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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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launch sometime next year. right now at 6:00, we're tracking wet weather as we head into our weekend. >> a live look outside san francisco, clear skies and chilly temperatures. but big changes ahead as some rain moves in late tonight. details on that coming up. plus we've been following breaking news out of southern california. a massive fire burning at a pallet yard. we've been following this for the last hour out of riverside county. we'll bring you up-to-the-minute information from our sister station on the ground. before i get out of here, i want to talk about race. >> kanye west gets political during a concert here in the bay area. the reason some of his fans are upset this morning. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good friday morning to i don't. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. >> san francisco, san jose, doesn't seem to matter where we're taking these pictures.
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all very clear. that's the good news, kari, cold weather. >> because you just want to look out the window at it, you don't want to go outside, unless you have it here already running in the car. it's cold this morning again. and we have a frost advisory in effect again for the north bay, for all of those areas shaded in blue where temperatures will be in the low to mid 30s once again. that frost advisory continues for the next hour and then it slowly warms up today. i'll detail that and some rain coming in for the north bay starting late tonight. that's in a few minutes. mike has a crash now in walnut creek. >> that's right. the note, you said slowly warming up. over here, no real slowdowns for the south bay or the peninsula. we're right on pace there. we'll take you over, however, to southbound 680 over the last few minutes. heard of a crash and we see this slowing southbound 680 at may street. you see the walnut creek interchange is okay, we have one
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lane blocked but chp hopes to clear it quickly. an easy drive approaching the bay bridge. highway 4 to the bay bridge, 21 minutes slowing through richmond as you'd expect. back to you. let's get back to our breaking news of of southern california, a pallet fire burning in the community of paris in riverside county. >> two acres of pallets have burned so far, multiple explosions from propane tanks. no structures are threatened, but more firefighters are heading to the scene trying to battle this big blaze. in the bay area parents are demanding answers this morning after more racist graffiti is found four different times at high schools just in the san ram mow unified school district. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live at monta vista high school this morning. how is the school district responding? what did you find out? >> reporter: the superintendent said some of these incidents may have been the result of some of that divisive rhetoric we heard
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in thisier's presidential campaign. either way you had school officials and parents discussing the issue in monta vista high in danville. one of the most recent incidents taking place at the high school. we'll show you that picture. you have the words over two urinals that read whites and coloreds. that took place on wednesday. since we reported that, yesterday morning there was another incident reported in the school district, this time at california high in san ramon. that was on thursday. that brings the total to four such incidents in the san ramon unified school district just in the past month. it's why a number of concerned parents and school officials showed up at monta vista high last night to discuss this on going issue and send a message these incidents need to be stopped. >> this is not okay. it is unacceptable. it will not be tolerated. >> my kid was, hey, directly affected by it and brought me into it right away.
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>> reporter: both of those incidents i had been reported to police. of the four incidents, three took place at california high. we're told one of the students at cal high was caught and punished for writing on the bathroom wall. live in danville, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, thank you very much. so much. all new this morning, more rant than rap. kanye west never shy about ruffling feathers. last night in san jose that was no exception as his concert quickly turned political. >> [ bleep ] racist country, period. and not one or the other candidate will instantly be able to change that. >> you hear that course of boos in the background. many people actually got up and walked out of the sap center when kanye told the krout there
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he didn't vote in this year's election, but if he did, he would have voted for donald trump. kanye added there were a lot of factors he liked about the trump campaign and reiterated his own plans to run for office in 2020. we spoke to some of the fans following last night's show. some supported kanye. others felt the show should have been about the music rather than his political views. we'll hear from both sides coming up if a live report at 6:30. the bay area dental assistant accused of sexually assaulting children while they were sedated is facing a judge. alejandro saro is accused of molesting children at two different offices. police say he touched those kids and recorded the crimes on his smart phone. concord police were flooded with calls from concerned parents after he was arrested. 6:05. a lot of unanswered questions this morning after a man was found dead in the back of a car in the driveway of a san jose home. san jose police are calling the death a homicide, but they
