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tv   Today  NBC  December 12, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. hope you had a wonderful weekend. it is fun day monday. december 12th. counting down the last days of 2016. >> how is that possible? >> i just got used to writing 2016. >> high was it told us in your life, when you are 20, your life goes 20 miles an hour. 30, 30 miles an hour. 40 -- joann did. 50, when you're 60, her dad said that. you're like, what. it's very, very upsetting. let me tell pup that's jimmy
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buffett. maybe the king of summer, but around here king of christmas. turning 70 in a few days. wishing him a happy birthday. >> i bet he's celebrating somewhere warmer than where we are. >> yes, he is. >> and golden globe nominations came out and everyone was buzzing about them. >> yes. >> we are going to talk about those, and we also have a golden globe nominee who is going to be joining us soon. >> allegedly. soon, on the phone. >> yes. >> we don't know. >> okay. >> all right. >> so, yeah. i have -- and a disadvantage this year. usually i've seen many, many more nominated things. the big movies. i've only see "hacksaw ridge" and "lion" maybe one more i've seen. >> "jackie." >> oh, i haven't seen "jackie." i'm anxious to. >> tell me about your weekend.
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enough about that. >> and joel, over my house friday. a new nov iel. it's all about shecky. >> what happened with shecky? >> shecky was going to be with santa claus. one always has high hopes but let's see what happened. >> hi -- >> oh, no! the only time he's ever cried. ever! >> didn't go so well. didn't want the present. didn't want anything. >> oh, no. >> didn't want anything. >> no. wanted off that santa. >> that is so rare for him to cry. but so sweet, finally took him away. he goes, bye-bye, to santa claus. he felt bad. but he didn't like the guy. what can you do? >> santa can be intimidating, with the beard. a little scary. >> plus we tell our children don't talk to strangers and sit on their laps, and what do we
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do? take him to a stranger and plop him on his lap. >> and we went christmas shopping. wondering in manhattan in new york, how do you even find christmas trees? >> i find them everywhere. >> if you don't live in the city. how they do it. it's on the street. these guys came from canada. they set up on this corner, they even do -- look. i just took this video. little carvings, grows every day. more stuff out every day. >> never seen that. >> and every time you walk by, a new thing, another new thing. one of the guys who does it. sweet guys. live in a camper on the street. use the bathroom in the duane reid, take a shower at the equinox and that's what they do. >> they need some sort of license, right? >> yeah. they're licensed. >> where do they sleep? >> in a little camper. >> what happens to the trees? are they protected at night? there's a lot of theft. >> they're out there. i walk blake. they're out there. always out there. around the clock.
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somebody's out there. they have a group of them. very cool. >> usually you have your little charlie brown tree. >> i still have my charlie brown -- in fact, there it is. someone texted me, did you just top the top off the tree and that's it? no! it's a whole tree. we decorated it. puts lights on it. >> looks like this is working out. >> oh, we did it. we made a tree. >> by the way, hi to denise, who's here. >> yes. >> a beautiful family, who is visiting. >> hi, sweetie. >> denise is surrounded by love and light and good friends and family. and, i mean, they -- they're making their trip to new york, and we're just so happy, denise, you're with us. having fun so far? >> awesome. amazing! >> great. they don't care if it's raining. they are going to see the rockettes. >> god bless you. >> we love you. thank you for coming to see us and coming to new york. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, guys. also on friday, you were at the bill board women of music
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luncheon. supposed to introduce meghan trainor. >> you know i don't know if you know, she has some vocal issues put on bed rest. total bed rest. can't even, not even talking. good news, she's not having any surgery. >> good. >> so i introduced her, and -- this is what she -- how they did it. remember, "love actually." >> yes. oh my -- >> look. >> she's just a doll. >> don't you love her? >> yeah. >> sweet. >> hmm. >> anyway, went through -- >> through the whole holidays i'm sure she'll have to be quiet. >> and supposed to perform at jingle ball, which elvis will show us today and other things. doesn't need surgery. she'll be back stronger than ever. good for her. >> god blesse eher. golden globes announced. excellent. "this is us" three best nominees, only network in that entire category. >> against netflix "the crown,"
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"stranger things," "game of thrones" and "westworld" and guess who's on the phone. >> mandy moore is with us! >> yeah mandy! this has to be thrilling. >> hi, guys. >> congratulations! >> it's pretty crazy. thank you so much. thank you! >> so were you watching tv? did you watch it go down or how did you learn you got one? >> i was not watching but i was up, because my boyfriend was getting ready to leave to go to the airport. and my phone lit up, and it was from milo, my co-star on the show. he was like, congratulations, mandy. i was like, for what? i knew the nominations were getting announced today, but never in my wildest dreams did i think that, like, i, myself, would get acknowledged. >> me, myself and i. >> that's the only thing i was thinking of, the show. so when he told me, i didn't understand and i went and looked on twitter, and saw the -- nomination. >> such a thrill. when you think about it, too,
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mandy, this is the only -- just said this. only network show nominated. everything else is hbo, netflix, stuff like that. what do you think about this show is captivating people? >> i think that's what most exciting about the show, the show is resonating with people. it means something to them. i mean, we were kind of collective together, the cast, at the critic choice awards last night. our first experience of meeting people as a group, and people come up, talk about the show, but oh, congrats on the show. i've seen it. people actually have conversations about what's happening. >> oh, yes. >> the character, what character they relate to. that what's most exciting. the show is starting a dialogue with family and friends and -- we're just so grateful to get to do this work and to work together and we have the best writers, the crew, and -- and the cast, it's just remarkable. >> yes, yes. >> the dreamiest job i've ever had the good fortune to have.
