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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 12, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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it was on southbound highway 101 at willow road off ramp. officers tell us a silver minivan swerved to the right side of the off ramp and knocked over a tree there. investigators do believe drugs or alcohol may are factors in this crash. they are investigating as a suspected dui. san jose's drinking water is finally getting fluoride. it is the largest city to date without it. not everyone is happy about the change. >> bob redell is live at the water district with concerns people have. good morning, bob. swrshgs one group of people is so concerned about the public health effects they have been suing the santa clara valley water district to stop putting fluoride in the water. the group arguing fluoride is an extreme toxic poison that can discolor and cause pitting of
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teeth and cause thyroid issues. 32,000 water customers who live in east san jose will start receiving fluoride in their tap water. other cities and counties have been doing this for years to reduce tooth decay in children. in 2011, the waterboard agreed to put fluoride in the water and retrofit three treatment plants. over half the country receives fluoride in their water. until today san jose was the largest city not to have fluoride in its water. live in san jose, bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you very much. 5:01. new this morning, a mysterious and unnerving incident at a vallejo firehouse. firefighters posted the news and images on to their facebook
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page. it seems somebody fired a gun shot through the front window. the bullet ended up in a box of gloves. this was fire station 24 on oak wood avenue south of springs road. the posting doesn't indicate when the bullet were discovered. the investigation into the deadly oakland warehouse fire took a step forward this weekend. the atf wrapped up the investigates at the scene. tomorrow we expect answers. investigators will hold a press conference to announce what they found. this comes as the bay area tries to remember and honor the 36 people lost in the fire. last night people gathered at a fund-raiser in san francisco to help the families who lost loved ones in that devastating fire. moby performed a benefit concert inside the night club and upstairs a silent auction was held. >> people brought their creativity into this community. it's really important for us to
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show our support. >> there's a million benefits going on. trying to go to as many as we can. >> local police moved the barriers closer to the burned warehouse and family members helped to pick up flowers and candles from the make shift memorial to move it closer to the warehouse. you talk about these memorials. mourners gathered to say a final farewell. family members remembered 34-year-old jonathan birnbaum as an advocate for social justice. he received a masters degree in film and just started to find his niche. >> learn the ropes and within a ridiculously short period of time was making art as much as he could. >> the temple was packed with people yesterday afternoon. grace cathedral remembering
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victims of the warehouse fire as the church bells chimed 36 times for each person who died in the fire. our coverage of this devastating fire continues online. track the latest on the investigation. a developing story in the north bay. a police officer opened fire at a shopping center. officials say just before 6:00 yesterday evening, someone tried to run a pedestrian over with their car. officers located that suspect and that's when the chase began. police were able to corner him inside a shopping center parking lot on aldon lane. officers say that's when shots were fired and the suspect was hit though no one else was injured. the suspect is a man in his 50s who was shot in the shoulder and expected to be okay. newark police are helping for help from the public catching a thief. here is the video police
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released. he walks right up to the house, grabs the package off the porch. police say it happened last thursday at a home. anyone with information should call newark police. this sunday two people died in an early morning car crash in a busy neighborhood. it happened on capital expressway. you see the car there on fire. investigators say the car struck a center divide then hit a sound wall and burst into flames. crews rushed to the scene but waits too late to save the driver and passenger. >> it was in the middle of the night, 3:50 to 4:00 in the morning i heard a big swoosh. >> no other vehicles were involved in that crash. it is the 44th deadly crash to happen in san jose this year. a family's kayak trip did not go as expected. there were two adults and two
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children still a few hundred yards offshore when the tide went out leaving them stranded in that stick mud yesterday. the group was able to call 911 when it became clear they would not get out safely on their own. first responders brought everyone back to dry land using paddle boards. >> they are all fine. a little cold and muddy, but everyone will be fine. check the tides when you go out. >> that is good advice. the rescue took about 45 minutes. how scary with kids that young. the time is 5:06. this is doppler radar on wheels. we're the only ones that have it. it gives us a view of what's happening as far as rain and storms around the bay area. it can even detect wildfire smoke. this will be a in action as we
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go through the next couple of days. right now it's on san bruno mountain. picking up on light rain in the north bay. we will have spotty light rain throughout the morning but then get clearing. the bigger picture shows the atmospheric river rolling over the bay area. the next impulse will bring us heavier rain as we go into tomorrow as well as wednesday and some heavy rain on thursday. i'll talk more about all of that coming up in about 10 minutes. as we head over to mike, he's tracking a car fire in the east bay. >> initial reports of a car fire up the east shore freeway. nice easy drive. this may cause slowing heading down to 580 freeway. we'll track that. so far no major issues through
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the area. travel time moving great right now. 14 minutes. no disturbance to that flow of traffic. tracking the car fire. a light volume of traffic through this area. just a little burst of traffic through 101 and 680. coming up, a controversial development in the south bay could be moving forward. steps city leaders are expected to take this week that will cause more congestion. >> bumper to bumper. the reason san francisco city leaders say ride sharing companies are causing more traffic. new records on the dow, on theç nasdaq on the s&p 500.
