mexico. hallie jackson is digging into some of the numbers in this very, very tight race in the exit polls. >> lester, we're looking at three battleground states. let's start with michigan. we've been talking about that all night. we want to focus on what's driving this close race in these states. and in michigan, at this moment, exit polls are showing it appears to be white voters with a college degree. look at this column here, the republican candidate. the republican candidate in 2012 got 55% of the vote. donald trump is doing better, up six points. he is overperforming the republican from 2012, mitt romney. look at the democratic candidate, of course hillary clinton. in 2012, barack obama, the democrat, got 44% of the vote.
7:05 pm
she is down 13 percentage points from that position, from where they were in 2012. so that is really what we're looking at and what we're sort of diving into when it comes to michigan. i want to pull up pennsylvania. we're taking a look at the age gap. voters in pennsylvania under the age of 30, the so-called millennials, they're breaking out for hillary clinton by 55-39%. it's the reverse of that when you look at voters over 65, going more for donald trump. he's got 60% of the vote, she's got 48% of the vote. another key battleground state, the race breakout in florida. let's pull it up here. those voters in florida who have a favorable opinion of donald trump, most white voters in florida do have a favorable opinion. one in four hispanic voters roughly have a favorable opinion. only one in ten black voters feel that same way. and this demographic here, the african-american vote, the hispanic vote, that is going to be crucial to what we see in florida when it comes to turnout.
7:06 pm
i did speak with one source close to the trump campaign who said, hey, we are not getting crushed with the hispanic vote, a good sign for them. >> hallie jackson, thanks. now back to our panel. mike murphy served as senior strategist for john mccain's first campaign for president in 2000, mike, nice to have you. for those who thought this was going to be an early evening, you say? >> yeah. anything but. i thought florida, a state i worked a lot, and most of the political hacks on both sides thought it would be an early defeat for trump and that would set the tone. instead, florida will be hard. >> we have another call in the state of missouri. nbc news projects missouri will go to donald trump, donald trump a win. and let's look at where things stand right now. there is a missouri call. let me show where we stand in the race to 270. there it is right now. trump with 150, clinton 109.
7:07 pm
the race to 270. mike, i cut you off, i'm sorry, go ahead. >> what's interesting about florida is the pattern is unlike anything i've seen in florida politics before. you get a more urban republican area, jacksonville, trump is doing horribly. he's doing under romney in the bigger counties. but in tampa he's off the charts, breaking the meters in numbers that we haven't seen before. i believe it will tighten, there is more of her vote out than his. i don't think she'll be able to make it. >> so far he hasn't won anything that we didn't anticipate. chuck, you've been crunching the numbers on florida. >> it's not enough. maybe there's some extra vote that we don't know about. i stress that, that happens. i remember vividly in 2000, the 50,000-vote error that was discovered late. so don't forget those things happen here. but you look, and there's trickles that are left, almost every
7:08 pm
county has reported. what's out is, there's only one county that's out that's more favorable to trump. polk has a little bit. volusia, which is daytona, a 50/50 county. that's not enough for her to gain ground. it's palm beach, miami, and broward. is there enough vote out there left in those bottom three counties for her to close this gap? but i have to tell you, the gap grew again. she got it down to 111,000. and then it's back up to 130. i don't see the path forward for her in florida. listen to this, last time a democrat won the white house without the state of florida was bill clinton, 1992. so maybe she's got that karma going for her, i don't know. the last time you lost florida and ohio and won the white house? >> we're looking at a situation that it's michigan. at the end of the day, we're staring at michigan. i go through this,
7:09 pm
pennsylvania, she probably does eke it out, we'll see. she has to do that. we're looking at michigan being the big decider here. >> nobody was talking about michigan until about five days ago. >> except michael moore, i'll give him that, he's been screaming about that, to his credit. >> to his credit. it's his home state, we all like to talk about our home states, we look at chuck with florida. trump saw something going on in michigan, they sent him there, people were saying, what? then the clinton team added a stop, president clinton was there. >> somebody who's done a lot of governor campaigns, michigan has rural counties that are more democratic in many places compared to sun belt and southern states. >> they have been. >> they have been. will trump turn that over and will detroit vote with flint or will it be under enough that trump's overage in some of these places will make it? trump was doing well at the beginning but a lot of michigan is still out.
7:10 pm
it's going to be tight. >> totally underestimated by those of us in the so-called establishment. the people who have been looking at this, the depth of the anger, the depth of the people saying i want to change, i don't care if i have to pull a pin on a grenade and roll it across the country, whatever it takes, we want change and we want big change. >> the other thing we did, and i have to say this, the biggest critique on the establishment, and i throw the media in here as well as the two political parties, we have overlooked rural america a bit too much. and i think in hindsight, you know, everybody's been talking about the changing demographics of america and the changing face of america. that's all true. but we've forgotten about rural america. and rural america is basically saying, hello, they are screaming at us to say, stop overlooking us, you know, we're not ready to have just 21st century fly by us. >> some of this has been hiding in plain sight. donald trump came in with a message that was very distinct and very different from republican orthodoxy,
7:11 pm
from republican -- the way that republicans have always run as free traders and they love free trade agreements. and if his message is resonating, this is where it was going to resonate. if it was going to make a difference, this is exactly where. in some ways, ultimately it's not surprising that now we're focused like a laser on this section of the country. >> and building a bit of a new coalition with that economic populism. but will it have long enough legs? we'll see. >> we still have hours to go here. by the way, if you have a restaurant that delivers breakfast, i would call them right now. >> joining us now is conservative political commentator and host glenn beck, founder of the blaze, thanks for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> give us your take, things are a lot tighter than many had imagined tonight. >> a lot tighter than i imagined as well. i think what chuck just said was exactly
7:12 pm
right on the money. i think chuck said the heartland. i don't think we've listened to each other at all. i know i've been at fault in this. in the last couple of years, i've recall tried to analyze myself and analyze what i've done and what i do. and we don't listen to each other. and we don't trust each other. and, you know, the media, that includes me, that unfortunately, tom, includes you, i can't believe it would, but it does, that 34% of americans trust any of our voices. and that is because they view us as speaking down to them, pontificatin pontificating, telling them and not listening to them, declaring who they are. it's difficult for me to consider myself a conservative or to consider myself a republican tonight if
7:13 pm
this is what a conservative or a republican is, then i'm not part of that. i don't want anything to do with that. but i understand why people are feeling this way. when you have, what is it, 60% of the people who voted for donald trump don't like that they're voting for adopt, and 54% who are voting for hillary clinton aren't happy about voting for hillary clinton. >> so at the end of this, are you going to have a lot of orphan voters, people like yourself who don't feel like they have a place? >> i think the majority feel that way, even those people who voted for either one of these, they're not happy with it. and so i think on both sides, the parties have to realize now, boy, we need to start reflecting the piece people and listening to the people, because the people are entering a time, as we see tonight, beyond reason. they're not listening.
7:14 pm
when you get into so much fear or so much anger, you know, the mind's mechanism is just to shut down reason. they're not listening to reason. and we have got to find our way to each other. my goal in the next year is to meet with the people i think i disagree with the most and not try to talk them into anything, not try to have an argument with them, i just want to listen. i want to be able to say, is this what you believe, and why you believe it? and when they say yes, then we could even begin to have a conversation. but at least for me, that's a year away before i can have a conversation. we have to start listening to people. if we don't, we're in trouble. >> glenn beck, thanks for spending some time from dallas. the close race is still up for grabs. we're awaiting more poll closings. stay with us. things remain razor thin right now. more coverage of decision night in america, next.
7:15 pm
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welcome back. a view of the rink, democracy plaza. the map slowly filling in. we're waiting for a lot of states, too close to call. a nail-biter of a night. the race to 270, those are the numbers there. we want to show you a tweet hillary clinton put out a little after 5:00 this afternoon. i'll try and read it from here. "this team has so much to be proud of. whatever happens tonight, thank you for
7:18 pm
everything." that, by the way, was before any of the polls closed. that again from hillary clinton. we're also watching the dow futures right now reacting to this night. the dow futures down 625 points right now as investors continue to watch what's happening here. this race a lot closer at this point in the night than many people had anticipated. it's going to keep us all up here quite late tonight. a lot of states too close to call. let's go to kristen welker at clinton headquarters. >> reporter: lester, good evening. top clinton campaign officials and surrogates say they're not panicking. they still insist there is a path to win even if they don't hold florida or ohio, not that they are conceding those states. the path for them, the states that they are focused on right now, include michigan, colorado, virginia, and pennsylvania. lester, we've spent so much time talking about pennsylvania. that is her firewall. that's where she held that massive rally
7:19 pm
last night, more than 30,000 people joined by the obamas and of course her husband, that big unity rally. i can tell you that i've been talking to democrats who were invited here to what they were hoping would be a watch party and victory party and they are candidly acknowledging that they have begun to get nervous, that this is a very close race. they were anticipating that but obviously it's turning into a much closer race than they had hoped for. the mood here, when this night initially got under way, was ebullient. the crowd was cheering, now it has become much quieter, those moments of cheering have become fewer and farther between. again, they still think they have a path and they are very focused on the state of michigan and pennsylvania at this hour, lester. >> all right, right now we see trump leading in the electoral race with 150 to clinton's 109. this could be, this will be, a very long night. we'll be here with you every step of the way, keeping a close eye on
7:20 pm
the tight battleground races. more poll closings coming up. we invite you to stay with us. we'll be right back. about my family history. went to ancestry, i put in the names of my grandparents first. i got a leaf right away. a leaf is a hint that is connected to each person in your family tree. i learned that my ten times great grandmother is george washington's aunt. within a few days i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. this is my cousin george. discover your story. start searching for free now at we're quickly back from the break. we have a new projects, tproject projection, the state of ohio. nbc news projects donald trump will win ohio. chuck todd, first of all let's show you
7:21 pm
where that takes us in the race to 270 right now. as we come down on the ice and right now it's 168, trump. clinton, 109. you've been watching florida. you don't think it's going well for clinton there. >> i don't. and i think north carolina is trending trump here. look, first of all, ohio, a little historical nugget. last time somebody didn't win the white house while winning ohio was in 1960, richard nixon. ohio, you have to win ohio to win the white house. trump has done it. florida is trending his way. north carolina is trending his way. i go back, this is -- i mean, luke russert has already tweeted it, god love him. michigan, michigan, michigan. itting here talking about michigan. >> ohio, i agree, i was just going to say, ohio is one where the polls seem to have gotten it right, the polls consistently showed a tight race with trump up a little bit. as you mentioned, with
7:22 pm
florida and ohio, potentially north carolina, now we're looking at the rust belt, virginia close for comfort for clinton. >> the clinton campaign bragged about these firewalls. okay. let's see if you have one. we're about to find out. >> does pennsylvania remain a firewall? >> pennsylvania is the one state so far performing as they expected, not underperforming. all eyes are on michigan. although both new hampshire and nevada, those go ways that you're not sure, and then we start getting into the funky 269-269 business, i'm not saying that yet. there's still macomb county and wayne county. she's winning in oakland by about ten points. it's killing it in macomb by about 20, the old democrat home. wayne is detroit. detroit has been a shrinking city, one of the few cities in america that's been
7:23 pm
shrinking, not expanding over the last decade. >> she's going to lead excellent wayne county. he'll do well in western wayne county, which are working class suburbs. and genesee, flint. she'll need to perform there. the rural stuff is going pretty well for him. and oakland is not that big. it should be -- >> not big enough. >> are there any signs, we talked about the silent trump vote, the ones that didn't show up on the radar in the polls? >> i wouldn't call it silent. i think we underestimated the turnout in rural areas. and i think a lot of the polling underestimated it. is it a silent trump vote or it was more, it was there, it didn't activate during the primaries in these giant numbers, so i think too many of our pros, i would love to talk to our pollsters about it, these folks maxed out in rural america. >> it vindicates what donald trump was saying about his rallies, look all these people, i got 20,000 people in this tiny section of north carolina or michigan
7:24 pm
or everywhere. >> the governor of ohio, a very popular guy, governor cass itch, who has gone to war against donald trump during this entire election season, and rob portman who ran away from him, a popular senator, trump comes into the state and wins it. i mean, that tells you something that is extraordinary that is going on. conventional politics ain't in play anymore, folks. >> in his places, they're on steroids. it is huge amounts of numbers. >> we've got to take a quick break. we'll be back with more as we continue. again, ohio is the latest one in the trump portfolio, as we've watched that we'rjust minuswa. i'm ssicagui thank you for joining us for this local news update, i am jessica aquirre.
