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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  December 4, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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thank you for joining us this sunday i'm vicky nguyen. a press conference scheduled to begin any moment now. we're looking at the microphones there. everyone is set up. the alameda county officials are expected to come out to tell us what crews discovered during the recovery efforts overnight and ke livhe plan is moving forward as they canvas that warehouse to rning. out who is still inside. pete suratos is live at the scene. as you look live at the pickers overhead. fire began about 11:30 on friday night. this was a party happening in oakland. advertised for weeks online. at least 190 people actually rsvp'd to say they'd be in attendance. they believe at least 100 people would be inside at the time. we're hearing -- we're waiting to hear right now about the
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recovery efforts. there have been crews on scene all night. as you can see in the bottom middle part of your screen there. a number of black tents set up by alameda county investigators as they try to do the very sensitive and delicate work of figuring out who is inside and then possibly the long effort of identifying those victims. because we don't know the condition of those bodies right now. officials have been warning all along that while they have confirmed ten people are dead, ng-y do expect the number to rise significantly. we're getting a look at the r wadbreak their families are living through right now. for many still don't know if heir loved ones are alive or dead.
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ills is peter wadsworth, his best friend lived on the first floor of the ghost ship. also still not found, jennifer, haelfriends say she was inside the warehouse doing nail art when the fire broke out. you're looking at alexander vega and his girlfriend mikaela. their families say they were at y/chghost ship, at the party, but they have not been heard r hassince. certainly, a heartbreaking day of feeling helpless for many of the friends and relatives of those folks that were inside that party. now, there has been a family assistance center set up at the alameda county building located at 2425 east 12th street. families that are looking for more information can call that number. 510-382-3000. el> and in the meantime, we're learning new details about the moments before the fire broke out. we spoke with the co-owner of erformer t
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that's a los angeles record label that represented the cked wner at the party. icly trionna. he describes the chaos that the performer told him about from inside the packed warehouse. andays people were frantically trying to escape the smoke and flames. >> immediately the one place you needed to get through was already like so much smoke, it was hard o breathe. that made it so extra frantic. ht-- awn and another l.a.-based artist, brian foot, say two more 100% silk artists who were scheduled to perform that night are still missing this morning. let's take you back out live as you see the crews from all the different stations are setting up for that press conference. our pete suratos is there to ask questions of the officials. namely, what did they find overnight. how long do they expect the recovery effort to take. they know it will not be easy work. they have to be careful. the crews that are going in there. e kn building, as you can see, has been gutted. it was structurally unsound.
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very dangerous for the crews that are going inside. in some ways, they need to reconstruct that building, make sure it's safe, shored up and you can see some of the heavy equipment being used to move some of the debris out of there. our investigative unit has discovered that this building had received several complaints x almost ten complaints over the past decade. the most recent complaints about this warehouse were for blight and unpermitted construction. we're getting conflicting reports about whether people were actually living there. there have been pictures posted online showing the conditions inside the warehouse before the fire and quite frankly, they're beautiful. this was an artists collective. there was a work live space according to some reports. creative people were doing their art or living in a commune-style as was reported. we've seen from some of the pictures posted online, there were beds and couches and we
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understand that this had been sort of a repository for found objects from all over the world. in fact, it may have been that international appeal that drew so many people to this party on friday night. we understand that about 100 people were inside. at least 190 had responded to the online invitation advertising this party. an electronic music party, golden donna was the headliner. he's an electronic music artist out of wisconsin. from what we're seeing and hearing from people who are close to the founder of this art collective, the founder of the ghost ship, one man who has been talking to the media, said he was invited to live there and that he didn't feel it was safe. he said he went there, it was beautiful inside. but he worried. he worried about the way that it was set up inside. he worried about fire safety. and he says he's devastated because he believes he's lost several friends.
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but he also told us that he wasn't surprised because when he went inside and saw the conditions, he mentioned seeing the stairwell looking like a makeshift, made out of pieces of wood going upstairs. he just didn't feel comfortable, didn't feel it was a place that he wanted to live. but the owners of this warehouse has said that she denies all of this was going on and did not believe people were living there. we understand the press conference is getting under way. john that watson on the left, the spokesperson for the police department is there. they look like they're doing a mike check. here it is. >> thank you very much. we understand this has been a very long, we're into our second day. we appreciate your patience. my name is officer jonna watson. i'm one of the public information officers for the oakland police department.
