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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 18, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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we're under a microclimate weather alert. another night of freezing temperatures. you're looking live at san jose aub we're under a microclimate weather alert. another night of freezing temperatures. you are looking at san jose and dublin. two areas where temperatures are expected to be the coldest. >> this is the second night in a row that we are seeing these chilly overnight temperatures. tonight we have team coverage of the cold and the problems that could cause for the morning commute. >> we start with rob. >> one spot not seeing frost advisories and freeze warnings tonight but palo alto 39.
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to the north bay, fairfax at freezing. 32 degrees. livermore, trivalley at freezing right now. for the next eight hours, we will see temperatures at freezing or slightly below 32 degree as we go from patchy frost 5d vie frosty advisories. s a we pass cupertino in to solano county to the central valley hard freeze warning. temperatures below 28 degrees for two to four hours. one thing that has changed is the air quality. in the north bay, with ve the first wintertime spare the air alert for smoke pollutions for the north bay for the next 24 hours. what we need is more wind and moisture and storms to help air quality and temperatures. we are seeing those changes in the seven-day forecast. we will look at that and the time line in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. continue our team coverage with chuck coppola in san jose
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along 101. we saw a lot of frost and accidents because of icy roads. could be a repeat tomorrow morning for the commute. >> it could be. one of the diceyest places off and on ramps, anywhere where you hit the brakes. between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. before the sun warms up everything. before you get to the freeway black ice may be waiting. ice may form on bridges and tunnels. that's what happened on sunday in vallejo when the highway patrol says a driver on 37 near columbus parkway hit a patch of black ice. paramedics took her to the hospital with minor injuries. this wasn't the only ice on the roadway. a motorcyclist lost control and slid on to the roadway. a pickup, trying to avoid him, flipped on to its roof.
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investigators say the motorcyclist rode off. the truck's driver rode away. a water line 80 years old broke causing a sinkhole thousands this of gallons of water ran downhill. another water line burst near 7th and ulma. while parents bundled their youngsters as best they could, a men's shelter found another line of people of at least 40 men with nowhere to sleep. >> we didn't have anything like this people could die in this weather. this gives them an opportunity to get back on their feet and to have -- it shows our city cares. >> reporter: michael middleton is 33, born and raised in san jose, trained in auto body repair and hopes to have his own place six months from now. >> i was homeless and being in the weather you have to scrounge to stay warm and if you don't you have to bundle up like a caterpillar. you would have to put your arms in your sleeves and bundle up and try to find another.
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>> the team ministry relies on public donations. nights like this one remind us of the service it provides. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. a lot of you sent us pictures of the morning frost. here's a few of them on the grass, on cars, even on decks and on top of pools. check out our gallery by heading to nbc bay and you can track the temperatures in your area with our app. it is free to download on your smartphone. breaking news to tell you about in san francisco tonight. police are in the mission investigating a deadly double shooting. nbc bay area christie smith is at 16th and south van ness. what do you know? >> reporter: well, i can tell you it is an active crime scene. two people shot and killed according to san francisco police. a man and woman. this is on 16th street near south van ness. san francisco police have several evidence markers on the
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ground in two different parts of the sidewalk here. this is right near an encampment of tents along the sidewalk. san francisco police say they responded to a call just before 9:00 of two people shot, a woman in her 20ed or 30s was pronounced dead at the scene. a man about the same age also shot, taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. at this point, police have not said what led to the shooting and there are no suspects. i did speak to two people off camera who stay in those tents on the block, and they say they believe the male victim stayed on the block alongside for them for quite sometime. we are unsure where the female stayed but again police have not confirmed this information. i spoke to police a short time ago and they say there was actually another shooting at 10:04 over on 14th and valencia. a man in his 40s. his injuries nonlife-threatening. i asked if the shootings might be related.
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they said they are looking in to it but at this point they just don't know. they say in the fatal shootings, the suspect was on foot. i can tell you the medical examiner is on scene, and it looks like it may stay active here for quite sometime. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you for the latest there. in redwood city, a cal train truck and killed a person on the track delays service. it happened at the chestnut street crossing in redwood city. trains were cleared through the area to a single track. they were delayed. cal-trans said the person killed on the tracks was tress passipa. we will follow these stories on air and on-line. a man is in custody for the murder of a woman in the east bay. it happened in vallejo. last night someone reported suspicious activity at a home on myrtle wood court.