7:25 pm
>> we are tracking the stocks' future all night long. >> a big sell off even though the market is close. this is significant. >> absolutely, janelle and jessica. >> wall street is putting in orders for tomorrow morning and it is rarely this dramatic. dow future right now is down 625 points. investors are reacting to a presidential race than a lot of people thought. the nasdaq is down 625 points. that's a huge point. if you think about the last couple of days when the market was up about 450 points on the expectations of a clinton win, it is clear a tight race is scaring a lot of people on wall street. we'll keep you posted throughout the evening. back to you. thank you scout. >> to new york city where both candidates are holding their election night parties. on the left at the donald trump
7:26 pm
headquarters in midtown manhattan and on your right where clinton's watch party is taking place. our coverage for us, raj mathai. >> reporter: good evening, it is been incredible to watch this night unfold. many millions are decided on the next president. the votes are being counted. you see thousands of people down on the convention floor. those are hillary clinton's closest supporters and fundraisers across the bay area. they are here and invited by mrs. clinton and by her campaign to share this night. this is going to be a victory party party or a concession speech or it is going get tabled into tomorrow. among the people that are here are one of hillary clinton's closest friends. many people say it is her best friend. sus sus susie buhl of san francisco.
7:27 pm
she will be coming in at 11:30 eastern time when in theory this race will be decided. that's the latest here. now, lets bring in mark matthew and join us uptown from manhattan from donald trump. >> reporter: a huge roar from the crowd just a few minutes ago, well, actually a few seconds ago as fox news which everybody is watching here, declared that trump has won in ohio. i can point out that nbc reported that several minutes ago. the news just got here and people are very excited. earlier in the evening, a lot of people thought this race maybe called pretty early. now, it looks like it is going to be a very late night. people here are energized and we just spoke with a couple of the trump team >> i was here earlier but i think we have a good shot at it and optimistic. >> how do you think florida is going go. >> they have to win, i spent a
7:28 pm
month there doing events and events, i am ready for a win. >> think we'll know tonight? >> yes. >> it will be notorious. >> reporter: and that's it from new york, we'll let you know how it turns out. reporting from midtown, manhattan, mark matthews. quick update. nbc news is suspecting hillary clinton will take virginia. we'll be back with another local update in 30 minutes. have a great day, folks.
7:29 pm
7:30 pm
and as we come back from a break, we have a new projection. nbc news projects that hillary clinton will win in the state of virginia. 13 electoral votes. here is how it's shaking out right now. clinton had it 48-47% over trump. let's see how things stand on the electoral map. trump, 168, clinton 122, as our map begins to fill in. some states in gray on the map will create upset stomachs in both campaigns. >> these guys are the brains behind the
7:31 pm
nbc/"wall street journal" poll. bill, obviously the battlegrounds, much tighter than any of the polling showed. not just ours, all of the polling. is this the result of a hidden trump vote, or us underestimating what rural america would do in turning out? >> well, i think it's a little bit of both. it's not a shy vote. it's that donald trump has built a unique coalition, winning white non-college by the mid-30s, higher than ronald reagan in the year 1980. and those people are turning out. and it's aggregating. when you're winning the rural part by 30, 35 points, it's offsetting softer turnout in some of the cor core urban areas. that combination is pushing these states. look, the other thing you want to remember is that minnesota, michigan, these are states that still radiant a very high percentage of the white vote, very different than other parts of the country.
7:32 pm
>> fred? >> i would say volatility. one of the interesting findings from the exit polls is the people who decided in the last couple of days went for trump by five points, not a huge margin, but in a race like this where small margins make a big difference in some of these battleground states. plus the fact that clinton didn't perform as well with white college age voters as some of the pre-election polls suggested. add all these things up, it tilts some of these battleground states to the trump column. >> bill, you had a fascinating nugget in the exit poll. among voters who didn't like both candidates, who is winning? >> trump is winning 2 2-1. that's 18% of the people who voted who didn't like either candidate. >> that's one in five. >> that's 3, 3 1/2 times higher than the things we normally see. you have folks, one out of five, who don't like either candidate, and they voted for the guy who represents the bigger change. >> not only that, bill, in the exit
7:33 pm
polls, 54% of americans gave president obama a positive approval rating. and his designated successor is in a 50/50 fight for the presidency. >> unbelievable. all right, lester, i'm coming back to the boards, buddy. >> come on back. i want to go out to andrea mitchell at hillary clinton's headquarters in new york. andrea, we've discussed over the last week or two this notion of overconfidence. the clinton folks said they were guarding against it. but clearly there's got to be a lot of nervousness in that room right now. >> there was a big cheer that went up with the virginia call, that was a very big deal. interesting that barbara comstock, a well-known fairfax county congresswoman, republican, won her seat, even though hillary clinton is projected to be the winner in virginia. the crowd is being fired up by governor andrew cuomo, speaking outside this room. other than that, there have been few speakers that have gotten their attention, it's been a pretty quiet night
7:34 pm
here. that said, if they win michigan, and i was talking to former governor jennifer granholm who still things it's possible, she acknowledges the african-american vote was not what they expected, they're still looking for more latino votes. they're waiting to see what happens in michigan, as you've all been pointing out, that's their hope that they've got a path. i don't buy the argument about overconfidence. just traveling with hillary clinton and watching how hard they worked and the money they've spent, and the field of volunteers and paid staff they put out there, i think that they were determined not to leave anything on the table up until her final homecoming at 3:30, 3:45 this morning. so i just think that the e-mail controversy and other ingredients that made her less popular, less trustworthy, you just cited those polls with john yang and bill mcintyre, that is a
7:35 pm
residual fact. that last-minute comey letter, we don't know this, anecdotally, that lisast-minute letter was a momentum-killer. nbc news projects the state of colorado, hillary clinton will win in the state of colorado, nine electoral votes. let me quickly get nicole in here. that's an important one. that's got to -- >> here's what's happened. they're all important for her now, and for him. with all due respect to our pollsters and everyone else's pollsters, the assumption as of noon today was that she was three points, five points ahead. this is not the map that reflects a three-point race. the republicans in michigan are like republicans in a lot of the other states, he certainly had a big message in certain
7:36 pm
states that we weren't watching but someone in the trump orbit knew he had a shot at. >> trump at 168, hillary clinton at 131, in the race to 270. chuck is at the map continuing to work these paths to 270. >> i'm going to put them here. nebraska, we had a little glitch, it's all in the system, trust me on there. let's put arizona, let's give her pennsylvania. if it holds, talked to one of our pollsters, an expert on p pennsylvania, he thinks she wins there. 259 to 252. let's see what happens in nevada. i'm not as confident about nevada anymore considering what we've seen there. but you can easily start messing around. michigan would put him completely over the top without needing a nevada and without needing new hampshire. that's the potential path he now has. this assumes that iowa goes his way too, we still haven't -- but
7:37 pm
if ohio went his way, you've got to assume that iowa is going to go there too. so look, i come back here, michigan, she's now going to need michigan and new hampshire or a nevada. certainly there. but essentially, nicole is right, each state is now important to both of them. this is no longer, oh, you know, she's got all these paths to 270. no, she doesn't. her path to 270 is pennsylvania, michigan, and either nevada or new hampshire. and she has to win three of those four. and two of those three can't be nevada and new hampshire. >> savannah, give me your take on that. >> as chuck just said, this is firewall time. and you look at some of these states and you see that there's a hillary clinton headquarters and they're cheering for virginia and they're cheering for colorado. these are two states that they were so confident about, they stopped spending money on them back in august. it's just a complete sea change. i think people are going to say, how did this happen, how did polls miss it so much? and i think we're going to find out that
7:38 pm
they severely underestimated that rural vote, the white noncollege educated voter, turning out in a much bigger number, and perhaps we're going to be looking at the african-american vote being depressed in certain areas and that's going to be the difference. >> i hate to bring up a name that -- this race changed when director comey made that initial thing. that's when republicans galvanized. you noted, nicole, that's when trump became a good candidate for the first time in weeks. but look, republicans coming home is the other story here. not only have we seen in the excerpts blowing through the roof the trump voter, but as -- >> establishment republicans. >> -- as bill noted, your college-educated white voter, she's doing well. but she's not doing as well as expected. >> it doesn't cancel out what he got. this was always out of reach for him when he was fighting for his own party, that's why it was viewed as so
7:39 pm
calamitous when he went to intraparty war with republicans. but the closing weeks of this campaign have had republicans, even paul ryan, singing off the same song sheet. >> and don't forget health care. >> huge story. >> when those premiums went up, their research said go after it, because he hammered, hammered, hammered health care. >> with an assist from bill clinton, who said something derogatory about obamacare, which gave them fuel, gave them ammunition. what was different about the post-comey period was that he had ammunition and he used it. he had been a very inefficient candidate until that moment. when the comey letter hit, he became a very efficient, very disciplined, almost a traditional kind of candidate. this is what it yielded. >> kevin tibbles is in michigan right now. kevin, what's the mood where you are and what are people talking about? >> reporter: well, lester, i think it's one of amazement and perhaps a little bit of surprise thrown in. people here last night
7:40 pm
were attending one of the final donald trump rallies here. at any point, did you ever think that michigan, it might actually come down to michigan? >> never. never thought it would happen. >> reporter: what about you? michigan did not seem to be in play. this was supposed to be a democrat state. >> we were ready to be in play. we were excited for something new and different. and donald trump is that person. >> reporter: what does donald trump represent to you that is different? >> he tells it like it is. he isn't politically correct, which is sometimes good and sometimes not, but you know where he's coming from. >> reporter: i have to ask him, as a woman, why did you vote for him? >> because he tells it like it is. i have a lot of friends who tell it like it is and you can trust them. you have to sort through some of the weeds. but when you get to the gist of it, you know he's speaking strong words, and that he's going to live up to those words. >> reporter: this was
7:41 pm