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haven't released much information. we do know police found the man's body about 1:00 yesterday afternoon at a home on turn dloet house lane in the evergreen area. investigators haven't said whether anyone has been arrested. they do say there's no danger to the public. no word yet on how that victim died. we're learning more this morning about what may have caused a fire at a south bay apartment complex leaving nearly two dozen people homeless. that fire started yesterday in the timber wood apartments in south san jose. two people were trapped on a balcony at one point but managed to escape. a family spoke with nbc bay area off camera and told us the fire started when someone through a fire bomb into their bedroom. >> some of the family say an incendiary device was used. >> i don't have any information on that. >> investigators have not confirmed it, but they have said the flames started in a bedroom. one firefighter was hurt but is
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expected to be okay. an elderly couple in a hospital this morning after getting caught in the middle of a shootout in the east bay. this happened right in front of washington element ri school in san leandro yesterday. police say two drivers were shooting at each other which caused a three-car crash. an elderly couple was in that third car. one was in stable condition this morning. the other in critical condition. police say one of the drivers who was involved in the shootout is also in the hospital with a gunshot wound. the other got away. >> right in front of the school. i didn't know what was going on. nervous, but i have fakt in our san leandro police department. i'm sure they'll catch them. >> our desk placed calls to the hospital this morning, trying to get an update on how that couple is doing. investigators are looking at surveillance video from the area to see if the incident was caught on camera. >> in light of recent racist and anti immigrant incidents that have happened nationwide since the election, the san francisco district attorney is reactivating the city's hate
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crime hotline. district attorney george cass tone will hold a news conference will hold a news conference today and go into more detail at 10:00 this morning. we'll continue to follow it and bring wroup the latest. a federal judge will consider president-elect donald trump's request to delay a trial involving his now defupgt trump university until after his inauguration in january. in a court filing last week, trump's attorney says he needs to focus all his energy and efforts on transitioning into the white house. the motion is also asking that trump be allowed to give video testimony instead of appearing in court on november 28th. the 2010 lawsuit against trump university accuses the president-elect of misleading students with false promises. caltrain's efforts go go green are ramping up. that's a good thing. it does mean there could be inconveniences for commuters living north korean. they're launching preliminary work on the electrification
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conversion plan. the actual construction won't begin until next year and it will take at least three years to complete the entire project. between now and february, crews will be testing soils and cables along the track primarily during overnight hours. good morning. it's 6:09 and very chilly once again this morning in a few spots. a little warmer in others. napa, 45 degrees there, santa rosa is barely above freezing. we have frost advisories in effect for parts of the north bay. you head toward concord, 39 degrees, 44 in san jose. so cold now, but not so much this afternoon. it will feel nice with highs reaching into the upper 60s, sunshine in the tri-valleys, 68 degrees. the peninsula 67 for the highs today. clouds moving in later into the north bay. those clouds will be ahead of some rain that will be here in time for the weekend. i'll talk more about that coming up in just a few minutes. now, as we head over to mike, there's a crash in the north
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bay. >> we have a more pronounced difference with the speed sensors there. the south bay, not so big of a deal. peninsula clear and so is the east bay. mild slowing through hayward. it is here, southbound 101 south of the novato interchange at highway 37 -- ignacio boulevard, we have one lane blocked by activity as a crew has arrived. a car went off the roadway and now it's a big distraction starting to build. no major injuries but we'll track that. meanwhile, slower drive off the kba bridge and the maze. the metering lights are on, the focus is at the maze. nothing unusual, we have the build and more slowing as well through richmond and san pablo. san jose showing a nice build as well. 101 at 680 close to speeds. back to you. all that cooking, in-laws, travel, thanksgiving can get stressful. it doesn't have to be. there are handy devices designed to make your holiday run smoothly. >> expecting a little wet weather this weekend. good news for the sierra.
