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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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high tides at about 10 clock this morning. tomorrow shortly before 11:00 and before noon on thursday, where it could be up to two feet above normal tides. we're watching that, also watching for the potential of some flooding and heavy rain on thursday. it could also down some trees and power lines. details on all of that and the storm ahead is coming up in a few minutes. mike is tracking slow spots in san jose. >> specifically san jose. the bay bridge toll plaza also slow. we expect that. san jose unexpectedly slow because of this situation on northbound 101. let me show you quickly the live camera to see if the traffic is breaking apart a bit. it's moving a little better. we see foekts getting through the slower lanes. dangerous to make the illegal merge right there. looking toward the area back at the maps. the crash occurred, and we have slowing north of capital expressway. that's because of the earlier crash. it may be sending more folks north on 87 as an alternate.
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we're seeing the slight shift. in east san jose, a major police activity. i'll hand it right back to you, sam and kris, for that. >> we'll continue that team coverage out of the south bay. mike mentioned the standoff started around 1:45 this month and is still under way in east san jose. >> this has been going on for about four-plus hours. let's go straight to the scene and "today in the bay's" bob redell who is live there this morning. what can you tell us about the efforts to get that man out of the house? >> reporter: good morning, sam and kris. we're at story road and row hampton avenue. it's a few blocks from here on the 3200 block of arthur avenue. that's where the merge team, san jose's version of s.w.a.t. has arrived. we presume from quick conversation with an officer they are surrounding the house, trying to speak to this man who has barricaded himself inside. this started around 1:45 this
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morning. they got a call of what is described as a family disturbance. when they arrived, members of the family were outside. they said a man was barricaded inside the home, armed with a gun, threatening to harm himself. within the past hour we know police did evacuate some of the other people who live in this neighborhood. we did speak with a woman off camera who said that this neighborhood is safe, that she is shocked and surprised to see this is happening. right now the merge s.w.a.t. team is out here and they are trying to cokes this man to come out. again, he is inside this home by himself, according to family members, armed, threatening to harm himself. live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right, thank you very much, bob. we'll continue tracking that one. we're also following breaking news in the east bay where there was a deadly fire in castro valley. we've been telling you about that since 5:00 this morning. these are live pictures and you
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can see all the police action and the fire department action out there this morning. we know it was in castro valley. initially it seemed it might have been in hayward. >> we also know, kris, this is only a few blocks from a local elementary school. stroebridge elementary school. we're told that fire broke out just before 3:00 at a home on grove way. adds we mentioned, right near a local school. we know there has been a fatality or fatalities involved. we just don't know the specifics. pete suratos is on the scene talking with investigators and fire personnel. they just confirmed to him that one add dauult was killed, but still not clear how the fire started. >> pete is also talking with neighbors which is why we're taking his live camera, freeing him up so he can get more details. we'll bring us a live report at 6:30. new this morning, just a couple hours ago, president-elect donald trump announced his choice for
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secretary of state will be rex tillerson. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington with more on that. continue lisa rice, former secretary of state tweeted she's in support of rex tillerson though he has no diplomatic experience or government experience. are you surprised? >> he's got her backing, also james baker, robert gates, former defense secretary. he's coming in with heavyweights behind him but also with some questions about the very international ties that have donald trump and the transition team supporting him. calling him an international dealmaker, the trump transition announced this morning exxon mobil ceo rex tiller son is his choice for secretary of state, despite his close ties to
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russia. sources also confirm rick perry is mr. trump's nominee for secretary of energy. he also met with former hp exec and rival carly fiorina as director of national intelligence. >> we talked about hacking, whether it's chinese hacking or purported russian hacking. >> reporter: kathy mcmorris rodgers is on the short list for secretary of the interior. >> i'm very enthusiastic about the leadership that he is bringing. >> reporter: mr. trump's thursday news conference explaining how he'll leave his business has been postponed until jan ir zwran air. he tweets his sons will run the company with no new deals while he's in office. asking the government to declassify intelligence about russia's intent to influence the election. >> this simply cannot be a partisan issue. >> reporter: electors are asking
