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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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soldier is booed on the flight as they are headed to meet his remains. the reaction from the airline and the father. >> families in need in the south bay need extra help. lifsh to the annual food give away. they need more help than expected. i'm laura garcia cannon. =sam/4shot= and i'm sam brock a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it is the start of a holiday week. people excited about seeing their families. >> a lot of people traveling. wednesday is a big day for them. >> it looks like it may be wet in spots. we'll have the sierra snow. it could be iffy. if you're traveling elsewhere, there could be snow going on. we could see that snow here moving off to the east. the roads may be a little bit
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tricky. we have all of that leftover moisture causing some low visibility in spots and patchy fog, especially in the north bay. now as we check in with mike, he has the fog in the north bay and now a trash in oakland. >> the fog is an issue. north bay drivers used to these conditions after the rain. lighter volume overall. this is not showing a lot of slowing or west 24. we have this crash heading to oakland. this is blocking one lane. this continues for a bit. despite that, not a lot of slowing. we have 11 minute drive for highway 24. metering lights are on. we continue to follow breaking news out of indiana where four children have been killed in an early morning house fire. that fire broke out about six hours ago in a suburb seven
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miles north of indianapolis. the children's mother and two first responders were airlifted to the hospital for treatment. the cause of the fire is under investigation. at least six people are without a place to live after an early morning house fire near downtown san jose. started 12:30 this morning on 12th and jackson street near japan town. it started in the basement of the home which made it harder for crews to get to. luckily, no one was hurt and the cause is under investigation. father of a stockton soldier recently killed in afghanistan said he felt disrespected and hurt by passengers who booed him and his family while on a flight to meet their son's remains. >> kris sanchez joins us live to explain what led up to this incident. good morning to you. this is a family headed to philadelphia to meet the remains of their son, their fallen soldier when the flight was delayed. the passenger, the crew tried to
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show them an act of kindness allowing them to deboard first. that's when things went terribly wrong as they were passing through first class. sergeant john perry was killed by an improvised explosive device in afghanistan two saturdays ago. his father a former marine says he was told his son died protecting another soldier. his father, mother, sister were making their way to philadelphia to meet his remains when the american airlines captain asked passengers to remain seated to let a special military family off first. the father told a reporter this, "some people were saying this is just baloney and i paid first class for this. it was just disgusting behavior from people in first class. it was terrible to see. could you see the disappointment from the flight crew." american airlines issues a statement, "american was honored to have this family onboard.
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we will always make every possible effort to ensure a smooth journey in such difficult circumstances." american airlines did hold that next flight in phoenix so that sergeant perry's family would make it. he will be buried at arlington national cemetery. he leaves behind a wife and two young children. people are talking about this story. if you want to add your opinion to it, find the story at and on the nbc bay area facebook page. kris sanchez, today in the bay. thank you very much. there are a lot of questions after a 4-year-old boy was hit and killed by a car at a birthday party. the only person inside the car was a 12-year-old boy charging his cell phone at the time of the crash. this happened just before 5:00 yesterday afternoon in front of the senior center. police say it's unclear if the car was running at the time, but the 12-year-old was inside when the car lurched backward hitting the 4-year-old boy and also
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another 13-year-old boy. the 13-year-old and the boy inside the car were both taken to the hospital with minor injuries. a loaded semi automatic hand gun with a large capacity magazine is off the streets at morgan hill. police announced the arrest of richard vajjarta who was acting suspiciously. they searched his car as they found the weapon along with drugs and additional high capacity magazines. search is on for a man who killed a veteran police officer in san antonio, texas. this is surveillance picture of the man police are looking for this morning. shooting happened before noon yesterday. a police officer was conducting a traffic stop when investors say a black car pulled up behind the officer. a man got out and shot the officer twice before fleeing. the police officer who was identified as benjamin marconi was hit in the head and died in