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we'd like to update you this morning regarding this tragic fire. currently, we have with us sergeant kelly from the alameda county sheriffs office, as well as battalion fire chief melinda drayton. i'm going to right now turn it over to fire chief battalion to discuss with you some of the logistics that have occurred during last night. >> good morning everybody. my name is melinda drayton. melin-e-l-i-n-d- m-e-l-i-n-d-a, drayt-r-a-y-t-o- battalion fire chief for oakland fire. i took over at approximately 9:00 to start our night off operational period which lasted 12 hours ending at 9:00 this morning. our goal was to work collaboratively with public
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works to breach the b 5, would be the left side of the warehouse building, the fire building in order to gain access for our firefighters and alameda county sheriffs to be able to remove debris systematically from the building, the vacant lot next to the building, literally bucket by bucket in a methodical, thoughtful, mindful and compassionate way. we had firefighters with basically cover alls and buckets and shovels taking bits of debris out into the vacant lot to then be loaded into dump trucks and removed to an off-site location. in order to do this we had to gain access by breaching the walls with heavy rescue equipment, specialized tools that turned out to be a very
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successful operation. we have gone from one end to the other end of the building encompassing approximately 20% of the building. searching for victims and doing debris removal. at this point we have approximately 80% left to search. so within 12 hours of our operational briefing, we made it through 1/5 of the building. this will be a long and arduous process, but we want to make sure we're respecting the victims, their families and our firefighter safety to work slowly and carefully through the building. public works brought in an unbelievable amount of equipment that worked in concert with the firefighters in a very teamwork approach to make sure that everything was removed that needed to be removed out of the building that we took care of
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everything that may cause hazard to our firefighters and i can tell you when i was in there throughout the evening, the somber approach that our firefighters and alameda county sheriff's department members took to the search. it was quiet, it was heartbreaking. to get through what we were able to accomplish in 12 hours was a phenomenal feat. we have a lot more to go. we're going to be here for a few more days just getting through the building. if you do the math. we'll be taking the same approach. >> thank you. >> good morning. sergeant ray kelly with the
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alameda county sheriff's office. i'll be talking about our coroner's bureau operations. our work at the family assistance center and kind of where we are and what we've gone through last night. i think as the chief described, you can feel that emotion in her voice. i saw that. i saw our people, firefighters, first responders and i saw them, they're tired, this is very emotional. i want to update people where we are. as far as how many victims we have, how many more we possibly anticipate and where we're headed right now. we have located thus far with about 20% of the building search. we've located 24 deceased victims of this fire. we've only been able to do three official notifications to families. this is going very slow for us. because we have to go back to
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our coroner's bureau and try to identify these people. this is very hard work. it's very slow. it's definitely taken a toll on the first responders here. we're working in the 12 on/12 off capacity. we have people around the clock and we'll be here for days and days to come. i have a few requests that i ask of the public and of the press. if people would no longer call the number that we originally had put out, we have been completely overwhelmed by phone calls. we're asking at this point that you not call that number unless you have a legitimate concern that someone you know is missing. we have contacted every family member. we have sat down with them, cried with them.
