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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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four children are dead-- after flames rip through a home in indiana... we're gatherin breaking news overnight. four children dead after flames ripped through a home in indiana. we are gathering new information coming into our newsroom right now. what we are learning at this hour. a birthday party ends in tragedy. the string of events that led to a run away car hitting and killing a 4-year-old boy. this soldier was killed by an improvised explosive device in afghanistan. as his family here stateside was going to meet his remains, they were booed on a plane. you're watching "today in the bay." a very good monday to you. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> maybe getting ready to have family come into town or you're going out of town. if you're moving in and out,
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wednesday the day before thanksgiving, we are seeing a little rain in the forecast. >> we will have rain. it returns after a soggy weekend. we'll talk about that as you head out this morning. you do have to deal with that fog in parts of the bay area. as the storm system moves away from us. showers farther north. here is a look at that current visibility. we've seen the thickest fog around napa and santa rosa. livermore patchy fog. temperaturewise in the 40s and low 50s. i'll talk about what to expect the rest of the day and that holiday travel coming up. mike has a note for half moon bay. >> oftentimes we talk about fog in half moon bay. there may be about three miles visibility. not so bad as the north bay or tri-valley. i have reports of a stalled vehicle around lends farms.
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breaking news out of indiana where four children have been killed in an early morning house fire. it broke out about five hours ago, 70 miles north of indianapolis. the children's mother along with two first responders were air-lifted to nearby hospital for treatment. no word on their conditions at this time. the cause of that fire is under investigation. new this morning here in the bay area, at least six people are without a place to live after late night house fire near downtown san jose. started about 12:30 this morning an 12th and jackson streets near japantown. it started in the basement of a home which made it harder to control. luckily, no one was injured. the cause of the fire is still
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under investigation. a simply heartbreaking and tragic story out of benicia. a 4-year-old boy is dead after he was killed by a car at a birthday party at a senior center. the only person inside the car was a 12-year-old boy charging his cell phone at the time of the crash. this happened before 5:00 sunday afternoon in front of the senior center. it's unclear if the car was running, but the 12-year-old was inside when the car lurched backward hitting the 4-year-old and another 13-year-old. the teen and boy inside the car were taken to the hospital. two men accused in a shocking hate crime are set to appear. in september authorities arrested chase little in richmond after a man was beaten and had 10 inches of hair cut when his turban was removed during the attack. the other suspect is also due in
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court today. prosecutors say the men were in a car at a stop 0light when they got into an altercation with the victim that quickly escalated. troubling incident onboard the flight. the father of a california soldier killed in afghanistan is speaking out after being booed for being allowed to get off the plane first. >> today in the bay kris sanchez joins us live on what happened. this is a gold far stastar fami? >> we don't know passengers onboard the flight knew they were a gold star family. only the captain announced they would get preferential treatment. they were on their way to phoenix to get a connecting fight to philadelphia. that flight was dlied. the captain and crew tried to show them kindness and that was ruined by some of the passengers in first class. sergeant john perry was killed by an improvised explosive devits inside bagram air field
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in afghanistan two saturdays ago. his father was told sergeant perry died while protecting other soldiers. his father, mother and sister were going to philadelphia to meet the remains. the captain let a special military family off first. father stuart perry said some people were saying, this is balance own a and i played for first class for this it was disgusting behavior for people from first class. it was terrible to see. you could see the disappointment from the flight crew. american airlines issued a statement reading "american was honored to have this family onboard. we will always make every possible effort to ensure a smooth journey in such difficult circumstances." indeed they did. the pilot of the next flight held that flight for 40 minutes at the gate so that family would get onboard and make it.
