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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 15, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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right now at 11:00, standing in solidarity with people fighting a pipeline thousands of miles away. hundreds of people are in the streets of san francisco in a show of unity with folks in north dakota. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm sam brock. it's a national conversation about clearing a pipeline that has struck a nerve in the bay area. we'll get to the protests kris mentioned in just a second. first to the background. for months protesters have been demonstrating against the nearly 1200 mile pipeline that would carry crude oil from north dakota to a refinery in illinois. most of that is already done. what protesters are fighting is the last leg through north dakota that has not been formally approved.
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the army corps of engineers is still looking at whether or not building the last section could jeopardize clean water supplies and ancient tribal lands. here in san francisco hundreds have gathered in front of city hall and marched down market street. pete, clearly there is a lot of passion over stopping this project to the point where they have blocked off traffic. >> reporter: good morning, guys. what the protesters just moved from the area on market street between van ness. in front of the u.s. army corps of engineers building. they're in front of the civic center right now. the hundreds or actually thousands of protesters were in front of the building, the u.s. army corps of engineers which recently announced that more analysis needs to be done before any construction of the pipeline is completed under the missouri river. that's the point of contention with folks out here saying a
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pipeline with crude oil under the river would contaminate the water supply of the standing rock sioux tribe. they're standing in front of the doors demanding they put a stop to the permits that would allow the project to be completed. many of the protesters held up signs in protest of the pipeline. a big parachute was laid on the muni tracks on market street. the protesters sitting down next to it could have potentially been arrested but were not backing down. >> indigenous people have been showing us the way for a very long time. we need to support them. >> if our watt is polluter is p. nothing is left to drink. >> we don't even want this pipeline to be even built in the first place, because this is a
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1,200 mile pipeline that's going to bring in the dirtiest and crudest oil in the united states. >> reporter: the company behind all of this, dallas based energy transfer partners disputes the notion that the pipeline would endanger the tribe and is seeking a federal court's permission to lay the pipe under the missouri river calling it political interference by the obama administration. people i spoke to out here are skeptical about the recent chain of events. first we thought they'd continue the protest in front of the army building but they're now at the civic center. it could last until 12:00 but we'll monitor things live as they go. >> marianne favro will be covering other protests later on today as well. you may want a smaller turkey this thanksgiving. crab is back on the table. commercial crabbers headed back out to sea.
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fishermen were ready to start pulling the pots. bob redell is live in half moon bay. it doesn't look like the crabbers wasted any time, bob. [ audio difficulties ] >> looks like we're having a bit of trouble with bob redell's audio, as we just saw from the live images, though, down at fisherman's wharf, commercial crabbing season has officially started. we know that we'll have bob in one second. we know it's from point reyes south, that's the coastline available for commercial crabbing right now. we'll check back with bob momentarily. let's get a check of the weather. rob mayeda has been watching the cooler temperatures. >> still a few breaks in the clouds here. seeing that around the peninsula, palo alto.
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cloudy skies mixed with sunshine. back to san francisco. misty skies and light rhine iai marin and sonoma county. what's interesting are the popcorn-like clouds offshore showing the system powered by chilly air aloft. that will set the stage for chilly morning temperatures ahead. for the rest of the day, light rain mainly around the coastal hilltops. rain totals just enough to wet the ground around the peninsula in a few spots. i want to show you what's coming over the next seven to ten days. rain expectations for parts of northern california like we saw in october. we could see as much as 8 inches of rain. for the north bay, more than 3 inches of rain with the weekend storm. the time line on that and the return to more rain coming up in a few minutes. we have been watching crab forecasts as well.
