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tv   Today  NBC  November 16, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>> this is also sayonara to rab. kari hall back tomorrow. >> come back any time, rob. >> rob is happy. >> right. good morning. smooth sailing. despite firings and reports of disarray, donald trump tweets that his transition is, quote, very organized, as the president-elect ditches long-standing protocol and the press and takes his family out to dinner in manhattan. airport shooting mystery. an nfl player's father gunned down in broad daylight, bringing the airport in oklahoma city to a standstill. the shooter found dead soon after. but what was his motive? >> the crime does appear to be premeditated. >> this morning, the search for answers. the o'reilly factor. bill o'reilly takes on megyn kelly over her claims of sexual harassment at the hands of their former boss, roger ailes.
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>> don't run down the concern that supports you by trying to undermine it. >> this morning kelly tells us why she chose to come forward and why her ongoing feud with donald trump has made this a dark year. and today's turkey trot. on tuesday al delivered the shock of a lifetime for a foodie fan. >> hey! >> now he's dishing out another big surprise, this time to a student with absolutely no idea of what's coming. today, wednesday, november 16, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. now, it's going to be difficult to top the surprise that al and bobby flay delivered to tom in middletown, maryland, yesterday. >> tom was shocked but held it
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together, even when he saw bobby flay who wanted the details of tom's special spice rub and tom did not divulge the special recipe. >> that's not happening. >> not happening. >> all we can tell you is at the moment is, al, you are in the state of? >> florida, with the today's turkey trot big bus, baby. >> cool. we'll check in with al in just a little while. why don't we start talking about politics and transition and reports of infighting within the donald trump transition team. amidst two major resignations from national security experts and reports that other staff members are competing for influence, we have complete coverage beginning with nbc national correspondent, peter alexander. he's at the white house. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning. transitions, of course, are always a bit messy but this time it appears particularly so. this morning within the last few minutes nbc news has confirmed that mike pence, who has taken over the transition, has now ordered the removal of all lobbyists from the team, including a senior defense official removed late tuesday.
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all of that infighting delaying work on the new trump administration, a point that trump and his team dispute. after hunkering down all day inside trump tower -- >> have a good meal. >> thank you. >> reporter: the president-elect last night getting a round of applause, having dinner with his family at a high-end manhattan steak house. afterward defending his transition team, tweeting very organized process taking place as i decide on cabinet and many other positions. i am the only one who knows who the finalists are. still leaking out, new details revealing tension within the team. former congressman mike raurnog abruptly resigning, the victim of a stalinesque purge of those aligned with chris christie, who was demoted days ago. christie has a strained relationship with jared kushner.
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in 2005 he prosecuted his father on tax and conspiracy charges. >> i think this is growing pains. once they integrate people who have been doing it with people in new york, i think you'll see a smoother transition. >> reporter: it hasn't been smooth sailing for steve bannon, trump's top aide. the former breitbart news executive facing increasing fire from leading democrats. >> he's now given us at least the first tangible sign of his vision of how to run a trump presidency. to bring someone who is a white supremacist into the white house. >> reporter: trump's team calls those kinds of charges very unfair, defending the navy veteran as a brilliant tactician. but there's also renewed focus on a 2011 radio interview with bannon, the audio not verified by nbc news, where he used derogatory language to defend conservative women from what he says are liberal attacks. >> you know, they wouldn't be a bunch of dikes that came from
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the seven sisters schools up in new england. and, you know, that drives the left insane and that's why they hate these women. >> reporter: when asked to comment on those remarks, team trump didn't provide one, with some top republicans staying silent on bannon's appointment. >> are you comfortable with him having such a high level position in the trump position? >> it's great to see you guys today. >> so no defense of bannon then? >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan, long a trump critic, now an advocate. >> welcome to the dawn of a new, unified republican government. it feels really good to say that, actually. >> reporter: across the aisle, democrats in disarray. ohio congressman tim ryan refusing to rule out whether he'll challenge nancy pelosi for minority leader. >> this is an important decision. sometimes you put off these tough family discussions that you need to have, and we're having some right now. >> reporter: and speaking of the democrats, in light of hillary clinton's popular vote win but
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electoral college loss, retiring senator barbara boxer of california has a bill to end the electoral college. she tweeted the presidency is the only office where you can get more votes and still lose. by the way, the latest popular vote total this morning shows clinton's lead over president-elect trump now approaching one million votes and growing. >> peter alexander at the white house. peter, thank you. the trump family business is also in the spotlight this morning. there are questions about the potential for unprecedented conflict of interest while trump is in the white house. nbc's hallie jackson is outside the 21 club, the restaurant we mentioned trump had dinner with his family last night. hey, hallie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, savannah. for a now politician who's never been one before, the president-elect's new position is raising questions about what happens to his business, something donald trump has addressed on the campaign trail and will likely address again before taking the oval office. the unconventional
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president-elect, now in an unprecedented position, with a brand to think about. in manhattan, trump place getting rid of the trump name. >> row naming the buildings really makes no sense. it's silly. >> reporter: a move by people who live there to separate mr. trump, the businessman, and mr. president, the man who will run the country after years of running his own empire. with questions now about how he balances both. >> i'm running a company while i'm doing this stuff, can you believe it? >> reporter: take the trump international hotel, just three blocks from the white house. the building itself is owned by the federal government. in effect making the president-elect his own landlord. as president, trump will be exempt from any conflict of interest laws, but how it looks might latter when it comes to dealing with nations where he owns properties. 65 in all, 500 companies in 22 countries, like china and russia, nations certain to be at the center of u.s. foreign relations in the next four
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years. president-elect trump has long said his children will take over his companies' corner offices when he moves into the oval office. >> we'll be in new york and we'll take care of the business. i think we're going to have a lot of fun doing it and we're going to make him very proud. >> reporter: but democrats are pouncing on trump's pledge to form a blind trust asking how blind it can really be with the children so involved in the transition, including son-in-law jared kushner. and while one senior government tells nbc the president-elect's team has asked for kushner to be included in the top secret presidential daily briefing, the trump campaign tells nbc news overnight this is not new. top aide kellyanne conway drawing a distinction. >> no one said they're advisers to the president, they're his children. obviously they'll be supportive of his presidency. they of course are running the trump corporation. of course they're going to be supportive of their father's presidency, but that's different from the business. >> reporter: illustrating the fine line trump's family will have to walk, ivanka trump's
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brand acknowledging it aired sending a style alert to promote the bracelet she wore on "60 minutes." like many of us, the company is still making adjustments post election, just as come january, president trump will do too. and this morning the president-elect is taking to twitter again, pushing back on the top level security clearance request for his children saying i did not request it, this is a typically false news story. meantime, the street is back to normal here outside the 21 club where as we mentioned the president-elect grabbed a meal with his family late last night, without the pool of journalists who normally follow his movements. a lot of folks will be saying so what or even good for him for enjoying a private meal with his family. doing so solo breaks protocol for presidents and president-elects and underscores just how much we can expect the unexpected from president-elect trump. a spokesperson for the president-elect tells nbc news this morning we are still in the process of formalizing a
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protective pool structure and look forward to implementing that as soon as possible. matt, savannah. >> all right, hallie jackson, hope you got a steak there. thank you so much. let's bring in nicolle wallace and mark halperin. good morning. >> good morning. >> by this very nature people are jockeying for positions. some people are up, some people are down, there are factions. is this something different than what we've seen in past transitions in the fall? >> you know, it is different. the transition is not always this bumpy. but everything trump has done in a political arena is, and he won despite the fact that he went through three campaign managers, so i don't think he'll pay a political price for now being on his second transition chief. that said, his central sort of message as a candidate was to bring the competence and the success of his private sector enterprises to government, so he has a little bit more time, but probably not more than about 72 hours to sort of steady the ship. >> when you talk about time, mark, over the campaign there was so much talk about which one of the candidates would be ready
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as president to lead on day one. is this the transition a microcosm of leading as president or is it a different animal? >> it's a different animal, and they're all pretty bumpy. everything is bumpier with trump, that's just the nature of what he does. i think as a country, you've got to say is he going to be ready from day one? he doesn't need to be ready today, but the clock is ticking and it's relentless. you get to the holidays, you've got thanksgiving and new year's and mass, it's harder to do these things. they don't just need the cabinet positions filled, there's a lot of jobs underneath that filled. right now national security is the most concern. can you get stuff wrong if you pick a bad commerce secretary, that doesn't involve life or death. it's the defense, pentagon, national security advisor that people are really focused on now. >> that's what i was going to ask you, nicolle, about. that feels the most momentous as mark alludes to. you have elliott cohen, a former national security official in the bush administration, no fan of trump, we should say, but
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somebody who had said, you know what, every good republican should consider going in and working for this administration because, you know what, we should be helpful. he's changed his mind and now describes the folks inside the transition as a permanent campaign waged by triumphalist rabble rousers and demagogues, abetted by people out of their depth and up fit for the jobs they will hold. wow. >> strong letter to follow. >> there was a report as well by sources close to mike rogers who was another one of the individuals trying to fill the important national security posts who described it as a stalinesque purge. so a lot of people who have come in contact with this transition are coming away with a very negative impression of how they're going about their jobs. it all feels and appears very personal. the role of the president-elect's son-in-law, jared kushner, has been flagged as cause for concern. should he take on a role larger than a family member. i think you have to go back to nancy reagan to find a family
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member with as much influence that jared kushner seems to have. if as mark suggests, if he makes three or four solid appointments that are well received, his first announcements cancelled each other out. reince priebus was well received, steve bannon caused alarm on both sides of the aisle. >> a week ago today, america woke up to a political earthquake. >> right. >> in the week since then, mark, how would you describe or sum up what's transpired in this country? >> in this country, people are still grappling, people disappointed are still grappling with the implications of a trump presidency. i think the people who voted for him are still hoping and optimistically that he's going to fulfill the promise that they saw of someone who will change washington. he has not been very visible. he did that one photo op with the president. >> has anything in the transition shaken their confidence in that? >> i think most of the people who are paying attention to the transition are insiders and the proof will be in does he pick
7:14 am
good people. if he picks some very strong people that are credible on national security, in particular on the economy, i think he can move forward with a little bit of confidence. but it's hard. getting ready between now and january 20th, it's hard work. he's got to show the country he's willing to work hard. >> president obama has been his most generous voice in calming the waters and his comments overseas yesterday were remarkable in spreading calm not just in this country but around the world. >> if the transition goes well, everybody wins, so that's the bottom line. nicolle wallace and mark halperin, thank you so much. let us turn overseas now. riot police in athens used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse thousands of marchers who were protesting president obama's visit to greece. the violence broke out as dm demonstrators tried to break through a line of police officers. the clashes happened just a couple of miles away from where president obama was attending a state dinner hosted by greece's
7:15 am
president. there is a strong anti-american tradition among greek left-wingers who still resent u.s. support for greece's military dictatorship in the late '60s and early '70s. president obama heads to berlin today for meetings with the german chancellor, angela merkel. police in oklahoma say a manhunt is over now for the shooter who gunned down an nfl player's father at a busy airport. it brought the airport to a standstill, left passengers stranded for hours. police are asking questions, still searching for a motive this morning. they do say this murder was premeditated. gabe gutierrez with the story. >> reporter: this morning police say the gunman who plunged oklahoma city's airport into chaos is dead. he was found in his pickup truck in the airport garage apparently with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. >> it's too early in the investigation to figure out the exact motive, although the crime does appear to be premeditated. >> a victim has been shot on the sidewalk outside the southwest
7:16 am
ticket counter. >> reporter: racing to the scene, police found 52-year-old michael winchester had been shot. he was a southwest airlines employee, a former punter for the university of oklahoma and the father of current kansas city chiefs player james winchester. authorities shut down the airport for hours during a massive search for the killer. >> the director of airports asked the control tower to do a ground stop. >> the airport is closed at this time. we're not taking any arrivals or departures. >> reporter: more than two dozen flights cancelled. travelers inside the airport told to shelter in place. hundreds more stranded in their planes on the tarmac. one tweeting you have a whole planeful of people that are clearly not suspects. this is nuts. get us out of here. another, i don't understand closing the whole airport. >> i've never in my experience here at the airport have ever experienced anything like this. >> reporter: this morning the airport has reopened, but the investigation is just beginning. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news. let us now bring in al
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roker. he's on the road again this morning, he's got this thing called today's turkey trot that went so well yesterday. al, good morning. >> good morning, guys. we're really excited about this one this morning too. yesterday went well. i think today will be fun. of course we've got the big truck here, the big bus. we've got a secret celebrity chef inside. we'll tell you about that in just a bit and show you who it is. first let's talk about what could be our first big winter storm of the season. that's right, we're watching a storm coming into the pacific northwest, already spreading snow into montana and parts of idaho. we've already got winter weather advisories, warnings and watches up for over two and a half million people and it's probably going to expand as we get into the latter part of the week. as this storm makes its way east, we're going to see the central rockies today and then as we move into tomorrow, it's going to move into the plains, significant snow, and as we move into friday, look at the heavy snow moving into the upper midwest with strong winds, low visibility, could be
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blizzard-like conditions. you can see upwards of anywhere from a half a foot to a foot and a half of snow stretching from the rockies all the way to the upper midwest. we're going t getting your money's worth sunshinewise around the south bay and tri-valley. mid 40s in dublin, 50s in san jose. a slight chance for a few showers trying to drop down the coast around midday. otherwise partly cloudy skies and cool an breezy at times.
