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tv   Asian Pacific America with Robert Handa  NBC  December 4, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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♪ hello and welcome to a very special program for us here at "asian pacific america." i'm robert handa your host for our show on nbc bay area and cozi tv and today we're presenting our 100th program since launching the show two years ago and we're proud for what our show has accomplished and celebrate the fact we get to keep on doing it. we thank all of our viewers for the very loyal support and positive feedback we've gotten. now, one of the things we wanted to do was present a weekly showcase for the creative arts in the asian-american and pacific islander communities. we thought that would be a nice way to celebrate this milestone show. we put the spotlight on young
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performers starting from a polynesian hula chance dupe, and then chinese folk music. after that we get to watch a vietnamese traditional dance from some artists from yerba ba w buena high school. stay and celebrate with us. starting off our 100th show is a group from silver creek high school with a polynesian hula dance. joining us is ken, the performing arts coordinating who helps run the creative as well as administrative side of the performing arts classes and shannon who will be performing a polynesian hula dance as well as with her group of dancers. welcome all of you to our 100th show. ken, give us an idea, first of all, in terms of why this kind of program needs to be part of a curriculum. >> i think with performing arts
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it gives students an opportunity to reach out, especially back into their cultural heritage, to go back to their roots and in this particular case, you know, i mean, they're also honoring their history of their culture, you know, as opposed to just simply doing, you know, the everyday assignments in their classes. >> what are some of the special aspects of this program that you're offering? >> well -- >> they're all kind of special, right? >> yeah. >> the important thing is they get to kind of get back to their roots, right? >> absolutely. >> all right. and the district plans to continue doing it, right? >> absolutely, yeah. we have a plethora of classes taught throughout the entire school district and then, of course, the clubs like this group of ladies behind me that take what they learn perhaps in some of those classes and apply to what they're about to do on stage today. >> congratulations. thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon, give me an idea of why you connect with this kind of traditional form. >> i think young people connect with this dance form, the
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polynesian culture is very family oriented and i think through our club we create a family and good bonds. >> who is the family here? >> i'm president. this is my vice president, annika, my public relations, elle, my secretary, and my treasurer. >> they all have to work, right? what's the number you're going to perform for us? >> it will be "when she smiles." it's a hula dance. >> thank you very much for being here. go ahead and get in position and we will see a performance of traditional polynesian dance by this group from silver creek high school. enjoy. k you for being here. ♪
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[ applause ] >> thank you very much. wonderful, wonderful. thank you, shannon. all right. polynesian hula group from silver creek high school. coming up next a chinese folk song by a performer from evergreen high school, so stay with us. there are so many artistic and
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cultural art forms to choose welcome back. there are so many artistic and cultural art forms to choose from in our community. we're glad to be able to highlight chinese folk singing. felita is a performer from evergreen high school. welcome. >> hello.
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>> give me an idea of what attracted you to a traditional art form. >> what attracted me to this traditional art form was when i go to china oftentimes i see like the beauty of the nature, especially when i visit my hometown. i'm able to see the rice fields and able to see the grapes growing and the lotus inside the ponds and especially i really like it when i get to see like the fish like blow bubbles in the pond. it's really cool. so like when i see the beauty, i just really want to find a way to portray it and i feel like music is a great way to portray the city. that's why i chose to sing folk songs. >> especially the traditional songs, had you? >> yeah. >> how about the song you chose? does it have a connection to what you were talking about? >> it's about my hometown. it's from my hometown and it's chinese name is called -- w in english just means the waves
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of the lake, and it talks about the harvest of fish and lotus root which is something that we like to eat in our hometown. >> we're looking forward to hearing it. thank you for being here. all right. here she is. she's going to have a chinese folk song about the winter harvest. please enjoy it. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> felita, thank you very much. a cappella. very impressive. >> thank you. >> all right. when we return, the vietnamese club from yerba buena high
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feature traditional 'vietnamese and welcome back to our 100th show. this time we are here to feature traditional vietnamese dance put on the vietnamese club at yesh ba buena high school. with me are dancers with the club which is part of the east side union high school. welcome to all of you, all the dancers in the back too. give us an idea here in terms of what we're going to see here. >> you're going to hear a song that will capture and embrace the vietnamese culture and to showcase the beauty of a vietnamese woman and we're going to showcase that through the long black hair of the vietnamese woman and a gentle smile. >> very nice. give me an idea in terms of we
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talked to some other young performers, why young people gravitate to this type of traditional performance. >> we are a vietnamese student association and our job is to help teach and carry on the vietnamese culture and tradition and what draws young teenagers to come together is around the chinese new year time we would all come together and interact to create a show we host every year. >> that's great. wonderful that young people do that. all right. well, here they are. go ahead and get in position so we can have you perform. and here they are. the vietnamese club at yerba buena high school with a traditional dance. ♪
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[ applause ] >> thank you very much for doing that. that's wonderful. >> thank you. >> good to see so much talent throughout the east side union high school district. glad that you were all able to be here to celebrate our 100th show. thank you. stay with us and help us celebrate our 100th show with highlights and thoughts about the past shows and our future ones. we'll be back with that right after this.
