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tv   Today  NBC  November 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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we are back on this saturday morning, november 26th, 2016. as we follow the overnight breaking news of fidel castro's death. many cuban-americans taking to the streets overnight in miami to celebrate. that is, of course, one of the headlines today. the former cuban leader dead at the age of 90. the news announced on cuban tv by his brother, president raul castro. as we saw, a lot reaction on the streets of little havana in miami. we will have more on that in a few minutes. a thanksgiving weekend of gratitude for a california family. sherri papini was found chained along a highway three weeks
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after being abducted. and the presidential vote now set for a recount in at least one state. former green party candidate jill stein filing that with the election commission in wisconsin. stein's pushing for the same thing in the swing states of michigan and pennsylvania. her goal isn't to overturn the results, but establish voter integrity. let's go back to reaction in miami where people celebrated into the night after learning of fidel castro's death. nbc's kerry sanders is there with more. good morning, kerry. >> reporter: good morning. we have a little bit of a sun shower. people have gotten under the overhang. you can see folks gathered out here. she is wearing a shirt that says "cuba." there is anticipation and a lot of people waiting and in some cases almost a lifetime to watch fidel castro die. now it seems odd. why would you want a head of state to die? you have to understand the dire of the cuban people.
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you look at eighth street in little havana. filled with people celebrating. because they were exiled from their country. when he came to power, he took not only power, but he nationalized businesses. he took property. many people were imprisoned. some were tortured. some family members were shot. those that left got out and said that they would return to cuba when fidel castro died. of course, they did not anticipate raul castro taking over the position he has right now as the president of cuba. i was recently in cuba. i went by the small town where fidel castro was born. when you see the humble beginnings from where he came, little home there. an old car that's underneath the house. there are some thatched cottages nearby where he started the agriculture cooperative. that is part of his revolution in the country. when you see that, you can understand why leaders around
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the world respected that this man who came from such humble beginnings was able to go to the sierra mountains and in the mountains, cement a revolution that took over control of the island of cuba which is from key west to havana, only 90 miles away. the celebrations will continue. the police have closed the streets and they expect a much larger crowd as the day proceeds. last night, it was filled. back to you. >> kerry, thank you. time for another check of the weather with dylan. >> announcer: "today's" weather is sponsored by american express. founding partner of small business saturday. shop small today. >> good morning. we are taking a little more detailed look at the storm system that is making its way n onshore. heavy rain in seattle. the mountains will have the bad
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conditions. we have winter weather advisories. we have wind advisories too. stretching into las vegas where winds will be very gusty as the cold front moves onshore. as we go into sunday, a second front onshore. that is why we have rounds and rounds of rain from washington through oregon and into california, too. we could see about 1 to 3 inches of rain. even l.a. could see the rain in the winter season. look at the snowfall. 18 or more inches across the cascades and sierra nevada mountain rage. th range. as we go into monday, we already seeing some rain and those winds are starting to pick up not just in the north bay but also down to the south bay. right now in san francisco, they've already seen a few
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♪ here's a story of a lovely lady ♪ >> known for her role in "the the brady bunch" florence henderson passed away in los angeles. >> she got her start on broadway and on tv with the "today" show. henderson continued to appear on tv in a variety of shows. and in 2010, at age 76, she competed on "dancing with the stars." work on donald trump's administration progressed with new appointments and the narrowing of candidates. >> what we want to do is -- >> transition sources tell nbc news president-elect trump asked south carolina governor nikki haley asked to be the ambassador to the united nations. >> i did vote for him. i was thrilled to see him win. >> secretary of state. trump considering two top con
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deni tenders. rudy giuliani. a hard liner and supporter from the start. or mitt romney. formerly one of the sharpest critics. >> and trump stands to soften on campaign issues. >> she should be locked up. >> some promises he ran on as candidate and now looking less likely as president-elect. starting with the pledge to prosecute hillary clinton for her e-mail server he. quote, it is not something i feel strongly about. after a deadly school bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. >> investigators worked through the night looking for answers to explain why this school bus with 35 school children on board flipped on its side and smashing into a tree and leaving behind massive wreckage. >> one of them was bleeding bad. >> the driver of the pbus, 24-year-old johnthony walker.
