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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 9, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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heart of san francisco's soma district... right now at 11:00, gushing water over the night in the heart of the so ma district and now a gaping hole in the middle of the street. the traffic tie-up that will affect your ability to get on and off of the bay bridge. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> the water main break that burst overnight. i'm kris sanchez. the rush is on to fix that water main break so order can be restored in so ma. drivers are being told to avoid the area of howard and 4th streets. nbc bay area's has been covering the story when it was a breaking story this morning and joins us from san francisco. rich, this has been a messy scene for hours and it's really
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tough to watch that digger break away that asphalt. >> reporter: they are indeed. i'll show that you big hole that sam was talking about. there it is. we have multiple amount of construction equipment going on, literally, right on my back here. now, most of this intersection could be closed for the rest of the day. right now, only a part of 4th street is open between mission and howard. this while as you see they continue to clean up this mess. as we can go closer here, we can kind of see a little bit of that water main right about there where it may have broken. i don't know how close we can zoom in. that's what they have to fix. when they fix that pipe, they have to clean up that mess and that's why it's going to be closed down for the rest of the day. this is going to be the normalcy. if you have to get through this area, it's not going to happen. this, as you said, it all started in the middle of the night and it's going to be going once again all night long.
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>> washout commute. a 12-inch water main at 4th and howard built in 1895 burst in the middle of the night sending water gushing in the roadway and turning it into a pond. >> our crews responded and got on site at 3:15 a.m. they cordoned off the street with sfpd and mobilized more resources. we're bringing in additional crews. >> before crews shut it off, more than 200 residents lost water along with several businesses. >> this is going to be a longer repair job, well into the day. >> the hardest hit, the moscone center. the break caused the building's basement to flood which could mean a long-term effect for some time after all this is cleaned up. >> reporter: we've got construction workers that went down in this hole. they're going piece by piece in this road that was broken apart. they have a lot more digging to go. there were some other issues with businesses in the area.
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they're now trying to assess the damage. especially the basement of one building you saw in my story there. a nearby unfinished subway line took on a little bit of water. no major damage. this is the reality that's going to be going on in this part of san francisco, which is 4th and howard. rick boon for nbc bay area. >> thank you very much. >> so the thing is, aging infrastructure is a problem in san francisco. but the location of that is what's up. the water main break is really a bad break for drivers in that location. >> it's already a hard time getting through that part of the city. this is just going to compound that and for how long is the question. let's turn to mike inaway. how are we going to get around that? [ inaudible ] hold on one second. >> mike is turning on his microphone. we know your batteries are fresh. >> they had to reset for the 11:00 a.m.
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i'm usually out of here guys. >> going to stick around all morning and possibly toward the afternoon. that is a problem. already congested because we talked about moscone center. we talked about met reon. fourth and howard, look how congested the surface street traffic is. we're focusing on fourth and howard that's closed off because of the repair work between mission and fourth. fifth is the alternate. harrison is the alternate toward howard. that gets you past the area. this is the bay bridge. this will continue to be a problem. traveling from market to this area to get to the bay bridge and to get off of the bridge. as the afternoon continues, folks trying to get out of city, it will become more and more of an issue. we'll continue to track this, of course, know your reroutes. i just gave them to you. back to you. >> listen to mike. thank you very much. the wet weather sprouted up on thursday is extending to the weekend. might be a good idea to stay inside and wrap the gifts or
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maybe buying the gifts. it is a little early for that. live look outside right now. in oakland, traffic moving fairly smoothly there. you see doesn't look too rainy. we have a special tool to track all the precipitation that is coming our way in the atmosphere. it is storm ranger. right now it's on a mountain in san bruno. let's tauren to meteorologist kari hall. >> we were seeing rain in oakland. just a little while ago. but storm ranger gives us an hd look at what should be coming down from the clouds and coming from the clouds as we go into the next couple of days as the storm moves in and gives us a very high storm accuracy. and also fills in the gaps that the radar may miss as they go upward and shoot across in the bay area. we continue to track the storm as it moves in. not a lot of activity right now. just the low clouds and spotty rain. that we will see off and on throughout the morning and early
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afternoon. and we can barely see anything in the drive across the golden gate bridge. the temperatures have been in the upper 50s. patchy fog. we're dealing with that and also spotty showers. the rain gets heavier tonight. i'll give you a better idea of the timeline coming up in just a few minutes. sam and kris. >> kari, appreciate that. we're tracking the weather. it's as easy as swiping on our app. it connects to our live doppler radar. you'll know when and where the rain is going to arrive. you can get personalized forecasts just for your neighborhood. >> now we want to turn to deadly fire that claimed 36 lives a week ago today and the investigation into the so-called ghost ship that is now in high gear. all morning long, wee watched the atf crews going into and coming out of the building trying to recreate the situation. all 36 victims are now identified. among the last ones to get confirmation of are jennifer
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mind owe la, joseph matlock who went by joey. bob rid dell is live in oakland. bob, you just talked to the father of one of the victims. what is he saying now? >> reporter: good morning, kris. the father, bob, la peen, he's a professional photographer. he flew in from utah to collect the remains of his sons and this morning to take pictures of the so-called ghost ship warehouse. the place where his son edmond and 35 oir people perished. he says by coming here, he's seeking some sort of closure so in his words he can go back home and try to move forward with his life. the pictures he takes this morning will go into a scrapbook with other photos of his son. his son was working at a local bakery training to become a barista. his heart was in music. edmond loved to dj which is what brought him to the music party.
