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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 14, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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you can see the storm churning .ff the coast on our radar... as right now at 11:00, you can see the storm churning off the coast on our radar there, as we take a live look at the golden gate bridge and the cloudy background. the significant winter storm taking aim for the bay area. we're expecting heavy rains and flooding. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez. turning to our network of traffic cameras for a peek outside. san francisco, san jose, the bay bridge and palo alto. what you can see of it. the clouds are moving in. and it's just going to continue. >> some heavy cloud cover. team coverage spear-headed by meteorologist kari hall. what's the time line for the rain? >> it looks like most of the heavy rain doesn't arrive until tomorrow morning, into the afternoon. we are still tracking that rain
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and spotty light showers for the bay area. but you can see the bulk of that heavy rain is well to the north of us. so at times we've seen some sprinkles today, just the reminder that we are tracking that wet weather and we are going to see it moving in during the next 24 to 36 hours. we have a flood watch in effect for the santa cruz mountains. we have potential of debris flos and flooding as we see the heavy rain moving in especially in the burn scar areas. that a possibility. also, a high wind watch in effect for the coastline and also for the higher terrain. these areas shaded in orange, that will be in effect for tomorrow, the winds picking up from the southwest. at times some gusts up to 50 miles an hour. so i will detail all of this and take a closer look at the time line and how much rain coming up. >> thank you very much, kari. even before the rains roll in, parts of the north bay were under water because of king
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tides. pete suratos is live with the story. that's a lot of water there behind you. >> reporter: yes. a lot of water. good morning, kris. we are here on shoreline highway in mill valley. as you can see, the king tides were expected to roll in i would say about 10:53 to 11:07. it's affecting this area on shoreline highway. this area is starting to experience big-time flooding. you can see in the distance caltrans. i talked to them off camera. they mentioned, once you start to see the flooding picking up as we are seeing, they'll start to close off this area. it's important to be careful when you are driving on the road as the water creeps up above our feet. i want to go to chp where they're explaining to folks the importance of driving safely in the weather. >> our message to people is, if the roadway is wet, please slow
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down and give yourself the extra time. give yourself space when you're driving and be very cautious when you're driving. >> reporter: back live out here on shoreline highway. as caltrans lays down the cones. it looks like they'll start to shut off this area due to the king tide issue. right now we're not seeing rain, obviously, but as the king tides roll in, you're starting to see the flooding shut down this area. those crews will keep an eye on it throughout the afternoon, but it's important to be careful driving on these roads. live in mill valley. nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. the king tides also wreaking havoc on the coastline. crews are making some repairs to a sinkhole that opened up in pacifica. it damaged a cliff-side trail and is blocking access to a public beach there. we're learning it's going to take a few weeks to finish the work. the sinkhole is near the site of an apartment complex on esplanade avenue that was demolished in march because of
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cliff-side erosion. the best tool to track the weather is our nbc bay area app app. download it and correct directly to the live doppler radar. it's free. no damages or injuries reported after a stronger than normal earthquake shock up the north bay. 8:40 this morning, a 5.0 quake hit near the geysers. no reports of damage. a tsunami watch was immediately dismissed. a house fire is now a crime scene. the fire broke out early in the morning at a home on grove way and investigators say this is a case of murder. nbc bay area's bob redell is live in hayward. you can see the map where he is now. bob, neighbors seem pretty shocked about all of this. >> reporter: kris, so is law enforcement, who you can see are still out here collecting
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evidence up the street here on grove way from the woman's burned-out home. i spoke this morning with an alameda county sheriff's sergeant who has worked many homicides. this one boggles him as to why someone murdered this 59-year-old woman to lived here in castro valley and was loved tremendously by her family and neighbors. recently widowed. had been grieving the death of her husband from this past april. the sergeant told me as far as leads, too many unknowns. i wish i could put the community at ease. they don't know if she was targeted or if this was a random crime. someone set her house on fire. the firefighters discovered her body inside the garage of the home after the fire was put out. they believe she had been killed before the fire. the sergeant tells us the murder was particularly violent. the thought is the suspect started the fire in an attempt to conceal the crime. investigators are looking into whether this might have been a