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we have spent hours and hours with them. we couldn't do this without the assistance of the red cross, the city workers, the chaplains, the amount of people that have come forth to help to do the offers of assistance have just been amazing. we couldn't do it without all those people. as we move forward later on today, we will begin to release names of the victims. that's going to be very hard. we wanted to do that in a respectful manner. we want to make sure the families are prepared for the names of their loved ones to be public. in the coming hours we will be releasing victims' names. i'm going to refer it back to officer watson. >> thank you, sergeant kelly. last night oakland police officers did what we call an areawide search. what they did is went through and they looked at all of the
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parked vehicles, gathered license plates numbers for any of the victims that may have driven to this location and we're trying to match vehicles with registered owners, with cars that have been driven. so we're working this scene from many different angles, many different resources, many different agencies involved. i will certainly open it up for questions. we're going to be brief on the questions and let me explain to you for the reason why. we'd like our city officials such as the mayor to have her opportunity with the media, as well as provide additional information as a sergeant and the battalion chief indicated, we still have and are recovering more additional victims and as the information is made known to us, we want to share it with you. so at this time i will say that we will have a media
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availability at 11:00. we'll certainly send out an advisory. i'll ask again if you have not provided us with your contact information, we have a lot of media that is from out of town. please, i'll be available, my partner, officer marco marquez will be available and will collect that information. yes, sir? [ inaudible question ]. >> give us any idea, were they all found together? [ inaudible question ]. >> we anticipate that the number of victims will rise. it will increase. in regards to how we're finding the victims, i think the battalion chief would be best served to answer that question as she's been in the scene a lot more than i have. >> in terms of last night's
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operational period, we found one victim within feet of the breached wall. by the time we made our 15-foot swath across the building to give us access to all four quadrants, we found three victims at the very far end, which would be the east side of the building. when we circled back to the center of the building, we had some large timber rafters that were coming down to the center from the mezzanine and the roof that had been part of our collapsed, extremely dangerous working environment for our firefighters at that point, so we came in and removed all those rafters so that we didn't have that precarious situation to look under. within the center of the building, we almost immediately found four victims and within ten feet of those four victims,
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we found six more. so we can speak to the middle of the building ten victims. we believe that there were two staircases in the building and it was not an effective area of the staircase. [ inaudible question ]. >> this is the most deadly fire in oakland fire history that i'm aware of. i've been in for 19 years. i would consider myself kind of a veteran. we have members from our latest recruit class that have two months on the job and we've had members over the course of the night that have 30 years on the job. and every one of them has been emotionally impacted by this. it is tragic to watch so many people perish from a fire fatality in front of your eyes
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and have to be stoic in your job, be professional in your actions and make sure we're honoring the victims and their families to bring them safely out of the building. [ inaudible question ]. >> do you know what the cause of the fire is yet? >> no. it's still under investigation. we don't believe we've gotten close to the origin of the fire. >> can i just ask -- [ inaudible question ] number one and number two, have you been in contact with the building's owner in the days or hours since it happened? >> in regards to the amount of people that are still missing, yes, it's a significant number. we've given you a number of 24. that number will go up. but we've only searched about 20% of this building. there is a lot of work to be
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done. in regards to the second part of your question, i'll let officer watson answer that. >> we understand there are a lot of questions surrounding the building, permitting. we'll certainly have those conversations a little bit later. right now we're very much focused on the 24 victims and the 24 families that are grieving right now. the 24 families that have lost their loved ones. we're going to at this time just leave you once again with 11:00 we'll have another media availability. right now this will conclude our press update. >> quick clarification. >> we'll get back to you. that concludes the press conference that we were waiting for. ad lib about 20 minutes there. we heard from three key officials who have been involved in this search and recovery
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effort that was jonna watson from opd. the big information out of the update, 24 people confirmed dead. 24 more missing. and the focus right now is on wrap upnces and reaching out and e scing to the families that have been affected. p tothe new numbers now up from ten this morning, what we were reporting, 24 still missing. i want to just run through what we heard and catch you up if you hadn't been listening. but we're hearing a theme from all of these officials from the fire department, from the police department that this has been emotionally exhausting on these first responders who are trying to be as methodical as possible and as respectful as possible as they go in and do very difficult work. they say they have only searched about 20% of that building and that's where they're getting these initial numbers of 24 dead and 24 missing. but they have 80% of the
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building still left to go. it is very difficult and challenging work. they say that they have had to bring in a number of heavy equipment -- heavy machinery from the public works department to help get access to the building to breach the wall. we heard from battalion chief from oakland fire, melinda drayton, saying they had to get in the side and literally, get in bucket by bucket and remove the debris. they're doing it in a mindful and compassionate way to pay respect to the victims. they are finding. and of course to their families as well. she said that this has been very, very difficult work, very arduous work, but they want to respect the victims. we heard from sahr jephergeant saying they're feeling the emotions. people are working 12-hour shifts. this is exhausting and emotional work. we're hearing from the oakland
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police department. jonna watson, the sergeant there, saying they're doing an area wide search and being methodical, working the scene from many angles. they're trying to gather all of the license plates for the cars parked nearby, for the victims and trying to match the vehicles with their registered owners. i want to bring in right now pete suratos who has been out there all morning long. pete, you listened to the press conference as well. what struck you? >> reporter: oakland fire given us an update. as you can imagine, it's a very emotional time. we know that that it's up to 24 deceased victims where this fire took place on friday night. they're going to search as the day goes on. the count is up to 24.