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he hadn't seen his son in a couple of years but spoke to him on a regular basis. >> there's a lot of things that i i wish i had said to him, but i'll never be able to. that's what's sad. it's tough, you know. >> as far as the investigation into the fire that killed his son is concerned, the atf is telling us they will have a news conference at 3:00. they have a special forensics team on site this morning that will be creating a digital map of the inside of the warehouse to help investigators determine the cause of this fire. as we reported earlier this week, the oakland fire department hadn't inspected the building in at least ten years. a fire marshal with the contra costa county fire protection district tells us that is not unusual. that the state does not mandate
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inspections in warehouses like this. only properties like schools, hospitals, jails and the like. now, in another development this morning, derek al mean a, the man who leased this property retained a lawyer or a law firm after criticism mounts about how poorly maintained this property was. the lawyers released a statement this morning. from all the information we have gathered, it is apparent to our office that derek al mena and his associates have committed no act or behavior amounting legally to criminal negligence. if charges ever emanated out of the event, it is believed that such -- >> reporting live from oakland, bob redell, nbc oakland news. >> bob, thank you very much. many tears shed in recent days on the cal campus, as well as grieving families and friends came together yesterday. five of the 36 people killed had ties to uk berkeley. you see the folks writing messages and on poster board
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inside and outside. they gathered to pay respects, including the twin sister of one of the victims. >> i can feel her everywhere. she was always everything beautiful. >> just trying to draw support there from her friends and her family. memorials and public vigils are going to continue throughout the week. this saturday we investigate how the oakland fire unfolded. who is responsible and the tragic loss of 36 lives. that's saturday at 6:30. a whooping cough outbreak is under the microscope in santa clara county where health leaders confirm there are 17 cases reported in the last two months. in the last hour we talked with the public health department and they confirmed that some of the cases involve students at palo alto unified jordan middle school, gun high school and at
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pal i high school as well. we should attribute that to the unified school district office. parents have been notified as of july of this year it is california law for all students to be vaccinated. but the protection does wear off with time. health experts recommend a booster shot if you haven't yet, particularly for families with infants who are most at risk. the symptoms are similar to a cold except with a cough that sounds like a whoop or a seal -- 40-year-old kevin tras being was caught in alaska after eluding authorities for four years. he was pulled over in fairbanks for a traffic stop when he gave police a fake identity. when pressed he admitted his real identity and he was on the run. he allegedly downloaded child pornography. a san jose english teacher
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is behind bars accused of having a sexual relationship with a male students. 32-year-old trudy hill used her position to exploit a 17-year-old student at a high school. the relationship allegedly took place between august and november of this year. school leaders tell us social media postings led them to that relationship. >> we found out through a facebook posting, through a student that forwarded to us. and we immediately informed sfp department and they began their investigation. i'm horrified by it, because in education there's a natural trust between the adults and the students and the social contract that we have with parents. >> the superintendent sent out a letter to parents and staff earlier telling them of the relationship. up next at 11:00, upheaval in south korea. leaders vote to impeach the president there. the political fight that could have ramifications around the world. the reason mayor ed lee
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==kris/cu== san francisco mayor ed lee has we are look at fresh new highs. today is no exception. the dow jones industrial average trading at 82 points ahead of yesterday at 19,697. san francisco's mayor ed lee vetoed the most recent law restricting short term rentals. it would have applied to companies like air bnb. the examiner reports that mayor lee vetoed the law yesterday that limited the number of days people could rent out the rooms or homes. proposition f would have, among other retricks placed a cap on
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short term rentals. in an effort to get to the bottom of the millennium tower debacle, supervisors voted to subpoena a uc berkeley engineer. he's a professional -- professor of structural engineering at uc berkeley and one of two engineers who reviewed the foundation design of the building. the tower is sinking and leaning and san francisco leaders want to know who is responsible. he has repeatedly declined invitations to testify before supervisors, prompting yesterday's unusual decision to subpoena him. >> the first excuse was he was busy with a class. the second time it was, you're going to have to subpoena me. now it's going to be i'm going to be in south america for a month. it's a matter of when, not if. >> yesterday's vote was by the supervisors government oversight committee and now will go before the full board of supervisors for final approval.
