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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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round. >> a live look at san francisco. all clear to start off your monday. a major step forward in the deadly oakland warehouse fire investigation. we could learn more information about what caused that devastating fire. >> the change coming to the water you drink here in the south bay. the reason some people are angry. "today in the bay" starts now. >> this is a good holiday weekend. once the rain finally did leave to go to parties, ice rinks, do a little shopping. >> the rain moves back in as we head to the next couple of days. we have a little bit of a window
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to try to get things cleaned up. the heavier rain arrives tomorrow. >> it sounds dramatic. look at the map behind me. very, very nice try. we have a crash at the toll plaza. despite the easy drive, we can see the fast lanes right there. number three and four of fastrack are clear right now. there may be a fender bender. the rest of the fastrack lanes are moving well. not as much of an issue. we'll track that as well as another crash at the san mateo bridge around the toll plaza.
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we'll show you if there is slowing over the next few. thank you. >> flouuoride will be added to e drinking water in san jose. san jose had been the largest city in the country without fluoride in its water. >> bob redell is outside the santa clara valley water district to claim why some parents might be happy to hear about this change. not everybody is happy about it. >> good morning. some parents have been trying to stop the district putting fluoride in the water. they made the argument it is an extreme toxic poison that can discolor or cause pitting of teeth, affect people with thyroid issues. 230,000 customers of the water company will start receiving fluoride in their tap water.
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other cities and counties have been doing this for years to reduce tooth decay in children and prevent cavities, especially for hides whose families don't have access to regular dental care. they agreed to put fluoride in the water. it took five years to raise the money to retrofit three treatment plants. well over half the country receives fli s flower fluoride their water. scary moments for bay area firefighters after someone fired a gun into the fire station. the vallejo firefighters posted that someone fired a gun through the front of the fire house.
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the bullet ended up in a box of gloves. the facebook post did not say when this happened or whether there were any arrests. we can tell you no one was injured. new this morning, three people are injured after this car crash in menlo park. it happened around 3:20 this morning on southbound 101 at the willow road off ramp. officers say a silver minivan swerved into the right side of the off ramp, knocked over a tree. they do believe alcohol or drugs may be a factor in this crash and are investigating it as a suspected dui. federal investigators have now officially completed their work at the scene of a deadly oakland warehouse fire. bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives, atf wrapped up its investigation. we are hoping to finally get answers during a news conference set for tomorrow. this comes as the bay area tries
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to remember and honor the 36 lives lost in that fire. last night people gathered at a fund-raiser in san francisco to help the families who lost loved ones. singer moby performed a benefit concert. upstairs there was a silent auction. >> a lot of people foster their creativity in this community. it's really important for us to show our support. >> there are a million benefits going on. trying to go to as many as we can. >> oakland police moved the barriers closer to the burned warehouse. family members helped to pick up flowers and candles right outside to move it closer to the warehouse. investigators ruled out a refrigerator as the source of the fire but looking at electrical systems as the source of the cause. friends and family saying good-bye to victims of the oakland warehouse fire. one touching ceremony here.
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mourners gathered in berkeley to say a final farewell to 34-year-old jonathan bernbaum. he received a masters degree in film and he just started to find his niche in visual arts. >> he learned the ropes and within a ridiculously short period of time was making art as much as he could. the church bell chimed 36 times. >> dangerous morning this sunday where two people were killed in an early morning car crash in a busy neighborhood. this happened on capital expressway. the car hit a sound wall and
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burst into flames. >> it was in the middle of the night like 3:50 or 4:00 in the morning. it was like a big swoosh. >> no other vehicles were involved in that crash. it is the 44th deadly crash to happen in san jose this year. a çfamily's kayaking trip richardson bay did not go as expected. you see all that mud out there. two adults and two kids were a few hundred yards offshore when the tide went out leaving them stranded in thick mud yesterday. they were able to call 911 when they could not get out on their own. >> they are fine. they are cold and muddy. check the tides before you go out. >> that rescue took about 45 minutes.