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when officers arrived they found the body of a woman inside. she had been shot. didn't take long for police to catch the suspect, ismail seen here. vict a woman killed in an east bay house fire. investigators are combing through the rubble to find out how it started. it happened in castro valley townhouse near castro valley elementary. neighbors say they did all they could to save her. >> the plames had to be 30 feet in the air. >> a tragedy for a castro valley community. an early morning fire claimed the life of a female neighbor who lived with her cat. >> looked like it could have taken the whole thing. it was livid. at first i didn't know. maybe somebody's outhouse, or outbuilding had gone up. it was unnerving. >> reporter: neighbors say they heard screams from inside the home during the flames, and
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neighbors, especially the ones inside of this house trying to do the best to save this victim in the home, trying to extinguish flames before the firefighters arrived. those same neighbors tried to rescue this victim. as fire crews arrived, response time rapid because the fire house is next door. >> the fire was 100, 150 feet down the street from the fire station. when we opened the apparatus doors up to respond to the fire we could smell the smoke. >> reporter: the flames were intense but contained to just one home. >> we found a victim on the second floor. the rescue company pulled the victim out and we tried to revive the victim but were unsuccessful. >> reporter: a community now in mourning as the holiday week begins. in castro valley, rick boone, nbc bay area news. tomorrow the full electoral college is set to meet and confirm trump as the next president of the united states. while this is little more than a
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formality, there is extra scrutiny this year because of the contentious election and the fact that hillary clinton won the popular vote by 3 million votes. some have been bombarded by people to convince them not to elect donald trump. the russian hacking scandal is not going away. today new calls for a special congressional investigation. >> we want to find out what the russians are doing to our political system, what other foreign governments might do to our political system an figure out ways to stop it. >> we need to get to the bottom of this. we need to find out what was done. coming up later in the hour, more reaction to the russian hacking claims, including how the trump camp is dealing with the controversy. still to come, actress and socialite zsa zsa gabor has died. a look back at her
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headline-making life, her marriages and her career. plus, healing through music. the first place to open the doors after the oak lan warehouse fire welcomes a talented crowd and it looks like a lake in part of san jose this morning. what caused it and why it is not fixed yet. >> any standing water in downtown san jose will be freezing. hour by hour temperatures approaching freezing in the low 30s. that and the next chance of rain and sierra snow in the seven-day forecast. we will look at that when we come back.
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flowers at the hollywood walk of fame star for zsa zsa gor tonight, many are remembering as they put flowers here at the hollywood walk of fame for star zsa zsa gabor. the socialite and actress has died at the age of 99. the hungarian born celebrity's husband said she died after having a heart attack at home with no pain. mark barger looks back at her life and career. >> hi, zsa zsa. >> zsa zsa gabor defined the word "celebrity" appearing in 40
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films and tv shows. she achieved fame and notoriety for her flamboyant personality and her multiple marriages to wealthy men. she went to the alter nine times. >> americans should learn to find a man you like, poor or rich. >> reporter: gabor's final marriage came in '96 when she married the prince and became a princess. >> how do we address you now. >> i'm a sirm girl. >> reporter: she was born in budapest hungary and crowned miss hungary before coming hollywood with her sisters. during the '70s, '80s and '90s, she made a career out of playing herself, a socialite that was famous for being famous. with her trademark hungarian accent and colorful personality, zsa zsa consistly earned attention from the tabloids but
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sometimes public antics went too far. in '89 she was arrested for slapping a police officer. she served three days in jail and ordered to perform community service. >> how was jail? >> i finished my book. >> reporter: in 2002, zsa zsa gabor was in a serious car accident in hollywood. it left her partially paralyzed. in the years since, her health problems multiplied but the lasting image of zsa zsa gabor is the womanle that merv griffin described as glamour personified. mark barger, nbc news. in the wake of the open warehouse fire, much attention is being placed on how safe the living spaces are and who's living there. look at the scene near everett and jones barbecue in oakland this evening. organizers called it a candle light vigil of love. the owner of the barbecue manages a nearby warehouse and was concerned the space was being operated unsafely by the artists living there and she