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we're following a developing story this morning. south korean lawmakers impeached the president there. this is a stunning fall for the country's first woman president. it comes after weeks of protests in the streets and an approval rating that plunged to 4%. nbc's matt bradley is on who is going to lead south korea next. >> this vote starts a countdown for the constitutional court. they have six months to decide whether the charges are true and if park should indeed be removed. they agree with the parliament that would make will first female president its first ever to be impeached. but park still has a lifeline. the court's decision is far from certain. six of the nine high court justices need to vote to unseat the president if she's to be removed and, in fact, park and her fellow conservative predecessor appointed six of those judges. in the meantime, prime minister
11:18 am
will take over her duties as head of state. he's one of park's allies. but whether she stays or goes, park remains deeply unpopular. her approval ratings have hovered in the single digits in the past few weeks and this continuing scandal has unleashed protests on an unprecedented scale. now, park stands accused of extortion and abuse of power. it's a scandal that centers around one of the president's shadowy friends, the daughter of an infamous cult leader who was thought to have exercised a res put in-like -- here's the upshot, the conservative's unpopularity paved the way for a liberal government that will likely be friendlier with china and less closely aligned to the united states. back to you. >> our salvation army at home is looking for a few good people. the number of bay area bell ringers is falling short this year, especially in san francisco and northern san mateo county. sometimes staffing is only about 20% of what it could be. bell ringers are now needed
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through christmas eve. if you are interested in volunteering, so many people want the opportunity this time of year, you can find the information on how to be a bell ringer at sam, i think you would make a good bell ringer. >> how did i know you'd volunteer me? right now a lot of gray skies. more bark than bite right now. >> that's right now. as we've seen the clouds moving in with the storm system. we've taken a break. we're in between. even though it rolled out of here. here's a look at the san mateo bridge. i saw raindrops on the lens. it has stopped but we'll have light rain at times as you head out and b here's a live view of saah knoll. the clouds are starting to roll back. we're using storm ranger to track the instant changes in our weather this weekend. we're getting a look now at the truck set up on san bruno mountain. it's scanning all around the bay area.