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sergeant perry will be bushied at arlington national acceptry with full military honors. >> thank you very much. at 5:06, president-elect donald trump is expected to meet with more potential cabinet members as we await more announcements, we are getting a good idea who it being considered for those top positions. tracie potts joins us live from washington, d.c., with details. good morning. >> good morning. we have a good idea because they are being paraded by the cameras in and out of the golf club over the weekend in new jersey. that whole process where president-elect trump says they have made deals. got people in place. he hasn't announced them yet but that is moving to trump towers today. president-elect trump interviewed more than a dozen candidates at his new jersey golf club over the weekend, including former massachusetts governor and republican nominee mitt romney. >> governor romney is under
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active and serious consideration to serve as secretary of state for the united states. >> so is former new york mayor and campaign confidante rudy giuliani. chris christie had a 30-minute sitdown with the president-elect. kansas secretary of state was called in. he's been tough on immigration. retired marine corps general james maties seems to be a favorite for secretary of defense. mattis was impressive. >> president-elect trump loves leaders like general mattis. >> will burr ross was being considered as commerce secretary. the new administration will have to deal with democrats in congress signaling cooperation in some areas. >> we could make a major infrastructure bill done but maybe in the first 100 days. >> first securing a cabinet. that continues today. and it continues today with
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former texas governor rick perry, who is said to be coming into trump tower to talk about being secretary of defense, energy or possibly veterans affairs. one of the three. obviously not all three. back to you. >> all kinds of former trump rivals being considered for cabinet positions. trissy pots, thank you very much. the message to keep the raiders in oakland is going international. when raiders play in mexico city, fans will receive these plaque yards that say "stay in oakland." the goal is by showing those signs during tonight's primetime game nfl owners will be swayed to not approve the las vegas stadium deal. through the end of february, san francisco is ramping up its winter homeless shelter program. four emergency shelters will open over the next few weeks to handle the expected overflow. each winter, the city partners with the community services to open 300 additional beds and meals. basis are available on a first
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come, first serve basis. families in need of a little bit of help this holiday sooern are lining up at sacred heart community service in san jose to pick up some of that food. they get big thanksgiving food boxes. ç organizers are short 2,20 tour kiss. only 2,000 of the 4200 families are getting turkeys in their boxes. bob redell with how you can help in a live report in our next half hour. it may be starting to thaw out the turkey getting ready for the big meal. as you head out now, it's 5:09. patchy, dense fog looking at the cameras here across the south bay peninsula and tri-valley. our highs today warming into the low 60s after such a soggy weekend. this is probably a welcomed site as we get a view from belvedere to the north bay. it is a little bit foggy in
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spots there. watch out for that and san francisco. the high today up to 59 with breezy winds and east bay reaching 60. mike is starting in the east bay. >> we are going to look at the map. you see it, the south bay, peninsula, no problems. this side, this is the east bay. it's not a problem. we have a small report getting away from the bay beige toward the carquinez bridge. you might have a lane block. orange is more prevalence here. that's where the lower visibility might be a factor. lower visibility at times. we have a smooth flow of traffic. a man behind bars accused of stealing a san francisco fire department car right out of the
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station. the stock market has come up several records. look for fake new solutions. the holiday travel week is here and so are the crowds. an update coming up.
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says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪ now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. =kari/wsifull= kari weather tease good monday morning. time 5:13. if you're planning to head out
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it will rain early in the morning wednesday. we should get clearing during the afternoon on thanksgiving day. a mix of sun and clouds. patchy fog in the morning to start. highs reaching into the low 60s across parts of the bay. we'll talk about what else to expect heading into black friday. that's coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> today we are looking at slowing for the tri-valley. all new this morning, nabbing a station vehicle but not making it far. one man under arrest after police say he stole a san francisco fire department car from the station. >> happened last night south of market street when the thief managed to get into a red department suv and took off.
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an officer spotted that car, the suspect arrested not far away at bryant and 5 of the street near the hall of justice. two very upsetting and developing stories to tell you about. what you're looking at, there is an all-out search for this man who killed a police officer in san antonio, texas. police released that photo of the man they are looking for. his image was captured on a surveillance camera. the shooting took place before noon yesterday. a veteran police officer was performing a routine traffic stop when a black car pulled up behind the officer, a man got out and shot that police officer twice before fleeing. the police officer identified as detecti detect benjamin mar cone marconi was hit in the head and died at
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the hospital. a police officer is fighting for his after an ambush attack. the 46-year-old officer was shot twice in his face. he was sitting in traffic in his marked police car when another car pulled alongside of him and two shots were fired. the wounded officer was conscious and able to speak after the attack. the suspect was eventually found and shot by police after attempting to shoot officers again. a lot of tragedy there. facebook is struggling with a stinking share price over its fake news problem. >> two solutions. >> good morning. let's start with the share price. facebook will do something it's never done before in its short history. it's going to buy back shares. $6 million worth. when a company buys its own
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shares, the price of shares should go up. as for the fake news problem, mark zuckerberg said the company was considering a number of solutions. there are questions of censorship. zuckerberg says we believe in giving the people a voice, which means erring on the side of letting people share whatever they want whenever possible. wells farg other is going to get government supervision over who it hires in its top offices. the san francisco bank embroiled in a scandal over phantom accounts will be supervised by the office of controller of currency. they will have to get governmental approval and taxed on executive pay. one of the bankers who supervised the bank and created million of phantom accounts retired with $125 million bonus. let's check the rest of the news before the bell with landon dowdy.