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an area hospital. he was a 20-year veteran of the force. there is no clear motive for the shooting. breaking news out of indiana. four children died in an early morning house fire. firefighters said the kids' mother and two first responders were injured and they received hospital treatment. happening today, two men accused in a shocking hate crime that made national headlines. they are scheduled to appear in a contra costa county courtroom. they arrested chase little after a man was beaten and had 10 inches of hair cut when his turban was removed during that attack. the other suspect colton leblanc is due in court today. they got into some altercation
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with the victim and clearly that quickly escalated. 6:06 on monday morning. police are interviewing witnesses in the hopes of identifying a suspect in a deadly shooting in front of a popular bowling alley. it happened 9:00 saturday night on park street. witnesses tell the "times" a 19-year-old man was shot in that parking lot across the street from a busy shopping mall and ice rink which was opened at the time. as of right now, there are no arrests. keep the raiders in oakland goes international. tonight when raiders play in mexico city, they will receive plaques that say "stay in oakland." there is a lot of generosity
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out there to be tapped, but there is a big problem. organizers are short some 2,200 turkeys. as of this morning, only 2,000 of the roughly 4,200 families that signed up will get turkeys in their boxes. bob redell is at sacred heart. it is cool to start. take it. in it's 52 in palo alto and san jose. 50 in concord and into this afternoon. highs reaching into the low 60s. cooler than average but at least dry and into the next several days, more changes on the way as we'll start to see showers moving in just in time for the busy travel day. i'll talk about that and we'll take a look ahead to do black friday shopping. what you may encounter that day in the full microclimate forecast. as we head to mike now, he's
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tracking fog and a couple of crashes. >> i have better news for highway 24. >> not unusual and lighter slowing. the crash 24 cleared. quick recoffey and over toward the bay bridge. metering lights are on there i just got word about a stall near the treasure island off ramp. there is that dense fog. slowing for 680 southbound. no problems for 238. 880 in toward union city. back to you. coming up next, alameda coast guard cutter back at home after a lengthy mission designed to crack down on drug smuggling. >>. >> the macy's thanksgiving day parade. the excitement is building this
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morning. new tribute to the parade that will be unveiled today. stock market has a short week ahead of it as do you. we'll look at fake news on facebook. they have new ideas. a live look outside right now. look at the clouds peeking out on the horizon. that is downtown san jose. the sunrise will be coming sooner than later. you are watching "today in the bay." after all ♪
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come join us this season, at the all new festival of holidays event... ...including the new world of color season of light show...
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now at the disneyland resort.
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good monday morning. time now it 6:136789 we are looking aheadç to one of the busiest travel days of the year. this wednesday, the rain will be around us. highs for the coast and bay will be in the low 60s on wednesday. thanksgiving day looks very nice. a mix of sun and clouds. cool to start with highs once again reaching into the low 60s. we'll take a look ahead to the complete microclimate forecast coming up in just a few minutes. overall, seeing a lighter commute this week as we typically do. 27 minutes for 580. pretty light traffic. in the south bay, a nice
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pleasant drive northbound. >> to a story we first broke on twitter. we learned the identities of an elderly couple badly hurt in a car crash last week they got caught in gun fire. paul and susan duran were injured after a driver embattled in a gun battle crashed into their car. paul remains in the icu in a medically-induced coma because of extensive injuries. he had two major surgeries. susan has several broken bones and torn digments. one suspect mass been arrested. kruf an alameda coast guard cutter returned home after a mission to crack down on drug smuggling. they patrolled the coast of central america for drugs. they seized more than 27,000 pounds of cocaine worth almost $800 million.