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returned to nbc bay to launch this show...and i'll welcome back to our 100th show. one of the main reason i returned is to launch this show and i will always be grateful to the station for trussing me as well as lance to come up with an original, informative, and entertaining format that seeks to highlight, enlightening and deliver what's importa to the community to grow with the community from the inside out. joining me is my coordinating producer, lance, who was there with me as we first put together the show and with the help of our many talented people, we
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have been able to do the kind of shows we felt are original and not geared to anything else but the community. it's been a great privilege, huh? >> yeah. i mean, you know, i think when we had our first meeting at the beginning, we thought about who might we have as a guest, and i thought about student performers, community members, and we've kind of exceeded that with some of our hundred guests or more. >> and been able to intertwine big names as well as people who are important in the community, big names to us. however, for our show, we do want to show some of the high profile stars we've had so let's take a look at some of the people that have been guests on our show. >> you know, back when there is -- when i was growing up there was maybe like eight or ten comedies a year on regular tv and maybe one or two on cable. now there's hundreds and hundreds. what's really emerging is there's not just a few people with 20 million people watching them, it's smaller viewership, still impressive viewership and
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much more opportunity i think. >> by being asian american, by being a person of color, when you walk into a room that has an immediate impact, especially on fellow folks of color so that if i meet a sly stone or a tina turner, a marvin gaye, they're going to respond to me different than they would have if it was a white person from "time." >> this is an issue for all communities. >> yes. >> but in the pacific islander and asian-american communities, a specific circumstance. >> we know professional caregivers but the title family caregiver is not something we wear on a badge or that you see at the bottom of the screen. family caregiver, robert handa, although we do do it. it's just naturally part of wha we do and it's so important because of the sacrifice, the energy that's required, and the great outcomes to be honest that result from family care giving.
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>> times are better know. even after i retired i did play like heaven and earth was after i moved here and a few other projects, and i did a few really wonderful chinese films and australian films. >> boy, it's very enjoyable to watch that. amazing to have so many high-prohil guests we can't even show them all. >> i kind of like richard liu, the way he was sitting. >> he said something as well as mindy kaling, he was very impressed we have a show like this. >> absolutely. >> one of the things we like to do when we talked about it a little earlier was just been able to give a showcase for artistic performers. they just in mainstream media, mainstream performing arts, they don't get to get to highlight their talents very often. it's been wonderful to provide that format for them. >> i think i did not realize how
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many cultural performances and groups in high school and such. it requires a lot of help from families, the parents to kind of encourage them to remember their culture. >> right. so it's not even just the performance. it's just the fact they are performers makes them a community ssh for us. >> right. >> let's take a look at some of those music and dance people that we've been able to highlig highlight. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> "san francisco chronicle," march 10th, 1909. aoki engaged in daughter. neither wars nor rumors of race prejudice interfere with true love. ♪ >> it's wonderful to see how many people we've been able to profile and showcase. great. great job, lance. you do a lot of the coordinating as well as joachim. great to be able to do that with you. >> my pleasure. >> one thing we're most proud of
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is everybody who worked on the show are all part of the "asian pacific america" family and that feeling of commitment and loyalty is something we cherish and appreciate. so thank you to everyone who has been involved. that's it for this 100th edition of "asian pacific america" and naturally we're also on social media, twitter, and facebook so please check us out there and give us your feedback. thanks to all of our guests who have helped us out for all these shows. please check us out next week on our 101st show, and, of course, every week here on "asian pacific america." thanks for watching.
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the there are a lot of questions being asked. >> ohio state will be stronger having come through this. >> i'm going to bring jobs back to our country. >> go! >> gd mornin and welcome to "sunday today" on this first weekend of december. i'm willie geist. a lot of news to get to including a horrific scene in oakland, california. a warehouse art collective still smoldering after a deadly fire ripped through it on friday night. right now the death toll stands at 9 but officials fear that number will increase with


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