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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 13, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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donald trump makes his pick on a pivotal cabinet position overnight. breaking news now, donald trump makes his pick on a pivotal cabinet position overnight. his nominee for secretary of state. plus, getting answers. in a matter of hours federal investigators are expected to reveal what caused the deadliest fire in oakland's history. the information we're learning ahead of that press conference. and a sexting investigation involving several bay area high schools. the popular websites that students reportedly used to exchange sexually explicit photos. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. kari hall has the storm ranger ready to go. that little red beam is going around, the doppler radar. >> ju ear wearing radar red
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today. >> i guess so. we could see red on the radar, too. that shows very intense rain. storm ranger, if you haven't heard, is our doppler mobile radar and we can move it anywhere around the bay area to give us a very high definition view of the rain, and even particles such as wildfire smoke and fog. we are tracking the next storm. we'll be moving in and as of now we have some light rain. light rain will be possible throughout the day. make sure you have the umbrella handy just in case. we'll talk about heavier rain and very strong winds in the forecast for thursday. that's coming up. heading over to mike, the commute looks like it's back on track. >> it is, indeed, a rail reference. looking towards the road. a smooth drive. only the tiniest bit of slowing for the altamont. we'll talk about that. i want to give you the update for h train. the freight train that was stuck was cleared. train one has departed only
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seven minutes' delay. plan on a couple minutes' delay if that is your chosen route. no delays for b.a.r.t. or the other systems either. looking at the build coming out of the altamont pass, 580 over toward the dublin interchange. more folks hit the roadway right through the construction, vallecitos and isabelle. >> breaking news just into our newsroom, a deadly fire in hayward right near the castro valley border. it happened at a home on grove way, only blocks away from stroebridge elementary school. details on that fire still coming in. we have confirmed that there's a fatality involved. no word on how the fire started or even who died. we've sent a reporter to the scene and we'll have a live report coming up as soon as he gets there. more breaking news now, donald trump announced and made it official his nominee for the critical position of secretary of state, and his pick might be the most controversial one yet.
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>> "today in the bay's" tracie potts joining us live from washington with details we're learning about rex tillerson and his chances of getting through the process of being nominated. a lot of weight being carried, the fourth in line for the presidency. >> reporter: exactly. he comes with not only a lot of accolades, but questions, too, about his positions and more so about his relationships, especially with russia. let's start from the top. the official word this morning from the trump transition that rex tillerson who has been with exxon mobil more than 40 years, now the global company's ceo is the president-elect's choice for secretary of state. he's never worked in government before, but he has run a company that has twice as many employees, more than twice as many as the state department and near as many for the office. it's that experience that trump says, and tweeted about it twice already this morning, makes tillerson the global leader. he's got the backing of two
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former secretaries of states and former defense secretary robert gates. on the other side there are democrats and republicans concerned about his close ties with russia. he's done deals with them. he knows vladimir putin personally. he's been given the order of friendship from russia. will he be able to tow the line and be tough on russia as needed or, as the trump transition argues, will be relationship with russia and other world leaders work in favor of the american people as he goes out to be america's top diplomat. those questions likely to come up at confirmation hearings. >> no question. ment tracie potts from d.c., thank you very much. in a matter of hours we're expected to officially learn what caused the deadliest fire in oakland's history. the atf has spent days sifting through the rubble to find out what caused the deadly flames. this morning at 11:00, a press conference will be revealed as
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to what the cause was. the makeshift memorial outside the warehouse continues to grow. people are still coming out to the scene of the tragedy every day to place a candle or a negotiator to say a prayer, trying to come to grips with the loss of life. as the community mourns the fire victims, many are calling for ways to prevent another tragedy like this from happening again. at an oakland tenants meeting, people living in places similar to the ghost ship warehouse says the real issue is a need for affordable housing. they're calling for an emergency rally at tuesday's city council meeting asking for a moratorium on evictions. >> our grievance here right now in the aftermath of the fire it could be used as an excuse to convict mass evictions of artists and other low income people that are living in places that may be classified as warehouses. >> the tcontinuing coverage of
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oakland warehouse fire is on our website, click on the new section to see a full page dedicated to the 36 victims. be sure to nun in at 11:00 both on air and online. we'll bring it to you live as we watch the atf press conference. parents are upset this morning after learning about a police investigation involving students, high school students circulating sexually explicit pictures. mountain view police say they've been investigating the allegations for several months. they have a tiber task force. they found out about it after getting a tip by phone. >> back in august we received a call from mountain view high school about an account that they had been made aware of that contained inappropriate images, some of them unfortunately sexually explicit in nature with social media and technology and
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how accessible it is, this stuff happens so frequently, and i just think it's extremely sad. >> police have since put a freeze on that drop box account and the district attorney will have to decide whether or not to file charges against the minors who are involved. happening later today, a controversial plan to memorialize a man killed by officers in a san francisco police shooting, going to be voted on by supervisors. supervisor john avalos wants a plaque built in honor of alex knee atoe. the security guard was shot after he pointed his tasers at officers. if approved, the parks department would install the plaque along the park's path. 5:07. palo alto's top cop will soon turn in his panel. the palo alto police department says dennis burns will retire at the end of the year. he's been with that department for 35 years, since 1982.