a rather subdued crowd up until about 45 minutes ago, lester, that's when the results started to come in. i think people here got excited when they saw what was going on in ohio. which of course i believe is still too close to call. and then it started coming in here. people started talking about the number of people that voted in the detroit area, which seemed to be low. and then here, which has been a republican sort of island in this state of michigan. but after this evening, i mean, who knows? it's all up in the air. who knows what's going to happen here, lester? >> all right, kevin tibbles, thanks very much. i know in the crush of that room and the noise, you may have missed it, but ohio has been called as a donald trump state. donald trump wins ohio. let's drill down on ohio, because it may be -- hallie jackson, it may tell us what else is going on in the midwest. >> here is what we're seeing in ohio, which could be reflected in michigan, another upper midwest states. it wasn't immigration,
7:42 pm
foreign policy, or terrorism that ended up giving trump the win, according to our exit polls. it was the economy. 54% of ohio voters said that was the most important issue to them. the voters who said that the economy was the most important issues, and ohio voters overall, more of them thought that donald trump would better handle the economy. his message on trade seemed to resonate. this is something that we heard from trump in the closing months of his campaign, in the last few weeks, as he made trip after trip to ohio, pressing this message. the other thing driving his victory in ohio, he is the projected winner there. take a look at this next board here. it's what we've been talking about all night. white voters without a college degree. look at the margin for the republican candidate. in 2012 it was 56%. donald trump outperformed mitt romney this year. look what happened with the democratic candidate in 2012. barack obama got 42%. hillary clinton underperformed him by five points. that is something we're logoing to look to
7:43 pm
see if it's matched in michigan, lester. >> hallie jackson, thank you. we'll take a quick break. we'll keep a close eye on the too close to call states, and there are many of them. we're also keeping an eye on a big one, california. stay with us. ♪ alexa, pause. [silence] alexa, resume. ♪ ladies and gentlemen... [crash] alexa, ask domino's for my easy order. okay. alexa, open baby names. okay. [laughter] it was love at first touch met and all you wanted to do was surround them in comfort and
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it's 10:45 in the east. more poll closings, california, hawaii, idaho, oregon, and washington. we'll have the characterizations at the top of the hour. kristen walker joins us from the clinton campaign headquarters. >> reporter: i just heard from one top official who says they still have a path to
7:46 pm
270 and they say they are on that path. why? because they have won colorado and virginia. but the path includes holding wisconsin and michigan. they would then have to win pennsylvania and either win nevada or new hampshire. so those are the states that they are watching at this hour. now, they point out that in terms of wisconsin, madison is still out, obviously a heavy college area, they're going to get younger voters, they think they can clinch that area. michigan, detroit is out. a lot of african-american voters, of course president obama has been there trying to energize his base and that part of the obama coalition. i can tell you there are jitters here among top clinton supporters who are gathered at the javits center. some of them acknowledging to me they're quite concerned about the fact that this race is a whole lot closer than they were anticipating. but again, at this hour the clinton campaign stressing that they still have a path to 270. they think they can get there. >> listening to that
7:47 pm
path, kristen, we're sending chuck with his pad up to the map here. >> the path is one state right now. yes, we may -- we'll worry about nevada and new hampshire when we get there. >> and wisconsin, she noted. >> and wisconsin, no doubt. let's get to know michigan a little bit here. look, more than 50% of the vote is still out. ultimately let's take a look at what wayne county is going to do. right now clinton is winning it by almost 30 points. let's go back to 2012, just to get an idea of the total vote that you'll see out of it. so we have 220,000 votes in there so far. you go to wayne in 2012, president obama won it by almost 50 points. he got nearly, oh, 370,000 net out of there. so my point is, that's what you're going to be wanting to watch tonight, number one, is going to be how much -- oh, there we go -- how much does she get out of here. still very little of detroit in.
7:48 pm
she needs to net -- doesn't need to net as much as obama got out of there, but she needs to net 275, 300,000 votes just out of wayne county. we have a ways to go. that's just a simple way of watching michigan right now. >> while we have you on the map, can you show us where florida is. >> we haven't checked in on florida in a little bit. >> sorry to put you on the spot. >> that's okay. i could have navigated it simplier. look, the vote keeps coming in. she hasn't narrowed the gap that well of it's not not there. unless there's magic ballot boxes somewhere that we don't know about, i can tell you the remaining vote is basically here in palm beach, broward, miami, and one precinct in monroe that's left. by the way, i was talking to a florida expert of mine about how has trump done this. and it's essentially these tampa ex-urban county, both north and
7:49 pm
south, in the tampa market. he just blew through every single vote total estimate that democrats had and frankly even republicans. just blew through. look, she did her job in hillsboro. normally, how hillsboro goes, it was the most important swing county in the country over the last 16 years. but this is not enough. she's going to win hillsborough and lose the state. that doesn't happen very often but that's the story of what happened in rural america. >> everybody was talking about how trump didn't have much of a get out the vote operation. >> he didn't need it. >> apparently not. he relied heavily on the republican party, and there was grousing about some states but there not being sufficient get out the vote operations. he got out the vote. we'll take a break. a lot more on decision night in america. how do you become america's #1?
7:50 pm
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7:52 pm
that's 60 points more as a result of what we're seeing so far. that's wall street making its bet, hedging its bets at this point about what is likely to happen. if you look at these, they think that trump is going to be the president. >> as florida seems to be slipping away from clinton and the path certainly for trump becoming a lot easier. >> i don't speak fluent cnbc, but i mean, wall street, we all know, hates uncertainty. i think most financial experts will tell you wall street had not priced in a trump win. there was the expectation that hillary clinton would win. so i think what we're seeing here is wall street reacting to the uncertainty, what would it mean, because this is not something that the markets had really considered as a true possibility. >> although -- >> but it went the other day until comey. >> it did, they briefly priced it in and priced it out. >> it's interesting, the polls didn't really identify a comey effect, even though you kind of
7:53 pm
felt it. >> look, we never -- we still will never know, okay? the point is, was it a natural closing we were all witnessing? or did comey sort of galvanize the republican base to say, oh, yeah, that's why i don't like her. i had somebody text me and just say, perhaps democrats -- and this was a democrat saying this -- perhaps democrats underestimated the dislike for hillary clinton out there. the assumption was trump's dislike would trump hers. but that's not what's happening. if you dislike both of them, you were more likely to vote trump than clinton. i think they thought in the dislike-both-of-them game, she would win. >> people had them even on the untruthfulness question. >> we have to be careful, we don't have the final results yet. we have to work our way through them. >> tom, even if she wins now, this is a different -- this is an impactful agreement. >> no, i agree with that. even if she wins now,
7:54 pm
it will be contested, is what i think. there will be an automatic challenge, given the way donald trump operates. i really think it's going to come to that. whatever the results are. >> what's interesting is that when we polled, it's remarkably consistent. trump had high negatives, slightly higher than hillary clinton's, but both extremely negative opinions from the public. however, it seems like voters were willing to say, as long as donald trump remains a protest vote, we're going to stick with him. >> we have a lot more ahead. so we invite you to welce bacto oucontiingcovege of. and i jeicai..==jessst== good evening and welcome back to our continuing coverage of decision 2016. i am janelle white. >> i am jessica aquirre.
7:55 pm
we with live right now where we can find our marianne favro, she's at that drive-thru last minute voters. >> reporter: we have seen people dropping off their ballots. they tell me if you are in this car line by 8:00, they'll still accept your ballots. but, if you pull into the line at 8:05 they won't be able to accept it. the county register will post the results counted in santa clara county and more than 500 electoral workers will be processing the ballots through the night. voter turn out is estimated to
7:56 pm
be as high as 85% for this election. to give you some perspective, in the last presidential election the turn out was 80%. reporting live in san jose, nbc bay area news. under four minutes left. we had long lines at the polling places. we found other glitches in the bay area. >> nbc stephen stock is here with us. so far what we are seeing is mechanical issues. >> alameda had their machines broke down. precinct 337200, that's at the a c-tran sit lobby in oakland. they were filled out and broke down around 8:00 this morning and it was not fixed until 3:00 this afternoon. this is a common problem and they had a backup plan in place. >> for any reason that scanner is not working, the voters still
7:57 pm
vote and they put it in the ballot box and that comes down here and we tally that as well. >> that is normal. we had 820 precincts out there. similar problems with vote counting machines reported in all polling places but they were taken care of. jessica and janelle. thank you, stephens, we have some breaking news, a federal judge sided with san francisco in the lawsuit air b & b file against the city. >> possible criminal penalties if they allowed users to post listings that are not registered with the city. today a federal judge denied that move. san francisco only issues penalties to individual hosts and not the actual online companies. today's decision can soon change that. the judge is asking both sides
7:58 pm
to provide information. >> it is been a nice election day, lets get a check at our forecast now with our chief meteorologist. jeff ranieri. >> clear conditions is expected at 10:00 p.m. >> we'll see numbers around 56. the big story for tomorrow is at the media coastline, waves are high of 10 to 11 feet. they can go as high as 20 or 25 feet for wednesday's forecast. we'll have more on this extended nbc bay area. >> we'll be back on another update in another 30 minutes. poll elections are cast at tonight at 11:00. but noe who an -orb is you. well good news. because jack in the box now delivers through doordash. so you can get all your favorites delivered right to your door. like my sriracha curly fry burger, with two tacos, halvsies and a drink. all in a munchie meal. saving the universe is hard.
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which is why i make ordering late night easy. delivery through the doordash app. new from jack in the box.
8:00 pm
we are at the top of the hour. and we have new projections at the 11:00 hour here in the east, 8:00 pacific. nbc news projects that hillary clinton wins the state of california with its 55 electoral votes. clinton also wins in hawaii. trump will win in idaho when all the votes are counted. clinton wins in oregon. and nbc news projects that clinton will win in the state of washington. let's see where that leaves us now in the race to 270. clinton climbs ahead now with 209. -172 to trump.
