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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 18, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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kanygs pitil -nd t before i get out of here, i want to talk about race. >> kanye gets political and then he gets booed in the process. his overnight rant in the south bay that has many fans calling for anything but an on core. >> inching closer to donald trump's transition into the white house. the political heavyweight he's meeting with this weekend for the possible role of secretary of state. more racist graffiti showing up at bay area high schools. the fleet of concerned parents and the action one school district is taking. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> you made it to friday morning. it's very early if you're just waking up. 4:30 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock.
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if you spend some time outside, your nose may get red, maybe your cheeks. we're with you the entire way. >> i have the heater on. >> mike doesn't get cold, but it is cold. >> it is, again this morning, just a few degrees above where we were yesterday morning in many spots. we have the frost advisory back for the north bay as we see all these areas shaded in blue, that's where the frost advisory is in effect until about 7:00 this morning. a look at those temperatures. it is definitely milder in napa, 43 degrees. 37 in santa rosa and morgan hill and san jose, 44 degrees. as we go into the rest of the day, it will be slightly warmer, reaching into the upper 60s and a lot of sunshine. we'll talk about that, but the sun does not stick around. rain in the weekend forecast. mike already has something going on as you head out on the roadways. >> we're watching hayward.
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the green matches my map as far as the speed sensors. but in hayward getting off the san mateo bridge, eastbound 92, a crash at industrial boulevard. sounds like the car went onto the railing. no major injuries, but at least a distraction towards 880. westbound, the opposite direction is your commute direction, just 14 minutes across the span. it shows a little slowing, i think slowing around the dumbarton bridge toll plaza. there may be equipment moving around. i'll double check to make sure that's the case. back to you. all new this morning, kanye west is booed at sap center after a long-winded rant over his support for donald trump and also his plans to run for president. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live at sapp where some angry fans just left a few hours ago. mixed opinions about kanye's politics. >> reporter: good morning, laura and sam. if you buy a concert ticket to a kanye west show, you have to expect to be shocked, maybe you even want to be shocked.
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the rant on politics and donald trump and racism in america proved to be too much for a lot of the fans here at sap center. >> we are in a racist country -- >> reporter: fans started booing when at the end of the concert at sap center, the rapper said he would have voted for donald trump if he had voted. he did not vote. then he told fans, specifically african-american fans that this country is racist and they just need to get over it. >> before i get out of here, i want to talk about race and the idea of racism in america and the world and the idea that one or other candidate was going to be less or more racist than the other or that america would be less or more racist because of one of the other candidates.
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>> reporter: many people actually got up and walked out. he added that there were a lot of things he liked about the trump campaign, and he reiterated something he said on twitter, he plans to run for office in 2020. we did catch up with some of the fans as they were leaving sap center last night. they had lots to say. we'll share that coming up at 5:30. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> i bet they did. kris sanchez live from san jose, thank you very much. in the meantime, the latest on trump's transition, president-elect donald trump just met with prime minister of japan. >> mr. trump and prime minister shinzo abe talked for about 90 minutes yesterday. after that mr. abe said he's convinced president trump is a leader he can have great confidence in. that came in after he took over 30 congratulatory calls over the past nine days. >> trump is scheduled to meet
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with mitt romney to discuss the possible of romney becoming the secretary of state. romney was one of trump's biggest critics. back in march he called trump a phony and a fraud. trump responded by calling romney a loser. retired three-star army general michael flynn is the new president's pick to be national security advisor. it's not known yet if flynn accepted that job. his appointment does not require senate confirmation. flynn has a long history of controversial remarks and was fired as president obama's director of the defense intelligence agency. we'll have much more on what is next for the president-elect coming up in a live report in our next half hour. the world is watching more now intently than ever before. today president finishes his final foreign policy trip of his presidency in peru. this after he told world leaders he's cautiously optimistic about donald trump. >> there's something about the solemn responsibilities of that
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office, the extraordinary demands that are placed on the united states that forces you to focus. >> that was in berlin yesterday where he held a joint meeting with one of his closest allies and deepest friends in foreign office, german chancellor angela merkel. new details on a story we first brought you yesterday morning. san ramon valley unified school district leaders are responding after racist graffitis found at high schools. just this week it was discovered in the boy's restroom at monta vista high school. one of the students who found the bigoted words on wednesday, it said whites on one side, colored on the other. last night parents filled a packed meeting to discuss the problem. >> my kid was directly affected by it and brought me into it it
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right away. >> if you don't have a great school climate, it doesn't mean anything if people are walking around school feeling unsafe. >> there have been a total of four reports of racist graffiti starting last month, three in california high schools in san ramon and one at monta vista high school. one student at cal high was caught and punished for writing on the bathroom wall. >> keeping things consist accidently cold. so much for starts in the 50s. >> very cold out there. getting ready for a soggy weekend as this storm system rolls in. details coming up in the microclimate forecast. right now folks are just rolling by. 580, our camera in dublin, no problems. earlier crash in livermore has cleared by vasco. we'll show you a better shot coming up. certainly feels jam packed on b.a.r.t.s. new reports show ridership
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moving in an unexpected direction.