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the ski resorts that are already opening today. >> could iphones be made in america? apple is apparently talking about it. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech. we continue to follow breaking news out of southern california this morning. a massive fire burning at a pallet yard in riverside county. these are live pictures as we've been tracking it for quite some time. >> this has been going on since 2:45 in the morning. that is fueling the flames there. significant improvement from what we saw just an hour ago. much more right after the break. after all ♪
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happy friday. it is 6:14. the big game is tomorrow. stanford at cal. it looks pretty soggy. make sure you have the rain gear for the game tomorrow. we'll talk about that rain and the chilly temperatures this morning. that's coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> right now the roadways are dryment an easy drive down the eastshore freeway. 24 minutes from highway 4 through the south bay. the build should start in a few minutes. >> mike, thank you very much. we continue to follow breaking news out of southern california. this morning things started to look a little better after a massive fire broke out at 2:45 this morning. this is near the west ramona expressway in riverside county, paris to be specific. laura, you see the water, the cranes being used to douse the flames. >> they've been working on this
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for quite some time. the pallets can burn for hours. we'll continue to follow it. cross country manhunt for an alleged fugitive comes to the end in the bay area. here is the back story. for hours investigators poured over the scene close to the intersection of maude and kelly street near leake ridge park. the mar u.s. marshals say they felt their lives were in danger and fired into the car's rolled-up windows. the suspect identified only as a 26-year-old man was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and taken to jail. no one else was injured. 6:15 on your friday morning and a followup. pg&e lost its bid to have the judge toss out its criminal conviction tied to shoddy recordkeeping. back in august, jurors found
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pg&e guilty on six different criminal accounts tied to the deadly san bruno explosion. yesterday a judge denied pg&e's request to throw out all six verdicts. pg&e is facing a maximum $3 million penalty after prosecutors requested much larger fines be dismissed. sentencing is expected in january. 6:15. sacred heart community service in san jose needs more turkey donations ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. the organization has provided holiday food boxes to low income families in the community since 1964. the annual thanksgiving food distribution starts on monday. sacred heart is still short by more than 3,600 turkeys. if you're interested in dropping off a turkey, the donation station will be open through next wednesday, 1381 south first street. they'll take cash donations as well. thanksgiving sure ain't what it used to be, at least when it comes to help in the kitchen.
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maybe it's not so helpful after all. >> where is alexa? >> technology taking turkey day preparations to a new level. alexa is said to be part of amazon's echo smart home devices, also google has a virtual assistance. the key ingredient is all hands-free. >> if you have a new ge oven, you can actually ask alexa to control it. this is like the futuristic smart home. >> talk to me when alexa does the dishes. most home assistance devices can set timers, link to smart appliances, it can also shamelessly point out the
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calories, we don't need that, right? >> you have three kids, hopefully they'll help with the dishes, i would think. >> president obama speaking very frankly about fake news on facebook. >> that's right. scott mcgrew, the president angry enough he lost track of what he was saying. >> nbc news is tracking down this clip of what he said, laura. we'll show it to you when we get it. i thought this was important enough news to bring it to you very early. the president said in a press conference with german chancellor angela merkel yesterday, there's so much active misinformation, the president said, and it's packaged so well it looks the same when you see it on your facebook page or turn on your television. the president very angry about this fake news controversy. we'll have more about the president's comments coming up ahead on the "today" show. janet yellen says she's not going anywhere. the head of the fed spoke to congress yesterday and said she plans to serve out her chairmanship which ends january
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of 2018. donald trump has said in the past that yellen should be ashamed of herself because he thinks she's too political. most fed watchers would disagree. trump has also criticized the fed for not raising rates, then criticized it again for raising rates. other news, japanese newspaper has an exclusive this morning saying apple has asked its suppliers what it would take to move iphone production to america. the nikkei newspaper says the manufacturers estimate it would double the cost of making an iphone. apparently apple is considering it. recently an academic study took a look at the amount of time it took uber and lyft drivers the amount of time it takes to pick up african-americans. i tracked down the author of the study. one of my guests this week sunday morning on "press here." >> in the case of the