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for an intelligence briefing before they vote. back live now, we are also just getting this. it's a starmt of congratulations from secretary of state john kerry to tillerson saying he will fully support a smooth transition that is, of course, assuming tillerson is nominated and assuming he is confirmed by the senate. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. stick with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the presidential transition. our own raj mathai will head to washington, d.c. for the presidential inauguration of donald trump next month. a sexting investigation in the silicon valley and children are at the center. parents are very upset this morning after learning about a police investigation involving students circulating sexually explicit pictures of other students and the host of the circulation is an online file sharing service you may use. mountain view police have been investigating the allegations
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for several months now. they only found out about it after getting a tip by phone. >> back in august we received a call from mountain view high school about a drop box account that they had been made aware of that contained inappropriate images, some of them unfortunately sexually explicit in nature. >> with social media and technology and how accessible it is, it happens so frequently and i just think it's extremely sad. >> police have since put a freeze on that drop box account. the district attorney will now decide whether or not to file charges against the minors involved. crews in pacifica are rushing right now to repair the massive sinkhole that opened up on a popular path to the beach before the next round of rain moves in. crews fenced off the popular lookout point along esplanade avenue. the oceanaire apartment complex is responsible for fixing the sinkhole. a spokesperson says if crews can beat the next round of rain,
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repairs are expected to be finished in about another week. the so-called king tides are bringing sea levels higher by more than a foot through the rest of the week. this typically means flooding in low lying areas in the north bay. there's also occasional flooding along san francisco's emba embarcade embarcadero. today's high tide is expected to exceed seven feet around 10:00 this morning. right now it's 6:08. tracking the next storm system moving in. right now spotty light rain and mostly cloudy skies. grab the umbrella. we'll have the chance of rain early today as well as tomorrow before the next burst of energy moves in, we see the bright light, clouds and tracking the storm well to the west of us. as this moves in, we'll see the rain getting more intense late wednesday night into thursday, as we get the brunt of the storm. with that we're looking at gusty winds and heavy rain. in the meantime as you head out,
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it's 47 degrees in lifer moore as well as concord. 51 in oakland and san francisco. it's cool and dry for now, with mostly cloudy skies. once again, be prepared for some showers. much heavier rain in the forecast. details on that coming up in about ten minutes, heading over to mike now, the commute is building a little bit today. >> a little later than normal because it's december. we have a shorter more compressed commute. we're looking at the hayward area, the south bay and of course the bay bridge approach. your travel times, looking at the east bay, talk about slowing through sunol, 680 and 880 towards the dumbarton bridge. an earlier crash kicked off the slowing. a number of vehicles on the shoulder. north 101 at oakland road, we see a little recovery. hitting the brakes north of capital expressway.
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in east san jose off story and clayton police activity and we'll update you. but avoid the area if you can. >> mike mentioned it. specifically, what we're talking about, the breaking news coverage is a standoff still happening right now in san jose. >> we'll update you on that, plus a disabled man attacked and robbed in the south bay. and it was all caught on camera. we'll show you the newly released surveillance camera of that attack and show you how you can help to catch the person responsible. a list of the best and worst states for drivers are out. how did california stack up? you probably sent a couple bucks on apps. meet a guy who spent a million dollars when "today in the bay" continues.
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good tuesday morning. the time is 6:13. high levels of water expected around the bay area and also the sacramento valley, falsom lake is way up from the start of the water year. also for the sierra, heavy amounts of snow, um to two feet possible by the weekend. i'll detail that coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> we're looking at a slow drive for 101 at the top of your screen. that's 20 minutes longer to take that stretch to mountain view compared to 85 at the bottom of the screen because of an earlier
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crash. the upper eastshore freeway the only major slowing. that's because of the commute. >> thank you very much, mike. we're following breaking news out of east san jose right now. you see some of the officers who are surrounding a home on arthur avenue not too far from the major intersection of story and clayton. a man is barricaded inside a home and his family members called police there because he is inside with a gun and they say he is threatening to hurt himself. >> bob redell is on the scene there. he actually just reported a few minutes ago they've also evacuated some of the neighbors in the area. that's on arthur avenue near story and clayton roads. bob will bring us a live update in the next ten or 15 minutes. 6:14. a disabled man attacked and robbed right in the middle of the day. san jose police hoping you can help identify the suspect. here is the sketch of the man police are looking for. surveillance video of the crime was just released. watch this.