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berg burglary or whether she was targeted for her vulnerability. the family is shocked and devastated. they've interviewed neighbors to see if they noticed anything unusual. >> i can't imagine for the life of me, which is what makes it more shocking for us, because she was -- they were a very nice couple. and it just doesn't make any sense. it really doesn't make any sense. i have never seen anything that is suspicious or whatever, you know, in a manner of, what is that? nothing. what i consider really good neighbors, friendly people, kept to themselves. >> reporter: the sheriff's office has collected surveillance video from several sources that they tell us is proving helpful, including one neighbor's camera who had it pointed towards the street in front of the woman's home. the camera records 24 hours a day they tell me. detectives are particularly
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interested in any recordings between 10:00 monday night and 3:00 yesterday morning. reporting live in castro valley, bob redell, nbc bay area news. a registered sex offender is back in custody. police say the 61-year-old, matt montana from san jose, a former tennis instructor allegedly engaged in sexual misconduct with an underaged girl. the victim contacted police and officers located another victim. police say montana had been giving private tennis lessons. they're asking for other victims to come forward. he has been a registered sex offender since 1996. a kidnapping and car jacking suspect is in custody after police say he stole a car that was idling in front of a san francisco atm with people inside the car. this happened a little before midnight in the sunset district of san francisco. the thief got into a woman's car as she stood nearby at an atm and drove away as her friends
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were screaming from inside the car. the woman called 911 and police tracked down the car and were able to make an arrest. the two women inside the car were not hurt. investigators are looking for a cause after several warehouses caught fire in santa rosa. you can see the fire crews pulling apart the buildings just to get to the flames inside. the fire started just after 2:00 this morning on wilson street near 8th. no injuries have been reported. happening right now, apple tim cook, tesla's elon musk and facebook's sheryl sandberg are meeting with president-elect donald trump at trump tower in new york city. the silicon valley leaders meeting with trump also includes alphabet's ceo larry page. am jobs and the economy among the topics being discussed. we're told the tech leaders will bring a lot of ideas to the
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table. >> no question we need to create more jobs here and in middle america. there are a number of ideas that many of these leaders have, going from investment in education to the type of tax reform we need to make sure that jobs are coming back to the united states. >> khan says the tech leaders are concerned about trump's anti-immigrant registry and his pledge to start a registry of muslim-americans. he expects that to come up during their meeting with the president-elect today. following a developing story right now, the dow jones is nearing a record high. it is also flirting with the 20,000-point benchmark as you see for the day it's up 24, 25 points at 19,936. wif we have also learned that the fed has gone ahead and will raise interest rates by .25%. it will go from .5% to .75%. nfl owners have a lot to
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discuss today in dallas. they'll consider two stadium plans for the oakland raiders. a live look at the coliseum, which is one plan, alameda and oakland leaders yesterday approved an 11th hour deal to come up with a plan to build a raiders stadium in oakland. today's owners' meeting in texas is meant to serve as an update of sorts on the stadium situations for the raiders and also the san diego chargers. nfl owners may vote on the las vegas plan as early as next month. to a story that's touched the hearts of many people here in the bay area and around the country. this is the first photo of formerly conjoined twins after they were separated in a marathon 17-hour-long surgery performed at stanford's lucille packard hospital last week. the picture, taken on monday, was the first time the 2-year-old sisters were that close to each other after being separated. the intensive care team and their parents carefully placed
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them side by side so they could say hello. >> they're from sacramento. they were joined from the chest downward and shared a liver and a bladder and a leg. the doctors say they're now breathing on their own and getting better every day, though how nice that they're close together once again. >> they are. just in time for the holidays too. neat story there. up next at 11:00, amazon making its first drone delivery. the time it takes from you clicking your mouse on order to when the package is delivered. uber's ceo says the future is now. the big moves the ride-sharing company is taking in san francisco today. what does a giant panda, a pair of sneakers and a giant warehouse full of volunteers and toys have in common? it's the family giving tree. more details coming up in a bit.
