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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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here's what i'm thinking-brunch. all day, every day. should we get started? who wants coffee? introducing my new brunchfast menu. with 10 delicious items like my bacon and egg chicken sandwich, southwest scrambler plate, a sparkling blood orange cooler, and homestyle potatoes. served all day, every day. only at jack in the box. right now at 11:00, hit hard and still recovering. we're under a micro climate weather alert. the wind causing havoc on our roads, trees and homes. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm jessica aguirre. the latest storm started early this morning at about 3:00 a.m. still going strong in the bay area, with flooding issues in the north bay, flooded homes, roads, creeks rising quickly as
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well. let's show you the south bay now, plenty of downed trees, blocked roads, and flooding concerns, especially in the mountains of los gatos fire. and slick roads and other hazards for drivers just trying to get around town. >> we have team coverage for you around the storm and the recovery effort we see with jeff ranieri. >> in the next three to six hours we'll see the last leg of this pushed down throughout the south bay, but still healthy amounts currently across the peninsula, some moderate to heavy pockets, also the same for the east bay and south bay. now it was going to strongest from about 2 p.m. to 6:00, when the rainfall totals really started to stack up. four in 7700th in kentfield, 2 and 8200th in santa rosa, one and 7600th here in walnut creek.
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we'll add to that. check this out, santa cruz mountains, three to seven inches. now watching the north bay which was hit the hardest we're starting to dry out. great news, but the flood threat is not over. the napa river is running very high, and also fast, flood warnings still in effect until tomorrow morning. we are watching closely the napa river at downtown napa, which could go into monitor stage, sometime early into tomorrow morning. stay away from the napa river. i have more at 11:10. and marin county, next to fairfax hall what it looked like just hours ago when the creek was rising and on the right what it looks like right now which is much lower. nbc bay area jean elle joins us, this is a tough night for
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homeowners. what are they doing? >> reporter: well, raj, at this point i think they're dreaming of a day that doesn't include flooding. take a look, there is still a lot of water draining here, the water left a big mess for one family here in fairfax. the severe weather delivers a mess to this family's property in fairfax. >> first shot, backing the water out. it was mostly down in this side. now we have to go to the zbagar. >> reporter: the water flooded the area. earlier in the day, the family shows swift-moving water that is knee deep in some places. the only good thing is it did not get inside the house. >> this takes a lot of water, but it handles it. if there is a problem up stream and it clogs, it just goes crazy. >> reporter: it left a crazy
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mess. this is the creek most people were concerned about in fairfax. the fairfax creek rose steadily through the day. people who live along its banks say it was nerve racking. >> it was just underneath where the road is. and i was a little concerned. >> it's been going up and down. >> reporter: luckily the rain let up, and it started to recede before causing any damage. the cleanup begins. >> we have the water up, tomorrow we'll pick stuff up and move stuff around. >> reporter: the only good news here is they have a dry house to sleep in tonight and they will need their rest. they have a big cleanup job to face tomorrow. reporting live in fairfax, jean elle, nbc bay news area. thank you, jean, part of highway one through marin county is closed right now because of flooding. the chp tweeting out this picture just south of point
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reyes, just north of bear valley road. >> we want to give you a closer look at how the water rose in marin county. the ross fire department captured this at the creek, all happening within just a few hours. now, they were bracing for the worst of the storm, but the rain stopped just in the nick of time. if you lived here in 2005 you remember what it looked like 11 years ago. police station and businesses all badly damaged by water. now, the creek today has a 13-foot flood stage and its banks were not breached. at least not this time. but still, a little too close for comfort for people who remember 2005. >> 2005 was a big deal. and tonight, it almost happened. and they evacuated everyone. and a lot of families were here. we were asking them to leave. >> reporter: those evacuations tonight were voluntary happens
