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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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==raj/cu== that it was all done behind closed doors. >> we don't know what evidence was considered. we do know there were serious factual errors in the final report. >> reporter: an analyst said the judge followed probation department recommendations and
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jude iicial protocol. >> the concern becomes are we putting judges more interested in a political or a popular outcome as opposed to exercising discretion. we believe that he should not be a judge and that the voters in november 2017 will agree with us. >> reporter: a spokesperson said the judge cannot comment on this -no carrierringrig
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nearby. he will be sent to a state hospital until he's ruled antally able to participate in hiz defense. there have been 46 homicide hatss in the city this year and that's the highest number in a decade. sed downarea's damian is live. and a city once hailed as one of the safest. >> reporter: that's right. but even with the san jose police say that san jose remains a safe big city, just possibly not the safest in the country. the 46 homicides are very troubling. fears at the scene of the latest homicide near the campbell border. they say an 18 was killed and
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classified as a gang related homicide. >> they found an adult male transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> reporter: 46 are the most in san jose in over a decade. only 2012 came close. 46 victims. >> for a city of a million, our goal is zero and for 46, comirpaed to other cities our size, it's not a high number. >> reporter: they insist you can't blame staffing for the sharp increase this year. >> even if we had ample staffing, it would have been very difficult to prevent this homicide from occurring because we can't be everywhere at once. >> reporter: ailg of the homicides are classified as gang related and two are domestic violence incidents and that doesn't include the son charged
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with killing his parents. at 46 homicides so far, san jose police feel comfortable calling san jose a safe city. and we should add another statistic, at least eight of the homicide victims have been homeless individuals. wn're live outside police iver oarters in san jose. >> what appears to be a road rage incident closed down i 8 a efor some time this afternoon the driver of a honda was was hiting when he made a rude gesture. allegedly passed on the center land, and fired multiple shots. leat car hit with several allets. during last couple of hours, it has been reopened. wer ous than an hour ago a healtc health advisory was listed near martinez.
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you might have seen it or e arled it, a power outage this afternoon prompted flaring at ere toldlity. they warned people with breathing conditions to leave the area. again, the advisory has been lifted about an hour ago. let's bring in our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. we do have stagnant air in place for the entire bay area unrelated to the refinery issue. i do want to show you at the martinez refineries we have light winds. so, what we had in martinez happening today pretty much we'll stay there when it comes to the wind at least to this point. for the entire bay area, we have air quality issues again because of the clear skies and this area
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of high pressure it will help to keep the unhealthy air in place through tuesday and wednesday. moderate levels east, bay and the peninsula. now, the biggest thing we've been dealing with are the bitterly cool temperatures down in the 20s. tomorrow not as cold but a chilly 36 for the interior valleys. we're tracking the forecast for tomorrow and the possibility of rain and when that returns, adar -- oming up around 6:19 tonight. >> during this holiday week and beyond, you can keep track of the weather anytime. you can access the live doppler led. on it's a troubling statistic for many people. ion number of sem automatic atic r bought. governor brown signed a new gun
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remorol legislation in july that bans the sale of semiautomatic rivals that allow inmagazines to be removed from the weapon. they will no longer be able to purchase those guns and that's led to a rush. since he signed the bill into law, more than 250,000 were sold in california. this isn't the only new gun law in california. bay e and local law makers pass laws regarding how guns are cu==ed in your car. rs. can head to our website, and click on the investigations tab. the raiders are back in the playoffs for the first time in hetfiers and off the field, two new heavy hitters are throwing e efr support behind the new in the east. the ceo of another planet
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no wrtainment and james hetfield voting to keep the -- they plan. ed a stadium plan proposed by ronny lott. he's leading that group. no word whether hetfield or perloff are supporting the plan. hea no question over the excitement the season has brought the fans. here live from raiders' head quarters and people are stoked for this. >> reporter: fans are so excited about how the it raiders are doing, they don't even want to think about the uncertain future and instead the focus is on finishing strong and post season runs. fans are busy looking for that perfect thing to wear for sunday's game or finding the perfect christmas present for
