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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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wrapping up the "warehouse investigation." the a-t-f is done collecting evidence--- now, it must come up with a conclusion about what started the oakland fire. when we might learn more about that process. kris/vo and "erosion concerns" in pacifica, pop back up after a week of steady rain. the appearance of another sinkhole has shut down access to part of the beach. sam/live this as we're looking at another "stormy week" ahead. but today, a window to dry out. here's a live look at san francisco today in the bay starts, right now. ==sam/2shot== good morning- and thanks for joining us. i'm sam brock. ==kris/2shot== and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia cannon. =4shot= good monday morning to you. i'm sam bach. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. in our house, the dryer was going constantly.
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>> my dryer was going because there was a chance to catch up on the chores and trying to get things done this weekend. >> it was a good morning. we will have one day to try out. then it looks like a soggy week ahead. we'll be talking about that. right now as you head out, it is 50 in the south bay. 47 in the try val kri. 40 with cloudy skies. >> we are not sure. we are sending a crew out there. what we have reported is southbound 101. the exit at willow is closed.
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use university. our camera there shows you north toward willow, we don't see flashing lights or any slowing. we'll bring you confirmation coming up. back to you. >> thank you, mike. serious warning in pacifica this morning. more erosion spot add long the coast after yesterday's downpour. a popular path to the beach is shut down as a result. were demolished after several winter storms pummeled the coastline and a state of emergency was declared. ==sam/topvo== pacifica got them first -- now the the highest tides of the year will hit the rest of the bay area. so-called 'king tides' will bring sea levels higher by more than a foot between now and
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mid-week during high tide. it typically means flooding in low-lying areas in the north bay. there's even occasional flooding along san francisco's embarcadero. ==sam/gfx== you can track the forecast with our nbc bay area weather app. it's free to download on your smartphone. you can check conditions in your neighborhood and use our live doppler radar. =anim= =kris/rail= the investigation into the deadly oakland warehouse fire took a step forward this weekend. the a-t-f wrapped up it's investigation and tell us, we may finally get some answers. federal investigators scheduled a a press conference. as they were doing their work... many folks across the bay area spent the weekend remembering the 36 people who died in the fire. bay area band "green day" paid tribute to the victims. ==take sot== "my heart just goes out to all the people that perished in that warehouse. just being artists and being weird and having fun." rs=:19 ==conto==
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lead singer billie joe armstrong went on to say that oakland needs to cherish its artists. and he dedicated the next song, "i walk alone" to the victims. the performance was part of "live 105's not so silent night" concert saturday night. =add tz= we're going to have more on the moving tributes that happened this weekend coming up in our next half hour. ==sam//cu== two people robbed at gunpoint just blocks away from cal. ==railmap== the robbery happened early sunday morning near the intersection of ellsworth and durant -- you can see that's close to the u-c berkely campus. police say just before one a-m a man approach two people and demanded their belongings. the victims handed their stuff over and the robber ran away. nobody was hurt. police have not released a detailed description of the suspect. ==kris//vo== a crime spree ended. police say 45-year old "jeremy neist" -- supposedly seen in this surveillance photo has been arrested for a string of auto burglaries in newark.
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all of the burglaries happened at the new-park mall. police arrested neist and quickly found stolen property. officers were able to return several stolen items to their rightful owners. 2 shot coming up-- keeping dry, at least for the start of your week. kari hall says don't get too comfortable though... ad lib toss to wx ==wx//ck== kari weather mike//trx mike traffic vo and calling in reinforcements, to keep inmates in order. the privilege "revoked" at the elmwood jail--- that caused more than a hundred people to revolt.