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became chief in 2008. burns says he's looking forward to the nrkt chapter of his life. police captain ron watson will serve as interim chief until that position is permanently filled. crews in pacifica rushing to repair a massive sinkhole that opened on a popular path along the top of the cliff along esplanade avenue. the oceanaire apartment complex is now responsible for fixing that sinkhole. a spokesperson says, if crews can beat the next round of rain, repairs are expected to be finished in about a week. coastal areas are bracing for another day of extremely high tides even ahead of the rain. the king tides are bringing sea levels hire by more than a foot through the rest of the week. it means flooding and low lying areas. even flooding along the
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embarcadero. today's high tide is expected to exceed seven feet at about 10:00 this morning. good morning. the time now is 5:09. as she said, the tides will be coming up right at about 10:00, and tomorrow it will be shortly before 11:00 in the morning on thursday right before noon. that's when we'll see the highest tides coming up at one to two feet a above the normal astronomical tides. we have storm ranger on san bruno mountain tracking the light rain that's moving across the bay area this morning. only spotty light showers. but we will have more coverage as we go through the day and also heavier rain as we go through the rest of the week. right now all we have is light rain. that storm system farther towards the west will continue to stream in moisture and get the brunt of that storm between late wednesday night into thursday. heading over to mike.
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it looks like all the crashes have cleared. >> they have, kari. we only had a couple, one of concern was tri-valley north 680 at 84. that has cleared. no slowing. extending into the north bay, no issues there. a smooth, lighter build than your typical. december commutes kick in a little later, a little easier as well. 680 through pleasanton and 880 through hayward, union city, no delays there. an easy drive for 101 north of 680. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. coming up, a disturbing crime in the south bay and the search is now under way to find the man who attacked and robbed a disabled man right in the middle of the day. >> on a lighter note, you think you spend a lot of money on apps, meet a guy who spent a million dollars. i don't know if these tickets will cost that much.
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this is not cheap either. the hottest seat in town. the great lengths people went to to try to snag some "hamilton" tickets and why your chances may be improving. we'll tell you why next.
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good morning. the time is 5:13 as we look at the river stage in napa, a monitored stage after the next round of heavy rain moves in.