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the raider faithful. >> number seven jersey a king jersey that my son wanted. he's not a popular one that all the stores carry. >> reporter: it's no secret that raider nation is loud and loyal, so much so that this dad left his son home because he dares to support another team. >> he supports the 40 whiners. >> reporter: the raiders haven't had a winning season since 2002 when they went to the super bowl and lost, since then they've been through eight different head coaches and 20 different starting quarterbacks. >> win the devisions is still yet to be determined. let the fans enjoy the other part. as a team we've got to get back to work. >> reporter: the raiders last home game is this sunday against the indianapolis colts. just checked with stubhub, i saw
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as low as $132 and as high as $1,000. if you're looking for a playoff game, a ticket just under $10,000. timesting live in alameda. >> that is a steep ticket price. well, coming up in about 40 rth tes the best of times and . e worst of times for bay area football. colin resch will have more on the win that clinched the raiders first playoff birth in 14 years and how much worse it can get for the 49ers. and the busiest day for the post office and we had a major spill. did you see this? we now have new details on the driver. a train can be a little scary when it goes by. here how neighbors began making noise after trains began going through in the middle of the
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night. rain is set to make a return by friday. more details in less than 10 minutes. a driver hit and killed an
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elderly woman who was pushing a shopping cart in the south bay. it pp a driver hit and killed an elderly woman pushing a shopping
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cart in the south bay this morning at northbound lawrence expressway in santa clara. witnesses say the woman was crossing the street against a red light. the driver stayed on the scene and cooperated with investigators. well, a rude awakening for home owners along the railroad tracks in san jose, literally. they were recently jolted awake by train horns blasting in the middle of the night. robert handa joins us along the tracks. they had no word about this change? >> reporter: well, many residents we talked to say they were surprised, then angry when trains started showing up in their neighborhood as late as 3:00 in the morning. train kz be pretty jarring during the day. imagine how it sounds when you'rer fast asleep. union pacific railroad says the noise will end soon but not soon
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enough for those that didn't know it was coming. it was spaelths scary for home owners not used to trains running through in the middle of the night. >> and it came through with vengeance. so it was a little after midnight, i'd say. >> you've never had that before. >> no, it was new. >> reporter: counselman's office say he along with congresswoman were told rerouting took place because off work being done on the amtrak capital corridor project in santa clara. that meant the train husband to bring equipment in by night and federal law requires warning horns at intersections. they told rail pacific from now on it needs to do more community alurtds along with the line. >> they did zero out reach in areas like japan town where
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they're going to be blaring these horns. >> it's ridiculous, to tell you the truth. after you wake up with a jolt and it felt like an earthquake. >> reporter: union pacific officials told me they looked into changing the times and couldn't but looked into doing more community out reach. that should end by december 23rd. nbc bay area news. 680 and dan vill is open tonight following a deadly crash. this happened this morning. the truck that crashed was carrying hundreds of packages for the postal service. you can see the pack nls spilled across 680 and on the shoulder. kumar struck an abandoned mini van on the shoulder. drugs or alcohol aren't believed to be a factor.
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>> that's the other mystery is we can't determine where this originated from because it's a contract service. we had it as out of sacramento but they reported all their drivers are accounted for. >> they're now being sorted at a processing facility in oakland. chp would like to hear from anyone who witnessed this crash. a tree coming down right before 1:00 sthurt on a car heading south on veteran's boulevard, north of the mcarth -- mcarthur tunnel. it's not clear if it played a role by saturating the ground. >> and it could have played a factor and when we get more rainfall, we may see more trees and power issues, even though it's not expected to be the
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strongest storm system we've seen in recent memory. i twuntd start out with how we're doing so far in the water year. since october the 1st, we've seen 17 and 5700ths of an inch of rain. san francisco -- san jose 99%. as we get into tomorrow morning's forecast, we'll see mostly sunny start. getting a little bit of wind moving in and the chilliest air off to the east. 42 in the peninsula and 38 for the trivalley. notice in the norkt bay no 20s. 36 for your average. san francisco 45 and the east bay 43. temperatures warm up a few degrees. close to average but still a cool day. 60 in oakland.