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ready to highlight the the month of december always brings out teams of volunteers ready to highlight the season of giving. and the family giving tree warehouse in sunnyvale is loaded with gifts ready to be wrapped and delivered to folks in need. >> such a great story! nbc bay area is at the giving warehouse in sunnyvale with a few of the volunteers to show us what's going on inside. >> reporter: this is the 27th year for the family giving tree. i am inside one of three warehouses full of toys. i'll give you a little tour. there are all kinds of neat stuff. we have play-doh, diapers, car toys, all kinds of goodies. the volunteers were lovely enough to wake up early for us. they're here sorting the toys. i'm going to give you a rundown of what the family giving tree is. larry is working hard. thank you for waking up with us. give us a rundown about the family giving tree and why it's
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so important. how many kids does it help? >> thanks for coming. we've been doing this for 27 years. it's important because there is a lot of need in the bay area. one out of four kids lifl below the poverty level and this year we'll get about 75,000 wishes fulfilled. >> reporter: wow! speaking of wishes, one thing that's different about this toy drive is that all of these toys have specific owners, meaning a lot of the toys have name tags. for example, let's look at this batman. these kids go out and request a wish. this is personalized to jamon. he is 9 and he requested this toy. a lot of kids will get their wishes granted. this is really nice. this is one of the volunteers. good morning! one thing i notice is that a lot of these have toothbrushes on them. >> we ask every donation to include a tooth brush to encourage good oral hygiene. >> reporter: that's awesome. if you haven't made a donation, we'll have a link on where you can find that on our website,
11:16 am and you'll find the giving trees throughout the bay area at different locations. i'll send thing back to you. >> thank you very much. still no answers after authorities search the south bay home with suspicious chemicals inside of it. yesterday neighbors were evacuated as the s.w.a.t. team and bomb squad searched the home on view drive in milpitas. authorities detained and questioned briefly one person who lives there. investigators and crews return today as they continue the process of removing the chemicals from the home. some neighbors say they often smelled sulfur and smoke coming from the garage. we spoke with a man whose mother lives nearby. >> shocking to me. i come here like once or twice a week. to find out, like, to be shut down. >> so far, milpitas police say the chemicals are not illegal and they don't believe that there is a threat to public safety or any link to terrorism. happening today, the man accused of critically injuring a peninsula police officer on thanksgiving is scheduled to
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appear in court. luis alberto ca rerras is expected to enter a plea and a date will be set for his preliminary hearing. he's accused of attacking an officer with a skateboard. the officer suffered major head injuries. big news from uber. in an exclusive announcement on nbc, uber announced that the self-driving cars are now about to debut. they are debuting in san francisco. if you use uber x services you could get picked up in an uber autonomous vehicle. a luxury volvo suv. there it is. the company has been testing the cars out in point guard. f -- pittsburgh. and they've also been testing them on san francisco in the last few months. the company ceo saying goes driverless will make the city safer. >> 1.3 million people die on the roads from human error every year, worldwide.
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so the opportunity for getting it right is to have a dramatic reduction in the number of people injured and killed on the road. >> that's certainly the safety component. ask if self-driving cars will cost human jobs, the ceo says that, with a billion rides and counting this year, he doesn't see the demand for drivers shrinking anytime soon. and he says this will be a new set of workers needed to maintain uber's growing fleet of self-driving cars. if you feel nervous about getting in an autonomous car, there will be an uber employee in the car with you. amazon has made its first-ever prime drone delivery in the uk. the service promises to get packages up to five pounds to customers within 30 minutes using the drones. the first delivery was made to a sxher w customer who ordered a fire tv and popcorn.