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highs mid 60s san jose. low 60s san francisco into the north bay. we'll seal more chilly mornings ahead. as we head into the weekend, rain making a big comeback to the north bay starting midday saturday. and that is your latest weather from florida, guys. >> we'll see you in a little while, al, looking forward to it. meanwhile, coming up, feud within facebook. why mark zuckerberg is facing a reported revolt from some employees over the tech company's stand on policing fake news stories. and then fox news anchor megyn kelly talks taking on roger ailes, feuding with donald trump, and how she's making the most of what she calls a dark year. we'll talk to her next. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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proximity, powered by light, with bluetooth technology, at kay, the number-one memory-maker in america. every kiss begins with kay. . a very good morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. three people waking up without a police to live this morning after flames tore through their south bay duplex overnight. the fire started a little after midnight at a home on cypress avenue not far from stevens creek boulevard in san jose. everyone made it out safely, but firefighters say one family pet is still missing this morning. fire crews arrived at the property to find it fully engulfed. while the duplex is now gutted, firefighters did manage to keep it spreading to other nearby homes. the cause is still under investigation. time to check the wednesday morning forecast with rob who's in for kari. >> 45 in dublin, 50s around palo alto and san jose.
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but 30s in the north bay around santa rosa, still seeing patchy fog and 48 degrees in oakland. we'll see a slight chance midday of showers around the peninsula hilltops and partly cloudy, breezy conditions. temperatures today rounding out in the mid 60s in san jose. low 60s san francisco into the north bay. mike? >> the bay shows a nice easy drive, it's predictable. it's slow in many spots, northbound routes through silicon valley continuing to build. the plight for 101 and 85, 101 ten minutes slower from 85 from where they split to where they join. 67 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza where you have to wait because the metering lights, of course, are on. thank you very much. another local news update in about half an how far. we hope to see then. in the meantime, enjoy your wednesday morning and join us for midday news at 11:00. we'll have a look at your full
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day's news. have a great day.
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it is 7:30 wednesday morning, the 16th of november, 2016. good morning, crowd on the plaza. good morning to everybody at home. nice to have you along. >> al is not here, we've got to get out there and say hi to those people. we'll do that in just a little while. meanwhile inside studio 1a let's take a look at headlines. donald trump is fighting back against reports of turmoil within his transition team, insisting in a late-night tweet that it is all under control. >> campfires, fireworks, smoking cigarettes all being banned across parts of the south this morning because wildfires are intensifying from alabama to georgia. the u.s. forest service says the agency is tracking fires that have burned at least 80,000 acres so far. no homes have been destroyed, but some areas have been evacuated. take a look at this dramatic
7:31 am
video out of phoenix where a cement truck overturned on a busy city street. witnesses said that truck took the turn too fast for its weight. thankfully it didn't hit other cars as it skidded to a halt and happily no injuries were reported. let us begin this half hour, though, with a growing controversy over whether or not to police fake news stories on social media platforms like facebook. in the aftermath of the election, employees there are now reportedly taking on ceo mark zuckerberg over this very issue. miguel almaguer is at facebook headquarters in menlo park, california, with more on that. miguel, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning. it's believed 62% of americans get their news from social media and but the ceo mark zuckerberg is reportedly under fire from his own employees for not doing enough to bring down fake news
7:32 am
stories. the headlines are as shocking as they are fake. isis oil king paid off hillary clinton. pope francis endorses trump. now growing concern these fake stories may have had real influence on voters. google announced it's taking steps to ban fake news stories from its site. the company telling the bbc -- >> from our perspective, this should just be no situation in which fake news gets distributed. >> reporter: facebook clarified it already prohibits ads, saying our team will continue to closely vet all prospective publishers and monitor existing ones. but just days ago, ceo mark zuckerberg said he didn't want the company to become the arbiter of truth and downplayed the influence of fake news. >> the idea that fake news on facebook of which it's a very small amount of the content influenced the election in any way i think is a pretty crazy idea.
7:33 am
>> there's a lot of skepticism among facebook employees that the top sort of echelons of the company are taking this seriously. >> reporter: now buzzfeed, partially owned by our parent company, nbc universal, is reporting the existence of a secret renegade task force of facebook employees. buzzfeed spoke to five of them. they believe the company is only paying lip service to the problem. >> when you mark something for nudity or for violence and it's taken down almost immediately, facebook hasn't applied that same sort of rigorous standard to fake news. >> reporter: while facebook had no comment about the existence of a task force, hillary clinton's campaign is lashing out against the site. her chief digital strategist, teddy goff, telling politico they blame facebook for enabling the spread of misinformation, saying they saw zero percent chance facebook was going to be compliant or work with us during the election. there were fake news stories against trump as well. asked for comment, his campaign did not respond.
7:34 am
>> you don't want to move down the slippery slope of deciding what's false versus what's an opinion versus what is sarcasm versus what is parody. >> reporter: buzzfeed says its sources inside facebook have not been told how they'll bring down the fake news stories. meanwhile sites like twitter and google are also dealing with similar problems. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. let us head back down to al in florida. this is the latest stop on "today's turkey trot." al, you also have a check of the weather. >> that's right. it's a little chilly down here. it's only in the 50s. for florida, that's a little on the cool side. but we're going to see a lot of the rest of the country with above normal temperatures. take a look, it is going to be warm today the eastern two-thirds of the u.s. but getting colder out west as a storm system grows.
7:35 am
we are watching temperatures. dallas, you'll be over 20 degrees above normal. atlanta you're at 72, 11 degrees warmer than usual. later this week, temperatures stay mild for boston, jacksonville into mobile and huntsville, alabama. but as we see later this week, while the warmth stays in the midsection of the country, it's going to turn much cooler around denver, albuquerque and places to the west. that's what's going interesting spread of temperatures this morning. mid 40s around dublin and the tri-valley. 52 in san jose, palo alto. check out the north bay, hills burg and santa rosa, 37 degrees for the morning. low 60s later this afternoon. should see mid 60s into the south bay and a slight cans of a stray shower along theest co-al range. chilly mornings ahead, especially tomorrow and friday morning for the north bay and tri-valley. rain makes a comeback for the weekend. get your weather any time you need it and check out the
7:36 am
weather channel on cable. when we do today's turkey trot, i always have a partner in crime. who is today's celebrity mystery chef? oh, it's 100% chance of sunny. sunny anderson you're here. >> i'm ready to turkey trot all over the situation. >> let me see your turkey trot. >> it's like, oh, you're ugly. >> oh, we've got a song. >> do your dance, do your dance. ♪ >> all right, guys, exciting. sunny is the perfect person to be there in florida. i can't wait to see what they have up their sleeve. guys, thank you. coming up, it is also national fast food day so what is matt's kryptonite? we'll reveal all of our personal favorites. >> as long as it's not here. and fox news anchor megyn kelly opens up about finding herself in the cross hairs of controversy from donald trump to roger ailes. we're back right after this.
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fresh off of covering the 2016 election which saw donald trump pull off a surprise win, megyn kelly is here to talk about her new book called "settle for more." megyn, good morning, it's good to have you here. >> it's so good to be here. >> there are so many revelations in this book and i want to start with what went on at fox with roger ailes. this is something you wrote about in the book later, after it was completed, and you talked about sexual harassment. can you tell us what happened? >> i knew in the moment as soon as i saw the -- that complaint and the complaints that came out in the days thereafter that i had a decision to make because ten years earlier when i was a first-year reporter at fox news, it had happened to me too. and, you know, i was a neophyte, i had no power, i was a cub reporter. from august of 2005 through 2006 he would call me into his office and engage in a kind of
7:42 am
cat-and-mouse game with me where he would veer between inappropriate sexual comments and legitimate professional advice. and it culminated in an incident in his office in january, 2006, where he tried to get physical with me. i rejected his advances. >> like tried to make a move on you? >> he tried to kiss me. i pushed him away. he tried to kiss me again. i pushed him away again. he asked me when my contract was up and then he tried to kiss me for a third time. i pushed him away, i walked out the door and called a lawyer. i then reached out to some other people within fox news to see whether it had happened to them. i was trying to figure out whether this is a serial issue or whether it was about me. i didn't find anybody at that time. i did tell a supervisor about it. that supervisor told me that roger was a good man, that he was likely just smitten with me and that i should try to avoid him, which is what i did. and we went on as the years progressed to have a fine, good,
7:43 am
solid working relationship. >> up until this summer, i think the perception was that roger ailes was quite fond of your work and had promoted you and that the feelings were mutual. >> it's true. >> and so there are some who say how can you reconcile those two things. in fact ailes put out a statement and said watch megyn's interview on charlie rose where she said i really care about roger and he's been really good to me. can you explain to people how both of those things can be true? >> in my case i did have a good working relationship with roger. as soon as he laid off me, we were fine, and i came to respect him as a person and i forgave what had happened between us because he never did retaliate against me and he did promote me based on merit. however, that didn't change my reaction when i saw the lawsuit and as soon as i read their allegations in particular, i knew they were true. i knew they were troue. >> did it sound similar? >> it was dead on.