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officers say they really want to catch the suspect. >> there's a lot of people that commit crimes, but they know where to draw the line. typically they don't target innocent physically handicapped people. >> in the video release yesterday, it appears the show the victim to accidentally run into the man and rush back to help. police say the attacker realized that that man couldn't talk when he pulled z out his phone to type thoou. that's when the attacker took the phone at gunpoint and kicked the man when he tried to get it back. the santa cruz county sheriff's office is looking for help finding suspected shooter, 31-year-old jose ramos. he's a, quote, person of interest in a shooting yesterday. that happened yesterday afternoon. a man and woman were both injured. the sheriff's office said he may be driving a 2013 white honda
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sedan. if you see him, call 911. a new study reveals the best and worst states for drivers, according to a report, iowa is if best and california is the worst based on several factors including commute time, annual interest premiums, gas, prices, cost of car repair, auto phi at that times, rounding out the top five for best states were ohio, maine, vermont, so far from home. a california man pled guilty for embezzling from his company in part to pay for video games. >> scott mcgrew, it must be some video game. >> apparently some people spend hundreds, even thousands on this game called "game of war." you may have seen the tv commercials with swimsuit model kate upton. apparently you can buy power-ups
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and weapons and whatnot using real money. a fellow in sacramento pleaded guilty to an embezzlement case, admitting to taking nearly $5 million from his company. apparently this man spent a million dollars on game of war. >> prudential says it will no longer let wells fargo employees sell customer insurance. wells fargo admits its tellers opened millions of bank accounts and credit card accounts for customers who did not want them and in many cases had no idea they had even signed up. trarsd waiting for the federal open markets committee. we'll get a decision tomorrow. we expect rate hikes, on monday the dow gained 39. the nasdaq down 32. sam and chris -- hi, kari. kari does the facebook live most morning, facebook live will
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start showing 360-degree facebook live. instead of just seeing what kari is point gsz her camera at, you can look around. now it's going to be live. you move your mouse or put on virtual reality goggles. let's find out about getting one of those cameras, put it out there somewhere. you can sit at home and start spinning around the studio. >> that's cool, except when we operate here in the studio, we have a light that says on air, so we know to behave. if that's happening, we may not be ready. >> the same thing went through my head. >> is that what they really be hive like? >> exactly. a lot of people will want to see this. it is the hottest ticket right now in the country. "hamilton" the musical is coming to san francisco for a five-month run, and you would certainly know it by checking out that line yesterday off of market street. hundreds were in line outside
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the or of yum theater while hundreds of thousands waited online. if you tried to get tickets online, you likely got notice there were thousands ahead of you. takts on the resale market are already going for $1,000 for the cheapest seat in the house. >> how about $10? he's on the ten-dollar bill. >> you got our hopes up. >> we'll facebook live that one. at least they had nice weather to wait in the long lines yesterday. today may not be so lucky. we are going to have light rain moving in. we start out with cloudy skies. here is a beautiful view of san francisco. it's tuesday, time to get up. don't forget the umbrella before you head out. so far not a lot on the radar and we will still see moisture streaming in.