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we want to go back out to half moon bay with bob redell who spent the morning with some crabbers. what are they pulling in so far? >> reporter: we have one of the first boats that just arrived here at pillar point unloading the dungeness crowd. the rules allow commercial fishermen to set pots 18 hours before the start of the season. the start was midnight last night so you have one of the first boats coming in. i think that bin actually has some crab in it. you can get a sense of some of the catch arriving here in pillar point. one of the bins had the crab. they're arriving back here to places like pillar point and fisherman's wharf, up the coast in nsf. the department of fish and wildlife has kept about 60 miles of coastline between point reyes and the sonoma mendocino county line closed because the crab are
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testing positive for levels of domoic acid. that's what devastated the season last year. they're hoping to make up for the loss this season. there is a concern, though, about a recent swell in the ocean that might have buried a lot of the crabs in the sand. >> i've seen stronger seasons. we've had pots that weren't quite full yet. best i have seen so far is a third, not quite a half. so typically the first week we'll see pots that are absolutely -- you can't get another crab in there at all. >> reporter: and you're not seeing that. >> haven't seen it yet. >> reporter: everything starting on tame? prices good? >> and, get her done! >> reporter: the department of fish and wildlife will soon be testing more crab up north to see if those levels of domoic acid have gone down in the 60 miles long stretch north of point reyes. it's a neurotoxin that can make
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you sick if you eat a crab with exposed levels. they love to bring the crab back. especially since it's a bay area tradition around thanksgiving. he says, we all live on a lot of hope. referring to hoping that they'll have a good season this year compared to last. reporting live in half moon bay, bob redell, nbc bay area news. off to a better start. to a developing story out of utah this morning. police have the 16-year-old student stabbed five other students inside of a locker room before stabbing himself. now, this is happening in oram south of salt lake city. a school resources officer arrested the suspect shortly after the stabbings. for the victims, none of the injuries are considered life-threatening but all are being treated at area hospitals. police are not saying what the motivation might have been behind the stabbings. back at home. new details. we're learning more about san jose's latest homicide. we now know the name of the man whose body was found over the
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weekend marking the 44th homicide of the year for san jose. 33-year-old gustavo pinell died of a gunshot wound. originally investigators were looking at whether his body was dumped at that location. but they are now saying the crime scene is where the body was found. police have not identified any suspects. surveillance video of three thieves breaking into a san francisco condo, stealing more than $100,000 worth of property from that home. police say this happened back in october in the soma neighborhood. burglars stole several high-end watches, jewelry and electronics as well. detectives say that, if you recognize the suspects, you should call san francisco police. there is a big push to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour sooner than later. hourly workers, labor and community groups plan to rally for that outside city hall
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today. the city council will discuss the issue later today. right now city staff is commending raising the minimum wage from $10.50 to $15 incrementally. people are asking city leaders to move the time line up by a year to 2019. we've seen a lot of transition in trump's transition team. now we're getting a closer look at who might be in the inner circle when donald trump comes to power. a new look at the people getting certain jobs within his cabinet and influencing the trump white house. plus, all-new at 11:00, a california tech ceo suspended for comments he made about the election. the post he put on social media that has him out of a job. plus, facebook says very few things on facebook are fake. but we have another way of measuring it. we'll show you coming up in business and tech.
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early check of the markets right now. and the dow is on track to possibly snap a six-day winning streak. right now the dow jones trading at below ten points, where the s&p and nasdaq are both up modestly 1% or less. the controversy over facebook's fake news continues today. facebook is studying new policies but at the same time maintaining that the problem isn't widespread. >> facebook is defending itself by saying, look, it's only a small percentage of the things that you see are fake on facebook. but when you look at how often that very small percentage is actually shared, the problem becomes more apparent. a researcher in vancouver took a look at how often people share fake news articles. this one is fake. not only is the headline misleading, there is no denver newspaper by that name. it is a fake newspaper.