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wanted something done about it. and as they say in the restaurant business, much is resolved over broken bread. >> it was a misunderstanding, miscommunication, they didn't understand. so fearful that i was coming after them. >> within a couple of weeks, we had formed a plan to have them generously donate their space and help us put on a show to raise funds for warehouse fire safety improvements. >> both sides say they have come together with a common goal and want to keep it open as a place for artists. ♪ 36 lives lost but not for t forgott forgotten. how the victims of the warehouse fire were honored in a special way. a musical tribute to those who died. it was hosted by chapel of the chimes church. the first place to open the doors for the vigil following the fire. the setting was meant to bring peace and comfort to those
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affected by the tragedy. organizers say sometimes music helps to heal the soul. >> there's a lot of emgracing. there's a lot of laughter. we are creating a safe place for people to come and share all of those emotions right here and for music which couldn't be more fitting. >> some of the survivors of the warehouse fire performed at the event. the warehouse nicknamed the ghost sh ship had been transformed to an artist community so they wanted to perform to honor their lost friends. tense moments at the port of oakland when a worker became trapped between two shipping containers. first responders say it appears some containers shifted and a nearby worker's leg was caught between the two. a small container on the craig was able to lift the longshoreman off the boat. his condition is unclear tonight. also a water main break turned a san jose neighborhood
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in to a lake this morning. this is near 7th and alma streets. a 12 -inch water main gave way. water flowed to the street. repairs are not expected to be complete until tomorrow morning. the cold air could have contributed to the break. traffic is not impacted at this time. only two businesses were affected. how cold would it have to be to get an ice rink out of that thing. >> have the sharks play outside. >> probably cold enough. >> mid to low 20s in the forecast. low 30s closer to downtown san jose. not enough to ice up that much water but enough that some of those former rain ponds on the sides of off and on ramps that is certainly small enough to freeze overnight. san jose, around the airport, 40 degrees. check out napa, livermore, concord, santa rosa, all locations freezing.
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we look at an interesting spread here away from downtown where the downtown buildings radiate a little bit of heat. you have upper 30s. further away from that, willow glenn to morgan hill numbers below freezing. 31 degrees both locations there. over to the east bay an the trivalley temperatures at freezer or just below. check out 29 degrees. around the peninsula 40 degrees half moon bay and over to menlo park and redwood city we have numbers in the low 30s. some context for you if you have family and friends? chicago, louisville, oklahoma city, dallas our weather is nothing to worry about. below zero in chicago. eight below zero. by bay area standards, 0s and 30s for six to eight hours a night is extreme for this time of the year. for the north bay, trivalley to solano county is where we will see the coldest temperatures.
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we should shape up tomorrow morning, mid-20s santa rosa to na napa. we could see a few spots in the upper 20s to san mar teen. notice san francisco, immune from the frost advisory we will see in the inner bay and coastline. temperatures should stay in the low 40s overnight. for the afternoon, bit of a change. mid to upper 50s in san jose over to pleasantton, mid-50s concord and peninsula toward san francisco, numbers in the mid-50s. despite the chilly start to the morning decent rebound during the day. mostly sunny, cool sunshine, 50s in the north bay. what we have to see is more clouds to come in. the return of west winds to add moisture to the air which will act like a blanket overnight. by tuesday and wednesday more clouds and high pressure warming the air aloft should lead to temperatures in the low 60s. wednesday looks warm. no chance of any significant rain through thursday and
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friday. now look at next weekend. this is a big change in the forecast. the weather models now trying to bring in rain and snow. the timing for that would mean christmas eve in to christmas day. cool conditions as we head to next week. here's how the changes should play out the next seven days. the forecast another chilly morning tomorrow. notice the numbers in san francisco. overnight temperatures coming up. the bigger change for inland spots. highs in the 60s. overnight temperatures out of the 20s, more upper 20s to m mid-40s. stay tuned for travel plans. could be a white christmas across the sierra and another round of rain coming back on saturday an sunday. >> maybe snow here, up in hamilton or something. >> not quite that cold but sierra for sure should get some snow. >> great for skiers. thanks, rob. snl takes another shot at the election process. and a condo in the millennium tower goes for a