11:20 am
this really helps us out as we'll see rain moving through the bay area. it gives us an hd look at what those storms are doing and what those clouds, even the raindrops coming out of the clouds are looking like on the radar. so we're not seeing that everywhere. we really need that storm ranger and it's our mobile radar. we can move around where we need to get a closer look at what's happening. we're seeing some clearing right now over san jose. and we're getting some breaks in the clouds. we talked about storm ranger and what it does to help us out here. a lot of our radars are situated on mountains and the radar beam as it goes away, goes up and bends away from a lot of the low-lying clouds and the rain across the bay area. once again, this is in place to keep an eye on what could be developing. but right now, not a whole lot. we have some rain earlier. but still the storm system is affecting the region and it will be streaming in from hawaii into the weekend. it looks like now, once again, we're in between taking a break
11:21 am
and at times, sun coming out. not a lot of full on sunshine today. we start to see the rain rolling back in here tonight. early in the morning, we'll have the heaviest rain moving from north to south. you're waking up at 5:00 in the morning to rain developing. there may be pockets of heavy rain and gusty winds before noontime tomorrow. and then during the afternoon, we get more clearing as far as the rain. we don't see the skies clearing out until early sunday and sunday we take a break. that will be the best day of the weekend to get out there. rainfall totals may reach a half of an inch. it will be falling on a wet ground. if you're planning to go ice skating on the embarcadero for ugly sweater day, it will be in the upper 40s to upper 50s during the afternoon and santa con of course, it will be cool, of course. reaching 60 degrees. and times of rain. if you're going to the sierra,
11:22 am
there will be more snow falling, up to 6 inches for the higher elevations and temperaturewise in san francisco, we keep it in the 50s. off and on rain. the rain returns early next week. more on that later. sam and kris. >> kari thank you very much. a tragedy emerges. we meet the girlfriend of one. oakland fire victims. a relationship captured on camera. the reason this times square kiss will last forever in her heart. happening right now on our twitter feed. a new partnership from silicon valley bigwigs. it was announced that $30 million will be raised to find permanent housing for homeless in san francisco. among the participants, sales force and google. dozens of south bay elementary students were treated to a holiday shopping spree. they had $200 to pick out favorite clothes at target. you can find the video on our home page.
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mainstream crowd ... and getting back to our coverage of the oakland warehouse fire, the victims there weren't part of the mainstream crowd. that's what made them extraordinary. the stories of the 36 people who died are heartwarming. >> the girlfriend of one victim shares their love story on facebook while looking for a memory of a very special moment the couple shared together in times square. here's garvin thomas with more.
11:26 am
>> the word bittersweet was invented for stories just like this. the bitter part is obvious. the loss of 36 lives, including griffin madden, a 23-year-old berkeley grad. when his girlfriend, sia toem yoke owe heard the news, she was devastated. still, she wanted to remember the good times they had. one time in particular. she just needed the internet to come through for her. which it did. this was the night, but not the picture sia explained on her facebook page. it was a summer night in 2015. she and her boyfriend griffin madden had just seen the book of mormon on broadway and made their way to times square. it was there, she explained in her post, that the two kissed and a stranger captured that very moment with his camera. he showed it to them. but they didn't get a copy.
11:27 am
sia so wanted that picture now. so she asked for a facebook miracle. for people to share her story far enough and wide enough that the picture-taking stranger would hear and recognize her plea. which is just what happened. >> some of my police officer friends, they shared the story. i think that was you. can you look at the photos in your archive. i went to my hard drive and i found it. >> he's a new york street photographer who hangs out in places like times square and rockefeller plaza looking for tender moments just like the one between she and griffin. >> these guys were absolutely adorable, i will tell you. i think lipstick on his cloohee >> keep it for your memory. >> she now has the picture.
11:28 am
she posted again today on facebook. thanking all the friends, friends of friends and strangers who made this small miracle come true. she remains devastated that griffin could not be saved. but now at least she can save this moment and that will have to do. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> tangible memory of her love there. this saturday, we investigate how the open fire unfolded, who is responsible and as garvin was speaking about one of the victims, the tragic loss of 36 lives. that's this saturday at 6:30. coming up, we're tracking rain that's coming this weekend. meteorologist has the timeline of your forecast. plus, what's in the water? the reason many people in san francisco and the peninsula say that their water is tasting a little muskie.
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i have worn all of my weather gear in the last week. wool, fleece, fleece pants and tights, umbrella i haven't used yet so far. >> how many loads of laundry have you had to do? >> i don't wash it all. >> i'm sure it smells great. don't put your umbrella away just yet. a light jacket would work, but you'll need it the rest of the week. the rain sticking around. >> here's a look at the golden gate bridge. i'm really not a gross person. storm ranger is tracking. it's on a mountain in san bruno. let's turn to our meteorologist, kari to track this. >> we'll have the storm ranger to track the rain. you can see right behind that live shot of our mobile radar
11:32 am
truck, we are getting a little bit of clearing now. we're in between weather systems, but this radar is still scanning and giving us a high definition view of what we're going to see as far as rain and once again, it's not scanning anything just yet. but it has the capability of even picking up on fog and some mist and drizzle as we can move it around the bay area to get a better view. as we go into the weekend, things are going to change. our quiet weather gets more active once again as the storm system continues to stream in moisture from just to the west of hawaii. you can see the connection of those clouds. so once again, still cloudy out there and the temperature at 57 degrees in san francisco. it feels milder right now. but it will get cooler as we head into the weekend and in between more rain. i'll give you a better idea of the timeline coming up in a few minutes. >> kari, thank you very much. tracking the rain is as easy as swiping our app. the nbc bay area app connects you to our live doppler radar.
