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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 14, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> donald trump rallies the faithful while picking his sea, ahead of arump showdown at trump tower. the fed is poised to raise interest rates today. talking car technology may soon be available to help avoid 600,000 auto accidents a year. president obama takes a major leap forward in its cancer moon shot program. reaction to the sudden death of alan thicke. "the voice" gets a new champ. "early today" starts right now. good to be with you. i'm frances rivera. this morning, president-elect trump is asking voters for a
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support his pick for secretary of state. he picked rex tillerson, trump took a victory lap and made his argument before a packed wisconsin crowd. >> rex is one of the greatest and most skilled global business leaders of our time, made some of the greatest deals. you know, rex is friendly with many of the leaders in the world, that we don't get along with and some people don't like that. they don't want them to be friendly. that's why they do the deal with rex, because i like what this is all about. >> he also hailed tillerson as the anecdote to the problems plaguing washington. >> rex will be a fierce advocate for americans around the world and has the insights and talents necessary to help reverse years of foreign policy blunders and disasters. >> but this sets up what could be a bruising fight after they
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say skepticism regarding tillerson's ties with russia. here the head of the senate foreign relations committee. >> i would say most committee members will want to understand, who is the relationship to russia, how do you see the u.s. role in the world. and so i'm sure there will be tough questioning. i would imagine someone of his stature would be able handle those. >> tillerson is the latest name to be added to trump's growing cabinet lest. sources tell us former navy s.e.a.l. ryan zinke has been tapped to lead the interior. app official announcement on the choice has yet to be made. meanwhile, rick perry has been officially chosen to lead the department of energy. the cabinet pick comes on a day when the president-elect holds a meeting with none other than hip-hop star kanye west. we will hear with west uncharacteristically tight
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lipped. >> mr. trump, what did you guys discuss in the meeting today? >> just friends. just friends. he's a goodman. >> no comment about your meeting with the president-elect. does the president of the united states have nothing to say? >> i just want to take a picture right now. >> we got more details, via west' twitter feed, west posted, i wanted to meet with trump to discuss multi-cultural issue, these issues included bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing criticisms and i feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our president if we truly want change. trump took time to meet with nfl found jim bound and ray lewis. they point the meeting with west as a clear distraction. the group vote vets quickly fired off this statement, saying, quote, donald trump
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believes it is more important to meet with kanye west than receive security briefings. ♪ show me that smile again >> the theme song we've all heard from the '80s hit sitcom "growing pains" and this morning the sad news of the unexpected loss of one of america's favorite tv dads from that show, alan thicke. a family publicist tells nbc news thickedied suddenly from a heart attack. born in ontario, canada, he was well known for his tv roles. he recently appeared in "fuller house" and he made a cameo appearance in "this is us." can das cameron said i've known you since i was 8 years old. my heart hurts. bob sagat tweeting, so sad. he will be deeply missed. alan thicke is surprised by his
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wife and three sons. he instagramed he was the best man i ever knew, the best friend i ever had. let's all rejoice and celebrate the joy he brought to every room he was in. alan thicke was 69 years old. breaking news this morning. the bloody four year siege of aleppo. in the past four hours a fragile cease-fire has been shattered by artillery fire. they have resumed bombing. the russians claim that the rebel militants used the cease-fire to regroup and attack the vehicles that have been provided for their evacuation. nbc's matt bradley has the very latest for us. matt? >> reporter: well, frances, the battle for aleppo is nearly over, but the fate of tens of thousands of civilians still hangs in the balance in syria's largest city. negotiations aimed at evacuating 50,000 have stumbled since yesterday. a supposed cease-fire has been
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broken as you just mentioned. now just this morning the associated press reported that syrian government buses that had been meant to evacuate families have left empty and returned to their depots so what's the holdup? well, a treaty negotiated between russia and turkey last night essentially ended this morning as syrian renewed their attacks on aleppo. then iranian diplomats insisted on remaining under siege. it seems that this scheduled evacuation will have to wait until tomorrow. the war in syria still rages. indeed, for many in the international community, aleppo will stand as a rallying cry against syrian government abuses. western diplomats warned there will be a reckoning for the many crimes committed against civilians. >> tough to watch with those families and children there in that plight. nbc's matt bradley. matt, thank you. a moment of unity on capitol hill as president obama signed into law what is likely his
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final bill. >> there we go. >> all right. [ applause ] >> the 21st century cures will provide $6.3 billion for cancer treatment, opioid treatment. >> the 21st century cures act is going to harness america's best minds, science, medicine and technology to tackle some of our biggest and most complex health challenges a day. >> i believe that the united states of america should be the country that ends cancer once and for all. we're already closer than a lot of folks think and this bill will bring us even closer. >> nearly $2 billion of the funds will go towards vice president joe biden's cancer moon shot project. the cancer initiative was renamed in honor of his son bo who died of brain cancer in 2015. it is the largest kitchen appliance recall in history. it could impact you and your loved ones. cuisinart saying it could pose a