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acceptances, we found the time it took for drivers to accept the african-american passengers in seattle was about 20% longer. and in the case of uber x, that translated to about a 30% longer wait time for the african-american customers. >> it's a fascinating study. they went out and actually put people on street corners to figure this out. there was obviously this reputation of taxi drivers at least at one time skipping by african-americans. >> right. >> now it's moved to this, where they can swipe and say no, i don't want to pick that person up. >> at a time we're talking about outward expressions of racism all over the country. >> look forward to "press here" this weekend. here is something a lot of people are looking forward to. finally hitting the slopes. the first wave of ski resorts is set to open in the see area. bougt mount rose and bore y'all mountain are coming the first
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skiers and snowboarders. heavenly and northstar are scheduled to open before thanksgiving. the sierra is expecting snow this weekend. >> hello. can you say road trip? >> oh, my gosh, i would love to go. you don't want to go at a time when you get stuck, right? >> we're not worried about that. >> it's going to be a weekend with another storm system moving in. starts out with rain in the bay area. snow in the sierra and it's chilly this morning as you step out the door in san francisco, this is what it looks like, absolutely gorgeous, but our temperatures have been well below average. so as we go into the rest of the day, we'll start out in the 40s for most of us. this frost advisory continues for those areas in purple. here is a look at those temperatures right now in oakland. it's 46 degrees. 45 in napa and san jose. half moon bay 48 degrees. it will feel much better later
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today, 67 in east san jose and los gatos. milpitas, 64 degrees. danville 68 degrees. you head to the peninsula, 65 with the sneen asunshine and light wind. up to 63 degrees in the mission district today and 65 degrees in santa rosa. we have one mild day and then here comes the rain later on tonight. it will be cool, it will be breezy, cloudy for tomorrow, off-and-on rain. once again starting in the north bay and spreading all across the bay area. by tomorrow afternoon there may be some breaks. we talked about the big game. just be prepared for some showers. then still some showers moving in on sunday, scattered everywhere and then that snow starting to build in the sierra with massive snow, the possibility of at least a few inches there.
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here half an inch of rain in the south bay and higher amounts for the north bay, up to an inch. i know you're starting to make those thanksgiving travel plans. let's look ahead to next week quickly. on monday and tuesday, those will be the best days to travel. on wednesday, some rain moving in, and thanksgiving day we'll see that moving out once again. the seven-day forecast shows us that it will be cool, highs in the 60s in san francisco. rain for the weekend, and then next week for the inland areas, also more of the same, not really warming up that much. the big game will be rainy. mike, as we head over to you, what's happening on the roadways. >> we talk about the big game. rain doesn't hurt as much if you win. we have a pretty mild commute. it's friday before thanksgiving, so the roadways for the morning commute look pretty good. there may be a second crash in the backup, south 680 at main street. the car that went into a tree
6:24 am
off the roadway. in that back up, reports of a motorcycle down right now. no major injuries, but we'll track that. 680 slow out of concord and pleasant hill. upper eastshore freeway, 25 minutes from highway 4 down to the bay bridge toll plaza. through the backup at the toll plaza, another 20 minutes in toward the city. a quick look over at berkeley, university avenue, this is the eastshore freeway. we expect local street closures on sunday as well. a smooth drive for the south bay, no problem. >> 6:24, breaking news, within the last few minutes we learned president-elect donald trump has chosen senator jeff sessions of alabama as attorney general. according to multiple sources familiar with that decision. sessions was the first sitting senator to endorse trump during his campaign. his name was also floated as a possible running mate for the
6:25 am
billionaire candidate. the republican senator from alabama also has acted as an adviser on trump's i'm great lakes policy plan. we'll take you live to washington for a live report in ten minutes. >> a lot of activity there. up next, a bay area couple is forced to pay more than $1,000 because they were late to a flight. the steps you can take to avoid the situation. >> the being late part, yes. a surprising twist to the trump transition. the republican who openly criticized donald trump who can now end up in his cabinet.