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=kari/wsifull= kari weather tease good monday morning, the time is 5:11. a live look at palo alto with cloudy skies. cupertino, temperatures only reaching to the upper 50s. there will be sun mixing in with clouds today. don't expect a lot of sunshine. the rain moves in by tomorrow. i'll detail in the microclimate forecast in five minutes.
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>> to the tri-valley, a smooth flow of traffic out of the altamont pass. 11 minutes from 580 to the golden gate bridge. thank you very much. city leaders in sunnyvale are reportedly considering taking the next step in a major new development. city council members tomorrow are reviewing the environmental impact report for the proposed butcher's corner project. it's a plan that would cover more than five acres. if approved, it would offer 138 living units with retail and office space, so mix-use facility there. last month city planners vote down the ier saying more traffic analysis is needed. finger-pointing is happening all over san francisco's traffic congestion conversation. officials say they know who is
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to blame and say it's ride sharing companies like uber and lyft. ride share services are adding as many as 45,000 cars to already-congested city streets. the transit agency is putting the blame on the cpuc in charge of regulating those ride sharing companies. the electric car maker says it's one step closer to actually making a car. >> there's a lot to doubt that the company can pull this off. >> there is. whether it has the know-how and whether it has the money. over the weekend, faraday said they finished the drive train. they will build a factory on the island and city officials are hoping they will in vallejo.
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the company is millions of dollars behind in payments to its construction firm there. the company is expected to show off a prototype car at the consumer electronics show. that's just weeks away. we've seen a number of electric car start-ups in silicon valley but only tesla actually has cars on the road. ford will move some of its small car production to mexico despite donald trump's threats to put a huge tax on foreign made products. ford says there will be no loss of jobs they'll simply make something else on the american like. landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning. we could see a mix of the markets to start off the week. wall street is coming off friday's all-time highs after posting its best week since the
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election. this week investors are looking ahead to tuesday's federal reserve meeting where fed officials are expected to hike interest rates. friday the dow climbing 142 points to 19,757. nasdaq up 27 to 5450. back to you. >> thank you. >> uber is having fun with the debut of rogue one this weekend. they are changing the car icon in the uber app to an xwing. if you want to switch to regular cars, you can switch to center. of all the movies that do not need any more promotion it's "star wars." >> is this two years running we had a "star wars" movie coming out this time of the year. >> this is the "star wars" spin-off.
