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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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routine traffic stop quickly turns into a terrifying ordeal. search under way for a gunman who opened fire on two san jose police officers. it's enormous. i've done a lot of big things. i've never done anything like this it is so big. it is so enormous. >> first the victory, now the first interview hearing from our president-elect for the first time since his nomination. what he is saying are his top priorities moving forward. fogged. in be careful on the roads. a closer look at your full monday forecast. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good monday morning to you. hope you're coming off a great weekend. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. that fog will hug you tight this morning.
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this morning who is stuck in the fog and who isn't from mt. hamilton. that is a setting super moon off to the west there. if you're in the tri-valley, you can see it. 48 degrees. less than a 1/4 mile into san martin this morning. once the fog begins to clear, 60 in san francisco and oakland. >> that fog is a major issue for folks north bay. south bay talking about mount view. traffic flows all right there the only issue is unusual flow eastbound. getting away from the bay bridge where folks are making their way to the richmond/san rafael bridge. a pedestrian was killed on that connector.
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it is closed. we are showing you the slower drive times. 6:02. new this morning, one man is dead after being hit while walking on highway 101 near sfo. chp says it happened after 1:00 this morning in the northbound direction. at least two cars struck the person, an uber car and a taxi cab. the victim was walking in the lane. no one was arrested and the accident should not impact the morning commute. the search is on for a man who shot at two san jose police officers. both officers are fine this morning. they were out walking on patrol about 7:30 last night near ripley drive. they tried to talk to a group of boys and men and most of the group ran away. one person turned and started shooting at the officers. the officers did not shoot back. shooting came on the same day as a california's sheriff deputy was shot and killed in the line
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of duty which is very concerning. >> we are concerned about the climate. we are concerned that there's been something lost and the concept of law and order. it's very near and dear to our hearts when an officer is shot down and murdered. >> police do not have a detailed description of the gunman. we'll bring a live report in our next half hour. donald trump is laying out his plans for the presidency. president-elect trump discussed everything from obamacare to immigration. tracie potts joins us live from washington, d.c. with more on his top priorities for the nation. a lot of people wondering how a president trump might be different from what a campaigning trump says. good morning. >> we are already starting to see that. good morning, everyone. while he has yet to say who is going to be in his cabinet, he has made those decisions. he is talking about some of the
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key members of his white house team. the trump transition team announced reince priebus will serve as chief of staff and conservative news executive steve bannon who headed the trump campaign will become chief strategist. >> they'll both have chief roles in a trump administration. it was a small core senior team. >> president-elect trump admits he won't completely replace obamacare. >> are you going to make sure that people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes. it happens to be one of the strongest assets. also with the children living with their parents for an extended period. the wall for mexico could be a fence. >> we are focused on securing the border. >> as protests continue,
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democrats are concerned. >> i caution anyone who in their protests becomes the very thing they are protesting against, turning to hateful speech, violating principles and ideals that are sacred in this country. on same-sex marriage, he says that is a setted issue for the supreme court. on a expression prosecutor for hillary clinton, he hasn't made up his mind yet. trump's interview comes amid more demonstration nts bay area over the weekend. you can see our chopper flying over san francisco as protesters shut down traffic in parts of market street yesterday. so far no word on any arrests. anti-trump protest took place yesterday in golden gate park. the protests in san francisco forced buses to abandon their normal route.