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we'll be tracking all of our rivers, potential flooding and strong winds in the forecast. that's coming up in about five minutes. an easy drive across the bridges. from the north bay, eight minutes across the richmond-san rafael bridge. that's westbound. a little slowing west 580 out of the altamont pass. no problem for those in dublin. a pretty upsetting story. a disabled man is attacked and robbed in the middle of the day. san jose police hope you can help them identify the suspect. here is the description of the man that police say they're looking for right now in a sketch. the crime was caught on surveillance video. officers say they're so offended by the crime that they're not about to drop it. >> there's a lot of people that commit crimes, but they know where to draw the line. typically they don't target innocent, physically handicapped
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people. >> in the video, it appears to show the victim pretending to accidentally run into the man and then rush back to try to help. police say the attacker realized the attacker couldn't talk when he pulled out the phone to type thank thank you. that's when the attacker took the fun by gunpoint. charged with the death of a toddler. 24-year-old adair zeablos lived with his girlfriend in an apartment on o'keefe street. police were called to the home more than two weeks ago because a 2-year-old girl was having trouble breathing. the child died at the hospital. police determined foul play was a factor and arrested the mother's live-in boy friend. his trial is set to begin today at 1:30 in redwood city. comedian bill cosby is expected in court once again today. his lawyers are expected to start the court battle to limit
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the number of accusers who will testify in his sexual assault trial. today's hearing is the last of several key hearings before his criminal case goes to trial. the hearing will center on whether 13 women who said cosby drugged and molested them can testify to establish a pattern of behavior. dozens of women have accused cosby. the comedian is only being charged in one case from 2004. an announcement from the u.s. supreme court means that retired nfl players will brain injuries can start receiving payments for their care. the judge last year approved what may eventually be a $1 billion settlement involving the nfl and current and former players. yesterday the high court denied a request to review that deal. some former players may be entitled to compensation of up to $5 million. a california man pleaded guilty from embezzling from his company to pay for, in parkts video games. >> apparently some people spend hundreds, even thousands, it's
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called "game of war." you may see the tv commercials. it's one with swimsuit model kate upton. the game is an app for your phone and you can buy power-ups and weapons using real money. kevin lee filed a guilty plea in an embezzlement plea admitting to taking nearly $5 million in his employer. some of the expenditures were tracked down, apparently he spent nearly $1 million on "game of war". prudential says it will no longer let wells fargo employees sell customers insurance. wells fargo admits its tellers opened millions of accounts for customers who didn't want them and in many cases had no idea they'd signed up. twitter's jack dorsey will interview edward snowden on pair scope. you're invited to join in and ask questions. that will take place at 9:05
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california time. pair scope is twitter's live video app. let's turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. hi, scott, good morning to you. wall street could start the day in the green despite stocks closing lower on monday. traders watching the federal reserve closely as the group of central bankers begin their two-day policy meeting today. the fed is expected to raise interest rates for the second time in a decade. on monday, t. looking over the nominations for monday's golden globe announcements, non-traditional networks once again cleaned up. one of the top vote getters was "the crown" on netflix about the early life of queen elizabeth. the actress, claire foye got a nomination. john lithgow nominated, too. the best dramas, sam and kris,
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just one is a traditional network. happy to say it was nbc. the rest are hbo and netflix. the golden globes are sunday january 8th on nbc. >> we'll be watching. thank you very much scott. breaking news right now out of the south bay where a large police presence surrounded a neighborhood in east san jose. that's what we know at this point. fire crews are on the scene with a s.w.a.t. team that's on arthur avenue right near story and clayton roads. police have not gotten back to us about the cirqcumstances of the incident or why the s.w.a.t. team is there. bob redell will have a live report in just minutes. our other stories of the day, our weather is changing. >> yes. we have a lot going on in this forecast because it's been nice to have a little break in between, as we've seen a lot of storm systems moving in. we have our next one that will
