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tv   Today  NBC  December 10, 2016 5:30am-7:01am PST

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good morning. trump versus the cia. the president-elect taking good morning. trump versus the cia. the president-elect taking on the intelligence agency overnight after a new report about a secret cia meeting in september claiming the russians did intervene in the 2016 election to help him win. trump completely dismissing those claims. what happens when a president-elect goes to war with his own spies? we're live. chilling confession. for the first time we're hearing shocking words from the gunman who killed nine people inside a historic church in charleston. >> i went to that church in charleston, and i did it. >> that videotape shown for the first time to jurors inside a
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south carolina courtroom. what we're learning this morning about dylann roof's hateful motivation for the shooting. bitter blast. most of the country stuck in a deep freeze. 42 states with colder than normal temperatures from the dakotas all the way to the northeast. the winter storm wreaking havoc on the highways, pileups in ohio, michigan, and pennsylvania. and with 25 million in the path of a winter storm today, it could go from bad to worse. dylan is tracking it all. ♪ and "a charlie brown christmas"? a small tree might be in your future as those lush, green, full christmas trees might be harder to come by in year. >> they're all kind of short and not very full. we had to look lard hard -- look hard to find a good one. >> the reason behind the tiny trees, saturday, december 10th, 2016. ♪ >> from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.
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beautiful tree. good morning. welcome to "today." i'm chanel jones. >> dylan dreyer still here. still -- >> still plugging along. this -- i've been saying good-bye for the last week. this is my final show. >> you're two days behind savannah. >> yes. >> she and mike gave birth to baby charlie yesterday, of course. >> so adorable. >> since you're two days behind her, we decided to park an ambulance outside. >> yes. >> is there one out there? okay? >> make sure you watch this morning every moment. >> should i get a kiddie pool or something? >> let's hope it doesn't come to that. right to the top story. a developing story overnight as donald trump takes aim at the cia, dismissing the intelligence agency's conclusion that the russians hacked the democrats, not just to cause confusion but to help him win the election. we have more from d.c. on more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the election has been over for weeks.
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but this new report is raising questions about how the russian government may have interfered not just in general but specifically to help trump win this election. trump is fighting back overnight, but members of his own party are promising that they're going to keep digging into it. >> by the way, i don't need the hat either, right? who wants a hat? >> reporter: after victory laps in louisiana and michigan friday night, even calling off anti-hillary clinton protesters who chanted "lock her up" -- >> that plays great before the election. now, we don't care. [ laughter ] >> reporter: this morning, president-elect trump is at war with the intelligence community. the "washington post" reportedly fry said the cia thinks the russian government hacked emails from the democratic party and hillary clinton's campaign chairman to help trump win. the trump campaign reacting within minutes, dismissing the claims saying, "these are the same people that said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. the election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest
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electoral college victories in history. it's time to move on. "members of trump's only party believe that russia did interfere. >> there's no doubt in my mind that they hacked into the dnc and podesta's emails, that the russians were behind that. every republican needs to understand this is not about the democratic party, this is about america as a whole. >> reporter: senator lindsey graham wants to impose sanctions against russian president vladimir putin next year. the obama administration has demanded to know more about what happened before the inauguration. >> the president has directed the intelligence community to conduct a full review of what happened during the 2016 election. >> reporter: trump has praised putin. and incoming national security adviser michael flynn once had dinner with the former kgb officer. there's dissent among other cabinet contenders. 2012 republican nominee mitt romney is still a potential pick for secretary of state. and he once labeled russia america's number-one
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geopolitical foe. exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson is also in the mix, while rudy giuliani has taken himself out of the running. >> he had a lot of terrific candidates, and i thought i could play a better role being on the outside. >> reporter: president-elect trump promising he'll make a decision for that critical post by the end of next week. more new details out this morning. "the new york times" is reporting the russian government also hacked the republican national committee. but that none of that information was released during the election season. you'll remember we heard a lot about democratic emails leaking out, hillary clinton campaign chairman john podesta's hacked emails leaking just in the weeks leading up to election day, chanel. >> you know, we're used to the trump team going on the attack. but they're attacking an intelligence agency that will be explicitly serving is the president for the next four years. how unusual is this?
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it's extraordinary unusual. this is in many ways unprecedented. trump will be relying on the intelligence community to tell him how to interact with the many threats around the world. we do know that trump had an intelligence briefing on wednesday, but he's getting fewer than many presidents elect have in the past, and fewer than his vice president-elect, mike pence, who is getting near daily briefings from this community that donald trump is now seeming to go to war with. chanel? >> thank you. a crisis was averted in washington overnight when the senate approved a spending bill at the last minute to keep the government from shutting down. that vote came less than an hour before the midnight deadline. democrats had been holding out over long-term health benefits for retired coal miners. the senate also funded help for flint, michigan, and drought stricken california. tens of millions are waking up this saturday morning with one thaut on their mind -- it is cold out there. a blistering chill blanketing much of the country leaving snow, icy roads, and a deep
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freeze. kristen dahlgren is braving it all in erie, pennsylvania. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. a little break in the snow right here and now. it's beautiful until you try to drive in it. coming in, a lot of the roads here weren't plowed in erie. interstate 90 going about five miles per hour right now. couple that with these cold temperatures, and it could be a rough weekend ahead for millions. bitter cold is the story this morning with much of the country seeing temperatures well below average. >> it's like alaska. >> reporter: even bringing a rare snow event to places like texas where it wreaked havoc on the roads. in seattle, some football fans had a beat of fun. for others in the northwest, it meant headaches when that snow soon froze over. >> it's a sheet of ice with a thin layer of water. >> reporter: closing roads and stranding residents. >> pretty much impossible to get out. >> reporter: from slippery
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sidewalks in utah to whiteout conditions in north dakota. for snow-removal workers in iowa, there's an up side. >> as far as the snow removal goes, it's 50% of our business. >> reporter: the great lakes region saw some of the worst of the storm turning deadly on the roads in sweden, new york, friday. one man died after losing control of his suv in whiteout conditions. earlier, the same system caused a series of massive and deadly highway crashes in ohio, michigan, and pennsylvania. >> we have a report of 10 to 15-car pileup. >> reporter: snow will continue to be a threat across the great lakes region this weekend. so around here they could see another five to eight inches today before all is said and done. some places could see up to another foot of snow. and guys, can i just say as excited as i am about dylan's baby, i have a feeling we are really going to miss her out here over the winter. >> what are you trying to say?
