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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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it's like shocking for us to know that something like that happened. >> reporter: and tonight the suspect is being held at the county jail, charged with murder. he'll face a judge tomorrow. reporting live, i'm elyce kirchner, nbc breaking news. a deadly school bus crash in tennessee. within the past hour, we have confirmed that six people have died. many of those victims are believed to be young children. the school bus is in chattanooga, tennessee. it was carrying 35 kids ranging from kindergartners to fifth graders. it crashed into a tree. investigators are interviewing the bus driver, who is cooperating, to determine exactly what happened. developing overseas at this hour. a tsunami warning in effect in japan, following a 6.9 magnitude earthquake. the quake struck four hours ago. we have been posting updates all afternoon. people who live along the coast
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are being ordered to get to higher ground. japanese officials say tsunami waves have been spotted along the coast. there is no tsunami threat for the west coast of the u.s. and you may remember in 2011, the same area of japan was hit with a 9.1 earthquake and tsunami that killed nearly 20,000 people. back here at home, let's go to the east bay now and a live look at dublin. a lot of rain this weekend is keeping everything pretty green. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here with the rain totals and when we should expect the next round of rain. >> so great to get that wet weather this weekend. you will see on the scanning doppler radar, we are currently dry across skroanta rosa, san francisco and san jose. we have had marked improvement from october the 1st when the water year starts, santa rosa has seen 10.61 inches. san francisco 111%, and san jose right now running 109. we are looking at another chance of rain arriving by tomorrow
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night at 8:00 p.m. for the north bay first. of course, we'll have the totals on this and how long it's going to last for your tuesday forecast. i want to give you a heads up, traveling to the sierra on tuesday evening into wednesday morning, winter weather advisory posted, 4 to 10 inches at the summit levels. my next update at 5:09 and 5:19. >> download our free nbc area app that allows you to set weather alerts for your neighborhood. a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. the attorney for a man accused in a hate crime says this is a case of fraud. this involves a sikh man attacked in richmond. we were the only television station in court as these two men from texas, chase little, and colton leblanc, needed not guilty. they're accused of targeting this man last month because of his ethnicity. their attorneys insist, there is another side of this story. >> there's a big self defense
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claim there. one of the individuals was struck by a car, by the complaining witness in this case. and that proceeded everything. >> which went into a long investigation into this case before filing charges to make sure not only did we have the right people charged but also the right charges against those who are accused of what are very serious crimes. >> getting back to the victim now, he tells nbc bay area he had to have his finger amputated last week because of this attack. the suspects will be back in court in february. president-elect donald trump is not only using twitter to reach out directly to the american people. an hour ago, he bypassed the media and released his own video outlining his goals for the first 100 days in office. >> on trade, i am going to issue our notification of intent to withdraw from the trans-pacific partnership, a potential disaster for our country. instead, we will negotiate fair, bilateral trade deals. >> notably missing from the
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two-and-a-half minute address was his vow to build a wall on the mexico border and repeal of the affordable care act. meantime, the parade of candidates for mr. trump's cabinet continue today. one by one, applicants were escorted through the lobby of trump tower, including rick perry, who once likened trump to cancer. oklahoma governor mary sallen interviewed for interior post but no firm offer made. >> this is an initial meeting to discuss a wide range of topics. >> i'm not competing with anybody. i think i'm the best person, but there are some tremendous people out there. >> that's former massachusetts senator, scott brown. he wants to run veterans' affairs. also today, the trump team said wife melania trump and their 10-year-old son, barron, won't move into the white house on inauguration day. they'll stay in new york until the school year is over. the political climate in this country remains tense. today high school students in san francisco sharing their thoughts and fears with lieutenant governor, gavin
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news newsom. it got emotional. mark matthews is in san francisco for us this evening. mark, what prompted this meeting? >> reporter: well, the lieutenant governor is calling on school districts in california to counter an uptick in bullying that has been recorded since election day. gavin newsom went to burton high school to reassure students and also to call out the president-elect. >> one of the most diverse cities. >> reporter: gavin newsom told the burton high school juniors and seniors that school districts need to counter an uptick in bullying and racism that's been recorded since the election of donald trump. >> a week after the election, there was a study that came out from southern poverty law center that said there are over 700 hate crimes in the united states, just in the first week. >> i'm scared. >> reporter: several students responded with tears as they told newsom about their fears. karen wang fears her mother could be deported. >> because my mom is an immigrant. and it's really hard for me.