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nbc briere yeah responds to a san ramon couple who had to pay $1200 in fees because they were late to a flight. >> consumer investigator chris chmura wants to help you avoid that same scenario. >> we have an educational airline story for you just in time for the holiday travel season. meet karen and her husband. they were forced to pay $600 each when they missed their connecting emirates flight. the airline said karen agreed to a no-show fee when she made her reservation. karen says they need to do a better job disclosing fees. >> the most expensive fee is completely hidden between these long documents that you have no idea when you book the ticket. >> tonight at 11:00, we'll show you where to look in the fine print, help you book tickets that avoid karen's mistakes. we'll explain how one phone call can prevent some penalties. we'll tally up how much
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americans are making on airline fees. it's billions. if you have a consumer alert, the number is 1-888-996-tips or visit i'll see you live at 11:00. go moing anthas f joings. m lr
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friday morning, you made it. 6:31. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> you can feel the good vibes. i'm sam brock. thank you very much for joining us. on the nbc bay area news at 6:30, i notice you're both wearing these ravishing red dresses but not full sleeves. >> you'd have to definitely put on a warm jacket. >> many layers. >> maybe a bubble coat this morning and hot coffee. that's what i have working right now. here is a live look outside san francisco north of the golden gate bridge. there's a frost advisory in effect for the next 30 minutes. now is when the temperatures are dropping to the coldest numbers we'll see for the day. we get ready for the next storm system arriving late tonight and into the north bay. the rest of us experiencing a soggy weekend. i'll detail that coming up. mike has an update on some crashes now in walnut creek.
6:33 am
>> plural, crashes in walnut creek. the rest of the bay moving very well. lighter for friday. it's pre thanksgiving friday. expecting a pleasant drive. it sounds like everything has cleared from the roadway on 680. we're looking at the tri-valley, mild slowing for 680 south from 238 to the dumbarton bridge. back to you. back to the breaking news we've been following all morning long out of southern california and specifically riverside county. you see rick montanez reporting from knbc. this is what it looked like earlier this morning. a wooden pallet fire that broke out at about 2:45. at one point there were 16 firefighters and 18 engines on scene. they made considerable progress there. we'll continue to update you on that fire from riverside. >> 6:33. new this morning, kanye west gets political during a concert
6:34 am
at sap center. there's mixed reaction from fans. >> reporter: "today in the bay's" kris sanchez shows us how some fans have been supportive while others say kanye should stick to his music. >> reporter: you say he got political. he gets political all the time. what he said at sap center last night is he would have voted for donald trump had he voted at all. that had a lot of fans saying shut up and rap, right? you can hear some of the booing on videos posted on social media. some people throwing their shoes and other things at the rapper on stage as he went off on racism, telling african-americans in the audience in particular, essentially to get over it. >> this world is racist, okay. let's stop being distracted to focus on that as much. it's juch a [ bleep ] fact, we are in a racist country period.
6:35 am
>> i went to the oakland show and had an amazing time. i decided to spend my money again and come to the show. and all i heard was banter about politics. >> i have a problem because everyone paid to be at the show for his music. >> reporter: he said he would have been fine with it had it been a shorter amount of time. he took the opportunity to remind these fans he wanted to run for office in 2020. not all of them heard it because many of them walked out. some saying they were going to try to get their money back. kris sanchez for "today in the bay." >> 6:35. we continue to follow breaking news within the last 15 minutes. we learned about a major announcement for president-elect donald trump and his cabinet. >> let's check in with "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington this morning with new developments in that cabinet.
6:36 am
good morning, tracie. >> reporter: as of this morning there has been a few new appointments made, some of them requiring senate confirmation, sought of them not. it does look like the work is on going up at trump tower. this cabinet and administration is starting to take shape. >> reporter: kansas congressman mike pompeo has accepted nomination as cia director and jeff sessions as attorney general. both require senate confirmation. >> do you think you could be confirmed -- >> people have to make that decision. >> reporter: retired general mike flynn, national security adviser, no confirmation required. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraught. >> mit is a very sad guy.
6:37 am
>> reporter: a transition source says president-elect trump will meet with former nominee mitt romney sunday to discuss romney as a possible secretary of state. >> reporter: the vice president elect is on capitol hill selling his boss' agenda to democrats. >> we're beginning to discuss area that we might move forward on together. >> try to find our common ground where we can, and of course, stand our ground when we can't. >> reporter: pence back in familiar territory setting up the first 100 days. trump's team is setting up a tour of blue states that turned red, calling it a thank you tour, supposed to happen after thanksgiving. >> tracie, thank you so much. the wall of empathy put up at the 16th street b.a.r.t. station is going to be taken down. you might have noticed the post-its on the walls.