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it's still in place from the weather system that we've had in place from last week, and this atmospheric river also streaming across the bay area, gives us some clouds, and we see some bright white clouds that shows embedded in that atmospheric river we have energy. it won't be until we get the last push before we can wrap it up and get dry weather in the forecast. as we go into the afternoon, 59 degrees, a chance of light rain in the peninsula. in the tri-valley spotty showers and highs today reaching the mid 50s nor most of us. then we'll see this chance of rain moving in. the hour-by-hour outlook gives a timeline of 8:00 that we will have rain moving through parts of the bay area. we could have good coverage at times. we see some light rain continuing into tomorrow. but then the heavy rain starts to move in early on thursday morning. and that when we do expect the strongest of the storm to move
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through with a potential of some very heavy rain and some strong winds before this system moves off to the east and gives us clearing on friday. wind speeds will pick up late tomorrow night into the morning on thursday. this shows sustained winds at 30, maybe even 40 with higher gusts, and the potential of one, two, maybe even two to three inches of rain. so we'll be watching our river stages at russian river it will be about 18.5 feet, and the same in napa with the potential for minor flooding. we'll be watching that. mike is watching what's happening on the roadways. >> we do have our slower spots, but overall this is a tuesday, it's 6:21. we should see much more slowing than here, but this is typical for a december. a lighter flow of traffic. we'll zoom into your typical slowing spots. we have slowing there. pleasanton, a little slowing towards sunol. slowing at the castro valley y, hayward and 880 toward union
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city. no major issues across the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. that will be a bit of an issue. over here castro valley just off grove way. pete suratos on scene, not far from 580, but not a distraction from what i understand. traffic is flowing through the area. we'll track that as well. getting toward the travel times, showing a nice drive again for the area i showed you. speeds coming above r50 miles per hour. that's a great drive. in san jose, a slower drive for 101, now building a bit for 87. we'll follow that as well. back to you. bob redell has been on the scene of that. thank you very much. a standoff going on for almost five hours now. an up date next. a major victory for an ma'am rights activists who voiced anger over seaworld's orca breeding program. plus "nbc bay area responds." >> a $1,600 check in the state
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she can't cash. i'm chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds" next. to a bay point woman who had
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trouble getting a tax refund. "nbc bay area responds" to a bay point woman who had trouble getting a tax refund. >> consumer investigator chris chmura joins us with her story and our response. >> good morning. yvonne signed over her tax refund check to her father.
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unfortunately he passed away before cashing it. she tried to take that check and send it back to the state and ask the state to reissue it, but it didn't. so she called us. so we then contacted the state and explained the situation. soon yvonne received a replacement check for $1,600. in a statement, the franchise tax board said it was glad it was able to help. if you have a consumer complaint, you can call us. the number is 1-888-996-tips or visit have a great day. >> thank you, chris. 6:26. seaworld is making a move away from killer whales. today they announced plans for an orca-free park in abu dhabi that will focus on ocean health and conservation. this is not the first attempt to move away from their iconic whales. nine months ago they put an end to their breeding program.
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they've been facing pressure since the release of black fish. breaking news out of the east bay where fire investigators are on scene of a deadly house fire. pete suratos is talking with investigators and neighbors about a firefighter injured there. the battle to keep the raiders in october land is getting more intense. the vote expected today that could give hope to raider nation. also more breaking news. >> breaking news in east san jose where police surrounded a home where a man is barricaded inside a home. i'm bob redell. i'll take you to the scene with the latest coming up. taking a live look outside from
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downtown san jose. it is almost exactly 6:30 on the dot on your tuesday morning as we take a live look at a still dark sky above san jose. downtown san jose there, we're tracking the next storm system heading into the bay area we could bring scattered showers later today. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. we want to start with traffic. there's a ferry sags and the rain. >> the rain moving in later today. right now we start with dry weather. this is our chance to clean things up, get those leaves cleaned out of the storm drains before the next round of heavy rain moves in. grab the umbrella. if you're gone through out most of the day, we could have showers at any point anywhere