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>> and on the best network, too. >> yeah. >> in case you're wondering. >> cheers to you, mandy. >> god bless, honey, and tell milo i'm so upset. last week i apparently butchered his name. i'm so sorry! okay? >> he doesn't -- he won't mind. >> all right. come see us soon. >> i will! thanks. >> honey, take care. >> we have someone else. >> okay. we are so excited. rachel bloom from "crazy ex girlfriend" neyman aam nominate flis a comedy. funny and crazy. are you there, too, rachel? >> hi. i am here. can you hear me? >> yes, we can. >> congratulations. are you going to repeat this year? >> i mean, that is not up to me. if there is one thing it is, you know -- i am at the mercy of the angels of the hollywood -- once again, happy to be nominated. >> i wish we could hear her a little better.
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>> we love you. we love your show. >> are you hearing me horribly? >> no. just hearing every other word, but you sound good. >> but you sound good. yeah. are you in los angeles right now? >> wait. i took you off headphones. this might be better. [ laughter ] >> i love that we're doing this -- there. yeah, that's better. >> gee, we could be skyping. that's a lot of fun too. we hate all that technology stuff. you still there? >> i am. >> oh. that's better. >> rachel, we just want to say congratulations. that is so amazing and we loved having you on the show. we want you to come here and host with us one day. we've been asking. >> and you always say yes and then don't. >> yes. it's weird. >> all right, sweetie, take care. all right? enjoy. >> all right. thank you. >> bye, sweetie. >> thank you. >> so the big winner, the most nominations, "lala land" excited to see. >> raving reviews. >> you see all the reviews, gets four stars, five stars and the
10:10 am
other day i looked, one of the napes gave it like, zero. >> what? "la-la land"? >> how can it be the best movie out there or the worst? oh well. if somebody can explain that, nominations for ryan gosling and emma stone. their third movie together. they have great chemistry. we don't have to go through -- what else i want to see, came out a long time ago. meryl streep got her 30th nomination. >> 30th. >> for "florence foster jenkins." >> and so did hugh grant. >> won eight already. getting a lifetime achievement award. she has a lot going on. >> i'm particularly thrilled for mel gibson and all the "hacksaw" nominations. don't -- don't miss this movie, you guys. it is just so special. >> and we want to say congrats to the movie "jackie." natalie portman was nominated for best actress in that, and if you haven't seen that one, you've got to go.
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what i love about -- >> have to say, noah oppenheim wrote the screenplay, the writer behind. often these awards give you a second bite at the apple for certain movies people haven't seen. like "hacksaw ridge" makes people want to go back and give a second look at it. >> golden globes air sunday january 8th right here on nbc. i'm sure our girl natalie will be out there covering it for us and al will probably get on a plane. >> you know how he does. >> uh-huh. >> what's your favorite thing, girl? >> my favorite thing is a little on the serious side. you can do so much good. one of the most unbelievable organizations in the entire world called international justice mipgs i'm friends with the founder of it. amazing man, gary hougen, started as one lawyer. one harvard lawyer who started this organization. now there are hundreds of them all over the world. you can -- you can help save, like, little 5-year-olds girls from brothels in cambodia. if you get this gift catalog, you can sponsor families that have been rescued from slavery
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and how -- it's a serious, serious subject. cyber trafficking. so many different things, were ut you can do good. you always say look at the problems and say, what can i do? you know what? you can. it's and will you have a very merry holiday. i'm telling you. >> you're right. mine is a coat. [ laughter ] no. i've got to tell you this. so you know, this is from our friends from little big town. >> yes. >> karen has a faux fur. >> look at jo jo. >> contrasted trim coat designed by karen from little big town. $60 from macy's. what did you say wear it with? >> jeans and a t-shirt. very funky. >> and that's our jo jo doing what she does. >> doing what she does best. >> it's $60, beautiful and fun for the holidays. >> she sent me a blazer, velvet, a little more expensive but a beautiful line. >> temperature may have drop but it was hot, hot, hot in hollywood this weekend.