8:01 pm
with those states filled in, the ones projected, you're hearing the crowd, a lot of folks at democracy plaza at 30 rock, watching the giant monitors here and reacting as we make these calls. that's the state of the map. there is the crowd right now. this is clinton headquarters. they're reacting to those slew of calls that went her way, including the big one of california. those are important calls for her. but as chuck keeps reminding us, it doesn't undermine the fundamentals that they're working against or working with. >> let's talk arizona. we do have another battleground. arizona is living up to the hype. it is a battleground state. about half the vote, a little less than half the vote is in, or a little more than half the vote is in, it's a three-point right. >> now we're getting into my home state. what county are out? >> you two talk amongst yourself. >> all of pima. >> that is huge for hillary clinton.
8:02 pm
pima county is a liberal enclave in an otherwise fairly conservative state. >> peopima is out at this point? >> we have half of maricopa. basically that's trump's lead in maricopa, the gargantuan county that is phoenix and every other place that goes into that state. >> chuck, riddle me this. if arizona were to flip, it's a lean-gop right now, but if it were to flip, does it change your map with michigan? >> no. she can lose michigan and sweep nevada, new hampshire, and arizona. or she can afford to lose both nevada and new hampshire and have an arizona. but she's not winning in arizona. the point is, i did want to throw arizona up there, just yet another -- it's funny, she did show some strength in some states that we didn't expect. but he's showing more strengths in more states. >> what's so fascinating is this whole geographic term.
8:03 pm
it's rust belt versus sun belt. we don't know what will happen in arizona, but if she's turning out the hispanic vote in a big way, but then the rust belt, he's turning out voters who have been traditionally democratic in a lot of cases. the whole map is being rewritten. >> look at the sun belt. right now, we're looking at -- i'm trying to figure out what blue state she's going to get. the sun belt, she's got new mexico. i'm looking here. >> nevada is a question mark. >> nevada is a question mark. north carolina and florida appear to be leaning trump. georgia doesn't look like that's going to come through for her. there's a lot of vote out, it's taking georgia forever to count its votes, that's why we've waited so long there. yes, she's showed competitiveness in the sun belt. she needed to have a margin for error, she needed to flip one of these sun belt states or keep them with her. >> in times gone by, when she was feeling much more confident
8:04 pm
and it was looking like a ten-point race for her, she added a trip to arizona. people interpreted that as a huge sign of confidence. some of her surrogates were there. bernie sanders was there. >> right now they're relieved they went to arizona, they're desperate to ensure they have another state in play. >> can we show where we stand with wisconsin right now? wisconsin. here we go. ten electoral votes. trump leading there now, 49-46. 58% of the vote is in. according to kristen welker, this is part of what they see now as their path to victory for wisconsin and michigan. >> there's still a lot out, about half of dane county, that's madison. that's a big one there. milwaukee. most of milwaukee is in. and that's something that has to -- if you're -- >> you want the margin in milwaukee. >> most of milwaukee is in.
8:05 pm
there's still plenty of vote out. >> we have a call to make, a projection. it's the state of north carolina. nbc news projects that donald trump will win in the state of north carolina. that's 15 electoral votes. here is how it is playing out right now. trump is 5 51%, trump with 46, we project trump wins north carolina. right now clinton staying at 209. that takes trump to 187. 270 the number to win. >> remember, kellyanne conway liked to talk about the core four. the core four that the trump campaign was talking about was florida, north carolina, ohio and iowa. right now, they're three for three. although we haven't called florida yet. florida looks good for him. they're leading in florida. iowa, by the way, is razor thin. i think a lot of people automatically assumed trump was going to carry iowa. if you see there,
8:06 pm
she's hanging in there. the democratic party machine still existed there. i think a lot of people wrote off iowa on her. once again we're upended something, this is one we thought trump was going to -- and he still might, there's still a lot of vote out. she's hanging in there. >> i think we're going -- did you say -- let's go to hallie jackson. she's taking a closer look at this, one of the sideshows we're watching here, which is how the markets, the dow futures are reacting, hallie. >> hey, lester. you've got the main event over there but we're keeping an eye on the business news, potential fallout. i'm here with alli velshi. >> the dow would open 700 points lower if it opened right now. it's dropping as we're speaking. >> why? >> the market didn't expect donald trump to win. they don't like things they don't expect. more seriously, investors have real
8:07 pm
reservations about what donald trump will do as president for business. typically businesses are thought to like republicans more than democrats. historically it's not necessarily true. historically markets have not done better under republicans as they have under democrats. donald trump is talking about possibly trade wars, tough talk with our trading partners, talking about lowering taxes but a lot of people don't think he can achieve what he needs. he's talking about a deeper deficit. he says he'll reduce the deficit because under him the economy will grow 4, 5, 6%, he said in debates. our economy is growing at about 2%. it would be near impossible to get it to 3. india struggles with 5. and china can't get to 6. these are much faster growing economies. so people don't really believe he can get there. he may seem more business friendly than hillary clinton. but there's some sense that he doesn't have the wherewithal to actually do it. this is a global issue. asian markets will
8:08 pm
sell off. it will move into europe. the world will be the beneficiary of a president who wants to renegotiate trade deals. >> i'm sure this is a story line we'll be keeping an eye on, lester. we have some movement as we continue to watch the battle for the control of the u.s. senate. >> there was a very close race in wisconsin, russ feingold, the democrat, against ron johnson, the incumbent republican. we're reporting, chuck, that the republican ron johnson has held on. this is obviously important in terms of whether or not the deputies are going to get control of the senate. but also what it might, again, portend about wisconsin, a state we're watching very closely, a state in the must-win column now, for hillary clinton. >> i'm trying to do my math for the senate. we've got new hampshire. republicans at 48. if they hold blunt, and if they hold, you know, toomey and ayotte here, i think they get there. and they can retain majority. right now they're losing in pennsylvania, i think
8:09 pm
new hampshire is a total coin flip, and blunt is a coin flip. this is basically an upset. can i just tell you, the democrats did a poor job in some of their senate recruiting. they got a bunch of retreads. i never understood the decision to do this. right now, all three retreads have lost. >> evan bayh. >> evan boayh, russ feingold, ted strickland. their winning candidates may be the new candidates. >> we're continuing to watch a razor-tight vote for president. we've got several states still outstanding as too close to call, including florida, michigan, nevada, north carolina recently went into the trump margin. let's go to andrea mitchell right now at the clinton headquarters where i know they reacted to that slew of clinton calls a few minutes ago. but again, we continue to watch those yellow states.
8:10 pm
>> reporter: well, there was obviously some upset, considerable upset about north carolina, because of north carolina being one place where she went more than almost any place except florida. that said, their hopes now reside in michigan, in new hampshire. a lot of hope that they can pull this through in new hampshire. and also, as you were pointing out, the possibility of arizona. they need to hold wisconsin. i don't know how much of that vote, you say that milwaukee is in, but madison would obviously be a huge area. if madison is indeed out, that could be the balance of power. regarding those senate raises, though, that is another huge blow. and the fact that evan bayh and ron wyden and ted strickland have not been able to capture those seats, as chuck was saying, poor recruitment. if hillary clinton wins, she will not have a stronger hand in the senate. they may get control, but they won't have what they had hoped to have. katie mcginty still
8:11 pm
has a chance in pennsylvania. and pennsylvania is obviously the most important firewall of them all. this is a night of great nervousness for democrats. they feel that they underestimated the strength of donald trump. and hillary did not realize the division divisions, the depth of anger in white rural america, the trade issue, and the immigration issue. that could end up being a big factor in michigan. >> we've got a busload of republican primary contenders who know the story of underestimating donald trump. let's go to the trump headquarters right now. katy tur is standing by there. katy? >> reporter: lester, democrats are thinking they may have underestimated donald trump. look at his republican rivals who did the exact same thing. now the campaign says they're not only hopeful about michigan. they're hopeful about minnesota. they're hopeful about wisconsin. they are saying that their message, their jobs message is going to work in the upper midwest. and it now is looking like at the very least
8:12 pm
it is working a little bit. when you look at donald trump as a candidate and compare him to hillary clinton, she raised a lot of money from a lot of big donors. donald trump raised a lot of money from a lot of small donors. he's repeatedly called this a movement. and the facts bear out, this has been a movement. i have criss-crossed the country with donald trump. he's held rallies upwards of 10,000 people in almost every single state. when hillary clinton, he would say hillary clinton would need celebrities to help her turn out large crowds, donald trump could walk in a room, he says, and own that crowd and turn out thousands of people, all on his own, without a guitar. and now we're seeing that bear out in these results that are coming in. the campaign feels extraordinarily good right now. but not only that, members of the republican party that i've been speaking to for over a year and a half now, now are suddenly feeling very good about donald trump themselves. folks who expressed
8:13 pm
doubt about him for quite some time. and pretty recently. they're now saying they're happy to be on board. the last nine days, ten, 11, 12 days after that fbi news came out, was a real boon for donald trump. he regained ground, mostly within the republican party, because he was able to insinuate that hillary clinton mike facing indictment, allowing republicans who might have been on the fence about donald trump to come home to the party, to feel better about that vote, because they didn't feel good about allowing hillary clinton to win the presidency. we don't know ultimately what sort of ramifications that announcement had. certainly the trump campaign is feeling very good right now. >> all right, katy tur. two election viewing parties hoping to be celebrations a few blocks apart here in manhattan. no one is going home from either of them. we've got a barn burner. we've got a late night. we'll continue to watch it play out. we'll take a short
8:14 pm
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8:16 pm
it's 11:16 in the east. the race to 270, 209 for clinton, 187 for trump. we're putting up the states that each have won. these are the states that donald trump has so far been awarded tonight based on our projections. and here is a list of the states that hillary clinton has won. and right now she leads in the electoral count but we're watching several states right now that are still too close to call that will turn this election one way or the other. let's go to kelly o'donnell right now. one of those states is the state of wisconsin. she's at paul ryan headquarters. he, by the way, easily
8:17 pm
coasted to reelection tonight, kelly. >> reporter: lester, usually when the person whose party this is has won, spoken, and maybe even gone home, the room clears out. not tonight and not in wisconsin. there have been huge cheers here as additional developments have come out about the senate race, for example, you've been talking about that, with ron johnson, who was considered so far back, and was widely talked about as the second most vulnerable incumbent republican senator. and this crowd cheered loudly. this is also sort of a testament to the kind of three-person power structure in wisconsin. you've got rnc chairman reince priebus, governor scott walker, and house speaker paul ryan. they each have important organizations, they have a network of supporters. they know how to do a ground game. all of that helpful to ron johnson here. and of course making paul ryan's reelection easy. he even hinted at it.