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record-breaking price, despite the fact it is tilting and sinking. details coming up. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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poke fun at the presidential >> who is it? >> it's carol singer. >> give them a dollar and tell them to get lost. ♪ silent night >> "saturday night live" continuing to poke fun at the presidential election. this time, wi with a skit calle hillary actually. a spoof on love actually. asking an electoral college member to vote for anyone other than donald trump, maybe tom
11:25 pm
hanks or the rock. as we mentioned the electoral college is expected to confirm donald trump as president tomorrow. the city of san francisco is expected to make a major announcement against the academy of art. san francisco sued the for-profit art school for dozens of land use violations. one of them is unlawfully converting house hg units in to student dorms. the university wants the matter resolved to the satisfaction of the city but is disapointed the city attorney general is acting as the planning commission. millennium tower may not be losing value after all 678 the penthouse hold for a record price of $13 million. this according to the "wall street journal." it went to tech industry veteran craig ramsey. it is reportedly the most expensive condo sale in san francisco in five years. other homeowners have said they have had to take listings down or sold their properties at a loss in light of the building's
11:26 pm
faulty foundation. >> buying opportunity. >> i suppose for 13 million bucks. >> little worry of the foundation, level it out. >> yeah, right. bay area residents rallying ahead of the electoral meeting. still ahead the message they want everyone to hear. we are continuing to track the chilly weather for you. what you can expect for the morning commute. weather alert.
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a very chilly night across the bay area ==peggy/2shot== much of the area -- under a we're under a microclimate weather alert. a very chilly night across the bay area. >> much of the area is under a freeze warning. take you outside to our live camera here in san rafeal. this area in the 30s right now. so bundle up. i think a lot of folks maybe a little hot tea, extra blanket. feels like december. >> temperatures are actually at or slightly below freezing in the bay area. trivalley, livermore 32.
11:29 pm
san jose near the airport 40. south of downtown in the low 30s. over to willow glenn and the west and palo alto 39. check out the north bay. 39 not too far from oakland. san francisco is the spot to be tonight to avoid some 30s. right now 43 degrees. a frost advisory for the coast and inner bay. as you move inland, including san jose, trivalley and most of the bay area is where the freeze warning is until 8:oom00 a.m. tomorrow morning. an issue when we get light winds and chilly night where the temperature acts like a lid on the bay area pollution is an issue. we could see a couple more this week until we get more wind and storm
11:30 pm
storms expect the rain and snow to return in 15 minutes. >> rob, you said the word "snow." rain here means snow in the sierra. look at the video from the slopes at kirk wood today. you can see what the snow level behind. so far this winter it has gotten 54 inches of snow. 4 1/2 feet of snow. enough for a lot of people to have fun despite some rocks sticking out in many places. the idea is to avoid them. conditions are expected to be sunny and clear. an avalanche warning in the area expired yesterday. as you get ready for your monday morning commute, count on 0 us to bring you up to the minute conditions on the cold and freezing roadways. it begins 4:30 a.m. >> or the skis that are old and battered. >> you created them. cold here but nothing compared to what other parts of the country are experiencing.
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we can't complain too much. the upper midwest experiencing record lows in the negative teens and 20s. dan sh we have more on this shivering sunday. >> reporter: the weather outside is frightful. in st. louis, firefighters had to battle a winter storm while they fought flames at a warehouse fire. one firefighter was hurt. some of the country's coldest weekend temperatures, in north dakota, in fargo, downtown was buzzing a week before christmas, despite a windchill of minus 24. in ohio, salt trucks were busy and drivers were warned to exercise caution on slippery roads. driving was treacherous in denver after an arctic air mass brought nine inches of snow to the city. at denver international airport, 500 flights were cancelled on saturday and sunday. in chicago, a united airlines flight slid off the runway when it turned to taxi at o'hare international airport. no one was hurt. this afternoon at soldier field, the chicago bears played one of
11:32 pm
the coldest home games in the team's long history, game time temperature 11 degrees, the windchill minus four. >> games like this in chicago when it is really cold, you get amped up, and dress for the element. it is just like any other sunday. >> reporter: despite the elements, fans still fired up at tailgate parties before kickoff. nbc news. hundreds of people unhappy with the outcome of the presidential election got together outside of palo alto city hall. some are holding signs showing support for minorities and denouncing donald trump and the so-called alt-right movement of white nationalists. a similar rally held in san jose this afternoon. >> you have president elect who has made some serious threats to people of color. okay. he said he's going to start rounding people up and deporting them. that would be a civil rights violation.