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highs will be warmer than yesterday. reaching upper 50s to about 60. we'll have 59 in concord and morgan hill. sun peeking through. coming up in about 10 minutes. many. >> it's 6:08. look at the map behind me. that would be much more slowing.
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>> the bay area company say they are pointing a finger at the traffic mess. >> one of the hottest shows on broadway. when you could score tickets to hamilton when it comes to san francisco. >> stock market scoring record highs.
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good monday morning. the time is 6:12. a lot of clouds. no need forthe umbrella today. only a few spotty sprinkles. it is mostly cloudy. we'll keep the clouds throughout the afternoon. highs reaching upper 50s. we'll talk about the next round of rain as it moves in in the microclimate forecast. >> looking toward the east bay.
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680, smooth drive. 880 only 16 minutes from 238 to the dunbarton bridge. >> traffic is becoming a growing problem in san francisco. transit officials know who they are going to blame and it's ride-sharing companies like uber and lyft. ride share services are adding as many as 45,000 cars to already congested city streets. san francisco municipal transit agency is putting the blame on the cpuc which is in charge of regulating ride sharing companies. those accusations were made during a state regulatory filing. bad news at the pump if you are a driver. average price for gas is up almost 3 cents nationwide. just as you are starting to firm up your travel plans for the
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holidays. you'll pay $2.67 on average for a gallon of regular gas. it's about a cent cheaper in oakland. california has the highest average price at 2.66. yesterday a police officer opened up fire at a shopping center. this happened before 6:00 p.m. yesterday. police say someone tried to run a pedestrian over with their car in windsor. officers located the person who led them on a chase. they were able to corner him in the parking lot on aldon lane. shots were fired and the subject was hit. nobody else was injured. the suspect, a man in his 50s was shot in the shoulder and is expected to be okay. 6:14 on your monday. newark police are asking for help from the public trying to catch a thief. here is video of the picture of the man they are looking for.
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he walks right up to the house, grabs a package off the porch and walks right back. >>. >> city leaders in sunnyvale will reportedly consider taking the next step in a new major development this week. city council members will review the eir, environmental impact report for the butchers corner project tomorrow. that is located where el camino real meets fremont avenue. if approved it would offer 138 living units with retail space and office space. last month city planners did vote down the eir saying more traffic analysis was necessary. an alert is out. donald trump is tweeting again this morning. >> scott mcgrew, an american company in his sights. >> last week it was boeing this week this morning it's lockheed martin. they make the f-35 fighter.
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its stock could open much lower because trump hinted he may end the f-35 program. over the weekend, donald trump doubled down on his new china policy telling "fox news sunday" he didn't think america should stick to its one-china rule unless china agrees to new trade agreements. >> america's one china rule pretends taiwan is part of china. now the chinese were quick to react. one government newspaper said mr. trump had the intelligence of a child. this man, a spokesperson more reserved pointing out the one-china rule kept peace for years. mr. trump will meet with tech leaders, many of whom are concerned about our future relations with china. they are almost exclusively built in china. tim cook from apple is going but there are at least three execs invited who will not go, head of
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airbnb and the head of uber and elon musk indicated he's too busy. futures calling for a lower open. let's show you record numbers. dow closed up friday 142 points. record on the s&p 500. the fed does meet and starts its two-day interest rate meeting tomorrow. we expect it will raise rates the selke time this dwreer. i know the fed can be dry -- >> they have the beige book. >> who is going to care about what some guy, what he invented in 1700, right? >> if it were a red book you think it would be more interesting? >> at least a sexier color. beige is like, let's just put that on the night stand. >> we are looking at the number for ticket prices.
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you can get tickets for one of the hottest broadway shows that will appear in san francisco. talking about "hamilton" that tells the story of america's founding fathers. the national tour is headed to san francisco in march. tickets go on sale at 10:00 this morning and can be purchased online or by phone. presale tickets caused a frenzy last week and are being resold for as much as $3,000 a pop. >> so you're going stag? >> exactly. >> people on facebook were saying i logged in. i'm 'm 70,000 online. they are going through about 10,000 an hour. >> i'll host the party. >> a viewing party.