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it took 13 minutes. ordered a movie and popcorn. it took 13 minutes from click to delivery. they have plans to expand to hundreds more customers. >> definitely be able to get an umbrella soon. spacex is pushing back plans for its first manned space flight. the launch, originally scheduled for next april, is now delayed until at least 2018. spacex says it is making sure it doesn't have a repeat of what happened at cape canaveral when an unmanned falcon 9 rocket exploded during testing. a special flight arrives in san francisco to commemorate two major airlines joining into one. seattle-based alaska airlines is buying san francisco based virgin america to make alaska air the fifth largest u.s. airlines. the flight will be landing at sfo this morning and will be followed by a ceremony in this
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11:00 hour. all right. the friendly skies there may be a little less friendly in about 24 hours, or less, as we are seeing the storm system off the coast moving right on through. >> yes. it will move from north to south, taking its time doing so. we'll have a prolonged period of heavy rain falling across the bay area. here is a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. a few seconds ago i saw one of our live trucks drive through there. there are still some wet spots. we had some rain earlier today. we're getting a chance to dry out. the temperatures are mild, in the upper 50s. light rain in healdsburg. in lake berryessa, a beautiful view with light rain there. daily city, cloudy skies. in sunol, only a few breaks in the clouds, not much sun.
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and that will be the case throughout the day as the moisture continues to stream in. you see the heavier rain, once again well to the north of here. it's moving through eureka and redding and will make its track farther south as we go into tonight. we may not see some of the heavy rain until tomorrow afternoon for parts of the south bay. temperature-wise, we have low 60s. oakland 61. 61 in napa. livermore, san jose 60 and 55 now in concord. going hour by hour, it still shows that we'll see the steady stream of moisture with some sprinkles across san francisco, extending up to napa and then santa rosa, with some more rain starting to move in early tomorrow morning. as you get out, we could already have wet streets. but starting out with light showers as the moisture pulls northward into the storm system. then we see the main squall line moving from north to south by tomorrow afternoon. and some very intense cells here. as we take a look at what the
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compute models are plotting. it moves into the south bay. by the evening commute it looks very wet. we could have some standing water on the roadway ands so so ponding too. we'll see this clearing out by early friday morning. the wind forecast. look at santa rosa by lunchtime tomorrow, sustained winds close to 50 miles an hour. and it will continue to pick up as we go into the south bay, as well as the east bay. san francisco, wind speeds, 30 to 40 miles an hour. and still quite gusty, even as the storm system leaves on friday morning. rainfall totals, looks to be overen over an inch for most of us. 2 to 3 inches of rain. a beautiful view now from heavenly. this is one of the live cameras. getting ready for quite a bit of snow. up to 20 inches in twin bridges. south lake tahoe up to 15 inches of snow. it will be much cooler this weekend in san francisco.
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morning temperatures in the upper 30s. we could be talking about frost and freezing temperatures for the inland areas, but hey, at least it clears out for the weekend. scott and kris. >> coming up next, college students in san francisco getting an early christmas gift, but for how long? plus -- >> the new discovery at the south bay's largest resser voyeur and the impact it could have on its ability to collect precious rainwater. first, happening now, our news room has been busy putting together a coverage plan for the incoming storm so that we can get you ready. track the wet weather with your smartphone by downloading the nbc bay area app. you can also send us pictures too. google has come out with its top searches of 2016. would you believe it wasn't politics nor the olympics. it was powerball. you can read what makes the rest of the list on our twitter page. we're back in ten minutes. we are following breaking news.
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vta and sheriff officers are looking for this man. we are following breaking news right now. the vta and sheriff's officers are looking for this man. santa clara county sheriff's officers looking for this man. his name is jonathan keim. he threatened to suicide bomb the transit system. operators right now are also on the lookout. they are stopping trains and buses to search for him.