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le. >> let's go back to the terrestrial here. snow, ice, frosty temperatures sent some of the country to a deep freeze. did you see the midwest this weekend? an arctic blast left a thick layer of snow and ice across the great lakes and upper midwest. wintry weather made travel on the ground difficult and forced cancellations of thousands of flights, 1400 to 1600 flights at o'hare and midway airports. travelers have learned to check their flight status. major cancellations in chicago can disrupt flights elsewhere. >> visibility is clear this morning. that's good news. we may start to see that fog rolling in by tomorrow. the rain won't be far behind. we have a lot of changes on the way. we've been seeing the weather going back and forth from sunshine to clouds and some rain. you probably would like a little
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bit more sunshine today but don't expect a lot of it. as we get a live look at emeryville, it's cloudy and 49. nice mild start. we are tracking that next storm system that will be moving in. we enacted our storm ranger. it's right now picking up on light rain in the north bay. gives us a high-definition view of some of the fine particles in the air. some of that mist and drizzle could pick up on even that. we will see light rain as we go into the morning and early afternoon. there will be clearing. we still have this large storm system spanning across the pacific and tapping into deep moisture. once that finally rolls through, we will have clearing after that. we'll put an end to this moisture stream that's been over the bay area quite a while. 45 right now in napa. half moon bay.
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48 also in morgan hill. definitely a jacket needed and long sleeves all day with a high of 60 in napa. palo alto 59 for the high. 59 for san jose. this is what we expect later this morning. a chance of some showers moving into the peninsula. the south bay. we don't see much rain today. there will be a little bit of a break from those clouds, but not much. once again that moisture is streaming through. we'll get a view of the sun like we had yesterday. by tonight we start to see more clouds moving in ahead of the next storm system that will be here by late tomorrow evening into the day wednesday. initially this won't begin as a north bay storm. those king kootides kicking up. rain totals in the north bay with up to 0.4 inch in santa
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rosa and south bay. there will be a chance of spotty light rain elsewhere. highs reaching fid to upper 50s for san francisco. look how cool it will be for the weekend. make those plans, it will be sunny, but we won't have the warm air to go along with that. we'll track the rain coming up as we head over to mike. >> still following that car fire. we'll show you the silicon valley freeway not showing slowing or major incidents. the bridges are moving well. coming toward richmond, 580 moves well. the car fire is reported just south of the boulevard. an easy flow of traffic. cash lanes cleared. right cash lane should cause early backup there.
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no problems. metering lights probably in about 10 minutes. rails moving well. no delays reported. >>. >> spreading much-needed holiday cheer. annual tradition that brings a smile to bay area kids who otherwise might not unwrap presents. >> she pays off a loan then the collection calls start coming. nbc bay area responds. nbc bay area responds.
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to an oakland woman who says she was overcharged by wells fargo. =kris/2shot= consumer investigator chris chmura is here to tell u nbc bay area responds to a woman who says she was overcharged by wells fargo. >> how we were able to help her out. >> shirley says she paid off a wells fargo line of credit back in may. wells fargo told her the pay-off amount. there was no guesswork here. a month later, shirley says the bank sends her a statement saying she still owed $200. she questioned wells fargo about the bill but no one could give her an explanation. next thing you know, she starts receiving those collection phone calls. she just paid the bill because she wanted to protect her credit. she wasn't happy. she reached out to us. we reached out to wells fargo. quickly, the bank refunded her
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$200. in a statement it said it can't discuss the case for privacy reasons but was glad to resolve the issue. this is a reminder to document everything with loans, especially at origin and pay-off. if you have a consumer complaint call 888-996-tips. tomorrow morning, sorting out a mess with a state tax refund. have a great day. . >> check your holiday candles. there is a massive recall involving the yankee candle. the company is ripping about 31,000 candles off the shelf. this is the luminous collection. the square glass jars can crack when the candles of lit. fortunately, no one was
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seriously hurt. it is a san francisco tradition all for a good cause. salvation army and compass real estate are partnering up for the ninth year to give toys to needy children in the city. the fund-raising began on fun and already they generated 140,000. those toys including many "star wars" figures are going to be distributed to families starting next week. in san jose firefighters spending the weekend wrapping donating toys and handing them out to disadvantaged kids. >> it's so night. on saturday firefighters and families wrapped thousands of gifts. yesterday they were given over to 500 families who say they appreciate the good will especially this time of year. >> she can't really afford presents right now so this will help us. >> you can help because toys can
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still be dropped off at any fire station until january 1st. look at that little firefighter. we are xweerigearing up for soggy week. >> not today. storm ranger is powered up and ready to track that next storm system. we'll talk about that and the timing on when the rain will be moving in coming up. a sinkhole emerging along a familiar cliffside in pacifica. why it's becoming a cause of concern for residents in the area. >> who will be nominated as secretary of state? president-elect donald trump narrowing in on who he will pick. the person reportedly at the top of the list next.