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around the bay area. it's now 47 degrees in concord and livermore. 51 for san francisco, oakland an san jose. a cool start. but it will be even cooler as we go deeper into the forecast. highs this afternoon reaching the upper 50s to lower 60s. i'll talk more about that coming up. mike has an update for some of the ferry riders. >> that's right. if you have a loved one heading to the ferries or someone you don't dislike, a ferry hand kaeld from oakland to alameda, 6:30, 6:40 departure canceled. they may have to call ahead and let folks now they'll be a little late. that's the only issue for the ferry system. we have a crash in san jose reported as well. north 85 just past highway 17. a little slowing there. the big issue is north 101. earlier crash caused the backup at oakland road. on the approach, 101 is 20
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minutes longer than have one, 85 toward mountain view. that's a big issue. i'm land it off to you guys for the police activity there. >> we are following breaking news in east san jose this morning. a standoff still under way. it's been going on since 1:45 this morning. >> straight to nbc bay area's bob redell who is live at the scene with what's going on on "today in the bay." good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, chris and sam. the public information for the san jose police department arrived on scene, story road and royal hampton avenue. here is what we know. if you look down story road, you can see not only the police department but also san jose's s.w.a.t. team. about a block or two away is arthur away. 3200 block of arthur avenue there's a home police have surrounded. around 1:45 this morning nay received a call from the home. the report was of a, quote,
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family disturbance. when they arrived, family members were outside the home. they said inside, one of their family members, a man, was barricaded, refusing to come out, armed with a gun, threatening to harm himself. it's our understanding he was there by himself. police have been trying to cokes him out. it's n around 5:00 this morning, police did evacuate a number of residents, numbers who live around this home. >> i just brushed my teeth when the police came in. >> what did they tell you? >> they just said there's some guy with a gun. >> what did they ask you to do? >> they said to wake everyone up in the house and to get dressed and wait outside. >> what were you thinking? >> oh, man. >> reporter: we spoke to some of the other people who had been evacuated and surprised this was
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happening on the street. they say this neighborhood has normally been very safe. live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we'll check back with you shortly. also breaking news out of the east bay. firefighters are trying to filling your out what started a deadly overnight house fire in castro valley. pete suratos is live at the scene to bring us an update on what happened, pete. >> good morning, sam. i spoke with alameda county fire to give you an idea where we're at, foothill and the 1800 block of grove way. they say it was an adult female found dead inside this home. i want to show you where we're at. you see the firefighters are there right now. they're in front of that home. i want to tell you what a neighbor told us off camera. he told us apparently in this area he saw firefighters really working at that garage door, ripping up the garage door and flames came out. they saw a lot of smoke. that's all they can tell me at this time.
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a lot of smoke here. we know it was a first alarm fire. the cause is still under investigation. as for crews, told they're still looking for hot spots. we can expect them to be on site for several hours. at this time they still don't know exactly what caused this fire. live in castro valley, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, pete. not man but a woman who died in that fire in castro valley. new this morning, an unprecedented selection by donald trump for america's next secretary of state. earlier this morning president-elect nominated exxon mobil ceo rex tiller son. tiller son has close ties with russia raising red flags. the president-elect says deal making skills are the reason he was chosen. in a matter of hours, we're
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expected to officially learn what caused the deadliest fire in the city of oakland's history. 36 people lost their life in the warehouse dubbed the ghost ship. this morning at 11:00 a press conference is going to be held by the atf that could reveal what the cause of the fire was. in the meantime, families eagerly await answers as the makeshift memorial outside the warehouse continues to grow. last night first responders returned to the scene to remember the lives lost. a bell was tolled 36 times, once for each person who died in the fi fire. >> it does provide closure to just realize that we were all a part of this. it was no one person. people are still coming out to the scene of the tragedy every day to place a candle or notes or say a prayer trying to come to grips with the loss of life. as the community mourns,
6:37 am