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we reported ten in the last live report. now it's up to 24. when i say they were getting emotional, we heard from oakland fire. they say it was a very tough time for them. they've only been through 20% of the building. they've removed buckets of debris. they're trying to make it through this warehouse where they found bodies there inside of the middle of that warehouse. they've still got 80% left to search. but they say it was a difficult time. they're removing buckets of debris from the warehouse as they continue their search for the bodies. this is going to be a fluid thing guys. we're going to get -- that count has jumped to 24. we're expecting that number to possibly increase and we could actually get some names when they hold that next conference fire i00 a.m. back to you in the studio. sigete, thank you for the coverage. the coverage for this fire in oakland is continuing. the latest information. we'll see you right after this break. stay with us. devistating fire ada
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your time is 8:26. we're continuing our coverage of the devastating fire at that dance party inside an oakland warehouse friday night. live chopper pics. we got an update on the scene. we have learned 24 confirmed dead. 24 others confirmed missing. as we heard from battalion chief melinda drayton, many of the bodies were found in the center of that warehouse right now. the process is slow, steady. they have only gone through about 20% of that building. so they do expect the numbers to rise. we want to turn our attention to the weather across the bay area. we're going to get a check of our forecast with vain i arana. how is the weather looking? >> it's looking sunny. nothing to get in the way of the
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investigation. we're tracking cooler temperatures and a chill down into the earlier part of the workday. 41 degrees. skies beautiful. we are seeing mostly clear skies. temperatures chilly in the 40s and 50s for san francisco. 47 degrees. partly cloudy skies will be clearing out. as we begin to see sunshine in the forecast, we could be seeing an increase of high clouds as we head into monday. right now, 40s along the coast as we head into the north bay. napa the 39. santa rosa 37. a cold front is expected to arrive. that's going to bring a very cold air mass with a possibility of windchills frost. highs in the 50s and 60s. not a lot of wind. not ebbs pekting much of it ahead. sunday night, looking ahead to the futurecast. we're seeing a trough that could bring the possibility of a few scattered showers tuesday for parts of the north bay.
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near san francisco, the rest of the bay area i guess it's a better chance thursday and friday. thanks to the arrival of a storm system. if you're heading out for activities, we should top out at 63 degrees. in downtown san jose, near the oakland coliseum. we should remain in the 50s. we are expecting the temperature to change into the overnight hours for chilly temperatures. i'll send things back to you. >> thank you. coming up, we'll be continuing our coverage of the warehouse fire. we'll have more details about what we heard in the news conference at the top of the hour. right now we know 24 confirmed victims. 24 confirmed missing. and those numbers expected to go up dramatically. because officials only searched about 20% of that warehouse. we'll have more for you right after this break. joining us i'm vicky nguyen..