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>> kristen dahlgren. >> you look cold. >> i should apologize to all the reporters and correspondents who will get stuck in the snow because i'm not out there. >> how much worse is this going to get? the. >> you know, the lake-effect snow will continue throughout the day today. because the air is so cold and the lakes are so unfrozen at this point, we have lake-effect snow warnings through erie, pennsylvania, too. these bands of snow will continue through the day today with an additional perhaps two to four, four to six inches of snow possible. you get into those heavier bands, and you can see closer to about eight to ten inches. we also have another storm system. it's already made its way on shore in the pacific northwest. it's going to bring most of the snow to the higher elvatievatio. the grand detons could have -- tetons could have two feet possible. through sunday, we're looking at that to reinforce some of the lake-effect snow, as well, off of lake ontario and lake erie. here's the front moving eastward, by the time we get
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into the overnight hours, the snow starts to fill in across the midwest. that lasts through sunday morning. then we'll get lake enhancement. because of of the great lakes still not being frozen yet, that will reinforce the heaviest of the snow. and then eventually it will make its way into the northeast. at that point, it will transition over to some rain. we could see up to two feet of snow in the higher elevations of the mountains and pacific northwest. a widespread sinks of sn-- six s of snow through the great lakes and where kristen is, we could see an additional 5 to 10, 12, 15 inches of snow. >> wheat ge'll get to the natio forecast in a bit. an emotional day in a south carolina courtroom friday as jurors and witnesses heard for the very first time the chilling confession from the gunman who shot nine people to death at a historic african-american church there hoping to start a race war. here's nbc's gabe gutierrez. i do consider myself a white
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supremacist. >> reporter: dylan rooch chuckled as he -- roof chuckled as he remembered the killings. for the first time, a look at what prosecutors showed jurors on the third day of roof's federal trial where he's accused of 33 counts including hate crimes. >> we all know i'm guilty. >> reporter: he told fbi agents that the trayvon martin case woke him up and prompted him to research black-on-white crime on line. >> what i did is so miniscule to what they're doing to white people every day. >> reporter: this is security video of roof entering the historic building which he says he chose because he thought it would resonate. minutes before the massacre during bible study, roof could be seen in this snapchat video. when the bloodshed was over, he quietly walked out, gun in hand. >> i was in absolute awe that there was nobody out there. >> reporter: adding that if officers had been waiting for him, he would have shot himself. police arrested him during a traffic stop the next day, and
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he seemed surprised when he was told nine church members had died. >> you were under the assumption you killed four or five people, right? >> yes, that's through. -- that's true. >> but your numbers doubled, it was nine. >> reporter: police found a swastika in a journal and an entry "i would love for them to be a race war." the fbi asked what he would tell the families of the victims. >> i probably couldn't look at them. >> reporter: roof's defense team is not disputing the facts of the case. their goal is to avoid the death penalty. on the witness stand, an investigator said after roof's confession he told the then-21-year-old that his plan to start a race war did not work and the people of charleston were coming together. his last words to roof, "you failed." for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news. turning overseas, a humanitarian disaster is looming today in syria where the city of aleppo is close to falling to government forces.
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this as u.s. diplomats tried desperately to find a way to stop the bloodshed. matt bradley with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, craig. russian officials saying today that 50,000 civilians have fled eastern aleppo in just the past two days. that's not clear if the number is true. many of those civilians will be jumping from the pan into the fire. take a look. [ gunfire ] syria's largest city is about to fall. government forces say they've retaken more than 90% of aleppo. an ancient city now nearly leveled by years of war. just this week, tens of thousands of civilians fled the rebel-held east to the relative calm of the government-held west. their nightmare isn't over. the united nations has reported claims that hundreds of men and boys disappeared once they crossed into west aleppo. human rights workers warn that
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the harsh treatment of civilians could get worse. what is the worry among human rights workers once aleppo falls completely? >> you have a huge number of people who may be exposed to reprisals of different kinds, including being picked up and held in detention centers, interrogated, and tortured. >> reporter: far from syria's horror, negotiations continue. diplomats huddling in europe today. they're struggling to save the estimated 100,000 civilians still trapped in the city's east. >> what's happening in aleppo is the worst catastrophe. what's happening in syria is the worst catastrophe since world war ii itself. it's unacceptable. it's horrible. >> reporter: so far, talking has accomplished little. syria's government and its russian allies say they're determined to see a full military victory in aleppo. that victory will come at an even greater human cost. aleppo's a problem that donald trump will generator when he
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takes office next month -- inherit when he takes office next month, one that u.s. troops have become increasingly involved. the outgoing secretary of defense said he's nearly doubling the number of american soldiers fighting isis on the ground near the syrian city of raqqah to 500 special operations troops. >> matt bradley in london. thanks. breaking overnight, at least five people were killed today when a tanker train derailed and exploded. it happened in bulgaria. 150 firefighters raced to the scene to search for survivors. 20 builds have also been destroyed. police say the train was carrying propane and butane. the pilot of a hot air balloon that crashed in texas last july was taking medications that should have disqualified him from flying, according to federal investigators. the balloon crashed into power lines near lockhart, texas, killing the pilot and 15 passengers. the ntsb says that pilot, alfred "skip" nichols, had at least a half dozen prescription drugs including oxycodone in his