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muni has to maneuver around demonstrations several times. in some cases, service was only delayed. today, elementary schools in alameda will hold an event called everyone belongs here to respond to racist graffiti found at a school. there have been reports of racist behavior there. community members are greeting students on campus to reassure them that all their students are welcome. bob redell is at the school and will bring as live report in the next 30 minutes. san francisco leaders plan to attend a unity gathering keeping san francisco a sanctuary city. it takes place 10:00 a.m. in city hall rotunda. earlier, president-elect donald trump said he would crack down
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on sanctuary cities possibly cutting off federal funding. stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the election. in san jose, police are investigating a homicide after a body was found by an elementary school. this is the 44th homicide of the year. a man's body was found about 1:00 yesterday afternoon in the 3,000 block of peppermint drive. police aren't sure what crime was committed. good news for b.a.r.t. riders. the new fleet of the future is designed to keep uncomfortable eye contact to a minimum. one of the biggest responses they got when designing the new fleet was the seating arrangements make people feel
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uncomfortable. the new seats will be farther apart. you won't see knee-to-knee seats any more. it should be in operation within five years. if you take caltrain, your ride will get more comfortable. caltrain will add an extra car to southbound trains during the morning and evening commutes. this will provide enough space for 200 additional passengers. check out dublin. not too bad. current visibility right now around the east bay, oakland 3/4 visibility. fog causing issues at sfo. inbound flight delays 90 minutes and climbing. highs today, low 70s once the fog clears around 10:00 and
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11:00 this morning. 60s san francisco to oakland tomorrow will lose fog and bring back showers and cooler weather. more november-like weather. the rain makes a big comeback for the weekend. >> south bay we have thick fog. i want to call out this deadly crash investigation that continues getting away from the bay bridge around university. the split is closed right now. san mateo bridge, look how thick this fog is here. looks like it's been cleared by the toll plaza. happening right now, you're about to hit one of san
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francisco's busiest streets this morning, you have to make adjustments. traffic is going to be an increased problem for years to come. starting today, van ness avenue goes from three lanes down to two in both directions. there are now only three intersections where you can make a left hand turn on van ness. that's where the construction of a rapid transit bus line muni says will provide faster and safer commute starting in 2019. a violent robby in the east bay. were you fortunate enough to get a glimpse of the super moon before the fog? if not, we are taking a closer look at something you won't see for decades. facebook says it did not influence the election with fake news. ==merx=(me alib
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it's been a very foggy start
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to the morning. campbell, temperatures in the 50s. highs approaching low 70s this afternoon with rain chances returning tomorrow. details coming up. it's 6:14. police believe alcohol was involved in this deadly crash in san mateo. that's just after two yesterday morning. the driver of the bmw coup lost control in the third avenue exit of northbound highway 101. the car crashed head-on into a kree killing the driver. three passengers were injured. this is the picture of a main suspect in a killing,
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24-year-old zachary worcester from new jersey. the killing happened in a remote home off highway 101. 35-year-old jeffrey quinn settler was growing marijuana and robbed by several people he hired as marijuana trimmers. deputies believe the attackers fled to southern california or out of state. >> critical services that are going to be improving for fighting crime. san francisco's 911 system is getting an upgrade. the current one is 16 years old. the new system is going to be more reliable and more capable of supporting new technologies. later this morning, the city's emergency management leaders are explaining more about the transition. >> facebook founder mark zuckerberg is defending his social network against acquisitions it spread false information to donald trump's benefit. this weekend he wrote a lengthy post claiming that less than 1%
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of the site's worldwide content could be classified as fake. the roam number is much higher and facebook should filter false news reports. zuckerberg wrote it is unlikely hoaxes influenced the election. they launched work to flag hoaxes and fake news. >> it does influence us or doesn't. there are less than believable items on facebook because we've all seen them in our facebook feed. facebook has been credited with lots of influence. the arab spring, right? and other politics around the world. it's not hard to assume it would affect ours. arab spring started in indonesia in a facebook post about a young street vendor, launched a revolution that spread into libya.
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facebook has influence and tells its advertisers that pay money it can influence users. how to get rid of the inaccurate news items and who is going to decide? if you flag them, maybe you'll flag something you just don't like. the dow had its best week in five years. there was a rally on monday when it looked like clinton would win and a rally wednesday when trump did win. investors are happy. coming up in about a half hour, we'll talk about why we think tech stocks are doing so poorly in this trump rally. working with mike pence to help the president-elect set up his administration. several white house watchers point out the transition team have several people on it who hold anti-gay positions. on a lighter note, the mansion featured in "the godfather" is
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up for sale. 28 bedrooms, $175 million. though if you offered a bigger price than that -- >> i'll make you an offer you can't refuse. >> that's way was looking for. >> give me a high five. >> i feel so left out. can i come visit? >> of course. >> bring the triplets. >> be careful. >> that is the super moon. according to nasa, that moon is the closest full moon to earth since 1948. it will not be that close again until 2034. this morning and tonight, we are told are the best times to see the moon. right now, want to check on traffic together on a monday
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morning. blanketed foggy start. >> you said mt. hamilton earlier. >> it's moon set, close to it right now. we'll show you the view outside. 48 degrees. one of the cooler spots. that's the few near san jose. 57. visibility at times about a half mile. into san francisco, a lot of fog there. check out san martin, less than 1/4 mile visibility.