7:44 am
and then of course woman after woman started to come out. >> roger ailes categorically denies this. what do you think of him now? >> it's complicated. he did a lot of good, but he did a lot of bad. and i know too much now. >> obviously this has been a momentous year for you, and part of the reason is you have been a target of a presidential candidate. >> honestly, megyn, if you don't like it, i'm sorry. i've been very nice to you, although i could probably not be based on the way you treated me. >> i know we're supposed to have a thick skin in this business but this was on a whole other order of magnitude. how does it affect you personally? what was hardest about it? >> it has not been an easy year, that's for sure. but one of the themes of "settle for more" is adversity is an opportunity. in fact one of the reasons i wrote the book is because i feel like that younger kids today are getting too soft. i worry about the millenial generation that can't have any upset in their lives and need
7:45 am
safe spaces everywhere they go. back in our day we had to have bad things happen to us and did and we had to function in the face of that adversity. so in a way this past year has been a chance to build those muscles, and it's almost like you can't grow and become stronger unless you have some difficult situations thrown at right yonow, trump is watching this thinking, yooir you're welcome. so it has been a dark year, but i can put it into perspective. >> let me ask the devil's advocate question. this is the megyn kelly question. >> what? >> there will be some who say your career skyrocketed after all of this. maybe it was worth it. >> you know, to that, i would say to you -- two people who flank me on the fox news channel. bill o'reiley and sean flantty. i'm right in between them. i would say while trump's attentions increased my name recognition, i was doing just fine before trump. .i'll be doing just fine after
7:46 am
4i7 him, too. >> some reviewers who looked at the book say there's some information in here that she could have revealed before the election. maybe it would have been in the public interest to do so. instead, she saved it for her book. how do you respond? >> i didn't want to be the story, but trump kept making me the story. i certainly didn't want to add fuel to that fire. i didn't want to run out there and do a boo-hoo, like look at what this is doing to my life. i wanted him to stand down. i didn't want to aggravate his supporters any more. anything i say in this book, it's not going to bring trump down. if all the other stuff didn't bring trump down, you think my book would? i think deluded yourself. >> megyn kelly, we're out of time. the book "settle for more" is out now. coming up, star wars crossed lovers, the romance from the set of the classic film that's
7:47 am
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our today's turkey trot goes on
7:56 am
sunshine and widespread temperatures. low to mid 50s from the south bay and tri-valley. at times the north bay waking up to mid 30s. right now 39 degrees in santa rosa and 51 currently in oakland. during the day, partly cloudy skies, still a slight chance of midday showers moving down the coast. but the main effect of that weather system, rain forcing the cooling trend we're seeing kicking in. low 60s from san francisco into the north bay. be prepared for chilly mornings ahead, especially tomorrow and friday. patchy frost possible. the rain more than likely making a comeback midday saturday. >> we see typical patterns pushing west, push rg north from the south bay. a typical slowing for 280 and 101. 85 moves well north of saratoga. from the north bay into san rafael, we have a crash off the
7:57 am
san rafael exit. slow across the richmond-san rafael bridge as well. an earlier crash at western for westbound 580 has cleared. a slow drag across the richmond-san rafael bridge. all speeds crawling where we have the build through 101. southbound northbound 101, still an hour from 85 to 85 on the bayshore freeway. back to you. i'm glad i'm already at work. the battle over a new warriors waterfront arena far from over. it's back in court. opponents are getting ready to argue an appeal to stop that construction. look for updates on our twitter feed. the 49ers and the city of santa clara continue to clash over levi's stadium. on our home page, the new ultimatum handed down to the team last night and how the team is responding. on facebook, the san francisco gay men's chorus set to embark on an unusual tour with a decidedly political message. more local news in half an hour. we'll see you then.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, trump in control. amid growing reports of turmoil on his transition team, the president-elect tweets out overnight claiming he's in charge and the process is organized. so will republicans rally around his choices for key roles or is there trouble lurking for him in washington as he tries to drain the swamp. plus, the heart of the champion. olympic superstar simone biles leapt and tumbled her way to gold in rio. now she's swinging boy studio 1a to talk about her new life and the long road to victory. and thanks and thrills.
8:01 am
>> come on, tom, it's thanksgiving! >> what are you doing here? >> what am i doing here? >> al has another epic surprise in store for one lucky superfan as today's turkey trot rolls on. today, wednesday, november 16, 2016. >> good morning, iowa. >> we're on our babymoon in the big apple. >> hi, matt. >> celebrating 35 years of wedded bliss on "today." >> today is my birthday! >> our wish for our 70th birthday is to be on the "today" show! >> we're back now, 8:00 on a wednesday morning. it's the 16th day of november, 2016. you've got a quick glimpse of
8:02 am
the tree behind us. we've got about 14 days until we light that thing up. it's always a fun time of year here in new york and across the country. >> coming up we've been talking to al all morning. now we know who his celebrity chef is, it's sunny anderson. we know he's in florida, but there are so many more secrets to be revealed this morning. we'll check in with them in just a bit. this morning one hard-working student is about to have her tv dreams come true. she has no idea that it's going to happen. >> do you think she'll be more surprised than tom was yesterday? >> no one -- i don't know if anybody can top tom. >> that was great. before we get to that, let's get a look at the headlines. it's time for your news at 8:00. >> we begin with the trump transition. i'm kristen welker at the white house. today vice president-elect, mike pence, will tour his new home here in washington and have lunch with the person who lives there now, vice president joe biden. pence is heading up the trump transition team which is showing fresh signs of turmoil today. another flurry of activity
8:03 am
expected today inside trump tower. former new york mayor rudy giuliani, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., john bolton, and senator jeff sessions all being eyed for top spots. sources tell nbc news infighting and dealing fiefdoms are making the difficult process of building a cabinet even tougher. but president-elect trump was all smiles at a new york steak house last night for dinner with his family. also tweeting very organized process taking place as i decide on cabinet and many other positions. i am the only one who knows who the finalists are. his former campaign manager, kellyanne conway, also downplaying any tensions. >> trying to form his government, it takes time. >> reporter: but tuesday, former congressman, mike rogers, abruptly announcing his departure. >> this is growing pains, and once they integrate people who have been doing it with people in nowhere, evening you'll see a smoother transition. >> reporter: still, sources say it may be a part of an attempt
8:04 am
to purge those close to chris christie, someone seen at odds with trump's son-in-law and close advisor, jared kushner. in 2005 christie prosecuted kushner's father on tax and conspiracy charges. all this raising questions about how much trump's family will be involved in his presidency. nbc news has learned from a senior government official the transition team inquired about top secret security clearance for kushner, something the trump campaign is now denying. >> they obviously are very supportive of their father. >> reporter: trump coming under fresh fire for picking steve bannon as his chief strategist. bannon, the former head of breitbart news, has a following among white nationalists. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell staying mum when asked about the pick. >> are you comfortable with him having such a high level position in a trump administration? >> it's great to see you guys today. >> reporter: but democrats unleashing scathing attacks. >> if trump is serious about seeking unity, the first thing
8:05 am
he should do is rescind his appointment of steve bannon. >> this is a man who has white supremacist ties. >> reporter: again tweeting this morning, quote, i am not trying to get top level security clearance for my children. this was a typically false news story. meanwhile, we'll see trump's former rival today for the first time since her concession speech. hillary clinton will attend an event tonight that was scheduled before the election right here in washington. matt. >> all right, kristen, thank you very much. police in oklahoma city are trying to find the motive behind a deadly shooting at the airport there. a southwest airlines employee was shot and killed in what police called a premeditated ambush. the victim, 52-year-old michael winchester. he was a former university of oklahoma football player. his son, james winchester, plays now for the kansas city chiefs. the suspected shooter was later found dead in the parking garage of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound. the shooting shut down the airport and stranded passengers
8:06 am
for hours. coming up, future a-listers. our viewers are sharing photos of their little ones that look like celebrities. they have us doing some double takes. plus al and sunny are getting ready to make thanksgiving really special for a lucky "today" show fan who shares their passion for food. and four-time olympic gold medalist simone biles is here. we'll talk to her about making the leap from gymnastics t small business saturday is our day to get out and shop small.
8:07 am
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8:09 am
we have the whole song, i love it. turkey trot time, guys. al is dishing out surprises to "today" foodie fans who love thanksgiving. today he's in orlando, florida. al, good morning. we can't wait. >> i know, we're really excited about this. it's a dream come true for a young woman, i think, who started and has a hospitality degree, but she has always wanted to pursue her passion of cooking and get her own tv show and now she's maybe one step closer, thanks to her twin sister. >> sasha is my twin sister. she's a minute older than me and we're best friends basically.
8:10 am
she's super outgoing. she's very captivating. definitely an entertainer. very determined and just a hard worker overall. she's in culinary school right now and her main goal in life is to be on any type of tv show and share her passion of cooking with others. sasha can cook almost anything at all. she cooks all different types of food. she's an absolute foodie. she just loves combining flavors and making her own creations. on her instagram photos she has a lot of her dishes that she's created. every year she's cooked her brussel sprouts dish which is so good and all of the family always wants her to cook it. it's something everyone always requests. i nominated my twin sister because i really think that this is her pretty much lifelong goal. she is going to be an excellent chef and i am 100% behind her with her pursuing that goal. when sunny anderson and al roker walk into the class rom, it will probably take a couple of
8:11 am
minutes for her to register. she's probably going to cry. for her to be on the "today" show is going to be mind-blowing. this is something she'll remember for the rest of her life. >> all right, so here we are. we are just outside sasha's classroom. excuse me, mr. whitehearst? >> yes. >> nice to see you. al roker with the "today" show. sorry to interrupt your class. is sasha here? hi, sasha, how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> it's so nice to see you. how are you doing? >> i'm good. >> so i understand that you -- you've got this great brussel sprouts recipe for thanksgiving that your family likes to make. >> i do. >> how would you like to make that, but how would you like to do it with, i don't know, young lady, could you come in here. would you like to do it with your favorite tv chef? sunny anderson. >> what's up, sasha? what's up? hey, girl.