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59 in santa rosa. let's fast forward to another possibility of rain. on thursday we are dry but on friday, the way we see it now a storm system would bring rain for friday evening, maybe a quarter to a half inch possible. if you're traveling on saturday, we should dry out and then showers move back in and that lasts until monday morning. >> back into saturday. a lot of tension on them. we wanted to get you a quick look at the forecast on saturday. 105:00 game with the colt sdwhz raiders and a partly cloudy sky. veryger to see the raiders like that. thank you, jeff. a major boost for low income housing. the reason the academy of art agreed to pay millions. happening now.
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are you feeling a little crowded? california added nearly 300- thousand people this year bringing the total to nearly 4 happening now. you feeling a little crowded. california added nearly 300,000 people this year, bringing the total to nearly 40 million. and what were you doing back in 2002? there was no facebook, twitter or iphones and that's the last time the raiders were in the playoffs. more raiders coverage on our facebook page. we're back in a moment with more news.
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♪ i said i really can't stay ♪ baby it's cold outside ♪ i have to go away ♪ baby it's cold outside ♪ i really can't stay ♪ baby it's cold outside! you never know who you'll meet at barnes & noble. will pay the city of san francisco. a
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no doubt about it. it's some big money. that's what the academy of art will be paying the city of san francisco. nbc bay area's mushelt roberts from san francisco. 60 million bucks in fines. what are the details here? >> reporter: part of the plan will include the building behind me. currently students live behind me in that white building. they'll have to convert it. >> again and again the academy 's use of the property was prohibited by law. >> reporter: announced this morning the academy of art university has agreed to set allawsuit for 60 million. part of the 40 million will go to low income tenants and the rest of the money will go
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towards low income housing. >> it's not the academy's fault that's true. sfwlrks today lawyers representing the academy of arts say they're happy with the settlement. >> this was housing that san franciscoens desperately needed in the midst of a housing crisis. to limit future student enrollment to the amount of available student housing. the academy's been a very good neighbor in a lot of the areas of san francisco and continues to be. >> reporter: i spoke to the director and he said 160 income units se a benefit but won't come close to filling the need. a sudden move.
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north carolina has taken the steps to repeal the state's bathroom bill, controversial measure many called antilgbt. the charlotte city counsel voted to repeal its nondiscrimination ordinance. the bill forces transgend er people to use the bathroom that associated with their birth gender. some believed it was the last best hope to change the outcome of the election. what hand at today 's electoral college vote could mean a new fight. a possible terror attack in
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germany. authorities continue their invesyigation...after . it's been a tense day and evening in europe. a possible terror attack in germany. authorities continue their investigation after a driver plowed into a popular berlin marketplace, killing 12 and injuring 50 others. it happened in a public square at the center of berlin at a christmas market. it ran right through the stalls where people were shopping fl crafts, christmas decorations and jewelry. they found the truck and arrested the driver. in the cab of the truck they found a dead passenger. the incident evoked memories of an attack in france in july where a man drove a truck along
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the beach front on bastille day. that was in nice. the ram page ended when the suspect was shot by police. locally, spokesperson for the german consulate in san francisco says everyone is deeply saddened by what happened. the russian ambassador shot and killed as he spoke to a crowd. his killer yelling the words "remember aleppo." as he fired his weapon. >> reporter: russia's ambassador here in turkey has been assassinated. andre karlof who was speaking in ankara. and a gunman, a clean shaven man in a suit and tie pulled othis pistol and fired numerous shots into the ambassador's back. the ambassador dropped quickly
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to the ground. he's been identified as an off duty turkish police officer, 22 years old. after the ambassador fell, he first speaking in arabic said we are those who pledged allegeance to muhammad and the jihad and in turkish went on to say this quasi-cathis was carried out for syria. those responsible for the cruelty in aleppo and syria will pay a heavy price. many are angry because of russia's support in the city of aleppo and elsewhere and there's going to be a angry response from moscow. there's a meeting tomorrow to discuss the situation with foreign and defense ministers in russia. there's anger directed at turkey for not providing more security. how could this off duty police officer get in the art exhibit