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so there are going to be fallout as far as transportation moving normally right now. obviously, the public safety thread as well. t they're looking for this man, jonathan keim, who called in threatening to detonate a suicide bomb on a vta vehicle. >> if you spot him call 911. if you want to see his picture or forward it to friends and family who ride vta, you can do it via our social media platforms. facebook and twitter and such. we have seen more than our share of rain in the past few months, which is good news for drought drained reservoirs. no matter how much rain falls, one of santa clara valley's largest reservoirs can't fill to the brim. >> marianne favro shows us why new quake safety concerns could limit collection. >> reporter: new testing reveals
11:28 am
that there are trace faults underneath this dam. when tests show anderson dam in morgan hill built in 1950 may not hold up during a major quake. the water district reduced the amount it holds to just 66% of capacity. a dam repair project was set to begin in 2018 until a new discovery, trace faults. >> their location is right at the dam. it could cause problems with the dam. they could cause ruptures that could allow water to seep through the dam after on earthquake. >> reporter: that means crews have to do a more extensive project, doubling costs to $400 million and delaying the saturday the start of the project two years. >> we just have to cross our fingers we don't have a quake before then. no one can determine the hour or the day when it will happen, so we just hope that this delay won't end up in the tragedy occurring before they can fix it. >> reporter: with the modified
11:29 am
project not starting until 2020, some are concerned precious rain water will be wasted because the reservoir will not be operating at its full potential for four more years. in morgan hill, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. coming up next, we are tracking the next round of storms that's looming over the bay area. the millennium tower is not the only thing sinking in san francisco. we investigate why streets and sidewalks are buckling and cracking.
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we continue to follow breaking news this morning. the vta and santa clara county sheriff's deputies are looking for this man. authorities say that he threatened to suicide bomb the transit system. so they are stopping all trains and all buses right now, searching for him at this hour. >> it's a critical search for
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him right now. if you see him, call 911. in the meantime, if you have friends or family who depend on vta, what does it mean for them, mike? >> we thought maybe the buses would be able to handle the rail system, but both systems are affected. any of the transportation provided by the valley transit authority is currently stopped from what we understand until they can have the searches done. i was texting back and forth on twitter with a few folks. they were all worried about their bus being affected. for the most part, the first two i've been able to contact, one was in the wrong bus. apparently that was a misdirection on his part. another one had a mechanical issue. those are both not related to the security issue. we're waiting to get more information from the folks actually on the trains. vta is not the way to get through the area right now. we have uber and lyft and other friends through the area. all we know right now for sure, the vta transportation, the buses and the rail system, are being stopped and searched. >> because it's not clear which, the bus or the train, he is
11:33 am
threatening specifically? >> exactly. we have the picture out here. the more we share that, hopefully the more eyes we have out there and the more information we'll get. >> if you see him, call 911. mike, you know any little thing has a ripple effect. even if this is resolved in a couple of minutes it will be a longer lasting impact. >> we're approaching the noontime when people get out for midday lunches. let your friends know this will be a problem for vta riders. >> if you want to see the picture again, go to our social media platforms. we're posting it on as well. thank you, mike. we know you'll continue to track that. our news desk is also tracking that. we are also tracking a winter storm that's headed to the bay area that could bring heavy rains and flooding to several parts of the bay area. as we look live at san francisco. this is no filter. it is that gray outside. turning to meteorologist kari hall. good morning. >> good morning. you can see the big billowy
11:34 am
clouds holding a lot of moisture. so far we haven't seen much in the way of rain but the system is still well to the north. looking right now at san jose, we are still seeing the clouds, a little bit of light drain, mist and drizzle. we're keeping a close eye on the coastline. as we are getting through the king tide today, we'll slowly see the tides receding. but also quite a bit of water piling up along the coastline in pacifica too. this is what we are expecting for the king tides. we are now past the high tide and will once again slowly see it receding. there will be a big fluctuation even high and low tide later this evening and then we'll see the tides coming back up tomorrow shortly before noon at 6.86 feet at golden gate. the bays and the bridges around those areas will be seeing some of the flooding in some of the usual spots. we're also tracking some heavy rain farther to the north. now, so far we haven't seen that moving in here. we have just seen some spotty light rain, but we'll start to
11:35 am