many are calling for ways to prevent another tragedy from happening again. at an oakland tenants meeting, people living in places similar to the ghost ship warehouse say theish yoo u is they need more affordable housing. the tenants union is calling for a rally asking for a moratorium on evictions. >> our grievance here right now in the aftermath of the fire it could be used as an excuse to conduct mass evictions of artists and other low income people who are living in places can classified as warehouses. >> the oakland tenants using is dedicated to protecting tn napt rights and interests. stick with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the oakland warehouse fire. we have a special section on our web page dedicated to the victims. you the find that at be sure to tune in this morning at 11:00 in the morning, both on air and online as we watch the atf news conference live. a pivotal day for raiders
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fans across the bay area. we look live at the oakland coliseum right now. the we is how long will this be the raiders home turf. city and county officials are expected to vote on a $1.3 billion plan to keep that team in oakland. that includes $350 million in public money. the new proposal was put together by 9ers and raiders star ronnie lott. if it passes, they would present it to the nfl in january. right now oakland and las vegas are the leading options. a second arrest made in the shooting death of a musician. investigators say ray simons beat, robbed and shot tsimms. they believe his murder was inspired by hate. sy another man, daniel porter
6:39 am
kelly was arrested back in november. that's the victim you're looking at right there. police still looking for a third attacker. 6:38. later the day, santa clara county leaders are taking the next step forward in creating new legal protections for undocumented immigrants. supervisors agreed to create a new plan to represent immigrants who could face deportation under the incoming trump administration. county staffers are presenting their findings on the cost for that kind of plan and how to best provide that kind of help. crews are expected to start clearing two huge boulders today. you can imagine how much rock that will be. the rocks blocked a buddhist retreat center. the rain is blamed for the rock slide that crashed down on kings creek road in boulder creek. there are still about a dozen people stuck at the center because the only way in and out is by foot. the boulders are too big for bulldozers. they're bringing in a contractor
6:40 am
with jack hammers to break it all up. it will take several days. good morning. 6:39 with more heavy rain in the forecast, rock slides, especially in the snn cruz mountains will be a big concern. we're watching for coastal flooding as king tide returns to the bay area. expecting the tides today about 10:00 this morning, tomorrow morning at 10:53 with the tides up over seven feet on thursday, the high tide at 11:41. king tides will be not in effect as we go into the weekend as the tides start to come down. watching out for coastal flooding, also inland flooding, street flooding as heavy rain moves in on thursday. we could have downed trees and power issues. more on all of that coming up in about ten minutes. mike is tracking some slowing in san jose. >> a lot of times it's the east bay and eastshore freeway. those are slowing but not as bad as the south bay. look how light this traffic flow
6:41 am
is. it will get lighter as we approach the end of the year. 101 had an early crash at oakland road. a slower drive, much slower than you'd like at capital expressway. more folks hit 85. the bayshore freeway takes about 15 minutes longer, your route from 85 up into mountain view. the rest of the bay showing a smooth flow of traffic approaching the walnut creek interchange. no drama heading toward the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on. the backup filling in the toll plaza approach. you do have to wait to get into san francisco. back to you. thank you very much. coming up, san francisco supervisors will vote on whether to make city college free and we'll hear from the hollywood star joining thousands of san franciscans calling for no tuition. an anticipated chrtmas gift won't be under the tree this morning -- not this morning. it's not christmas. this is happening this morning. this is the dow, darn near 20k.
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>> scott, i consulted with kris, we're absolutely open to taking early christmas presents. a look outside at the golden gate bridge, beautiful views as always for you. back with more news after this break. ♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these.
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good tuesday morning. we have the potential from 4.5
6:45 am
down to 1.25 in parts of the bay area as this next storm system moves in. a lot of heavy rain and also some strong wind. details on that and what you can expect and the timeline in about five minutes. look at these drive times, north 101 taking 20 minutes longer than north 85 from the same point where they split to where they join in mountain view. that's because an earlier crash is on the bayshore freeway. the build starts for the south bay. slowing across the bridge but overall a good commute right now. >> mike, thank you very much. we're following breaking news out of the south bay this morning. a standoff still under way in east san jose. we have just learned that a little girl is inside of a house where a man is inside barricaded with a gun. >> let's get straight to bob redell live at the scene. you confirmed there is a little girl inside but police are not considering this a hostage situation. how is that working?