11:33 am
you'll know when and where the rain is going to arrive. you can get personalized forecasts specifically for your neighborhood. >> did you smell it, did you drink it? from the south bay it san francisco, people say their tap water smells like swamp water. a fix is in the works. gina lee explains the problems and the solution from san francisco. >> we normally drink from the faucet. for some reason, it's tasting like dirt. something different. we stopped drinking last tuesday. so we're buying bottles. >> i keep thinking it's swamp water. >> tap water drinkers from san francisco to sunny veil say something is wrong with their water. >> on social media, some claim it's more like mud. >> the water is safe to drink. >> officials at the san francisco public utilities commission say while the water is safe to drink, it is different. >> we're using the last few days. >> the sf -- they started mixing
11:34 am
water from the san antonio reservoir with the -- the new mix delivered a steady flow of complaints. the sfpuc says testing reveals a naturally occurring compound. >> there is a by product of blue green algae. in and of itself, it's not harmful, it's not toxic in any way. but it does have an earthy or musty odor. >> the utility said it stopped adding san antonio water to the system today and switching to the san andreas water. it will take time to flush it out of the system. customers like emily will give it a week but she's skeptical. >> i'm suspicious. there have been too many other things that have happened in the past where people have drank contaminated water. >> some people say they will continue to buy bottled water. but others say they can't wait
11:35 am
to stop. >> kris, it's a nightmare situation for any parent. a 41-year-old woman is behind bars after police say she tried to kidnap a child from a bay area trader joe's. this happened 10:30 yesterday morning at the santa rosa marketplace on santa rosa avenue. investigators say that a mother and her 4-year-old daughter were both in the store. the child was putting away a small shopping cart when another woman said something to the effect of she's mine. police say the woman then grabbed the child and darted out of the store. the mother ran after her and yelled at the woman to put the child down. the woman put the child down eventually and was later arrested for kidnapping. people in one south bay neighborhood are reportedly asking to make permanent a temporary fence. that is designed to keep crime out. the mercury -- the fence is located along rose krans terrace near lincoln high school. it went up during a string of crimes during the summer where criminals were passing through that easement. city leaders lifted the easement
11:36 am
temporarily which allows a fence for the short term. council members voted to let the fence stay up for the long-term. dog lovers are a little disappointed perhaps after what should be the final release of a new set of off-leash rules for the golden gate national recreation area. the national park service released the final environmental park statement for on and off leash -- off leash areas will be restricted to six, four of which are in san francisco and include chris i field and -- 90% of the old off-leash areas are going to be eliminated. >> that is a cute dog. >> fido. a survey shows 41% of americans approve of how president-elect donald trump is doing in terms of making his policies and plans clear. meantime, he continues his thank you tours today. >> his former rival, hillary clinton made an appearance in d.c. her first since the election. nbc's peter alexander on
11:37 am
clinton's new crusade against fake news. >> thank you to the great, great people of iowa. >> president-elect trump's latest victory reveling in iowa and calling out -- and announced terry bran stad as the new ambassador to china. >> they haven't played by the rulings and they know it's time that they're going to start. they're going to start. >> even as trump prepares to become president. >> let's talk about money. >> the former reality tv star will keep another title. executive producer of celebrity apprentice. a trump spokeswoman saying mr. trump has a big stake in the show and concedes a bit with mark burnett. nbc airs celebrity apprentice airing arnold schwarzenegger but it's produced by mgm, still unclear what trump will be paid. >> his pick for -- andy posner. >> bacon lover fantasy.