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you see patchy low clouds. highs around san jose. low 70s. about the same around the tri-valley. pleasanton 73. peninsula temperatures in the upper 60s. mid 60s closer to san francisco and the north bay. highs near 70. 69 in sonoma. during the day tomorrow, we'll see mid and high level clouds coming in late tonight and rain-producing clouds at times midday tomorrow. low temperatures thursday could be in the 30s and 40s. it's fog this morning, a chance of showers tomorrow. winter coat weather returns wednesday and thursday. look at those lows. it's there for thursday morning.
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the rain makes a big comeback saturday. >> they are going to work harder to feed the roadway into the south bay. that fog will play a factor. we have crashes southbound 880. one lane blocked around 5th. that continues to show a slower drive. from 980 to downtown. you're back at speed if you're heading south toward the san mateo bridge. we have a crash blocking the connector. deadly crash involving a pedestrian. 6:30 they would clear the lanes. carlson or central will access back to 580. your drive time is looking all right for the south bay. we'll end with the san jose camera to show it's tough to see the glow. the fog is in the air. 6:21.
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honoring a beloved high school coach. first a question for you. paying with a credit card might cost you more money? the answer could be surprising. >> can a store force you to pay more when using a charge card? yes. a federal court allows surcharges. but the attorney general is appealing. at-8-8 9-6 ps loonouwebte nbb hoitaperrmea rord
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a records of sorts to report here. doctors performed a record number of life saving organ transplant surgeries last month. they performed 16 surgeries in the month of october. they also had two different donors provide four organs last month to save lives. hospitals attributing a record number of transplant surgeries from outside doctors. >> a bay area pop warner football coach received a huge honor. >> the statue of jim smiley was unveiled. he led the 1963 pittsburgh mallards to an undefeated championship season.
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he gives credit to the players who still keep in touch. >> they call me up daily. i get phone calls every day from them. they are the best kids to ever coach. a blind man could have came and coached them and they would have won the championship. >> they think you're cool, too. several former players are on hand at yesterday's event to share the moment and relive what they call a perfect season. he is 84 and still lives in pittsburgh and still has a lot of fans. delivering food to san jose state students in need. second harvest food bank will be on campus to provide meals. nearly half the university population skip meals and go hungry because they can't afford it. san jose state became the first university to team up with a food bank to make deliveries monthly. next on "today in the bay" there is shock and sadness over
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what investigators are calling an execution style killing. no police officer should be killed in the line of duty. >> disturbing details we are learning about the suspect who is accused of gunning down a deputy. we are following news overnight of two san jose police officers targeted by a group of men. details that led up to what could have been a fatal situation.รง a racist message pops up on the side of an east bay school. the unique response the community has to reassure students.