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i'm here to make sure that the public knows that the naacp is here. we're involved. >> reporter: organizer and speakers at both events said they are very concerned by the actions of president-elect trump. the electoral college is set to officially set to vote donald trump as president of the united states tomorrow. as members of trump's teams say electors are being harassed by democrats to not vote for him. as a new poll shows half of americans are concerned about russia's interference in to the presidential election. jennifer johnson has the story from washington. >> reporter: trump wrapping up a thank you tour in the south is expected to be officially elected by the electoral college on monday. his team says democrats are trying to delegitimize the election. >> now they are going forward tomorrow with this attempt to intimidate and harass electors. we have electors receiving 200,000 e-mails. >> reporter: hillary clinton's e-mail manager who had thousands of his e-mails hacked by russia
11:34 pm
questions whether the election was fair. >> i think it was distorted, let's put it that way. when did trump inc. know and when did they know it? >> 50% >>. >> hillary clinton and her team spent $1.2 billion, lost an election they should have won. didn't see us coming and got help from people in the media who are trying to fight the last war. >> reporter: some democrats and republicans are calling for a special committee investigation in to how much influence russia may have had on the election. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. a gruesome discovery in a ft. bragg apartment. a body was found so badly decomposed it was mummified. police believe it was the result of elder abuse and arrested the woman's caretaker seen here. the body was found during a welfare check. investigators believe the woman had been dead for at least a
11:35 pm
month. she is now facing charges of elder abuse and false imprisonment. a 15-year-old boy is in critical condition after getting struck by a car after skateboarding. plifls say the boy was skateboarding just off of bollinger canyon road in san ramon when he was hit. his injuries so severe he was airlifted to oakland children's hospital. right now no further details are being released on his condition. police say the driver is cooperating with investigators. unwanted customers at a verizon store in pacifica. police say two men, one wearing a bandanna over his face, the other wearing a ski mask, robbed a verizon store at gun point last night. the suspect forced the employee to open the safe. one had a gun. the thieves took money from the safe, a bunch of cell phones, got out of there and they are still on the loose. still to come tonight, a new movie detailing how boston police and the fbi sprang in to action following the boston marathon bombing.
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nbc news looks at how a huge boston cruise ship terminal was crucial in finding the two brothers accused of masterminding that operation. but first, here's what's coming up in sports. hey, guys, i'm val smith. coming up in sports, for the first time in 14 years the raiders are playoff bound. how about that? we will show you how the silver and black reserved a seat at the postseason table and regained sole possession of the afc west.
11:37 pm
welcome back. the last time the raiders made it to the postseason, derrick
11:38 pm
carr was 11 years old. it happened that he is a huge reason the 14-year playoff drought is finally over. it was just win, baby. the raiders clinch a playoff birth and take over first place in the division. 30 seconds left in the first half. carr hits crabtree in the end zone. ruled incomplete. they called a touchdown. raiders tied at ten. phillip rivers hooks up with henry for the score. the chargers missed the extra point and up by three. in the fourth, tied at 16. sebastian janikowski, field goal is good. raiders go up three. chargers have one last chance. uh-oh, rivers picked off by reggie nelson. raiders win 19-16. they are going to the playoffs for the first time since 2002. here's carr on the raiders'
11:39 pm
revival. >> we're going to take this place, somewhere they haven't been in, has it been, 14, 14 years. i was part of it when we came in. we said we're going to make the playoffs. we're gonna do these things. we put a vision out there. we saw it. that's -- when you have a vision, you have a goal, a dream in your heart, sitting there 0-9, 0-1 0, it looks far away bt that is where you find out what kind of person are you, are you going to continue and grind and go 7-9 and fall short again, and continue to work hard and another off season, another long year. the days get long. are we going to continue to stay together -- when a group of men come together and how we did and continue to stay the course and everyone believes in what we believe in, than we can do thingslike this. >> the raiders win was crucial because of what happened with the chief and titans game. one degree at kickoff. that's freezing. they can win with the field
11:40 pm
