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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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strong rain leads to dangerous roads and we're not done yet. >> more rain filling in tonight. what it means for you sunday plans coming up. larry flint in the bay area tonight and causing controversy, next.
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right now at 11:00, another round of rain moving into the bay area as we speak. we're tracking the conditions overnight and into tomorrow. the news at 11:00 starts right now. thank you for joining us. >> a very rainy night out there. and more to come here for the bay area, taking you out to the golden gate bridge. slick roads, driving conditions, people cutting back on the speed. there is a second system we are looking at today. rob mayeda watching the radar. what do we see? >> more rain in san jose and the lights, the christmas in the park are waterproof for good reason. in san jose we have orange and yellow showing up moving off to the south and east. in the peninsula, moderate to steady rain. the rain letting up in san francisco and oakland.
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the coolest air we have seen this weekend will help to drop snow levels in the sierra and the top of mount hamilton. we'll see a chance of snow down to 4,000 feet. rain to start the day and chilly temperatures too. the temperatures in the mid-40s tomorrow morning. coming up we'll let you know how much of sunday will be dealing with the rain showers. >> thanks so much. the sierra getting a heavy dose of snow right now. this is what the roads looked like just before sunset tonight. snow turning to slush on the highways there. the chains are -- snow tires are required on 80 and 50 tonight. stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the storm and the snow in the sierra. stay up to date with our free nbc bay area app. now to a developing story in the south bay, two are dead after a car crash in sunnyvale.
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it happened at 5:30 this evening. the men were driving on central expressway when the driver lost control before crashing into a tree. witnesses got one man out of the car but both men died at the scene. the weather may be to blame for this backup on the bay bridge. slow going before hours because of two separate crashes that happened this afternoon on the upper deck. this was just after 3:00 and you can see the emergency vehicles on the right side of the screen and the cars moving slowly. this is a live look at the toll plaza. this has improved dramatically. still a lot of traffic out there considering it's 11:00. muni is investigating a possible hack of the computer system leading to free rides for passengers today.
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christie smith has the details. >> reporter: i tell you, most riders had no idea why the fare gates were wide open and essentially their ride on muni was free. and now sfmta is investigating after it appears they may have been hacked. the ticket machines at the embarcadero muni station were out of service. >> it says free entry. we thought like, maybe it was broken at first and then we were like it's free. >> thought it was a holiday thing they were doing. >> sfmta says starting yesterday some of its computers showed a message. >> implied we had been hacked and we are working to find out exactly what we're dealing with and what happened. >> reporter: paul roads says that fare gates were opened and
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trains rolled as usual. >> where do you buy the tickets? >> reporter: riders were waved in. one muni worker said that e-mails were impacted too. while there are many unanswered questions, a representative says the possibilities are still a concern. >> for me, being on the intelligence committee my question is who is responsible? is it a cybercriminal or another country trying to test or disrupt? >> riders were trying to make sense of it too. >> you hear it a all the time. a lot of it is just hot air most of the time. >> we came from here so there was a station agent there. and i asked to make sure it was okay and she said yes. >> reporter: late tonight a spokesperson for sfmta says they will finish service tonight like
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this and they believe the system will be back to normal tomorrow morning. reporting live, christie smith, nbc bay area news. new details tonight in a story we broke yesterday. we have learned more islamic centers received letters filled with threats and hatred as we first reported the letter arrived at the evergreen islamic center in san jose and called parishioners of satan and said trump is going to cleanse america of muslims. two others also received the letter and all three signed by americans for a better way. new video into the newsroom. 17 dogs rescued from a burning house in the east bay. take a look at this video here. you can see they are all in cages here. the oakland fire department working their best to get the dogs out of the home. they say they were able to rescue all of them and get them out of the burning house. the house was near foothills
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square shopping center. there were no injuries to report and all of the dogs were taken to the vet. the south san francisco police officer attacked on thanksgiving day is still in critical condition tonight. he is a 12-year veteran of the department and married father of two. take a look at the video. on the right side of the screen you can see the skateboarder and police cruiser behind the skateboarder. the suspect on the skateboard has now been arrested. he is facing charges of attempted murder of a police officer. another night of celebration in the wake of fidel castro's death. these are crowds in the streets of miami celebrating what they hope is a new future for cuba. but not everyone is celebrating. >> reporter: thousands poured into the streets of little havana as news of fidel castro's death spread.