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charged with vehicular homicide. >> and the first major snow storm of the season hammered the northeast. >> more than 2 feet of snow has fallen in parts of upstate new york. crippling cities. >> we woke up with all this. whoa. >> a star sptudded group of 21 with the medal of freedom. the highest civilian honor. >> president obama hosting the 21 distinguished americans who each have left an indelible mark on the nation's fabric. >> extraordinary americans who lifted our spirits. >> the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade ushered in the holiday season. >> cue the opening number. >> cue the opening number. ♪ it's macy's ♪ ♪ thanksgiving day parade and a basketball trick shot became a new guinness world
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record. >> an australian man set the guinness world record for the highest basketball shot. his name is derrick. he is 593 feet up at the top of the dam in the swiss alps and drains it. >> what? >> oh, my gosh, seriously. >> how many tries did that take? that is not a one-shot thing. >> apparently it was his third try. i would think a lot of this is out of your control. the wind factor. >> not that you've ever done this, have you ever thrown a piece of gum off a balcony or something? >> no. we are told not to do that. >> it's kind of the same thing. >> why would you do that? >> you think you can reach that. >> i haven't, i'm just saying have you ever. by the way, did you see the shot of tony bennett and miss piggy in that piece? >> she caught him. he was wobbling and the float
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it does it right. a beautiful place to go. you can get a half pound of amazing fudge when you check in. this is from a great gourmet shop that foursquare users love. >> that's a good time. those pictures remind me of -- >> the snow globe. >> yes. snow globe. if we could do a game show. what is this? next. this is my speed. carmel, california. >> there are beautiful california beach towns. carmel by the sea. a former mayor was clint eastwood. a bit of celebrity fairy dust. if you are interested in golf or beaches. you can stay at mission ranch hotel. on sprawling acres. it is known for sheep in the meadows. >> beautiful pictures. >> the weather is very different and warm and beautiful this time of year. >> i love it. >> the next one i admit i had
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♪ still to come on "today," the death of fidel castro. as reaction pours in from around the world and what does his death mean for relations between the u.s. and cuba? and a devoted mom who went missing three weeks ago discoved alive. the latest on her condition and who police think is responsible after these messages. she's the reason the good times are great.
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today. good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm garvin thomas along with vianey arana. she's going to tell you when and where it's coming. >> we did see a line of storms move in early on and that brought a little bit of rainfall into san francisco, even down here in san jose, but have no fear. if you like the rain, it's definitely coming and we're expecting a lot of it. now, right now, we're also seeing those chilly temperatures until the south bay peninsula, tri-valley, really all in the 50s across the board, san francisco at 54 degrees, but if we take a live look right now at the radar where you see that orange and yellow, that's where the heaviest of downpours is happening. looks like it's going to stick to the santa cruz mountains and out to monterey. we're going to keep a close eye on that. >> great. thank you, vianey, very much. it's now the third day of searching for two escapees. these are the fugitives on the run, rogelio chavez with the eye tattoo, and laron campbell are
6:28 am
both considered armed and dangerous. the two remain on the run after breaking out of this santa clara county jail. levi's stadium is near the home of the parents of rogelio chavez. last night, we spoke off camera to chavez's stepfather. he delivered this message to the fugitive. quote, you need to turn yourself in, do the right thing. breaking out was not smart, and go back to jail. it's glitzy and glamorous but it's also sinking and now we have new confirmation from space that the millennium tower skyscraper is indeed shifting. a study by the european space agency says the tower is sinking by a few centimeters each year. the agency says it used radar scans to detect tiny surface changes. since the skyscraper was built nine years ago, the tower has sunk 16 inches into soft landfill and has also tilted two
6:29 am
inches coming up this morning on "today in the bay," can football legend ronnie lott help keep the raiders? oakland. he sits down for an exclusive interview. he says the time is now to come up with a plan for a new stadium. we'll have that for you plus all your top stories. that's coming up at 7:00. right now, though, let's head back to "the today show."