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be moving in for the end of the week. right now it's all dry as we get a live look outside in san francisco. a beautiful start to the day. grab the umbrella before you head out the door. we'll have the potential of light rain moving in. we have storm ranger on san bruno mountain. this is our mobile doppler radar scanning all around the bay area to give us an hd view of what we could see coming out of the clouds today. so far we've had spotty light rain for parts of the north bay over towards san francisco and extending into the east bay. that's what you can expect as we go into this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon as well before the next storm system moves in. we've had the atmospheric river streaming right over the bay area. imbedded that atmospheric river, we've had a couple of impulses that will bring us heavy rain. it won't be until we get the center of the storm that's well off to the west, rolling over the bay area before we see this all coming to an end and cutting off that moisture stream. right now it's in the upper 40s
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to low 50s as you head out the door, mostly cloudy skies. the hour-by-hour outlook shows we may have a chance of light rain at times today and that also continues into tonight and early tomorrow. then the heavier rain starts to move from north to southerly on thursday morning in time for the morning commute and some of that rain may be very intense with some cells that could bring some very heavy rain along with some strong winds before that all moves off to the east. here is a look at the wind forecast for thursday to friday. this shows the wind speeds in miles per hour. it could be up to 30, maybe 40 miles per hour with sustained winds and higher gusts. rainfall totals looking like we could have about two to possibly four inches of rain. so we're watching our rivers and the lake levels and full some lake east of sacramento is at capacity, about 63%, one of many water levels we'll be watching. heading over to mike, tracking a report for the bay bridge. >> traffic looks very good as
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far as the commute goes. we'll get a quick look at the bay bridge live camera. reports from chp, traffic breaks over the next few minutes. there we go. flashing lights on the approach to the bay bridge. i don't know exactly what is going on, but it looks like there may be debris and something else going on at the toll plaza. i'll get back to my desk and check with chp. hopefully it will be a couple minutes. back out to the map, a snoogt flow on the approach. the delay hasn't showed up on the sensors. no delays towards the dublin interchange. travel times looking great from the east bay, 19 minutes 238 to the bay bridge heading north. baing to you. real quickly, we got confirmation from san jose police they are working, quote, a barricade incident in east san jose. that's on arthur avenue. we'll have much more on that developing situation coming up after the break. also coming up, "nbc bay area responds."
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a $1,600 check from the state she can't cash. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds" next. back to breaking news out of san
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jose.. -- barricaded incident in east san jose right now, back to breaking news this morning out of san jose. within the last five minutes or so we just learned that san jose police are working a barricade situation in east san jose on 3200 arthur avenue where they
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arrived at about 1:45 this morning to report on a family disturbance. >> the biggest thoroughfare would be story and clayton road. it sounds like a man inside barricaded with a gun. his family members were outside the home saying they were not being allowed in. they told police they believed not only was he armed, the man inside, but he might be threatening to harm himself. >> right. we know the s.w.a.t. team is out there as is the fire department right now. this is a developing situation. we'll bring you updates. bob redell is on his way right now and will have a live report coming up very soon. >> also this morning, "nbc bay area responds" to a bay point woman who had trouble getting a tax refund. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is here with her story and our response. good morning. yvonne signed over her 2015 state tax refund check to her father. unfortunately he passed away before cashing it. vione tried to cash it and
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couldn't. maybe that's because it was endorsed to her dad. she tried to send it back to the state and asked the state to reissue it but it didn't. she called us. we then contacted the state and explained the situation. soon yvonne received a replacement check for $1,600. in a statement the franchise state tax board said it was glad to be able to help. if you have a complaint, you can call us. the number is 1-888-996-tips or visit nbc bay arir several breaking news including a deadly fire in h haywa hayward. we're live at the scene with an update. deciding the fate of the oakland raiders. a critical vote happening in a matter of hours that could determine whether the team can stay in the bay area. with king tides today, watching the potential of flooding in the bay area along the coastline, more on that coming up in a few minutes. ad lib live picture bay bridge
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5:30 on your tuesday mornings. welcome to "today in the bay" as we look outside at our emeryville camera. traffic flowing smoothly. glad you're with us. i'm sam brock. >> thanks for joining us as well. i'm chris san chesz in for laura garcia-cannon today. that picture is going to be much drearier in a matter of days. >> today and tomorrow, light rain in the forecast.