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>> good monday morning to you. wall street looks to start out on a good note. markets and dow and nasdaq hitting new record highs. durable goods and consumer sentiment. on friday the dow slipped 35 points to 18,867. nasdaq ending down 12, 5321. back to you. laura, i hope you had a good weekend. this is the crew from "top gear" which is your favorite show. to remind the rest of you, "top gear" is or was the most watched television show in the world. until the main host was let go by the bbc. amazon launched this replacement. how is this for the start of the tv show. jeff bezos calls this show very, very, very expensive. from a billionaire.
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>> so they are going to spend major money. >> cars and planes in that little preview shot. super cool. >> probably hosting an event. 5:19. happening now, let that holiday rush begin. the kids are soon to be out of school. a lot of people getting a break from work and millions taking trips. aaa predicts travel will be the busiest in almost a decade. >> a lot of people hoping to get on those planes on time. jay gray joining us live from one of the hot spots this morning where i will be in about three days. he's at o'hare airport with a closer look. that doesn't look that bad this morning. good morning. probably the busiest airport over the holiday season. cold outside. take a look at the lines right now. tsa, as i said, been steady but moving. that's great news here. these clouds at airports and along roadways are going to
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continue to build throughout the holiday week. 49 million people expected to travel or so according to aaa. 43 million will be on the roadways. whether you're taking a trip by plane, bus, train or in your car, add in a little extra time. we are going to see the crowd build. busy day will be wednesday, day before the holiday. sunday as everyone is trying to get back. they say the best time to travel is on thursday. that's tough. after that turkey, i need a little bit of a nap. >> back to you. >> go before you eat the turkey. if you're hike me, soon as you get on the airplane, knocked out. i can't wait till we take off.
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>> anyone can travel nicely when it's not jammed. then the truth comes out. >> if you're like me, you're going to stay at home. >> right here. why not? >> we are going to have nice weather on thanksgiving day. traveling the day before, that's a little bit iffy. here is a look across the golden gate bridge. we'll look at rain totals over the weekend. in oakland, almost an inch of rain. it took a little while before it got going in the south bay in san jose. in the santa cruz mountains you had over 3 1/2 inches of rain. now as we dry out, still left with a lot of that moisture. it's in the upper 40s to low 50s
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heading up to 63 for the san jose, cupertino up to 61. east bay, walnut creek 62. so we are getting ready for our next chance of rain that moves in late tomorrow night into early wednesday. as we go into the thanksgiving travel time, it will be raining in spots. it looks like it does move in fairly quickly with the possibility of at least 0.1 for most of the bay area. san francisco reaching upper 50s all week long. low 60s for the inland area. rain tuesday night into wednesday once again. mike has a new crash in oakland. >> i do. confusion for the sensor lights. no delays and nothing unusual. you are looking at the crash
5:23 am
rrted westbound highway 24. the slowing that just showed up seconds ago is eastbound around gateway or wilder. this may be an area in the report we'll track this. we'll end with a quick look at the north bay. there is nothing up there, as well. we are looking at low visibility. this is highway 1. >> thank you very much. 5:23. coming up, a show stopper, literally. kanye calls off his concert after a weekend full of controversy. the incident has some of the fans asking for their money back. before you move out of a rental, consumer investigator has advice to save you money. >> if you're moving out of a rental, you're entitled to an inspection with the landlord before you vacate. that way you can both agree on repairs that are needed. kanye west .. not exactly a huge
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hit these days with his concert-going fans. you probably remember last week's lengthy rant during his kanye west not exactly a huge hit with his concert-going fans. last week's lengthy rant during a san jose gig and some people walking out. last night in l.a., kanye west never made it to the stage. he pulled a last-minute cancellation for his concert at the forum. fans got a full refund and suddenly wide-open sunday night.