6:38 am
three people who organized the wall of empathy will be having a closing gathering for the wall at the 16th street station later today. they're being taken down ahead of the rain coming in the forecast for this weekend. happening today, the annual christmas tree lighting ceremony at the hillsdale shopping center in san mateo. it runs from 5:00 until 9:00 p.m. christmas tree lighting begins at 6:30. there's going to be carolers and we hear reportedly an appearance from santa claus. >> the holiday is almost here. you can get into the giving spirit right now. our nbc bay area food drive is kicking off at safeway stores across the bay area. >> let's go to bob redell live in pleasanton to explain how to help out. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. thank you to the piedmont pep
6:39 am
band forgetting us in the holiday mood. you can find one of these signs, take one of these tear sheets, tear it off, scan it at the cashier, $10 for a bag of food for a needy family. this food will be going to seven bay area food banks including the alameda county community food bank. good morning. >> so many people appreciate the help that consumers of safeway provide us. i can't believe people did this for me and they don't even know me. we're trying to serve one out of five residents, give them a great holiday season. we hope people buy one bag, ten bags, a hundred bags, as many as they can.
6:40 am
>> tell me about the reaction and how important it is for when your clients get this type of food? >> it's amazing. we're serving 300,000 meals a year. it's amazing, foods like this that they don't normally get themselves, for them to be able to have a family meal at a kitchen and cook it themselves, it's not normal that they get to do it. it's a wonderful experience. food like this allows them to do that. >> thank you very much, claire. happy thanksgiving. again, this is very complicated. i want to show you how easy it is. watch, take your finger -- i happen to have muscles so i can do this easily. some people might find it difficult. you tear it, scan it, ten bucks, a bag of food to people in need this thanksgiving holiday. who knows? maybe get an on core from the piedmont pep band. i'll be at the livermore safeway
6:41 am
tomorrow morning. if you're in the area, come by and say hi. our feed the need food drive, ten bucks is all it takes. >> sounds good. sam and i will be out at the safeway in morgan hill tomorrow morning. >> yes, starting at 10:00. mike inouye will be with bob in livermore. kris and scott and kari will be at the river mark plaza center. >> we'll help bag your groceries, whatever it takes. >> use our muscles. >> we'd love to meet you. all for a great cause. nbc bay area holiday food drive. you hear the band this morning. we need something to keep us going, kari. cold temperatures out there. >> yes, keep the dancing going this morning. it is chilly. the frost advisory in effect for the north bay, all of these areas shaded in purple. that's where the temperatures will be the coldest in the valleys, also seeing mid 30s. in the south bay, morgan hill, 36 degrees. 39 in concord and napa.
6:42 am
45 degrees. after this chilly start, at least it warms up today. we'll be up to 6 degre8 degreese south bay. a breezy wind may make it feel cooler. clouds rolling in later for the north bay and rain this weekend. more on that coming up. mike has an update on the crash in the north bay. >> traffic flow very light. we're looking here at southbound 101, the crash right around ignacio, one lane blocked. you see the slower drive out of novato and passing highway 37. even though we don't hear about any delays on b.a.r.t., we have all these trains reporting on time. we heard about a possible incident at the balboa station. back with more traffic, weather and news coming up after this break.
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happy friday morning. it is 6:45. make sure the kids are bundled up as they head out for school this morning. here is a live look outside at oakland, 46 degrees. but a nice day ahead. i'll detail that and a soggy weekend in the microclimate forecast. >> we have rainbow of colors, speeds slow across the bay bridge with a 26-minute drive.
6:46 am
13 down to the dumbarton bridge. south bay slowing to about 50 miles per hour. 101 to 87, 21 minutes. we've been following breaking news all morning long for you coming out of southern california this morning. live pictures now, it was a pallet fire burning in paris in riverside county. this was a blaze that had been burning with propane tanks exploding. video from earlier this morning, it was a tough fight. started about 2:45 this morning and took several hours to put out. that's the latest there. 6:46. a lawsuit is being filed against san jose police. benjamin cooper says officers shot him with rubber bullets in december. one of those bullets struck him in the eye. cooper says he's blind in the eye. he's seeking unspecified damages for excessive force. police say cooper was armed with a knife and threatening to kill himself when they fired the rubber bullets.