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around 5:00 this evening. at this hour, the rain is coming down near los gatos, the area that was hit hard by the loma fire a month ago. nbc bay area has more along highway 17, chuck? >> reporter: right now we're at bear creek road. and now i can see the skies above me are clear, it is not raining at all behind me, behind me you see highway 17, wide open for traffic right now. about 500 people lost their power. at about 4:00 p.m., pg&e tells me power has been restored to all but about a dozen homes. i just spoke to the battalion fire chief here, he says there are no reports of floods. caltrans crews worked in teams along highway nine this evening,
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stopping wherever storm drains may be clogged with debris, highways saw runoff and streaming across roads. tonight, this huge tree was uprooted in boulder creek. in the fire zone, there were more than 4400 blackened acres, or a long way from being able to absorb the rains. >> that is starting to get heavy. if you look at the bank here, and that eventually will slide on to the road. >> there is so much more runoff here because of the burn scar that normally it would absorb nicely. >> reporter: closer to santa cruz, the san lorenzo river did not overflow, but here, too, they found the shortest route possible. now the fire was two and a half months ago, just seems like yesterday to a lot of people. as you saw by the pictures
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earlier, the landscape is very baren. reporting live on highway 17, near los gatos, i'm chuck coppola. okay, thank you, we were talking about the burn scar. we want to show you how much rain in the burn area, the burn scar that the loma fire got today. that is the main area of that fire. the yellow, we put our radar over it. you see the yellow spots there. that is the steady amount of rain moving through and the yellow spots represent heavy rain with the potential to cause flooding. jessica? >> well, it may not be as heavy as earlier but the roads are really slick out there. look at the golden gate bridge, a lot of water on the road there. similar situation there, on 880, now the chp says they have had to respond to dozens and dozens of calls in alameda county. and that was before the commute at night even started. now tonight's rain also making a
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mess of bay area airports. by 11:00 this morning, 85 flights had been cancelled. and delays were averaging three hours. one alaska airlines flight had to land elsewhere, after the pilot had to get on ground to san francisco. passengers had to make a shuttle to sfo, a lot of people worried they would not make their connections. >> i was rerouted to here, originally it was supposed to be rerouted to oakland. now we're taking a shuttle to sfo to catch our flights. >> frustrating for airline travellers. i want to show you the status, there are 130 cancellations and delays between one and four hours. so it's going to be a while. the holidays are right around the corner. a lot of people heading to lake tahoe over the christmas holidays, this is a live look at highway 50 at twin bridges just
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outside of south shore. as of right now you can see the roads are clear. but that could easily change overnight. icy rain at the lower levels, one to two feet of snow is expected at the higher elevations. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, it's still wet, also in san francisco, gusts up to 24 miles an hour. we're tracking the last leg of this storm system and when it finally moves out. plus when the bay area could have icy conditions on our roads. heavy rain creating problems to drivers in the east bay. i'll tell you how a dip in the road stopped several cars in their tracks. and a dangerous situation in pacifica, what is being done to make know area safer as those cliffs continue to crumble. once i heard i was going to
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be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ you're watching nbc bay area news, with the bay area's
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biggest investigative unit holding the powerful accountable. nbc bay area, we investigate. as we have been showing you these, we got a pounding rain coming down hard. roadways covered in water during the busy commute. lots of standing water and slick roads making it dangerous for a lot of folks. we continue our coverage in berkeley, still raining out there, cheryl? >> reporter: well, the rain has stopped jessica, but the wind has picked up. but as you can see it's smooth sailing on interstate 80 and that is a good thing because i don't think these drivers could take much more rain. pounding rain, standing water. and bumper to bumper traffic. this storm wreaking havoc on bay area roadways. >> really bad in san francisco. it was locked up. i have never seen it locked up like it was. >> so far the worst i have ever seen. >> reporter: ashby avenue just off interstate 80 in berkeley was shut down for hours due to