5:27 am
no statement about why the show did not go on. >> kanye's complete no-show followed a bizarre concert experience in sacramento saturday. west lasted about 30 minutes on stage, a few songs. during that time he ranted at length about president-elect trump, mark zuckerberg and jay-z and beyonce. sacramento fans said they felt cheated because west performed just two songs before bolting. 5:27. a teenager shot and killed near a busy shopping mall. the search under way for a gunman in the east bay. before he died after being hit by a car in a parking lot. a 12-year-old boy charging a phone in that car may have led to that accident. reunited. how concerned neighbors help bring together a lost dog with his owner. turkey shortage in the south
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bay. how many birds are needed for families in need this thanksgiving holiday. - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
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>> can we go straight to the pie? that sounds good. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> what kind of pie? >> it doesn't matter. >> pumpkin pie. >> there you go. it is a short week for a lot of people. looking forward to hitting the road, having an extra day on two off. for us, it's all about watching that thanksgiving day parade. as you get out there it is clearing after a soggy weekend. no showers getting going in the sierra now. we'll have another round of rain moving in late tomorrow night. our window is small as far as this dry weather. it's 48 in livermore. 54 in half moon bay and concord out to 50. heading over to mike, an update on the roads. >> oakland we have a crash. it's a developing situation. we see slowing going on east. that may be a sensor issue.
5:32 am
westbound chp arrived on scene and say the crash is westbound. this is not unusual. back to you. in indiana, four children killed at an early morning house fire. firefighters say the kids' mother with two first responders were airlifted to nearby hospitals for treatment. no word on their conditions at this time. the cause of that fire is under investigation. tragedy at home a 4-year-old boy dead after getting run over by a car.
5:33 am
> . >> we are told a 12-year-old boy was in the car the time of the accident. >> yes. there was a 12-year-old boy inside of that car. they say he was just charging his phone when that car went in reverse. we wanted to show you key video from yesterday afternoon. police are right across the street. that 12-year-old boy got into a family car in this parking lot before 5:00 p.m. yesterday. he was in the car charging the phone, unsure if the car was running at the time but the cargoes in reverse and backing up into the 4-year-old boy. first responders rushed to the scene but were not able to save him. it's been a tragic story all the way around. >> it's a preliminary investigation. everything we are seeing points to a tragic accident. they were all here for a birthday party. there was a 13-year-old boy hit and has minor injuries. the 12-year-old boy suffered
5:34 am
minor injuries, as well. police are calling it a tragic accident and no word if any charges will be filed against this minor. pete suratos. 5:346789 police in alameda are interviewing witnesses in hopes of identifying a suspect in a deadly shooting in front of a popular bowling alley. happened around 9:00 saturday night. a 19-year-old man was shot in the parking lot across the street from a busy shopping mall. the ice rink was opened at the time. there are no arrest. to a story we first broke on twitter. we learned the identities of an elderly couple badly hurt in a car crash in san leandro last week. paul and susan duran were injured after a driver involved in a gun battle crashed into their car. it happened thursday on. border of san leandro and oakland. paul remains in icu in a
5:35 am
medically-induced coma. he's already had two major surgeries. susan has several broken bones and torn ligaments. one suspect in that crash has been arrested. dozens of family members gathered in san francisco to remember those who have been killed or searcy injured in collisions on city streets. they are marking a day of remembrance for road traffic victims. victims walked to city hall from the mission yesterday as part of a new gripe, pushing for vision deero to end traffic deaths in the city by 2024. one father shared how he tragically lost his son. >> about to walk to my relative's house and was struck behind and killed. >> we are here to get changes made. >> they are pushing for automated speed an enforcement cameras which are currently not allowed in california. a loaded semi automatic hand gun off the streets of morgan hill. police announced the arrest of
5:36 am
richard viarta. they searched his car and found the weapon along with drugs and additional high capacity magazines. coming in with quite the haul. crew of an alameda coast guard cutter returned home after a long mission to crack down on drug smuggling. that crew was gone 97 days patrolling the coast of central america for drugs. it seized more than 27,000 pounds of cocaine worth almost $800 million. 24 suspected narcotics traffickers were nabbed. the captain says it feelings good to make this kind of difference. >> in salvador and guatemala, crime are is going crazy. governments are close to toppling. when we start making an impact, we see it down there. we've seen the murder rates in
5:37 am
these countries go down because of the impacts of what we are doing. >> coast guard broke a record this year in terms of how much cocaine it gets off the streets. a missing dog and his owner reunited thanks to concerned neighbors. the concord police department posted these photos on facebook after getting calls about a dog in distress. the gray and white pit bull got caught between two fences. animal control workers looked up his micro chip information. kimbo was reported missing by his owner. happening right now, sacred heart community service in san jose is scrambling to get enough turkeys for families who need it desperately this morning. >> today in the bay's bob redell joins us live from sacred heart this morning. they are returning there are more than 2,000 turkeys short right now? >> correct. good morning, if you look in the
5:38 am
warehouse, they have plenty of vegetables, grut, bread, this is a box of food handing out to families in need. what they are lacking as you mentioned are frozen birds. you take a look in one of these two freezers here. this should be full of birds. if you do the math, they only have 2,000 birds, 4,200 families. they need 2200 frozen turkeys by wednesday. >> this happens every year. we find that the community steps in the last minute and we are hopeful that this will happen again this year. we were short last year. >> were you able to make up the difference then? >> we were. we have an amazing community that is really a big family and
5:39 am
we are so appreciative. we hope this year they'll come through again. >> sacred heart will start distributing these 50 pounds boxes of food late they are morning and handing out tomorrow and wednesday. again, 4,200 families who preregistered with the organization. in terms of the 4,200 number, that's about even compared to last year again. [ no audio ] >> we are having trouble with bob's microphone there. obviously, the turkey donations are a need. you can drive by the harvest food bank and drop off a turkey or go online and donate money. they can make that money go even further.