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hazard to consumers. there are 69 reports of metal pieces from the processor's blades breaking off into food. 30 cases of mouth lacerations. it includes 22 models. cuisinart is offering replacement blades. they're also asking for patience with no guarantee the replacements will arrive in time for the holidays. well, today is the day. the much talked about siberian express will make its way into the united states with minus 20 degree wind chills likely minnesota and wisconsin, but, that's not all. we can also expect the pineapple express and some drenching rain in northern california. here's meteorologist bill karins with the details. polar vortex. >> good names. pineapple express. >> new nicknames. 32 million people under the wind chill advisories. we are right now at negative 37 in north dakota. that's the beginning of the
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really true siberian arctic air heading down from canada. here's the pineapple express. you can see the moisture from the left bottom of the screen all the way from northern california and southern oregon. snow in the mountain west. it will continue and shift a little further to the south. went north and now it's going to drift to the south. we'll pick up pretty significant rain. this is in addition through friday. 6.2 million people are under the flash flood watch. northern california and southwest locally up to ten inches. after this we're going to watch this storm going across the country coast to coast as a snowstorm. that wilbe prettyl it looks lik make it up to portland and astoria. that's about it. getting into the northwest. we'll show you the snowfall map
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coming up, frances. this will be the first coast to coast snowfall of the season. bill, thank you very much. just ahead, fireworks between arguing attorneys in the bill cosby courtroom, plus the young afghan boy who gets the meeting of a lifetime. introducing, new olay eyes. eyes shouldn't show your age, they should express how you feel. new olay eyes collection treats every eye concern. lift depuff brighten smooth or ultimaltely all of it.
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his hero and the rest of the barcelona team. he joined the team captain out on the pitch. got in on one of the photos there. you can see, he didn't want to leave. he almost had to be dragged away so the match could start he wanted to be there so much. next, controversial legislation in ohio where governor john kasich signed a bill that bans abortions after 20 weeks, earlier in the day, kasich, a republican, who opposes abortion rights vetoed a different abortion restricting bill. it would have banned a procedure after a fetal heart beat is first detected. this moment can occur as early as six weeks into a pregnancy before many women realize they are pregnant. critics fear this heartbeat bill would have led to costly litigation and kasich feared it would be found unconstitutional. it was a dramatic day in the sexual assault case of bill cosby.
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the day was full of outbursts including from cosby himself, w blurted out the location of a hotel in response to one of the judge's questions. they walked over to a projector screen and loudly accused of trying to broadcast the names and victims. things got so intense at one point the judge warned the attorneys, quote, you don't want to get involved with the sheriff's office if you can't control yourselves. cosby has pleaded not guilty in the case and has denied all allegations of sexual assault. we now await the judge's decision on whether the 13 accusers can testify. in boulder, colorado, police hope new dna testing technology will help them in the decades old case involving the death of jonbenet ramsey. the move stems from a joint investigation by two colorado news organizations including nbc affiliate kusa that uncovered apparent flaws in the interpretation of dna testing on the toddler's pajamas. the boulder county d.a. and
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police chief revealed they'd like to use new dna tests that would give them greater access to a dna base that includes genetic profiles of 15 million people. she was found dead on december 26th, 1996. just ahead, in the biggest season yet, a new winner of the voice has been crowned. plus, the biggest tech titans on the planet are meeting today with president-elect donald trump and one of them is promising 25,000 new jobs. water. down came the rain and clogged the gutter system creating water. a leak in the roof. luckily the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement and now owns the sleep number bed. his sleep number setting is 25. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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the winner of "the voice" is...sundance head! the 11th season of "the voice" crowned sundance head and his beard. it gives team shelton a win over miley cyrus, alesha keys and adam will he vin. more than 20 country music singers donated their time last night for dolly parton's telethon in nashville. they helped the victims of tennessee wildfires that caused more than $500 million in damage. claimed more than 14 lives. now, it is official, according to hollywood reporter, margot robbie will return after she inked the deal in "gotham
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city sirens." the stock market continues to so i remember. now it is closer to dow 20,000 with all the major indices continued in record territory. fed chief janet yellin is expected to announce the first rise in interest rates of the year. cnbc's landon daud did i is watching your money. will we hit the magic number today? >> reporter: a lot on top. the dow is less than 90 points away from hitting a new milestone, 20,000 after a triple digit rally yesterday. the dow has surged 9% since election day, from about 18,300. it will look to eclipse 20k today as the federal reserve is widely expected to announce it is raising interest rates for the first time this year and signal whether the economy has improved since the election. meanwhile president-elect trump will meet with top tech executives in new york today. the list includes apple ceo tim cook, alphabet's larry paige and