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system at the time of the crash. nichols also had at least four convictions for drunk driving and served time in prison twice. high drama is playing out in a florida courtroom in the retrial of a woman who was accused of hiring a hit man to kill her husband. at the center of it all, this hidden camera video of an undercover officer trying to catch her settling up the himpt was she the victim of a police department looking to make a big splash on tv? we have more. counsel, you may be seated. >> reporter: it's a case that's testing the line between reality and reality tv. >> how soon could you kill him? >> i could do it wednesday morning. wednesday morning at the house. >> reporter: police have dahlia dippolito on video seemingly casually taking out a hit on her new husband with an undercover cop. >> i was going to get $3,000 from you today and $3,000 when it's done. >> reporter: so juicy, boynton beach, florida, police shared
5:47 am
the story with the show "cops" and staged this crime scene to make dippolito think her husband was killed. >> he's been killed -- >> reporter: her lawyers say the police department's quest for publicity including posting videos on youtube compromised her rights. the department's public information officer grilled on the stand friday. >> do you believe that was good police practices? yes or no? >> i can't answer that. >> reporter: the defense says the police set dippolito up to make the department famous, and that she never really intended to have her husband killed. >> i'm positive. like 5,000% sure. >> reporter: they accuse the police department of corruption. >> this case is bigger than dahlia dippolito. it's about holding law enforcement nationwide accountable for following the rules. >> reporter: but prosecutors say the undercover video speaks for itself. >> what's great about this case is it is based 100% on miss dippolito's words, her actions,
5:48 am
and her intent. >> reporter: this is dahlia dippolito's second trial, convicted in 2011 and sentenced to 20 years. the verdict thrown out on appeal. as soon as monday, she'll have to decide when to take the witness stand or leave the jury to decide the tale of the tapes. for "today," nbc news, miami. at this hour, nobel prizes are being awarded in oslo, norway. the peace prize is going to colombian president juan manuel santos for tortes efforts to end the country's civil war. the prize for literal ratu -- literature, a first for a songwriter, bob dylan. he says he won't be there. he has prior commitments. >> what commitment would it be? sorry. >> i would have been surprised if he had been there. >> concert for the fans. let's talk about the forecast. >> the northern half of the country dealing with the snow and miserable weather. heavy rain falling through northern california. you see the dividing line south
5:49 am
of the center of the united states. we are enjoying lots of sunshine. temperatures, though, are going to continue to cool off over the next couple of days. this morning, it is bitterly cold with windchills down around 25 to 30 degrees below zero across the dakotas. it's only 13 for a high in minneapolis/st. paul. 20s across chicago. the coldest is still yet to come next week. here's a live look over san francisco. the rain is coming down and those temperatures right now in the upper 50s. we are tracking rain through the majority of the day across the day area. we do have our satellite radar and looking ahead, we do have our storm ranger fired up and ready to go. it is tracking the latest. we're tracking more rain ahead. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. still to come, our look back
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on the week's most talked-about stories, including one dad's ingenious idea to make sure he never loses his daughter in a crowd. >> that's really creative. and up next, why so many comes trees look like they should be in a charlie brown holiday special. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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back now on a saturday morning with the towering rockefeller center christmas tree, that's beautiful behind us. if your weekend plans including a trip to pick up your family's tree, be forewarned. >> a lot of them look smaller this season. jolene kent is here with more on why this season's crop doesn't appear to be as nice. >> we've got in beautiful tree behind us but you they may look a little like a charlie brown christmas tree.
5:53 am
those drought conditions plaguing tree farmers everywhere, killing off a centerpiece of the holiday season. it's a family tradition for millions of americans, buying the perfect christmas tree. >> i want this one. >> reporter: but a punishing drought across the country is making it a lot more difficult to find one that will look good for santa. >> they're all kind of short and not very full, so we had to really look hard to find a good one. >> there's quite a few trees out there that look like charlie brown christmas trees. >> what kind of a tree is that? >> you were supposed to get a good tree. >> can't you even tell a good tree from a poor tree? >> reporter: it's no joke at miracle acres tree farm in milford, new hampshire. owner dave wheeler is bracing for a ten-year impact on his 65-acre f farm. >> we planted 1,000 trees this spring and 1,000 trees are dead. >> what's the financial impact for your family? >> we're talking from the baby trees and losing years of growth here and there, we're talking
5:54 am
$60,000, $70,000 loss of crop. >> reporter: tree farms across the country are suffering too. in california, prices are going up. in maine and north carolina, a shortage. in louisiana and alabama, dry weather slowing growth. and in new york, connecticut, massachusetts and florida, there's concerns about trees planted this year making it to next. >> i haven't seen a drought this bad in my lifetime. we've had some droughts, but not this extreme. >> reporter: so you just think even though you hit this rough patch, it's still worth it financially to go forward? >> yeah. i mean we have to. this is our retirement plan. >> reporter: as you go shopping for your tree, no matter how scrubby it might look -- >> it's not bad at all really. maybe it just needs a little love. >> reporter: the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. >> now, if you already purchased your christmas tree, the tree may be drier than usual and tree farmers say make sure you water it and keep it away from those
5:55 am
heating vents. if you're about to go get your tree this weekend, experts recommend buying a more mature ever grown that has been less vulnerable to those drought conditions in its early days, so a lot to think about as you head out to go tree shopping. >> it's all about how you love the tree and how you take care of it. >> exactly. >> do you have a tree yet? >> we're doing it today. >> did you just lie on television? >> mine is in the basement, prelit, i just have to set it up. still ahead here on "today," holiday gifts and decorations that won't break the bank. they're all 50 bucks or less. plus it's one of the hottest toys of the hall days, the hatchimal. how can you get your hands on one? stay tuned to find out, but first these messages. - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