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let's st the time now 8:30. good morning thank you for joining us. i'm vicky nguyen. we're getting a first major update on how the recovery is going at the scene of the oakland fire. getz go to pete suratos. he's been on the scene all day. pete, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, vicky. as we mentioned in the last live report. a very emotional presser. the alameda chefs office and the fire department. explaining where the fire took place friday night. the count is up to 24 deceased victims. remember, it was a count of ten when we started this show on today in the bay. now we're at 24. when it comes to what they're looking for, they've only searched about 20% of the area. they've had to move a ton of debris into the nearby lot. they have 80% more to go. i told you it was an emotional press conference. here's oakland fire explaining
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the emotional toll they go through as they find the bodies? the building. >> i can tell you the somber approach that our firefighters and alameda county sheriff's department members took to this search. it was quiet, it was heartbreaking. >> reporter: now oakland police is also doing a search of the area near 31st and international in oakland for possible victims that may have driven to this party. that's part of the search on the missing person's list. the count is now up to 24 people. deceased victims. that count could go up or they're expecting it to go up. another news conference at 11:00 a.m. and we'll bring you the details as they come in. live in oakland, pete suratos for today in the bay. >> pete, thank you so much. pete picking up on the same thing we picked up listening to the officials talking about the emotional toll this is taking on
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everyone, including the first responders. in the meantime, we're getting new details about the missing people and their families. peter wadsworth among them. his best friend said he lived on the first floor of the ghost ship warehouse. she hasn't heard from him since the fire. this is jennifer. you are also looking at alexander vega and his girlfriend, mikaela. their friends and family saying they were at the warehouse when it went up in flames and they have not been heard from since. >> it's my brother that i want to find. i need closure. >> a real feeling of helplessness for so many of the victims' families who are sidelined and hearing now for the first time this morning that this effort is only about 20% complete. there's so much more to still go through as these officials try to do so in a methodical and respectful way. in some cases as we heard from melinda drayton with the oakland fire department, they're taking
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buckets out one at a time. right now a vigil is under way happening at the chapel of the chimes in oakland. there was one last night as well. family and friends comforting each other in this time of very deep sadness. many of them grieving. they are from the arts community in oakland. this warehouse was known as the ghost ship. it was home to an artist collective where some are saying that artists were living and working. that is under conflict. the owner of the building says she was not aware of anyone living there. just that she told the l.a. times people would stay and work overnight. she did not people were living there. we're hearing from folks familiar with the warehouse and that was not the case. we're hearing on social media, facebook that there have been a lot of condolences posted on friends' pages and strangers flooding the chapel, going to the vigils to show their support for this community. more now about the person who
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was headlining that rave dance party on friday night. a popular electronic artist from wisconsin, stage name golden donna. real name is joel shanahan. hours after the fire, there was a post on joel shanahan's facebook page that revealed he managed to escape the building. that quote, he is heartbroken and has several friends who are among the missing. the facebook page for the musician's tour has become an online rallying point for people looking for information for anyone who might have been at that show. some even started an online document to share information about those potential victims. what we're hearing from people who were familiar with the ghost ship warehouse is that they knew this building was dangerous. one man who came to check on the artist that he knew says that he's absolutely devastated by what happened but that he's not altogether surprised. >> i was worried about it before, too. i had been asked to move in there.
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i refused. i felt like it was just a little too scary for me because of that. wonderful people. really wonderful people. very creative and talented people living there. really good people. >> the man behind the -- you're looking at pictures posted online showing what it looks like inside. beautiful. you know, a commune it's described of artists. as you can see there, couches, beds and as you heard from that man, people were living there. he was invited to live there. city inspectors are telling us that building was under investigation for blight and illegal unpermitted construction and that it was not permitted to be a living space but, rather, just an industrial warehouse. we're learning more about the family that owns that building. that family has several properties throughout the bay area. we spoke with the daughter and the son-in-law of the property owner. they didn't want to talk on camera but they provided a statement. she says i'm sorryb but we do
8:37 am
not have any comment. we're trying to figure out what's going on, just like everybody else. we're sorry to hear about the tragedy. our condolences go out to the family and friends of those injured and those who lost their lives. in association to the warehouse, inge is linked to other properties. one is an apartment building on lombard street in san francisco. records show -- there were loose ceilings and cracked walls that were corrected. the city of oakland found complaints in the chinatown district. records show three of the complaints involved graffiti. the other had to do with sewer waste leaking from the property. the most recent complaint in the summer. but none of the buildings received as many complaints as the warehouse in oakland. that building received nearly ten complaints in the past decade. the most recent involving that
8:38 am
unpermitted construction and blight. we have much more ahead on today in the bay. new details coming out from inside the warehouse. moments before it burst into flames. the video that appears to show the party before the fire broke out. keep it right here. heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care.
