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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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outc: ses puedruns= =jesvo= tensf thoands the reets 10s of thousands in the streets tonight in the bay area and beyond, clashes of police, flash bangs and bonfiefrs, we are live with the protests. >> emotions over last night's election are spilling in to the streets for a second time.
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these are pictures over oakland, protesters have been in the streets for six hours. more demonstrations are unfolding in san francisco and san jose. we start with nbc area bay area jean emlle. >> tonight, police are monitoring peaceful and not so peaceful protests. more than 6,000 protesters are out protesting president elect donald trump, police deployed tear gas. many are trying bring the city of oakland the a stand still. in san francisco. >> we are not going ever give up. >> hundreds gather. >> for the person that fears
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deportation on inauguration. >> and marching declaring that trump is not their president. many with tears in their ice, as they worry about what the future holds. >> it feels the same as 9/11. >> they fear the progress made in civil rights will be lost. >> the people threw the baby out with the bath water. they risked everything on the total unknown. >> the crowd marched to the mission to show support for the immigrants who are fearing the deportation that was threatened and the uncertainty, feels overwhelming. >> i have a disabled child and i have a president that thinks it's funny to make fun of
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disabled children. >> the fearful are finding comfort in each other and promising to spend the next four years fighting. >> so this country needs to wake up and fight back. >> lots of emotion here otd streets tonight. now the san francisco police department says that the protest here was loud and peaceful. in oakland, it's a different story. the police department has made several arrests for looting, vandalism and assault on a police officer. >> thank you, we want to take you back to oakland and show you what is happening on the streets. this is near the area of 14th and broadway. you can see the crowd has thinned out, earlier today, there were thousands of people in the streets and when it started, we have seen some vandalism, we have seen some bonfires throughout the street, you can see now, there's a couple of hundred people left right now. again, people just milling about. we are going to continue to watch this progress of this, of this protest and we will let you
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know if anything else urn folds. you can follow it online as well on nbc bay >> a tense situation unfolding in los angeles tonight. fairly similar looking situation as the louvre look at protesters in downtown l.a. blocking the 1 01 freeway earlier. we are told there's mostly peaceful protesting going on in l.a. tonight these protests are spanning from coast-to-coast. you are looking at a map showing the big ones. it includes new york city. protesters marched the trump tour, some carrying signs and banners with messages, meantime in chicago, a protest that grew to hundreds has grown to thousands of people. trying to gain access to the trump international hotel and tower. 2000 took to the streets in portland, crowds forced the shut
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down of a major highway there. >> trump is going to meet with obama tomorrow to begin the transition of power. the 45thpresident will take the oath of office on january 20th. mr. trump attacked president obama for much of the campaign. mr. obama appeared to shrug it off saying it's not the first time that presidents have not seen eye to eye. >> it's no secret that the president elect and i have significant differences. but remember, eight years ago, president bush and i had some pretty significant differences. >> and president went on to say, as president bush eased his transition, he will do the same for president elect trump. post election, there's a renewed debate over whether the electoral college should be
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abolished. it was designed to give each state fair reputation. president clinton seems to have won the popular vote and the change of the system may not be feesable. >> if we have two, three, four elections in the row, where the popular vote goes one way and the electoral vote goes the other way. there may be enough to want to change the constitution. that requires an amendment and that is tough to do. seeing the protest and the violence unfolding across the country have many trump supporters celebrating in the shadows. why you will not see many trump victory parties in the bay area. >> well, it's because they get so much backlash because admitting you support donald
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trump makes you a target here in the bay area. >> this is so wrong. >> all because the man she voted for won. >> i was hoping that people were going to be more tolerant. >> donald trump supporter, switched from independent to republican four months ago, as a latina, she said that she believed donald trump would be the 45thpresident of the united states. >> i don't support mr. trump as a latina, i support him as a america. she does not recognize democracy because of the hate she endures when people see her supporting trump. >> we could not put a sticker on our car, ours car would be broken. >> i think i'm still in shock. >> rick altman, had signs burned
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in his front yafrd, he is now looking toward the future. >> in a few months, he will be sworn in, and we can get to work on the problems that the country has. >> and these two trump supporters tell me tonight they are hoping that the backlash in the streets will end very soon. reporting live in san rafel. >> and a handful of propositions were voted on. that includes prop 64, tonight we are learning that the new law offers something to some in the fine print. we are joined live on how it could change some lives, rick? >> how are you? you know, it will change a lot of things for folks inside the jails here behind me. and quite a few people out there, two major changes, all due to connect to 64, it's going
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to be reducing felonies from a lot of criminal records out there and that will make a big difference for a lot of folks applying for a job. >> and it's been on my record ever since. >> prop 64 gives hope to people like brian. the law that allows californians allowed to smoke up to an ounce of weed could change his life. >> i may no longer be a felon on. it can reduce the charge to a misdemeanor. there's requirements, no charges had to involve children and the arrest had to happen at the age of 21 and the weed amounts had to be up to six plants in the home. >> now with the current law, those are misdemeanors.