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nothing compared to what we're expecting on thursday morning. so the moisture stream still rolling across the bay area as we've seen several pulses of rain moving through, we will see that continuing as we go through the week, and before it all comes to a wrap, we will have heavy rain and strong winds. i'll give you a better idea of the timeline for that as we head over to mike. he's checking on a traesk break. >> clearly the traffic has made its way past the traffic break. whatever it was, took about 90 second, right when it was on camera. we have a backup because the metering lights are on. again, out of lane. as we look at your map, we show a smooth flow of traffic. no delays for at the bay bridge toll plaza itself because of those metering lights and a smooth flow through the tri-valley. in san jose we have a little slowing north 101 typical at this time. i'm going to hand it off to you guys with activity over here on
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story road. big issue here. >> that's where our breaking news is. thank you very much. this sought of the south bay in east san jose there's a large police presence that has surrounded a neighborhood there. fire crews are on the scene along with san jose's merge team on arthur avenue, the 3200 block of arthur avenue near story and clayton roads. we're told they're working with a barricaded and possibly armed suspect threatening to harm himself. according to the family who called in a domestic disturbance about 1:45 this morning, that man is inside armed with a weapon. our bob redell is on his way to the scene right now. we'll have updates in a few minutes. a deadly fire in hayward near the castro valley border. this happened at a home on grove way near stroebridge elementary school. the details are coming in. we know the fire was deadly. no word yesterday on who died or
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how the fire started. pete suratos is gathering details and will bring a live report as soon as he can. another breaking story at this hour from washington, d.c. an unprecedented selection by trump for america's next secretary of state. a short time ago the president-elect nominated exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson to lead foreign policy. he spent his entire career in business, no previous government experience, but he does have close ties internationally including with the country of russia and that's raising red flags even among some leading republicans. in a statement the president-elect says tillerson's deal making skills were the reason he was selected for the position. "today in the bay's" tracie potts will have a live report from washington in our 6:00 hour. a pivotal day for raiders fans across the bay area as we look live at the oakland coliseum. the yes is how long will it be the raider's home turf.
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city and county officials are expected to vote on a $1.3 billion plan to keep the team in oakland. that includes about $350 million in public money. the new proposal was put together by former 9ers and raiders star ronnie lott and his investment group. if this proposal passes, lott and his group would present it to the nfl in january. oakland and las vegas are leading options for the raiders right now. a second arrest made in the shooting death of a richmond musician. deputies arrested ray simons. investigators sait simons along with two other men beat, ropd and shot william simms near the caprice club in el sob bron they last month. another man, daniel porter kelly was also arrested back in november and police are still looking for a third attacker. a san francisco man accused of running an escort service has been arrested on charges of rape.
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police have been investigating 43-year-old david carrasco for weeks. he also goes by the name of joey noble. he faces charges of rape and keeping a house of prostitution. they are asking anyone who was victimized by carrasco to come forward. his next court appearance is set for wednesday morning. happening the day, santa clara county leaders are taking the next step in creating new legal protections for the undocumented immigrant population. supervisors agreed to create a new plan to represent immigrants who might face deportation under the incoming trump administration. county staffers will pre sent findings on the cost for the plan and how to best provide help. they're working on an accelerated time lean citing potential for quickly added policies and overzealous enforcement. supervisors will meet this morning to vote on an emergency
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marijuana moratorium. it would put an indefinite halt to all non-medical growing and sales to allow the county to device a plan for voter improved prop sags 64 we legalizing marijuana use. today they'll hash out specifics with legal staff. as parents can attest, changing a dirty diapers is sometime a challenge. i've done it on the hood of my car. one san francisco leader wants to make things easier. new legislation will expand the number of diaper changing stations in all city buildings. president obama recently signed a similar law for federal buildings. this measure would also require that businesses which already have changing tables in women's restrooms to make them available in men's rooms as well. >> the planned repair and retrofit of a major silicon valley dam is reportedly behind
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schedule and widely over budget. the anderson dam between san jose and morgan hill, the "mercury news" reports the initial $200 million price tag has now inflated to twice that. work was originally scheduled to start in 2018. but now it will be 2020 at the earl yeft. board members will discuss the costs and schedule changes later today. 5:37 on your tuesday morning. crews are expected to clear two huge boulders today. the rain is being blamed for the huge rock slide that-kraed down on king's creek road in boulder creek. now a dozen people are stuck with no way to get out other than by foot if they were to climb it. crews say it will take several days to clear the rock slide. good morning. the time is 5:37.