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party inside an oakland warehouse on the time 8:40. we continue our coverage of the devastating fire at the oakland warehouse known as the ghost ship. here is what we know right now. 24 people confirmed dead. two dozen still missing. oakland fire officials are expecting to have another press conference around 11:00 where they may be able to release some names and tell us who those victims are. we're learning that about ten people were found in the middle of that warehouse. the fire battalion chief telling us that it's been a precarious
8:41 am
process of going through that building, literally bringing out debris, buckets by buckets and saying -- give you an idea of how dangerous it is inside. there are at least three beams that had fallen from the roof making it very dangerous for the crews inside. much more still coming up on today in the bay. stay with us. we'll be right back after this short break. meantime-- we're learning new
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details about the moments before well, we want to give you an update on what we're learning from the 8:00 news conference. it's the biggest update we've received since overnight. 24 people confirmed dead. 24 more still missing. you're looking at video right now on your screen that was believed to have been taken about half an hour before the flames broke out inside that warehouse. you can see, it is crowded in there. not easy to get around and for folks who have been in that warehouse during the day, they say it's filled with artist' items and constructed in a way,
8:44 am
if you don't know your way around, it would be difficult to get out. we are hearing from oakland fire officials and authorities that they have made it through 20% of that warehouse in the recovery effort. but that the work is very slow. as melinda drayton said from the fire department, they're not even close to finding the point of origin of the fire. we have pete suratos on scene all morning. let's bring in pete right now. hi, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, vicky. that news conference wrapped up about a half an hour ago. the same trio of officials we've seen, oakland fire and police and alameda county sheriff's office. it was a somber news conference. very emotional. they explained the body count at this oakland conference, caught on fire during a party on friday night is up to 24 deceased. that number could go up as the day goes on. now as far as what oakland fire is telling us with this investigation, they say that they still have 80% of that
8:45 am
structure left to go. they've only been able to go to 20% of the structure and already at that number of 24. they explained taking out buckets of debris and clearing out this area as they searched for more bodies. this art ware -- this warehouse has been described as a 24-hour art collective, a place for artists to have a -- trying to make their way through this warehouse. oakland fire is explaining how tough it has been in the last 24 hours to go through all this. >> i can tell you when i was in there throughout the evening, the somber approach that our firefighters and alameda county sheriff's department members took to the search. it was quiet. it was heartbreaking. >> reporter: i want to point out, i've covered many of these news conferences with officials when they give this sound.
8:46 am
it was something to see how emotional they were as they worked through finding the bodies inside of this oakland warehouse. there will be another update coming up at 11:00 a.m. at this time, i mentioned there were 24 deceased. they are not releasing the names yet. we may get some of the names during the news conference at 11:00 a.m. pete suratos for today in the bay. >> pete, thank you. we'll be back after a short break. you're watching today in the bay. people from all over are
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offering their support.. ==add snipe== if you'd like to donate, we have a full list of where to do so, on nbc bay area dot com. people from all over are offering support. we have a full list where you can help at our continuing coverage of this deadly fire in oakland continues online as well. we're updating all of our digital platforms with the latest information. you can follow our twitter feed and sign up for breaking news alert at we want to turn our attention to a look at the weekend forecast.
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you've been saying all morning, it's clear, nothing to hamper the efforts of the crews in oakland. >> a peaceful weather pattern. not tracking anything serious and no real wind or breeze. we aren't expecting a lot of the windy conditions into the later part of this week. our main focus is if you're just now waking up, you may feel that cold, cold air and that's because we are tracking a cold front that's going to drop our temperatures down, especially heading into the workweek. right now, temperatures in san francisco, half moon bay in the 40s. near the north bay, santa rosa, napa in the 30s. in san jose at 43 degrees. it's definitely feeling chilly out there. our temperatures are going to be similar to yesterday along the coast. near san francisco, should be topping out into the 50s. in the south bay, we're expecting to top out at 63 degrees. we are going to keep that sunshine in the forecast through the start of your workweek. as that high pressure begins to
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make its exit, we have this cold front along with a trough. that's going to bring a very slight possibility for a few scattered showers right now. the models showing ail probability near the north bay by tuesday. it's going to be into the overnight hours. if you're not up by that hour, you don't need to hit the roads, it shouldn't affect your commute into tuesday. you could see windshield frost by wednesday morning. by thursday, a second system will bring better rain chances with heavier downpours heading into friday with the majority of that rain where that red and yellow is along the north bay area. we are going to keep an eye on this. right now the models are showing different numbers in terms of how much in rain totals. if you're heading out to the oakland coliseum for the bills versus raiders game, sunday at 1:05 kickoff time, it should be pretty cool. bundle up. wear all of your raider gear because you're going to need it. especially if you're going to be outside and not watching it in
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the comfort of your home. here's a look at that temperature trend. by 12:00 or 1:00, we're looking at the 50s and into the overnight hours, we'll start to see the arrival of the 30s and those 20s in the valleys into tuesday and wednesday. now, here is a play-by-play of your forecast today. by noon, expecting 54 degrees. by 3:00 and 7:00, the temperatures begin to drop and we see the arrival of a few high clouds into the overnight hours, not expecting any winds except for that chill. over the next seven days, we do have a change in that weather pattern. but that's not going to arrive until the later portion of the week. i did mention the possibility of a few scattered showers heading into monday and tuesday. that's going to be a very slight chance and it's going to be very concentrated in the north bay. our better chance on thursday and friday. for now, the focus is going to be the chilly temperatures as you wake up on tuesday. especially near wednesday as well.