goal. from 53 yards out. it is short. but wait, sandy reid called a time-out. he'd regret it. another chance and he gets it. a walkoff field goal gets his former team 19-17. 49ers, falcons, san francisco looking to avoid the 13th straight loss. what happened? this second, freeman takes the hand off and finds his way in for the score. second touchdown of the day. 28-7 falcons. freeman wasn't dound in the third. he makes it look easy. 34 yards, untouched and he finished with 139 yards and three scores. falcons win 41-13. to the ice, sharks and blackhawks. san jose looking for the fifth straight win. second period scoreless until this from the blue line and joe
11:41 pm
tips it in. it is 1-0 sharks. in the second period, defense man duncan keith, oh, it's good. lights up the lamp. game tied at one. third period now. still tied at one off the faceoff. ryan hartman gets the puck and past jones for the goal. chicago goes on to win it 4-1. that's it for forts. more news after the break. a new movie coming out tells the
11:42 pm
11:43 pm
story of how boston and federal authorities responded to a new movie coming out tells the story of how boston and
11:44 pm
federal authorities responded to what, a the time, was the worst terror attack since 9/11, the boston marathon bombing. tonight, nbc's pete williams, has exclusive details on part of that story, one of the largest investigations in fbi history. >> there he is. >> the movie "patriots day" casts mark wahlberg as one of the first responders and hoshow how the fbi quickly set up place to assemble the evidence. the fbi secretly turned this cruise ship terminal in to the central evidence facility. 4,000 pieces of evidence were brought here to be sorted and cataloged. anything that could shed a clue to the bomber's identity was rushed to the crime lab in virginia on two specially arranged plane flights a day r. at this room, the sergeant agent was studying surveillance video of the scene looking for the bomber. >> the first several times we
11:45 pm
looked at it, really nothing stands out them subject is hidden here in plain sight. >> than this picture from someone attending the race. we see one of the victims on the barricade there has slightly turned sideways. on the ground behind her you see the backpack. above that we have a man in the white hat. we believed at that point he was responsible for putting the bag there. >> this was the eureka moment. >> this was the ah-ha moment. >> agents discovered where the pressure cookers that held the marathon bombs came from. the fbi found the gps device in one of the tsarnaev brother's cars. plotted out the data showed two trips to the macy's store in this weeks before the bombing where three pressure cookers were bought there with cash. >> we overlaid it on the map to determine the suspect vehicle.
11:46 pm
>> jo jo . >> unbelievable. >> right now we want to check in with rob and look at the temperatures outside. really cold. >> 20s already. right now. there will be a few more we think toward sunrise tomorrow morning. we'll show you the reason why the microclimate alert is focused on them freeze warning in the bay area because of temperatures like you are seeing right now. willow glenn 31. 31 morgan hill. downtown san jose 36 and 33. 44 in heyward. the numbers are a bit more mild as you got ito the water. belmont 42. menlo park 31. 45, one of the warmer spots we are seeing toward pillar point and in to san francisco, you can
11:47 pm
see probably not going to see much in the way of patchy frost but to the coastline, san francisco state, you have 37 and 45 in downtown san francisco and numbers in the low 30s in to santa rosa and san rafeal at this hour. overnight temperatures, north bay, trivalley to solano county, 20s are a good bet there. downtown san jose close to 32 eventually. numbers recovering pretty well as we head through mid afternoon tomorrow. we will see upper 50s in san jose and pleasantton and san ramon for tomorrow. in the lower 50s in livermore and antioch. 54 degrees. mid-50s and lower 50s along the coastline. another cool day after the chilly start to the morning. 50s in san francisco to the north bay. so, a dry start to the workweek. look out for patchy frost or ice in a few spots. seasonal rainfall totals today, thanks to the storms last week, you can see well ahead of where we were last year.
11:48 pm
bay area 171% to 99% of average. at least for the first half of the seven-day forecast, won't add to the rain totals. clear skies, a little dry north wind at times. as we head to tuesday, more of a northwest wind and more cloud cover which will help to make things not quite as chilly as we head to the over23450i9 hours on monday night and tuesday night. bigger changes in the seven-day forecast as we head to the end of the week. we'll see systems here bringing in more clouds. overnight temperatures not as cold. watch as we see christmas eve in to christmas day. a chance you could see a little rain and sierra snow. stay tuned to that forecast. changes playing out across the next seven days show you it is toward the end of the week we could be looking at rain showers with one more chilly night in store, likely for our inland valleys as we head through tomorrow. look at the daytime highs, back in the 60s. out of a chilly pattern to one that could bring sierra snow and
11:49 pm
rain as we head to christmas weekend. >> people back east will be looking at us like they got it good. >> especially if you are talking to somebody on this east coast, keep that to yourself. still to come -- >> that's something money can't buy is making that particular wish come true. >> a young woman's wish that has an entire high school coming together. it is tonight's bay area proud. season.