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good morning. breaking overnight. the death of fidel castro. the former cuban dictator dead at the age of 90. celebrations on the streets of miami's little havana. world leaders quick to act. he ruled with an iron fist for nearly 50 years. leaving many in fear and fleeing for safety. the dictator had a relationship with 11 u.s. presidents and brought the nations to the brink of nuclear war. now as the relations are starting to thaw, what will happen? we are live with it all today, saturday, november 26th, 2016.
6:31 am
>> good morning. welcome back to "today" on saturday morning. i'm sheinelle jones with hallie jackson in for craig and dylan dreyer. >> we begin with the breaking news. the death of fidel castro. the dictator hadn't been seen the last few years. he died at the age of 90 last night. we have nbc's andrea mitchell with a look back at his life. >> reporter: he was commander or just fidel to his followers. to his enemies, a feared dictator. one of the world's last communists. the firebrand started life simply. illegitimate son of a land owner. he graduated with a law degree and doctorate. tried running for the national assembly in 1952 until batista seized power. and in 1953, castro led a group over the barracks and failed.
6:32 am
castro ended up in jail for two years until amnesty and he went into exile. in mexico, he regrouped with his brother raul and ernesto. the three led a force back to cuba in 1956 waging guerlla war in 1959. at first the young leader promised democracy. telling the u.s. he was not a communist. "meet the press" in april of 1959. >> i am not communist. >> reporter: he confiscated the property of the wealthy and silenced newspapers and signed a pact with the soviet union. in 1961, president kennedy ordered the cia to invade cuba at the bay of pigs using a force
6:33 am
of anti-castro exiles. the results debacle helped castro consolidate power. by then, declared socialist, he improved health care and literacy. also accepted soviet missiles bringing the super powers to the brink of nuclear war. >> requiring a full retaliatory response upon the soviet union. >> reporter: until kennedy's hard line got the russians to pull back. for 25 years, moscow helped castro throughout latin america. but with the end of the soviet union, cuba's economy imploded. on makeshift boats, thousands fled the regime. >> the legacy is a complicated one. there's no for getting how many cubans left the island under duress. >> reporter: in the 1990s, the aging ruler courted u.s. business men and american
6:34 am
tourists. he showed a new tolerance for e religion welcoming john paul ii. and most travel to the island was cut off. castro arrested hundreds. in the final years, the economy was propped up by another ally. venezuela. in the summer of 2006 after going through intestinal surgery, castro turned power over to raul. he stepped down two years later. he wrote columns and emerging publicly for the pope's visit in 2012. and for vladimir putin and president xi jinping in 2014. to the end, castro insisted the revolution would out live him. >> if i die tomorrow morning, there will be no problem here of any sort because the remains a nucleus of leaders without a
6:35 am
doubt have great authority among the people. >> reporter: still his real legacy may be holding power for half a century. longer than any other modern leader. andrea mitchell, nbc news, washington. >> cuba will hold nine days of national mourning with his funeral are december 4th. >> what happens with the two counci countries up to donald trump. he has been critical of the thawing relationship for months. we have kristen welker with more on that for us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so far no reaction from the president-elect. he is on a working vacation here in bapalm beach. i expected we will get a response by the end of the day. the question is what does this mean for relations between the united states and cuba? as a candidate, donald trump vowed to reverse the actions that president obama took to normalize relation was the
6:36 am
countries. lifting restrictions on imports for example. listen to candidate trump back in september. >> but all of the concessions that barack obama has granted the castro regime were done through executive order which means the next president can reverse them and that i will do unless the castro regime meets our demands. those demands will include religious and political freedom for the cuban people and the freeing of political prisoners. >> reporter: as you heard mr. trump say the actions that president obama took are executive action. that means a new incoming president can reverse them essentially with a stroke of a pen. the reality to it is trade has opened up between the two countries. flights resumed. it is hard to unwind all of that. this comes against the back drop of president-elect trump trying
6:37 am
to pick a secretary of state who will be deeply involved with u.s. and cuban relations. the top two contenders is hard liner rudy giuliani and former antagonist and moderate republican mitt romney. very in line with mr. trump with cuba. sheinelle. >> kristen, thank you. turning to other news. black friday is now over. a lot of the sales will go on throughout the weekend. tens of thousands woke up early to be the first to grab the big ticket items at a reduced price. how did they make out? nbc's jacob rascon is in texas' biggest mall in houston. good morning, jab objecob. >> reporter: good morning. we are in the houston mall. most of the retailers were in the middle of black friday weekend. some 137 million americans expected to hit the stores. that's more people than voted in the general election. overall, through the holiday, expected the sales to be up.