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laugh bigger. [ laughter ] let's get you in the loop on all the sizzling celebrity scoop. i like that. it's a rhyme. if you missed -- >> all: "today's buzz." >> and hollywood gossip from ktlu the radio every morning, carolyn. >> hey! >> how you doing? >> i love that. >> doing a trendy thing. wanted to switch it up for you. >> a choker, a little cleavage. all right. >> the critic's choice awards, just talked about the globes. critic's choice were last night. tell us about the big winners. >> gosh, "la-la land" took home eight award and only released in five theaters nationwide. already grossed over $800,000.
10:17 am
a really big deal. put into wide release. people are saying not only a critical success also a wide mainstream success as well. >> bonanza, baby. >> yeah. >> talking about acting. natalie portman for "jackie" and casey affleck. >> that's right. >> tell us about those two. >> everybody is saying natalie portman and her portrayal of jackie kennedy, spot-on. pretty much the winner moving ahead to other awards show. >> at least the front-runner. >> exactly. casey affleck for "manchester by the sea" getting a lot of buzz, won best actor. a lot of people thought that was fitting as well. >> a man bun. >> yes, a man bun and beard. >> what is it? >> what's happening? >> yeah. a real -- gone full caveman. >> on the tv side, the people versus o.j. i felt like that was old -- that wasn't this year, but it was. >> that was this year. surprisingly, right? what i said. the timing of the awards, yes. >> it won the emmy. >> we were thinking last year but it was this year's emmy.
10:18 am
>> took home four awards. you see there, everybody thanked ryan murphy. the brains behind that operation. so, yeah. did did very well last night. >> and ryan reynold, nominated for one. >> he's having a year. isn't he? a new baby girl. >> just a dad now. >> such a sweetheart, too. >> so funny. actually, a touching moment when he accepted his award. they won for best comedy, best actor in a comedy, entertainer of the year last night and accepted that award. >> wow. >> dedicated it to the make-a-wish foundation and two of the fans who passed and made sure to give them their moment and this morning also nominated, surprisingly, people thought that was a big surprise for the golden globes. >> for deadpool." >> that movie made a fortune. >> look forward to another one. >> "deadpool 2" yes. >> and announced silicone valley, winner of tv's best comedy. take a peek. see what happened. >> i want to thank everybody for -- honoring us in this way. we worked very hard on silicon
10:19 am
valley and -- and here we are. thank you. >> ooh. >> okay. who was that guy? >> a little uncomfortable. >> what was that? >> cute stanfield on in atlanta. did not win. wasn't a part of silicon valley. people sitting there, what is going on? calling it a kanye moment. anybody who looks like captain & tennille, he already won. a sailor hat on. >> and didn't give them their due. they didn't get a chance to accept. >> they did after. >> okay. >> i don't like that. >> no. >> it's not your moment. >> right. it's not your moment. sit down. >> yes, yes. >> okay. why don't we end on that note? >> don't do that to somebody. >> no, it's wrong. >> you may want to -- >> all: but you don't. >> thank you, sweetie. we love you. >> thank you for helping me get in my dress today. >> anytime. and plus, the hottest concert ticket in town. >> elvis duran catches up with fifth harmony charlie and more music starts from the z-100
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spin the globe. today taking us all the way to saint stephen, minnesota. >> watches us and with us by skype. hi! oh, my gosh, who are these two? >> three beautiful girls. how are ya? >> good. >> we're going to tell everybody why you were chosen tiana. watching our show since the very beginning. her only adult interaction. i wouldn't exactly call it that. well, she stays at home with her four daughters, ava, aspin, olivia and ashland. >> and favorite part of the show -- and a huge fan of makeovers. she and her husband celebrate an eight-year anniversary and want to take a trip to celebrate. >> make sure they get that. >> tiana, hope you win. trivia, 15 seconds to guess the correct answer to win the grand prize. ready, sweetie? >> yes. >> okay. here we go. >> music is driving me crazy.