8:18 pm
he said it looks like it could be a very interesting night in his speech here to supporters. so they're excited here about the prospects of kind of that penetrating of the industrial great lakes midwest for republicans. this is a state that many thought would easily go blue. republicans in this room are watching with great interest and feeling good about tonight, lester. >> kelly, thanks very much. let's go back to chuck todd, he's working his magic map there. i see you doing various versions of the race to 270. >> we do. to be honest, we've got a glitch with nebraska, because of the messed up split here. i believe if i leave nebraska alone, i believe it's counted in there. let me undo a few of these here. right now, let's put it this way where we think florida and georgia lean trump. minnesota leaning her. now it leaves us basically, again, pay no attention to that, so we've got new hampshire can go there.
8:19 pm
we've got perhaps here. you see this thing could get -- here is the scary thing. there is trump at 269. >> i know where you're going. >> exactly. there's her at 268. and she is currently probably going to win the one district in omaha there. the point is, it doesn't take much for us to end up at 269-269, if somehow he wins wisconsin, she wins michigan, and wins both new hampshire and nevada. you go with this, you'll have recounts maybe in the maine second district. you may have a recouldnrecount in nebraska's second. 269-269 means what, nobody gets 270? then it goes to the house. >> if we were to have this conversation two hours ago, i would have said knock it off. >> i know. this is not out of the realm of possibility. apologies for the glitch here. i promise you that one does belong there. the thing is we're not
8:20 pm
that far away from the great virus and flaw that is in our constitution, because we have an even number of electoral votes. >> everybody is getting out their pocket constitutions. >> tom, is this a one-off or is this the state of american elections now going forward? >> i don't know yet. what i do know is that the country is more agitated than we realized. it's been going on in western democracies, brexit in england, for example, a lot of anxieties in western europe. we've been hearing, as we go across this country for a long, long time, that people are very, very unhappy with how they're treated by, a, the federal government, the regulations they have to deal with. they feel like they have been overrun by social changes in america, a lot of people ow there are not happy about same-sex marriages for example, and the other changes that are going on, ain the cultural part of america, and they want to speak out against it. i do think washington and those of us in the national media have
8:21 pm
walled ourselves off far too much from where people live. i've been watching, for example, a lot of all the experts who have been on all the broadcasts and are almost all from east of the hudson. very seldom do you hear someone speaking from iowa or chicago or some where else. we'll be right back. you don't just learn how to drive... or solve the world's problems... be a dad... "or something" and we don't just make sandwiches "or something" we hand-slice avocado, pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and craft every sandwich clean from top to bottom... there's nothing "or something" about it. panera. food as it should be.
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it's 11:22 in the east. michigan still too close to call. look at the dinner difference, michigan suddenly looms very large tonight, down to 16,000 votes. wisconsin may also play a major role here. too early to call is what we're characterizing wisconsin. right now chuck todd is going to get closer and drill down. >> let's take a look and see what's in wisconsin. let's get us to get used to it a little bit here. one place i like to check in on, because i'm a packer fan, is brown county. as you can see here, this is -- used to be a swing county, not too long ago. trump is winning it by almost 20 points. we'll do a quick comparison here. you can see what obama did here. he barely lost green bay. this is a swing county. he only lost it by two
8:24 pm
points. but this cycle, this is just another story. green bay, a trump county at this point. let me show you here, in a big, big way. that's one reason why wisconsin is on a knife's edge. >> this is a state right now that the folks in the clinton camp say is integral to their path to victory. we'll take a short break. we continue our coverage of this very dramatic night. several races too close to call. we may not know the answer to this drama for a very, very long time. we'll be back from new york after this. fter this.thanr thisocal ws upte. this is decision 2016 update from nbc bay area. and thank you for joining us for this local news, i am jessica aguirre.
8:25 pm
>> i am janelle. we already have some projected winners. prop 64, the legalizing recreational marijuana with only 4% of the precinct reporting right now. 53% say yes and 47 percent s% s. and harris is projected to win the senate seat and loretta sanchez with 34%. all eyes are in new york city with the tight presidential race. lets go live to mark matthews at midto midtown, manhattan. >> reporter: hi, i understand that nbc has not yet called florida but i got to tell you, fox news which is on the big screen here at trump headquarter in manhattan, they have called florida and i am going to step aside a minute and let you listen to the audio and see what
8:26 pm
this crowd did of fox news. fox news called florida. [ cheers ] >> now, i am hoping that what you can hear was the roar of this crowded place, they went nuts. they think florida is the lynch man for this election. they see a clear path for donald trump to get to the white house. the mood here has gone very tense to exciting. >> we sure can hear it. back here at home, counties are being asked to pazss a bond to improve infrastructure. cheryl hurd, how is it looking? >> reporter: the doors here are closed promptly at 8:00. folks are getting ready to bring in the ballots and that's the
8:27 pm
folks here are waiting to do. there are a lot of issues to contend with here. one of the measure rr, that's the $3.5 billion issues that's affecting alameda and san francisco and contra costa. we talked with bart riders for and against the measure. >> well, i ride bart all the time. although i may not always agree with how they spend their money, keeping the infrastructure up is really important. >> i agree there are a lot of problems with bart but it did not seem to be the solution. >> well, we just got some numbers, they just came in with the absentee ballot at contra costa county. we got 89,000 yes and 59,000 no. that very preliminary. right now it is not a two third vote and that's what needed for
8:28 pm
this new measure to pass. i am cheryl hurd. right now, lets turn things over to our meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> it is clear that for folks to get out late tonight getting their votes, the extended forecast, dry weather on tap on thursday and friday. by saturday, we'll be in to see clouds and temperatures dropping. we are tracking high waves by tomorrow at >> thank you for the update we'll be back in 30 minutes with our local update.
8:29 pm
8:30 pm
it is 11:30 in the east. as we look at democracy plaza, nbc news projecting that donald trump is the apparent winner in florida. donald trump the apparent winner in florida. it's a state that he called a must-win, and he appears to be winning it, 29 electoral votes. let's show you the vote count right now. as it stands, 49% trump, 48% clinton. that's the vote, current vote count, 96% of the vote in, in florida. we also want to tell you that utah, we're getting a call on utah, the state of utah, the projected winner is donald trump in utah.
8:31 pm
and let's look at the -- how the votes break down in utah. we'll walk you through some of the other calls we made during your local coverage. california projected for hillary clinton. hawaii for hillary clinton. idaho is won by donald trump, the projected winner in idaho. oregon will go to hillary clinton. clinton also the projected winner in washington. and as we had noted earlier, trump the projected winner in north carolina. let's take you down on the ice and show you where the race to 270 stands right now. i'm sorry, we've got a new one, a new projection in the state of iowa. donald trump wins in iowa. all right. now let's take you, there's the breakdown in iowa, 50% trump, 44% for clinton. now i think we can take you down and show
8:32 pm
you where things stand in the race to 270. a big change there with that last round. 228 for trump. 209 for clinton, as more and more states are now filled in. a big one still outstanding there. we'll continue to watch, that would likely turn this race one way or the other. this is the view at clinton headquarters, reacting to the news in florida. long faces at this viewing party here. this is clinton headquarters in new york. not far from where the trump folks are gathered right now. let's go to andrea mitchell. she is there. andrea? >> reporter: you're showing the faces. the stunning information, as it's been progressing here, of donald trump winning iowa, which was pretty much anticipated, and florida. this is such a narrow
8:33 pm
path. for all this time we've been talking about the multiple paths she had and the narrow path that he had. and clearly that was a misjudgment by all of the conventional wisdom. pollsters missed it. correspondents missed it. all of the analysis. the focus on the early not vote, which clearly was misplaced because we were putting too much weight on the early vote and not counting what was still out there. >> andrea mitchell at the clinton headquarters, where there has been an is that right reaction to that news that florida has gone to donald trump. it is the opposite reaction, i can assure you, at the trump headquarters. that's why katy tur is now, katy. >> reporter: it is absolutely the opposite reaction. they're chanting "usa, usa" here. the mood only grows happier by the minute. i can tell you earlier, only a couple of hours ago, this room was relatively empty as the electoral map looked pretty daunting for donald trump. as state by state has fallen into his camp,
8:34 pm
this room was only growing more excited. they really feel like donald trump has a chance of winning. they feel vindicated that donald trump was speaking for them when nobody else was. i've met a ton of people across this country who not only say that donald trump says what they think, they like that he tells it like it is, but they wanted somebody who would go in and shake up washington, give it to washington, if you will, somebody who would cut through the red tape, cut through the drama between the two sides, and just get things done. they believe that he is somebody who will be able to do things with the sweep of his hand, somebody who will be able to build a wall, somebody who will be able alone to stop radical islamic terror. he's come out and spoken very strongly against a lot of things and broken a ton of traditional normal norms in this country,
8:35 pm
said things no other candidate could have said and survived, yet he has. looking back on this, the moment he didn't call john mccain a war hero and his poll numbers surged after that, that should have been an eye opening moment for everybody in this country that nothing was going to apply to donald trump like it applied to everybody else. we saw this in the primaries. we saw this now, so far, during this general election, as his poll numbers have stayed pretty night with hillary clinton, despite the various outrageous statements he has made, despite the various controversies, despite saying that a mexican judge was biased because of his heritage, despite attacking a gold star family, despite saying that he could grope women because he was a celebrity, despite multiple women coming out against him and saying that he touched them inappropriately or acted inappropriately to them, he has survived all of that. now his campaign feels like they really have a very good shot of
8:36 pm
winning this race. >> all right, katy tur, thanks very much. we go now to former new york city mayor rudy guiliani who has become a powerful surrogate for donald trump. mayor, react to what you're seeing so far. florida has gone -- >> i'm enormously excited for the country. i believe donald trump will be a truly great president. this is probably one of the greatest victories for the people of america since andrew jackson. i mean, this is against the entire establishment, democrat, republican, corporate, wall street, the media. i mean, 90% of the media lined up against him, four or five stories a day in "the new york times," today four of them negative about him. >> i'll remind you, he has 228 electoral votes, not quite victory yet. >> we're not there yet. but we're getting there. and it sure shows the power of the people.
8:37 pm
>> how much do you think that the comey story played into what we're seeing right now? >> i don't know that it played very much into it. i think everyone had already made up their mind about mrs. clinton and the long period of time in which the clintons had committed a number of serious crimes that were ignored by the washington establishment. perjury, whitewater, the mark rich pardon which to me was enormously upsetting because i prosecuted mark rich, he was the number one fugitive in the country, and they got $30 million for that. selling uranium to russia. those were the things that really brought her down more than what comey did. comey's report played a big role in it. but i think donald trump's outreach to the people is the main thing here. you have to have been at his rallies and seen the way people reacted to him.