8:12 am
>> oh, my god, i'm shaking. this is awesome. >> it's her fault. >> your sister. >> you did this? you guys got me so good. oh, my god. >> your mom, everyone is out there. >> everybody is here. come on in. come on, guys. >> this is crazy, y'all, this is crazy, right? this is crazy. >> did you know this was going to happen today? look at that. >> what's up, girlfriend? >> i'm speechless. oh, my gosh. >> are you surprised? >> yes. oh, my gosh, you guys got me good. i'm trying to figure everything out. oh, my goodness. >> your folks are here. everybody is here. she's always been a good cook? >> always. always loves to cook.
8:13 am
>> who said they didn't do their hair? >> i didn't. i was going to do it earlier before i left for the interview. wherever i thought i was going. >> now you know they can lie to you very well. >> i thought i could read her mind. >> we're going to go get cooking. >> okay. >> you want to be on tv? >> yes. >> we've got the turkey trot bus all ready. we're going to the turkey trot bus. come on, everybody. you all get to come out too. so we're going to cook for you guys too. here we go. yes. we're going. come on. >> you ready? >> oh, my gosh. >> here we go. >> it's nice to meet you. >> it's nice meeting you. so how long have you wanted to cook? >> well, gosh, forever. >> this is as far as we can go because we've run out of camera cable. anyway, guys, so we're going to
8:14 am
be back in the big bus, we're going to be cooking and having a good time. am i doing weather now or a little later? a little later. it's later, it's later. >> al, by the way, you couldn't see it because you were too busy with the surprise, but the look on the faces of the other students, i'm thinking does this mean we're not going to have that quiz today? >> it's so funny. >> all right, buddy, we'll check in with you a little later. thank you. >> they'll get into it. let's trend today. what do you think? on trending, we like to bring you zany, outrageous, viral things. but today, holidays approaching, we thought it would be a great time to share a couple of really inspiring stories, and we have fast food because it's national fast food day. >> i like my inspiring stories with french fries. >> you have the first one. >> this is the first one. we're going to start with the pennsylvania teacher who does something that is so cool,
8:15 am
inspires her students, but now it's inspiring everybody who's seen it on the internet. every morning she uses a simple but powerful call in response with her third graders. >> what if it's too hard? what if it's too hard. what if there are too many words? what if you just can't do it? why, because? >> i can do anything i put my mind to. >> why, because? >> i can do anything i put my mind to. >> that is jasmine wright, i love her. she does this i guess every day with her kids. this video has been viewed more than 3 million times. i wish miss wright would come and give us that pep talk every day. she says the students love it and she's overheard them telling each other just push through. she gives them a message and they're taking it to heart. >> and they start their day believing inspect themselves. >> i can do anything i put my mind to. >> i could eat this whole wendy's frosty. >> we have one more inspiring
8:16 am
story. >> go ahead. >> this comes from the world of sports. you don't have to be a sports fan to love it, okay? this is about tony romo, the quarterback for the dallas cowboys. one of the most coveted positions in sports. you may know he's been plagued by injuries the last couple of years so the cowboys turned to a young guy named dak prescott. in romo's absence, prescott has guided that team to an 8-1 record. all season long, all these nagging questions, is tony coming back, should he come back, do we even want him back? you know what, tony heard the whispers and it had has been hard on him but on tuesday he held an extraordinary press conference where he ended all the speculation and he basically handed over the reins of the team to dak prescott. listen. >> if you think for a second that i don't want to be out there, then you've probably never felt the pure ecstacy of competing and winning. that hasn't left me. in fact it may burn more now
8:17 am
than ever. i think dak knows that i have his back and i think i know that he has mine. ultimately, it's about the team. it's what we've preached our entire lives. >> they should make that, just as they should make that teacher's mantra mandatory for all young people, they should make that speech and that thing he wrote mandatory for young athletes around this country. my respect for him grew exponentially yesterday. >> i think what's amazing about it is he was both really candid about how hard it was, but he still did the right thing. >> that's who he is. he's my friend and candace, his wife, they actually watch our show. he's a great dad. i said all class, all the time. that's you. that's who he is 100%. it's not fake. >> a lot of times when you see people in sports, you think they're not role models. all you have to do is queue up that tape and realize yes, they are. >> if you do watch the show, tony, i'm going to tell you, well done. i'm sending that to my kids.
8:18 am
thank you for that. >> what happened to the food? >> we can eat it when popstart happens. >> it's national fast food day. that's why. >> thanks, friend. this is good. okay. first to carrie fisher revealing the secret she's kept for 40 years. carrie telling "people" magazine that she and harrison ford had a real-life affair on the set of the original "star wars." carrie was 19, harrison was 33, and he was married and had two children. the affair lasted three months. carrie telling the magazine it was so intense, it was han and leia. i'm sorry, niece's name is leila. >> you haven't been corrected until you've been corrected by someone with a mouthful of food. >> princess leia, i know the movie. anyway, they ended the romance
8:19 am
when the filming did but she remembers the time fondly and of course she and harrison reunited for the latest starruzo movie? >> by the way, the next time you mess up, just say i will push through. >> on monday, she'll talk to us about it live in studio. so far, though, no sfrons harrison ford. >> she told him shooefz going to say that. >> but he hasn't responded for obvious reasons. >> i am so excited about in. >> next, the segment that has been blowing up on today's facebook page. savannah talked to anna kendrick about her new book and she noticed a certain similarity when she saw anna's baby photo, looks like photos of her and vale. people have been sharing their own photos of celebrity look-alikes. here's a look who looks like john c. riley. another who bears a striking resemblance to prince george. his mom tells us the two were
8:20 am
born the same day an hour apart. and our favorite, a baby, ed sheeran. >> look at him, he's so cute. >> and that is your popstart from princess leia. i'm going to eat now. >> the most dangerous place on earth was the space between savannah and that chick-fil-a tray. >> i've been waiting all morning for this. >> four weeks to go. >> i love national fast food day. >> we'll send it back down to al in florida for a check of the weather. al. >> hey, guys, we're at valencia community college with our today's turkey trot winner. we've got sunny anderson. what class did i interrupt? >> catering, banquet management. >> that sounds exciting! i love it. let's get an exciting forecast to match. we know it's sunny, but let's also show you -- how do you like what i did there? there's show you the record
8:21 am
highs possible in the plains. it's going to be toasty. we do have a big storm coming into the pacific northwest that will be bringing mountain snows and eventually snow into the plains and the upp sunshine and temperatures in the 50s from san jose, palo alto toward tri-valley. still a little patchy fog, 30s and 40s around north bay. we will see highs today approaching low 60s this afternoon. similar temperatures down the peninsula and mid-60s in the forecast, breezy and partly cloudy skies around bay area for today. next couple of mornings could have patchy frost at times. then the weekend we'll see the temperatures climbing at least overnight but rain making a comeback saturday lingering into early monday. that's your latest weather. coming up next half hour, it's brussel sprouts palooza on today's turkey trot. guys. the olympic games in rio were only three months ago but
8:22 am
who could forget the electrifying performance of simone biles walking away from the games with five medals. but the road to rio wasn't always paved in gold, as she discusses in her new book "courage to soar." hi, simone biles. >> hi. >> are you having a little flashback of our moment -- >> yes. >> -- when we were in rio? >> yes. >> i know you've done a lot of things in your life. >> mm-hmm. >> you've won countless medals, you've been on the cover of many magazines, you were named one of "glamour's" women of whatever but the highlight of your life happened when we were at the olympic games together and someone powe can we just relive for a moment. here we are together. where does that rank in your top ten moments of your life? >> well, the olympics is obviously first, but if you can't count that, being with you and zac. >> i had the good fortune, simone, of meeting your parents, your family. your mom is with us today in
8:23 am
studio, nellie. but in the book you also talk poignantly about your biological mother, shannon. why did you feel -- she suffered from substance abuse. why did you feel it was important to share that part of your life? >> because it's another part of my life that i've grown up with, so i thought i should share it so people would know that part of it too. >> well, what's interesting was there was one part that really struck me in the book. you said when you were living with your biological mom there was a stray cat that you used to see that the cat was fed and you were mad at the cat because the cat had enough food and you guys didn't. >> yeah. i think that's why to this day i don't like cats. >> that's the takeaway? >> that's it. he scared me. >> your parents home schooled you but also put you into gymnastics at age 6. >> yes. >> were you begging to go in or were they pushing you to go in? >> i think it was a combination of both. but once i asked, they didn't fight it. they were like, okay, let's go
8:24 am
tomorrow. we'll sign you up right away. i think it was a little bit of both. >> you wanted to go to london in 2012, didn't you? >> not necessarily because i wasn't ready and i knew that deep in my heart. there is no way i could hang with those girls. there's no way. >> well, i love this book for a million reasons. one is when people see you, they think, oh, simone biles' career must have gone straight up with no hiccups but you talk about i think it was 2013 when you were at a meet and it didn't go well. >> not well. >> and you overheard a coach saying, and i'm going to read what the coach said. you overheard this. you know why she crashed? because she's too fat, that's why. how does she expect to compete like that? >> yeah. >> what did you -- did you want to punch them? let's start with that. >> i was -- i just was in the back, like i dismissed myself from the floor so nobody could see me and i walked to the back behind the curtains and i was crying. >> and then how did you pick yourself up and turn the beat
8:25 am
around, because you obviously did. >> marta pulled me back out on the floor and she gave me a little bit of a pep talk. she said see, you can't train like this and expect the results to show, you have to train harder so i went back to the gym and did as told. so her pep talk gave me a little bit of an up rather than a down because she was the head team coordinator, so it felt good to hear her, because i was terrified she was going to be upset with me. >> well, you are, by the way, you personified pure joy to me. i watched you in rio, how you connect with the crowd and lift everyone up. this book "courage to soar" is going to inspire so many young girls. >> thank you. >> simone, thank you. thank you for writing this and thanks for being a friend to me. >> thank you. >> all right, we'll see you again at 10:00. let's head over to the orange room where tamron has some company. >> girl power, lady power, we're catching up with multi talented "it" girl.
8:26 am
she's getting rave reviews on the screen and her hit song is topping the charts. we'll talk to hailey about good morning. it's 8:26. three people are without a place to live this morning after flames tore through their south bay duplex overnight. the fire started after midnight at a home on cypress not far from stevens creek boulevard in san jose. everyone, all three people inside did make it out safely. firefighters said one family pet is still missing this morning. fire crews arrived at the property to find it fully engulfed. while the duplex is now gutted, firefighters did manage to keep it from spreading to other nearby homes. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. here is mike inouye with a look at traffic. >> much of the bay seems like
8:27 am
it's sorting it's self out smoother across san mateo, bridge in the middle. pushing out san jose, nothing dramatic but it is much heavier -- at least the start for this morning. over here tough, 580 over here toward highway 16 are a crash, cleared to the shoulder a distraction, past coliseum live look shows you slow past high street. crash downtown oakland. you head from the north westbound 80 shut down to the bay bridge. back to you. >> thanks, mike. more local news in just a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it's 8:30 now. it is november 16th, it's wednesday morning and it is a beautiful day out on the plaza. the gang's all here, including simone, who decided to hang out with us. >> simone came here, didn't ask where we were, didn't ask where hoda was, she asked where's charlie. >> has he grown? >> yes, just a little bit. she he's still so cute. >> will you sit? >> good job. >> i tell you something else that's grown. >> what? >> the fuzziness on our faces. simone actually had a comment about that a little while ago. >> what was it? >> to shave it off.