10:24 am
>> everybody week i chaz a favorite song for i hoda and most of the time kathie lee reacts with an xpraegs. is it, a., this one or, b., that one. a. or b.? >> b. >> yes, girl! >> yep. yep, yep, yep! >> you got t. and your husband nick will head to dallas, text, where you'll spend four days, three nights in a superior room at hotel crescent court, a step from the bustling dallas arts district. >> this hotel has easy access to shopping and dining and entertainment. you'll be treated to dinner foretwo at the member the only crescent club. >> very fancy. >> and two tickets to the dallas symphony orchestra. round-trip airfare included. how does that sound to you? >> oh, thank you. >> a symphony aorchestra. >> your kids are oh cute. i love your tree. >> happy holidays! >> and coming up, where justin bieber, our jana grande let
10:25 am
loose over the weekend and where elvis was. >> and diet tricks to help you, too, during the holidays. maybe it [ nutcracker instrumental ] almost... there... hmmmm... save ten when you spend fifty on toys at target. you guys rock! yeah!... whoaaa! and there are some people should give undeyouashouldn't .oliday. ha ha, nay.
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10:27 am
newscast. but also we're posting updates as they come in on our twitter feed. green day's home field concert at oracle arena over the weekend featured a tribute to the victims of the oakland warehouse fire. we have a look at weather and traffic coming up after the break.
10:28 am
we have a lot of clouds all around the bay area, with at times some sunshine. it will reach into the upper
10:29 am
50s, a little bit warmer than it was yesterday, but we are not going to get a lot of sunshine. this is ahead of the next storm system that will be moving in, still bringing some spotty rain for the north bay. and today, expect a high of 59 degrees. 56 degrees in san francisco. and also some clearing in the east bay. so 56 degrees. rain moves into the north bay late tomorrow evening, and we'll see it more widespread through the rest of the week. heading over to mike, let's see what's happening as you head out for this morning's commute. >> we'll have a lot of smiling faces, i would imagine. i can't make that out from the censors. but the green censors tell enough. a little straggler of traffic for cupertino. that's typical for late in the commute. the east shore freeway spent the last half hour recovering. the disabled truck over on the shoulder from an earlier crash has cleared. all the way clear as folks make their way to the berkeley curve. we have a minor wait in and out for the fast track lanes and the cash lanes over off to the right. left lanes, no problem, and the backup, very thin as you're
10:30 am
coming off of west grand avenue. that's your december commute. a little bit lighter. >> join us at 11:00 for our next newscast and we'll take a look at that forecast. it's fun day monday and you know it's christmas time when getting together for the jingle ball. >> hitting the stage at new york's madison square garden. our buddy, good friend elvis duran had a front-row ticket to all the action and more. >> well, you'll see in a second. you were there, too, and don't even know it. >> what? >> such a great time at jingle ball. gets better every year. we put something together just for you. watch this. this is pretty cool. >> uh-oh. ♪ >> reporter: we're backstage at iheart jingle ball and i'm giving you an all-access pass. look at this. crazy. say hi to kathie lee and hoda. >> i love you ladies so much and can't wait to see you soon.
10:31 am
>> serious questions. >> yes. >> name -- >> i consider a vush on kathie lee. >> kathie lee on hoda, which one? >> kind of 50/50 for me. i just like watching them take a few sips in the morning. gets me going. >> ellie, you're such a sweetheart. this year have you been naughty or nice? >> i've been -- i'm going to say nice. yeah. >> a little bit of naughty? >> yeah, just a little bit. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: time to start jingle ball. head to the stage. you want 20 go with me? let's go! >> all: three, two, one -- >> it's crazy. >> reporter: madison square garden how are we feeling tonight? wow. >> reporter: it's so loud out there. this is going to be the best show ever. ♪ doubting and hoping ♪ something inside me's changed ♪ >> reporter: so hailee steinfeld
10:32 am
is celebrating her birthday this year like she did last year. we gave her a cake last year. we're about to give her another one but she has no idea we're doing it. it's kind of cool. ♪ happy birthday, dear -- ♪ happy birthday to you >> come on. happy birthday. >> i know you're busy. >> what's the highlight so far? >> being here with you. >> let's go! ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ oh, yeah ♪ santa claus ♪ >> what's your favorite christmas song? sing one line. let me see if i recognize it. ♪ everybody knows elvis wears lots of -- cashmere coats ♪ >> that's, "grandma got run over by a reindeer." >> we thought it would be a good idea to pose for a christmas card for the "today" show. let's do a pose. ready?