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>> reporter: newsom criticized the president-elect for failing to address the issue. >> what's amazing is the extraordinary silence coming from the president-elect who has no problem going on a twitter storming worrying about a play in new york but says nothing about what happened in danville. >> reporter: a high school bathroom was defaced with graffi graffiti, an incident cited in the southern poverty law center study, which did not record hate crimes as the lieutenant-cover stated but hate harassments since trump's election. and a graphic shows they have declined precipitously since the day after the election. dylan is vice chair of the state republican party. >> the biggest hate crime incident i can remember in the bay area is attacks by mobs of angry people on donald trump supporters in june in san jose. >> reporter: she urged californians and the rest of the country to reserve judgment until they see the president-elect's new policies. coming up at 6:00, we'll show
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you what donald trump has said about violence and harassments, and what he hasn't said and we'll have gavin newsom's reaction. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, mark. in oakland today, human rights attorneys are slamming oakland police, claiming they're using violence against peaceful protesters. oakland protesting donald trump's election victory. the local branch of the national lawyers guild says it's documenting cases of mistreatment by oakland pd. >> i have not seen levels of that brutality since occupy, which cost millions and millions of dollars in lawsuits. >> the attorneys claim the police department is violating its own crowd control policies, a practice which could cost oakland millions more in new lawsuits. the mayor has said many of the protesters were not peaceful, but dangerous and destructive. how much is too much for a phone call with a prisoner? family members of inmates say
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they're being overcharged. now they're suing several bay area counties. studies show that inmates who have regular contact with their families are less likely to reoffend once they're released. senior investigative reporter, vicki nguyen, joins us with details of this case. >> studies show one in three families goes into debt, trying to maintain contact with a loved one who is behind bars. those relatives are mostly women and children of inmates who are already struggling financially. last year, bay area county collected nearly $7 million in call fees. the county says that money funds programs for inmates, but critics say the county jails charge up to six times as much as the state prison system for inmate calls. tonight we investigate the claims these phone fees are unfair and excessive. >> i know families who are working two jobs, and, you know, they can't afford to call. and it's -- and so they only can -- >> they pay on average $5,000
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per year to keep in touch with their loved ones. the 2.7 million children in this nation, they have at least one parent in prison, they suffer the most. >> tonight at 11:00, what i commissioner at the fcc has to say about this problem, and what we found in our investigation. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. vicki, see you then. if you have a tip for vicki nguyen or anyone else, call 888-996-tips or send an e-mail directly to the unit at n nbcbayarea.c it was a brazen home invasion and in a quiet south bay neighborhood. this time investigators say there was a big difference in what they usually see in these types of crimes. gridlock in the parking lot with three-hour waits to get out. i'm marianne favro. what management at westfield valleyfair says they plan to do to prevent the problem on black friday. i'm meteorologist jeff
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ranieri. a beautiful view from our weather underground camera here in belvedere toward san francisco. mostly clear right now, but we're tracking another storm out here in the pacific. i'll have the time line on this in about seven minutes. a deadly accident today in san
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francisco's "dogpatch" a deadly accident today in san francisco's dog patch neighborhood. police say a man was killed when the forklift he was driving tipped over and landed on top of him. it happened just before 2:00 this afternoon at a lumber supply warehouse near the intersection of tennessee and chavez streets. osha investigators are looking into this matter. held at gunpoint, threatened with a knife and robbed of cash and jewelry inside their own home. they are the victims of a home invasion robbery in cupertino and the suspects didn't get away thanks to quick-handing deputies. robert handa is live where investigators are trying to figure out if there are other victims. robert. >> that's right. we're here at the sheriff substation in cupertino, where deputies responded to the home invasion call and arrested two men who investigators say were targeting houses and it didn't matter whether someone was home or not. santa clara county sheriff's investigators believe the suspects in a violent cupertino
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home invasion last night went searching for victims. deputies arrested this 20 and 21-year-old for allegedly robbing a couple at gunpoint, as well as dranishing a knife, stealing cash and jewelry. investigators say there are reports the two suspects went around the regular regnart road area, knocking on doors. typically with burglars, it's to make sure nobody is home. >> what's concerning about this case, they're knocking on doors. what had happened to be to find people that were home to have them go into the house and lead them to their possessions. >> reporter: investigators say the two men saw an open garage door and walked in. >> they're going to make those assessments on who is home. if they can overpower one or two people. >> reporter: the big break, deputies responded to the 911 call saw a car driving at high-speed about a half mile from the robbery. after a brief chase, deputies core fleuried the suspects, who surrendered. a loaded gun and knife found in the vehicle. the sheriff's office says these types of arrests are campaigning