8:31 am
>> it's growing every day. this is all part of our no shave today campaign as we learn more about men's health including this fact. an estimated 8.7 million men in this country living with diabetes. nearly a third of them do not know it. it's another reason to have regular checkups and conversations with your doctor. as a reminder to anyone growing out their facial harrah loir alh us, instagram your photos with the #noshavetoday or simone's hash tag, please shave it off. >> or a support group for wives. >> simone said she wanted to try my part. so shall we? >> yeah. >> take it, girl. >> but coming up today, actress and singer hailey stein feld is here. she's got a new single and comedy out. we'll catch up with her return to the big screen. >> and she stuck the landing. >> that was the back flip of intros, we love it. and the man behind many of our favorite movies is here.
8:32 am
he'll tell us about his world war ii thriller starring marian cotillard and brad pitt. it's about to hit theaters. >> al is down in florida with the turkey trot and a check of the weather. >> sunny anderson is here, who by the way with all these culinary students, you talk about superstar, these kids are lining up to get their picture. we're having a great time. sasha is in the truck, the young lady we surprised, in the bus. we are going to be cooking with her in just a sec. in the meantime let's check your weather and show you what's happening. for today we are starting off with record highs in the midsection of the country. smoky conditions in the southeast due to wildfires. wet weather, showers and thunderstorms in the pacific northwest, some rain in northern new england. for tomorrow we are expecting to see all that rain move out of the northeast. record highs move into the mid-mississippi and ohio river valleys. sunshine along the east coast. gulf coast looking good. look for heavy snow, first snowstorm of the season spreading into the plains. sunshine through the right now a lot of sunshine
8:33 am
in san jose. meantime sierras seeing snow. up from kingville to the lakes. might see showers creep down the coast. partly cloudy skies and cool, breezy finish to the afternoon. low 60s into the north bay and san francisco. the seven-day forecast will have some chilly temperatures next couple of mornings before the rain makes a big come back for the weekend. that's your latest weather. get that weather any time you need it, go to the weather channel on cable. >> i'm there all the time. >> absolutely. now, tamron, you're about to get on that crane and put the crystal swarovski star on the top of the tree? >> no, no, al, someone far more special will be in charge of the duties here. i am next to the beautiful 94-foot norway spruce, which is being prepared for the holiday season here at rockefeller center. the stunner would not be
8:34 am
complete without the swarovski star and broadway actress is here to tell us all about it. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is the 13th year that the swarovski star will be on top of the beautiful tree here. how special is this? >> it is so special. we have some swarovski crystals in our show as well, but these are a little bigger and a little more fabulous. i love it. >> and your role in raising the star will be? >> i get to press the amazing button. i am the swarovski star ambassador today and i'm honored to do so. >> and you're from florida. >> yes. >> so you're not used to the crispy cool of the northeast. you're getting used to it. >> this is usually the temperature on christmas. maybe, you know, a nice 70, 65 if it's chilly. >> but this star warms up the heart no matter the temperature. >> yeah, it's incredible. it's 9.5 feet in diameter i read. >> i love that you've got the talking point. you mentioned your show. you're in the great comet of
8:35 am
1812 with josh grobin and you have swarovski crystals in the show. >> yeah, we've got like 20,000 little crystals adorning the chandeliers and 100,000 over our costumes and dresses and gowns. it's a sparkly moment. >> congratulations, it's a huge honor for anyone, but especially a girl from florida to be in the middle of new york city with it. congratulations on everything. >> thank you so much. >> let's go over to -- by the way, don't forget to tune in for the tree lighting right here on nbc, kmat in rockefeller center, november 30th, 8:00 p.m. ee eastern, a fun time for all. at just 19 years old hailee steinfeld has an oscar nomination under her belt. her new hit single "starving" already on the top ten on itunes and she has an album in the works as well. her latest project has her back on the big screen, it's a modern day comedy called "the edge of
8:36 am
17." >> i don't know if you know this, but my dad passed away. it's just been really hard to do anything. >> when did he die? >> 2011. >> oh, yeah. i have a one-year expiration date on freebies for the dead and dying. >> are you serious? >> there will be other opportunities. your grandparents can't stick around forever. >> it's actually a good little encapsulation of the spirit of this movie because it's a little irreverent but very real and very heartfelt and your character, nadine, is just like -- she's a great character. she's just this awkward teen with no poker face. >> no poker face. >> and no filter. >> you're absolutely right. she is trying to just find arnsds to all these questions on her own going through high school, trying to figure out who she is and what she's good at, how and what she's supposed to do to fit in. >> kind of give us the premise here. we just learned obviously that she lost her dad so she's dealing with that. she's got a best friend. she's got a crush on a boy.
8:37 am
>> yes. >> she's got all the teen problems you can have. >> she's got everything going on at one time. there's an interesting family dynamic where she lost her dad at a young age. she doesn't have the best relationship with her mom. she doesn't feel understood by her. her brother is everything she's not in terms of cool and successful and he's got everything figured out in her eyes. her best friend then ends up with him and it's just like the end of the world. >> the interactions with woody harrelson, who's a teacher, who's kind of a mentor but obviously a bit wrong, is just great. as i understand it, some of this dialogue that we see ended up being improvised, it wasn't even in the script. >> the best part about working with woody, once our director knew that she had what she wanted and needed, she would say to the both of us, okay, you guys have one, do whatever you want. i learned very quickly, you tell us to do whatever we want and we will do whatever we want. some of it was magical and ended up in the movie and other parts were nonsense.
8:38 am
>> the movie is called "the edge of 17." you're on the edge of 20. >> i know. >> you're almost about to say bye-bye to your teen years. >> that's crazy, i know. >> does that feel good? what are you going to miss the least about being a teenager? >> oh, gosh -- >> not that you're like the typical teenager. >> right, thanks. i don't know, to be honest. i don't know. 20 just sounds weird. i'm not ready. >> it's good, though. double digits, you know. so tell me about your music career, because this is also taking off, there's an acoustic version of your single? >> the acoustic version of "starving" just came out, which is so exciting. the song is doing unbelievable things, unimaginable things. i did this song with my friends and i'm so excited about it. >> well, you've got so much going on, actress, singer. is there anything else that you want to check off the list? >> a lot of things. right now i'm focusing on the music and the acting. >> we'll see you in "pitch perfect 3."
8:39 am
>> yes, you will. >> anna kendrick was here earlier this week and people are obsessed with that. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> "the edge of 17" hits theaters on friday. stick around, because hailee will join us in our next hour and give us a live performance, which is awesome. coming up next, we'll catch up with robert zemeckis. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
8:41 am
back now at 8:41. director robert zemeckis has established himself as a hollywood icon, writing, producing and directing movies more than four decades. he's behind some of our favorite films like back to the future, forrest gump, polar express. his latest movie is a world war ii spy thriller starring marian cotillard and brad pitt.
8:42 am
>> the ambassador arrives at precisely 8:30. >> and he's late? >> he's german. he'll be on time. >> how come you don't know stens? >> i do know stens. i didn't see you said the travel safety. >> it would be okay to use it on the night. >> i would be okay if i had to use cutlery. >> lhey, robert, good to see yo. >> good to see you. >> i read an article about this movie and it said it's an homage to movies. >> i didn't think about that when i was making it. i was just inspired by the screenplay and it felt like what it should be. i guess maybe because it's, you know, a very passionate romance. >> there are stunning vistas. there are beautiful shots in this movie, great exteriors, but at the heart of this is this love story. to use a modern expression, it's
8:43 am
complicated. >> very complicated. >> tell me about these two. >> well, you know, they're two soe agents who go on a mission in casablanca in 1942 and they fall in love and they passionately fall in love and they move back to london and then things get really complicated. >> as you're watching it as a viewer and you're watching this passionate love story unfold, it's like taking a third shot of tequila. it gives you a warm feeling but you have a feeling it's not going to end well. >> yeah. i think the film sort of has a foreboding nature to it. you have a feeling that everything isn't as serene as you might think it should be. >> let me ask you about a reality of today's world. you cast a movie like this and you want chemistry between actors. >> yeah. >> and what happens in the making of this movie is that chemistry turns into rumors that the two actors, brad pitt, marian cotillard, are having an
8:44 am
affair and they deny it completely. as a director and you know these rumors can hurt individuals and families and maybe the project, how do you react to it? what do you do? >> there's not much you can do. unfortunately, i think it's part of being a celebrity. but, you know, i just give everybody their privacy and try to respect the problems that they're going through. >> you have been credited with changing cinema. let me read you something that was said. zemeckis has been a major force for technological change in american movie making, moving from complex optical effects to a full embrace of digital technology. is there a downside to technology in movie making? >> personally i don't think so. making movies has always been a technical art form from day one, it has been. my favorite special effect is the close-up. it's something that can't happen in real life. it's completely unique to movies. and i think everything else that we do in movies is an extension of that.
8:45 am
so my feeling is i want to use all the tools at my disposal. i embrace all technology because that's the art form the way it's been since the beginning. >> let me end with a little game and you can't plead the fifth. >> all right. >> tell me one movie you wish you had made but you didn't and tell me one movie you made and wish you hadn't. >> the first one again? >> you wish you had made but you didn't. >> wish i had made but i didn't. okay. >> what's that one? >> probably "the godfather." >> that's a good one to wish. all right. is there a movie that you made and you kind of wish you hadn't? >> no. i like them all. you know, i have -- i have -- you know, i have no favorites. my movies are kind of like my children. i love them all for different reasons. >> unfair question, i guess. robert zemeckis, great to have you here. >> great to be here. >> and i love your films. i really do. >> thank you. >> by the way, tomorrow the film's star, marian cotillard, will join us as well. up next, some trimmings
8:46 am
courtesy of al and sunny and a rising star. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
8:48 am
we're back now with more of today's turkey trot. >> let us check back in with al. he's standing by with one very lucky viewer this morning. al, good morning. >> yeah, we are on the today's turkey trot bus provided by featherlight. we're hanging out. sasha, this is your dish. tell us about this. >> so this is a brussel sprouts gratan. the reason i started making it because none of my family would eat brussel sprouts. it was my favorite vegable. so i figure if you cover something in cheese, they'll eat it. >> and bake it. >> and bake it, of course. sunny, you have a slightly lighter taste on this. >> it's kind of like when you used to go to the movie theater and if you like take in, you
8:49 am
might like die hard. so if you like that, you might like this. this is a crunchy, sweet, brus el sprout salad. it's really simple. there's only a few ingredients. i've got a hot pan with olive oil. i've chopped up the brussel sprouts. you can use an actual mandolin or if you have a food processor, just push them through the top with the blade and it will do it for you. right into the pan here i'm going to put in my brussels and they're just going to saute up. what i love about that is usually for the holidays the oven is just real estate that's hard to buy, right? so you can get on the stove top with this and really make it work. >> and you're not going to cook these very long, are you? >> no, it's really just to take the crunch off and to brighten it up. so you can even see back here in the back some of the pieces that are touching are already getting that beautiful green color. and that's going to move around a bit. once everything gets very bright, you're going to add in the red onion.