11:38 am
>> while he approves of these racy ads, he a -- >> when you raise the cost of hiring low-skilled and young workers, you really price them out of their jobs. >> democrats now taking aim. >> couldn't find someone more anti-labor for labor secretary and that's a very bad sign for the workers of america. >> trump's latest twitter target, jones who -- remains unfazed. >> had all kind of threats and stuff over the years. i guess i got a little more thick skin. i give the guy credit, he's got a little bit of spunk to him. >> as for trump's former rival, hillary clinton, she returned to washington thursday paying tribute to retiring leader, harry reid and poking fun at herself. >> this is not exactly the speech of the capitol i hoped to be giving after the election. but after a few weeks of taking
11:39 am
selfies in the woods, i thought it would be a good idea to come out. >> clinton also offering a warning about what she called the epidemic of fake news spread on social media just days after the scare at a d.c. pizza restaurant prompted by a conspiracy theory. >> it's now clear that so-called fake news can have real world consequences. this isn't about politics or partisanship. lives are at risk. >> that was peter alexander reporting. as for that celebrity apprentice news, nbc entertainment declined to comment. nbc entertainment is part of the comcast family, including this station, nbc bay area. the president-elect has more meetings scheduled at trump tower today. last couple of days, kris, we've been getting a taste of winter. several states dealing with a strong winter storm and the worst is yet to come. a look at what the rest of the country is coping with right now. nbc bay area responds. we've recovered over $400,000
11:40 am
for our viewers. if you want help, call us or visit responds. to dozens of consumers - all
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over the bay area - every week. =sam/2shot nbc bay area respond to dozens of consumers all around the bay area every week. >> consumer investigator chris chmura joins us with more. >> we've hit another milestone. we've saved consumers more than
11:43 am
$400,000 since we launched back on may 30th. we helped someone get $3500 from an awe pair agency. up in santa rosa, we helped secure a $2800 refund for someone with a billing problem from an insurance agency. we'll love to help you too. you can call us at 888-996-tips or visit us at have a great weekend. >> thank you. the misery mounting, kris, snow and ice triggering deadly accidents across the country. if you think it's cold now, just wait. nbc's kristen dahlgren is 45 minutes north of syracuse where it's cold. >> reporter: the snow is still coming down in parts of upstate new york. some places have already seen more than a foot of snow and it is bitterly cold causing a lot of problems for a lot of people.
11:44 am
from coast to coast. a wintry mess. icy cold temperatures and lots of snow making driving dangerous. in erie county, pennsylvania. more than a dozen cars piling up along interstate 90. at least ten people were taken to the hospital. while in michigan, a massive crash turning deadly. >> 30 vehicles. it's a complete whiteout. >> almost 40 cars slammed into each other in whiteout conditions. >> i was lucky enough. i could see the taillights in fronts of a semi. you couldn't see. it was that bad. >> lake-effect snow blanketing parts of upstate new york with more than a foot. even midland, texas is digging out. the temperatures plummeting. out west, the next system coming ashore. seattle and portland, only the heartiest heading out. >> i prefer to run outside. i still love to do it.
11:45 am
>> neechb chicago where they're used to the chill. >> it's a shock because it has been pretty mild this winter. >> they're bundling up and getting ready for what could be an even colder blast to come. >> you know it's frigid. it's like alaska. >> reporter: so things are still expected to get worse. some 200 million people going to be affected over the next few days. in new york, i'm kristen dahlgren, back to you. >> i can't hear you with that scarf up to your eyeballs. it's cold. >> or were her lips frozen. >> itmiserable. >> most of us know someone who lives there. >> or went to school there. >> twitter and instagram, misery. how much are you seeing in your feeds? >> a lot of. >> each watching the football game last nierkts it was cold in kansas city. >> i'm so glad we don't have to deal with that. so let's not complain, right?