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and carry out the assassination? and mad at syria itself. here president obama broke a record with a slew of pardens for inmates. 160 reductions in sentences today which is record for pardon s granted in one day. he'ser doubled the number he's granted in the last seven years. officially donald trump won the electoral college vote. there were plenty of protesters we saw today. a look at these protesters and possibly new battle for the president elect. >> reporter: there was a couple of protests, one inside, one outside. the first one outside was pretty straight forward. there was a large crowd of people this morning. 700 people stood on and around the steps calling on electors to
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refuse the vote for donald trump. of course, california was already pledged for hillary clinton. drew smith of vallejo drove over. >> finally maybe we're waking up and becoming more politically active. >> reporter: inside the electors promising to defend the country, among them vince coaler for monterey. he filed suit to try and stop trump from becoming president, saying that electoral college was to safeguard against foreign interference and corruption and donald trump doesn't pass the test. >> the key reason that alexander hamilton pointed out was it has to do with a fail safe. >> reporter: elector christine pelosi demanded an investigation. >> i move that we, california's
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electoral college members demand an nrt independent bipartisan investigation into russian interference in our election squo steps we can take to protect the integrity of our democracy going forward. >> christine pelosi, of course the daughter of nancy pelosi, the house mine ortd leader and as you can tell, her motion passed namilounanimously. reporting from sacramento, mark matthews. there is drama almost every day. inauguration day is tomorrow. early christmas presents kept some kids in the south bay off guard. you'll want to check out this heart warming story. attorneys involved in
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volkswagen's emissions cheating scandal have a little more time to reach a deal. =vo= the federal judge overseeing the lawsuits made attorneys involved invokes wagon's cheating emissions scandal have a little more time to make a deal. negauche yashzs are very complicated. the company has agreed to spend up to $10 million compensating consumers. both sides still need time hammer out what to do with the remaining 80,000 cars involved in the case. everybody's getting a bike.
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everybody is getting a bike. >> hear, everyone's getting a bike and all the cheering. 80 third graders sound and look like after that good news. this was at washington elementary school in san jose. it's the first time the southern california bikes for kids foundation has come to the south bay. they told the third graders they only had three bikes to give away to the winner of an essay contest but that wasn't true. >> just talked to miss debbie and unfochinately we don't have one more bike. and the reason is because everybody's getting a bike. everybody is getting a bike. everybody. who's happy? >> we started out of our garage
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14 years ago and this week we gave away our 42,000th bike and it doesn't get old. it actually keeps getting better and better. >> what good energy these people have. bill and debbie polokof. 100% of the donations go towards the bikes and the helmets. they get paid in all those hugs that they're receiving from the school kids. >> like being at the oprah show. >> gifts for everyone. >> when you're a kid even if you already have a bike it's good. second bike. score. >> time to ride a bike. bundle up if you're headed outside. temperatures are dropping as you go ahead and get a look right now, you'll be able to see it's
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47 degrees. we'll drop down to the 40s tomorrow morning. rain back on the way this week. they spent almost 10 grand and thought the money back guarantee meant they could get their money back but the company's first response was not happening. chris chmura nbc bay area responds. this is my park. i'm like the mayor here. i know every bench, every tree, every squirrel -- -hey, what's up, andy. -andy: hey! same with my banking. with my bank of america mobile banking app,
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i can see my accounts all in one place. i can easily manage them and if something doesn't look right, i'm going to know. plus, i can set up alerts to help detect unusual activity. so i feel secure. in other words, no surprises. morning. hey, abby. like i said. the mayor.