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rouse, especially since one of the suspects is on parole. >> someone on parole, you are concerned that they're escalating, willing to take it to the next level, to become more violent. >> reporter: and at this point, investigators are still talking to the alleged home invasion victims, and as you heard investigators are still checking to see if these suspects might be connected to other robberies. live in cupertino, robert handa, nbc bay area news. it's that time of year when we see this. we know it's black friday time. those tents. this is at the best buy in san jose, and the blossom hill neighborhood. best buy tells us one guy has been camping out for the past week, but he actually wasn't there when we stopped by. perhaps he was taking a little break. store employees said he did the same thing last year, and will be getting an extra discount for his loyalty. another shopping story which leads us to a parking story. it's a mess at valleyfair in the south bay. some people say it took them
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more than three hours -- three hours -- just to get out of the parking garage over the weekend. it was so bad that some people actually ditched their cars in the lot and took uber. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us in san jose tonight. marianne, this is a serious issue. what's the plan moving forward? >> reporter: i talked to the mall general manager, and she told me they simply didn't expect so many prethanksgiving shoppers. so now the mall has negotiated with the city of san jose to better time the traffic signals. glenwoodson says it took him an hour and a half to find him a coveted parking spot at westfield valleyfair mall in san jose late saturday afternoon. >> it now backs up into the garages themselves. and at that point, people can't move around. and it has just caused total gridlock. >> reporter: and the gridlock only got worse as people tried to leave the mall and found themselves stuck in traffic in the parking garage. some e-mailed us photos, and said they had to wait more than three hours to get out. this woman posted on her
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facebook page she moved just an inch in 45 minutes. and made the strategic choice to leave her car there and take uber home. in a statement today, mall management apologized for the inconvenience and said, "we are working with the city to adjust nearby traffic light timing to ease access, egress in our area. this will be in place by thanksgiving day for holiday shopping." westfield has also accelerated implementation of our holiday traffic control program to avoid future inconvenience for our customers. that control program consists of hiring off-duty san jose police officers to help direct traffic. but glenwoodson says he's not sprinsed the problem will be fixed and says it will be a while before he returns to the mall. >> i don't think i want to waste my time that i have with my family sitting in a parking garage. >> reporter: now the lot you see behind me has 1,900 parking spaces and employees have been instructed to park on the top level. but a lot of shoppers i talked
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to said that they believe that employees should park offsite so that will leave more spots for the shoppers. reporting live, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. with thanksgiving just days away, local food shelters still need donations to feed as many people as they can. the sacred heart is scrambling to get enough turkeys for the holiday. at last check, they need 2,000 turkeys. beginning today through wednesday, sacred heart will hand out turkeys and side dishes to 4,000 families who registered in advance. most families are considered working poor, meaning they have jobs, but still can't afford to get by in the expensive silicon valley. if you're interested in helping, you can log on to our website to find out how. and we were all across the bay area this weekend at bay area safeway stores, kicking off our feed the need food drive. here's how it works. go to your neighborhood safeway, and if you donate 10 bucks, a bag filled with food will go to a family in need. over the weekend, more than
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27,000 bags were sold in the bay area. so thanks to all of the people who came out. >> that was very nice. we were at the downtown los altos store, so fun to interact with everyone. jeff, you were in arain da, correct? >> we had so many people coming out. it was great. >> and this goes through the holidays. so it doesn't end right now. any safeway right now, $10 goes a long way. >> and 800,000 families-plus that need your help. >> and everybody was so willing. you asked them -- i didn't have anybody say no. >> nor did we. >> a lot of generous people in the bay area. thank you so much. >> definitely. and the weather over the next couple days is still going to give us a few speed bumps here, so to speak. we're not setting ourselves in for clear weather through thanksgiving. we will have some rainfall on tap. you can see right now in san jose, we do have some clouds off in the horizon, and it's chilly outside. already down to 58 degrees. and we'll hold on to some clouds all the way throughout this evening. now, for tomorrow morning, that will be the biggest thing as we start off. areas of patchy, dense fog to