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good morning. 5:30 on your monday. a live look outside. if you're out for a walk, you notice aside from those lights in the skyline, there were lights that outlined the perimeter, wreaths are up. we are officially in the holiday spirit.
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>> if you're in the north bay it will be a soggy week. south bay it will take a while before the rain gets working. as we get a live look, all our microclimates, temperatures in the upper 40s to about 50. a cool start lower 40s for the north bay. it will be a fairly mild afternoon up to 57 in the peninsula. peeks of sunshine and spotty rain in the north bay. i'll talk more about that and the next storm system arriving in a few minutes. mike is checking on the bay bridge. >> we should get a slow down because of the volume of traffic there. most of the bay showing lighter volume of traffic. it's the end of year. bay bridge toll plaza shows backup and we are showing you the live camera. we do not have that yet. already indicating a lighter flow of traffic.
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there may be a fender bender along this stretch. chp says there is something going on there. look at the rest of the toll plaza. that is a big advantage. happening now, a dangerous situation in pacifica. we've seen it before. new erosion after this weekend's storm. there is more rain on the way. today in the bay pete suratos is live there. >> not too far where the apartments were demolished. we'll show you this sinkhole. you can see that big gaping hole there. it emerged this past saturday. that's what officials had to close off this pathway to the beach. really over the past few years you had the king tide affecting this cliffside. back in march, the apartment had
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to be demolished because of this very issue. this constant problem of erosion has become a way of life for residents in this area. >> it's a constant battle. if you look at the sidewalk over there, it's very narrow. it's a shadow of how it was years ago. >> this area is taped off. there is a wood ensign saying there is no access to this area. with the wet weather coming in, this could continue to be a problem. there is no word when they are going to reopen this area. live in pacifica pete suratos. >> the highest tides of the year will hit the bay area known as king tides. they will bring sea levels higher by more than a foot. this means flooding in low-lying areas in the north bay and flooding along san francisco
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embarcadero. track the forecast on our nbc bay area app. use our live doppler radar when out and about. politics. it could be a pivotal week for president-elect donald trump. his pick for secretary of state comes as mr. trump and congress are asking to the obama administration investigation whether or not russia tried to influence the election. tracie potts joins us live from washington, d.c. the intelligence community seems to be in agreement on this. good morning. >> right. certainly not what the trump transition and president-elect has been tweeting about that this morning saying if it was the other way around, if he alleged there was russian influence it would be called a conspiracy theory. china says there will be no cooperation with the u.s. if the
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one china policy is not adhered to. congress wants to look into other foreign countries that may be trying to influence our politics. >> it's ridiculous. it's just another excuse. i don't believe it. >> rejecting the cia finding that russia tried to influence the election in his favor. >> this is insane in the same article says the report was inconclusive. you're forgetting the most important piece. >> democrats and even some republicans don't think so. congress is promising its own investigation. >> the goal is to find out how extensive this is, how deep it is, which countries are doing it. it won't be limited to just russia. >> mr. trump is not confirming reports that exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson is his choice for secretary of state. he tweeted "stay tuned." >> he does massive deals in russia. he does massive deals for the company. >> tillerson oversees joint
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ventures for russia and was ordered the country's order of friendship. >> he has such a close personal relationship with vladimir putin. >> marco rubio tweeted being a friend of putin is not an attribute i'm hoping for in secretary of state. two people were robbed at gun point near the uc berkeley campus. just before 1:00 in the morning a man approaching two people and demanded their belongings. the victims handed over their stuff and the robber ran away. nobody was hurt. police have not released a detailed description of the suspect. crime spree now ended. police say 45-year-old jeremy kn