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>> they say to clean up legal records, those affected should contact their attorney. but a simple court filing could change lives. >> you are not overturning the sentence, you are taking thousands, 10s of thousands of people and saying, you are no longer felons under california law. >> something that could now give people like brian a second chance on life. >> and no longer have to answer yes to the question of have i been convicted of a felon any, yes. >> those arrests should have happened at age 21 and up. this is not going to be something that is overnight in getting your paperwork done. it could take a few more weeks or months to get the felonies wiped off. or reduced to a misdemeanor. rick boone. >> for the results of the races in the area and in california, you can head to our website, we have an entire section devoted to last night's election.
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>> they say they bought prepaid packages in a business and that business refused to accept. answers for them, and a warning for you. >> and then, could california break off and do its own thing, brexit style. >> i'm meteorologist jeff renieri and finally the possibility of november rain. we will have the answer on that in 8:00. thank you.
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so disgusted that they want the state to leave the union. is that possible? >> the outrage is sparking an online movement to get us out. leave the united states and make california its own nation. a calexit. >> i was talking to my friend about this today, i hope and pray it comes true. one group called yes california is planning the calexit already, by trying to launch a referendum in 2019. >> that is crazy. >> law professors say a simple vote would not work. they need a constitutional amendment with 2/3 spaurt from congress and the state. >> it's not california at all that makes the decision, it's really the entire united states and i just can't imagine any reason why the rest of the united states would be interested in that. >> so, not likely, but technically. >> a poll could one day move in to a movement.
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it's the start of something big. >> nbc bay area responds to several residents who saw they are out hundreds of dollars after a business changed owners. >> what happens to the money they spent? they asked consumer investigators to find out. five people called our center with the same complaint about the same business. and many more are voicing concerns on social media. they say a chain of massage parlors refused to honor the prepaid purchases they had just bought. >> i have a high stress job and it's a nice thing to do to go in and get a foot massage. >> a small indulgence on the feet but now is a headache. he prepaid for massages at relaxed feet, paying up front made sense, he got a discount. >> it was a good deal, i thought, i will probably use this. >> but he discovered that the
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gift cards frp worthless. >> when i called them up to use them, they said they changed ownership and thefy were not going to honor them. >> it's the same story. >> greg myers and his wife bought prepaid massages. it always refused to honor prepaid packages. >> we are out $140. >> relaxed feet had several locations in san francisco, all closed or changed names. leaving customers in a lurch, so we began asking questions, law professor anna hahn said that businesses are supposed to take in to account liabilities like prepaid purchases, so someone is on the hook, the new management or old. so we called, wrote and visited the parlors and never received a
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response. next, we requested state records. the articles of organization. a business's birth certificate tell us that the location that lonnie and greg used has new management. but the shop josh used was registered by the same manager that was filed by the old business. although state records show when ownership changes occur, the names of owners are not required in public recovered. >> you cannot really get to the true owner. >> getting to those that are financially responsible will require a lawsuit. >> then consumers can try to get a court to look through the sale if you will to look past the technical transaction. and hold the previous owners liable. >> professor hahn said she faced a similar situation with a different company. >> i purchased a package myself, in an oakland massage place. >> personally, and professionally, she recommends avoiding prepaid purchases.
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>> having sort of experienced this myself, i would say, don't buy any long tefrm packages. don't spend money on packages. >> after josh called us, we started to ask questions, 620 massage updated the website with an announcement saying they will honor their packages. we are not related to relaxed feet, but we consider you as our important customer. i'm surprised because i have called and e-mailed them multiple times as have other people and there was no recourse for us. >> tdid announcement that they will honor the gift cards is good news. but not for this couple, their parlor is not budgeting. lonnie offers the owner an easier solution. >> just honor it, we honor things here. >> she used to be a school teacher, can you tell?