8:50 am
move that around. so already we have red and green, it's very holiday-like. a little bit of pepper, a little salt and then the key ingredient that would probably really taste really good in your gratan, a pinch of nutmeg. just a little tiny pinch of nutmeg goes in. you just cook that up a little bit. and then right when everything gets close to the end, you're going to add in some cranberries. so the cranberries -- >> sweet. >> exactly. so the bitter of your brussel sprouts, you've got the sweet of the cranberry. >> what's with the pecans over there? >> so the pecans, i love. this you can do walnuts in this but one of my recipes i just did on the "today" show last week are my cranberry pecans. you cook it until everything is bubbly, add in the pecans, fresh rosemary, toss it with salt and perpendicul pepper.
8:51 am
>> so let's taste. we've got some stuff outside. i want to try this as we -- oh, yeah. here we go. this is so exciting. >> i'm super excited. this is so much fun. we've got it all set up for you, girlfriend. >> all right, look at this. >> i want to try your dish. >> hey! >> a little ability for everybody to taste. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, al. >> this is great. i can't wait. >> i'm trying yours first. >> and i'll try yours. >> who doesn't like brussel sprouts in your family? >> that's fantastic. and this salad is so good. >> thank you. >> first of all, for everybody out here, we've got some of sunny's pecans so we'll give those out to you, and sasha, for you, from our friends at all clad, a brand new set of their professional stainless pots and pans for you. >> thank you so much! thank you so much! oh, my goodness. >> again, thank you so much,
8:52 am
sasha. congratulations to you. thanks so much, sonia, your beautiful sister, your family and all of your friends at valencia college. today's turkey trot rolls on tomorrow. we've got another place to go. >> where are you going, al? >> i can't tell you. i could but then i'd have to kill you and then they'd all attack me so we're not going to do that. i'm not going to be the guy who killed sunny anderson. >> i just want to tell you, you can actually make it in the culinary world on television if you want to, girlfriend. >> thank you, sunny. >> i'll see you in the future. >> guys, back to you. >> that was fun. al, well done. >> day made for her, right? so cool. >> sunny, thank you as well. >> thank you. >> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
today's orange room is sponsored by loving. all love is created equal. now playing. tamron is over in the orange room with an upcoming film that's getting a lot of buzz. >> indeed, it is, guys. our sister company focus features is out with a new movie called "loving." it celebrates the real-life courage of an interracial couple and their landmark civil rights case. in the spirit of loving, we've asked our viewers to share the acts of love they see in their everyday lives using #thisisloving. ryan writes i love this picture and the sweet moment of seeing my son love on his sister and
8:55 am
his sister love him right back. and debbie shares this, a different kind of sibling love between her two dogs. and karen sees love in her daughter. she writes my daughter who works tirelessly to get into college at ksu knowing that she is loving it makes me very happy. so keep spreading the love online using #thisisloving, guys. >> tamron, run over here quickly. we need to know what's coming up and you're the only one who can share that information. >> here she is. be careful. >> what do you have coming up? >> hearry connick jr. is our co-host. harry connick jr. is going behind the scenes of celebrity homes. and hailee steinfeld is performing. i'm a 46-year-old woman.
8:56 am
don't ask me to run anymore. >> that was 30 feet. >> in heels, though. >> it's not easy. >> a lot coming up in our next hour. first, though, a look at your local news and weather. everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. authorities identified the woman facing charges in a triple homicide as a former teacher who made national headlines years ago when she lost her job following gender reassignment story. police in oakland say 61-year-old dana rivers stabbed and shot three people in a home on dunbar drive last friday. a man and two women were killed.
8:57 am
investigators say the garage was also set on fire. rivers was once a sacramento teacher whose dismissal made national headlines in the 1990s. she will be arraigned this morning. happening now pete serranos at the courthouse trying to get reaction. more on a battle from waterfront arena far from over, back in court. opponents are getting ready to appeal to stop construction. look for updates in our twitter feed. in other off the field sports news, 49ers and santa clara clash over revenue. you can see the ultimatum handed to the team last night and hu the team is responding. see you in half an hour.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take" harry connick jr. returns for an encore as our celebrity co-host. then colin ferrell works his magic in the new harry potter prequel and we'll take you on a tour inside the homes of some of the biggest stars. all that and more, coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning, november 16th, 2016. that's your lottery number for the day. >> that's a lot of 16s. >> i'm tamron along with dylan and look who's back on the block, harry connick jr. we missed you.
9:01 am
i feel like you come every other day. >> i like to do it in doses so you get sick of me. >> we'll never get sick of you. al is on the turkey trot in orlando, florida. we'll check in with him and sunny in a second. so the last time we saw you, you were going into this tiny house. >> yes. >> as an experiment. >> oh, yeah. >> you survived, clearly. >> oh, yeah. i was really slumming it, though. it was a really luxurious tiny house with a fully stocked fridge and a nice bed. >> are you planking? >> no, no, just showing everybody how narrow it is. >> how tall are you? >> 6'1". i brought -- my band showed up, we played. it was loud. >> the dimensions of the house? >> it's like 170 square feet. it was really really -- they're actually amazing. it was really, really fun. i loved it. it was right outside of thein tr tr -- the intrepid. we did a facebook live thing. it was cool. >> tiny houses have all the amenities, everything is just
9:02 am
smaller. >> this place was so small, i had to go outside to change my mind. >> what was the hardest thing? >> nothing. it was so fun, i can't complain. >> nothing was hard? >> it was just a lot of fun. it was a great experience. we played great music, people showed up and we had a party. >> you also have something on the show, my big secret. >> you all have to come on and do this one time. >> i'm getting hives now. as i learn from our team today. >> we try to get things out of people that nobody has ever heard before and there's real dramatic music and people are gasping and freaking out. >> you have a clip of it. >> i'm not sure what the clip is. we'll take a look. >> i once made a chicken dinner for jill that she loved, she truly loved. my big secret is -- it wasn't chicken, it was squirrel.
9:03 am
>> no. where do you guy and buy squirrel. >> i didn't say i bought it, i'm just saying it was squirrel. that's all i'm saying. >> she learned just now? >> no, no, she learned after she ate it. i made a roux, a nice squirrel stew for her and told her it was chicken because she wasn't going to eat it if it was squirrel. >> so you didn't think it was chicken. >> no, i knew it was squirrel. afterwards she said that was really good. that was good chicken. i said, jill, i've got to tell you the truth. >> were you married then? >> oh, yeah. three days she didn't talk to me. >> why did you do that? >> you've got to keep it exciting. >> i know how to keep it exciting, a new ring, some flowers. >> i'm from new orleans. this is how we do it down there. >> so you've got to come back and make your squirrel recipe for us. >> i'll make some squirrel for you. it's good. >> there can't be a lot of meat on the bones. >> i did eat a squirrel once. i grilled it with bare grillear.
9:04 am
it did not taste like chicken. it had a funky taste to it. >> you found it on the road. if you had bought the squirrel -- >> i'm sorry, i could have gone to whole foods. >> yes. i'll have some fresh squeezed orange juice, some brussel sprouts and can i take a look at your squirrel, please. >> how's your squirrel today. >> i'm happy to say i'm the only one who has not eaten squirrel. >> we're going to serve it up harry style because you don't want to eat how i ate it. >> that was just grilled out in the wild. >> just grilled road kill. >> yeah, who wants that? >> so people come in and tell a secret. >> we've had some really good ones. it's fun. it's a lot of fun. some of them are totally stupid and some of them are really revealing. the stupid ones are mine usually. >> do you want to share something? >> yesterday i had an experience -- >> i mean a secret. >> oh, no. well, i don't really have any secrets. i'm trying to think. i don't. >> when you hear that organ
9:05 am
music playing, it just comes out. >> i don't know. i'll have to think about that. >> is there anything you want to tell? >> i tell you guys everything. >> there's something that you haven't told, not only us but america. there is something. i'll give you some time to think about it. >> yeah, give me a month. >> a month? how many secrets do you have to sort through? >> what did you do yesterday, dylan? >> so yesterday i had an experience, to say the least. there's this show on tlc called "outdaughtered" and it's this lovely family, and they had a little girl about six years ago and then they had quinn tup let girls all at once. so they're starting a new season and i met up with them at a play place on the upper east side yesterday. now they're all -- they're getting bigger. they're on the move now. they're not sitting quietly in chairs. they're 18 months old. and i spent the day with them. >> is this mom? >> that's mom right there. >> and that's another child, another daughter. >> it's basically an assembly
9:06 am
line when it comes to taking care of these kids. but yesterday i realized i am terrible at playing with other people's kids. >> what does that mean? >> i don't know what to do. one is crying and one is running away. can i pick them up? i just didn't know what to do. >> i actually felt like that before we had kids too. i liked children and babies but i felt a little bit uncomfortable. as soon as georgia, our first born, came home, it was all over. >> it was all out the window. >> so you know how to play with your own kids? there's something that kicks in. >> when we came home from the hospital and georgia was in the car, we were saying who is this person, we have to take care of this person. and then somehow you just -- >> it kicks in? >> you just know. >> i mean five was a little much and the show is amazing. we actually have a whole spot with them that's going to air in a couple weeks, you know, teeing up the season two that they have. but yeah, i just trying to play with children is very hard. >> listen, you were thrust into a situation with six kids who
9:07 am
don't know you, you don't know them. there are cameras. i bet one on one, you would have just been magic. look at the mom, she's running. she's running upstairs. but they are the cutest little babies. >> so cute. i was thinking i was outdaughtered with three. i can't imagine what it would be like to have quintuplets. i wouldn't know what to do with a boy. i thought my first born was going to be a boy so i bought all these boy clothes and then she was a girl. then i kept them for the second one, which was a daughter. and when charlotte, my last one was born, i just felt i'm so glad it's a girl because i feel like i know -- i know how to do that. i mean i say i know how to do it. there's a lot of things i'm learning. >> do you still have the boy clothes packed away? >> they're somewhere, i think. >> can i have them? >> regifting of the most excellent style. >> i don't know if the style -- it's probably like parachute pants. >> we'll take whatever we can get.