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over san francisco, already seeing that rain coming down. we definitely saw some rain overnight and we are expecting more rain throughout your saturday into the afternoon hours, 59 degrees right now in san francisco. we've got those low clouds. taking a live look over oakland right now, oakland also expecting to see some rain. let's go ahead and move ahead. gust speeds right now, not too strong, we are expecting the possibility of these winds picking up through the evening to about 20 to 30 miles per hour gusts as this front continues to push on through. it is going to track from the north to the south, so right now, the majority of that rain on our satellite radar is sitting off to the north bay, but as we look ahead and push forward, we do have a storm ranger that is out and up right now, tracking that rain from the ground, and mt. st. bruno. we are expecting the majority of that rain to be getting heavier at 7:00 or 8:00. we could be seeing the rain down further into san francisco and along the peninsula. so as you begin to make your way
5:58 am
outdoors, please be careful. we are expecting some pretty slick roads out there. storm ranger scans in the horizontal to provide rain data so gives us higher resolution to detect any type of preacceptation, fog, or wind speeds as well. here's what we're looking to expect into today's early morning, the stronger wind gusts could also be kicking up at about noon. we are expecting for this storm system to track from the north to the south, which means if you live out in the south bay, we are expecting rain at about 11:00, noon, we're expecting it to become widespread, moving from the north bay, tracking down to san francisco, the peninsula, out near the east bay as well, the majority of the rainfall right now falling the heaviest in the north bay, but by about 11:00, 12:00, san jose is also looking at the possibility of seeing some pretty serious pockets. where you see that yellow at about 9:00 a.m., it's going to start really moving down.
5:59 am
san francisco's going to see widespread showers, as we push forward ahead to about 1:30, that majority of the rainfall that was sitting in the north bay begins to really track to the south bay and san jose isn't expected to get as much rainfall but we aren't going to cancel out or rule out the possibility of seeing pretty decent amount. the majority of it is going to stick to the santa cruz mountains into the late overnight hours and by sunday at 1:00 a.m., we're expecting that rain to push out, staying within the valleys for clear skies.
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♪ >> we are back on a saturday morning, december 10th, 2016. you've got to love shaq finding his inner beyonce. a little lip sync action there. much more coming up in popstart. meanwhile, check out this fantastic crowd. a lot of folks came to town just to see the tree and to see if dylan was going to give birth during the actual broadcast. let's give you a look at what's making headlines today. donald trump is taking on the intelligence communities.
6:01 am
the president-elect responding to a "washington post" report about a secret cia meeting back in september claiming the russians were working to help trump win the election. trump's campaign completely dismissing those claims, even though other members of the republican party believe that russia was involved. in tennessee, some welcome news to visitors of the resort town of gatlinburg. they're just now being allowed in two weeks after those devastating wildfires in the area. most of this resort area was spared from the fires, but 14 people died, about 2500 homes and structures were destroyed nearby. and how's this for an early christmas present. an anonymous secret santa paid off $46,000 worth of layaway items for walmart shoppers at a pennsylvania store. shoppers were shocked to learn they could just pick up what they had on layaway without having to pay for it. in all 194 people had their gifts paid for. it has been a busy week since the aftermath have the
6:02 am
warehouse fire and the battle regarding sofia vergara's kbree yoes. those are just some of the stories in this week's download. the city of oakland still grappling with the aftermath of the fire that ripped through what's known as the ghost ship. >> i looked over and could see an orange glow coming through the window. >> the death toll now stands at 36. >> the man who leased the warehouse and has been blamed by some to allowing it to become a fire trap speaks out exclusively on "today." >> i'm only here to say one thing, i am incredibly sorry. i didn't do anything ever in my life that would lead me up to this moment. >> meanwhile survivors in a devastated community try to cope. >> hundreds paying their respects. unlit candles and flashlights. >> its man who shot former nfl player joe mcknight to death in an alleged case of road rage was
6:03 am
arrested this week. >> ronald gasser now charged with manslaughter after initially being released this week. >> he was somebody's son. >> a decision that sparked public outcry. >> shame on these folks. >> as the sheriff of louisiana's jefferson parish lashes out on those criticizing his handling of the case. >> i can't believe it. >> mcknight's family spoke to nbc over the weekend. >> my child is gone. president-elect donald trump struggling to walk the line of real estate mogul and soon-to-be president. >> he's promised to put a wall between his business interests and the country's interests, but this morning "the new york times" reporting donald trump may not fully divest. >> meanwhile the transition picks keep coming, scott pruitt for epa. >> trump's choice to lead the epa is currently suing that agency. general john kelly for homeland security. >> i think he's got a real knowledge of the issues. >> and linda mcmahon for the small business administration. >> it's the battle of the
6:04 am
billionaire. >> she's the former wwe head behind wrestle mania. a bizarre legal twist. sofia vergara's own embryos are suing her as part of an ongoing battle with nick lobe. >> the suit sasks for lobe to receive full custody. a trust was created for the fertilized eggs in louisiana which has laws that allow an embryo to sue a person. >> a louisiana judge could very well say i'm going to protect the lives of these two embryos. one dad shared his holiday parent hat for keeping track of his daughter at the mall. >> he ties a red balloon to her belt loop so when she wanders off, he knows exactly where she's going. he's posting all kinds of parenting solutions. >> an nbc production of "hairspray live" had viewers everywhere shaking and shimmying along with the star-studded cast. >> everyone is talking about the
6:05 am
powerhouse duet between jennifer hudson and arianna grande. ♪ >> i loved it. >> they are so talented. are you going to -- when you have junior here, are you going to put a balloon on him to keep track of him? >> i do think the balloon idea, it's genius. but his thumbs up were the best. >> one of our producers said what if everybody starts doing that? >> i parents used to use one of those little kid leashes for my brother, my younger brother. >> really? i don't know how i feel about those. it makes sense to me -- >> are you saying my mom is a bad mom. >> not at all. you are a wonderful person. >> he turned out okay. >> well, the jury is still out. let's get another check on that forecast, please, ma'am. >> let's talk about the cold because it is going to get so cold as we go into next week. this morning we're starting off with windchills well below zero but look at our highs.