8:52 am
not just for san francisco but inland as well. as you head into monday, an increase in the high clouds which could bring patchy fog along the coast and near san francisco. by tuesday and wednesday, it's going to turn slightly breezy, which is going to kick up those cool windchills. by thursday and friday, we continue to monitor that system as showing a pretty good chance for some rain, not just in the north bay but heading into friday, it should spread as far down as the south bay. back to you. >> thank you. coming up we continue our coverage of the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. we know 24 people dead. 24 still missing. no closer to determining the cause of that fire. and 80% of the warehouse still left to search. stay with us. we take you inside the chinese behemoth, hiring tens of thousands in san jose. leaving silicon valley to wonder, who are these guys and
8:53 am
the business opportunities behind -- on "press: here." thanks man.
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let's go back out live to today in the bay's pete suratos with an update on what we've learned now, before we wrap up our newscast, let's go out live to pete suratos with an update on what we've learned this morning. hi there, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, vicky. we're at 31st avenue and international boulevard. behind me with the scene where this oakland warehouse fire took place. when we got that update from the sheriff's office and they're telling us that the number of dead bodies is up to 24. that number has increased since the start of the show and we reported that the number -- this is the deadliest fire in the city's history. as far as moving forward, they're only able to go through
8:56 am
about 20% of the building, moesk buckets of debris. still 80% is left to go. in that amount of time in the past 24 hours, they've been able to find 24 deceased bodies. we do know there was a party taking place on friday night. we know that this warehouse was used as a 24-hour art collective with different art studios inside. as this process continues as officials search this building for the missing bodies, here's oakland fire explaining what the process has been like over the past 24 hours. >> it is tragic to watch so many people perish from a fire fatality np front of your eyes and have to be stoic in your job and be professional in your actions and make sure we're honoring the victims and their families to bring them safely out of the building. >> reporter: as you can see in that sound bite from that one official with oakland fire, a very emotional time for folks as
8:57 am
they search this building. they're not releasing names of the 24 deceased victims at this time. but we're going to get another update at 11:00 a.m. and at that time we may start to get some names. live in oakland, pete suratos for today in the bay. they're working as quickly as they can to notify the next of kin and be sensitive to the families suffering in this time of great loss. people from all over the world are offering their support. if you want to be a part of it and donate, we have a full list of where you can do so on our continuing coverage of this deadly fire in oakland is also happening online. we're updating all of our digital platforms with the latest information. check our twitter feed and you can sign up for breaking news alerts on thanks so much for joining us this morning for our special two-hour long newscast. at 11:00, we're expecting more information. for now, we'll send you off to meet the press airing in its
8:58 am
entirety starting right after this newscast. have a great morning. stand back, ya hear! breakout the syrup because denny's new fluffier, tastier, better rudolph pancakes are here for the holidays.
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this sunday, after a post truth this sunday after a most election, do donald trump's words matter? >> this is problem with the media. you guys took everything donald trump said so literally. >> when candidate trump says -- >> we're going to drain the swamp. >> what does he mean? what about repealing obamacare or conversations with the leaders of taiwan, pakistan and philippines. this morning, my interview with the vice president elect, governor mike pence of indiana. plus, post election bitt bitterness. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> no, you didn't. >> we're bringing together the top campaign


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