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well, the researcher, mike caulfield, determined this fake denver article was shared 568,000 times on facebook. more than a half million times. that's impactful! and caulfield thought, how does that compare to true articles. the "washington post," on the very same day, did an article, obviously a real article. its most shared story on facebook that day shared 38,000 times. "the boston globe" spotlight team, they had a shared story that only shared 181 times. so, to review, a fake news item is shared more than a half million times. a real article from the "washington post" on the same day, 38,000 times. and the boston post's top story from the same day, 181 times. facebook says the number of fake news items is small, but fake news items get shared. the point here, says caulfield, is there is nothing trivial,
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rare or occasional about fake news on facebook. back to you. >> scott, thank you very much. a real change coming to lyft starting news year's eve. they're getting rid of the pink mustache logo and replacing them with the lightup beacons. they'll be on the dashboard of all lyft cars. they communicate with your smartphone so your driver's beacon will light up in a specific color once they get near you. you can have your phone light up in the same color. then it's easier for a driver to recognize a passenger. police in the east bay are looking for a man who broke into a pet store, not to take animals. he ran sacked the pet hospital looking for something specific. antibiotics. investigators say he took several pill bottles and got away before officers arrived. call the police in el cerrito if
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you recognize that man. >> pet medicines are very expensive but that's wild. a woman is asking for help locating her car which was stolen over the weekend. it's not just any car. take a look. the stolen 2005 honda element is special because it's designed to accommodate her wheelchair. the police have not had luck finding the suv. the vehicle is gray and black with a purple cartoon character sticker on the back. if you have any information, call the scots valley police department. things are back to normal in one south bay neighborhood where a gas leak triggered dozens of evacuations. some people were forced out of the area yesterday for more than seven hours after workers clipped a gas line. the problem was compounded, though, after gas migrated into the nearby sewer line, increasing concerns of a possible explosion. >> we did a three and a half
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block radius of evacuations based on what our monitors were telling us. >> crews capped the line about 4:00 yesterday afternoon but still had to ventilate the system. the neighborhood only fully reopened at 6:00 last night. southern california tech start-up ceo who was suspended for threatening to assassinate president-elect donald trump has resigned. it's been reported that matt harrigan resigned today and made the news public via twitter. the founder of cyber security firm made threatening comments on his facebook page. he gave details as to how it would -- how he would carry out the threat and challenged the cia to stop him. his company reported him to the secret service. let's talk right now about the trump transition. president-elect donald trump is set to meet today with his vice president elect mike pence, who is now running the transition. the two of them will go over names for possible cabinet
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positions. nbc's hallie jackson has a clearer look at what donald trump's white house might look like. >> reporter: for donald trump's family, his inner circle, no formal request for temporary security clearances before the inaugural. government sources tell nbc news an inquiry was made about whether it would even be possible, a sign of how influential trump's children could be to his new administration. including ivanka's husband, trump's son-in-law, jared kushner. steve bannon, the former breitbart head under fierce back lash from critics. trump's top aide, kellyanne conway, telling matt and savannah this morning -- >> i promise you he is not as scary and he is as brilliant a tactician and our campaign general, frankly on the field, as everyone is also saying.
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>> reporter: the next administration starting to take shape. now increasingly looking like rudy giuliani is being considered for secretary of state. laura ingram, the leading contender for press secretary according to sources familiar with the decision-making. >> i am honored to be considered for that job and other jobs. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: mcdacross the aisl. keith ellison, the first muslim congressman announcing his bid to run the dnc. as president obama seeming to rebuke parts of hillary clinton campaign, calls on democrats to build their grass-roots support. >> we have to compete everywhere. we have to show up everywhere. >> reporter: the president, in greece, sure to face questions about his successor on his last overseas trip. questions he could not avoid earlier after the the white house about president-elect trump's fitness for office. >> there are going to be certain elements of his temperament that will not serve him well unless
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he recognizes them and corrects them. >> reporter: and the difficulties of the job. >> this office has a way of waking you up. his positions or predispositions that don't match up with reality, he will find shaken up pretty quick. because reality has a way of asserting itself. >> that was hallie jackson reporting. if you plan to travel for the thanksgiving holiday, turns out you won't be alone. aaa reports one million more americans will travel this year than last. warm weather spots are the top destinations. they include las vegas, san francisco, san diego, and orlando. new york city, the macy's parade, ranks fifth. you can also watch it right here on nbc bay area, and i bet the weather will be perfect for
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thanksgiving. that's my prediction. >> largely warm weather destination. san francisco bay area may not qualify right now based on what we're seeing here. >> starting to see light rain there north of san francisco and spilling south across the golden gate bridge. right now, san jose looking at hazy sunshine. currently. pretty pleasant weather through mid-afternoon. the santana row tree lighting later tonight. santa clara, temperatures dropping out of the mid 60s into the upper 50s around 7:00. we may see a few sprinkles late afternoon. the system ushering in cooler air heading towards the middle part of the week. right now already upper 60s in santa clara. 69 degrees downtown san jose. 65. peninsula temperatures fairly mild, 67 around menlo park and palo alto. where we still have a few sunny breaks out there currently. further north across the golden gate bridge, that is the gateway to the late rain. marin into sonoma county.