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welcome to monday at 6:30. people feel foggy-headed when you start off your week. there's plenty of fog out there. good morning. thank you for joining us on this monday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. hope you had a great weekend. check the morning commute. it's been a rough one. >> we'll take you to the map over in the east bay. we have a live look as our photographers arrive. they are blocking the connector eastbound 80 getting over to the richmond san rafael bridge. a pedestrian was walking on the
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freeway and hit earlier this morning about 4:30 when this happened. you see fog in the area. fog doesn't necessarily play a part when there is a pedestrian on the freeway. you should not be walking there. we'll show you where this is. in addition to the accidents we see the orange highlighting the fog. >> in the case of east bay, visibility has dropped to about 1/4 mile at times for the morning commute. you want to slow down as your stoppage and reduced visibility dropped off. 1/4 mile visibility, too. tri-valley not too bad. east bay quarter mile visibility. you see the fog there in san francisco. mid 60s in san francisco to
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oakland. >> thank you very much. a developing story we have been following all morning long. two san jose officers targeted and a manhunt under way to find the suspect who started shooting at them. >> it is really unsettling, especially for those officers out of their patrol cars doing a routine check. a group of men fled except one turned and fired at officers. this was 7:30 in the evening. you can see it is a regular neighborhood where anybody could have been in the line of fire that time of day. this is the reason the officers did not return fire. the officers are trained to only
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shoot if they have a safe and open field, which they did not. this happened the same day a sheriff's county deputy was shot dead skooigs style. >> we are concerned about the climate. they are near and dear to our hearts when officer is shot down and murdered. >> police have not released a sketch but describe the suspected gunman as hispanic man in his 20s, 6 feet tall, 160 to 180 pounds, clean shaven wearing a black and gray flannel shirt. we posted this information on our social media platforms. anyone with information is encouraged to call san jose police department if you want to
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report anonymously, call crime stoppers. >> thank you so much. shots fired as san jose police officers come on the same day that officials say sheriff's deputy was executed by a man in the central valley. dennis wallace died after someone shot him twice in the head. it happened near houston ten miles outside of modesto. authorities arrested a suspect after an hour-long manhunt. they found him more than 100 miles away in lindsey. >> suspect tried to steal a purse from a female victim who fought back and called the police. as police responded to this incident, the suspect fled the scene on foot and was captured. >> the suspect 37-year-old david
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mercado was already a wanted felon. donald trump is starting to take shape. this comes as the world is still digesting this morning the president-elect's first interview done since last tuesday's stunning victory. gop party chair reince priebus was named chief of staff. campaign ceo steve bannon was named trump's chief strategist. bannon is the former head of breitbart a conservative website. >> they'll have big roles as well as they should. it was a small core senior team. trump appeared in a wide ranging interview on that news program and addressed many issues that came up during the campaign season. yes, he says, a wall baseball built on a border with mexico. he now admits he is not going to
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completely replace obamacare. >> are you going to make sure people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes. it happens to be one of the strongest assets. also with the children living with their parents for an extended period. we'll very much try to keep that. >> back to the border security. some republican leaders say part of trump's wall with mexico could turn out to be more of a fence. 6:36. protests against donald trump continues throughout the weekend across the bay area. in san francisco yesterday, demonstrators shut down traffic in parts of market street. demonstrators lined lake merritt. >> my heart brought me here. i see all these people who have the same hurt. >> there's a lot of violence, a lot of racism, a lot of people not being accepting of people.
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we need to be accepting of each other. >> the organizer posted the event on facebook for her friends but word spread and thousands of strangers showed up to take part. amid signs of hate, one bay area school district is showing compassion. >> alameda elementary schools are holding an event called "everyone belongs here" after racist graffiti was discovered last week. >> good morning. just this past friday someone scrawled racist graffiti on the side of the school. the community wants to send a message of love to the students. this morning at 8:00, some people who live on alameda are expected to be on the sidewalks. other schools in alameda. to greet students with pictures of hearts and signs that read
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"everyone belongs here." this is to reassure students and let the public know this district will not tolerate racism, bullying or any other form of harassment. this event was put together by a group called alameda comes together and has been endorsed by the superintendent of the alameda unified school district. >> thank you very much. 6:38, happening today. if you see lots of post why its on the walls of your local b.a.r.t. station, the examiner has the reason why. they spoke with three people organizing what's build as a wall of empathy. the notes will appear on montgomery, 16th street and 24th street stations. hundreds have expressed interest in attending and adding a
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post-it note. thousands gathering peacefully to protest the election. >> this is the scene yesterday afternoon in a protest called hands across lake merritt in oakland. people standing shoulder to shoulder around the 3 1/2 mile lake sharing concerns about a donald trump presidency. i'm here because my heart brought me here. i see all these people who have the same hurt. >> the protest grew from an idea of allison white from oakland. she put it on facebook after the election. people shared that idea thousands of times. 6:39, we are tracking patchy fog. you're seeing it there from
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tiburon. across the golden gate bridge, visibility dropped 3/4 of a mile. the worst of the fog set up around the south bay. downtown san jose 1/4 mile visibility and less than that as you head to san martin. the tri-valley is an island of clearing. we'll see highs in low 70s. mid 60s in san francisco to oakland. the story tomorrow won't be the fog but showers making a comeback. with cool air. look at those highs. morning temperatures as the skies clear. will be in the 30s and 40s as we head into thursday morning. best chance of rain for the week arrive on saturday. >> chp is out there. this is the connector from eastbound 80 to westbound 580 getting toward that richmond san rafael bridge. not a lot to show you.