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at progresso, we are now using 100% antibiotic and hormone-free white breast meat chicken in all our chicken soups! behold our greatest opus! good morning. the time now is 4:40. you are stepping out the door to temperatures mostly in the 40s across the bay area, and it's in the upper 30s for parts of the south bay and north bay. we'll talk about this cold air and some rain pour the weekend in a few minutes. >> mostly at the limit around the bay. bottom of the screen, a little
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delay, minor just starting up through the construction area. vallecitos and isabelle. looking at 101 southbound in the north bay. novato, highway 37 to 37 eight minutes. you talk a lot about b.a.r.t. ridership, the train certainly crowded for commuters. weekday b.a.r.t. ridership dropped slightly over the summer months. "the chronicle" reports it was down half a percent from july to september. it amounts to about 2,000 passengers per day. overall ridership declined a little over 1% due mostly to a dip in weekend riders. san francisco prosecutors have the assistance of two four legged friends to help ease anxieties for victims of traumatic crime. >> here is pink, she and her partner red are trained to provide emotional support to children and the elderly going
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through stresses. they were donated to the department by a non-profit. >> canine comfort there. speaking of comforting stuff. a thanksgiving day table got more crowded for a family thanks to an accidental text message for grandma. >> bring in the bots. the south bay store offering these robots not to buy but to help you shop.
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lokey, the australian cattle dog can't get enough of the snowflakes. the start of the first big season for the area. >> what is this stuff? >> that's what lokey was sounding like. >> snow? >> maybe in the sierra. that was from the system basically giving us this cold air now. it's moving to the east and giving the rockies some snow. there's another one right behind that. let's talk about what's happening out there right now. as you step out the door, embarcadero nice and chilly. all quiet, mostly clear skies. we have clear skies across the bay area. we see the clouds that are starting to roll in from the west and it will start out across northwestern california within the next few hours.
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it's a larger storm system that will bring in scattered shows for us starting in the north bay later tonight. right now it's cold and clear. it's 49 degrees in oakland, 45 in palo alto and santa rosa. also 37 in morgan hill. it warmgs to the upper 60s today. it will be a nice one reaching 68 degrees in the south bay and the innocence, 67 degrees and breezy winds in the north bay. the clouds moving in later. that's not before you reach 65 degrees. also 65 in the north bay. this is what will happen today. we will still have the patchy frost going on once again and breezy and cool. the rain will be off and on for tomorrow into sunday. monday we take a break. during that time we could have the possibility of .50 inch in the bay area and much higher for
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spots like santa rosa where you could have 1.5 inches of rain. a lot of people making thanksgiving travel plans. out want to stay tuned. there will be another storm system moving in next wednesday. it does look to get out of here in time for thanksgiving day. the seven-day forecast shows we will be in the 60s for san francisco, rain this weekend and again next wednesday. also for the inland areas very cool, not a big warmup in this forecast. mike, what's happening in hayward? >> we had the crash getting off the san mateo bridge. you say cold and clear, it's cool and clear. looking like a smooth flow of traffic. lower temperatures, there hey be some frost on some of the smaller bridges we see. toward the bay bridge, the live shot, we did see one vehicle that was in the hov lanes. looks like they made it clear but trying to get over there through some of this railing to get over into the fast track lane. now back to the maps, we're talking about your drive times
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for the south bay, no major problems. a little slow highway 87 into downtown. no accidents reported. we'll track that and no delays for the b.a.r.t. system or the other rails. how about now some news you can use. googless newsstand is getting a big overall. >> for more on that and the rest of the news before the bell, let's check in with landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters on this friday morning. good morning. >> good friday morning to you both. wall street could end the week on a down note. futures are flat this morning. stocks closing slightly higher yesterday with the dow just shy of a new record high following strong economic data and comments from fed chair janet yellen. she told congress an interest rate hike could come soon. the dow rising 35 points to 18,903. the nasdaq up 39 to 5,333. mcdonalds is updating its restaurants with self service
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ordering. smart menu boards, custom sandwiches and table service. mcdonald's will pilot mobile ordering with in the first half of next year with a national rollout in the second half. about 500 stores have already made the switch. restaurants in san francisco will start making changes next year. google getting an overall to create a more personal experience for users, factoring in local news, personal interests and the day's major headlines. back over to you. >> landon dowdy, thank you, appreciate that report. 4:49. coming to a store near you, the shopping robot. this computer-powered robot roam lowe's store. the lowbot was created by mountain view. >> the first thing, it's novel,
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what the heck is that. second they'll play with it a little bit. very quickly shockingly just becomes part of the store landscape. >> laser sensors gietd it through the store. they also keep track of inventory and will soon be rolling out in 11 bay area stores. everything is getting so automatic these days. >> i don't know. i like that person to person thing. it's kind of nice. thanksgiving text going viral because the two people involved turned out to be strangers. >> this started when an arizona high school senior got a text from grandma to show up for thanksgiving at 3:00. he asked her to prove it was grandma. >> he teshlgted back with his picture and said you ain't my grandma, but can i still have a plate? i said sure you can. that's what grandmas do. >> 186,000 retweets and 1.7
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million -- everybody sees this joy that two strangers can actually connect. >> now that's a great story. he now has another grandma. buzzfeed says there's definitely a trend right now for feel-good stories. we can use a lot more of those. >> exactly. it's 4:51 right now. coming up, we investigate aviation safety and why a problem in the bay area could affect a new stadium in los angeles. >> first, happening right now, keeping the a's in oakland. the new team president says he wants to find a new site in the east bay. he called it the northstar of this whole operation. on our twitter page, we have more on the team shakeup after the managing partner, lew wolff steps down. >> fast food chain mcdonald's plans to offering table service soon. that could be in san francisco by next year.