5:40 am
it's going to be a short week for a lot of people. kari hall, getting in the mood here skiing. >> it's going to be a beautiful week. in the sierra, that snow off and on all week long. we'll take a break from the rain for now. here is a look how much rain we have from over the weekend. santa rosa, 2.50 inches of rain. kentfield 3 inches of rain. oakland close to an inch.
5:41 am
san jose about 0.4. we had 3. 50 inches of rain. all that moisture left on the ground. patchy fog as you head out now santa rosa, visibility cut down to about 1/2 mile. you'reç seeing that in parts o the tri-valley. as of now it looks like it's nice and clear. sandt jose visibility about eight miles. the next couple of days we'll see more changes. heading over to mike now, a few updates for the roadway. >> fog one of those factors. i want to talk about this crash. west 24. that will be an issue for folks out of the caldecott tunnel toward oakland. there is that slowdown there. we'll end with that slowdown in san jose. no crash but the live look shows that traffic and that fog in the north bay. >> a lot of people up early.
5:42 am
plane plummets into a bay area house this happens friday. we are learning new information about one of the people in the cockpit. >> jobs and more jobs. bay area seems to have tons of them. i'll go over the numbers. >> a toy truck sets a real pick-up truck on fire. the serious step one major toy store chain is taking to make sure something like this doesn't happen to your family.
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=rob/wsifull= rob weather tease the time is 5:45 as you plan are traveling for this week on wednesday. rain will wrap up early in the morning. bring tire chains here in the bay area. it will be cool with a mix of sun and clouds thanksgiving day will be chilly to start in the upper 40s. by 3:00, low 60s as the clouds start to move back in. we'll take a look at the complete microclimate forecast coming up in less than 10 minutes. >> chain control requested for
5:46 am
55. a suicide bomber killed at least 27 people and a crowded mosque in kabul, afghanistan. authorities say the attack happened during a celebration. so far no one or group has claimed responsibility. taliban leaders say it wasn't them saga tacking mosques is not our agenda. the ded toll from what is being called one of the deadliest accidents in india continues to rise. the car derailed 250 miles southeast of new delhi. searchers tried to look for survivors. new details in a deadly plane crash near half moon bay. we learned the woman killed is from sacramento. melissa mcgee died after the cessna 175 plane crashed into a home. the pilot mcgee's husband was
5:47 am
injured. the cause of the crash is still being investigated. it is one of the most prestigious awards in academia. alexis doyle is among the winners of the rhodes scholarship. she is now attending notre dame where she is majoring in biological sciences. she is going to complete her post grad work, all expenses paid at oxford university in england. congratulations. live to chicago's o'hare airport where that is a free-flowing security line there. things are most certainly going to change as we get closer to the thanksgiving holiday. one of the busiest hubs in the country is o'hare. nearly 4 million americans are expected to fly this year. this friday is supposed to be the kick-off of what is traditionally the busiest shopping period of the year. retail experts are saying black friday is losing some of its luster. crowds are expected to be smaller because deals are being
5:48 am
spread out online throughout the month. despite that, experts say friday will be retailers best day of the year. so gray friday is a term that makes sense. >> gray friday now. that's the new term. cyber monday is expected to take a bit of a hit. deals are being offered throughout the week. this is not how shoppers in the south bay expected to spend their weekend. can you imagine nearly two hours stuck in the valley fair mall parking garage? all the parking garages were jammed. i almost went there this weekend. i'm glad i didn't. toys "r" us will stop selling
5:49 am
its popular dump truck because it might burst into flames. a family bought the tonka truck, put it on the back much their pick-up truck when the toy caught fire. so far the manufacturer of the truck has not issued a formal recall. we talk about the fact the bay area has its own economy. the latest numbers show everyone in the bay area is hard at work. the bay area accounts for less than half of all the jobs added to the entire state of california in october. looking at the map, almost 2,000 jobs were added to the south bay. 900 in the peninsula, 1400 in the east bay.