10:33 am
a tradition to always kiss on new year's eve. do you have someone lined up to kiss on new year many eve? >> no. i think i'm going to be in london this new year's. i don't know. >> don't you hate people that pry into your private life like i just did? >> yes, i do! >> kathie lee and hoda, we missed you here tonight, but we brought you here, if you think about it. i hope you're here next year. it would be a lot of fun -- for you. >> you looked so elegant. >> yes. >> such a fun show. those cutouts of your heads, all making out with them. >> where's that video? >> we were sound asleep. >> cozied up in our beds. >> come next year as my guest. >> you and ryan together. look at you two? >> looked like he just -- milked a cow. i don't know. >> he looked like something. >> he can afford if. >> certainly can. >> thank you, elvis. what they looked like before, everybody. >> wait, wait until you see the afters? our two newest joy fit club
10:34 am
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look at that great -- fabulous. >> packing on extra pounds this time of year, if you want motivation to stay on track, wait until you see this. >> about to meet our new newest joy fit club members who dropped 19 dress sizes combined. >> one went from being born to eat to being born to run. >> and the other owes her success to a bridesmaids dress. >> and here is joy bauer. >> two great ones? >> two incredibly inspiring stories for the holidays. >> let's go! >> kate carol from new jersey, 38 years old, struggled with
10:39 am
weight her entire life but this picture you'll see in a bridesmaid outfit that inspired and motivated her to get the job done. so what happened was, it was her sister got married. the pictures came back after the wedding. she's 305 pounds in this picture and flipped out. she was devastated by what she looked like. so she made a pact with herself to only watch netflix while she was on the treadmill and called it sweatflix. >> then went to her second sister's wedding a year later looking mighty different. >> yes. >> she went from a size 28 to a size 8. down 150 pounds and about to walk down the aisle. >> i want to see her! >> let's see it. come on down! ♪ give it up >> oh, my god. >> drop those pants. >> whew! >> wow! >> oh, my goodness. >> she's 115 pounds lighter. >> congratulations. >> are you kidding me? >> yes.
10:40 am
that's fantastic. >> is this for real? >> turn around. >> let us look at you. >> wow. >> it's not an illusion! >> that is crazy. so that picture triggered something and did you did you because everyone has their moment. their uh-huh moment. >> even though you look in the mirror pretty much every day. >> we don't notice until you see photo. >> something very different about seeing it in that picture. >> you had to do something. come off quickly and easily? >> i worked with a diet coach. my diet coach emily is actually here with me through mind, body and soul fitness. it's a diet program. i texted her every day. my food logs three time as week, a picture of my feet on the scale. >> you were serious. >> accountability. >> real accountability, yes. >> what's on her table, joy? >> so i have my phone. three things. for really texting my coach. >> yeah. >> and also a podcast called half size me. that was really instrumental for me. they interview a lot of people who have lost a lot of weight
10:41 am
and the about maintenance, how they're keeping it off. >> put yourself out there. >> and the money? >> an app called diet bet. you bet money on your own weight-loss. bet you'll lose 4% of your weight in four weeks and everyone who does it wins. >> you look fantastic. >> high five. here we ge. >> next? >> next, nina gibson, she's 48 from california. and it's important to know that her mom passed away when she was 49. so she already had vis as she was getting up in her 40s in her head. then she goes to the doctor and she is diagnosed as being morbidly obese and flipped out. she hated those words. so she told me, like, the biggest sort of motivator, and i think pinnacle of her being able to chaef weight-loss success is when she stopped fat shaming herself. go to the gym and imagine
10:42 am
everybody around her was thinking she was lazy and gross, and you know what? that was her own insecurity. nobody felt like that. she went from a size 26 to a size 8, down 115 pounds. >> we're going to let her run in. she's a runner. >> she is a crazy runner. >> we're not ready yet. >> she's going to hit the finish line. >> take this. >> okay. we're ready. >> come on oun, nina! ♪ take a hold on me >> hugh-whew! >> yes! ♪ >> hey, girl. >> look at you. >> gorgeous. >> thank you so much. >> so -- you had to change your eating habits, i imagine, right? >> definitely. i went from, too much fast food. i love ice cream, all the time. >> yeah. >> to eating stuff like salmon, and spin ch. >> it's delicious. >> i love spinach. i love it. so -- >> she's actually obsessed with the rock. >> you are? oh, what? does he motivate you somehow? >> definitely.