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
holiday wishes coming true at san jose's branham high santa getting some help this season. the holiday wishes coming true with san jose's branham high thanks to this students. >> which makes it extra special. this is an annual tradition in its sixth year and it is especially important for one young girl. >> reporter: 14-year-old robin has congenital muscular dystrophy. it is stealing her ability to breathe. she hasn't been well enough to go to school for the past two months an her mom dreads what
11:52 pm
might be happening in the next few months. it's why making robin's simple wish come true is what her classmates what to do. contrary to what one might think, robin gutierrez's mobility is not limited by the wheels on her chair, nor the breathing equipment, always lurking nearby. no, robin's only limit in life is her imagination and what a wide and wonderful place that is. >> i like being able to be somewhere else and it's just fun getting to be someone else for the day. >> reporter: robin's escape of choice is writing, directing and starring in videos she makes with friends and then posts on her you tube channel. it's training, robin says, for the career in show business she'd love one day.
11:53 pm
though one day, robin's mom fears, maybe too far away. >> she may not be here long enough to get an acting job where she gets to be on tv or in the movies or the limelight. this is like her chance to show people who she is and the talent that she has. >> reporter: if only erica thought, her daughter had a bigger audience now. but she didn't know where to find it. >> for this next i'd like to bring out robin gutierrez. >> reporter: but robin did. the winter wishes rally at branham high school. everyone at robin's school makes a wish at the start of the school year, yet only some are selected to present theirs in front of the entire school. >> i thought a lot of life and the people in my life. >> reporter: here, robin shared the struggles of her life with her classmates and made her wish -- to get more subscribers to her you tube channel. the school said, let's do it.
11:54 pm
[ applause ] >> that's something money can't buy is making that particular wish come true. i'm really grateful that they are going to try to make that happen for her. >> reporter: robin said she is excited for the followers to come and to complete more episodes of the series she's working on for them to watch. still, even with the subscribers, robin knows that fame can be fleeting, but then again so can life. so she's determined to make the most of it while she can. if you would like to help robin get more subscribers, i've posted a link to her you tube channel on my facebook page. that's garvinthomas nbc bay area. if you would like to share the posting i'm sure we can get her more subscribers. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> now we have everybody at school and now everybody that sees the story. that's great.
11:55 pm
check out garvin's facebook page. we will head there, too. a freeze warning tonight. we will have one last look at the conditions. he's one of the most famous
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
names in boxing. and is a 10-time boxing champ. one of the most famous names in boston and ten-time boxing champ and spent years battling addiction. >> talking about oacar de la hoya. here's what is coming up on "in depth" with graham bensinger. >> this week we travel to los angeles to spend the day with oacar de la hoya. the golden boy opens up about his struggles with addiction and infidelity. >> here i have to juggle this image, you know the golden boy and then knowing it's not true. it was exhausting. >> reporter: plus, the difference he's making in the neighborhood where he grew up. that is coming up next on in depth here on nbc bay area. >> all right.
11:58 pm
finally how much we have to bundle up tomorrow morning. >> nice thick coat, something with a liner or something. trivalley 39, san francisco 43. tomorrow morning we will see 20s and 30s across the valleys. sunrise 7:21. that might be the most important number on the map as we will see the sunshine slowly warm things up. mid to upper 50s by the afternoon. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us. have a great night and a great week. >> good night, everyone.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
image, the golden boy, being the perfect father, being the perfect husband, being this, that, and then knowing that it's not true? that was exhausting. ♪ >> oscar de la hoya, a modern boxing icon. >> i was born to be a fighter. >> during a pro career spanning nearly two decades, he captured ten world titles in six different weight divisions and became one of his generations most beloved fighters. >> life away from boxing is what life? 24/7, at


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