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>> surn we hnday we had a chancy out. it's your chance to get out there and clean those leaves away from the storm drain. >> it's a nice quiet start. it's 51 warmer than we had recently with a high of 56. mist and drizzle possible early for the north bay in san francisco with mostly cloudy skies. rain moves in late tomorrow. we have tides two feet higher than normal. an approaching storm system. on wednesday we will have periods of light rain. it will be heavier to the north. storm ranger has been powered up. it will scan around the bay area
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to give us an hd view of what's happening. we'll move this radar truck around. we are the only ones that have this. it is also picking up on light rain. it could pick up fine particles coming out of the clouds. that includes the mist we have this morning moving out of novato down 101 toward san francisco. not going to see much sunshine today. tomorrow late in the evening, we start to see the next round moving into the north bay. much rain will be in the north bay. now as we head over to mike, we are checking in on the south
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bay. >> just to make sure folks know we haven't forgotten about them. there is nothing of interest other than the fact there is a great flow of traffic here. the dunbar bridge is not a factor right now. we'll look at the dublin camera. the tri-valley, we have a good number of cars but they are all moving well. back to travel times, this is what we are reflecting. you can see them moving. no problems out of the maze. back to you. >> thank you very much. next, major recall involving
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one of the country's most popular candle brands. the reason yankee candle is pulling tens of thousands of its product off shelves. nbc bay area responds. >> she pays off a loan then the collection calls start coming. to an oakland woman who says she
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was overcharged by wells farg this morning nbc bay area responds to an oakland woman who says she was overcharged by
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wells fargo. >> our consumer investigator is here to tell us how we helped her out. >> shirley paid off a wells fargo line of credit back in may. wells fargo told her the pay-off amount. a month later sheryly says the bank sent her a statement saying she still owed $200. she questioned wells fargo about the bill but no one could give her an explanation. next thing shirley starts receiving those collection phone calls. she just paid the bill. she wasn't happy about doing that. we reached out to wells fargo. quickly, the bank refunded her $200. in a statement it says it can't discuss the case for privacy reasons but was glad to resolve the issue. shirley's case is a reminder to document everything with loans, especially origin and pay-off. if you have a consumer complaint call 888-996-tips.
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tomorrow morning, sorting out a mess with a state tax refund. have a great day. check your holiday candles. there is a massive call involving this yankee candle. the company is pulling about 31,000 candles off the store shelves involving the luminous collection fragrance candles. the square jars can crack when lit. they received 16 reports of the jars cracking but no one was hurt. if you bought those candles, you probably bought them at yankee candle stores or online. this was all the talk in washington this weekend. next, president-elect trump is rejecting the cia's finding that russia tried to influence the election in his favor. the response he is getting from both sides of the aisle. disturbance at a south bay jail. a sinkhole emerging along a
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and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these.
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downtown san jose... a chilly morning, and we're expti it is 6:30 now. we want to take a live look outside san jose. there were a lot of weekend sports. hopefully you're drying out today. >> a shout out to the san jose
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firefighters wrapping presence f for the holiday. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. this weekend for a lot of parents out at sporting events, umbrellas a must on saturday. >> we won't get much sunshine. 50 for the south bay. for the east bay, san francisco 48. it will be mild, mostly cloudy. the rain will be moving in by tomorrow. i'll talk about that and where as we head over to mike giving us a view of what's happening. >> we are having a smooth flow of traffic. bridges are getting crowded. westbound is your popular route. look at that, south bay, a mild
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build kicking in. 6:30, late for that to start. the tri-valley, a fender bender reported. we'll let you know how that is affecting the major city streets. >> there is a serious warning in pacifica this morning history. you saw that dip in the coast line. now a popular path at the beach is shut down. this next round of rain could be problematic. >> good morning. we are here where those apartments were demolished due to the erosion.
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this area has been shut down. it's a big sinkhole from our advantage point here. you see those waves hitting up against them. folks are saying this is a way of life in this area. >> it's a constant battle. it's very narrow. it's a shadow of how it was years ago. >> back to a live look at that sinkhole. those king tides are coming in the next few days. that could cause issues in this area. there is no word when this path will be reopened.