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it's a day many cuban-americans have anticipated for years. >> i have been waiting all my life for this moment. >> reporter: castro's rise to power tore families apart and millions fled the island as he seized properties, silenced the press and jailed dissidents. >> he has caused pain on all generations. >> reporter: cuban american leaders in congress agreed. >> he was a sadistic murderer who brought great suffering to the people of cuba. he should not be revered. he should be reviled. >> all this has caused is terrorism and far co trafficking. that is the legacy. >> reporter: president obama who moved to normalalize relations with cuba said this history will record and judge the enormous impact of this person and the people around him.
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and donald trump said fidel castro's legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering. castro's brother raul is president but he is 85 and says he will retire in 2018. when we approved from the airport, many of the tv stations are showing fidel castro's speeches from his 50 years in power. many cubans were not surprised and they plan to mark the celebration of his life with a ceremony on december 4th. back to you. the passing of fidel castro bringing back harsh memories for cuban born families who escaped the country. this video was shared from 1980. diaz was 15 years old when he and his family fled cuba on a refugee boat bound for the u.s.
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his family was dreaming of a better life. >> it was overnight. we left at 5:00 a.m. and got to key west at 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning. i didn't know what was going to happen. it was very rough. >> reporter: a lot of people like diaz who have not seen relatives in decades. tracking the second of three storms arriving in the bay area right now. soggy view from palo alto into downtown san jose. we'll let you know how long the radar will be filled with the rain showers in your sunday forecast when we come back. the controversial hustler hollywood store has its grand opening tonight in san jose. i'm marianne favro. what the publisher of "hustler," larry flint had to say to customers. colin kaepernick sparks another controversy.
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this time it has to do with a t-shirt.
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neighbors tell us they are not too happy about it but despite their complaints it's happening anyway, a new hustler store held its grand opening in san jose tonight. marianne favro is joining us at the store. the controversial "hustler" founder, larry flint was there tonight. >> he was. he did a meet and greet with customers for two hours and talked with us. he said this store will be an asset to the community.
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you may have seen the billboards in san jose. now the hustler hollywood store is officially open. during tonight's grand opening, "hustler" publisher larry flint christened the new store. some neighbors have not rolled out the red carpet, especially those with kids. >> i would not want her saying i want to go in the store. >> reporter: flint says people need to experience the store before they pass judgment. >> we don't sell to minors, you know, we only sell to consenting adults. >> reporter: this woman waited in line to meet flint and says it is a big improvement over the former bank office that revacant for years. >> i love it. it's so cool. i live just around the corner from it and i remember this was
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so empty. now i just can come here any time and get lingerie. >> reporter: and the strip club the pink poodle is right across the street and doesn't seize the store as out of character for this street. >> there are people who have a knee jerk attitude toward sex. what america needs is a more laid back attitude toward sex. >> reporter: flint told me the majority of the customers at the store are women and this store is going to be open until 2:00 a.m. on friday and saturday nights. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick will take the field tomorrow in miami but is expected to be met with plenty of boos all because of a t-shirt. a miami reporter questioned kaepernick about why he wore a shirt depicting a meeting
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between fidel castro and malcolm x. castro is linked to oppression and things got heated. >> he took over a country without any justice and without any election. >> we do break up families here, that's what mass incarceration is, that was the foundation of slavery. so our country has been based on that as well as the genocide of native americans. >> are you equating the breaking up of cuban families with people going to jail in the united states of america? >> i'm equating the breaking up of families with the breaking up of families. >> kaepernick went on to note to saying that he respects malcolm x for being open enough to meat with castro. a massive fire this morning at the mosswood community recreation center in oakland.