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flooding in the railroad tracks where there was a big dip in the road. >> as vehicles traveled through there, they were stalled. >> how many cars got stuck? >> we saw about three. >> reporter: cars going through standing water. >> it won't do nothing, just completely done. >> reporter: kind of a drag, what do you think about all of this rain? >> the rain is good, it just you know, that tunnel, there is always flooding. and it is never getting fixed. >> reporter: water on the road has to go somewhere. and in this case, it's pouring into pleasant hills grace and creek. motorists fighting traffic to get to their destination in the pouring rain. some did not make it. >> gearing up for the snow, so in is this is a little wet, hopefully we can hit the slopes pretty soon. >> reporter: with all the rain here means snow in the sierras,
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and at least that is good news for skiers. reporting live in berkeley, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> it has risen about five feet in the last hour and a half, two hours, which is really fast. >> and the rain sent many in sonoma county running. take a look, that included farm animals. wendy had to move her goats, sheep, and ram to safety. and the kind tides here crashed over the sea wall. what you see here is the embarcadero. the water should recede tomorrow, so that is good news. and the king tides creating problems in pacifica, city officials in pacifica formally declaring the apartment building at 310 esplanade is a hazard, that means they will have to tear it down. it was red flagged last year,
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because of the cliff it sits on that is eroding, the city's officials say that the owner has not been covering the responsibility. >> the serious threat that the building collapse poses to public safety, we are stepping in to tear down that structure. >> now, 310 esplanade is close to the massive sinkhole. crews continue to repair that hole and believe it will be finished sometime next week. pacifica paid to tear down this home about a block away from 310 esplanade, and after the recent storms it is very close to the dangerous edge. the city manager says they are cooperating, and in exchange for the rights and land the city will cover the cost of this demolition. >> viewers sent it video and photos as well.
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there is a few of them. if you have a photo you would like to send, just send it to us at nbc bay area. >> jeff ranieri is back with us. all the rain tonight, tomorrow a different story. kind of a recovery tomorrow. >> exactly, it's going to get really cold for the morning for some of us. we'll also see the much needed sunshine to help us rebound after all this wet weather. i did want to start off with it again, just in case you missed it. this rainfall, pretty much for most of us happened in a 12 to 16-hour period. that is a lot of water in a short amount of time, flash flood warnings issued for the north bay. we had 4 and 7700th, three to seven in the santa cruz mountains, i think we'll get to the three quarter mark before all is said and done. now with the radar right now still moderate pockets of rain for the east bay, south bay and peninsula, and over the next two
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or three hours, we'll show you the north bay hit the hardest and most of the flood video you saw throughout the show was coming from and you can see right now is dry. we still have concerns along the napa river, running very fast, you want to stay through tomorrow. flood warning in place through 10:24, primarily what we are watching is down at downtown napa. i wanted to take you somewhere else, that is the russian river, this is also another river that will be at monitor stage as we head throughout friday morning. not expected flood stage, but really, really close. napa river and also the russian river, please stay away from that end. if you approach standing water you want to turn around and go the other way. flooding is a number one killer when it comes to weather. flooding is under estimated but take it seriously. south bay, chilly, in the peninsula 36 likely in the
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tri-valley clear skies, sunshine. it will be chilly. 40 in the east bay. 43 in san francisco, down to 34 in the north bay. and that is where we could get into patchy ice on the bridges and overpasses. so it's black ice, just reduce your speed and be careful on your bridges. as we look at tomorrow's micro climate forecast, chilly, temperatures in the low 50s for the south bay winds out of the northwest at 15 will make it feel like the upper 40s. need a heavier jacket tomorrow. 52 in livermore, 50 in danville, and 50 in oakland, throughout the peninsula, mostly sunny skies and 50 in san mateo. 49 degrees, 40 in the engel side, and winds maybe as gusty as 21. 53 expected in santa rosa and sunny skies. so you can dry out. as we head to the sierra, snowy into tomorrow morning, on the