see the bigger impacts from the storm moving in by late tomorrow morning into the afternoon. in the meantime, getting ready, as we will have also some strong winds and some rain. we have that in the forecast within the next 36 hours. i'll detail that coming up in the microclimate forecast. that is a look at the time line. thank you very much, kari. don't be caught in the rain unprepared. our nbc bay area app will alert you when rain is heading to your neighborhood. you can also watch our live doppler radar with a simple swipe. now to your continuing coverage of the deadly oakland warehouse fire. this is now confirmation on a problem we reported last week that ghost ship was never inspected. the warehouse there. oakland's fire chief says that, because firefighters are not required to inspect buildings that are believed to be vacant, there was no trigger for any of the city's eight inspectors to go to that warehouse and see all of the potential fire hazards there. however, neighbors tell us that the police and fire department
11:36 am
were well aware that there were people living there illegally. also, the atf says it's still looking for the sxaexact cause the deadly fire. the fox theater in oakland is opening its doors again to raise money for the victims of the ghost ship fire. the benefit starts at 7:00 tonight and will be full of music and stories. some performers include dan deacon, rogue wave and jographer. tickets are $35 and $50. 100% of the tickets proceeds goes to the gray area fire relief fund. more than $500,000 has been raised so far. a controversial memorial has been approved in san francisco. here is the reaction. >> this item passes on the first reading. >> by a vote of 9-1 the board of supervisors approved placing a memorial for alex nieto. that's where police shot and killed him in 2014 after he pointed what looked like a gun at police officers.
11:37 am
it turned out to be a stun gun shaped like a pistol. a federal jury found that the officers were not guilty of using excessive force. supporters say the memorial will be a place of healing for them. others feel that this is an insult to law enforcement. >> we don't recognize the police officers that have been killed or injured in the line of duty protecting us as residents. >> but this acknowledges that something happened. going forward, the community right now can just begin to start healing. >> the san francisco police officers association issued a statement about the vote last night, saying it believes the city should honor, quote, real heroes. coming up, an annual tradition, people giving to others during the holidays. we'll take you out to the glide holiday grocery. thousands of dollars for new windows that leak. i am consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next.
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. we are following breaking news.
11:40 am
officials say they have just caught this man -- jonathan keim . we are following breaking news right now. all of which has really developed in the last ten or 15 minutes. officials say that they just caught this man, jonathan keim, 42-year-old jonathan keim. he called into the vta and threatened to suicide bomb the transit system. as a result, the vta was stopping and searching every bus and every train trying to find
11:41 am
him. as a result, it may have grounded public transit to a halt temporarily, but we've just learned trains are now back up and running and moving. but there could be some delays as a result. >> those buses are going too. so nbc bay area responds to a san jose man who had a several-thousand-dollar problem with his home windows. >> consumer investigator chris chmura joins us now with the story. chris. >> danny dwang wrapped up a home renovation this past summer. which included new windows. danny sent us pictures when he noticed his new double-pain windows were leaking. water was getting inside when he cleaned them from outside with a hose. he contacted the contractor who insisted they were installed correctly. the window manufacturer, pella, also said there wasn't a problem. danny was frustrated and certain his windows should not be leaking. he contacted us and we reached
11:42 am
out to pella. the company refunded danny $5100, what he paid for the windows, plus the labor to install them. danny tells us he'll use the money to replace the windows. pella in a statement said we apologize and care about our customers and products and services we deliver. if you have a complaint call us at 1-888-996-tips or visit us online at tomorrow, analyzing some of the trends we are seeing when viewers like you call our investigative center. i'll see you then. >> thank you, chris. this holiday season families sometimes struggle to put a meal on the table. the glide church today continued its tradition of making sure everyone has something to eat. >> nbc bay area's pete suratos was in san francisco this morning for the grocery giveaway. he shows us this story. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we are near taylor and jones in front of glide for the annual grocery bag giveaway. thousands of folks will get free meals to take home and cook just
11:43 am
in time for the holiday season. this guy happy about that. the long lines. you see the long lines. they'll get the grocery bags down this way. you have a green bag and a red bag. there is a difference there. hello. the co-founder of glide. can you talk a little bit about what folks will be getting here. >> yes. in the red bag, this bag is for people who have kitchens. and this bag is for people who live in sros, or are living in a hotel and they don't have kitchens. so this bag has a chicken and a full meal. >> reporter: they can cook. people who have refrigerators. >> they can put the -- yum! we also have culturally specific and culturally sensitive foods. like rice for a lot of the asian people we are serving.