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nees was arrested for a string of car burglaries. they were able to return several stolen it's toems the rightful owner. a 53-year-old man is in custody accused of sexually abusing a 9-year-old. police arrested john lonston last thursday. that arrest was made after an initial report from the victim. he is now facing multiple criminal charges and held on $500,000 bail. >>. >> unruly inmates caughting a disturbance over the weekend. inmates at the elmwood correctional facility began protesting after their phone privileges were revoked yesterday. about 120 inmates took part. they refused to return to their bunks. the sheriff's office had to call in for more resources. no one was injured in that protest. this weekend's storm is being blamed for trapping about a dozen people at a buddhist
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retreat in the santa cruz mountains. it caused a huge rock slide. the rocks are so big, the county has to bring in a contractor to clear them out. >> this is huge. it's going to be something to chip it apart and move it. >> now the only way in or out of the buddhist retreat is on foot. the staff say they have enough food for the folks that can stay. the issue is getting people who need to get out back home. good morning. it is 5:37 as you head out on this monday morning. all cloudy skies and a little bit of clearing today. some peeks of sun in san francisco. 51 heading up to 56. we will have the possibility of mist and drizzle at least early in the morning. it does stay mostly cloudy in the city and will be rainy as we head into tomorrow with the king tide really taking effect by
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tomorrow into thursday. by wednesday, we willç have tis of light rain but it will be much heavier to the north. the next storm system moving in will be mostly for the north bay bringing the highest amounts of rain there. i'll let you know when it will move into the south bay. no more car fire for the east bay. >> i'm not sure if there was a car fire or smoke coming out of the car. help was on the way and cleared from the east shore freeway. peninsula, no problem. south bay had that burst of traffic. i want to show you by the bay bridge toll plaza we have slowing coming off westbound 580. we have a look out here. all lanes backing up. no crashes reported on the approach there. that's better news. there is a look at the reverse
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angle. the left approach still light as last week. lighter for all these lanes. better news. those metering lights are on. starting with the burst of traffic north 101 past 280. coming up, a stanford professor claims he knows why russia allege lid interfered in the american presidential election. it could have been putin seeking revenge on hillary clinton. stock markets open up at new records and donald trump doubles down on china. we are live in beverly hills this morning with the golden globe nominations under way this morning. you see ana kendrick announcing some of the nominees. did your favorites make the cut?
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happening now... the golden globe nominations are being announced. anim ==live== here's happening right now, the golden globe nominations are being announced. >> we look live at the ceremony. there have been good ones in there. >> amy adams "arrival." jessica chastain, ysabel. ruth nagan "loving." natalie portman "jackie."
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>> the event itself is january 8 from the beverly hilton hotel hosted by jimmy fallon. >> i like watching that. then i know what to watch next because i'm always behind. we do have some developing news from overseas. a private prayer service being held in egypt today for 25 christians killed in a bomb attack during sunday mass. this happened in cairo. two days earlier, six policemen were killed in 2 another bomb attack in cairo. hundreds gathered to pray for the victims of that bombing there. members of the eastern christian church of the bay area joined in prayer at the orthodox church of the redeemer last night. they took time out from the scheduled celebration to sing a special song honoring the victims. some are from egypt themselves.
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>> we are very sad, obviously. we are in solidarity with the christians in egypt. we share the same faith in our lord jesus christ, but also we were from the middle east. we are the same family. >> many people feel solidarity with the victims of the bombing in aeroo because their church was destroyed by arson in 2002. it was a tragic end to the search for a skier killed in an avalanche. search team discovered the man's body near lake tahoe yesterday afternoon. he went missing saturday morning. they found his body under 8 to 10 feet of snow there. search crews hoping the find will bring closure to the family of that missing skier. >> it's a tragedy but there is hope by bringing this kind of closure that we can help the family with their loss. >> the person reported missing was a 64-year-old man from out of the area.