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the ship's captain says it feels good to make a difference. >> you'll see in places like el salvador and guatemala, largest children murder rates in the world. crime going crazy. governments close to toppling. when we start to make an impact, we see it down there. we see murder rates in these countries go down over the last couple of years because of the impacts of what we are doing. >> in 2015 and 2016, the coast guard removed more than 460,000 pounds of cocaine. thanksgiving now a few days away and with that comes the iconic macy's thanksgiving day parade. today they want to unveil a plaque that marks the official starting line. macy officials will be on hand along with a few special guest performers from the parade. rehearsals from celebrities, broadway stars and other performers will take place. you can watch the 90th annual
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parade right here on nbc thursday morning. this could be a family tradition if you don't want to go to the north pole. if you're looking for a way to get into the holiday spirit, check out three reindeer at the san francisco zoo through new year's day. bell, holly and peppermint. they'll be at the playfield lawn. reindeer are domesticated caribou and people will learn more about the animals while visiting the zoo. the stock markets have a shortened work week because of the thanksgiving holiday. >> reindeer are caribou? i'm 49 years old, i didn't know that. >> domesticated. records on both the dow and nasdaq guys, we did see negative numbers friday. they weren't negative to pull those averages lower when you
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measure it for the week. two positive weeks in a row. the san francisco bank is embroiled in a scandal over phantom accounts. wells fargo will have to get government approval for major changes. there will be caps on executive's pay including golden parachute. one banker who supervised the bank as it created millions of phantom accounts retired with a $125 million bonus. facebook is going to do something it's never done as a publically traded company. it's going to buy shares, $6 billion worth. when a company buys its own shares, they cease to exist and make the tide smaller. the price could go up. as for the fake news problem, the company is considering a
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number of solutions but hadn't committed to anything, figuring out what is fake and what is not is hard. then there are questions of censorship. we believe giving people a voice which means erring on the side of letting people share whatever they want whenever they want, et cetera. one of the interesting problems is how fake is totally fake? obviously, the onion is completely fake. you allow that on? that's satire. what about horoscope, is that fake? now you're allowing fiake news on. maybe go with a third party and an indication that this is an incorrect news item. >> i think stephen colbert calls this trippiness. >> we are in the post "post"
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era. >> you want that truth. >> heading up to the sierra? maybe. slow going for drivers in the sierra this weekend. traffic was crawling along interstate 80. this is why they were going. they headed up to tahoe for the thanksgiving week. this is a preview of things to come. we saw rain and snow. >> that snow was right on time. it will be snowing off and on all throughout the week. several weather systems moving through. it was nice to get the rain over the past couple of days. we look at the radar. you see showers are moving out. we are still tracking some of that snow for the sierra. as we go into the rest of the next couple of days, still going to see those showers moving through.
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temperatures dropping tonight. 61 in the tri-valley. it will be up to 61 today. 62 as we go into parts of the east bay south bay. the north bay today 65. this is how it pans out. today partly cloudy. on the cool side once again. then for tomorrow, the rain starts to move into the north bay. this is 8:30 tomorrow night. we see the bright yellows and the pinks in there showing where we could have intense rain just briefly. then it continues to spread out and move elsewhere into the bay area late tomorrow night into early wednesday morning. if you're making plans for wednesday, especially for traveling, if you can get out there maybe around noon or later, it looks a lot better as
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far as driving. and in san francisco, it will be in the 50s all throughout the week. for the inland area, some mid 60s today. it will be cool for the next seven days. rain tuesday night into wednesday, then again friday into the weekend. it could be soggy once again. heading over to mike tracking a lot now on the roadways. >> fog being a major factor for the north bay. i want to talk about a crash on the bay bridge. over all the traffic flow around the bay looking lighter than typical. we have relief now. speeds are coming back up approaching treasure island. the backup at the berkeley curve is mild op a monday morning. that fog does register as the
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orange for our north bay commuters. slowing i-87. typical west from off highway 29 through the area that's why we have this slow drive. to the fog no slowing 101. no delays for the transit systems. back to you. >> thank you very much. 6:22. before you move out of a rental, consumer investigators have advice that may save you money. if you're moving out of a rental, you're entitled to an inspection with the landlord before you vacate. that way you can both agreen repairs that are needed. >> good advice there. if you have a consumer question or need help, follow our nbc bay area responds tip line.