6:47 am
the congress has been listening to a myriad of complaints. legislation calling for the pentagon to stop collecting bonuses paid out to national guard members is going through the legislative house. the bill was introduced by die ian feinstein and barbara boxer. thousands of soldiers received money. public outcry temporarily stopped the collection. if approved, the bill would permanently stop the collection. breaking news this morning. a few minutes ago draftkings and fanduel have agreed to merge. >> on the markets new highs. let's check in with scott mcgrew. >> the two fantasy organization guys have been talking about this merger for months. now it's official. the nasdaq just hit a new intraday record, higher than it's ever been, higher than the dot com boom.
6:48 am
earlier we told you apple is thinking about moving iphone production to america. one of the things we're talking about this morning, the robots at lowe's. these are all over the bay area. fun to watch. if they look slightly familiar, realize, also, that lowe's owns orchard supply and they're there as well. did donald trump stop a ford plant from moving out of kentucky to mexico? he said he did. mr. trump saying i just got a call from my friend bill ford, chairman of ford, who advised me he's keeping the lincoln plants in kentucky, no mexico. ford tells news outlets it was never planning to move the plant to mexico. it was going to move a car line to mexico. that plant makes the lincoln mkc. nobody was going to lose their job, but just build a different car. ford changed its mind. it's not switching out the
6:49 am
lincoln. mr. trump says that counts as not moving to mexico. i worked hard with bill ford he said to keep the lincoln plant in kentucky. i owed it to the great state of kentucky for their confidence in me. this tweet this morning. again, that plant wasn't going anywhere. i have noticed how hard you've been working this week. i'm going to march into stephanie's office and tell her, tomorrow, sam and laura should have the day off. >> we don't have the day off, but it's for a good reason. our safeway food drive. >> is it that tomorrow or sunday? you're worrying my joke. ill we don't have the day off. >> get out of the box for a little bit. take a look. a hey barred police officer in the middle unleashing his inner cowboy. here is what happened. something went wrong at a nearby petting zoo birthday party. a spotted pony, zebra and bull
6:50 am
were found roaming the streets. what do you do? the officer hopped on the bull and with the help of a few other men, rounded up the animals safely. here is something else that will make you smile. this is lokey, an australian cattle dog with serious hops that cannot get enough of the snowflakes in colorado, trying to eat the snowflakes. this is the first big snow of the season in that area and lokey's first snow ever. >> happy dog. we'll get snow in the see rare as well? >> yes, this weekend. the next storm system getting ready to move in. expecting rain in the bay area after the chilly temperatures this morning. a live look outside san jose. ba waking up to a beautiful sunrise. you see the cars out there, they probably all had the heater on. that's what you can expect. nice chilly morning north of the golden gate bridge. we have frost advisories in effect for the next several
6:51 am
mornings. it's looking good with the clear sunrise. 47 degrees, a light wind. here is the storm system i'm talking about. it's moving closer and will bring in clouds later this evening. rain starts in the north bay tonight. look how cold it is already in santa rosa. dropped down to 34 degrees. a bit milder in napa. 36 in morgan hill, 44 in san jose. then we'll see our highs this afternoon reaching into the mid to upper 60s. feeling much more comfortable, just a couple degrees warmer than it was yesterday. in belmont today, a high of 5 degrees in san francisco. looking at a high of 63 degrees in sonoma, 64. we once again will see this rain moving into the north bay. starts out pretty heavy there late tonight into early tomorrow morning. the rain becomes more widespread. you see the yellows. that shows the pockets of heavier rain, some moderate rain and the spots shaded in green. it will be off and on. you see there will be some breaks. maybe early afternoon in time for the big game there could be
6:52 am
breaks in the rain. but still you want to be prepared with that rain gear, even into early sunday. showers moving through, and it will continue throughout the day on sunday. it won't rain the entire time, but during this time frame, we're looking at the hoe tenl of about a half inch for the south bay and much higher amounts for the north bay. looking ahead to next week, we will take a break on monday and tuesday with the rain and return on wednesday. a look at san francisco, the seven-day forecast, will be cool today, the warmest day with 668 degrees. let's head to mike with an update on crashes. >> we had a number of smaller crashes around the bay. the one that's of concern, a predictable pattern for this friday light commute. oakland, it's a concern because it's at a critical point right by the coliseum. reported south 880 at high street. i haven't seen any slowing develop. here we go, this is the southbound side, you see folks