6:46 am
>> reporter: we just heard from the public information officer with san jose police department. this man has been barricaded sense about 1:45 this morning, after some sort of disturbance, argument with other family members. he's inside the house with a gun threatening to kill himself. they just revealed to us that he is inside the home with his 6-year-old daughter. they are negotiating with him. they do have a line of communication with him. they are trying to get him to release her. they don't have any information if he's threatened to harm her. when i asked officer morales if she is considered a hostage, they said no, not at this time. given the fact he has a gun and is distraught, they want to get her out of the house. san jose police, not only do they have the patrol officers out here, but if you look down the street you see the merge unit is here, san jose's version of s.w.a.t. you can see they're deploying one of the robots. it's a tactical device they use in situations like this where
6:47 am
you have an armed subject inside a home. we do know they have that home surrounded and they have a an open line of communication with this man who around 1:45, a 9 911 call, family disturbance. the latest development is that he is in there with his 6-year-old daughter. they're trying to get him to let her go. live in san jose, bob redell for "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. bob showed us there are the merge officers here, a san jose police version. we didn't give away tactical location, anything that might compromise the situation. again, that 6-year-old little girl inside with her daddy. they're trying to get him to let her outside, though they're not calling it a hostage situation. >> we'll keep you updated on that. in the meantime, the head of google's parent company alphabet will meet with donald trump tomorrow. some representatives from apple and facebook, too, scott. >> that's right. that meeting at the um tr tower
6:48 am
tomorrow. this morning our reporter at trump tower says kanye is there right now. today kanye, tomorrow the tech world. as for the markets, the dow industrials right now, 19,900. we are within spitting distance, if you will, of dow 20k. the nasdaq has gained 53 points. also today, twitter's jeff dorsey will interview whistle-blower edward snowden on pair scope. you're invited to join in and ask questions. that will be at 9:05 california time. pair scope is twitter's live video app. facebook is going to show off its first facebook live with 360-degree video. you can do it before pre recorded, now you can do it live. google will update the world this morning on self-driving cars. speaking of apple, remember these air pods, wireless headphones. we understand they will not be available for christmas. this is an unusual delay for
6:49 am
apple. if you check your iphone, you'll notice it's ready to download ios 10.2. it has more than 100 new emojis. back to yu. >> self-expression, thank you very much. i can never find the one i'm looking for. i use the same three. >> they keep the little slate of what you've used in the last three weeks. >> i guess that will help. >> what i'm moej gee would you use today, a big sun? >> a lot of clouds. on thursday you'll have that storm icon emoji with the lightning bolt coming out of it. we will have heavy rain. here is a live look outside at san jose. we start with some clouds filtering the sun as the sun comes up this morning and heading towards san rafael, visibility is clear at this point. we'll be watching the north bay today because this is where we could see some of that light rain moving in first. we don't have much activity right now on the radar. but we'll be keeping a close
6:50 am
eye, a lot of moisture streaming in, and we see that tap of subtropical moisture rolling right over the bay area. that's why it's been hard to get sunshine. then you get these impulses of energy embedded. that's where we have the heaviest rain. we won't see much of that today. when we do, it will be across the north kba also tomorrow until the next storm system moves in. temperaturewise, upper 40s to low 50s. moisture streaming in. keep the umbrella handy just in case. we will once again see rain over the north bay for today. early tomorrow by thursday morning, the commute looks so wet, especially north of san francisco it geltz heavier as we go through the day and there will be gusty winds embedded in the heavy wind. here is the forecast wednesday night, thursday and friday morning. we will have sustained warnings at 30 to maybe even 40 miles per hour, and the heaviest rain will be over the sacramento valley where the lake levels will be up to about 63% of capacity, and
6:51 am
they'll be opening some of those flood gates as the heavy rain comes down. heavy rain for us, snow in the sierra, the potential of up to two feet of snow in the forecast in some spots. we'll be seeing that going back and forth. so dangerous travel there. and also in the bay area, those winds pick up, temperatures staying in the 50s and a cooler weekend ahead but at least we have some sunshine. mike is tracking a new crash in san francisco. >> that's right. over all the commute looks good. more slowing northbound. one lane blocked by a crash, chp heading to the scene before the 280 junction. not a lot of slowing into san francisco. we've been talking about this for the month of december. over here the walnut creek interchange, upper eastshore freeway slowing. for novato southbound, 101, nothing major as you head toward the san mateo bridge. drive times looking great, from 238 to the dumbarton bridge, 25
6:52 am