8:38 pm
i told him at the first rally that i was at that he was going to win this election, because he reached the people. >> mr. guiliani, if donald trump is t triumphant tonight, your name has been mentioned as a possible cabinet member. what position would you want in a trump administration? >> right now i'm not even thinking about that. i'm enormously happy at my law firm, my security firm. i do cyber security, which is unbelievably challenging. and i'm just happy to see that my country is in good hands and not in the hands it might have been in if we had made a mistake. let's hope we get there. you're right, we're not quite there yet. >> there's a lot of drama left in this night. >> i'm still praying. >> mayor guiliani, and your wife, thank you so much for taking the time. we'll see how the evening progression. >> thank you very much. >> i want to go over to chuck todd who is gathered with some of the analysts working through what we've seen so far. >> president trump? maybe something that
8:39 pm
everybody needs to get used to, including the republican party. i have to say, here's three people, smart minds in the republican party, and i think we all thought it couldn't happen, that he couldn't do this on the power of white voters alone, that he couldn't do what he did. and guess what, he may just do it. mike murphy, what did you miss? >> oh, boy. i missed a lot. under the normal rules of politics, he couldn't put it together. but he's broken the normal rules and he's getting votes he shouldn't get at a huge level among white america, where partisanship doesn't seem to have the same glue. states like wisconsin, full of white democrats, who apparently in big numbers are voting for him. so right now, michigan, i can see 100,000 votes for her out of detroit. wisconsin, i don't see it. >> i don't see it either. you know, barring an upset in arizona by her, nicole, the paths are starting to get cut off for her. so look, he's remade the republican party. >> absolutely. >> this is not paul ryan's party.
8:40 pm
i think paul ryan's days as speaker of the house are probably over tonight, because i don't see -- the house is going to respond differently. >> you elicited a monmoan from hugh. >> i didn't know there were that many people concerned with the supreme court. obamacare. the premium in phoenix went up 149%. ron johnson winning in wisconsin is an obamacare vote. i think that all this is going to come down to donald trump will sit down with mitch mcconnell and paul ryan if this holds true and they will do deals and they will save the supreme court. >> this is i'm sure some bernie bros will be talking about this, does bernie sanders lose wisconsin, anybody? who thinks bernie sanders would have lost wisconsin? >> he would have lost
8:41 pm
wisconsin. culturally he wouldn't have connected. >> was she uniquely unable to connect to this vote? >> yes. i want to get in on being wrong. there's a race to the bottom here. >> the table is going to get crowded. >> yeah. i'll speak for myself, what i got wrong. i think people's tolerance for all the unsaver savesavory things tha came out of donald trump's mouth, he was undeniably embracing racially charged language, misogynistic language, talking about grabbing a woman in the genitals is disqualifying for any other candidate in any other year, i didn't vote for him, who banned an entire religion. people, voters, had an incredibly high threshold for pain and for intolerance and for these sort of racial and misogynistic
8:42 pm
undertones because they thought he might be political chemo, the thing that could wipe out the corrupt cancer in washington. >> you said chemo, somebody said to me, there's only a 10% chance the pill would work but i want to try it. >> when voters are mad, they have a low tolerance for the baseball bat. they want a weapon. he was that weapon. they held him accountable to almost nothing. on the other hand, they don't like her. she's politics. >> that's it. i just want to say. you said rejection election on my show. you're absolutely right. this is a rejection of hillary clinton and a willingness to roll the dice. >> i do want to go to the andrew jackson point here. i've thought about this this too, that he was trying to do andrew jackson. i didn't think you could do andrew
8:43 pm
jackson. that is how -- andrew jackson, the first populist to become president, and who was arguably destructive to the american economy at the time, but the public didn't care. >> john meacham's book captured that. he ruled as he ran. he ruled as a disrupter. >> some historians love jackson and some think he was the worst president. >> if trump wins, he has a better chance than not, now will come the pain, the other half. voting to blow things up is easy. living with that and the economy and everywhere else, look at the fumtures, is another story. >> this is the four-way florida board. a bunch of democrats are gnawing their fingernails. look at the difference between trump and clinton, 132,000, then look at the total vote of johnson/stein. 266. let's not presume all johnson voters were somehow going to go clinton. >> right. >> but something kept them from voting for
8:44 pm
trump. we don't know, it's a known unknown. >> there is going to be some bernie bros, democrats will look for a bunch of things to gnaw on their fingernails. >> i was talking about show trials in the republican party. now i'll be in the chair. and others. but the dems are going to have an implosion over this. >> we have a call on georgia. we have to go to lester. nbc news projects that donald trump wins the state of georgia. this has gone on a lot longer than many imagined it would. 16 electoral votes. trump wins georgia. we also want to note very quickly, let's first of all look at where that takes us in the race to 270 that puts trump at 244. clinton standing right now at 209. let me just mention here very quickly, arizona, wisconsin, those have moved to the too close to call category.
8:45 pm
we'll take a break and be back with more after this. s success? is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at my swthis scarf all thatsara. left to remem... what! she washed this like a month ago the long lasting scent of gain flings
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8:47 pm
we're going to peek in on the celebration that is growing at the trump headquarters as supporters sense this may be their night in the race to 270. much different story at the clinton headquarters. this was a bit earlier as people reacting to the news that florida had gone trump's way. it is a tale of two halls blocks away in new york city, interpreting and watching the news as it unfolds in this extremely tight presidential election. to give us some perspective, we welcome a pair of well-known presidential
8:48 pm
historians, doris kerns good win and michael beschloss. >> in 1948 every poll said dewey would beat truman. and they saw the support that truman had, james reston said, i apologize, i didn't take that into account. people didn't listen to what people outside were feeling. on the other hand, whoever wins tonight, what this shows is there's going to be a divided country. we are going to need leadership. the scary thing is both candidates, people don't feel are trustworthy and more than ever we'll need somebody who can heal these divisions. gore helped to do it in ta2000. i remember that night, with tom brokaw, we were up waiting forever and ever. gore was able to show grace and classiness.
8:49 pm
>> let's talk to michael about that. one of these two candidates will be expected to make a concession speech at the end of this night. given that they both are immensely unpopular, as doris points out, the country more than ever needs somebody to lead us through this split. what would you expect? >> however is president is going to have to heal and unite this country. that would have been true at the end of this campaign in any case. lester, one other thing we have to remember that perhaps is a little bit forgotten, that is that if you look through american history, it is almost never the case that one political party is able to hold on to the white house three terms in a row. you know, martin van buren was able to be elected as andrew jackson's successor, 1836. if you're looking at a vice president able to do that, you have to go all the way ahead to george h.w. bush in 1988, elected to essentially ronald
8:50 pm
reagan's third term. dwight eisenhower, although very popular, was not able to hand the white house to richard nixon. nor was bill clinton, who was at the end of his presidency quite popular, able to do the same thing for al gore. we may be seeing some form of that syndrome tonight. >> we look at the polls, and depending on how this turns out, we may look at the polls and say what happened. is it harder to measure an electorate where so many people are voting against the other person, when so many people are holding their nose and saying, this is all i got, let me choose one? how do you factor in that gut check, that moment of doing something you don't want to do? >> we're used to that in primary situation, which are usually protest moments. we're less used to that in a general election. normally you assume by the time people come to a general election, they've chosen one candidate over another. and i think it just shows there's an antipolitical feeling
8:51 pm
in this country, a feeling against experience. somehow people are not viewing politicians in the same way they used to. the outsider, even with all the flaws, if it turns out, even if it's closer than we thought, was able to get a momentum behind him that didn't need a ground game, that didn't have the polls, people telling them. i mean, everything about this base -- yogi berra would say it, you can't predict anything in this race. all of us will have to feel that. no matter what happens, it's a loss closer than a lot of people thought. >> it is a lot closer. this is a good time to remind folks, this is not over. >> it is not over yet. >> neither candidate has the 270. i want to thank you both, michael and doris, good to have you both on. we appreciate your insight on a night of such history here. we are going to take a break. we'll continue with our coverage, watching too early to call races. there may be some interesting developments here with how this will stack up at the end of the day. we'll check in with chuck todd who has that look that he
8:52 pm
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8:53 pm
head and shoulders' dry scalp care as you can see, we're getting very close here. if she does hang on in nevada and she wins new hampshire, and right now i think trump's likely to narrowly grab wisconsin, don't know yet, i think she end up with michigan, and look what happens. 269-269.
8:54 pm
now, this scenario does the following. it give us her cd 2, it give us him in nebraska, cd 2 in maine. >> we're looking at recaps. >> we may have recounts in maine too, a recount in nebraska too. this is a plausible scenario as the night wears on. michigan and wisconsin, those directions are the likely result. >> anybody else up for all nighter? we'll be back with more coverage in a moment. . this is decision 2016 update from nbc bay area. good evening, welcome back to our continuous coverage of decision of 2016. i am janelle wang. >> i am jessica aguirre.
8:55 pm
>> races are being called. our nbc peggy bunker is joining us. this one is not a surprise. it has been an interesting race because of california's top two four. right now the associated press is calling for kamala harris. still looking at a 67% lead here for harris/sanchez. we take a look here at harris, she's well known and had some big endorsements and money and endorsements from the president and the governor. and at loretta sanchez also has a long career and politics has served in the house in 1996. $3 million here for her campaign. he's not as well known as harris. the numbers are final but it is looking like a win for kamala
8:56 pm
harris. the associated press is calling prop 64, legalizing recreational use of marijuana with 56% say yes and 44% say no. >> lets go live to jean elle. >> a lot of people are here watching this. he told the crowd here to be proud of california for passing prop 64. >> adults will no longer be arrested for having to grow pot. they can legally smoke at home. >> we'll have effective decriminalize all use of marijuana. >> but arc access to recreational marijuana is apart of the situation that has to be
8:57 pm
figured out. it opens the door to a lot of tan tax revenues and new businesses here. we'll have more for you, jean elle. nbc bay area news. lets bring in our political anim analysts. >> what happened? >> women were supposed to be out men by 15 or 20%. they did not. there is supposed to be a great surge of latino votes, it did not happen. all the projections they talked about in terms of the component of the clinton's coalition has fell very short. >> a couple of reasons why, janelle. california is different than the rest of the nation. >> we got twice the number of immigration in our state. they are part of who we are.
8:58 pm
we are a state of majority of minorities. unloo i can t unlike the rest of the country of 33%. >> we immigrated all of this stuff in the way we live. >> we have to say we are still looking -- we are still in the evening, there is a chance things can turn around. how are you looking at now? >> it is tight. it is down to wisconsin, what clinton has to do is pull out at least one and preferably two, otherwise, it is trump. >> we'll be back with 30 minutes with another update. >> have a good evening, folks.
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
the drama, the anxiety, the sense of this night can certainly be seen in the faces at two different locations. not far away from each other here in midtown manhattan. and the trump headquarters, happy faces, hands in the air as they watch their candidate defy the polls and powering to a significant lead here. tonight in this race for president. where at the clinton headquarters, long faces and tears. here's the national vote right now, the popular vote. trump with 48% to 47%, but as we knew going in, this is a story about battleground races. and the race to 270.