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bringing in a lot of clouds. underneath light pockets of rain, a pretty narrow band passing through where rain totals will be generally less an .1 inches. a lot coming down in the hilltops of the north bay. behind it cooler air sweeping in. that will lead to temperatures really cooling down overnight as we head into thursday and friday morning. so today, pretty close to the highs we'll see today with numbers in the upper 60s from here as the clouds thicken up and some of the rain falls. evaporative cooling in the air will drop the temperatures down and also block out the sun. mid 60s, concord towards antioch. peninsula temperatures staying in the mid 60s. highs right now, san francisco won't warm much as the mist settles into downtown. 65 around the marina and up into the north bay where the light rain has been falling. highs today in the low 60s. some of the weather trends we'll notice through the week, notice this system, a few light showers
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lingering into early tomorrow morning. thursday and friday will be dry. it's the inland temperatures, the low temperatures at the bottom of the screen, that should get your attention. thursday morning and friday morning for the north bay and tri-valley we'll see lows in the upper 30s and low 40s. so the coldest mornings that we have seen in quite a while. the weekend is also interesting because here is high potential for some heavier rain. especially in the north bay as the weekend weather system will have access to tropical moisture. if you remember what happened in october, parts of northern california could see a lot of rain between saturday midday into monday. coming up in the next half hour, a look at our bay area rainfall estimates and how much snow could fall out of this weekend's storm for the sierra. that is coming up in the next half hour. back to you. >> thanks, rob. coming up next, a teacher in hot water. we hear from a south bay high school student who says the teacher said she would be deported fre donald truwhen dons
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office. pete suratos showed us a demonstration in san francisco. thousands of people demonstrating against a pipeline in north dakota. we have much more information and the background on all of it on our twitter page. bringing back the mom jeans and the dance moves. the warriors dance cam mom, caught on the jumbotron, shaking her hips. that video has gone viral. we'll talk to robin schreiber -- the hips did not lay -- about her new-found fame. you can read the interview on our facebook page right now. back in two minutes. a teh oneav-- tersuosey tlinstu
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well, the south bay teacher right now on leave after reportedly telling students that they would soon be deported under a donald trump presidency. >> the alleged conversation or confrontation, depending who you ask, at san jose's oak grove high school happened last week. ian cole talks with the students who says she and her friends were shocked. >> reporter: a senior at oak grove high school says she and her friends decided to sit down during the national anthem at a school-wide rally protesting what she calls donald trump's rhetoric and positions on immigration. she does not want to be identified. >> stay seated quietly, respecting everybody, not saying any rude comments whatsoever. >> reporter: she says the teacher told them to stand and, when they didn't, she claims the teacher got frustrated and said
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this. >> good look with being deported now that donald trump is president. you guys had it better here than you will over there. >> reporter: after the rally the students say they told the principal. >> i was shocked and angry because i never thought i would hear this coming from a teacher. >> reporter: tonight the school district would only say a teacher at oak grove is on paid administrative leave as of last week pending the outcome of an investigation. other students we spoke with claimed they knew of the incident and told us they're disappointed. the student hopes the teacher will be disciplined. >> not okay. like, that was a completely inappropriate -- >> that was ian cull reporting. we've made a decision to not name the teacher because what happened does not appear to be a crime and there are no charges. we tried to get the teacher's side of the story, but the teacher has not returned our calls. it's a pivotal decision made over marijuana laws in one east bay city following a four-hour-long debate.
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the oakland city council approved the city stroeter to write new laws when it comes to handing out permits to sell cannabis. the program would sell about half of the city's pot permits for people hit hard in the war on pot. the chambers last night was packed with people expressing concern about speeding up the permit process. >> to me, this is the largest economic opportunity that i have seen come through oakland in the 30-plus years that i have lived here. >> this is going to be a source of growing revenue, how do we make sure that the revenue is used in a way that includes benefits to the very communities who have been hardest hit by the harm. >> california cities have a lot of autonomy. many cities already have permit systems in place which makes it attractive for current operators to move there. coming up, concern about radiation and your drinking water. >> what epa has proposed doing
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is allowing you to drink, in a single glass of water, as much radioactivity as you would normally be allowed in an entire lifetime. >> we investigate what's behind the federal plan and how it could impact a bay area neighborhood. hintheferallan- a hoitmit iactap leathigr lelsf
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the epa is considering relaxing some of the rules that could lead to higher levels of radiation in your drinking water. this would happen theoretically after a spill after an accident, even after a terrorist attack. >> steven stock uncovers just what's at stake. >> reporter: radioactive elements are part of our natural world. but too much of the wrong kind of radiation can hurt you. here is how. radiation emits particles or rays, and if the wrong kind of radiation hits our dna with enough frequency, it can break up our dna or even change it.