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>> here we go again. thank you very much. the highest tides of the year known as the king tides are going to hit the rest of the bay area, too. there is the occasional flooding there. >> that gets me every time that kid gets splashed. >> this weekend's storm is being blamed for trapping a dozen people at the buddhist retreat. rain caused a huge rock slide. the county has to bring in a special contractor to clear them out. >> this is huge. >> the only way into and out of a buddhist retreat is on foot.
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the staff say they do have enough food for folk whose can stay but some folks have to get back home beings get back to work. >> you can track the forecast with our nbc bay area weather app. >> some unruly inmates caused a disturbance at the south bay jail over the weekend. inmates began protesting after their phone privileges were revoked yesterday. in all, about 120 inmates took part in that protest. they refused to return to their bunks. the sheriff's office had to call in more resources. no staffers or inmates were injured and it didn't last long. a 53-year-old man is in custody accused of sexually abusing a 9-year-old. police arrested john logston last thursday at his house. the arrest was made after an
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initial report came in from the victim. he is facing multiple criminal charges and held on $1.5 million bail. search is on for a man who held two people at gun point at uc berkeley. a man went up to two people around 1:00 in the morning demanding they hand over their belongings. they gave him what they had and he ran away. no one was hurt. an arrest made in connection with a string of auto burglaries in newark. jeremy nees has been arrested for a string of auto burglaries in newark at the new park mall. police found stolen property. they were able to return some of those items to the people who they belonged to. this is a process.
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the interviewing that's been going on a couple of weeks in the search to find out who is the next secretary of state. we could learn this week who donald trump will nominate. >> this comes as donald trump and congress react to the obama administration's investigation of whether russia tried to influence the presidential election. tracie potts joins us live in washington with that story and new warning from china, as well. >> china's warning we've got to stick with that one-china policy if we expect relations with them. we'll update you on theç secretary of state search, concerns about russia and new transition team announcing who they want to head the department of homeland security. this morning china's foreign ministry warns of serious consequences if the u.s. embraces taiwan and violates its one-china policy after the cia
6:37 am
concluded russia tried to interfere in the presidential election. >> i think it's ridiculous. it's just another excuse. i don't believe it. >> this is insane in the same article about those who said the report was inconclusive. >> democrats and even some republicans don't think so. congress is promising its own investigation. >> the goal is to find out how extensive this is, how deep it is, which country they are doing it. it won't be limited to just russia. >> mr. trump is not confirming reports that exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson is his choice of secretary of state. he tweeted, stay tuned. >> he does massive deals with russia and for the company. >> tillerson oversees joint venture for russia and was awarded the country's order of friendship. >> he has such a close personal relationship with vladimir putin. >> it's not like they are pounding down vodka at local
6:38 am
bars. they are not intimate friends. >> trump announce estrogen john kelly as his choice to head department of homeland security. the president-elect has been tweeting about russia saying if the tables were flipped and he was complaining about russia's involvement, it would be considered a conspiracy. he said it's tough to track if there were hacker who they might be. >> an arctic blast left a thick layer of snow and ice on the great lakes and upper midwest. the wintery weather made travel on the ground extremely difficult. it also forced the cancellation of thousands of flights.
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the time is 6:38. here is a live view of the at&t park. it is a nice quiet start. no rain or fog. it's 51 as you head out the door. south bay will have more sunshine today. rain returns late tomorrow. king tide is an issue and may cause flooding in the middle of the week. by wednesday we'll have periods of light rain, heavier rain will mostly be in the north bay. we'll continue to track that. we'll have our storm ranger in effect. that will be giving us an hd view of some showers and storms moving through the bay area from san bruno mountains. i'll talk more about that tracking a crash in oakland.