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hey, abby. =jess/2-shot= they h s well, tonight, nbc bay area responds to two senior citizens who hit a road block. >> they spent thousands of dollars and feared they'd never see it again and they asked
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consumer investigator chris chmura to help. >> we spent another two months on the case. >> yeah. oh, yeah. >> reporter: let me introduced you to carol and al. >> we met online. >> online dating. >> reporter: they're dealing with the realities of dating, including loss of their hearing. >> my children are always after me. you can't hear. >> my hearing started in the marine corps. >> reporter: so they visited this hearing aid location for his and her hearing aids. they list a price of $3500 each. and the sales person assured them with a 45 day money back guarantee. since there was no risk, they took out a line of credit inside the miracle ear office and bought the hearing aid but within a month they weren't improving their hearing enough
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to justify spending 4500 bucks each. >> a little bit better but not that much better. >> reporter: they tried to return them and were astonished when a manager refused to take them back. >> why don't i take these hearing aids and put them on your desk and you give me a receipt and she goes no i'll put them on the hood of your car. >> reporter: they sent letters and got nowhere, then the 45-day window expired and then they called us. >> just let us return them like in the agreement. >> reporter: the department of california affairs said it's not a miracle ear bonus. it's part of state law. the song-beverly act says if they're not happy within 45 days, they must make an adjustment and if still not satisfied, mist give them a full
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refund. why wouldn't they take back carol and al's hearing aid? they declined to discuss the case siting hippa, despite, the next day they were invited to return their hearing aids. next we asked if airline and al will get a refund and said all parties signed a confidentiality agreement. to discuss this with anyone else -- they only say they reached an amicable resolution that we're happy we helped bring about. maybe it's time for these kids at heart to celebrate. friday afternoon we got some details from miracle ear for the very first time. an attorney sent carol and al this letter and copied us as
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well. "miracle ear does not acseptd t -- accept the return of the products within the 45-day simply because they paid too much and stating they gave carol and al a full refund. they made that exception after we started asking questions. you can give us a call or online at and i'm going to get the response to this cold. 9 grand between the two of them. >> that is a lot of money. for the first time in four decades, the capital include as nativity scene holiday this sunday. the display is one of several that has propped up yesterday on the north steps and won't be removed until after the 26th. >> it is that time of year. jeff ranieri is with us and soon
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we'll be asking you for all the kids and adults the santa forecast. frmsh we got rain coming in but we're going to clear things out just in time for all the kids out there. it's been all about the cold temperatures, 20s and low 30s widespread this weekend. but now look at our 24-hour temperature change. it's nice to get a change, cold change. we are currently running 5 to 8 degrees warmer for the interior valley. we have a slight off shore wind and some of the coldest air is moving off to the east. we have 50 degrees in san jose, temps dropping to 40 by 1:00 a.m. not as cold for tomorrow morning. if you're already off work and have traveling plans beginning tomorrow morning no visibility issues. 40 for the average in the south
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bay and a chill ay 38 for the tri-valley. 45 in san francisco. and instead of 20s, we begin at 36 degrees. we have mostly sunny skies, dry air in place and a light wind. by all accounts, beautiful day. 58 in millipedes. throughout contra costra, alameda counties, a school 55 in antioch. throughout the peninsula, 55 in half moon bay and 56 up to daly city. san francisco widespread '50s aclausz the boert and that could make it feel like the upperer 40s. 58 in nuvotto and 60 expected here in napa. what about the possibility of rainfall? still looks like right now we'll see the storm system by
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thursday's forecast. our best scenario shows the rainfall returns by friday evening. the forecast models have been all over the place the past two days on the rain chance. rainfall returns frooitd night around 7:30. it looks like this will have lot of cold air wrapped around this storm system. friday midday through saturday morning, we could see from one to two feet across the seyarau. and on friday if you're traveling interstets five with. and highway 101 to socal expect rainfall. dry weather through thursday. rain returns friday. we're dry on saturday and a few showers christmas night into
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omonday morning. and the rain timeline is the same for the interior valleys. we drop back down friday, saturday and sunday. >> good. so we have christmas eve, raiders, and santa. >> going to be good. >> a lot of gifts. speaking of which the raiders are flying high. we've been talking about them throughout the news cast and the 49ers? they're dealing with an all time low. a wise athelete.. or a lousy
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teammate? a lot of debate tonight about stanford's best okay. what do you think? a wise athlete or a lousy teammate?