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if you plan to travel for the thanksgiving holiday - or maybe your vacation has already started - you're certainly not alone. ==vo== if you plan to travel for the thanksgiving holiday or your vacation already started, aaa predicts this will be one of the busiest thanksgiving travel holidays in a decade. nearly 49 million americans are expected to go more than 50 miles for that turkey dinner. 6 million of us will fly to our destination. >> airlines are predicting their busiest thanksgiving travel season in history. >> tsa leaders hope the new procedures and added staffing will prevent repeat of travel
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headaches earlier this year. as long as we are bundling these holidays today, christmas coming earlier if you're a san francisco giants fan. 10:00 this morning tickets go on sale for home games between april and june. that does not include opening day which is monday april 10th. to buy tickets go to next days after kanye west went on a political rant, he canceled a con sers in southern california. >> fans in sacramento are the most upset. they are demanding a refund for his concert there over the weekend. a 4-year-old dies after being hit by a car. how a 12-year-old boy charging his phone inside that car may have led to that accident. a live look outside. san francisco this morning, little break in the rain, but more rain in the works. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪
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♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. morning from downtown welcome back. good monday morning. at 6:30 we take a live look outside right now as we see that sunrise starting on the horizon in san jose. christmas in the park and the official tree lighting ceremony goes on the day after
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thanksgiving. >> the day before opened the ice skating rink there. >> you'll be out there for that? >> wednesday night, weather permitting. >> tuesday night looks good. >> coming off a wet weekend. >> some spots had over two inches of rain in san jose. about 0.4 inch. we got a good soaking. now we get a chance to dry out. we see the satellite and radar now as the snow moves into the sierra. a lot of moisture lingering giving us patchy fog. live look in san francisco. it is starting out in the low to mid 50s. as we head to mike we get an update on the bay bridge. >> you're showing the san francisco side. i'm concerned about the oakland side heading into san francisco. you're seeing the patterns are showing typical color patterns but lighter than normal backup. not a lot of red except out of the altamont pass. i want to show you the live look we have. a stall reported at treasure
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island, this is it. that's just before you get to the shoulder now. minor delay. metering lights are still on. we'll show you you do have that slower drive there. also in the north bay. that fog kerry's been talking about, weather data shows the orange highlighting is where it's tougher to see. vallejo ferry canceled, but they replace it with a bus. update 0 breaking news, a story that is so tragic and sad we've been following all morning long out of indiana. fire cruise responding there to a horrible house fire in which four children were killed early this morning. it broke out five hours ago. the mother and two first responders were air-lifted to the hospital for treatment. the cause of the fire is under investigation. developing story this morning. a 4-year-old boy dead after he was hit by a car at a birthday
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party in benicia. the only person inside the car was a 12-year-old boy. >> pete shows us outside where this happened. there are so many questions about what led up to the accident inside the car. good morning. >> good morning. as you mentioned, they were here for a birthday party at this senior center. here is the scene where this took place. you can see fire and police on scene. according to police, they say a 12-year-old boy got into the family car in the parking lot just before 5:00 p.m. yesterday and he was in the car charging his phone, unsure if that car was even on. then the car ends up going in reverse. that's when it backs up into this 4-year-old boy. first responders rushed to the scene but were not able to save him. >> this is a preliminary investigation. everything we are seeing points to a tragic accident. >> 13-year-old boy was hit and
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has minor injuries. that 12-year-old boy inside the car suffered minor injuries. police are calling it a tragic accident as they continue their investigation. pete suratos for "today in the bay." more announcements from president-elect donald trump's administration. >> tracy pott joins us live from washington to explain who is being considered for some of the top positions. >> good morning. you saw a lot of people over the weekend interviewed them, came out. at one point said deals had been made referring to offers made for accepted for positions in this administration. we just don't know who or what yet. that prospect continues at trump towers. president-elect trump interviewed more than a dozen candidates at his new jersey golf club over the weekend including former massachusetts governor and republican nominee mitt romney. >> governor romney is under active and serious consideration