11:46 am
let's take a look at the weather we are dealing with here. as we've been tracking all of the clouds and the light rain that's been moving through, this is the view from walnut creek toward mt. diablo. we've enacted storm ranger to track what's going on around the bay area. we are looking, a live look now at it on a mountain at san bruno. it is scanning around, it fills in the gaps as far as the radar. the problem here in the bay area with a lot of the clouds sitting low in the atmosphere and sometimes below the mountains, well, this solves some of those problems and it gives us a really clear view of some of the rain coming out of those clouds and even tracks some of the fog. that's what we'll be watching through the day. it is right now getting around the bay area and not picking up on much compared to earlier today where we did have some of those showers moving through. we will still have some very active weather as we continue to see this weather streaming in
11:47 am
all across the pacific and our temperatures warmed up, too. we're up to 62 degrees in livermore, 63 in oakland and the same in palo alto. it feels nicer outside and even getting a little bit of sun peeking through. at any point, we could have light rain falling. once again, the storm ranger will be tracking that and not as much sunshine today. then the next storm system starts to move in late tonight and early in the morning. by 3:00 in the morning, we could have some very heavy downpours moving through the north bay along with gusty winds. when you see the intense bright yellows and reds, that shows brief heavy downpours and it will be a quick one and done as it moves from north to south. by early afternoon tomorrow, we start to see the system moving out and skies clearing behind that. on sunday, expect all clear skies compared to a very different weather story on saturday. additional rainfall totals may reach a quarter of an inch for the south bay and higher for the east bay and the peninsula. heading up to the north bay may
11:48 am
be up to 3/4 of an inch. if your plans take you toward lake tahoe, this is the view of heavenly and we had some snow coming down now that it's 46 degrees. we have some rain mixing in and so this weather system continues to impact the entire region. by next week, here we are. monday into tuesday. another storm system moves in. we take a break for a couple of days and we keep things going with rain off and on. the seven-day forecast shows we'll have chances of rain next week after a wet start to the weekend, sunday is the best chance to get out and enjoy all that the bay area has to offer. kris and sam. >> with all of the news we have, we haven't had time to put up holiday lights either. >> thank you very much. he definitely had the right stuff. now the country remembers john glenn. the tribute to the first man to orbit the earth.
11:49 am
over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance.
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11:51 am
died in ohio at the age of 95. ==sam/2/ shot he was the last of america's first astronauts. john glenn the former astronaut and u.s. senator died in ohio at the age of 95. >> he's being remembered not for what he accomplished but what he helped the nation believe about dreaming beyond the stars. nbc's tom costello has more on his extraordinary life. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> john glenn was more than an american hero. for more than half his life, he was a 20th century icon. perhaps best known for what happened on february 20th, 1962. >> 3, 2, 1, 0. >> the first american to orbit the earth and put america back in the space race with the soviet union. >> roger, 0, j and i feel fine. oh, the view is tremendous. >> the late tj o'malley was at the nasa controls that day. >> systems, go.
11:52 am
range operations go. >> all lights are correct. >> until he died, he kept the button he pushed to send glenn into orbit. >> hit that start button and i said may the good lord ride all the way. >> godspeed, john glenn. >> he returned to a hero's welcome. and invitations to address congress. >> as our knowledge of this universe in which we live increase, may god grant us the wisdom and guidance to use it wisely. >> john glenn's roots were always firmly planted in ohio. he was born in cambridge, went to a local college and married his childhood sweetheart, annie. he flew combat missions in world war ii, then shot down three migs in korea. los angeles to new york in less than 3 1/2 hours. then the early days of the astronaut corps later immortalizedized in the movie,
11:53 am
the right stuff. >> glenn was someone who could walk down the street in midtown manhattan and literally have cabbies say hey john, how are you doing? >> after a career in business, he was elected to the u.s. senate from his home state of ohio in 1947. >> john glenn needs you. >> and made an unsuccessful run for the presidency in 1984. then in 1998 nasa came calling again. at the age of 77, john glenn got his wish to return to space aboard the shuttle discovery. >> ignition and liftoff of discovery. >> astronaut steve robinson was on the same mission. >> he savored the whole thing. john glenn was the most honest and straightforward and clear-thinking individual you can imagine. >> a lifetime of achievement and national service honored with both the congressional gold medal and the presidential medal
11:54 am
of freedom. the country's highest civilian award. pilot, astronaut, businessman, politician, husband and father. and an american original. tom costello, nbc news. washington. i remember when he went back. that was cool when he was 77. >> hard to believe. about innovators. the greatest ones. empower us to do things we never imagined. that's essentially what he did. >> we'll be right back.
11:55 am
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the ex it is that time of year again when drunk santas take over the city. you've been warned. the examiner reports that more than city bars will open their doors to santa claus clad revelers for the santa con pub crawl. it starts at noon in union square. >> starts at union square and spreads out everywhere. i would imagine a wet santa suit would be uncomfortable. >> doesn't clear up until late in the afternoon. maybe if you're going out for a pub crawl, go late. here's a live look outside. san francisco, a lot of clouds overhead. wanted to show you quickly the rainfall from the past 24 hours. we'll be tracking more of that rain for the weekend. >> more than an inch in san francisco as well. eye lot of rain. let's have an irish coffee. see you next week.
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