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unfortunately there may be more rock slides as we watch the potential for coasting flooding as keng tides return to the bay area. that means a high fluctuation between high tide and low tide. it could be up to two feet above normal tide. we'll see that happening today. right at about 10:00. tomorrow morning shortly before 11:00 and before noon on thursday. this is also ahead of the next storm system that will be moving in. so far light rain and partly cloudy skies. more clouds and raen as we go into the afternoon. we could get very heavy rain but the brunt of the storm hits us on thursday. i'll detail that and what you can expect coming up in about ten minutes as we head over to mike with a look at what's happening on bay area roads. >> a new crash in san jose. the rest of the bay looks really good. two key spots for slowing. first, this one in san jose, north 101 at oakland road, just shy of 880. reports came in, um to six vehicles involved in this crash.
5:39 am
that's why there's sudden slowing. i heard there may be up to three lanes blocked. that would mean your fast lanes getting by. this is the big disturbance for 101 and the big disturbance for the south bay. in fact, as far as your freeways. we or tracking right over here, close to story and clayton, talking about breaking news with the police activity. the standoff going on and, of course, we're following that. the traffic flow as far as the travel times go in the east bay, an easy drive highway 4 to the bay bridge. bob redell getting onto the scene in east san jose of the barricade incident. we'll have an update coming up. san francisco supervisors will vote today on whether or not to make city college free. hear from the hollywood star joining thousands of san francisco ans calling for no tuiti tuition. billions of dollars will soon be pumped into water
5:40 am
projects across the county. but environmentalists here in california -- i should say across the country. environmentals in california are making waves about the dangers lurking in that bill. that's next.
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good tuesday morning. it is 5:42. as we track the rain moving into
5:43 am
the bay area, snow in the sierra, a winter storm watch has been issued as we are looking at the potential of up to two feet ofsierra. i'll talk about that and how much rain we're expecting in the bay area, and some lake levels and river levels around the bay area coming up. bad news. this is 101 northbound from 680 to 880. the crash has cleared that caused this backup. we'll talk about travel times, still 26 minutes at present from highway 87 up to 85. that should improve a bit. we'll track it. a bit of a tough go right now, thank you very much. 5:43 on your tuesday. six years in prison. that is a sentence for the man whose drunk driving spree killed a person in east san jose. 24-year-old carlos villalobos was sentenced yesterday. a year ago he drove his soouf 50 miles an hour down the east capital expressway, hitting six cars and trucks in the ro ses.
5:44 am
the seventh collision killed the driver of a yellow bug who was a husband and father. an anonymous phone call might be the reason a new borne baby is alive right now in san francisco. this story is incredible. firefighters say the caller tipped them off to a woman believed to be homeless giving birth in golden gate park around 4:00 yesterday morning. firefighters found that woman behind the rose garden area of the park. she was rushed to the hospital and both mom and baby are listed in fair condition this morning. in simi valley yesterday police say this is a hate crime. the victim is expected to survive after being stabbed. loretta lynch says hate crimes are a stain on this country's soul. she says hate crimes with up 6% since last year, mostly against muslims. religious leaders say they will stand up and against any efforts
5:45 am
to require muslims in the u.s. to register with the federal government. a campaign pledge made by president-elect donald trump. >> federal legislation now that could have an impact right here at home. california environmentalists are warning against a new water bill just approved by lawmakers on capitol hill and expected to be signed into law by president obama. it provides $11 billion for water projects across the country. environmentalists say the legislation will pull more water out of california eats waterways such as the delta, further endangering several fish species. more than 230,000 people in east san jose, almaden valley and santa theresa are getting floor nated water for the first time. san jose has been the largest city without flower ride in the water. critics say it's toxic, but opponents say it's good for your mouth. >> even in our local community,
5:46 am