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as a supervisor at pg&e, it's my job to protect public safety, keeping the power lines clear, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing,
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the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
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=kari/wsifull= kari tease =mike/traffic=
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this weekend's storm is being blamed for trapping about a dozen people at a >> thank you very much. ke v weekend storm is being d a hu for traffic. reek. a dozen people at a buddhist retreat in the santa cruz mountains. the rain caused a significant t==k slide on rings road and boulder creek. he onocks are so big, the county needs to bring in a contractor to clear them. he onls is huge. is's going to be something to chip it apart and move it. hey or now, the only way in and o baof that buddhist retreat is
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by foot. cu==staff at the institute say sturbaave enough food. the issue is getting people who es at o go back home out. >> unruly inmates caused a sis turnians at a south bay jail. the inmates at the elmwood urnrectional facility protests after their phone privileges heriffaken away yesterday. no ja 120 inmates took part in e pr protest. they refused to return to their bunks. the sheriff's office called in more resources. no staff or inmates were injured in the protest which didn't last ivng. who is going to lead the drug an enforcement agency? gaaturday night live" puts walter white in charge. the president-elect's recollection is an unexpected one. >> a live look outside the golden gate bridge. no rain yet. it is coming so dry up your umbrella.
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pretty good weekend after we got through the rain on saturday. it seemed like the clouds parted. >> it was nice. sunday we still had the clouds hanging around but it wasn't raining. it was a weekend -- you saw peeks of sunshine. here is a live look outside
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toward the embark dar embarcade. nice and quiet. we have an active storm ranger. we have it at san bruno mountain now. only picking up on light sprinkles for the north bay. as we go through the rest of the week once again, we will continue to have wet weather moving in. we will see a lot of activity here. once again, only light sprinkles with mostly cloudy skies. here's the wide view. temperatures 53 in oakland. 51 in san francisco and 45 in napa. this afternoon, highs reaching near 60.
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it will be cooler once that rain moves out for the weekend as you make holiday festivity plans. it looks like it's looking better. >> better news for the peninsula. good news all over the place. we are looking at speed sensors. we are showing you the peninsula at the off ramp. all lanes cleared. everything is has reopened. no delays for the peninsula or the rest of the bay.
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travel times as we look around the east bay looking at the upper east shore freeway. back down to 14 minutes. only a little bit of slowing for the construction zone. the toll plaza. we have the cash lanes backing up. one lane either side, they are not yet open. that will change over the next half hour. we'll monitor that. back to you. something big going on in washington. there is growing speculation that president he el many electd trump may nominate the ex ceo of exxon. >> wall street is coming off friday's all-time highs after posting best week since the election. this week investors are looking to tuesday's two-day federal
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reserve meeting. fed officials are expected to hike interest rates. friday, the dow climbing 142 points to 19,757. nasdaq up 27 to 5450. president-elect donald trump is expected to nominate ex ceo of exxon to secretary of state. he does have ties to russian president vladimir putin. this could end week-long speculate who could be america's top diplomat. boeing reached a $17 billion deal with iran. boeing is set to deliver 80 jetliners to iran starting 2018 if sale is approved by u.s. law makers. this will be the first major deal between a u.s. company and islamic republic since the election of donald trump who criticized the two countries.
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one of the main topics over the weekend was pot eveninentia russian government to meddle in our election. revenge and common interest could have driven vladimir putin to hurt hillary clinton's chances. >> let's remember that vladimir putin thinks she intervened in his election in december 2011 and said as much publically. i heard him talk about it privately. number two, president-elect trump supports a lot of foreign policy positions that vladimir putin supports. >> he served as ambassador to russia from 2012 to 2014. this goes to sat aeire.
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this week bryan cranston who portrayed trump's pick to lead the dea. >> do you know anything about drug an enforcement? >> trust me, i know the dea better than anyone, inside and out. >> mr. white, how did you get considered for this job. do you know donald trump? >> nope. but i'm a big fan. i like his style. he acts first then asks questions later. >> fans of the hit show "breaking bad" will recognize that was bryan cranston playing drug kingpin walter white. this time donald trump did not tweet about the show. this was not so laughable for the niners. fans continuing to vent their frustrations during yesterday's game. an airline carrying a banner that reads, "jed, you reap what you sow. fire balkey" who some fans think
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needs to be let go. 49ers have a dismal -12 record. yesterday they ended up blowing a fourth quarter lead to the new york jets. >> you feel the worse about the niners' loss. snow turns deadly in tahoe. the search for a man caught in an avalanche. we are tracking the next wave of stormy weather. so can you with our nbc bay area app. download it and get forecasts right for your neighborhood. stanford's band is fined. it's temporarily suspended for unacceptable behavior. there are allegations of hazing, sexual harassment and alcohol. we are back in two minutes.