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that can lead to cancer or birth defects. or in high enough dosages, directly to death. that's why the new proposal by the epa scares some people. if you want to find radiation in our community, look no further than the former alameda naval air station, a superfund site where 59 toxins including a half dozen radioactive materials remain in the soil and ground water. >> i wish i would have known some of those things before i moved my family here. >> yeah. that -- that is a big problem because that can harm us. >> reporter: or the neighborhoods next to lawrence livermore national labs' main site and its explosives labs nearby. both epa superfund sites where ground water and soil hold 20 toxins including radioactive uranium and tritium. mary kelly serves as the
11:34 am
executive director at a watch dog group monitoring the land. >> the current state of understanding of radioactive pollution is that there is no safe level of radiation exposure. >> reporter: there are everyday places that use and store radioactive materials. everything from hospitals to university research labs. there was even a spill of radioactive metal along the highway in antioch in october. >> the contaminated water with radioactivity in virtually every state. nuclear facilities leak. >> reporter: that's why what the epa is now proposing to do frightens the director of uc santa cruz's program on environmental and nuclear policy. >> under the safe drinking water act we are to be protected over a lifetime of radiation exposure at a certain level. what epa has proposed doing is allowing you to drink in a single glass of water as much radioactivity as you would normally be allowed in an entire
11:35 am
lifetime. >> reporter: the epa's new proposed protective action guide would raise the allowable levels of radioactive material in drinking water in the event of a spill or a release of radioactive material. if adopted, it would raise the acceptable level of cc 187, 83 times higher than currently allowed. another chemical would be raised 125 times higher and another 3450 times higher. all three linked to cancer in humans. >> the concern may be lacking the detail it needs to fully appreciate what's being done. >> reporter: this man is clinical professor of radiology and radiation oncology at uc davis school of medicine. >> it's a line in a sand or a guide post that says, when we get to these levels we should think about whether we want to take additional action, maybe substitute drinking water or whatever. >> reporter: dr. bushberg says the proposed increases, while
11:36 am
substantial. still only mean small amounts of radiation would be allowed in drinking water. he says the proposals remain below current occupational hazard levels for employees working at nuclear sites. >> if you look at the numbers side by side they look like, oh, my god, this is a huge increase. but it's not. they're not changing the drinking water standard. this is for a response to a radiological emergency that would not be intended to go on for an extended period of time. >> reporter: the epa says the levels are safe since the agency has a better understanding of radiation contamination based on current science. an epa spokes woman said the paings are to guide planning decisions by local and state officials and are not intended for long term use. senator barbara boxer of california asked the epa to withdraw this idea in this letter sent in july. >> it's a roll-back of public health protections.
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>> reporter: the assistant attorney general signed a similar letter from the new york state attorney general's office. >> there is no clear, transparent dot-to-dot explanation as to why the federal government is doing this. >> reporter: he leaves open the possibility of going to court to stop the proposal. another group in washington already has filed suit. >> what we are concerned about is that they may finalize this guidance before the american people have any idea what's going on. >> reporter: jeff rook, executive director of the public employees for environmental responsibility, which sued the epa back in october to get them to release more records to the public about this proposal. >> to put it in perspective. in flint, where we had lead exposure in the water, it was 1 1/2 times the safe drinking water level. here they're talking about hundreds and thousands of times the exposure for a much greater period of time without a guarantee. >> reporter: despite all the concern, the epa appears to be going forward with adopting
11:38 am
these guidelines in the coming weeks. >> the average american resident of all of these locations has no idea that this is happening. >> reporter: showing us a livermore playground where plutonium was found in the soil. she worries residents won't know what's happened before it's too late. >> this is shameful of epa to be proceeding in this manner. >> reporter: we contacted two dozen different scientists at places like m.i.t., stanford and uc berkeley for their points on this. they all said they'd have to study the issue closer but did point out it would mean ingesting radioactive material, drinking it, which is a lot different than just being exposed to it in the environment. the epa declined several of our requests for an interview and would not answer why they're proposing this. they did say it would not apply to superfund sites and confirmed it's in the final stages of
11:39 am