6:38 am
that's thanks in part to a surge in online sales. for many, it has become its own holiday. >> like to keep it local and go to the big malls in minnesota. have fun. >> every year, year after year, doing stuff like 27 hours last year. so far, 16 or 17 this year. >> reporter: six in ten americans plan to shop black friday weekend. many camping overnight. waiting patiently. usually. to score some of the best deals of the year. target selling 3200 tvs per minute in the first hour. amazon with 100,000 toys in the first few hours. and at walmart, this woman head over heels for its deal of the day. towels. the retail giant would go to sell 2.8 million of them. the busiest holiday shopping season ever the national retail federation predicts. americans expected to spend $655
6:39 am
billion. more than last year thanks to online sales and all of this, the federation says, thanks to a generally strong economy. >> for the first time ever, we have seen 25% of people say they plan to spend more this year than last year. >> reporter: it is no longer just a one-day event. >> we got some deals yesterday. we got some deals this morning. we got online this morning and did all of our online shopping. that's out of the way. >> reporter: several shootings at malls in at least one fist fight threatened to derail some shopping plans. the holiday tradition which for most americans has become as indispensable as the turkey. and in a sign of the times, 70% of sales on walmart's web site were done within mobile devices. online records broken. we still have cyber monday ahead and small business saturday. hallie and sheinelle. >> that is today. jacob, thank you.
6:40 am
in california, relief and gratitude cannot explain the emotions one family is feeling after they were reunited with their mom, wife and sister, allegedly kidnapped three weeks ago. this morning, police are looking for two women who may have kidnapped her. nbc's gadi schwartz is in redding, california with more. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. for three weeks, peesherri papis family could not tell her children what happened to her. now she is back and surrounded by those she loves. for the first time, sherri papini's sister describing the mother of two after released by kidnappers on the side of the california road. >> this has been a traumatic event for all of us. >> reporter: on thanksgiving morning, dispatch tapes paint a terrifying discovery. papini was spotted by a passing
6:41 am
motorist at 4:30 a.m. >> she is chained to something. >> reporter: when police arrived, they found her beaten. >> be advised, she is heavily battered. >> reporter: investigators confirmed they don't know why she was released after being held for three weeks or why she was abducted in the first place. papini disappeared on a morning jog 150 miles away near redding, california. a find my phone app led her husband to find her cell phone. investigators ruling her husband out as a suspect after passing a d lie detector test. the family still trying to process the horror of what happened. >> it has been a range of emotions. sadness and anger. right now it is joy. lots of joy she is here. >> reporter: meanwhile, sheriff's office are spanning across northern california following up on any lead that may crack this case. >> she is home safe.