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a couple of minutes before 5:00. we look live at san jose. what rain are you talking about? this time everybody got drenched. we'll talk about the next chance for rain in just a few minutes. >> jobs the storm did have deadly consequences to our east. tragic end to the search for a skier killed in an avalanche. the search team discovered his body near lake tahoe. the avalanche happened saturday near the mt. rose ski resort which was closed to the public because of avalanche danger a search team found that skier trapped under at least 10 feet of snow. the man'sรง full identity is no being released at this time. we know he was a 64-year-old man from the area. developing story overseas now. a private prayer service is
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being held in egypt for 25 christians killed in a bomb attack during sunday mass yesterday. it happened at a cathedral in cairo. two days earlier six policemen were killed in a different bomb attack in cairo. hundreds gathered last night to pray for the victims of the bombing in egypt and the members of the egypt christian churches joined for prayer. they took time out from the scheduled celebration to sing a special song honoring those victims. some were born in egypt. >> we were very sad obviously. we are in solidarity with the christians in egypt. we share the same faith in our lord jesus christ. we are the same family. >> many feel a sense of solidarity with the victims in the cathedral bombing in cairo because their church was destroyed in arson in 2002.
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a san francisco tradition all for a good cause. look at all those toys and presents. the salvation army and compass real estate are partnering for the ninth year to give toys to needy children in the city. fund-raising began monday and already $140,000 has been raised. toys will be distributed to families starting next week. coming up, we want to look at the forecast because we know there's more rain coming. >> we have a small little window here where we are not getting sun today but the rest of the week all bets are off. >> and heavy rain possible, especially for the north bay. that is where the storm will be focused for the first part of the week. we'll talk about the power impact as we go into the forecast. live look at the san mateo bridge. those taillights, no more flashing lights. smooth drive across 92. why you'll soon be able to put a
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stop on one of your childrens' a change is coming to the water supply. why you will soon be able to put a stop on one of your children's prescriptions.
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the change coming to the water you drink in the south bay. the reason some people are angry about it. remembering the 36 lives lost in the devastating warehouse fire. how people are remembering the victims through music as the investigation how the tragedy happens takes a step forward. scary moments for bay area fire station. close call that has firefighters on edge this morning. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it's a forecast fit for a king as we are talking about the kin kings. >> especially through the middle of the week and spots where we see flooding. we'll keep an eye on that. the next storm system moving in today is your chance to clean up those leaves and clear out storm drains. it's going to reach 58 in the
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tri-valley. 60 in the south bay. north bay up to 59 degrees. spotty showers there. we'll talk more about the impact of this next storm that's coming up as we head over to mike. an earlier crash looks cleared. >> we had a couple of them. one was on the peninsula. same thing over here for 580. that crash cleared out of the altamont pass area. nothing big going on there. there was a crash off the east shore freeway. it is no longer an issue for surface streets. even on the rails, we are looking at no delays. 28 trains on time for the b.a.r.t. system. this morning three people are recovering after this car crash in menlo park which happened around 3:20 this morning. it was on southbound highway 101
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at willow road off ramp. officers tell us a silver minivan swerved to the right side of the off ramp and knocked over a tree there. investigators do believe drugs or alcohol may are factors in this crash. they are investigating as a suspected dui. san jose's drinking water is finally getting fluoride. it is the largest city to date without it. not everyone is happy about the change. >> bob redell is live at the water district with concerns people have. good morning, bob. swrshgs one group of people is so concerned about the public health effects they have been suing the santa clara valley water district to stop putting fluoride in the water. the group arguing fluoride is an extreme toxic poison that can discolor and


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