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one lane blocked there. 6:41. coming up, one, two, punch. new zealand hit with two massive quakes over the weekend. a closer look at the damage. >> making a spectacle out of snapchat's new spectacles. the mad rush to snag the latest tech trend. dow had its best week in five years last week. will the rally continue? let's take you out to the big board. dow industrials gaining. ==ktrx(me alib
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6:44. the setting super moon. over the santa clara valley. you see the fog below. in campbell, you wake up to temperatures in the 50s climbing to the low 70s this afternoon. 36 minutes from highway 4. there is a deadly crash eastbound. more slowing that way.
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strong after shocks are shaking up parts of new zealand. earlier a deadly earthquake caused major damage. new video shows a road buried by a landslide. rescue workers are looking to see if survivors are trapped underneath. two people are dead and there are concerns the death toll could rise. the first quake 7.5 was centered northeast of christ church and struck more than 24 hours ago. it was so strong it triggered waves eight feet above the usual tide levels. the second quake hit about 1:30 p.m. look at this. three cows have been stranded on an island of grass that have been ripped apart by that powerful earthquake.
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>> founder julian assange will face tough questions today about rape allegations against him. there is new video of prosecutors arriving in london to question assange and plenty of media coverage. he's been staying at the embassy to avoid extradition to sweden where two women are accusing him of sexual assault. he denies the allegations. the questioning is expected to last three days. the election win for donald trump could put one of the issues that dogged him his entire campaign on hold for now. lawyers for the president-elect filed a motion to delay the trump university trial until after the presidential inauguration. trump's attorney says the school gives the president-elect more time to focus energy transitioning to the white house. a motion is asking trump be allowed to give video testimonial as opposed to appearing in court. the 2010 lawsuit stemming from
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trump university and accusation that the president election defrauded and misled students. facebook using technology to try to bring people together. faith leaders used facebook live for their national day of healing. the event connected loses of locations in a national discussion to calm the nation. a panel of ministers and community leaders took part. one viewing took place at a church in san francisco. >> protest and resist but find the open doors to walk through together. >> organizers say the event was popular in homes across the nation. some critics say the event happened too soon and not everyone is ready for healing just yet. let's go back to the elections. some of the business implications. donald trump says america will
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attach a 43% tariff. >> china is fighting back. if we put fees on their goods, they'll stop buying ours. a newspaper that speaks for the government printed an editorial over the weekend responding to mr. trump's plans for the tariff. "the global times" one of the newspaper that speaks for beijing said a batch of boeing orders will be replaced by airbus. u.s. auto and iphone sales in china will suffer a setback and u.s. soybeans and corn imports will be halted. trump said he will add that 43% to 47% tariff to chinese-made products. we make make boeing. we send china $20 billion worth of agricultural products each year. china is threatening to slow the number of chinese students allowed to study in america. many schools here on the west coast have been criticizing for
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allowing too many chinese students instead of american students. chinese students tend to pay more. dow industrials gaining 50 points. nasdaq just about breaking even. the trump administration backing away from some of those claims. novartis down 2%. tech stocks do poorly. our analysis has more to do with the fact traditional stocks have growth potential. investors were putting money in netflix because traditional blue chips weren't showing growth. 6:49. new hot item shows up in an unexpected play.
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dozens of people drove down to big sur to get their hands on snapchat's spectacles. >> this all started with this tweet. it shows a vending machine outside the big sur bakery. snapchat is only selling the grasses out of vending machines. this is the second place they've shown up. they sell out fast. the first vending machine popped up in venice beach. glasses can capture video and upload that video directly to snapchat. they sell for $130 a pop and are going for thousands on ebay. >> a little halo, the flowering effect thing. >> big sur is one of the places you want no filter. >> we've been rotating the very foggy.ind the set here.