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4:54 on your friday morning. the peninsula humane society is back under the microscope. the non-profit agency is facing allegations of abuse. a handful of former employees and volunteers said they finally felt comfortable coming forward. a month ago animal control officers released this video of a pit bull bloody and trapped trying to escape its kennel. now more stories of abuse are emerging. >> the vet came back and grabbed the quickest tools she could find, handed me the bird and snipped off the entire leg.
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>> i 100% deny anything smacking of abuse. it is 100% untrue. >> you hear from president ken white there. he says the allegations are a strategy on the part of union members as contract negotiations are currently on going. the former employees say they don't have anything to gain by speaking out, they just want to help the animals. >> a new report out of washington, d.c. raises concerns about the bright lights at football stadiums located near local airports. >> senior vittive reporter stephen stock first broke this story and joins us now. the report cites your investigation. >> form tom ridge says the problems we first found at levi's stadium some two years ago are a serious threat to safety and shouldn't be repeated with the new los angeles rams stadium in southern california. the big jumbotron scoreboards
4:56 am
are the biggest problems according to faa e-mails and anonymous safety reports. just this year right before the super bowl pilots on a commercial jumbo jet said they confused those lights at levi's for the visual approach system directing them to land at san jose mineta international airport. it was the 43rd complaint from pilots about levi's lights that our investigative unit has uncovered in the last two years. tom rage told me he wants the faa to step in and make sure the same safety concerns do not arise at the proposed new inglewood stadium for the los angeles rams that is being built right off the runways at lax. the faa says it's still working with the rams to make sure the new stadium doesn't create safety issues for pilots. the 49ers said they thought the problem with the bright lights at levi's had been resolved. santa clara's mayor says she wants to make sure no accidents result in those bright lights.
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to see our full investigation, go to our website, back to you. >> thank you very much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call us at 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to up next, the cold snap continues, kari hall. what are we looking at today? >> we're looking at clear skies over san jose and some chilly temperatures. willow glen today making it into the mid 60s. details on that and some rainy weekend plans coming up. i had planned to show you the slowdown at the bay bridge toll plaza, but that has cleared from the cash lanes. i'll watch this closely and give you the update for anything unusual coming up. a political show stopper in the south bay. up next in a live report, the overnight rant from kanye west that left some fans fuming and others praising the polarizing rapper. a potic ra gog val.thfie wos fmy
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before i get out of here, i want to talk about race. >> a political rant going viral. the fiery words from kanye west that has fans fuming this morning. plus raising some eyebrows, the list of names under consideration for donald trump's khan net that have many folks scratching their heads and the political heavyweight that could soon be a part of his team.
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racist graffiti becoming an issue for an east bay school district. how school officials and parents are coming together to help solve the problem. "today in the bay" starts now. a very good friday morning. a week from now we'll be going into a feast or just off of a holiday feast. >> we'll be digesting, maybe working out. >> going shopping. >> shopping. >> or right here on "today in the bay". >> it's a chilly morning once again. just like yesterday, you have to make sure you bundle up before you head out. you've got that heater on full blast this morning. we have another frost advisory in effect for parts of the north bay, all the areas shaded in purple. that's where the temperatures will be in the low to mid 30s, and that will be happening for the next couple of hours. i'll detail that coming up. as we head over to mike, what's happening on the roads now? >> we do have an easy drive


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