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a former ambassador to russia is a professor at stanford weighing in on the election tampering accusations on "meet the press." he says revenge and common interests could have driven vladimir putin to harm hillary clinton's chances in the election and boost donald trump's of becoming president. >> let's remember vladimir putin thinks that she intervened in his election, the parliamentary election in december 2011. and said as much publically. i heard him talk about it privately. number two, president-elect trump supports a lot of foreign policy positions that vladimir putin supports. >> he served as ambassador to russia from 2012 to 2014. the bay area band green day paid tribute to the victims of oakland ghost ship fire during a performance this weekend. >> my heart goes out to all the people that perished in that
5:46 am
warehouse. they were people just looking for themselves, just trying to have a moment where they can all celebrate being artists and being weird and having fun. >> the lead singer billy joe armstrong says oakland needs to cherish its artists. he dedicated the song "i walk along" to the victims of the ghost ship. the performance was part of live 105 not so silent night concert. >> an issue that strikes close to home. a big piece of california history. travel back in time 80 years when the bay bridge first opened up to traffic. right now these pictures are shown online as part of a digital exhibit on the california state archive websites. the exhibit is called spanning the bay. it had personal accounts of people that worked on the
5:47 am
bridge. >> funny to think the pictures we see now will be part of that archive some day that people will look back. >> it all started right there. the stock markets are opening at new records this morning. >> there's a lot of pressure for them to sink. >> we may not see it in the near future. futures are calling for a lower open. let's show you the record numbers. dow closed friday up 142 points to a new record. new record on the s&p s&p a500 nasdaq up 27. the fed starts its two-day meeting tomorrow. we expect by wednesday the committee will announce interest rate hikes. for that matter, the second hike in 10 years. sunday morning on fox nushgs preside news, donald trump recognized taiwan as a separate country. he said i don't know why we have
5:48 am
to be bound by a one-china policy unless we make a deal with china having to do with other things, including trade. shortly after the first comments on taiwan, the chinese air force flew bombers into the south china sea. chinese markets plunged on the comments. overall those markets have been unstable for a number of reasons lately. the shanghai composite down 2.5%. that would be equivalent to our dow falling 500. trump will meet with tech leaders later this week. we'll look at who is not coming to the party. that's coming up in about 30 minutes. back to you. snow, ice and frigid temperatures gripping much of the country from the midwest to the east, your friends in other parts of the country have probably been complaining. it's an arctic blast that left much of the region in a deep freeze. >> thousands of flights canceled
5:49 am
over the weekend. a delta plane skidded off a runway in detroit yesterday. a flight from buffalo landed in detroit but slid off the pavement. it ended up in snow-covered grass. thankfully, nobody was hurt. my mom lives in chicago she couldn't open the front door to her house to get out to shovel. that's tough when your mom needs help and you're not there for her. >> hopefully she has netflix and popcorn what can you do? >> my mother-in-law said i'm not doing anything. it's 20 degrees outside. >> we have a different perspective. that was a live look of downtown san jose. nothing doing for the time being
5:50 am
on the weather front we are seeing wet weather later this week. >> especially tomorrow for the north bay. the rest of us will start to see that rain returning as we see this steady stream of moisture moving through. as we get a live look outside and what to expect as you head out on this monday morning, there is san jose. we'll have cloudy skies. this heavy rain will be possible for the north bay. also the king tides return tomorrow. winds pick up, we will have potential of tree and power impacts. here is a look at times for the golden gate tomorrow at 10:06 in the morning. it will be up to about seven feet. same thing on wednesday. just a little bit later. shortly before noon. we have our storm ranger. this is our mobile doppler rarity. this gives us hd view of the radar. it can pick up on things as fine
5:51 am
as wildfire smoke and fog and mist and drizzle moving through the air. as of now, it's fairly quiet. we have it an san bernardino mountain. right now picking up on light rain in the north bay. that will be the possibility for the next couple of hours as we once again see this steady stream of moisture moving in. here is that center of low pressure. that won't get here until friday. near term we have a lot of rain that will be moving in. temperaturewise, upper 40s to lower 50s, heading up to about 60 today. same weather we've seen recently. still cool during the afternoon. we will have a chance of spotty light rain moving in by this early afternoon. then it clears out. not much sunshine today. like what we saw yesterday with filtered sunshine through that thin layer of clouds.