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start. i really want you to be careful of that, especially in the south bay and peninsula. temperatures in the 40s across the board. you'll see for the east bay, 47. san francisco, 49. and even some of that patchy, dense fog for the north bay and down to a cold 40 degrees. on the microclimate forecast for tuesday, we'll have partly sunny to partly cloudy skies. going to be really beautiful in the south bay, but y'll probably need a light jacket throughout the day. winds 5 to 10 miles per hour as they pick up. certainly makes it feel chilly outside. 64 in san jose. and 62 in millipede as. we'll find widespread 60s, as well for the east bay. really not a large difference from antioch well inland to hayward. as you can see, both areas expecting 62 degrees. for the peninsula, palo alto, also low 60s. daly city, 59. san francisco, the breeze a little bit stronger, close to 10 miles per hour. so that will make the entire sf peninsula feel like mid 50s when that wind kicks up. and for the north bay, 60 in mill valley, 62 in novato, and
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61 in sonoma. how about that next possibility of rainfall? we'll take you to the futurecast, and you can see by 1:00 p.m. on tuesday, cold front lines up just offshore. then we expect that rainfall to return here to marin, napa, sonoma counties. by 8:00 p.m. on tuesday, maybe even down toward san francisco. and you can see by 11:00 on tuesday, we'll get that wet weather down here toward san jose. now it's not a huge storm system total. we're looking .10 of an inch to .35 on average. winter weather advisory in effect tuesday at 6:00 p.m. through wednesday at noon. highest levels, 4 to 10 inches of snow expected. so on that extended forecast, again, rain returns tomorrow night through wednesday morning, possibly still some scattered showers. dry on thanksgiving. that's the good news. but another chance of rain as we head into this upcoming friday, possibly another quarter inch. and for the inland valleys, this
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same scenario of rain throughout the week. and check this out. temperatures at the coastline and for inland valleys look similar over the next couple days. so it's time to keep the jackets out. fall is officially here. >> that's a nice turkey day forecast, as well. >> i know, looks good. >> thanks, jeff. okay. you might have heard about it. throughout the weekend and even today, what now for kanye after a string of onstage rants. kanye west cancelling his entire tour. what happens to his paycheck and his fans?
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gr happening now, we are tweeting about reports of racist and homophobic graffiti found on a bus that serves monday at that vista high school in danville.
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the principal sent a willtory parents today. a new report shows dementia rates are dropping in the u.s., connected to a rise in educated people. that stimulation may prevent or delay the onset of dementia. more news in two minutes.
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a freak accident yesterday killed a 4-year-old boy. tonight investigators are still examining the car involved.
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that car backed over the child. the person behind the wheel of that car was a 12-year-old boy. the boy climbed into the family car to charge his cell phone. the car somehow was thrown into reverse, hitting both the 4-year-old boy and a 13-year-old boy. the 4-year-old died. no charges are expected as police are calling this simply a tragic accident. kanye west has abruptly pulled the plug on the rest of his tour. this comes after a 15-minute political rant at his concert in san jose last week. then on saturday night in sacramento, he walked off the stage after two songs and another rant. today the rapper announced the remaining dates have been cancelled. live nation says tickets will be fully refunded. he stands to lose $10 million for cutting the tour short. still ahead here at 5:00, living large in palo alto. the sky-high price to rent the city's newest penthouse. it's eye-popping. stay with us.
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in the wrong place at the wrong time. =vo= tonight at 6:00, in the wrong place at the wrong time. a bay area man fighting for his
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life. his wife still hospitalized after they were hit by a car involved in a rolling gun battle in san leandro. tonight, an exclusive interview with the family. again, that's tonight at 6:00. finally here at 5:00, it used to be mostly stanford students to rent the condos in palo alto. now the techies have taken the rental market to new heights, light literally. keep looking up, keep looking up. there is a penalty house apartment up there. 5,000 square feet, larger than most of our homes, includes a pool, private elevator and spa. >> wow. >> if you want the spa, janelle. you get all of that for just a bargain price of 32,000 bucks a month. >> please. >> oh, and by the way, the lucky renter will also have to pay a security deposit of 50,000 bucks. >> because they're going to be throwing parties, right? $32,000 a month? >> i would rather buy. >> that's a down payment, plus some. >> if you have to ask how much, you can't afford it.
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>> no way! that's nuts. >> it's right off university avenue. thanks for joining us at 5:00. >> bye, folks. breaking news tonight. school bus horror. several students killed, many injured, when the bus slammed into a house and wrapped around a tree, splitting it in half. we have a late report. manhunt for a killer. police officer ambushed and assassinated, a deadly stretch for law enforcement. four officers shot across three states in just 24 hours. holiday week storm blanketing a big part of the country threatening to make a travel nightmare for millions. beating black friday, skipping the crowds but not the savings. how those in the know are already getting big deals right now. and glory days, our monday inspiring america. the 55-year-old father who just made college football history proving it's never too late to live your dream.


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