9:01 pm
trump right now has climbed out ahead to 2414 to clinton's 209. there are some remaining states here. they are all in the too close to call category. starting with michigan. too close to guy.
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welcome back as we continue to follow the drama of the night. who will be our next president. there has been another call in the race for u.s. senate. savannah. >> yeah, this is a biggie, katherine cortez, this is a hold for the democrats. this was harry reid's seat. she's the first latina ever elected to the u.s. senate. and she defeats joe heck. one of these republicans who really tied himself in knots over donald trump. distancing himself and then seeming at the tail end there to say that he could support him and going back and forth in the end, katherine cortez wins in nevada. nevada a state that we still are saying is too close to call on the presidential level, but the this is not a pick-up, but a hold for the democrats. >> by the way, we're -- you look at missouri leading. >> republican. >> toomey is leading by a fingernail, but leading. >> the democrats do not get
9:17 pm
their hopes of having the senate either. and all of this, you've been talking about trump -- excuse me chuck's theory over here about 269 to 269, if that were to happen, it goes over to the congress to side. the house would determine and the senate would determine the vice president. >> mike pence has got to be happier that republicans are winning rather than tim kaine. >> what i want to do right now, all the states that remain. they're all too close to call. characterization here. let's start in michigan. michigan, too close to call. >> two things we are -- she is underperforming obama in wayne county which is detroit. we are a little concerned wayne county has a very bad history of counting number one. number two, there is a lot of vote left in flint, that should be a vote for her. it is going to be a nail biter. she does have a path to victory here in michigan still. but it's -- that is a pure coin flip. >> wisconsin. >> wisconsin right now, it looks
9:18 pm
trump. the only reason we are waiting -- just talking about milwaukee does not drop it's absentee vote until after all of the other election day voting is in. and we don't know how much absentee vote in milwaukee there is. >> they have early voting in wisconsin. >> not really. you have to like fill out a form, not a big number, but we don't know how big the number is, until we see it, we're not comfortable calling trump. we did this on election day and what we have, trump -- there is no path for her, but we don't know what the absentee vote looks like. we've held off. >> new hampshire. >> it's 5,000 votes, man. 5,000 votes, right? we've still got -- this could come from anywhere. 5,000 votes. you can't sit here and say this area is available, this area is available. it's the question is, it's those boston suburbs and durham,
9:19 pm
university of new hampshire versus the rest of the state that's trump. >> maine has four electoral votes, also too close to call. >> we're going to see a split here. 48, 45, he was going to be more dominant, it's more rural. that's bangor, she's going to win portland. and so it is -- unless she sneaks in the maine too, maine has been closer than we thought it would, but depending on how michigan and wisconsin split, we'll see how important maine becomes. >> katy tur says minnesota, they think they have a shot there. he travelled there the other day and everyone looked -- had a double take. >> we don't see it yet. that doesn't mean -- obviously he is doing better than usual for a republican, but this -- there are more -- it is more likely to be a clinton state at this point than a trump state. but this is more evidence the big blue wall has a ton of cracks. >> pennsylvania. >> this is -- we are going to have to wait until all the
9:20 pm
counts are in. all the voters -- we've got to see it all. and we will probably never be able to say anything other than apparent winner when this happens. >> think about it, yesterday she's there with the president and first lady of the united states, her husband, former president, rally there. >> tom's point. so we could have a recount in pennsylvania. we could have a recount in omaha, we could have a recount in maine too. michigan could be so close it could feel like a recount at this point. so it is a -- by the way -- >> the fact that pennsylvania's so close. this is one where the conventional wisdom is republicans want to chase that rainbow every four years but ultimately, pennsylvania comes out and votes democratic. the fact that it's this tight says something. >> there's a bunch of union voting obama democrats that are voting trump. >> as we take a quick look at nevada and then arizona we head to a break, but we continue to watch with baited breath along with the rest of the country here as we wait for the states. still too close to call as we
9:21 pm
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9:22 pm
[ drums playing ] let's wrap this one last. ♪ welcome back, well after midnight here on the east coast. trump right now with 244 electoral votes. there is the map. as it stands right now. but some key areas of gray, states that are too close to call. we continue to watch them and
9:23 pm
watching all this along with us, outside our studios, on democracy plaza, a lot of folks there around the viewing stations watching this drama unfold. and joe lean kent is with some of them right now. >> reporter: lester, we're talking to donald trump supporters, alex, you are a voter in texas, why did you go for trump? >> i think that this says a lot more about hillary than it does about donald. i think it just shows that people don't trust her. and as much as trump has against him, i think it says a lot more about her than it does about him. >> reporter: now stewart, you voted for donald trump in connecticut, what -- how are you feeling right now? he's in the lead at the moment. >> i have to say that i embrace what hillary has said to the country. and i hope that donald embraces some of her sentiment about inclus sieveness. i think the american public decided that the liberal media has just taken too much of a hand in this election and has
9:24 pm
been telling the public really who to vote for all along. and one factor for me is as a doctor is that the obamacare policies, while they are trying to be helpful to the public, all of my patients have said that it's just too expensive. >> reporter: thank you so much. live here on democracy plaza. lester, back to you. >> some interesting pieces of conversation we can pick up on, perhaps after the break. about is this more about hillary clinton and also let's face, we in many ways we were on the ballot as well. the media. and that's another conversation. let's take a break. we'll be back with more coverage. decision night in america here on nbc. on nbc. this is decision 2016 update from nbc bay area. thank you for joining us, i am jessica aguirre. >> i am janelle wang. the election affecting your
9:25 pm
money tonight. wall street is stunned after rising of the anticipation of hillary clinton. dow is now down 800 points and nasdaq has dropped quickly. trading has been horticultualte. looks like it will bae rough morning in wall street. polls have been closed here for 90 minutes here. lets talk about our local bay area race. khanna verses honda. >> khanna is ahead of 15% of the vote so far. the associated press is projecting 64 will pass that recreational use of marijuana with 20% of the precincts in and 56% in favor and 46% have said
9:26 pm
no. >> we are talking about changing prescription prices. 19% of the vote is in and 54% is yes. no vote on that, pardon me. >> all eyes are also are on this tight presidential race. lets begin our team coverage with our own raj mathai at clinton's headquarter. good evening to you. it is remarkable to see the transformation of this crowd. we have been here for started o atmosphere has turned out to be shocked. >> thousands of clinton supporters here are invited here. what you don't see down there is a vip room with hillary
9:27 pm
clinton's closest supporters. they are shocked. we caught up with one of them from san francisco just a minute ago. >> i am surprised that the polling showed that she was up and clearly that was not big of a case. >> how tense is the room you with watching this? >> it is not tense, it is just a bit glum. >> reporter: glum and heartbreak ing and shocked is the story we are getting. a much different story at donald trump's headquarters. >> mark matthews, take it away. >> you have to tell you about this crowd. let me show you the picture of the last time they were cheering. i think that's when fox news decided that michigan was leading towards trump and again the crowd just exploded. they booed when we started early this afternoon was when a lot of
9:28 pm
people thought that trump had a path to the white house. now, looks like clinton is in that situation. >> here in new york at trump's headquarters feeling like he's got it. reporting from midtown manhattan, nbc bay area news. okay, mark, thank you, we'll take a quick look at the u.s. senate seat with harris at 67% and sanchez with 33%. another update in an hour, 30 minutes.
9:29 pm
9:30 pm
welcome back. democracy plaza at rockefeller center, it's 12:30 in the east. there's the national vote based on property jexs now. trump leading 48 to 47%. that's the popular vote. let's take a look now at the electoral vote. the race to 270 which is what we're witnessing right now. trump sitting at 244, clinton at 209 with a number of states here still too close to call. that will turn this election before we all walk out of here. we're going to go to howie jackson right now. among the many things we're watching as this seems to be tilting toward donald trump, the markets around the world are reacting. she has more on that. >> we're seeing a drop in some
9:31 pm
overseas markets and something happening on the s&p 500. it was halted -- >> so there's two kinds of futures. the dow futures a lot because there's a big dow board question look at -- >> we saw a drop. >> they're down indicating at this point a 4% drop. so if the dow were to open right now, it would open 760 points lower than when it closed. really your investments are in a broader set of investments that are more like the s&p 500. now this doesn't happen very much, but the s&p 500, they don't generally allow it in trading. the futures to go below
9:32 pm
9:33 pm
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9:35 pm
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9:37 pm
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9:41 pm
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9:44 pm
where they feel the direction of this night is heading, but we
9:45 pm
are not there. we're not anywhere right now. the race to 270, trump 244, clinton 215. we will be back with more of our coverage. decision night in america on nbc. a on nbc. i'm hall of famer jerry west and my life is basketball. but that doesn't stop my afib from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating. i took warfarin for over 15 years until i learned more about once-daily xarelto... a latest generation blood thinner. then i made the switch. xarelto® significantly lowers the risk of stroke in people with afib not caused by a heart valve problem. it has similar effectiveness to warfarin. warfarin interferes with vitamin k and at least six blood clotting factors. xarelto® is selective targeting one critical factor of your body's natural clotting function. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, there is limited information on how xarelto and warfarin compare
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9:47 pm
welcome back in yellow on that map, those are the states that have not yet been called and those are the states that are making this a very long night as we approach the 1:00 hour here very shortly on the east coast. right now donald trump holds a lead, he's 26 electoral votes from being voted in as the next president of the united states. welcome back to nbc election headquarters. join now again by james. good have you here.
9:48 pm
>> good to be here but -- >> not turning out the way i know you want. walk us through what has happened from the democratic view. >> well, i mean, everything that you would think you needed to do, we had a great convention, great debate, we had a great effort, and trump came through and had a naturalistic message and a lot -- people responded to. and the democrats by the way got all their vote out. everything that -- you cannot blame the democrats for not showing up and voting. but -- >> did you have a candidate -- did you have a candidate that was far more deeply flawed than you knew? >> you know, i think what she believed in is preparation and hard work and that you could shake a -- make some changes. she didn't have that direct message that really had appealed to people. and also she had been in politics all of her life. people knew her as being in politics and that happens to be
9:49 pm
a very unpopular profession right now. >> there's a pretty important question that presidential candidates have to answer. why do you want to be president? i'd be honest with you, it was something that bugged the clinton campaign, what's the answer? what is it? and i remember asking her what her big idea was and she goes that we're stronger together. that wasn't an idea. that was a sentiment. i get it. do you think she ever figured out a good answer? >> i think that her nature is is that she believes that the country has multiple problems to attack. and it's just not one simple thing to do. when trump came in, he had a simple thing, he had a very simple thing he was going to do and the power of a message, you know, overcame the power of a turnout operation. and i think -- by the way, other people on the democratic side voiced the same concern that you did, but, and that is a technical campaign, but it didn't have that sort of strong emotional message. and he had the change message,
9:50 pm
hard -- >> let me get down to florida and bring in jose diaz, anchor at telemundo been jose, the story of this election win or lose for hillary clinton will be latino vote. we saw it come out certainly in a strong way in nevada. what's the read on florida, which of course went to donald trump tonight. >> well, lester, good evening, i think that what james was talking about about the fact that the people who came out to vote for hillary clinton came out to vote on mass. in other words, the hispanic community for example came out strong for hillary clinton on a national level. if we look at what happened in south florida specifically with the cuban american vote, which donald trump carried tonight, it's because in that group, even those that have supported president obama's decision to open relations with the cuban regime, see the last moves that the administration made
9:51 pm
vis-a-vis cuba as being unilateral. there was nothing in return from the cuban government to give the united states the reason to open up relations further. i think in the cuban american vote, that's what's caused the support for donald trump, but throughout the country, we have seen record numbers of latinos voting. just in the state of florida, lester. you know, 38% of the latinos that voted in early voting had never voted before. and yet, clearly wasn't enough in florida and may not be enough in other states. >> jose diaz, good to see you, thanks very much. we will take a break. we continue to watch and wait for the dramatic conclusion of decision 2016 on this decision night in america. we'll be right back. america. we'll be right back. we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter.