approval in washington. i am steven stock. nbc bay area news. >> steven, thank you. if you have a tip for our investigative unit call us at 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to t a body found floating off san francisco marina has police searching for answers. investigators say they found the body of a man yesterday afternoon but believe he may have floated in from somewhere else. police are not releasing his name though they know it, and they are telling us that he does not own a boat at the marina and that there were no signs of foul play. this was in oyster point marina close to 101 and north of sfo. an alert to parents. police in alameda are hoping someone saw a man who two girls said attempted to grab them as they were walking to school. the two girls, 7 and 10, were on the sheffield way walking path yesterday morning when a man in all black tried to grab one of
11:40 am
them. they ran to a neighbor's home and are unarmed. investigators are hoping somebody might have seen something. a san francisco board of supervisors vote today on legislation that would impros stricter time limits on short-term rentals. the legislation would impose a 60-night yearly cap, which is down from the current 90-night limit for unhosted rentals and 365 night limit for hosted rentals. hosts need to register with the city because airbnb has refused to share data. airbnb said recently it would be willing to cooperate more with the city. san francisco transportation leaders today are debating more tweaks to the city's shuttle program. critics are calling for fewer designated stops and more of a hub type pickup and dropoff center. there is a study suggesting that fewer stops could actually mean more shuttle bus commuters
11:41 am
decide to forget the bus and drive their own cars to work instead. the mta is not expected to make a final decision today. our consumer unit looks into a security problem at the post office. the way your personal information could be at risk. we're still seeing some blue skies from san jose to sunol. a different story from the weather underground camera at tiburon. light rain in the north bay and more clouds spilling in the bay area for the evening commute. a big weekend storm on the way, when we come back. to aora won w sa thpo ofce puih
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nbc bay area responds to a woman who says the post office is putting people at risk for identity theft. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is here with a warning. >> our mailboxes are hit hard this time of year. remember those election flyers you were getting. now the holiday catalogs on top of everyday junk mail. if you notice your mailbox is empty one day your reaction may be relief. it shouldn't. a thief may be on their way to stealing your identity. it happened to a woman who learned it because of a security lapse at the post office. >> the post office would give a total stranger my mail. >> tonight at 11:00 we speak with a posting inspector about the steps the post office is and is not taking to protect you. if you have a consumer complaint call us at 1-888-996-tips or visit have a great day.
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graton resort and casino is opening its $175 million ex pancreas. it's 320,000 square feet more. it includes an outdoor pool area, a spa, meeting and convention space and more hotel rooms. the casino first opened three years ago. sam brock. i hear they do weddings too. >> why do you say that to me? am i in the market? i actually am in the market. on the time lapse right there, we went through sunny skies, rain. i don't know how long the time lapse was. it must have been several months, rob. >> last month, a lot of rain. big october for rainfall. now what we're seeing in san jose. the story of november so far, haven't seen big rain totals. that may change this weekend. outside right now kind of mild. san jose close to 70 around downtown. partly cloudy skies, expecting a mostly cloudy finish to the day as the clouds thicken. from north to south right now,
11:46 am
palo alto, blue skies earlier. partly cloudy skies going away to overcast and across the golden gate bridge seeing light rain at times. marin county and sonoma county, that's where most of the showers are showing up. the system will not bring a lot of rain. in the santa clara valley and tri-valley we may not get any measurable rainfall. we'll have a lot of clouds. what's behind the system is interesting. cooler air aloft which will eventually power up the first blizzard in the northern rockies over the next 36 hours. we'll look at a few scattered showers moving north to south during the day today and much cooler air meaning chilly mornings ahead for the second half of the week. >> hour by hour, north bay looking at light rain into the early afternoon. by 1:00 to 3:00 as the system weakens passing the south bay may see a few scattered showers. into early wednesday around the screws mountains and coastal hilltops of the north bay may see a lingering shower or two.
11:47 am
high temperatures close to the highs happening right now. upper 60s. close to 70 around san jose right now. we'll see similar temperatures around the tri-valley. mid 60s from the peninsula and around the inner portions of the east bay towards oakland, san francisco, misty skies, mid 60s for the next hour or so and into the north bay highs topped out in the low 60s. behind the system as we talked about. into thursday morning, could see 30s in the wind sheltered valleys. here is the pattern setting up for the weekend and the potential for heavy rain between now and sunday for parts of the north bay, northern sonoma county, could see 1 to 2 inches of rain. moving the time line forward into thanksgiving day, thursday now, areas in northern sonoma county and the north coast there is the potential for seeing more than 3 inches of rain. a lot less possible around san jose. so this is the area to watch. areas north of san francisco between saturday and the middle of next week. in the sierra, at least at the start snow levels will be high.