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if you have a consumer complaint for us, tell us about it. call 1-888-996-tips. once you are there, look for the yellow submit tips bar on the right side. you can share your story as well as documents and videos and pictures to help you document the case. i hope you learned something tonight. >> we did. >> we always do with you. let's turn it to weather and learn about the weather. >> it will be beautiful outside. tomorrow going to go a few degrees warmer, friday and saturday, things cool down. let's go to the micro climate forecast, you can see across the bay area, tonight in san francisco, a clear view? the high definition camera. the sf airport coming with 73. temperatures drop in to 50s as we go in to tomorrow morning. you will find areas of patchy fog throughout the bay area and temperatures in the 50s. the fog does not look too thick. so, that was good news.
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you may have to watch for driving in to areas of the 55 for the east bay. throughout the micro climate forecast on thursday. we will find incredible weather for the south bay, sunny skies, my warmest temperature, 83 in gilroy, 80 in san jose and 79 in coop e coopertino, and light winds making it so enjoyable outside. 77 in livermore, and for the peninsulament 75 in belmont and as well as 70 in half moon bay as cool as 68 in the outer sunset. >> 75 in mill valley. and 78 in santa rosa. and napa will be the warmest. this is not going to last too much longer. the last day of temperatures like this, by friday night in to
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saturday morning, a chance of rainfall that could accumulate to .05 of an inch. better chance of rainfall coming by next tuesday and wednesday. and as you see for the inland valley, we will be as warm as 80 and dropping down to 73 on saturday with a chance of drizzle and the morning hours next tuesday and wednesday we drop down to the 60s for the interior valleys. it was like october weather we had last month is what we should be having this month. a weird flip. >> a lot of people are looking out here and saying i would like to be here. >> it's a ten. >> jeff, thanks. >> still to come, tracking the soda tax, we find out where the money will go in three cities where voters approved it. >> and we have jimmiment. >> hey, guys, eddie redmond is here for a game of know it all. >> and police have a man and
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woman under arrest suspected of shoplifting in walmart and stabbing an employee in the forearm and on twitter, growing support for a newpresident in 2020, kanye west. fans are asking him to make good on his bid to run for the white house. new dailtonig, invving repoed se
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deci new details ton s tonight, reported with a possible sexual assault. the victim and his pancrents ha decided to not press charges.
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a student touched or grabbed an opponent's genitle area, and the case is now considered closed. >> san francisco, oakland has new sugary drink tax. the distributors are charged the tax. it can raise money for the general fund and someone in the advisory board will be in charge to make sure the money goes to fight obese iity. >> tax goes in to effect next summer. berkley was the first city in the united states to approve the soda tax in 2014. >> okay the warriors welcome back former teammates to oracle tonight. >> wait until you see the three-point party golden state had waiting for them. i like to know what's happening as soon as it happens.
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this is incredible. out to klay thompson to the corner. the sharp shooter scored 18 points. in the first quarter. klay thompson getting the shot back. went to do score 20 total. the warriors beat the mavs. 116-95. >> the election, the talk of locker rooms for many bay area teens today. >> we caught up with some of your favorite athletes. >> in oakland, in alameda and here in santa clara, professional athletes were discussing the elephant in the room today. last night's presidential election. now the players that we spoke to expressed disappointment not only in the outcome but also in the electoral process itself. >> no matter how you feel or how you believe, what should have happened, or what you wish happened or you are happy that it happened, however you are, wherever you are at, we still as a country have to come together. >> this whole, fairytale about
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the post racial, post -- this utopia that obama supposedly created, it's bull. that is the bottom line. when you lack -- when you look at the results from last night. this nation has not moved a thread. >> i can say this personally, with some of the things that he has been very vocal about, people of color, and you know, immigrants and just religion, it's kind of disheartening for that to be the person running the free world. like anybody, we will have to see how it turns out. >> there were those in the sports world cheering the outcome today. nba player, kris humphries tweeted, make america great again and said rather than being upset, use the opportunity to embrace the fact that anything is possible. in santa clara, nbc bay area. >> from all sides. exactly. >> be right back.
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okay, we are going to see a bunch of weather over the next couple of days. >> bit of something coming our
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way, fog to start by the afternoon. 80, inland and possibly a but of drizzle by saturday morning. a better chance of rainfall as we head throughout next tuesday and also on wednesday. >> something about this warm weather gets jeff and i excited. so happy. >> they are happy about the weather. they get the giggles. >> hey, you were in on it too. >> yeah, she is more than in on it folks. >> thank you for joining us. >> see you tomorrow, bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- eddie redmayne --


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