6:42 am
this is not over. >> oh, no. we're elated that she's safe and reunited with her husband. this is a new chapter to the investigation. now it switches from a missing person to an abduction case looking for the suspects. >> reporter: investigators say so far they have seen no evidence that would lead them to believe this was anything but a kidnapping. right now, the only description of the kidnappers they are two hispanic women arnomed with a g leaving in a dark suv. sheinelle. >> thank you, gadi. dylan is out on the plaza with another check of the forecast. >> good morning, guys. we have a big thanksgiving crowd on the plaza this morning. everybody hanging out through the weekend. let's look at the weather. we can expect this on saturday and sunday. if you do have to travel back somewhere, seattle and san francisco, we could see delays. los angeles, too because of rain and wind. on sunday, same thing. a west coast storm that could create delays in seattle and
6:43 am
l.a. minneapolis with the storm possible in the afternoon. we could see some of the heavy downpours with delays. today, besides the west coast good morning, a chilly start all across the area, south bay right now seeing those early morning clouds and down near the peninsula and the tri-valley, already saw some showers as we're going to see that storm system track its way in and that said expected to bring periods of heavy downpours all throughout your saturday forecast. now, 54 degrees right now in san francisco, out near the north bay, also seeing some showers. let's go ahead and take a live look at our radar. we are expecting the system to continue to make its way through into the evening hours. and that's your latest forecast. sheinelle and hallie. >> dylan, thank you. >> still to come, this might be one of the best mannequin challenges ever. how does this dog stay so
6:44 am
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6:47 am
hear the applause? they clap for one another. they brought doughnuts. this is in south africa. one that looks like more what happens here in the u.s. it is not electronics or toys they want. here, they are excited to get hands on toilet paper. >> what did they have for thanksgiving dinner? >> it's a deal. >> that scene is what i'm used to. we have the mannequin challenge sweeping the nation. a video shows a different and let's say unexpected take on it. check it out. look at this. ♪ >> that is an australian cattle dog. nailing the mannequin challenge. are we sure that's a dog and not a stuffed animal? no word on how the owner got him to freeze. baking dog treats and loading the dishwasher and even doing laundry and even going to the bathroom. that is intense. it looks fake.
6:48 am
>> it looks fake. is that a real dog? it's funny. >> we cannot stop staring. >> look at it. >> i like it and i'm a little creeped out. i love dogs, but that was weird. >> i'm not over the mannequin challenge. it's still fun to watch. >> "popstart?" >> yes. let's look at how the celebrities celebrated thanksgiving. here is sofia vergara and her husband in silly hats. and then check out this picture of her in the kitchen. and mark wallbuhlberg with a hu bottle of wine. and oprah with the thanksgiving table with girls from her leadership academy with her
6:49 am
partner steadman. and you may binge watch now "gilmore girls" is on netflix. it is a year in the life. the original series ended in 2007. we finally get to see what happened to lorelai and her daughter rory. actress lauren graham tweeted out a message. we are back tomorrow because of you. i could not be more thankful. enjoy. >> no spoilers. i have not watched it yet. 90 minutes per episode. >> we won't spoil it for you. >> thank you very much. we will be back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
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6:52 am
a andy cohen. and before we go, we want to take a moment to say thank you to stephanie ruhle who is leaving the anchor desk to devote time for her msnbc show. stoo she will be a contributor on "today." we wish her nothing but the best. this show went by quickly today. >> thank you. >> a good crowd. enjoy the weekend, everybody. >> first time on the plaza. impressive. >> we'll take pictures.
6:53 am
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thomas.. coming up next, on today in the bay .... vo the lastest on the two inmates wh good morning, i'm garvin thomas. coming up next on "today in the bay," the latest on two inmates who escaped the santa clara county jail on thanksgiving. what one of their family members is asking them to do. plus a san francisco police officer in critical condition after a man attacked him with a skateboard. the new surveillance video that reveals what happened right before the attack. and take a live look at our radar, another round of widespread rain already making its way into the bay area today.
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good morning, everybody, welcome to "today in the bay." 7:00, saturday morning. looks like a rainy picture out on the golden gate bridge. if it isn't raining where you are right now, well, you just stick around. it will happen. good morning, thanks for joining us. along with vianey arana, i'm garvin thomas. she's going to take a look at your weather, i'll take care of the news but let's start with that rain. th very active weather pattern,


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