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cheryl sanberg. they're expected to discuss jobs. ahead of it will in "usa today" pledged big blue will hire 25,000 u.s. workers in the next four years. apple's ear pods are timely on sale after a two-month delay. that's because apple was having trouble getting the wireless ear buds to work. airpods cost $159. don't expect to get them before christmas. shipping time has slipped to four weeks. you'll have to mark that off your list. >> have a late present when it comes to that one. landon, thank you. just ahead, rocky mountain high taking on a whole new meaning. plus, cars talking to cars? new technology that could help prevent over half million crashes a year. , no, no, be right home. ♪ (squirrel screeching, birds chirping) (squirrel chittering) hey! hey! (tires screeching)
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after washing apply and rinse 24 hours of moisture with no sticky feel. then get dressed and go. delight your senses with in-shower cocoa butter. available in the body lotion aisle. trending this morning, new details about a plan that can dramatically change the way we drive. cutting edge technology that makes it possible for cars to talk to each other and avoid crash's. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: it happens every 15 minutes, someone dies in a traffic accident. but traffic safety regulators say vehicle-to-vehicle or v-to-v technology could prevent up to 600,000 crashes. here's how it works. using wifi connections, your car would be in connection with a car in a 300 yard radius, sharing information about upcoming cross traffic that isn't stopping. warning the cars ahead have hit
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their brakes or of an approaching ambulance, of an accident ahead or slow-moving traffic. you, the driver, would then get visual or audible alerts. your automatic braking might kick in. might transmit slippery or icy road warning. if it all sounds like science fiction, audi is already rolling out technology that tells drivers how soon upcoming traffic lights are about to change. the key is to coordinate all of the technology so different car makes and models are talking to each other on the same frequency. the obama administration wants to require new cars to come with v-to-v in just a few years, but will the trump administration go along? today the automotive industry will only say it's studying the proposal to see how it complements other advanced safety systems that are starting to be included. some day your car's wi-fi chat with other cars could keep you alive. the fiery tissue left her nose sore and red.
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the storm that's now over northern california and southern oregon is going to move across the country. this is a storm path over the next five days, and the snowfall this is going to produce will be very impressive over idaho, oregon, and then tomorrow through the inner mountain west. frances, this goes all the way into the northeast by the weekend. >> we'll be ready, bill. thank you very much. we're told what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. kelly clarkson sings about it. the researchers say it is where you live that ultimately calls the shots. the findings published in the journal of american medical association say that if you live in west virginia or kentucky you're most likely to die from heart disease, cancer or a drug overdose. residents of arkansas, louisiana, mississippi have the worst record for diabetes.
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if you want to escape some of the major killers researchers say it is best to head to the rocky mountain states. here's a shocking football scandal from north carolina. wake forest is announcing that a radio announcer had been supplying game prep information to opponents since 2014. the announcer, tommy elrod, had actually played for the wake forest football team when he was in college. the university fired elrod and has banned him from the entire athletics program and its facilities. it's not every day you get pulled over for your digits. one new jersey officer has lost his job for that. he repeatedly stopped women to ask women out on dates. a number of women between 25 and 30 years old raised it saying the 37-year-old asked for their numbers and not their license or registration. american teens are now the best behaved than they've ever been, at least when it comes to vices. may sound too good to be true, but according to an annual
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report teens are drinking and smoking less and also doing fewer drugs than they had in the last 40 years. experts believe a decline in smoking may be largely responsible for the overall drop in drug use. meanwhile, a record high in colorado after the state brought in $1 billion in legal regulated marijuana sales. in the first month of -- the first ten months of the year it's possible 2016 pot tax totals will surpass taxes from 2014 and 2015 combined. last year we met a girl on a mission giving 500 under privileged kids a gift to open at the holidays. this year she raised the stakes even higher. 11-year-old faith russell suffers from spina bifida. that doesn't stop her from running 5ks every month for operation child. they fill shoe boxes with supplies and toys for kids in need. this year she is sending out 2001 shoe boxes. we should all learn something from her. thank you for being with us on this wednesday.
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i'm frances rivera. have a great one. i'll see you back re tomorrow. filling out his he
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cabinet..."trump's pick" for energy secretary is in. why he selected rick perry....the man who once said he wanted filling up his cabinet. trump's picks for secretary is in. why he selected the man rick perry, the man who once said he wanted to eliminate it. revving up to keep the raiders in town. they come through with a key vote, but will the last-minute proposal be too little too late? plus we're tracking a storm moving into the area as we see a spot there including the golden gate bridge. tomorrow's going to be a very different story. "today in the bay" starts right now. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brown. >> and i'm


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