6:06 am
windchill in bismarck later today, 12 below zero. chicago only hits 25 but that wind will make it feel like it's 19 degrees. tomorrow morning it's going to be chilly, but again the coldest is still yet to come. tomorrow morning we're bottoming out in the single digits and 20s. it's all about the siberian express. why is it called that? well, the cold air originates from siberia and settles in across the northeast and even back through the midwest. so watch as it turns around and pours into the continental united states. this area of low pressure keeps it pumping in here and thursday will be the coldest day we'll see next week. bismarck a high of only 3 degrees below zero. chicago makes it up to 5 degrees. nashville only hits 35 by thursday. even in new york temperatures won't get would haabove freezin certainly is some of the coldest air this season. dallas will only hit a high of 50 degrees. today we're looking at another storm system making its way into the pacific northwest. this will blanket the midwest with more snow and the lake-effect snow will continue
6:07 am
with some areas p good morning, bay area. meteorologist vianey arana and we are under a microclimate weather alert. we are tracking rain in the bay area. here's a live look over san francisco right now, paired with about 58 degrees. now, satellite radar showing the majority of that rainfall sitting off to the north bay but we are expecting this system to move from the north, pushing through the south through the mid, early morning and afternoon. we do have actively right now storm ranger sitting outside of mt. st. bruno and san francisco and we're showing that radar right now. your latest forecast. >> the siberian express is officially my favorite map. >> there were swirls and dips. wait until you're freezing on thursday. >> i don't want to feel it, i just want to look at the map. when we come back, do you have trouble saying no? this is something you both struggle with. >> true. >> well, we've got some help for you. and up next, holiday gifts i have asthma... of many pieces in my life.
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6:11 am
♪ this morning in "today's takeaway" christmas and hannukah are just a few days away. if you don't want to overspend, we have some great gifts for under $50. dana johnson, good morning for you. >> good morning. >> we have some good stuff. let's squeeze this in. i like this, a personalized rolling pin. >> that's one of the great things about working with independent makers is that you can customize as much or as little as you need. >> this is cute. >> this seller here, the humble elephant made this especially for you guys here at the "today" show. >> it says the "today" show. >> so it's a great way to personalize your pie crust and your cookies. >> and you'll see it, obviously. >> that's right. >> and then this mobile mug. look at this. when you put your cookies on it. >> this is great for the soup
6:12 am
lover, you can put crackers on the side or it's great for cookies and milk. i think it's a great option to leave out for santa christmas eve with the cookies and milk. >> this is cute for adult beverages. mixology, a dice set. >> this is made my two sisters with a shop named two tumble weeds. this is great for holiday interviente entertaini entertaining. you shake it up and figure out what the cocktail will be. it's 1.5 million different cocktail combinations that can come from this. >> this is rum and thyme. >> yes. >> this is awe huge trend right now, decorate your bottles. this is just one example to make your bottle a little more festive while you're holiday entertaining with your guests. >> when i think of personalized gifts, let's talk about this. >> this is from wood life prints. this is super special because you're able to send the seller your picture and also a
6:13 am
customized message like shown here on the bottom. >> oh, that's cute. >> and i think it's a great way to elevate that old school family portrait. >> and you can print whatever you want? >> print whatever and it's ready to hang. >> another good one that's popular, the customized ornament. >> this is from paper case studios. really, really fabulous because, again, you can work directly with the seller and figure out how to personalize it. i think this is great for newlyweds. you can get mr. and mrs. smith, 2016, or even a new baby. >> dylan, are you listening? you can get a personal i sized ornament. >> so tell me about this chalk. >> this is the great alternative for apartment dwellers in case you don't have extra space. >> what do you do? >> you shade in the christmas tree. you can color in the bulbs. great way to get the kids involved. >> where do you put it?
6:14 am
>> you can hang it on the wall. and what are we, 15 days until christmas? >> is it 15? i haven't started. >> so you can have the kids involved to do the countdown. if you're celebrating hannukah, you can ask the kids to shade in the flame each day for hannukah. >> that's nice. dana, thank you so much. coming up next, the crowd has spoken. we'll answer their questions. you'll have to see this, that's you'll have to see this, that's coming up after these me well this here's a load-bearing wall. we'll go ahead and rip that out. that'll cause a lot of problems. hmm. totally unnecessary and it triples the budget. we'll be totally behind schedule, right? (laughschedules. schedules. great, okay. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi® double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back: 1% when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double.