minutes. still well under half an hour. the san mateo bridge, we do have the traffic westbound, it really packed in over the last ten minutes. so 101, lslowing on the peninsula. slow drive for this segment of 680. back to you. coming up, we're following two breaking stories developing right now as we speak. first, that tense standoff under way in san jose. now we're finding out that there is a child also barricaded in that home, another live report for reporter bob redell in a moment. >> deadly flames in castro valley. we'll take you to the scene where we learned within the last 15 or 20 minutes that a woman was killed overnight in a deadly house fire. happening now, as we track the next incoming storm to the bay area this week, you'll want to download the nbc bay area app to get immediate alerts that could impact your family and your commute. plus over on our facebook page, get a sneak peek at the 18th annual fantasy of lights drive
6:53 am
through in los gatos and find out how you can get in on the phone. back in two minutes. before you head out the door -
6:54 am
6:55 am
here are the top stories on nbc bay area... kris including brea n welcome back. before you head out the door, here are the top store rose on nbc bay area. breaking news in the south bay where a standoff continues in east san jose. we just learned that the man who was barricaded inside a home, has his 6-year-old little girl with him right now. let's get straight to bob
6:56 am
redell. bob, what can we say about this little girl at this point? >> reporter: good morning, kris and sam. san jose police say they are in contact with the father who has barricaded himself inside this home on the 3200 block of arthur avenue. he is armed with a gun. he has threatened to kill himself. the alarming piece of news is his 6-year-old daughter is inside. he has not yet released her. they are trying to get him to release her. when i asked if they considered her to be a hostage, they don't. they don't consider her to be a hostage. they have no indication he has threatened to hurt her. given what's going on in there, they do want him to release her. this started around 1:4r5, 911 call of a family disturbance. when police arrived, there were threatening to kill himself. live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay."
6:57 am
>> obviously a very precarious situation. thank you very much. also breaking news, live images from castro valley where a woman has died in a house fire and a firefighter suffered minor injuries battling the flame. the fire broke out just before 3:00 on grove way, just locks away from a local elementary school, stroebridge elementary. the woman who died, we learned, is an adult. no word right now on what caused that fire. happening today, we are expecting to officially learn what caused the deadliest fire in oakland's history. 36 people lost their lives in the oakland warehouse fire at the so-called ghost ship 11 days ago. the atf spent days sifting through the rubble of the site trying to figure out what sparked those deadly flames. at 11:00 this morning there is a news con flens aference and the reveal what the cause was. we'll bring you that live and on
6:58 am
air. kris, the community of oakland hoping to keep the raiders in town. this could be a pivotal day for raiders fans. city and council officials are expecting to vote on a $1.3 billion plan to keep the team in oakland. that includes $350 million in public money, originally mayor libby schaaf said there would be no public money spent on this. the new proposal was put together by former raiders star ronnie lott. if it passes, it will be presented to the nfl in january. not raining yet, but you'll need your waterproof boots along coastal areas because of the king tides, bringing sea levels higher by more than a foot during high tide. it means flooding in low lying areas in the north bay, but also occasional flooding like this along san francisco's embarcadero. today's high tide is expected to exceed seven feet. that's coming up in just a couple hours this morning.
6:59 am
kari hall has her hands full this week. we have the high tides, the rain and even snow a little bit in the sierra. >> up to two feet in the higher elevations. that's something we'll be watching. moisture over to the sierra as well creating dangerous travel. we'll have the worst of our commute on thursday morning. heavy rain moving in, strong winds. that may down trees and cause power issues. thank you very much, kari. mike is tracking a crash in san francisco. >> over all the traffic is lighter as tuesday all december. look at this map. typical pattern, but this crash causing closing into san francisco. north 101, the fast lane is blocked. distraction for the southbound side of 101. zooming out, the approach towards the bay bridge, no drama. the metering lights are on. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll continue to follow the breaking news both in castro valley and east san jose where the man is still bair caded with
7:00 am
his 6-year-old daughter. we'll bripg you details as we get them. >> updates coming up at every half hour from this point forward. we'll see you for nbc bad area news at 11:00. have a great day. good morning. break news. it's rex. just moments ago the president-elect nominating rex tillerson for secretary of state. the exson mobile ceo with no government or diplomat experience and controversial ties to russia set to face a tough confirmation. poll lar plunge. brutal temperatures taking hold in the midwest. and by the time it's over, three quarters of the country could be blanketed by the deep freeze. air scare. a flight from texas to germany forced to make an emergency


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