50 years of experience and we haven't seen very negative effects that have been described. >> by 2020, another 520,000 people will be receiving floor nated water in the city of san jose. the stanford band is asking for its right to play on. the group is appealing a decision, the band has been suspended until 2018 after repeated alcohol violations. band members say the punishment sends a disturbing message to the entire stew didn't body and the values of free expression are vital to a healthy university culture. between construction and higher admission rates, uc berkeley is becoming a very crowded campus. according to the "east bay times," cal has pushed hundreds of new students off their main campus. some freshmen are living in dorms at neighboring universities. others have classes in places like san francisco. while many students say it's not
5:47 am
ideal, they're still grateful they got accepted. using star power here. today san francisco board of supervisors will vote on whether or not to eliminate tuition at the city college of san francisco. a famous former graduate is saying make the school free. >> i'm danny glover and i have bad news. we're at the risk of losing free city college in san francisco, a huge feat that was accomplished nearly a month ago. >> that is actor and musician danny glover calling for free city college. 62% of san franciscans voted to make city college free. glover is a ccsf graduate. the dow industrials hit another record on monday. >> scott mcgrew, investigators waiting on today's big fed meeting. >> that's right. we won't get an answer from the fed until tomorrow. absolutely, traders waiting on the open markets committee and its interest rate decision. we do expect a rate hike to come tomorrow. on monday, the doubt gained 39,
5:48 am
as chris points out, the nasdaq down 32. the "wall street journal" reports apple is considering joining this man, the head of softbank and his new technology investment fund, an investment fund that donald trump likes very much. the theory is apple's investment might take some of the trump administration's pressure off of apple. speaking of apple, you remember the air pod, the wireless headphones announced some months ago, still not available. we understand they won't be available until after christmas. it's an unusual delay for apple. google will make a rapid change. there you see the air pods. let's talk about google. it will add in a steering wheel, put it back in. for years google scientists insisted a steering wheel was unnecessary. but the blog, the information says, google has changed its mind. it sounds strange. but research says the most a
5:49 am
dangerous kind of driver is a driver who has a steering wheel but doesn't use it. the thinking was either let the driver driet or let the computer drive. a driver who is not paying attention, really is a passenger, but still can take over is actually the worst kind of driver. google sinists the steering wheel was dangerous but it looks like they're changing their mind. >> thank you very much, scott. appreciate that report. by the way, a fiery scene here. scary moments for people living in a dubai high-rise. >> a fire ripped through the middle and upper floors of that 14-story building. strong winds helped to fuel the fire. believe it or not, despite how bad it looks, everyone was able to get out safely. here is video, kris, from inside a san diego prison going viral online. now, here is why this is relevant. it's a mannequin challenge by prisoners. that challenge is popular in the country. you've seen a bunch of them,
5:50 am
including the one ellen did at the white house. it looks like fun except the prisoners aren't supposed to have phones. >> now he just put himself -- >> if only there were proof. the prison is investigating how the inmates had phones in the first place. >> i've heard about pleading the fifth. >> that's terrible. let's talk about the forecast which is not terrible now, but will be terrible for drivers later. >> especially during the morning commute on thursday. this morning, not bad at all. you head out the door. it's cool, cloudy, but grab the umbrella before you leave because we'll have a chance of light rain throughout the day. a live look outside at oakland. the temperature is at 51 degrees. only heading up to 55. it will be cloudy, only a few peeks of sun throughout the day. storm ranger is tracking all the light rain we're seeing across the bay area this morning and will be here this morning, to
5:51 am
give us an hd view of what we're seeing coming from the clouds. right now not a whole lot. still the storm system streaming moisture. as we've seen since last week there's been several bursts of energy embedded within that atmospheric river that could give us heavy rain. the heaviest rain will not arrive until late wednesday night into thursday. right now as you step out the door, 41234 santa rosa, oakland 51 and 48 in morgan hill. watching the lake levels around the stay. that includes folsom lake where they get ready to open the flood gates. under a flood watch at the sacramento valley. that could cause the water levels to rise very quickly. a lot of rain in the north bay to start out. as early as this afternoon we could see light rain moving in and it gets heavier. the main brunt by thursday morning. 6:30 in the morning we see heavy rain. we see the intents cell showing red and purple.