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the mayor is asking for help to rebuild the center. it's a favorite within the community, hosting classes, a summer camp and preschool. >> they were able to save what appears to be a large gymnasium. it's hard to tell. that part of the building was saved but the classrooms in the back are a complete loss. the mosswood house was not harmed. earlier this evening the mayor said that the oakland parks and rec foundation is setting up a section on the website for anyone who would like to donate to the cleanup efforts. rob mayeda is here with the rain that is coming. >> a lot of people outside dodging the rain drops and we are seeing the second round of rain. the two systems overlapping each other. the showers decreased in mid afternoon but back on the increase once again. mill valley, over an inch of rain, san francisco close to .4
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inch. similar to that in oakland. and san jose which usually misses out has the same rain as san francisco has seen so far. the santa cruz mountains more than an inch. and san jose with the rain flying right now. moderate to steady rain moving off to the east. palo alto too, wet roadways as times. the showers are moving through. in the tri-valley, lighter totals there. again the rain that is moving to the south and approaching hey hayward in the east bay. a lot of cold air behind it. this is the trigger to really bring down the snow levels as we get into early tomorrow morning. by 4:00 a.m. the rain clearing the north bay and showers out of
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the south bay by mid-morning. sunday afternoon a big change from today. mostly dry until tomorrow night. we'll see round three arriving. rainfall totals mainly overnight before sunrise tomorrow. may add a quarter inch to half inch of rain in the bay area. the highs tomorrow as the skies clear, cool and blustery. upper 50s in san jose, low 60s in the tri-valley. oakland for the raiders game will have showers for the morning. cool and breezy around game time with temperatures close to 60 degrees. in the peninsula, temperatures in the upper 50s. breezy at times. wind speeds 10 to 20 miles an hour. even as the skies clear it will be chilly outside. san francisco into the north bay highs in the upper 50s. round three coming in this time tomorrow night into monday morning's commute. once the system clears you will
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see changes in the seven-day forecast after monday. it will turn dry and chilly with patchy frost not for san francisco but inland locations. you can see the lows in the mid-30s. as we clear the third system on monday, patchy frost and feeling more like winter for the beginning of december. >> feels like it. chilly. >> the warriors looking for their 11th straight win without a key piece of the puzzle. the wolf man -- >> he has a look at sports coming up next. there is a place where magic will fill you with wonder
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and always leave you wanting even more. because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days.
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the dubs are rolling right now even without their glue guy in the line-up the warriors stuck together and got past the young and talented t'wolves tonight at oracle. the dubs playing with draymond
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green and ian clark. kevin durant running out of time. let it fly, big guy. my goodness, shakes ricky rubio and buries the three. eight-point lead at the break. third quarter, steph curry showing off his handles, just clowning out there. don't treat a big fella like that. don't do it to him. warriors win 115-102. here's curry on playing without draymond. >> as the game went on it seemed very, very similar to you know, how we usually play. and it was good to see that we can step up and a guy like draymond's absence and still have contributions from other guys on the floor. >> ducks and sharks second period. ducks on the power play, trying to clear the puck, kessler finds getzlaf in front of the goal.
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he scores his first goal in the last 16 games. ducks win 3-2. cal and stanford won big. san jose state took home the valley trophy. the last time i saw a guy dribble the way steph curry was dribbling it was peggy playing me playing one-on-one in basketball. don't ever play her one-on-one, i'm telling you right now. >> thanks, henry. >> we'll be right back. >> take care.
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rain coming this way storm number two coming this way.
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>> we'll see you tomorrow night. >> "saturday night live." >> it's going to be a good one. >> coming up next. >> good night, everyone.
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>> good evening from longwood university, and welcome to the first and only vice presidential


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