10:43 am
when i was in the gym, it ras really hard for me to do the strength training. couldn't get into it. so the rock would definitely motivate me, the strength thing. >> something to show you. take a look at the monitor. >> all right, nina, so i just heard the great news you lost over 100 pounds. congratulations. i'm so happy and proud of you. it's awesome. keep up the great, great work. you got a lot of people very proud of you, too. say, hey, hey -- they're scared to say something. by the word i heard in some way helped motivate that. i appreciate it. so keep up the great work. >> he's such a sweetheart. >> we'll make sure you get that video. okay? >> congratulations. >> y'all are awe is. joy, thank you. adding island vibe to your wintry christmas. >> jimmy buffett gets us into the holiday spirit with a song
10:44 am
♪ harry's meeting clients from far away.♪
10:45 am
♪ but they only see his wrinkles. ♪ ♪ if only harry used some bounce, to dry.♪
10:46 am
♪ he would be a less-wrinkly winning guy. ♪
10:47 am
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sure, you could sit around all night waiting for a pizza to be delivered. but wouldn't making it yourself be a lot more fun? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. at progresso, we are now using 100% atibiotic and hormone-free white breast meat chicken in all our chicken soups! behold our greatest opus!
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. it's got to be five because it's time for tomorrowens by the one and only jimmy buffett. >> turned out more than 50 albums, has been on tour every single year for 40 years and now bringing some of that summer vibe to her brand new christmas album called -- >> all: "ti'tis the season." >> and here he is singing his wonderful christmas song, mr. jimmy buffett! ♪ ♪ ♪ mood is right
10:50 am
the spirit's up ♪ we're here tonight ♪ ♪ and that's enough simply having a wonderful christmas time ♪ ♪ simply having a wonderful christmas time ♪ the party's on the feeling's here ♪ ♪ that only comes this time of year ♪ simply having a wonderful christmas time ♪ simply having a wonderful christmas time ♪ ♪ the choirs of children sing their song ♪ ♪ they practiced all year long
10:51 am
♪ ding dong, ding dong, ding ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh ♪ ♪ ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh ♪ ♪ simply having a wonderful christmas time ♪ simply having a wonderful christmas time ♪ the word is out about the town ♪ so lift a glass ♪ ♪ and don't look down simply having a wonderful
10:52 am
christmas time ♪ simply having a wonderful christmas time ♪ the choir of children sing their song ♪ they practiced all year long ♪ ♪ ding dong, ding dong, ding dong ♪ ♪ simply having a wonderful christmas time ♪ simply having a wonderful christmas time ♪ ♪ simply having a wonderful christmas time ♪ simply having a wonderful christmas time ♪
10:53 am
>> jimmy of new album "'tis the season" out now. thank you, jimmy. >> getting ready to peek behind the curtain for a big christmas surprise. rishgts donnadorable? >> yes. >> first --
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
we're kicking off another week of our 23rd annual toy drive trying to make holidays brighter for millions around the country. >> thanks to generous donors like you and your corporate sponsors. find out who's behind the red curtain, drum roll, please. >> national sales director gloria mayfield banks! >> hey. >> how are you, beautiful? >> thank you. >> you look beautiful. >> you do. >> thank you so much. i'm excited to be here. >> what are you donating today? >> well, we're donating over $3 million worth of product and the thing that's so exciting. >> wait. did you say --
10:57 am
>> all: $3 million? >> okay. it's so exciting. the total amount over $50 million in the 12 years that we've consecutively given to the drive, and so we're very excited. very excited. >> why do you do it as a company? >> it's so important, because we're 54 years old and built a business of enriching women's lives. that's exciting, because these gifts, the skin care and color cosmetics are going to the children at the domestic violence shelters and they will be able to give gifts to their mothers. >> that's beautiful. we love you. >> and it's been a major experience. >> thank you so much. this is the time to donate. >> yes. drop by the plaza or donate online at for details, go to our website. >> and tomorrow's special guest,
10:58 am
10:59 am
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a dangerous morning on east bay veet. one person is dead. another person rushed to the hospital in critical condition. what we're learning about two separate crashes and the ongoing search for a hit-and-run driver. good morning. thank you for joining us on this monday for our midday newscast. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez. right now police are looking for the driver of that hit-and-run crush. pete is the live in oakland. pete, do investigators have any leads on who this driver is, how we might be able to help? >> reporter: good morning, guys. we're here at 23rd avenue and foothill boulevard. police don't know exactly who that driver is. we just got new


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