11:44 am
soy sauce, hot sauce. >> reporter: a little bit of everything. >> peanut butter, bread and all of that. >> reporter: i just want to talk to you about -- you see the crowds here. there are thousands of people. what is it like for glide to see this every year? to see folks getting the grocery bags and what a different it will make this holiday season? >> it means everything to us. we get more from this than we're giving because it's so -- it's an expression of love. and it's like an expression of caring for people. and especially during these times. >> reporter: sure. >> and it's always like this, every year. people are in need. and it speaks to the needs. so what does it say about what's happening in our city too? you know, we want to build bridges with people. we want people to see -- come on! people are in need here. we want to be able to fulfill that need. >> reporter: thank you so much, janice. doing great work. you have the big thanksgiving meal as well. >> yes. >> reporter: you can see, guys,
11:45 am
it is the season of giving. you see folks here taking part in this event. some good work being done. as usual, by glide. in san francisco, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> pete, thank you. it is a season of giving. on that note, also happening today, san francisco's lefty o'dool's restaurant kicks off its 16th annual christmas eve toy drive. santa will drop by and bring toys for the entire school. get your mr. potato heads and book bags. firefighters, police and lefty o'dool's employees are teaming up to collect toys for san francisco's neediest children. they do it every year. volunteers will collect the toys until 2:00 in the morning on christmas day. if you're interested, bring donations to lefty o'dool's located at 333 geary street in san francisco. >> we want to make it easy for
11:46 am
you to give if you have a little extra. kari, good thing the folks were waiting in line today and not tomorrow. >> you can even see the umbrellas up now. we already see the light rain moving through the bay area. you will need the umbrella through tomorrow as well. also some heavy rain gear as the rain begins to pour. here is a live look outside at oakland. we'll see the bulk of the heavy rain starting to move in. here is a live look outside from tiburon. it's 57 degrees and a lot of clouds rolling by. they look like storm clouds, out ahead of the system. a look from ingleside in san francisco. the clouds once again moving by and producing light rain. downtown san jose feeling mild temperatures at 64 degrees. low visibility in spots in point arena. we can't see mount tam from mill valley as the low clouds continue to roll bay. we're looking at the radar where
11:47 am
we see some of the rain starting to stream in. the atmospheric river. the energy associated with it, tapping in the subtropical moisture, will start to move north to south later on tonight and into the day before. so far, getting a chance to try to clean up before the storm system moves in. all of the areas shaded in green. santa cruz mountains, this is where we'll have a flash flood watch in effect for tomorrow. especially in the burn scar areas, as the heavy rain pours, there may be debris floes. the bigger picture shows, where we have shades of orange, that's where we'll have a high wind watch in effect for the coastline and higher terrain as the winds could pick up to 50 miles an hour. it's very warm considering that we have a lot of clouds. it's now in the low 60s. that is where we'll stay throughout the rest of the afternoon, getting a look at some of the cameras. light rain moving through the north bay as well as san
11:48 am
francisco. going hour by hour, during the evening commute. still some light rain, but it will not be what we're expecting for tomorrow. light rain in the morning and the heavier rain builds as we go through the morning commute for the north bay. and very intense cells or early afternoon and moving through the south bay during the evening as the system pushes to the east. we'll get cold air and gusty winds filtering in behind that. sustained winds will be 30 to 40 and possibly even 50 miles an hour. and we'll still see windy conditions throughout the day on friday with some very cold temperatures. rainfall totals looks like we'll get at least an inch across the bay area. and then there will be some spots that could measure 2 inches, possibly 3. and we're keeping an eye on the russian river. we quite often see flooding there. for the napa river, it also
11:49 am