5:52 am
tomorrow evening rain starts to move into the north bay. it continues on wednesday and still spotty showers elsewhere. the heavy rain doesn't get going for most of the bay area until thursday. with rainfall totals between tuesday and wednesday for the north bay, up to 1/4 maybe to 4/10 inch of rain. check this weekend. r(t&háhp &h% storm system clears out but it will be chilly with highs in the low 50s. >> great start to the week. as we are talking about it, as we approach of the end of the year december being the last month. we see a lighter flow of traffic. little slowing for north 101 here as the tri-valley. very mild. hayward just showing a little bit of traffic below the speed limit. look at this shot here. normally this time we would see a lot of traffic building up. we have slowing approaching the
5:53 am
bay bridge toll plaza. it does move well. we have that left approach starting with a few cars waiting in the cash lanes. they are moving slower than we would like. getting down to east shore freeway. slowing upper east shore. a couple of minutes here and as the average comes down just below the speed limit you saw it was just there between hercules. this is the only area where we are seeing speeds below the speed limit. congested roads in the bay area why would ride share companies be to blame? the number of cars uber and loirt alyft are adding to the roads could be a problem. >> download our nbc bay area
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app. get forecasts for your neighborhood. >> stanford's band is taking fines. temporarily suspended for unacceptable behavior. more allegation of hazing, sexual harassment and alcohol. you can read the whole story on our facebook page. happening today...
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family and friends say goodbye to a former n-f-l player killed in an apparent road rage incident. happening today, family and friends say good-bye to a former nfl player killed in an apparent road rage incident. joe mcknight was shot and killed in new orleans earlier this month. he got into an argument with another man stemming from a road accident. 50-year-old ronald gasser is charged with manslaughter. mcknight's funeral and burial are scheduled today. he was only 28 years old. today marks six months since 49 people were shot and killed inside the pulse night club in orlando, florida. more than 50 others were injured in that mass shooting. this is new video of a private vigil held at the night club early this morning. victims, survivors, family members and pulse night club employees were all there for a moment of silence. tall white candles line the area in the shape of a pulse with multicolored stars with the names of the victims set up
5:58 am
along with the candles and roses. east bay city, someone is making fake phone calls pretending to be a police officer trying to collect money. police received several reports of people receiving calls of someone saying they are a retired police officer asking donations. >> the police department does not accept monetary donations. they would never ask for money over the phone. raiders are going to help out the u.s. marine corps toys for tots program. toys need to be worth $20. it's happening at the raider image store in hayward. players will be there starting at 6:00 p.m. tonight. a convoy of trucks loaded with more than 200,000 wreaths
5:59 am
is headed to arlington national cemetery this morning. that convoy got a police escort over the weekend. police lined the streets saluting the trucks. this is part of an enewing trek started by wreaths across america. the organization is dedicating to place wreaths on military graves in the u.s. and around the world. once the wreaths arrive at arlington national cemetery, they will be placed on each and every grave. >> patriotism. it's alive and well. that warms my heart. it's from the wee ones to the old ones. they'll be out there chanting "usa" and carrying flags, they'll be crying to see us come through because they get the message of what we are carrying. that's so important. >> the convoy is expected to arrive in arlington saturday. that's when volunteers will place those wreaths on the graves. right now at 6:00, we had a
6:00 am
rainy, stormy weekend. now getting ready for the next round. >> a live look at san francisco. all clear to start off your monday. a major step forward in the deadly oakland warehouse fire investigation. we could learn more information about what caused that devastating fire. >> the change coming to the water you drink here in the south bay. the reason some people are angry. "today in the bay" starts now. >> this is a good holiday weekend. once the rain finally did leave to go to parties, ice rinks, do a little shopping. >> the rain moves back in as we head to the next couple of


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