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6:18 am
ask an anchor. we have a fish bowl here, we have questions from the plaza, we have 90 seconds on the clock. ladies, you ready? >> these are giant note cards. >> let's see, my question here is what is the strangest thing that has happened to you since you started at "today"? i hear from people who claim that we're friends. that i've never known before. >> they want to visit. >> how late will you sleep in on your time off, more sleep or less? >> i would i deally like more sleep, but i have a feeling it's going to be less. >> a lot less. >> who was your idol when you were a kid? two people probably. janet jackson, i used to have the key on my ear and then a news anchor in chicago named allison payne. never met her but if you're watching, i love you. >> janet jackson, huh? >> oh, my gosh. >> miss nasty. >> i have the whole thing. >> if you could be any animal, what animal would you be and why? >> i've always loved the
6:19 am
giraffe. which make that face. >> i niefind that so random. >> you have a great view. >> i'd want to fly. what is the worst thing you were ever dared to do? >> keep it clean, network television. >> probably skydiving. >> did you do it? >> i did it twice. >> oh, this is hard. name one thing that you cannot live without. my kids? >> don't make that face when you say it. >> that's such a cheesy answer. i don't know what else to say. >> what is your pet peeve? oh, we're out of time. >> what is it? >> oh, i hope it's not something we do. >> i have a list. still ahead on this saturday morning, a hot gift this holiday season y these backpacks are becoming so popular these days. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> no, really what's your pet peeve?
6:20 am
6:21 am
6:22 am
still to come on "today," donald trump taking on the cia. why he says he doesn't believe a report that the russians tried to help him win. also ahead this morning, this will be their last white house christmas. our first look at the obamas' final christmas card. we'll get that and sheinelle jones will probably give us a little bit more on janet jackson walgreens presents, a holiday mini miracle. hey! hey! ♪ this is for you. did you really? didn't have too! ♪ getting the gift you almost kept for yourself? now that's a holiday mini miracle. and it's easy to create your own at walgreens... with 40 percent off canvas prints, just around the corner. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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test. good morning, bay area. i'm meteorologist vianey arana, and we are under a microclimate weather alert and that's because we are tracking a cold front that's going to push rainfall throughout the bay area while all is dry in downtown san jose, here's a live look right now over san francisco.
6:27 am
we did see some rain overnight across the bay area but we are expecting even heavier downpours today as we continue to push our way through the south bay. now, wind speeds right now not really a big factor. however, we are not going to rule out the possibility of seeing some wind gusts anywhere between 20 to 30 miles per hour. right now, out in san francisco, nice and breezy, nice and light at about 6 miles per hour. the north bay right now getting the majority of that rainfall and we're also expecting santa cruz to start seeing some pretty serious downpours. where you see that yellow and orange, that is where we are seeing the most concentrated rainfall amounts and i do want to remind you that we do have our storm ranger and that is a mobile device that is helping us track the latest weather updates, the latest weather forecast and it is currently sitting over san bruno mountain. we are expecting this to pick up some pretty good rainfall totals into about 7:00, 8:00 is when we're expecting this system to become widespread, pushing down towards san francisco, along the
6:28 am
peninsula, and also the half moon bay. so while this may look clear now, that's all going to change within a matter of 30 minutes to an hour, expecting in the south bay around 10:00, 11:00, maybe even noon. this is where storm ranger is currently located. like i said, by about 8:00, 9:00 is when we're expecting the majority of that rainfall to hit. pushing down through 10:00 and 11:00, those temperatures are going to remain fairly similar in the 50s. however, that rain is going to push from the north through the bay area, so if you do have a commute or you're heading either up to the north bay or pushing down to the south bay, please be careful out there. the roads are going to be very slick. if you're wondering what is storm ranger, well it is a doppler radar that scans in horizontal and gives us a higher resolution and can detect other things like fog and of course precipitation, where it is coming down the hardest, things that other radars can't so it gives us a closer look into what
6:29 am
is happening with this front. here's a look at what you can expect. tonight, we are expecting that system to push out by sunday, early morning, it's going to be mostly cloudy, a possibility of a few scattered showers but mainly along the santa cruz mountains. by monday, that overcast sky will remain, and of course by tuesday, another system is expected to push in through the bay area. that's going to return the possibility of more rain. but for now, we're already tracking just over 2 inches almost in the north bay and the santa cruz mountains. stay tuned. i will have the latest updiets througho dates throughout the day. dates throughout the day. updates throughout the day.
6:30 am
good morning. donald trump versus the cia. the president-elect taking on his own spies after a new report about a secret good morning. trump versus the cia. a secret cia meeting in september claiming the russians did interfere in this year's election to help him wp win. this morning, trump is dismissing those claims and taking aim at the spy agency. plus, bitter blast. another morning of freezing temperatures, shocking millions from the dakotas into the northeast. with the cold comes snow. 25 million people in the midwest under a winter storm watch this weekend. dylan has the latest forecast. and hatchimals for sale.
6:31 am
great news for parents who have yet to find the elusive toy. the hottest holiday item will be on store this is weekend. be prepared to wait in line with every other parent still trying to get their hands on a hatchimal "today," saturday, september 10th, 2016. >> i'm 50 and fabulous. >> and we're 60! best person i know is my mom! >> it's our sweet 16. >> it's my bucket list and i'm on the "today" show! >> whoo! >> i love it. good morning. welcome back to "today" on this saturday morning. we have to thank our crowd this morning for braving the cold here in new york city. hopefully, everybody staying warm. >> they're all squeezed together that.
6:32 am
keeps you warm. >> themplty are. they're a lively bunch out there, too. >> it's a great experience. >> a lot of them came to see the tree. donald trump acres new report about a secret cia meeting in september. the cia apparently saying that the russians interfered with the election, helping donald trump win the election. nbc's kasie hunt is in washington with more. kasie, good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning. donald trump today is at war, it seems, with the intelligence community after the washington post put up a story overnight saying the russians didn't just interfere in the u.s. elections to try to sowe chaos but did it specifically to help donald trump win the election. now trump's team fired back within minutes of this story going up online. they said, in part, quote, of the intelligence community, these are the same people who said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction.