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>> we have two crashes. let's show you overall the commute looks really good. we are seeing the traffic build. very mild. getting word of a crash. some injuries involved and a pedestrian. we are getting more information from oakland pd and heading our chopper out there this is a city street. metering lights are on. overall the maze looks great. this is mild for richmond and berkeley itself. second crash is right here foot hill road. coming up next, stanford professor claims he knows why russia allegedly interfered in the american presidential election. the reason it could have been vladimir putin seeking revenge on hillary clinton. another day, another record
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on the dow. out live to the big board. dow industrials up another 32 points. we'll take a look at all your stocks coming up. let's take a live look over the golden gate bridge. you see clouds in the distance as the sun is starting to peek up into the sky. dry out your rain gear, but the rain is coming back.
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good monday morning.
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i'm meteorologist kari hall. live look at san jose where you see cloudy skies moving in. temperaturewise we have upper 40s, low 50s to start. upper 50s this afternoon. rain will move in for the middle of the week. i'll detail in the microclimate forecast. looking at a smooth drive slowing down the east shore freeway. not far from the berkeley curve. following a crash. chopper arriving on scene. the latest we have an impact to your commute. >> developing news from overseas this morning. a private prayer service being held in egypt for 25 christians who were killed in a bomb attack during sunday mass yesterday. it happened at a cathedral in cairo. hundreds of people did gather to pray for the victims of those bombings in egypt.
6:45 am
members of the eastern christian churches of the bay area joined in prayer at the orthodox church of the redeemer last night. they took time-out from the scheduled celebration to sing a special song honoring victims of the bombing. >> we were very sad. we share the same faith in our lord jesus christ. we are in the mideast so we are the same family. >> they say they feel a sense of solidarity with the victims of the cathedral bombing in cairo because their own church was destroyed in arson in 2002. tracking breaking news into our newsroom. you're seeing our chopper has been launched. police have a portion of the road blocked off. this is off 40th street and add line where we heard of an accident this morning. limited information on what
6:46 am
specifically happened there. we will bring you an update soon as we have more information. >> tragic end to the search for a skier who was killed in an avalanche. search people discovered his body was found near lake tahoe this weekend. officials say that skier went missing saturday morning. they found the body under 8 to 10 feet of snow. search crews hope this can bring closure to the family of the missing skier. >> it's a tragedy but there is hope by bringing this kind of closure that we can help the family with the loss. >> the person reported missing was a 64-year-old man from out of the area. 6:46 on your monday. >> former ambassador to russia is a professor in stanford weighing in on the election tampering. he says revenge and common interests could have driven
6:47 am
vladimir putin to try to harm hillary clinton's chances and help donald trump's chances. >> vladimir putin thinks she intervened in his election in december 2011. and said as much publically. i've heard him talk about it privately. number two, president-elect trump supports a lot of foreign policy positions that vladimir putin supports. >> he served as prosecutor to russia from 2012 to 2014. bay area punk rockers green day paid many tribute to the victims. >> these are people just here looking for themselves, just trying to have a moment where they could all celebrate being artists and being weird and having fun.
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>> lead singer billy joel armstrong said oakland must cherish its artists. he dedicated. next song "i walk alone" to the victims of the fire. a very illustrative look at a big piece of california's history. travel back in time 80 years to when the bay bridge first opened to traffic. these pictures are being shown as a digital exhibit on the california state beingarchives website. the exhibit has personal accounts from the people who worked on construction on that bridge. the markets started this morning with new records. >> depends on what index you look at. dow, new records again this morning. the nasdaq not so much. a throw back here to the 1990s
6:49 am
with red hat software opening the nyse. shares in lockheed martin much lower. about 4.5% lower after donald trump tweeted he thought america's f-35 joint strike fighter is too expensive. he hinted he may end the program saying billions of dollars will be saved on military purchases. sunday morning on fox news, president-elect trump doubled down on what appears to be his china policy. he said, "i don't know why we have to be bound by a one-china policy unless we make a deal with china having to deal with among other things trade." america's one-china policy pretends taiwan is not a separate country from china even though it is. it's something we agreed to in the '70s. like your family secret at the