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9:53 pm
there's the map as it stands based on property jexs we have made tonight. donald trump leaning 244 to 215 in the race to 270, but still a lot of states outstanding. let's walk you through some of them and look at the margins right now. i think we're going to look first at new hampshire. well, let's see what we got. all right. looks like we're going to go with michigan. 55,000 vote difference. >> hillary clinton, one piece of good news, a lot of ann arbor is
9:54 pm
still out. a ton of ann arbor -- >> michigan not out of reach if for her. there's a path there for her. >> let's skip ahead to wisconsin before we go to the break. there we go. wisconsin -- >> again, i'd say we would have called this if we knew the size of the absentee vote in milwaukee is. but it's trending trump. >> new hampshire, 536 vote difference. >> the notch. >> but the point is, this is in about one area. this is a handful everywhere. >> we are going to take a break. we'll continue our coverage. decision night in america as i like to call it decision morning in america right after this. ric. i'm nelleang..==je/2sho= the untrynd thbay are are bng cs good evening everyone, i am janelle wang. >> i am jessica aguirre.
9:55 pm
right now we want to give you local race that had a lot of people talking. the farmer association of more than $14 million posing it. right now it is passing with 61% of the vote of measure v. >> oakland, a similar measure of measure hh, it is passing there. 62%-28%. >> albany measure 01 is passing 72%-28% and zero precinct reporting, this is all from early voting and mail in votes. >> bay area's michelle roberts, she's in san francisco, are they celebrating? >> reporter: yes, he's hopeful
9:56 pm
of the numbers coming in but closely watching this race and others tonight. supporters of this soda taxes found the soda tax there, soda con assumption is cut by 21%. >> it will keep kids safer and money will go to the general fund and health prevention. earlier today, we met up with the appropriate prop v. >> they call it a gross tax. >> we are trying to link things to one product when we know there are a lot of issues that go into this. we are going to continue to fight it. >> reporter: the american beverage association has spent $20 million on this campaign. the tax will be passed along to customers and hurt low income families and hurts small businesses. the no one prop v organizatiersy no matter what outcomes happens
9:57 pm
tonight, they'll continue to fight. no matter where it pops up in the bay area, they want to make sure they are fighting it where ever it pops up in the future. i am michelle roberts, bay area news. >> another major prop on california ballot is here. >> propagation 64, scott budman is joining us, there are a lot of people celebrating for that one. >> yeah, this one is doing very well. it will be legal to smoke weed legally right away. you have to be 21 or older. you won't get in trouble for having it. the legal limit is 28.5 grams. that's about 60 joints, a decent amount of weed there. you won't be able to smoke weed just about anywhere, in public there will be fines. so there are restrictions kind
9:58 pm
of like cigarettes. you won't be able to buy at dispensaries away. >> eventually, the state will issue licenses to sale but that won't happen until 2018. legal to have and smoke marijuana but the flood gates wor won't open for another year. >> we are following all the propositions tonight and we'll have another news update in about 30 minutes from now. >> you can always see our results on all digital platforms. we'll see you in a bit.
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
10:01 pm
. . . . . i think there is enough vote for her to win michigan that may not have mattered. there is no worried about 269 or
10:02 pm
omaha or arizona or alaska.
10:03 pm
perhaps more substantially. if she does lose wisconsin and pennsylvania and michigan is still in the balance. >> think of where we are right now. he's on the -- up until yesterday he was saying the system is rigged. >> it is democracy. >> that's a good thing that democracy is working and votes are getting counted. >> here is the democrats, they have been complaining about the wikileaks and comey. >> sure. >> there is some impact. there is no doubt but on the other hand, trump's basic questions never changed. >> the democrat party had the least amount of power in this
10:04 pm
democracy. the republicans had 30 state legislatures. we'll lose to federal court, senate, house, presidency, i mean it is a utter disaster if you are a democrat in terms of any political power right now. >> what does it mean to be in the republican party? >> the republican party is led by someone who's not even a republican. >> that's my point. >> it is okay that democrats are out of power and republicans are in but define republicans? >> and if trump does win, it is going to have to govern. if he's elected, he will be elected by a segment population. latino voters came out and after the american voters came out. that's numbers where they voted for the other candidate. it was not a rainbow coalition
10:05 pm
that will be elected.
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10:11 pm
time. we continue to watch those states, too close to call. both candidates still short of the 270 needed to become
10:12 pm
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back to decision night in america. rockefeller center towering above democracy plaza where we continue to watch the race to 270. i want to bring in the presidential historian to get some flavor and perspective on the
10:15 pm
10:16 pm
10:17 pm
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10:20 pm
he's going to have congressional majorities in both houses, and a lot of people are going owe their election to him. and you've got to understand what is going to happen here. there are real, real consequences. >> i think he's going to want to be the boss number one. and even if you take the sort of optimistic view and say, part of
10:21 pm
the campaign was a performance. for his audience. still, what his north star? and is it suspicion of immigration? is it -- >> donald trump? >> blow up the system. i mean, that's how he got there. and as james says, you know, he got elected urn the prose of a democracy, people chose him to be their leader because they are so upset with where it's going right now. >> i have to be the traffic cop here and get us to a break. we will continue with our decision night after this. on ni. there's nothing more important than your health. or the freedom to choose what doctor you want to see. so if you're on medicare, consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like any standardized medicare supplement plan, you'll be able to stay with the doctor or specialist you trust... or look for someone new -- as long as they accept medicare patients. and you're not stuck in a network... because there aren't any. so why wait?
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10:23 pm
welcome back to our continuing coverage of this historic election. we to want take you right now to the donald trump headquarters here in midtown manhattan. peter alexander is with a crowd that is growing restless and with expectations of things going their way. >> reporter: yeah lester, good evening. i just spoke to the source who is with donald trump inside trump tower right now who describes the scene as euphoric, filled with hugs and high fives. there's new investigation that nbc news can report. this from my colleague kelly o'donnell who spoke to a top aid to speaker paul ryan and we have now heard that the speaker earlier tonight reached out by phone, speaking to donald trump in what was described as a good conversation. congratulating donald trump and also speaking to his good friend, the potential vice president mike pence as well.
10:24 pm
what's striking about this right now as i speak to folks inside the campaign headquarters is how strongly they felt over the course of the night that they would do well, but how this result is even striking and surprising some of them. they thought they'd do well in florida. they thought they'd have a shot in pennsylvania, but they thought wisconsin would be too tough. they have a chance to win all three of them. >> peter alexander, i think that's an interesting note to hear what peter said that -- that is surprise even to the trump camp. we're going to talk more about that in a minute. we're going to take another break and be back with more after this. this is a decision 2016 update from nbc bay area. >> welcome back, everyone. thank you for joining us for this local news update. i'm janelle wang. >> i'm jessica aguirre. the race for the white house remains uncertain, we have results from state propositions
10:25 pm
to share with you. nbc news projects prop 63, the firearms ammunition control, 28% of the precincts reporting, is passing 63% to 37%. >> prop 58 is also passing with a huge majority. it will repeal a nearly two decade old law that limited bilingual education in public school, that is passing by 73%. >> let me show you one of the local races, a hot race, mike honda versus ro khanna, 41% of the precincts reporting, it does appear at this point that ro khanna will unseed mike honda. >> all eyes on this tight presidential race. candidates with headquarters in new york city. team coverage with raj mathai at the hillary clinton watch party. things are pretty tense there. >> they are tense. they've been tense for a couple of hours now. here's what we know. hillary clinton was supposed to arrive here about two hours ago but obviously with the results
10:26 pm
and how this evening is turning out she is not here. she remains holed up in the peninsula hotel a few miles away. the crowd here, these are invited guests, vips from hillary clinton and her campaign. they are starting to leave. in fact, i want to take a look here. you look behind my shoulder, there's a lot of empty space. within the past 45 minutes hundreds of people have left and granted it is close to 1:30 in the morning. however, it should tell you something that there is no party to celebrate, at least not tonight for hillary clinton supporters. what we're also seeing, a lot of hugs, some tears, and really just some sadness from all her supporters. now many of those supporters here in new york are from the bay area. in fact, one of hillary clinton's best friends is here. and she is texting saying, we are just shocked how this is happening. that is suzy booul, she texted me awhile ago, we are deeply saddened and shocked how this is turning out. that is the general sentiment coming here from everyone. it's obviously a much different
10:27 pm
story where donald trump is and his headquarters. we bring in nbc bay area's mark matthews. >> raj, the crowd here has been growing. they're quiet for the most part, waiting for results -- it looks like one of the down-ballot races has been decided. i spoke just a few moments ago with peter king. he's a republican congressman from new york's 2nd district. that's on long island. i asked him how would a trump presidency change washington? here's what he said. >> it will change it dramatically. donald trump is a -- his own man. he ran as a republican. but he's very much an individual. he also in the best sense of dealmaker, he'll want to get things done. he will find a way. he's not going to be overly ideological. he will find a way to make deals to get things done. >> donald trump right now at trump tower waiting, probably
10:28 pm
anxiously to come here to his election night headquarters. but the numbers aren't in, not yet. reporting from midtown manhattan, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, mark. take a look at some of the races here. this is the u.s. senate race being vacated by barbara boxer. kamala harris handily taking this race as expected over loretta sanchez. >> house of representatives in the race for 15th district, that is eastern alameda county, it appears incumbent swalwell will keep his seat. >> we'll have full election recap for you as soon as we have the final results. stay with us on our digital platforms as well. in america.
10:29 pm
10:30 pm
welcome back. it is 1:30 in the morning on the east coast and we are still
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