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to serve as secretary of state of the united states. >> so is former new york mayor and campaign confidante rudy giuliani. chris christie who was ousted as head of the transition had a 30-minute sitdown with the president-elect. kansas secretary of state was called in. he's been tough on immigration. retired marine corps general james mattis. >> president-elect trump loves leaders like general mattis. >> billionaire investor will burr ross is being considered commerce secretary. the new administration will have to deal with democrats in congress poised to put up a fight but signaling cooperation in some areas. >> we could get a major infrastructure bill done, but maybe even in the first 100 days. >> first, securing a cabinet. that continues today. back live now, what to look out
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for today, texas governor rick perry. he is set to meet with president-elect trump as one of three possible positions, secretary of defense, energy or veterans affairs. back to you. >> the latest from d.c. thank you so much. a group of bay area attorneys plan to express anger over what they call the mistreatment of protesters by police. there is a news conference taking place at oakland city hall at the national lawyers guild accuses oakland police of violent treatment against protesters. days of demonstrations after the presidential election took a toll on downtown businesses. you see fires being set there. the attorneys have made no mention of a legal claim. they say police should be held accountable. one man isnd arrest after police say he stole a san francisco fire department car from the station. it happened last night at a fire station south of market street. that's when police say the thief managed to get into a red department suv and took off. officer spotted the car and
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arrested the thief not far away at bryant and fifth street near the hall of justice. kanye west not exactly a huge hit these days with his concert-going fans. last week's lengthy rant during his san jose gig that has some people walking out. last night in los angeles, kanye west never even got on stage. he pulled a last-minute cancellation. fans got a full refund and suddenly wide open sunday night. so far no statement from west about why the show did not go on. kanye's complete no-show last night followed a bizarre concert appearance saturday night. west lasted just 30 minutes on stage. during that time, he ranted at length about president-elect trump, mark zuckerberg and jay-z and beyonce. one fan following the short show said fans were upset. >> he ended up getting into
6:37 am
politics. there were people around me who were upset and yelling at him to shut up. i've been getting a lot of messages on twitter, replies to my video about people saying why i didn't punch him. >> some sacramento fans felt cheated because west performed two songs before leaving. in need of a big boost right now. families in need in the south bay can get help this holiday season. >> they are hosting their annual thanksgiving food give away. they need your help. bob redell live there this morning to find how you can chip in. it's never too late to help out. good morning. >>. >> good morning. sacred heart is in need of turkeys. these will be going into the thanksgiving food boxes. if you look at the freezer at
6:38 am
their location, you see these birds and it seems like there are a lot of birds, but this is not enough. they only have 2,000 frozen turkeys. they are trying to feed 4,200 low-income families and trying to get these birds out today, tomorrow and wednesday. they are short 2,200 birds and only have 72 hours till thanksgiving. >> this happens every year. we find that the community steps in the last minute and we are hopeful this will happen again this year. >> you were short last year i recall. >> we were short. >> were you able to make up the difference then? >> we were. we have an amazing community that is a big family. we are so appreciative. we hope this year they will come through again. sacred heart will start distributing the boxes of food. they'll be handing out tomorrow
6:39 am
and wednesday to families preregistered in the program. when you look at the 5,200 families who need these meals, that's roughly the same as demand as last year. you're talking about the working poor. if you want to help out, they will be taking turkey donations here. they've only got a few thousand in the freezer there you can go online and donate money. cash is king. bob redell, today in the bay. >> we have the story listed on the top of our home page. find the link bob is talking about to make a donation. thank you very much. good monday morning. it it 6:39. we are seeing the rain we had from over the weekend clearing and getting out of here. still patchy fog in spots. 48 in livermore. mostly some low 50s with a high of 62 expected in the peninsula
6:40 am
and south bay. clearing in the tri-valley. 61 there. 65 in the north bay. san francisco will have a breezy 59 degrees. east pay, mix of sun and cloud with a high of 60 today. overall not bad. we'll get a little bit of a window here of dry weather. then we'll see the rain returning late tomorrow night. i'll they tail that coming up in the next microclimate forecast. mike has an update on a crash in livermore. >> a hit-and-run reported. if you hear about anybody who saw something 580, have them call it in to chp. no slowing and sounds like everything made its way off the shoulder. look how light the traffic flow is. mild flowing out of pleasanton in towards sunol. more slowing in hayward. just got word of a crash 238. that is your commute. a little build. no problems across that san
6:41 am
mateo bridge. your bridge drive times. recovering from the earlier crash on the incline. back to you. >> thank you. plane plummets into a bay area home. the crash happened friday. we are learning new information about one of the people in the cockpit. a toy truck sets a real pick-up truck on fire. the steps a major toy store chain is taking to make sure this doesn't happen. >> jobs and more jobs all over the bay area. and out to the big board. dow industrials within about 10, 15 points of a new record.