5:52 am
that shows we could have very heavy downpours. along with that we're expecting gusty winds. watching the river levels, it will be at monitor stage, the same for the napa river, downtown napa, not expected to reach flood stage. stormy weather in the forecast for san francisco on thursday, morning rain on friday. this weekend it clears out. temperatures will be very chilly. we could be talking about patchy frost. mike has an update on traffic jam in san jose. >> only in san jose. the rest of the commute looking great. we show you 101 right there. let me show you the live camera first where it's really jammed up on the live camera from 680 past this camera up to oakland road where there was a six-vehicle crash reported. it took about ten minutes for lanes to clear. this is the backup that remains. it's starting to move a little better now. this is the big backup jammed from our camera to oakland road.
5:53 am
it's only this stretch for the south bay. we also have police activity off the area right near story and clayton. bob redell is heading out to give us the update on what's going on. active scene right now. not so active for the rest of the south bay freeway. 101 is the issue. about a 15-minute difference. we have following two breaking stories there, a deadly fire in castro valley. the other mikes just mentioned, a barricade-type situation in east san jose where police have be responding, going on for about four hours. >> bob redell is there and will give us a live report. it is an active scene. pete suratos is at castro valley at the fire. we're moving things around to keep you current. some silicon valley students accused of sharing explicit photos of other students via drop box, a tool they use for
5:54 am
school. we'll show you how police found out. first, happening now, a big surprise for an entire third grade class. on, see the california students' reaction as they're given bikes and helmets oprah style. over on our facebook stage, get a sneak peek at the 1th annual fantasy of lights in los gatos and figure out how you can take part. we're back in two minutes.
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happening today... an east palo alto man who was arrested in connection with the death of a toddler-- is preparing f happening today, an east palo alto man arrested in connection with the death of a toddler is preparing to face a judge. 24-year-old adair zevallos lived with his girlfriend on oh koef street with his girlfriend. two weeks ago a 2-year-old girl was found there having trouble breathing. he's due in court for a plea hearing in redwood city. we'll learn more about the final moments of the el faro ship that sank last year. all 33 crew members were killed. the ntsb will hold a news conference and reveal the findings from the ship's data recorder. an east bay elementary school is being investigated as
5:58 am
arson. a fire started sunday morning at highlands elementary school. police got a call about someone yelling in the school parking lot as well as a report the fire alarm was going off. officers arrived and found someone had broken into a classroom and set a fire inside. there was no major damage. happening today, fran police officers will be collecting shoes and coats for homeless youth in the city. the police department shoe and coast drive starts at 8:30 this morning. officers are looking for gently used coats and new shoes. bring them in. you'll get a doughnut served by a police officers at 13 a 5 market street. right now at 6:00 we're following breaking news out of castro valley and also in the south bay. >> reporter: here in southeast san jose police surrounded a
5:59 am
home where a man barricaded himself inside with a gun. we'll have the latest coming up. plus, we're bracing for another day of high tides. it could create problems as the next round of rain moves into the bay area. a sexting investigation involving several bay area high schools. the popular websites where students were sharing inappropriate pictures. we're also tracking the king tides rolling our way. "today in the bay" continues right now. thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm sam brock. we have several breaking news stories that we're tracking this morning. one is a fire in castro valley. the other a barricade-like incident in east san jose. >> kari, we were talking about the king tides as well. >> that's going to be a big issue, especially along the coastline and parts of the bay where we may have minor floodings. this is ahead of the next storm system. we have a high fluctuation between high tide and low tide.
6:00 am
at golden gate we will see the high tides at about 10 clock this morning. tomorrow shortly before 11:00 and before noon on thursday, where it could be up to two feet above normal tides. we're watching that, also watching for the potential of some flooding and heavy rain on thursday. it could also down some trees and power lines. details on all of that and the storm ahead is coming up in a few minutes. mike is tracking slow spots in san jose. >> specifically san jose. the bay bridge toll plaza also slow. we expect that. san jose unexpectedly slow because of this situation on northbound 101. let me show you quickly the live camera to see if the traffic is breaking apart a bit. it's moving a little better. we see foekts getting through the slower lanes. dangerous to make the illegal merge right there. looking toward the area back at the maps. the crash occurred, and we have slowing north of capital expressway. that's because of the earlier crash. it may be sending more folks north on 87 as an


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