6:33 am
the election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest electoral college victories in history. new additional details this morning. "the new york times" reporting that part of this assessment is based on an analysis that the russians also hacked into the republican national committee, but that none of that information was released. you'll remember we saw plenty of e-mails from hillary clinton, campaign chairman john podesta as well as e-mails from a hack into the democratic national committee. so, while this is going on, trump is still trying to pick his own national security team. rudy giuliani, we've learned, has taken his name out of consideration for secretary of state. still in the mix, rex tillerson, ceo of exxonmobil and also mitt romney, the 2012 republican presidential nominee. you may remember, guys, mitt romney called russia at one point america's number one
6:34 am
geopolitical faux. sheinelle, craig? >> kasie, thank you. 200 additional u.s. troops will join the fight in syria. defense secretary ash carter announce this had morning the special operations forces, trainers, advisers and bomb squads will help local troops try to push isis out of its stronghold in raqqa. now some chilling evidence at the trial of white supremacist dylann roof. he said i had to do it as he confessed to police how he shot nine worshippers to death at a south carolina church last year. he said his aim was to start a race war. the defense doesn't dispute the facts in the case. they're trying to avoid the death penalty. the trial resumes monday. samsung is virtually pulling the plug on its recalled galaxy note 7 phones. on december 19th they will
6:35 am
release an update that will prevent the phones from charging. the galaxy note 7 was recalled in september because the phones were bursting into flames. the company has most of them now, but they say more than 100,000 of the dangerous note 7's are still out there. kirk douglas is proving just how tough he is. he turned 100 years old friday and celebrated with a bash in beverly hills. his son, michael, michael's wife, kathericatherine zeta-jon by his side. >> happy 100th kirk douglas. dylan dreyer is out on the plaza with a check of the forecast. this is your first trip to new york? where are you from? >> virginia. >> you're from virginia? >> yes. >> you're close by maryland and your first family trip to new york. you saw the rockettes. how did that go? >> so good. >> it's so good, yeah. the christmas tree.
6:36 am
everybody enjoying new york this time of year. let's take a look at what's going on across the country. northern half of the country, another storm moves into the pacific northwest. the great lakes as we go into later sunday and into monday. afternoon high temperatures. look at all the zeros and below zeros and temperatures in the teens and 20s. it is going to be very chilly and very much below average as we go through the day today with even colder air working in by next week. bitterly cold with brutal windchills up through the upper midwest and northern plains. it will feel like it's 20 degrees below zero this morning. tomorrow you can see the snow fills back in minneapolis-st. paul, into michigan, too. good morning, bay area. if you are just now waking up, we are under a microclimate weather alert and that's because we are tracking a front that is already bringing plenty of rain to parts of the north bay and san francisco. we already saw some overnight
6:37 am
rain but we are expecting this rainfall to push through with moments and periods of heavy rainfall. here's a live look right now. as you can see, the majority is sitting off to the north but where you see that red and yellow, that is expected to push down through the south bay. that's yourr latest forecas, sheinelle and craig. get them while you can, the hottest toys of the season, where you can b get your hands them. then a plea from y uncle jesse. as the new season of "full house" drops on netflix, but first, these messages. in ♪ ♪ oh, a raisin re-hydrator. it turns them back into grapes. wow, what an exhausting journey. that's a good wedding present. good call. thank you... and thank you, lady blue. with the blue cash everyday card from american express, you get cash back on purchases with no annual fee. oh, look at this. disposable microphone for my uncle bob's 75th! a one and done.
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6:41 am
morning, and time to -- fyi, a button popped on dylan's shirt. he is kicking. >> live birth? >> show's not over yet. >> 20 minutes. >> parents, good news this morning, if you're still looking for the hottest toy this christmas, we're here to help. the hatch mmal will be back on store shelves this weekend. target sent out a tweet that starting tomorrow, stores across the country will restock their shelves. now, there is a limit of two per person. and walmart also said it will be restocking 1,700 select stores across the country, with hatchimals, you'll have to check to see if your store is carrying them. if they are, good luck. >> at one point it was $49.99. >> for one? >> but the last price just said $69.99. >> hot commodity. >> you hatched one, didn't you? >> i did, i gave it a lot of love and it hatched. >> we better keep moving, so it
6:42 am
doesn't happen. we all want the holiday season to be fun, it can be stressful as you know. countless parties, endless treats and a lot of time with the relatives. sometimes you just have to say no. right? well, how do you do that and still be effective. there is new research that shows apparently there is a right way to say no, depending on how you frame your statement. for example, if you're invited to a holiday party and you really don't want to go, instead of saying i can't make it that night, you can say i'm sorry, i won't make your party, because i don't stay out past 9:00 on a school night. i just don't do it. that a simple word change can make people feel more si psychologically empowered. >> a reason, i don't hang out with you. >> no, that's probably not -- >> right. >> finally, your mailbox is probably filling up with holiday cards. what would you do if you got one of these from the first family. this is the final year the obamas are sending one.