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good monday morning. 6:44 as we look ahead to wednesday's travel. rain in the morning, snow showers in the sierra. also for thanksgiving day, patchy fog to start with. 6:44. breaking news this morning. a suicide bomber killed at least 27 people in a crowded mosque in kabul and afghanistan. authorities say that attack
6:45 am
happened at a shiite mosque during a celebration. so far no one or group has claimed responsibility. taliban leaders say it wasn't them saga tacking mosques is not our agenda. protesters clash with law enforcement at the dakota access oil pipeline. hundreds of demonstrators gathered last night on the highway near the main protest camp. protesters say police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at them while on that çbridge. they say firefighters intentionally sprayed them in water in subfreezing temperatures. a spokesperson says firefighters were using hoses to put out fires set by protesters. new details in a deadly plane crash near half moon bay. we learned this morning the woman killed is from sacramento. melissa mcgee died after the cessna 175 plane crashed into a home. the pilot was her husband. he was injured. cause of the crash is still
6:46 am
being investigated. pretty uplifting news for a local student. one of the most prestigious awards in academia. alexis doyle is among the winners from the rhodes scholarship. she is now attending notre dame. she is maejorring in biological scientists and research assistant for a project that develops better low cost food choices for school cafeterias. she will be able to complete her post grad work, all expenses paid at oxford in england. 6:46. this friday is supposed to be the kick-off of the busiest shopping period of the year. some retail experts are saying black friday is losing that luster. crowds are expected to be smaller because deals are spread out online and throughout the month. despite that, experts say friday will still be the best day of the year. >> it's still going to be the biggest retail shopping day of the year by a wide margin.
6:47 am
gray friday is a term that makes sense. >> another term to learn. gray friday. cyber monday is expected to take a little hit, as well. deals are being offered throughout the week. >> this will give you some more gray hairs. nearly two hours stuck in a parking garage. one driver told us it took 90 minutes to get to the lower level of the garage. people are sharks around there to get those spots. all the parking garages were completely jammed. a popular kids' toy has been removed from store shelves. toys "r" us will stop selling its dump truck because it might burst into flames. a family in washington state
6:48 am
says they just bought that tonka truck and put it in the back of their pick-up truck when the toy suddenly caught fire. the manufacturer of the truck has not issued a formal recall. the latest numbers show practically everyone in the bay area is hard at work. >> we have employment numbers that have most of the nation jealous. >> the latest numbers from the labor department showing thousands of jobs were added to the bay area economy last month. most of those intact. the bay area accounts for less than half the jobs added to the entire state of california in october. looking at a nationwide map or statewide map, all these jobs were added to the south bay more than 4,800 in santa clara county. now let's take a look at that nationwide map. you hear the states where the most employment was added. the biggest gainers in the
6:49 am
previous months. california accounts for about 1/5 of all the jobs added in the united states. apple will discount the cost of fixing iphone 6 plus phones that have the touch disease. if you bend your phone too much, a chip unseeds. it's your fault for bending or banging it. people say that is a design flaw. markets down. industrials up 54 points within about 10 or 15 points of an all-time record. tesla announced a few minutes ago the deal with solar city closed. a lot of people criticized elon musk saying the deal would be unworkable. now we are going to see. pay your bill but you may be getting a slightly different bill in the mail. you were out this weekend. so were we to help families in
6:50 am
need our feed the need food drive. grab a yellow flier by the door. scan the by the spot. it goes 10 bucks. the food drive continues. >> always a great cause. there is patchy fog. here is a live look outside over san jose. a break in clouds and over san % francisco. not a bad start to the week.