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a lot of talk about the best football player, crisman mccaffrey announced he will not play in the sun bowl. he's focussed on getting ready for next spring's nfl draft. mccaffrey reportedly has an insurance policy that would pay him nearly $5 million if it he was permanently injured but expected to make much more than that when he's drafted into the nfl. while the raiders are flying high. >> it is a tale of two proud and historic franchises going in the opposite directions. colin resch. >> high, puts it on the ground. and it looks like the falcons have covered it up. >> reporter: groundhog monday in santa clara. the 41-13 the final. the franchise record losing streak now at 13 games.
6:53 pm
still head coach chip kelly proud of his guys how they're handling it. >> a lauot of times it's offens turning against the defense. i don't think that has happened on this football team. they've pretty much stuck together as a group and working together as a group. >> reporter: this group of raiders, the first in 14 years to be playoff bound following the win on sunday. >> and that pass is intercepted. >> reporter: now the silver and black back atop the afc west and in control of their post season destiny. we got here two years ago and talked about winning the devisions and being in the playoffs. the being in the playoffs part's there. the division is yet to be determined. sfwlrks >> reporter: a win over the
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colts and -- jack del rio -- >> right now it's about indy. i don't want to get too far down the road talking about two, three -- let's talk about indy. we have indy this week. a good football team, well coach said. good quarterback. we'll be ready for them. hepping raise awareness for a good cause. on sunday night football the cowboys ezekiel elliott decided to celebrate a touchdown by jumping right there into an oversized salvation army kettle 378 this morning salvation army says it received $182,000 in donations in the 12 hours following elliott's celebration which is an increase over the
6:55 pm
similar time period next week. elliott will be making a donation to the group as well. >> so more jumping in the kettle. coming up tonight at 11:00 a car full of christmas presents stolen. and i'm making sure family's christmas isn't ruined. >> everyone's in the spirit of giving. we definitely well and you'll be able to see not only clear skies tonight but into tomorrow morning. note this is temperatures not as cold into tuesday morning. we sld a mix of mid-30s to low 40s. rainfall returns on friday. we'll be dry on saturday and a few possible showers christmas night into friday. and wet and wipdy through
6:56 pm
california all the way down to lauchkilous. snow for lake tahoe, highway 50, a foot of snow and maybe more so it's going to be slick on your travel. if you were thinking of traveling on friday and you could get a day earlier, you avoid all the wet weather. looksit's going to be wet everywhere. timeline has it arriving 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. >> and christmas is sunday. and you are wearing your blanket you usually wear underneath here. anchor secrets here at nbc. thanks for joining us. have a great evening.
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. michelle obama's advice for melania trump. her all new interview about the first lady's club. >> now on "extra." ♪ extra, extra ♪ extra, extra mrs. obama's farewell to the white house. >> that's one of the things i said to melania. >> revealing to oprah as she offered melania as she passes on the first lady baton. plus alec baldwin backstage at "snl," moments before his trump/putin christmas spoof. the first kim and kanye sighting together. >> what's up, kanye, how are you, man? >> date night or photo op to debunk the breakup rumors?


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