6:51 am
a little bit chilly. we are seeing a few 40s outside this morning. one spot seeing the most fog across the south bay, right now 49 in livermore, 48 in santa rosa. that's the view in dublin where disability dropped off the last 30 minutes or so. 49. you see the fog there. you can't see much besides the corner of the building where our camera is attached. you see the visibility. 1/4 mile and less than, actually as you head down to san martin and morgan hill, highway 101 across south bay. oakland, napa and santa rosa, 1/4 mile visibility. sfo delaying flights for inbound flights as much as 90 minutes. we'll see that patchy fog lingering through 11:00. hazy sunshine as we move into the afternoon. highs in the low 70s. 72 with hazy sunshine later on.
6:52 am
similar temperatures around the tri-valley. toward vallejo. cooler as you get back towards the inner bay. about the same in san francisco and around the north bay. upper 60s to low 70s. during the day tomorrow, we'll see a chance of a few showers coming in and cold air associated with the system that will lead to big changes in the seven-day forecast. you see the chilly air dropping down the west coast. better chance for substantial rain arriving on saturday. this is how things will play out in term of rain total. could have two inches plus saturday. chilly temperatures headed for the middle part of the week. the rain does make a come back to start the weekend. >> fog is one major factor. look at this orange highlighting. east bay we have a deadly crash investigation. continues to slowdown eastbound
6:53 am
80. the connector is blocked. we have our camera out there. we had fire crews on scene. looks like chp remains. there was a person walking around on the freeway this morning and they were hit and killed. is there a slower drive on the approach away from the bay bridge. there is the fog. those areas have a typical pattern so far. 6:53. coming up, tense moments for san jose officers. the manhunt under way to find the suspect who shot at them during a routine patrol. first happening right now, cal state long beach student who is the only american killed in the paris attacks is being remembered. find that story on our facebook
6:54 am
page. read about how an east bay famed youth football coach pop warner is honored for his historic 1963 season. beoreou ad t t do -he artheop o
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good monday morning to you. 6:56. here are the top stories. >> new this morning, a man died after being hit while walking on highway 101. this happens near sfo. chp says it happened around 1:00 this morning in the northbound direction of the highway. at least two cars struck that person, an uber and taxi cab. investigators say he was walking in the middle of the lane. no one's been arrested. as mike reported this morning, there was no residual impact to the morning commute there. out of san jose police are investigating a homicide after a body was found near cedar grove elementary school. a man's body was discovered about 1:00 yesterday afternoon. police haven't pinpointed where the crime was committed or even identified any suspects. the victim's name also has not been released yet. this marks san jose's 44th homicide of the year. the world is digesting president-elect trump's first interview since last tuesday's
6:58 am
stunning victory. he appeared in a wide-ranging interview on "60 minutes" covering topics including obamacare. we are showing you, unfortunately, the incorrect video. trump spoke about many other issues including immigration and future of the supreme court. the "today" show will join us with much more in just a few minutes. right now we see that fog behind you. we've been talking about this all morning long. >> this fog right here? >> nothing would take away from the radiation of that face. >> do i owe you money? cooling temperatures later this week. >> morning temperatures once we lose the fog will be a big story. here is san jose. visibility is 1/4 mile. other spots around the south bay less than that. your commute from morgan hill moving up. very foggy this morning.
6:59 am
you see once the clouds clear around 10:00 to 11:00 this morning, highs in the mid to upper 60s from san francisco to oakland. those bigger changes arriving middle part of the week. spvorning temperatures will be the 30s and 40s by thursday and friday. >> finally we can dress like fall though. looking forward to that. boots by then of the week. we have trouble with the morning commute. >> sam talked about the deadly crash on the peninsula. that cleared without slowing but there is a problem on the east bay. in addition to the fog, we do have off the east shore freeway the connector closed from eastbound 80 heading over toward the richmond/san rafael bridge. a pedestrian was hit there, as well while walking on the freeway. until they clear the lanes which should be the next 20 minutes to half hour, looking at your alternate, over to central or
7:00 am
carlson. be careful. it's foggy out. >> we'll be back in a half hour. at1. ve gre da lobbyi good morning. trump's challenge amid protests for a fifth straight night. president-elect speaks out in his first interview opening up about his future of his campaign promises from immigration. >> probably 2 million, could be 3 million. >> to abortion. >> i'm pro life. the judges will be pro life. >> so that wall. >> i'm very good at physical construction. >> mr. trump also delivering a message to his supporters being accused of racism and hate crimes. >> i will say that and i'll say is it right to the cameras. stop it.


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