5:50 am
it's going to be a short week of trading. no trading thursday, half day friday. despite the negative numbers, markets coming off a second straight positive week. we saw records on the dow and nasdaq. we heard nothing about what happened to the meeting between donald trump and oracle catt. the co-chief executive of oracle confirmed the meeting to "the post. ""they planned a meet and greet for donald trump last summer but canceled it after he said it turned into a fund-raiser.
5:51 am
now some executives figure out how to work with him and whether they want to work with him. >> maybe they can work with him and bury the hatchet and work with him. our team was out there all you had to do was jab a yellow flier, it cost $10 and the first two days alone more than 25,000 bags were donated to local food bags. this continues through december 27th. keep giving.
5:52 am
'tis the season. skies will clear after a soggy weekend. we get a live look outside in san francisco. it's mostly cloudy now. we do have patchy fog. it's 54 and heading up to 59. look at what we are starting with this morning+jñ in napa. 52. 50 in palo alto and livermore 48. we are mainly concerned about the fog that clears out today. mostly sunny skies.
5:53 am
62 in san jose. danville 61 and antioch 64. san francisco reaching the upper 50s to 60s. sonoma 63. as this rain moves out, the next round right behind it. it will move into the north bay by tomorrow evening. still today, mostly mix of sun and clouds. here we are late tomorrow evening. we start to see that rain moving into the north bay. it may be heavy to start there, getting lighter as it moves into the south bay late tuesday night into early wednesday. by wednesday afternoon, most of it will be out of here but moving over toward the sierra. about 0.1 inch of rain expected as far as what the computer models are putting down for estimated rain. after that moves out, a couple more days of dry weather before it returns in time for the weekend and san francisco staying in the upper 50s all week. low 60s for the inland areas.
5:54 am
heading to mike, we've got thick fog. the pattern may be normal. still has that crash blocking one lane at wilder. the upper east shore freeway not a problem. our live camera in san rafael just lost sight of most of the roadway. there are cars driving south there it's not tough to see on the roadway. back to the map we are talking about travel times and throughout the north bay we don't have slowing despite that. the redd is just in through vallejo. that clears in. in south bay we have a slowdown 101 at 680. that's it for the south bay. >> thank you. >> clear mission here. still ahead. mission accomplished for a coast
5:55 am
guard crew how the at sea. they were patrolling for drugs. the staggering amount of cocaine seized and smugglers arrested. better check those lotto tickets and scratch-offs this morning. californians throwing away up to $30 million in unclaimed prize money. richard simmons offers an emotional farewell to those who worked out in his los angeles studio. he's closing that iconic business studio. check out our facebook page. could the cost of a phone call
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help reduce the number of people behind bars? research shows contact with families helps prevent people from committing crimes once ty' welcome back. could the cost of a phone call help people behind bars. contact with families helps commit crimes once out. families of inmates say they are being gauged every time they call their relatives in county jail. now they face lawsuits accusing them of overcharging for the call. we investigate claims these phone fees are unfair and excessive. last year they collected $7 million in call fees. they say that money funds programs for inmates but they say the county jails charge six times as much as state prison
5:59 am
system. >> i know families who are working two jobs and they can't afford to call. they only can go see their loved ones. >> they pay on average $5,000 per year to keep in touch with their loved ones. the $2.7 million children in this nation that have at least one parent in prison, they suffer the most. >> tonight at 11:00, we sit down with a commissioner from the federal communications commission to get answers. if you have a tip, give us a call. or send an e-mail to the unit. right now it's 6:00. following breaking news out of indiana. four children are dead, three others are injured after a fire ripped through this home. our nbc affiliate in the area is at the scene talking to investigators to figure out exactly what led up to a deadly fire. the family of a fallen
6:00 am
soldier is booed on the flight as they are headed to meet his remains. the reaction from the airline and the father. >> families in need in the south bay need extra help. lifsh to the annual food give away. they need more help than expected. i'm laura garcia cannon. =sam/4shot= and i'm sam brock a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it is the start of a holiday week. people excited about seeing their families. >> a lot of people traveling. wednesday is a big day for them. >> it looks like it may be wet in spots. we'll have the sierra snow. it could be iffy. if you're traveling elsewhere, there could be snow going on. we could see that snow here moving offth


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