11:48 am
towards wednesday of next week as cooler air comes in may see a foot of new snow in the sierra just in time for thanksgiving. scattered showers the next couple of days. then get out the winter coat for thursday morning. north bay. wind sheltered valleys mid to upper 30s. friday morning still chilly. you'll want a sturdy umbrella saturday to sunday. especially in the north bay. could see the heaviest rain we've seen since mid-october returning to the bay area. back to you. >> thank you. coming up next, remembering a pioneering journalist, one of the most recognizable names in the field. gwen ifill. dies and leaves behind a long-lasting mark. coming up next. oveigha l ofeop loingp tseeomei-
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overnight a lot of people were looking up to see something that hasn't happened in decades. the extra super moon.
11:51 am
a look at the stunning sight over san francisco bay. >> they all came out on the embarcadero. lots of luster. super moons happen once a year. the earth travels closer to the moon than unusual. in this case nasa came up with the term of an extra super moon because it appears 30% brighter than normal because it's closer than it normally is. this is as close as the moon has been since 1948. >> this is sort of my hobby, to be out there and catch extraordinary events like this that are so rare. >> it's exciting. yeah. and it's glowing bright. i have never seen it glow like that. >> if you want to see the next extra super moon, you'll have to wait until the year 2034. we've posted some of the spectacular images of the moon from our website, the statue of liberty. you'll see d.c. in a second.
11:52 am
the capitol building. you can go on we have a slide show of all the pics. neat stuff. >> people caught really good pictures. mine had a building and some telephone lines through it. the news industry is mourning the loss of one of our own. pbs news journalist gwen ifill died monday at the age of 61. >> no question, she was one of the most successful journalists and one of the most successful african-american women in journ journalism and part of the nbc family for a long time. >> our lead tonight has news we hoped we'd never have to report. our managing editor, my co-anchor and dear friend gwen ifill died earlier today after an almost year-long battle with cancer. >> her career forged at newspapers like "washington post" and "new york times." it was clear from all who watched her that gwen ifill was destined to occupy an important
11:53 am
place in american journalism. >> gwen ifill joins us in the studio. >> reporter: she was a reporter's reporter. >> democrats are scared. they've been scared for a long time. this is the worst nightmare. >> reporter: we saw it at the "today" show. >> they want a way to end this trial sooner than later. >> reporter: her friend and news colleague pete williams struggled yesterday as he spoke about her. >> gwen was a dear friend, a former nbc colleague. she was -- pardon me. she was -- she -- gwen would want me to get this together. >> reporter: co-anchoring the news hour on pbs with judy wood rough, hosting washington week. >> we welcome governor palin and senator biden. >> reporter: the moderator of important political debates. gwen ifill shattered racial and gender ceilings and on camera was never anything but
11:54 am
unflappable, fair and oh so well prepared. >> she not only informed today's citizens but she also inspired tomorrow's journalists. she was an especially powerful role model for young women and girls who admired her integrity, tenacity and her intellect. >> a very sad time for many in this field. >> 61 is so young. >> very. we'll be right back. .tishe aso- the a nooublotofhods
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
'tis the season. there are no doubt lots of tree-lighter ceremonies taking place over the coming days. tonight they'll light the tree at sant anna row. it takes place at 7:00. you'll hear live music. other performances as well and there will be games for the kids. a lot of things could happen in four or five hours, rob. luckily someone here has broken this down hour by hour. >> things looking pretty good. sunshine right now over san jose. looking at the forecast, we'll see mostly cloudy skies, maybe a sprinkle or two around santa clara. overall not that bad. you'll notice here, for areas north of san francisco, north bay, you'll be looking at light rain at times. highs today in the mid 60s. wetter storm coming for the weekend. >> ooh! >> thanks for joining us. our next news cast is at 5:00. d - nbbay
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> you are "people" magazine's sexiest man alive. [ applause ] >> oh, yes. there's the cover right there. 2016. sexiest man alive. dwyane the rock johnson. they're calling him, i love this, the three ss, sweet, smart and -- >> they should put funny in there. >> when we were talking about the reveal every person was like finally they got it right. they've had it right many times over the years but i feel like he was long overdue. he is "people's" coveted cover. look how good he looks. there was questionable cho


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