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tahoe snow report, sunny skies, saturday and sunday. great weather to go skiing on. we got two runs over at squaw valley, 22 at alpine meadows, on the extended forecast, here is that much-needed sunshine over the next couple of days for san francisco, temperatures in the 50s, spotty showers next thursday. for the inland valleys, icy by saturday morning. 28 for the morning low and i don't think a lot of the roads will be dry yet. so we could see patchy ice, especially on saturday morning. >> jeff has had a busy day. >> i love it. thank you. >> up next. getting rid of fake news. and misleading news. facebook is making a move to make sure that the articles you read are true. and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys, si 00enna miller here, plus casey affleck, do not change the channel. the toyota report, let's go
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. a bold theft during the day has police searching for this man. the santa clara county sheriff's office tweeted this photo just two hours ago, the man is accused of stealing a package in the cambrian park neighborhood. the package, by the way, was cat food. two pittsburgh police officers are accused of misconduct, this is now causing a ripple effect through contra costa county. prosecutors are dismissing 15 cases involving criminal defendants who had been arrested by these two cops. the officers claim their superiors told them to falsify crime reports by not documenting the use of force and reporting
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crime as less serious to keep the crime stats low. the d.a. says she found 15 cases where the outcomes could have been different if defense attorneys knew about the accusations against the officers. and a san lorenzo man murdered in front of his father, and 18 years later, the man continues to search for the killer. this man died after a hit-and-run in berkeley, years of flyers, billboards, and even tv profilings and the case remains cold. his name remains active. the foundation has raised $100,000 for sports. here is a sketch of the man who killed devecki, described as african-american and driving a light colored cadillac. and facebook rolling out a plan today on a blog. they say they're approaching the fake news problem carefully and are focusing on efforts to clear
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hoaxes spread by spokesmammers, facebook wants to help report a story that you think is fake. from there, the post or story will be flagged if it's shared. well, up next, the warriors played tonight in oakland but it's what they did before the game that is generating a lot of attention. we'll show you. happening now on our home page. president obama says the u.s. will respond to russian cyber interference in the election. mr. obama said he spoke to vladimir putin about it. and that some say the response may be explicit and publicized. and the 76th annual christmas bird count this weekend. people are up from dust to dawn, tracking birds over the east bay, we'll be right back with news in a moment.
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the most colorful man in the sports world has died. long-time nba sideline reporter craig sager passed away after a long battle with leukemia. known for his witty sense of
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humor and bright suits, he was inducted into the hall of fame just two years ago. >> the fans just loved him. a tribute led by his friend, steve kerr, who had a special request. joined now from the oracle. >> reporter: the warriors paid homage to craig sager to benefit his foundation. today, he passed away after a long battle with cancer, he was 65. prior to the game, steve kerr leading the crowd not in a moment of silence, but a moment of cheering, more in the way of how sager lived his life. and mcgee, getting the start and doing what he does best, dunking alley-oops, a season high for mcgee, warriors win with ease.
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steve kerr still thinking about his buddy, craig sager. >> craig's death in the news today obviously far outweighs anything that happens in the gym. >> reporter: with the warriors' win and on pace to eclipse the win plateau for a second season. not often a sideline reporter is so popular with so many people. well, we'll be right back with a look at the storm rolling through the bay area and what we can expect tomorrow morning.
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j okay, the rain no match for star wars fans, it will be open tonight, and fans were dressed for the occasion of course. >> well, i have my comfortable shoes and my star wars rebel socks, and the chewbacca rebels. >> how many people have a chewbacca onesy?
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>> we're getting her one for christmas. looks comfortable. before we leave we have coldness coming our way. >> we definitely do. the rainfall is pushing out of here, dry weather much needed for the bay area. we'll continue to see the areas of moderate rainfall continue for san jose over the next one, two, maybe three hours at this point. for tomorrow morning we start with morning lows anywhere from 34 to about 42 degrees. it will be a chilly afternoon, only 51, by saturday morning, i think roads will still be wet. we may get ice out there with a low of 21. thank you for joining us, have a great friday morning. >> be safe. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- casey affleck. sienna miller.


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