6:53 am
coming around the bend past the off-ramp. that's the note, a light friday commute. we'll get back to the maps, a smooth flow of traffic. on the b.a.r.t. tracks a delay reported in the peninsula. i'll talk about that in a second. there's 880 south of where we showed you. 238 down to the dumbarton bridge, that's the only slowing we have, down to about 50 miles per hour overall. that's not bad. south bay has a mild build. 101 around 680, a slower drive there as well as 280 past 85. that b.a.r.t. system recovering from earlier delays at the balboa station. back to you. 6:53. coming up, the top local headlines we're following this morning including kanye west's rant during a san jose show last night. >> we have to ask questions. none of us are experts at everything. >> that's a snippet. it went on and on. also talking about
6:54 am
president-elect donald trump. keeping the a's in oakland. the new team president wants to find a new ball park site in the east bay. on our twitter page, more on the team's shakeup after the managing partner lew wolff stepped down. mcdonald's getting fancy. the fast food chain planning to offer table service soon. we're back in two minutes. bo yoheaouthe or he artheop ori.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
welcome back on this friday morning. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on nbc bay area. >> new this morning, social media lit up overnight with a lot of fans upset with rapper kanye west. he performed at the sap center in san jose last night, and he drew some heavy boos when the music stopped and he turned political. >> this world is racist, okay? let's stop being distracted to focus on that as much. it's just a [ bleep ] fact. >> a lot of bleeps. many of his own fans got up and actually walked out of the concert when kanye told the crowd that he didn't vote in this year's election, but if he did, he would have voted for donald trump. he added there are a lot of things he liked about the trump campaign and reiterated his own plans to run for office in 2020. breaking news, within the last half our we learned president-elect donald trump has chosen senator jeff sessions as
6:58 am
attorney general. he was the first setting senator to endorse trump. republican senator also acted as an adviser on trump's immigration policy plan. a check awful weather and traffic together. we are heading into the weekend very soon. >> breaking news, yes. finally here for me it's like tuesday. >> great. looking at the sunrise in the south bay. beautiful start to this weekend, but don't expect that to hang around all weekend long. enjoy today. mid to upper 60s in many spots. san francisco today, 63 degrees. >> updating us on a crash. >> the south bay and peninsula look great. no unusual pattern for this lighter friday. concerned about a crash involving a motorcycle. no update on the driver. the walnut creek interchange
6:59 am
moving smoothly. hayward light slowing and not problems pour the tri-valley. that's a popular place to be right now. >> very good. want to check in with bob redell. he's out there where we're celebrating the big holiday food drive across the bay area. >> there is jessica and raj. we know bob is in there somewhere. >> bob's band. i forgot about that. >> here are the details, this is the livermore spot, bob and mike will be there. laura and i will be in morgan hill. kari, scott and kris -- >> all you have to do, tear one the thing like a post-it, go to any bay area safeway, donate $10. they have a bag ready to donate to the needy. tomorrow morning so many of us will be out at local safeways. sam and i at the safe way on dunn avenue in morgan hill.
7:00 am
>> i'll be at livermore with bob on first street. >> and santa clara river mart. >> we'd love to see you. >> bring your trombones and saxophones. >> just your cash. good morningbreaking news. the trump white house taking shape this morning. alabama senator jeff sessions, the president-elect's pick for attorney general. kansas congressman cia director. michael flynn national security adviser. the experience and controversy each pick brings to the table, this as the trump team prepares to bury a major hatchet. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> is former massachusetts governor mitt romney one of trump's harshest critics during the campaign, on the short list to be secretary of state? the two will meet is


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