9:08 am
>> 1980s boy clothes from harry kaco conic. >> so what did you have going on? >> our new season is starting and we're taping it and i have one of those experiences that we get in our hackett of going left and driving this way home and having our routine. i stumbled across this area in the bronx called city island. it looks exactly like a fishing village. it's in the bronx. i mean when i think bronx, i think the home of hip-hop, i'm just being honest. i think we have a little clip of me on snapchat that i put out there. do we have it? >> shooting season five of deadline crime in -- where are we? >> city island. city island, that's where i'm at. >> i didn't even know. it looked like new england but like what's that movie "perfect storm," a marina. you would love it because there are little fishing -- >> like a fishing community almost? >> and there are little restaurants like the lobster shack, the crab shack. >> i love that. >> it's phenomenal.
9:09 am
>> it is funny how much you don't explore your own city. i don't even explore outside of a five-block radius of my home. >> and i grew up in burleson, texas, my mom lives in burleson. she goes to the heb and she has her routine and you go just a different direction or different route, the things that you discover. so that's my early feel good friday. >> that's cool. it's probably 20 minutes from here too. >> an hour 20. >> an hour 20? >> it was in traffic. i was in traffic. so i've got this phone in hand. turkey. >> oh, yeah. >> are you making squirrel or turkey for -- >> i'm going for turkey this time. >> you're going to keep it traditi traditional. >> i'm keeping it traditional. >> are you cooking? >> i am cooking this year. >> do you have a bird ready? >> i ordered a 24-pound bird. we have 13 people. >> so how long, for example, would it take to cook a 24-pound bird, do you know? >> i have no idea. >> guess what, the turkey hotline is available now. we told you that now you can actually text the butterball
9:10 am
turkey hotline. >> you can literally talk turkey. >> man, you're good. they should give you a show. >> you call up -- i can't understand you. >> i didn't know you could speak turkey. >> so this is the first-ever text that they're going to receive. >> so texting is new this year. >> and i have a question to text to them. and okay -- >> this is so fun. >> do it with the microphone. >> do you do it like that? >> i do. >> it doesn't always work for me. especially if we keep talking about the background. >> this is a viewer's question, sherri hawk? >> i don't know how to spell thermometer. >> that's good. first ever question from sherri hawk to the turkey -- butterball turkey hotline. the text is in. >> they could have a jive turkey
9:11 am
hotline. >> you'll be the sarcastic turkey? >> i'll be the jive turkey. jive turkey hotline. >> you can text 8448773456 or call 1-800-butter ball and the jive turkey will not answer. >> i remember people actually called me, you're a jive turkey. >> what does that mean? >> that just means you're an idiot, a screw ball. >> my new favorite phrase. up next, it's the new christmas song blowing up the charts, but you will never guess who sings it. we've got a little contest going on. see if you can figure it out with us, the surprising star behind the voice. i think i know this voice. ♪ how do you become america's #1? start by taking care of families for 70 years. earn the trust of 32 nfl teams. be there for america's toughest
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fortified.tored. replenished. emerge everyday with emergen-c packed with b vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good everyday? emerge and see. we were talking about do you like turducken or not. >> i'll eat if there's squirrel in it. you stuff a couple of squirrels in there, i'm all over that. >> the butterball turkey hotline said check out this new video with visuals of three places to insert the thermometer. so they not only tell you, they give you a video of where do -- go to how to check doneness. >> what's the temperature? >> 180 in the thigh, 170 for breast, 165 in the stuffing.
9:15 am
>> i cut out the backbone, i flip it over and squash it. then everything browns evenly. >> did you make that up? >> no, i learned that from my friend, meathead. he's an amazing -- it's the best way to cook a turkey, i'm telling you. >> that's not meatloaf, it's meathead. making up friends, ladies and gentlemen. christmas commercial, we told you there's a commercial airing in england that's hugely popular right now, can you catch the famous voice. here's a listen. ♪ another year over, where to they go to ♪ ♪ it's a mystery ♪ now it's december so much to to remember before christmas eve ♪ ♪ i'm already late, my train is delayed, disruption on the line ♪ ♪ i race into work and the plays
9:16 am
is berserk ♪ ♪ yes it's christmas time >> we thought that was a movie. it's a commercial. >> canny just get this out in the open? >> i just thought it was harry. >> she thought that was me with a british accent. >> because your southern accent sometimes sounds british to me. >> of course it does. how y'all doing today? pass me some of them ham hocks and turkey necks and we'll go down to the winn-dixie and get us an icee. what? i'm going to go put a lip lock on a martinek. >> what dialect is that? >> jive turkey. who do you think it is? >> harry said it outloud so i think i know that. >> that's james corden. >> and it's top five on the british charts. it's an ad for a british supermarket. >> it's good. >> i want to go to that supermarket, so i'm sold. >> it's not that good. >> but you're from england apparently, so you would know. >> i'd just buy a pack of gum or
9:17 am
something. you were going to do the whole shopping there. >> we had to learn more about meatloaf or meatball, what's your friend's name? >> meathead. >> so we're going to go to a person who's not a meathead, al roker, who's in orlando. >> al, save the ship. >> al, do you have any friends named after foods? >> i have -- i have no friends, so no, i don't. it's sad really, very sad. and even if i did, i don't think i'd have any named after food. my dad had a good friend named jelly roll. >> that's good. >> but he also had a friend named dead eye. >> where do you guys find your friends? >> yeah, so there you go. hey, we're here still at valencia college in orlando. you just surprised a young budding television set -- young sasha, just going to show sasha here and sunny anderson, our good pal helped out too. sasha, all the best. we wish you all the best.
9:18 am
and her twin sister, a little breezy out there. northwest winds and well, 20 miles per hour for san jose and with the sunshine, it is going to feel cooler. mid-60s for san jose and low 60s san francisco into the north bay, tomorrow, we'll see a chilly start for the morning and patchy fog for the windchill areas and a rain makes a come back for the weekend. >> nobody told me. we're taking today's turkey trot featherlite bus one more place tomorrow, and then friday. we're not done yet. big surprises still ahead. back to you. >> you've been doing great, mr.
9:19 am
roker, fantastic. up next, can you guess who lives here? we're going to reveal the celebrity when we take you -- >> that's your guest house, isn't it? >> yeah, that's my barbie playhouse. we'll tell you the real celebrity who lives in i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid.
9:20 am
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9:21 am
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9:22 am
when the obamas aren't holding state dinners or oval office meetings, they're unwinding in their private living quarters which the public doesn't get to see until now and i guess it will be the living quarters of the trumps. >> here to take us inside the first family's home and the other celebrities is amy ashley. >> hi, thank you for having me. >> good to see you. so let's start with the obamas. that's pretty unprecedented access. >> it is. they have never opened the private residence before so we got an exclusive peek and it's an amazing residence. they worked on it with michael smith, their long-time decorator, and they gave us an
9:23 am
incredible exclusive peek at it. this is of course the obamas relaxing at home in the living quarters. mrs. obama said her main priority was to make her family comfortable when she moved in. this is the treaty room. we all know that the president worked late, long hours here. his two grammys are stored here and it's full of personal mementos. >> is it cozy? >> very cozy, very warm. this is the formal dining room. they have incredible art which they have borrowed from d.c.'s great museums. and mrs. obama made a big effort to make a very inclusive choice of artwork in the house. >> so this is all their style? >> this is all their style. >> they can just bring in a decorator and do it how they want? >> the wall treatments, you can't rip things out, the mantles and things. this is the family dining room which is where they have their family meals, which was a big priority for the obama family and it's very beautiful. >> wow, that is beautiful. moving on up to meg ryan. so from the white house to a loft in soho. >> to a big loft in soho.
9:24 am
by the way, you got a peek at the obamas bedroom there, which was amazing. meg ryan is a serial renovator. this is the ninth space that she's done. she let us look at it exclusively. she travels all over the world on location and brings in all her things. loved decorating. and i think what you'll see here, it's a nice decorating tip. in her kitchen she has open shelving which is a very modern way to do your kitchen and a good tip for people. and then also we show her gallery walls here. and anyone can take that idea. you don't have to have fine art and just group a lot of art. it could be your kids art or family photos and it has a real impact and is very striking. >> and you did the kardashians. >> we did the kardashians. it was khloe and kourtney. they have different styles but use the same decorator. khloe's house is a little bit more moroccan and turkish in its inspiration. here you see khloe which has a
9:25 am
midcentury describe. she was really very smart in the way she decorated for her kids because she used pops of color to make it feel -- like the toys and the pops of red. those make it feel young but really they're quite neutral rooms that her kids can grow up in, that can be guest rooms and her kids can grow up in instead of making it a baby baby kind of room. >> well, we're out of time. we've got to keep this show on the road. thank you so much. did you see harry's tiny house? we'll talk about it. we'll talk about it. for all you friendsgiving hosts, we'll talk about it. invite who you want, not who you must. serve a turkey, don't serve a turkey. bring classic flaky crescent rolls, or not so classic pizza sticks. and don't forget something sweet, and golden brown fresh from the oven. set the table, set the coffee table, set no table at all. the only rule to follow on friendsgiving...
9:26 am
is make it your own. happy friendsgiving. warm up with pillsbury. good morning, it is 9:26 on your wednesday, i am sam brock. tough morning for three folks in the south bay who are now without a play to live this morning after flames tore through their san jose duplex over night. that fire started at a home in cypress avenue. everybody did make it out okay. one family's pet is still missing this morning. fire crews arrived to find the property fully engulfed the duplex is gutted. firefighters did manage to keep the flames from spreading to near by home. opponents are resuming their
9:27 am
battle to halt their battle for the water front arena. an appeal to block the construction for the plan's center. opponents lost their oraniginal lawsuit this year. >> developers recently received permit force preliminary work ahead of construction. we'll have a look at your weather coming up after this break.
9:28 am
all right, lets take a look around the bay and traffic is pretty standard right now. a zoom in over here where we did have a lot of slowing, guys. >> down towards main street, the second crash of the day happens after the first one. still a slow down. the walnut creek interchange everything is just fine and normal after that. we do have a crash out there but
9:29 am
it is on the shoulder and no injury. >> 580 has recovered after a crash earlier a cross over into the north bay. >> now, live look at oakland showing you a slow towards the coliseum. the bay bridge toll plaza still has the backup north of there. there will be this backup. we'll show you this nice sunny skies because things are just clearer than they were yesterday. back to you. >> you always see the brighter side, i appreciate that, mike. mike was talking this morning of lighter traffic as usual where we are a week away from thanksgiving. we'll see you in just a minute.
9:30 am
a new era in j.k. rowling's wizarding world is about to emerge. the spinoff to the harry potter series "fantastic beasts and where to find them" hits theaters this friday. i recently sat down with two of the film's stars, colin farrell and ezra miller. it is filled with mayhem and of course magic. >> people behind this are not like you and me. >> was it kind of thrilling to get the first inside look at something people never knew anything about? >> i feel like a norwegian ridge back sitting on a golden egg.