stays below flooding as well. heading into the weekend in san francisco. highs in the low 50s. morning temperatures in the upper 30s. we could have some frost and freezing temperatures in the valleys for saturday and sunday mornings. we'll be watching that, heading back over to you sam and kris. >> thank you very much, kari. coming up, fans remember one of america's favorite tv dads. alan thicke, best known for his role on "growing pains" passed away suddenly. more on how he is being honored today. from the show "growing pains"
11:50 am
11:51 am
over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today. actor and talk show personality alan thicke was a sit-com star many of us knew from the show "growing pains" died. alan thicke was playing hockey with his young son when he had an apparent heart attack. >> he had a familiar face on the big and small screens for decades. the touching tributes to the 69-year-old are pouring in. as we hear from nbc's miguel
11:52 am
almaguer. >> he set not three feet away and said, dad, i swear it, i'm ready for total responsibility. >> jason, you are not ready for total responsibility. >> reporter: best known for his role on the '80s sitcom "growing pains," alan thicke played the loveable dad jason seaver. >> does mom know about this? >> how do you think we met? >> reporter: perhaps as popular on television as he was in real life. >> there has been a marriage there of my real life, as a father, a single father, as it turns out, and the jason seaver character. >> reporter: on tuesday 69-year-old thicke, a long-time hockey fan, was on the ice with his teenaged son when he suffered a heart attack. >> i said, alan, they want you to sit up. he said, no, i'm good on my back. i am breathing. i am fine. i've got pain in my chest and i'm kind of numb. >> reporter: on twitter carter thicke writing, you are a
11:53 am
legend. i love you. born in canada, thicke was a tv host before and after he became an actor, always in demand. >> break a leg, kid. >> reporter: thicke had recent appearances on the nbc drama "this is us" and the show "fuller house." hours before his death tweeting, season 2 fuller house looking good. i even like the ones i am not in. a husband and father of three, thicke's famous son, musician robin thicke on instagram writing, he was the best man i ever knew, the best friend i ever had. a musician in his own right, alan thicke wrote the theme songs to am so of the most popular shows in tv history. ♪ ♪ different strokes can move the world ♪ >> reporter: including "different strokes" and "the facts of life." tuesday, his own life ended too soon, but his legacy is cemented as the loveable dad so many will remember.
11:54 am
>> miguel almaguer there, a loveable dad apparently on screen and off-screen too. >> i'm sorry. 69 nowadays seems very young. too soon. we'll be right back. a line has already formed
11:55 am
11:56 am
outside the famous t-l-c chinese theater iho the force is strong with "star wars" fans. the line has formed outside the tlc chinese theater in hollywood for tomorrow night's premiere of
11:57 am
star wars rogue one. they camp out to wait in line for the latest film is going to raise funds for the star light children's foundation through lining it's the same group that lined up early for all the modern era "star wars" films starting with the phantom menace in 1991. it hits theaters at 7:00 tomorrow night. it tells the story of a group of rebels sent to steal the plans to the death star. >> a lively debate about reviews and whether or not it's nice to post them before the movie is officially out on scott mcgrew's facebook page. >> he made the case to not see the movie. decide for yourself. kari. wind and rain both being factors. >> it will be getting more intense and more coverage going through early tomorrow. jeff will track it later on this evening. >> we'll be out in it for you tomorrow morning. our next news cast is at 5:00.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ that smile again ♪ ♪ show me that smoil ♪ we're nowhere near the end ♪ the best is >> kind of hard to hear the theme song this morning. our hearts are aching this morning with the passing of alan thicke. welcome to "access hollywood live." i can't believe it. >> i know. we saw the news yesterday and shock so young, 69 years old. i think most famous as we saw him playing jason seaver, the dad, who always just had the best advice. always had the right things to say. we grew up watching that show, needless to say, the outpouring of love and


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