6:51 am
it's 54. there's been a big issue. it's looking better. it's 54 in palo alto. san jose 52. heading up to 62 in morgan hill. 61 in milpitas. a mixture of sun and clouds. this will be a dry day before some more showers move in late tomorrow night. san mateo, expect a high of 62. mission district 58 and 63 in san opala. we take a little bit of a break. there is a brief window where we will have a mix of sun and clouds. we start out by tomorrow evening, late tomorrow night. we see the bright reds and pinks indicating heavy rain. as that moves through the north bay, we could get 1/4 inch of rain. it moves into the south bay, becomes more scattered and much
6:52 am
of that rain will be out of here by wednesday morning as a lot of people take to the air or roads for the busiest travel day of the year. in san francisco over the next seven case, stay in upper 50s, lows in the 40s. showers tuesday night into early wednesday. this weekend as well as for the shoppers going out this weekend, it will be wet at times, especially on late friday into early saturday. going to have more showers moving through. heading over to mike, he now has a crash in hayward. >> the morning commute is light today and you see it light wednesday, thursday and friday. many folks get the holiday off. no morning commute there. looking at no problems for the south bay. build is on north bound. the crash in hayward southbound over 880. that crash i just got told was cleared from lanes.
6:53 am
that's better news as folks are making their way off 238. that could be quick recovery. right now travel time is 22 minutes. that's about 10 minutes better than we see at this time. that is a lighter commute all over this place. looking at slower times toward the bay bridge. freeway shows a little build. west 24 off highway 13. thick fog in the north bay. visibility is a problem. traffic flows pretty well. in the south bay, no major problem. mild for 87. thank you, mike. it is 6:53. the top local headlines we are following this morning, including disrespecting a gold star family on a flight. the reaction of some first class passengers after the family was allowed to get off the plane before everyone else. first, happening right now on our home page, much lighter news. here is incentive to check your lotto tickets and scratch-offs
6:54 am
this morning. californians are throwing away up to $30 million in unclaimed prizes each year. richard simmons offers an emotional farewell as he closes his iconic fitness studio. that's on our facebook page. before you head out the door -
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here are the top stories on nbc bay area... . ==la good monday morning. welcome back.
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here are the top stories on nbc bay area. in benicia, a 4-year-old boy was hit and killed by a car at a birthday party. the only person inside the car was a 12-year-old boy charging his cell phone at the time of the crash. it happened just before 5:00 last night. as of now, police say it's unclear if the car was running but it somehow lurched backwards hitting the 4-year-old boy and a 13-year-old boy who had minor injuries. at least six people are without a place to live after a late night house fire near downtown san jose. it started about 12:30 this morning on 12th and jackson street by japan town. firefighters say it started in the basement of a house which made it harder for crews to control the flames. nobody was injured. the cause of the fire is under investigation. father of a california soldier recently killed in afghanistan is speaking after his family was booed on the flight. the family was traveling to
6:58 am
receive john perry's remains when a delay made the connecting flight very tight. the crew asked everyone to stay seated for a special military family so they could get off the plane first. several people in first class booed. perry's father says he feels hurt and disrespected by what happened. perry died earlier this month in an ied blast inside bagram air field. happening now, families in need of a little help this holiday season are lining up. sacred heart community service to pick up thanksgiving food boxes. >> they are very short. they are about 2,200 turkeys short. only 2,000 of the 4,200 families who signed up will get turkeys in their boxes. bob redell has been out there reporting on this all morning long. if you can make a donation, even $10, that will help one family.
6:59 am
it's a holiday week. we had a lot of rain over the weekend. today is a dry out day. >> most of tomorrow, too. then we start to see those showers coming. in as you step out, it's 51 in morgan hill and napa, as well as concord. 53 in san francisco. another nice day after morning clouds and fog and the tri-valley. you can see the low visibility there. in north bay high will be up to 65. >> drier road. that's a plus. you are watching a bit of an issue. >> we had a crash but recovering quickly because of the light volume of traffic. we don't have major issues. five minutes of slowing in the area. in the north bay where we are registering fog, our camera is having issue with the fog. look at that live in hd. >> look at that. >> i prefer that shot.
7:00 am
>> hope you start off a great work week. we are back in a half hour with local news update. good morning. snovember. the first major storm of the season blankets the northeast, frigid temperatures, icy roads, power outages. up to 55 million people under a winter storm advisory. frenemies, donald trump meets with mitt romney and today rick perry. could those one-time bitter rivals wind up in the new trump cabinet? as the vice president-elect speaks out about his dressing down from the hamilton stage. >> i wasn't offended by what was said. >> trump himself not so forgiving. >> they were very inappropriate. urgent manhunt. the traffic stop in texas turns deadly, for one veteran detective. a


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