9:31 am
you know that sort of secret information, especially as a harry potter fan. >> he's a huge harry potter fan. >> "fantastic beast" is the first film in a five-part series. >> so give us an overview of what this movie is about. this is our first look at the american wizarding world. >> there's a dude, who's a real dude. we love him. >> don't panic, there's absolutely nothing to worry about. >> he comes from new york. he's got a case full of other dudes who are magical creatures. >> colin farrell plays a powerful wizard who is tasked with protecting wizardry in 1926 new york city. >> colin, this is a different role than we're used to seeing you in. why did you want to be a part of this series? >> i'd always had a bit of a gripe about never being allowed the opportunity to be part of the potter universe because i loved the film so much of the the idea that this film came up and i knew david yates, who was like a gatekeeper for this mythology, and i read the script and it was fun and as close to a
9:32 am
no-brainer as you can get. >> ezra miller plays a shy, troubled kid. >> there's a dynamic where both of our characters need and want things from each other and there's a bit of a game with that. >> i want you to have this. i would trust very few. >> ezra, i'm happy to see in real life you're less disturbed than your character, credence, in the movie. >> well, you might be jumping to conclusions. it's a little early, we've just met. you just never know. >> that's first impression. what is it like acting with magic? i feel like you go like this in real life and nothing happens but in the movie, incredible things happen. how do you handle that when you're shooting? >> it's ridiculous. it's ridiculous. it really is. you're in your backyard with someone going bang, bang, and it's all -- it's really fun. it really is. and then there are the real wizards who are out there who work behind the computers and
9:33 am
bring to life imagination that's as powerful and aggressively expansive as j.k.'s imagination. it's really astonishing what they did. >> the beasts, the dudes, whatever we want to call them. >> the fantastic dudes. >> i must say that i like it sort of cute, modern deity of thieves. >> there was one training. >> so i heard. >> is that a real thing? >> i couldn't partake. >> they did give me a wand and they said here's a wand. i said that's a wand? and they said if you want to take it home and work in your hotel room with the wand. so i said okay, sure. so i went home and i just used it to hit the remote control. >> the only thing it works for. >> i see the vision of immense power. >> after the interview, colin and ezra taught me a little
9:34 am
trick with the magic wand. they taught me how to disappear and then reappear. >> wow, how about that? . this is like a legit magic wand. >> bravo. >> so "fantastic beasts and where to find them" opens in theaters and imax this friday. it is an amazing movie. >> what house are you in? >> what do you mean? >> up next -- >> i haven't seen all the harry potter films. i just saw this one. >> wait until you see what we're putting on the ritz. we've got some munchies for your hungry guests while the turkey is (mom) hurry up, honey! we're going to be late! ♪ ugh. like this! woah! (knocking at door) mom and i were out earlier
9:35 am
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9:39 am
today's food is created with our sponsor, ritz. it's the little things that make life rich. >> we all know that feeling of panic when you're not quite finished preparing thanksgiving dinner but your guests have already arrived and they're hungry, so how do you keep one eye on the turkey while entertaining your family and friends? food and lifestyle expert alejandra ramos is here. first, this is a sweet treat. >> this is a sweet treat and they're very cute. we're starting off with -- we've got some peanut butter frosting here. do store bought, homemade -- >> i didn't know they made peanut butter frosting. >> it doesn't take much to impress us. >> you had me at peanut butter frosting. >> so you want to put some on
9:40 am
your ritz cracker and then we're using just little pretzels and these are the turkey wings. tuck it in here and sandwich that shut and if you want to help out with this, we're making the little turkey faces. >> you know what my daughters would say right now? that's so cute. >> it is so cute. >> this is our glue, i preglued it for you. that's your nose, your little eyeballs. how cute is that. this is fun to do with kids, i think. so sweet. all right. >> are you having squirrel too or just the turkey? >> nobody wants squirrel. i heard about you and your squirrels. >> good stuff. >> sneaking it in. >> out of everything on this whole table, this looks like it would be my favorite. >> do you know what this is called? >> no, i do not. >> it's called puttin on the ritz. >> i like it. >> so we have to replace the ones that dylan ate.
9:41 am
so you want to fill up your baking sheet, cover it with foil first. over here i've got some brown sugar and butter. cook it about five minutes until it's melted. if you actually want to help me. >> you have pecans and chocolate chips. >> so we get all of this on here. just pour it on. you want to spread it. not yet, hold your horses. >> i was going to eat it. >> this goes in the oven about five minutes and then hit it with the chocolate and nuts and that goes back in the oven and then you get this. then i'm going to need your hands for this, you dig in there and break it up. >> so you would have to hide this because they would eat the whole tray. >> that's the whole point. >> can i try it? >> you can try it. meanwhile, i'm going to make some meatballs over here. this is our savory treat. you've got your sweet, your savory. >> have fun with the meatballs, we're going to put this away. >> we are using garlic ritz because it takes the place of
9:42 am
seasoned bread crumbs and adds flavor. put them in a zip baggy. >> if you do that, you've got to do it with a new orleans beat like this. >> let's see. >> you keep talking and i'll do it for you. >> and then we've got ground turkey. >> go ahead, i'm listening. >> so we add some mushrooms, a little parmesan, some parsley, a little italian herb seasoning. mix it all up. we've got our mix here. cookie scoop. that means you don't have to get your hands in the mix. >> roll it in the crumbs. >> in the oven? >> about 30 minutes. delicious dipping sauces. some pesto, a little chipotle tomato. >> and i've got something else here. this is called s'mores delight. a few weeks ago we launched a "today" food challenge asking you to send in a recipe of ritz crackers. the winner is jennie beverly.
9:43 am
harry is enjoying the whole pan. >> those are so good. >> how did you come up with this recipe? >> it was just me playing around with ritz crackers. >> that sounds like a wild night. >> it's just another version of s'mores. >> well, we have a special surprise for you. nabisco is not only giving you this basket of goodies, but in honor of its 150th birthday, guess what, lady, you are getting a $1,150 check. >> oh, my god! >> that's a lot of ritz crackers. >> oh, my god! >> oh, don't cry. oh, that's so sweet. >> happy tears. >> for all of that. happy thanksgiving and enjoy it, jennie. oh, if you want a friend to come and eat your ritz stuff, we will show up. oh, you're so sweet. >> this is so good,
9:44 am
congratulations. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> they are good. >> thank you, jennie, for our breakfast. >> thank you so much. >> i love those genuine re looks like we have a few clouds in san jose, 57 degrees and now recovering 30s out of the low 50s. wem s we'll see highs in the low 60s. get ready tonight, chilly temperatures with chills in the valleys. waking up to mid to upper 30s and the tri-valley tomorrow morning. dry weather will take us into friday but for the weekend plan for rain for the north bay. tamron. >> these meat baulds are delicious. up next, she has so many reasons to love herself and her fans love her too. hailee steinfeld sings her hailee steinfeld sings her latest song and we'll talk tohe.
9:45 am
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no-no. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back. 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. the citi certificate seonce presented by citi. >> she's already made a name for herself as a movie star but hailee steinfeld is a bona fide pop star too. >> and the actress is out with her new single "starving." it has more than 200 million streams on spotify. >> there's also a new movie hitting theaters this friday, called "the edge of 17." >> it's good to see you. congrats on the movie. i saw it and you're phenomenal in it. >> thank you. >> it's a lot of work right now
9:50 am
for you. >> it is. >> singing and acting and everything else. >> trying to juggle both but i'm having the best time. >> what time did you have to get up this morning and start warming the pipes up? >> about 5:00. >> how did that work out? >> it actually was a lot easier than i anticipated, but still not ideal. >> wait until 8:00 tonight. >> i know. >> we can't wait to hear you perform. congratulations on everything. hailee steinfeld, take it away. ♪ you know just what to say ♪ things that scare me i should just walk away ♪ ♪ but i can't move my feet ♪ the more that i know you, the more i want to ♪ ♪ something inside me's changed ♪ ♪ i was so much younger
9:51 am
yesterday oh ♪ ♪ i didn't know that i was starving till i tasted you ♪ ♪ don't need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo ♪ ♪ by the way, by the way, you do things to my body ♪ ♪ i didn't know that i was starving till i tasted you ♪ ♪ i didn't, i didn't, know until i tasted you ♪ ♪ don't need no, don't need no, don't need the whole damn zoo ♪ ♪ by the way, by the way you do things to my body ♪ ♪ i didn't know that i was starving until i tasted ♪ ♪ you know just how to make my heartbeat faster ♪ ♪ emotional earthquake, bring on disaster ♪ ♪ you hit me head on, got me weak in my knees ♪ ♪ yeah, something inside me's changed ♪
9:52 am
♪ i was so much younger yesterday ♪ ♪ so much younger yesterday oh yeah ♪ ♪ i didn't know that i was starving till i tasted you ♪ ♪ don't need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo ♪ ♪ by the way, by the way, you do things to my body ♪ ♪ i didn't know that i was starving till i tasted you ♪ ♪ until i tasted you ♪ don't need the whole damn zoo ♪ ♪ by the way, by the way, you don't things to my body ♪ ♪ i didn't know that i was starving till i tasted you ♪ ♪ no no no
9:53 am
♪ the more that i know you, the more i want to ♪ ♪ something inside me's change ed ♪ ♪ i was so much younger yesterday ♪ >> oh, my gosh, hailee. >> congratulations. goodness. hailee steinfeld, thank you. we're back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc. you're not starving for good music, he just fed us. oh, my gosh.
9:54 am
9:55 am
we had our dose of harry. we don't want to let you leave. >> you can never have enough harry. >> by the way, how great was hailee? >> she's great in this movie too. she's really strong. >> guess who's coming up, speaking
9:56 am
after a chilly start this morning, a slight chance you may see a few showers along the midday. partly cloudy skies and it will feel cool and breezy today. highs in the mid-60s san jose and san francisco into the north
9:57 am
bay and upper 60s and near 60s out in the coast. we had some chilly morning ahead. it could get heavy at times until the north bay arrives. saturday and sunday and a few showers. now, here is mike for your wednesday's morning commute. >> we are looking at a smooth track and had a couple of things the get through though. just got word at north 880 and thornton they have cleared all lanes. highway 84 very light right now. >> northbound 101, you expect that for the vicinity and everything else is light including cupertino. easing up towards 23. the crash is clear. thank you, mike. happening now, the suspect is identified as 61-year-old dana
9:58 am
rivers. it is not the first time she's made headlines. back in the '90s, she was known as "david." read the full story on your area on
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody! welcome to wines day wednesday. we're so happy y're with us. november 16th, and that is nothing else matters by lil miss. >> we like our -- >> not could be confused by lil big town, who you spent time on the radio yesterday. >> we love them. >> we do. >> we have a great show. we always say that, but today we mean it. olympic medallist simone biles is here, she may be a gymnastic powerhouse now but there were many bumps and challen


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