6:50 am
holiday dinner. everybody knows the secret, nobody says anything and everything goes smoothly. the new "star wars" comes out this weekend. uber is having fun with the debut of rogue one changing the car icon to an x-wing. you can switch back to regular cars if you want to. >> why would you want to do that? >> thank you very much. it is almost award show season. the golden globe nominations were announced at a ceremony in beverly hills. here is a look at some of the nominees. >> best motion picture drama. "hell or high water"," lyon" "manchester by the sea" moonlighting."ç
6:51 am
>> musical or comedy, "20th century women," "dead pool," "florence foster jenkins." >> in terms of the tv shows that were nominated, we had game of thrones, the crown, this is us and westworld all weighing in there. watch the golden globes january 8 from the beverly hilton hotel hosted by jimmy fallon. >> some of those online only series nominated there. >> you want to cue up all of those in your netflix file because it's going to be raining. >> it won't be a good one to get outside. my neighbor was telling me, i really want sunshine. unfortunately there is not a lot of sun in this forecast. as you head out the door, we are
6:52 am
seeing the traffic is starting to build and clouds are starting to build. we are getting ready for a cool day. it's 50 heading up to 56 with mostly cloudy skies. the next storm system moving in will bring heavy rain. that will be possible for the north bay. king tides return that week. that's when we have the astronomical tides, the moon pull on the earth making the water stack up higher. that will be in effect between wednesday and thursday. also turns windy. we will have the impact of downed trees and power lines. and king tides. tides up above two feet than normal. because of this next storm system, we enacted and powered up our storm ranger. that's our mobile doppler radar.
6:53 am
it can detect wildfire smoke. it picks up on fine particles of the mist and drizzle in the air. that's what we are seeing for the north bay. it is scanning around the bay area. filling in the gaps of what other radar can miss. it's showing that light rain across the north bay. that is what we will expect as we go through this afternoon. temperaturewise as you head out, it's in the upper 40s to lower 50s. a chance of rain possible for the next couple of hours. mostly cloudy skies. we start to see those clouds rolling back in tonight as we go hour by hour. there will be another storm system moving in tomorrow.
6:54 am
that's where we'll see most of the rain. south bay not seeing much of that until about thursday. low 60s and even mid 60s wednesday before that cooler air blows in. as we head to mike tracking two crashes in oakland. the first one sam showed you the chopper it was over addeline and 409. a pedestrian was hit by a car. we have injuries reported.
6:55 am
you're seeing these pictures. sounds like it went into the corner of that building here. san mateo bridge volume builds. that's the worst of the slowing right now. >> thank you, mike. local headlines this morning, including the rain that prompted serious warnings in pacifica. city dealing with an eroding coastline. the problem is getting worse. which popular access to the beach is in trouble. >> we are tracking the next wave of stormy wet weather. you can do the same thing with our nbc bay area app. watch live doppler radar. stanford's band taking five. they've been temporarily suspended for unacceptable behavior. there are allegations of hazing, sexual assault and alcohol. before you head out the door -
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here are the top stories on nbc bay area.. welcome back. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on nbc bay area. we want to take you out to breaking news into our newsroom. our chopper is overhead of an accident in oakland this morning. this is happening off 40th
6:59 am
street and addeline. authorities have not confirmed the crash was fatal, but we did see something that indicates that at the scene. the initial call over the radio scanner were the fact a pedestrian was struck there. we are working to get more information as we stay overhead. we'll bring you updates soon as we get them. there's been a lot of activity in oakland. this is live. that is a car that crashed into a building in oakland. you see it turned completely on its side. that is in the fruitvale neighborhood. car overturned on its roof. police lights flashing in the background. they have a portion of that street cordoned off. we'll follow this. the sign out front indicates it's a laundromat. we reached out to police to find out what happened inside that car. so far no update.
7:00 am
>> roadways are the major issues. otherwise looking clear. >> local news in 30 minutes. good morning. good morning . . good morning. seasons greetings. nearly 30 million people now in the grip of a dangerous winter storm. thousands of flights canceled. this plane skidding off a snowy runway in detroit. roads littered with accidents. cold temperatures getting even colder. al's forecast ahead. countering intelligence, collect trump doubles down on his rejection of cia findings that russia tried to influence the election in his favor. >> it's just another excuse. >> his likely pick for secretary of state under fire from democrats and republicans for extensive ties to moscow. we'll talk to one of trump's


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