6:43 am
so before we show you, let's look back at some of the others. in 2009, they went simple. in 2012, you remember this one, bo was at the center of attention. in 2013, they came up with a 3d pop-up design. and here it is, the entire family, of course, stunning. malia and sasha have grown-up so much. here they are, back in 2008. let's look at this. such a difference. >> gosh. >> right? >> it is remarkable. >> right in front of our eyes. this is your last "pop start" for a few months. >> i'll be informed. first up, you asked for it and now you've got it, dude. the second house of "fuller house" is on netflix. the whole team are all back for season 2. well, everyone except michelle tanner, mary kate and ashley
6:44 am
olson. they were absent from season one as well, but that hasn't stopped the writers from joking about it. >> we miss michelle, we hope she'll be with us next year. >> come, it will be fun. >> next, it is time to start your engines, as we get our first look at the latest fast and furious film. check out the teaser. released for the eighth installment, which stars vin diesel, and the movie will be called -- >> fast and furious 8. >> no, more creative. the fate of the furious. expected to pull into theaters in april 2017. did you want them all? >> no. i saw like the first two, though. >> you can watch eight now. finally, after it was announced this week that beyonce racked up nine gramny nominations, one man who you could say is a super fan had some fun celebrating.
6:45 am
check out shaq. ♪ ♪ >> shaq took it on, showing this video, that song and "halo" are quote, his jam. we love shaq. one of our favorite moments, he happened to walk by the studio and popped in. sheinelle took off her shoes, and took a picture with shaq. my favorite of all time. you hardly come up to his waist. >> oh, my goodness. >> it doesn't seem real. look at that. >> oh, my goodness. >> i could sit in his shoes. >> doesn't he have the softest hand as soon as. >> i don't remember his hands. >> he is the nicest guy. he really is. he is the nicest guy. >> you still have that picture? >> i do. i remember he was walking past and we were like, that looks like shaq. oh, it is.
6:46 am
why he is just walking around on a random saturday morning. nobody kind of looks like shaq. you're either shaq or not. >> when you're 7'2", you don't get mistaken for a lot of folks. coming up, humble beginnings, we've got the story behind these wildly popular back packs, but first, this is "today" on c.nb
6:47 am
♪ life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell
6:48 am
doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. back on a saturday morning. if you've ever taken a look at some of the backpacks people are wearing lately, you'll notice many of them have the same logo. >> the brain child of two brothers who are taking over a market once dominated by big companies. miguel almaguer has more. >> we can see if it's going to fit someone's back how it's going to look. >> reporter: it's the bag and the brand that seems to be everywhere, from the streets of new york to the beaches of l.a.
6:49 am
that clean bag with a simple logo, a global company with humble canadian roots and a home base in vancouver. a family business, no doubt. jamie and lindon cormick founded he herschel. they named their company after an early town their grandparents settled, herschel, canada, population 30. >> we had some of our best childhood memories in this little town. >> with roots in retail, the brothers left their jobs in marketing and sales to create what they say was missing in the market. >> we saw a hole in the market. we didn't know how big the hole was. we saw that there was this opportunity to take utility items, weave into the design dna to them, have some creative features on the products, have this look and feel that wasn't
6:50 am
available on shelves in the market. >> reporter: turns out that hole in the market was the size of a crater. from 2010 to 2011, sales spiked 900%. the next year, a more modest rise, 350%. >> are you guys a disrupter or outlier? are you -- is that what you want to become? >> i think early on, you know, a lot of people didn't carry bags 12 months of the year, and they are now. >> the little america is a clatic take on a vintage bag. >> reporter: their first bags were basic. a modern classic, simple, affordable and refined. >> we really wanted to take nostalgic items and modernize them. modern classics is really what we want to do. >> reporter: their like bags, their headquarters are cool. a modern space that thrives on inspiration and collaboration. >> so this is ahoy. >> reporter: the brothers take pride in their products. everything from wallets to
6:51 am
apparel and outerwear. >> we talk about it all the time. we never stop. every single day there's a new idea. >> we planned on being global and it's something we talked about the whole time. really being scaleable, acting like a global brand. >> reporter: a global brand that's always been a family business. for "today," miguel almaguer, vancouver, canada. before we go, we have to say good luck and congratulations just one more time. >> my good-bye tour is finally wrapping up. >> it's real now. >> and when i saw savannah's baby, charlie, it's like oh, wow, there really is a baby at the end of this whole journey so it made it more real. >> and that's a 9 pound 8 ounce baby. >> please don't benign pounds. but i'm going to miss you guys. i feel like it's the last day of school and i'm not going to see you for a few months. >> i was just telling dylan, i think we're having a little bit of a moment because we recognize that this is the end of a
6:52 am
chapter and the next time you come back and are sitting on this couch, to me it's a great chapter. >> it's the best chapter. >> everyone says that and i can't wait to see what it's all about. i'm so excited. >> you'll see. >> i used to wonder what their face would look like. >> oh, i'm dying to know what his face looks like. >> we're so happy for you and we're just as happy that you didn't do it during the broadcast today. >> me too. >> not me. >> that would have been embarrassing. >> sheinelle woman wantihas bee wanting it the last woke. >> that's going to do it. tomorrow morning willie sitting down with jessica chastain. how the actress got her start in the business and the movie that put her into the spotlight. that's coming up tomorrow morning on "sunday today." enjoy your saturday. have a great weekend. dylan, we'll miss you. >> i'll miss you guys too. please visit. >> can we come over? >> can we come over? right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it >> can we come over? in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep
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it's been one week since the good morning. i'm vianey arana. coming up next on "today in the bay," it's within one week since the open warehouse fire. classmates pay tribute to the youngest person who died and how the other 35 people who lost their lives are being remembered in the east bay. also, santa is coming to town, but this santa is not delivering presents. he's taking them. and the storm ranger scan shows increasing rain across the bay area. who will be hit the hardest coming up. we are under a microclimate
6:58 am
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weather alert. as we're waking up across the bay area, here's a live look outside. we are tracking a storm that is expected to bring rainfall. we are under a microclimate weather alert and we are monitoring our live cameras. here's a look outside at the san francisco golden gate bridge. we are expecting rain. here hees a live look right now as we continue to track the storm. storm ranger, we have


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